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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA



  • December 27, 2014
    8:45 AM
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will we pause for a moment thank you for waking each one of us up this morning for the life that we have as we are going to meditate for the next few moments upon your work I pray Lord that you may speak to our hearts and that which we need to hear most we may annual certainly impressive deep on Allah 's I pray that you would be with me if we strip to speak to me of Holy Spirit flow through me this we pray in Jesus we may statement several years ago I had the privilege to be in the country Al Qaeda I was invited into a week of prayer at what was then called Asia-Pacific international University API you I noticed yesterday I think they may have changed the name in recent years a I you Adventist international University address on there for a week preaching a week of prayer with the students that the Tony Wong with it last night one who invited me and immigrants in the anesthesia so that we could pray I finished I had a few days before I needed to be back in England as the taken advantage off one of the great things you happy in Southeast Asia at Asia and the lovely she did it's all over the place I think the message of them might apply from nine o'clock to two Cambodia I love the Damas meant to a very had always been populated with a country of Cambodia I want to be that bad different places that in around the country select all went to the fifty off the Emory and I got there I know someone who then when does you than arrangements to meet constantly to the place you me about all all about the correctly laugh and I went back to this is amazing religious monument built in the twelfth century originally have a Hindu temple later converted to a Buddhist temple that became not a mausoleum or upgrades of the people the one who built it for quite far I was taking a run on the places we've never been that if suitably huge as we're going round this is massive that where we sat on the outside were making our way to lead to the sensor development of each in the middle and elsewhere make it away around looking at different things that were very interested of the infant of the balcony but the lack Temple is situated on points West not based on all of the Temple there was a very interesting due to East-West movement of the weekly old also I chronicled around the template or the Windows seven Bob in the millet of the white elephant Bob but I thought that was interesting as well is the way they can only run with them we come into the center is that you get a bit higher and higher the Temple structural riders arriving everything right in the sense that all the Temple that it will be Thursday I have ever seen it was like this really really speak with each step might really high in the front was an American sense of offense I'm why are the steps so Steve it was one of the natural question to lastly with that speed but it was as if they were short this may make it amazes that wider and a little bit more easy decline of my father I in way that is not asked me that he is likely that this is what is reason neatly through the deprivation that the quality you get caught the hot eight years the region the closer you get the bottle the holiday is to clearly give the blog is there a sense of obvious temple under the closer you get a red-hot Ohana think that is hot if the client knows that it's the right of the very end then how did the reach gone right as you get close to rethink it the beauty of it possible that you and I believe in the Bible the beauty of the Goffman Matthew Mark Luke and John throughout the page of a scripted event we set up a blog that does not require us and to reach in MN we sent of God that is willing to peace and to come down to our dwelling on our level so you can minister to us and this morning I wanted to take a look at a story that shows how God does not have to go high and butterflies willing to come download to meet us on how a level as it minister to our hearts seventy minute you will do the book of Matthew chapter twenty six Matthew chapter twenty six the first book of the New Testament Matthew chapter twenty six oh does there in Penang that I was driving from the ad for the docile signs around I knew before I got him an and we are on an island correct but is not an isolated island is connected to the mainland might have writes a very big raise I realized when I googled it it is thirteen thousand five hundred meters law oh twelve five kilometers fifteen five kilometers to twenty five miles long and know these are not displayed I have not yet be over and I know in the US and region you can travel such as the the Golden gate Bridge in San Francisco you can go through the other side of America to the George Washington Bridge to go with the New York City on about the origin of assigning just as you get close to the great will save it illustrate our last exit before all in one of last exit to all polls is the last all you have to pay money across the bridge the letter from the range you have to pay from this labor not to go that way you pay one way when Agricola correct I don't know to the sign on this brief but if he even as you get close to the Braves there was the last thing you get to all you have to then pay money to the Lord is no turning back from that we get to that folder when you get to the place we have to pay money you can't turn around then you have to keep on going and pay the money normally think about it the divine plan of salvation as Jesus stopped and that at the very beginning the foundation of the world and the Bible said the land was laid the foundation of the world he was on a month away he was on a road he was on a track that was leading him to Calvary at all like the last exit all how great we have the God in all Gethsemane where Jesus gathered with his disciples and then he prayed