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The Twisted Mind of God

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • December 26, 2014
    7:45 PM


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that is why I will not forget whom I thought this was mind of God lives in our hands and bring our father in heaven we thank you for life today all the world thousands of people die you kept us alive not to give us more time to see the butt to extend your probationary mercy that with a sense of seeing that he will have a purpose for our lives individually good job selling price in Christian service three a distinct work is assigned to every Christian era saw the dog I asked in the name of Jesus we used the seventeen was eighteen he was likely that already what was her youngest has what it needs to be youthful if his name was Esme climb put your words into my mouth or loving father that the words I speak video works I offer myself to you wasn't unresisting instrument I hobbled myself before your date on it all the glory and give us all possible blessings in Jesus and we pray let most people say a value added a value the first line of thought think with me Isaiah fifty five reserve reverses the and not Isaiah fifty five eight and nine while you are looking for Isaiah is in the Old Testament both of you struggling I have to visit my pass lossless by the all of your grandson was this was list was was that this is not what God is wiring admitted on here electronically this is not a life this is while a phone Samsung media iPhone what's up one of for this is not answered this question for me if someone sees you walking down the street and who during this will list you are going to church reasonably well if they saw you walking down the road this even if you weren't really just walking within what assumptions like the person me your cursor is on some of the wildlife to assume about your Christlike anything else trustworthy honest middle steel one of the likely assume that you're going to argue coming from the lot niggles assumptions are the seamlessly go to groceries then asked his business sense on an Okie in iPhone by Steven run off with why I think that I would when I certify a minute this is all that you need to witness for the a lot of people old and young high behind the phone so no one knows it was yet again say I have a Bible were going to harm you with are you and he reads your heart every opportunity you get let people know who you are what is called say let your moderation be known how many people all I certify it related to give version the Bible says for my thoughts about your thoughts I always find ways of the Lord by the hell is a high value so on my way as I would always have my faults manual thoughts how high is from her give them estimate in hundreds of miles perhaps hundreds of life you how far is going from the wife says I have learned is high that are so a lot of faults of my ways I haven't always in my thoughts but you'll fall in the words gone smoke-free brewing between it was the girl we the Bible says that it also reverses me cancel what you have consumers exigent rate in getting answers from the site nonetheless I want some answers from the site is not enough to be good-looking I want some answers are you with me or what it offers me say cancel altogether and that the degree Bob Aristotle that I do that is the Bears Army of you that is the nearly uniform when I was not there to you from that will it also desperate to walk with God mine is different from bottom-line somebodies line is the one change those lovely of itself and modified I have a more iTunes menu velvety elementary answer who has to change the thinking we we must learn to fling like all the vascular surgeon that him they said that you never heard of the firstborn the Bible what did you come to the firstborn firstborn have certain privileges if you want privilege in Washington of the inhabitants from the fall what is the firstborn table book in the absence of the Volvo he became the one the priests of old indicated had a family of that class but of course in the context of God 's people the ones who view from June of Christ would come the first born was a privileged position when I see a firstborn I mean according to the Bible the firstborn son but keep this in mind the first born son the firstborn animal was not idle the firstborn son was called special possession the first or biologically first left not the school gym system for the first two sons of the earth as far as the Bible informs us that this is for reefer verse one one thousand and the mind of God not upon the earth was the first born biologically that's the one to accept and receive all the privileges reason this is forwarded from verse one the Bible says that Adam knew Eve his wife as you can see a barricade and said I hope Buffalo Matt from the Lord as you guys here is related but it was a kimono shape but cannibalism of the raw audit process of finally came to pass that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground offering unto the Lord and it will be also brought of the first things of this fall at the fact the raw on the Lord had respect of the will the goodwill was offering but I'm okay was offering you have not respect Cain was very wrong and is comfortable so now we have the first voice mail before school with one thousand and one if you was the second born within the cerebral mutagenesis file was subject disappointed on the might of the earth was the first biological side remove the mind of God you see his life is Thursday from our point of view of his football attribute is not the one with as much football does a soda for me because of the five hundred dollars Mac we are about Genesis five four thirty two was that for say I will always love while her husband 's law and order Yahoo! information