to his father now the word Gethsemane some of you may know means you know press boy don't press it with the name among all of God before of the mount of olives Jewish genes and often often retire the location of the rejuvenated look at Jerusalem they have a location think this is the God in all Gethsemane directly on the trees that an Christian go there and Brian and minutes I don't want you there you go across the road and the also upset about it but not limited unable to focus because not as many of these lived up the road about three hundred meters the estimate we really don't know exactly where was the point if it's somewhere in the base of the mount on where Jesus started his disciples as they come let us go and pray for thousand years of human history three ha ha if of Jesus ministry it all led to the point of Calvary and all that's a point where Jesus would have to die on the cross out within the right private with crucifixion he got is with the vital in a Playskool Gethsemane and then I wanted to privacy he was nine of his disciples they are would remain a defaced three of the women about with the tenant he goes on a little bit other pieces please pray with me a while and the Bible says the fold on the ground lying on his face and they leave his father in Matthew twenty six if you never knew Bibles and best that denying the Bible says and he went a little further and fell on his face and prayed saying oh my father if it be possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not on a well thought as how will I want to think alone is not a single bid might be the Bible says that his last was well-off what is not led in the game game theory and all five of my all my other ways that you sent it to me signifies what we only know about you but he had a close relationship with your father all my father in the English language today usually all in someone's name he already do that with someone you're really very very close with my wife my faith in me all just so amazing to myself now so nice that we can sometimes mean you're in really big trouble but most of the time is a positive thing it signifies closeness of relationship all my father and reading on the eight B1 possible not in a rhetorical question e.g. the building before we ask the question Jesus and asking the is there salvation in any of the way de Gaulle my father is is possible he's asking if there any other way the foundation template rights is there any although when you sometimes know what we rely on the small-scale we try to avoid the very thing we know we need to do it automate how maybe when you have a list of things to do for the day and all these things about her business is business in this and the one thing somewhere in the middle that you really don't want to do sent in the beginning out of the way to leave it as a non- awning is unloaded and I know you put it all away hoping the miraculously ilk as something less than that will mean you don't have to put however it is the end of the date and you still have to do nothing you did not want to do you don't talk about instantly to review ever with their children women eating food field is what we always do when they don't they always ate what they lie when the clinic all that will find everything on the plate and the thing I like the first and the something they really don't like my mommy and daddy faith you can't believe it's able to eat that will analyze like hoping miraculously the next twenty minutes it will just disappear from that flight they won't have to leave it and then you get to the end of the play and you have to eat what you don't like the problem if you don't have what you do like to offset the place but what he didn't like and even what you want about that the nephew the needs immediately will it be enough enough of that the police would want twenty four they are now in a drink of upset when eight about my philosophy of this is a child of about eight of the ten is when they go through this transition from eating what they like but we can get back to think about that age of eight families who I like this I think all statements but when the child is young fifty one a life that truly what they don't like the last person to go through and that she was spoiled and apparently giving through I once anymore it is a story that I read once about a height that he was in the state of Utah and America he was like Yum wilderness as something happened to you with an Italian boulder fell down the canyon eight hundred pound boulder rolling down and he was able to move out of weight the way just in time sweeping across his body or his right arm his left arm down he tried to push against the boulder but he was unable always remove it with a hundred pounds push several times and reliable maybe I should save my energy for something a little bit more intelligent the Wi-Fi city with a climbing up the rope on about how we get it he tried to get a rope higher up and around the rock and places we could find full rock out still if possible if the hundred four hundred kilos delay that in vivo spin that for one day to day for three days he had a knife on Windows one of those cheap knife you might buy in a petrol station on something that he thought that the hours the Rockaway wood is not still in what then he dropped a copy of all the knife was so dull he couldn't even get through his skin after he's not been enough of five days no one can find to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and on the sixth Day he did what makes the mind shut a think about what he did he twisted his body that he broke both his bones and he ministered to him without blood not and then walk five miles to the road to get help it is almost like the last thing that he wanted to do that he needed to do he saved all the way to let you drive less harmful to the shrine holds that specify moving somehow she has possibly the any other way I think the problem is no the way you have to do what is the hottest thing in Ramah in order you can live nineteen of them in the goblin differently please pray his monologue and a possible if any LOA is asking if I've is it any other way that he got a cigarette this cop wrongly and twenty six method is it let this cup pass from me know what was the cup the Bible says the wages of sin is what that no gzip would looking that you and I cry old when someone died not that he was looking at a desk that was eternal separation from his father at least on its total separation respondent presold one loss the recoil from it I don't want that I don't want to be a separate it from my father forever and ever in any of the way that I can make it through this without being separated from you you see I think I'll love up it would save if and because we don't really understand what database normal suggesting necessary to the first primary molted forth in Senegal should be free up issue below but we really don't understand what it is the result of sin is because we love it so much I think sometimes we miss understandable goodness and therefore we don't understand Goldratt we forget the Bible says the rain pulled on the just and the unjust we must understand what evil people are prospering making that it's okay to continue in shape when God says no it's not okay no it's not in John twelve thirty about the joint of the program a similar message to Jesus in the God install what you want me his father if he could be spread one that wants in John twelve and the twenty seven the Bible says in John twelve twenty seven because now is my soul troubled and what shall I say father save me from this hour they increase as well it is impossible in any way and here and to save me from the outlaw but then what is the site box for his goals they are into his will is the best work if the evenings on the wood box in my you know what the evenings on the would never the less but never the less both the hinge on those words no single words believed in the English language would be crazy like this may have heard people say things that have in spite all one nonetheless or document or however know what these words are grammatically one of the greatest English student even though I'm from England while they are grammatically is what we call a conjunctive a a what a conjunctive and that now this function is exactly is to connect to independent clauses or sentences together in the first half live on his own the sentence or my father is it possible let this cup pass from me they couldn't stop right there the second half of the sentence not as I will but your will be done could stand alone offended on all but the one in the middle nevertheless connects these two hops of the senses and puts them together on the plot of the woods nevertheless is to compare the second half of the sentence with the best half of the sentence give me the second ha ha this is more for this in the first in other words the second half of event and white new database will neutralize it the first half of the sentence very good about it if all my father if it be possible that his cup pass from me geez I don't want it however or nevertheless not my will but what you'll be done so the second half of the sentences even though I don't want it I will fill the human English language we use it quite frequently would never let me give you some examples we may say something like the problems nevertheless he managed to finish the most famous painting we might say something like this he was not the favorite people in the class distinctions did not pay much attention nevertheless he managed to get a grip we may face in it like his father never like the people will always put him down call him may nevertheless he managed to make a success of his life we may say something like them Brandon lived in Malaysia Penang four ten yeah it's nevertheless the locals always saw him on the foreign through maybe I don't know me know that everything in the lineup you may think that might mockingly replied for letting us know he still travels the world doing something all the time we you say something like authentically on this goal in such and such a place but I will not make them I don't know is over budget and on enrolled in the leaders decided to keep an open the second half of the sentence is more important than the best half of the sentence nevertheless San Jose in the middle is signified that we are willing to do whatever is in the second half more than what we say in the book but too often doesn't happen too often with us Incorporated E and in our communication with God our experience in the second half of the sentence is less important than the first when we break about when we faulted too often the first half of the sentence is what you got to hold sway in the very end we may something going on here but your will be done we really don't need we really really don't mean we make a statement having gone what we want to be a way site nevertheless all yet but maybe I'll can you open you please let for example for example we may say something like this do not know if I see a beautiful woman she is right to me she the one about whatever you would have prevented we just hold on what we want in always done an enormous liberal woman what I found his man the moon we may tell North Korea that we want to have what I want this job what I want to study here what about a place that you have a bit more I'm doing this up please let you will be done in my life to you serious about health and well-being we just settled on what you want to tell it to the very edges like all let me anyway and is that if I want a fully alive you plan Apple dealer or GUI is a sometimes we tell that something of the Marion is not really an open question remains within the company I just a few weeks ago that we could go on an e-mail from my grandmother in rule my life you grandmother sent me an e-mail not that if I'm going to the United States and then we can go to spend some time with my ground