share all I had to asking relays which one is the firstborn notion chef was not the first when you try to show that he was like that going to Genesis eleven reverse that quickly Genesis eleven reverse that our subject this twisted mind of God by the way I read from the King James version of the Bible you let alone to want to the manual but I did just enough time to get all message across with Genesis eleven percent while said yes to all right all right we have the right plans ahead of me okay all right let's see if he's right along the Bible says as shown while unpleasant it is of the devil are fact that when as for Leslie J at Chevalier on the news of the death tax that will use up before the meeting on Wednesday reasons and resolution I will show you on the news he got off that will use the flow now let's go to Genesis seven this reverses Genesis seven six merci it alone very little light upon reset up on reset within his assemblers to say and always law six hundred years old when the floodwaters wonder of Genesis five thirty two says Noah was five hundred years old and only got Shaq half is Genesis seven percent says uncle was six hundred years old when the floodwaters with their Genesis eleven thousand and Sam was unconstitutional and begotten are acceptable years after the flood in shed was the firstborn are you with me you mathematicians statisticians and he was a hundred years old four years after the flow of the game would ever had was six hundred how old sincerity on him to article the provisions of the restaurants will be developed to ensure victory through San Juan ha ha so if you see he was the firstborn but he was only a hundredth two years after the flood of his face he was born Mendel was either hundred two so Sharon was all the firstborn but he is interested at first because he was the one who represented by he was the head of the court the oldest one was you want to say from the start however there is really just sad with a point of law it is not my will use the remnants and sorting all the way to show have as if let's say agents is eleven thousand verse twenty six Genesis eleven verse twenty six biosensors of zero while I driven while it was so beautiful and we got to ever have therefore all right was the first ever had when he was not the first first now let's go to the last verse of chapter eleven of the book of Genesis I was ever set us back here I was two hundred and five minutes ago two first floor of Genesis twelve Moses anointed wanted an aircraft departed as long as that opinion and it was what second five years old when he did what departed out of here Tara died reduced one five I is that everyone there was just cinderblock meeting that it was for me to withhold hundred and thirty even though they listed in therefore and hereafter there is because molecules in to leave a holy people so it's that it allows oneness with bottles him for another factor in whether is a bonsai becomes the firstborn on it's not just biological order going to mind is different than Genesis twenty five and see the consistency with golf equipment golf course I guess social expectations there's a reason why this object the reason of it are subject twisted mind of God Genesis twenty five reverse metaphor Bible says about it is the deliberate were fulfilled behold the wall for this info will of the first came out red all the land Pentagon of the coldest man was more parts on after that and his brother out on his fact the whole of the sulci of these men was called Jacob was born first but Mrs. logoff told Rebecca before the boys were born with them first for the two of Genesis twenty five on the subject twisted mind of God and the children struggled together within her as he said that in the wildlife sold as she went to inquire of the Lord of the lost sense of what he said to omissions are hereby will and shall not people shall be separated from my bottles of the one people sounds stronger than the other people there is a verse and the other self-serving in the world got so it's not as human beings rituals of God tools the younger in the war caused by his zone first sign chapter sixteen first Samuel sixteen if I go to Wrigley don't have this is one of quite aware that his transmission going on I do not want to be like Heather 's for the translators for Samuel sixteen three versus six and seven and eleven at twelve if you found it say that liability balls of observe the seven thousand facilities taking longer the five books of the black festivals so I open world of the reason for that is what is my own numbers on the screen you have to know where Joseph gone it is right next to the priority with me on Jeremiah you just punch in we don't have this and you have this you have to go with the pond can you happen our divine justices so what I'm saying is we the Oscars for seven sixteen who can recite all sixty six books in order come come with a C cup of liquid life in this lifelessly wiped it off like a it's R or S is the most again nice man so the is is is is is was the disciples in his book Genesis Romans and as a result of going to go is working as an is him as an is a is in a is is is is is is is is is him at Wellesley one what was the weather Alessio wanted photos locate him him him there we go also is when you really okay donated within the limits you will write is just as wrong as to the rules and a little you will lose all those on so as the will is roof I will will will will will will will will will is so I will I will so I will and is and is and is will is a so so so so I is a is a is is is is a secure and in that was in hose Jolo a half a follows the most fun on Jonah Jones a bike of my him and will and so I is in and him and him and him to you that will go X I follow Romans who is wrong and it is forced as a is is is is is is is is is when all is him on a is fighting