and my wife's family in San Francisco within epidural process now my grandmother in law I don't know too well to being a good grandmother Emily she and she went to see the judge held a busy sentiment those husband Adam is coming he's a great job on how the conversation went like I was a too much but I got an e-mail from my grandmother in law nineteen eighties there anytime and ninety eight -year-old thing to e-mail you have to pay attention to you you have no choice as you send me an e-mail saying I fault of the elder in the church he wants you to preach in the moment I'm thinking that she probably went Alaskan maybe tonight I faulted the two passes in the judge as well and they both agreed for you to breach it will be lovely for the chance to see you there zero if you would think a measure of this is that you put this under the net she said please respond to this e-mail with a yes or no when does your grandmother in law what he's recognizing me is you have no option usually yes you yes but sometimes we I a lot like on this this is his greatest please respond with yes I'll send it waiting for you to I wanted to grandmother her loyalty I see the little sweet old lady and delivery of little people at my elbow are aqua from the beyond decided communication is often how we talk with God is shown below that when we break the law nevertheless signify and were willing to do what we don't want to do what one wants is that it am in a should meet an operator life we may say something like the Lord I have chosen this Korea I want to Korea because if a comfortable life I wonder if Korea because I like the paid pocket I will get in this Korea law I want a comfortable life nevertheless I understand you calling me to something else I am willing to train the whole cost of my life that you speak to me a it made me to illustrate about I have chosen to marry this person nevertheless I know that it is not both will meet the married and I'm just going through with it from now on because of family pride depression nevertheless Lord you need the strength to humble myself even though we have set a date it may be that you say you'll say to blog more I have decided not to go into ministry because of family pressure nevertheless I will risk my family as for my career path I know you're calling me you don't want according to the ministry in his notebook I like being to disregard cool I went to college with several young men I knew God was calling to ministry decided immensely possible with it and not one of their lives has done out pretty the woods in maybe these done terrible things in the past nevertheless you say tomato I believe in your power to get me victory over sin it made me that you think about I enjoy the secret since I enjoy doing this in my private time nevertheless I know you have power to give me victory it may be leading a flock you are a is my crudeness to pornography and only you have the fingerprint to know what I think your history nevertheless you pray God I know you are able to keep me from falling maybe you're a picnic of my favorite things that you know you shouldn't be a null health insurance and all the luck in private no one knows and in your prayer life is that only can not be imprisoned you think nevertheless I know you can give me strength I know you can give me power is a teapot about being willing to pray if the willingness of the government to open a house we submit the God submission obedience go hand-in-hand it was not willing to obey the note regulates all day it was a flat twenty fourteen industry pray for Brian God will grant you the strength seems even went on to write not I wail but what but you will not have time well but as you will notice profitable with using it on the menu will will will and the will of Jesus the same as the father 's will the Leslie and John Clive evidently I think of my knowable to the will of him who sent me I am my father on one of the Bible say that energy this is not I will knowingly when Jesus is not I will he was speaking about his humanity did not want that even one of the Bible said he was tempted in all points like we got yet without sin the Bible tells if you want to analyze the velvety vibrated the so-called humanity that had been degraded by four thousand years of Satan and Jesus 's humanities because I want that I don't want that I don't want separation nevertheless not my will but yours be done the reality is we Google we put in all conjunctivas and even though we put in that is not a party one real estate autumn addicted that is gone and struggling visual will give me between these two and is not with the same emphasis as strength and power of Jesus prayer when he put the emphasis right there with the would never the less old to what we make up our minds the school to bless a second the end of it we say things like praise God when God was nowhere in the beginning middle or end of the whole process I was just kind of played around with God the problem is going to Willie Obama general everyday lives generally speaking what is the harm a lot generally speaking we see a difference between the natural wealth is exactly the supernatural world is the health of the supernatural well when you will off at us we have raised you can survive these little things like help those who help themselves as we help us out and when we come exhausted what we do and we has to want to help us in the ghetto mostly we don't put any effort into multiple rules often we separate what Wallace live on what one is not a problem what so for example immediately got a cold chokehold snuffle nosed whales will throw in with Frank about to take it away from us note because we know that we got back cold because we get a sixpack of them twelve a quarter night in a non- real estate is my fault I got sick if I have to heal myself on going me know what is going to be agreement among the geek and you should do things laboriously like the Leica but then only all gone please feel me and I think