for a phone is a is a puzzle is not so then I have an really okay I accepted by faith not as often as you want to have him try what would life it was unreal went to the six is reading one verse six releases seven eleven at twelve it is not about to buy the something that you will shortly represent associated to say about that in the past weather will come back to you is that most of us were shortly was that same shall sorry about Samuel was the only human being on the price that occupy positions of profit threes and uniforms and visited with thinking yet it was George only Christ have those three positions as bad grid is regardless the first of the great prophets because his mind was different from the way God was thinking in Iliad was the firstborn and he said Charlotte one how many people sit on committees as an airline committee conference committee of faculty committee decisions are based there while Sony is going on with a bit on wrong because I is not functioning like also like how many young women in the young man a fish and he gives for our many a young woman saw that there is all the more sort of like one of you like puzzles this is fabulous and the unlikely reform in God said to Samuel in four seven four seven sixteen will all of this comes RMS August that is for I have refused the loss as long as Nancy is averse formatted where a young event is very well in the Harlem I say all my is different from ours we as hokey music in the what fellowship hath righteousness with Mike about this righteousness with unrighteousness how can you see how can you tell me dogmatic that young man when he's a fine upstanding Baptist because God says I do not want like people marrying outside the faith a while societies my visit in one direction while someone is twisting in the run person is inside of the addressee I have all lights of the present is the youngest and behold is where he was this is fully below the opening of the present of broadband and he was while Robbie under whole of a while beautiful complements quickly fulfill the law say while arrive on a lot of home and for the easy route and the firstborn that the next long shot the next four months to go go from the standpoint of the world since he thought was the story of how different the plane was Jesse even reviewed it just doesn't frost is why the golf possibly shows the youngest in the cross is the time it was not a part of this reality Charlotte God 's temple she is getting long review in the dog in his fist and more interested in the regular of a lot of firstborn second third fourth fifth sixth also I want the youngest when he came in seven letters she was getting for the Lord says arise anoint him he Jacob have process giving them in order of birth residence during the vote to all the less I will route the second seventy third will will you first wrote down a city name I have it on their Batman that event gasman asset management is not been sitting on this Joseph then Benjamin ninety two just before Joseph before long was due to not remember those little boys you startled forth for our SLG ready ski gloves Jesus Rubin civilian life to identify their vanities did love Jesus and Soto acidophilus was born as far as the rock they all chose for Jesus Christ the company strives for not one but you probably wanted to save the comfortable forcefully force of his manliness is for the God in his mind twisted the regular I don't want Ruben I don't want to see I don't want Levi I have chosen to elevate it should you can befriend the first Samuel chapter three we shall be the first one was also hit the twisted mind of God that I will hit you between the eyes with the other the point of perhaps some of you already guessed for Samuel seven three I know that if you're still looking say about it unless all right but hurried up we haven't been for Samuel three the first one you have no other child Samuel ministered of the Lord before you are one of the most precious in those days there was no open vision was that precious means rare there was no open vision the work will constant streams of revelations know it was scarce on the hospital to involve a sent message a negative force on the twenty sixth seventh but overall there were no visions special revelation in the morning and last time of revolution from the first two and getting a massive lifetime when Eli was laid on his face besides you don't like it but he could not see him in the temple of God went out of the temple of the Lord our God was some knows me down to sleep but the Lord is one the market will call you unless he was raised as young as he was the most powerful man it is enshrined in the Minnesota letter of Josh a priest there's Limbaugh and was twelve and white rice and Bible commentary volume two page ten ten past six the son of Hannah was twelve years old when he received his special provision for both Senator was thrown I was out of a hundred and twelve venues this banner there's some movement of the latest front I think carefully about says I have to do a work of reference mission is was cold as ice astride his combustibles are I need some relief I need to do a word that is why people guess the viewing public is no NBC's years of experience in phase one when on library his face glowing with the results ability and what to see which one you call the Bible says he called me some it was only permitted to send Olivo four times the lives of three books we went like this tools should about just shows to come about in above the is it possible that all is not what you want something okay is possible to say I risk that the search officially in eighteen sixty three when the workman was organized as one of the first conference of the disregard of the search is which conference the simple little less people CMM something about boss I raise the research of AAs successfully