that a lot out there in the software don't price about please give me wisdom to spend my money only getting ten o'clock please give me strength we only ask thought to help me get in a crisis TG live within a crisis of seventy in the crisis of your family is asking for God 's help with them that the reason why Jesus when people got up on the help in his crisis was because Jesus had involved had involved what the father in all is among a boring little decision throughout life because of your family was no different as the please give me strength to me was the sole meal will end this decision I have ever no different but all too often we shall blot out the print job and then in me and what all lofty wisdom and grasping for life will load them in our life it's really going to be a part of library and read they lie not only at the very end e.g. the sedative area and not I will but as you want as you can see the what was even willing to deny Jesus will willing to deny heaven Jesus the willing to deny a place of adoration with the Angels Jesus was willing to the benign himself a place in paradise to give you an odd something amazing is the only at which it was like a working people what was called to deny me to go and Mike hello which is a lot colder did not himself something he denied himself something called in exchange for something that is often thought of the judgment of printer called you to deny something is always with this kind of motivation Jim I will say so you can have righteousness give us this blow so you can have heaven give up your desire so going to live through you give up something bad he you can get something good it wasn't like that when Jesus gives self denial was in many ways totally different to us he gave a clue to get something back the only asked us to give up the path to get the good but something will pick how many of you got eBay and the follow-up maybe I'm a blood something for a high price I be aborted you never used it notable to it and maybe a few years later you come to eBay item on eBay and you said for not even one half old one also one of what you paid for original and talking about some of you leaving your house you don't want to sell just because you don't want to humiliation of selling it but if enabled authority rubbish I went on board a boat out a countywide book boat was fifty years old I think it was going through a midlife crisis the movie will get it before the annulment that the manifesto but I will vote for no apparent reason I live in the middle of the country know when it difficult to know when their late and applicable to both I think I was suffering this crisis I was no longer twenty oh you are like feeling of eighteen ninety and you and you were aging and lighting and in the fifth year oh I was like man I'm not old I find that -year-old it is relatively young I will vote I used it once a program that fixed before you think the government whose mechanic that will make you free when you visit the free accomplishing this with about four years to fix it I find negative blowback last year but would outsell now all I can't even bring you to tell you how much I paid for it I definitely come when you bring myself to tell you how much I ended up selling it for a fraction I have something good I ended up you are the lifestyle he went at it with our Jesus had something good and ended up with something that all he asked of you in the willingness to get Outlook 's lately with in the and in his own image and body you never didn't deny for the rest is only one class rest don't think that something big is good and when he had a white I pray I pray the prayer of Jesus in the bottom of the affinity may be your prayer in your hot but you don't comfortable with your one hundred five single platform a layout of the more young here and what can you please bless live will be going on my paper we don't like to play more I want your will to be done in my life it named me going the missionary somewhere it mainly going to get a missionary training at training school here in Southeast Asia maybe in it made me not getting your Masters or PhD I be willing to give a head football as a log your will be done in maiming face in the whole course of the life and it made me surrendering private secrecy but only you and your phone and you and your gone and you and your computer and you and whoever it may be know about a similar nevertheless not my will not what I want not what I think is good but when you interview this morning with a local boy I would be willing to deny myself only willing to give up what I think is good but what made it back to get what is good I sometimes think is what do you mean half design vessel design with me this morning I want to invite you to stand as we close with a dedicated we were of prior law not my will but yours be done more not my will but yours be done as well as father in heaven will be great when you will and we thank you for the Holy Spirit I'm not I pray you would be with each one here once you know what our own plans are you know what B1 we have tried many times Walter figure out we have tried many times will sometimes surrender something to you feasible within the old ways that will be fixed overnight nevertheless at your command will put down the net on the side sometimes I'll become deal with them all we've done this only found the tribe of trying to drive that has happened in the same desire of pizza what we can think nevertheless even though I have failed in the past even though I have my own idea how my old bullet nevertheless I'll put down my neck on your side this morning we stand to save you what to put on down on your side Lord blesses us strengthens Renzo 's grace that we went reporting season and this media was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to the sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like this more so than please visit www. audio person or


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