argued two thousand fourteen twice I was a combat I couldn't because of the world is now bypass the only semi- passive those whose lives are six like country it is certainly a call the exercise life with all due respect that we bypassed the treatment of the vision bonus of the universe the conference is why headed by Iraqis of VLDL is that the policy will recall some young people will never see the policy for the most substitutional and far boldly under the work of this movement I'm calling the science to realize sleep a little crowded on Saturday evening at how he can know this I hope what were they doing it is what were they doing you can verify and what is God 's people give exercises let me find someone who's a week under willing eager energetic with the mind I generally see some of the first indoor that will hasten for Jesus Christ what was the same as his vision seventy one two with such a army of workers only use administrative by furnace how soon the message of the crucified and risen soon as you might become available world also be an icon in the suffering of sorrow and of the household as you don't realize that all the good-looking you the visible church 's early days the apostolic era this price I got was eyes on one map that matter was the greatest teacher after Jesus was that what was then golf I'll for you Danielle Ananias is my wish I'll also write popularly known as Shadrach Asia November as moved in Louisiana he made a room workable impression on the minds of vividness the youth is out of three what all you like allowing the Jews all the little videos because they are scared and another that effectively overthrow this is a certain Jews whom thou hast sent over the affairs of the province of Babylon Shabbat vision of the people 's jewels I like that word search engines will never inverse and comes into the White House is worthwhile that I have served how to get there had accused the Joseph so how do you have certain jewels Missouri County as opposed to individual rehab is certain she will not all tools serve as a silhouette of a young man who refused to allow the real today God is looking for search engines certain young man certain young women who are afraid and other young people who risk their lives ironic axonal Iraq yes I confront the guy of the exact vitamin it will be as gone these you Samuels the Jews Virginia the shins is in the older ones when doing so is not let me go to the youth I wanted to understand as you said I want to pretend no one else is in this building listed in the book you actually even with an online presence of what you have is the voice of thought pretend that I called you see to you I need you is that I want I read I was writing this article which she said we were created because we would need to give you tomorrow Vonage benevolent and only want to somatic because you do cream of the crop is especially was this part of the world in the best shape possible to the best of the best you will know the best is even eating the toothless men and boys of my commitment to initial the shows over a Bible says that Genesis is one of the circles will supplement a field with the laudable enemy the devil did he chose this does are you listening to me our living smartest of the devil ones to serve his kingdom because you know if you guess who he was served with all your power audio skills in all humility bought digital watch I need you also heard that was destroyed a life is going right for the first of the sun which one will you and so the process I once want to talk to you straight to our financial system and your willingness to take careful risks I want that at all since my son Michael I watch but approve of what you are going with you to view the limit I've present as of the day is like a balloon twisted mind of God which is in the straight line but I was just focusing on the specific others so far from his is unwarranted to make a commitment to God 's sinful with his father there am I finished my words volume is still it is a side he decided to him who is over the last but what he leaves for you to say is terrified that is my words I asked for my heart please give all of you to go you will therefore regret that it was so old about reluctantly more likely to undo certain things you look quite as much as all like putting your hand in the hand of God if you will you will regret is that if you're the only way to follow the positive charge is that you can prevent landlord he had bought between decisions last to get will and you will see the above father as much as I can I give myself to you the greater the ultimate level for me I'd love to medicine is the level at which I cannot truly love them all yes right also I all you I fully recommitted my life to God again right now on my commitment is to go out to any reason just to make it clear to me you are the one I will anyways apple of God I will go into an erupting volcano to bridge if he makes it clear he's the one sending ability of the first thought of it out of the first newsreader for the a you the ball the leader of the government is the leader he's ahead of the number of individuals who follow fighting for life if you give me my youth my strength Harlem it will follow I committed my life to fully trust your wife have been bilaterally on two guards of reasonable in light of my huge is the only just a young ungodly young many rich asset aquatic life I will know then set up seriously of those two children why will she was listening to his words of wisdom from the writings of Ellen White is outrageously three twenty four out of one we believe all many that happens for a time within our company was but without all wide open we thought was the rate of also stated in Bible we shall overcome what you say this kind of commitment we made must be repeated is that some rows January the first as needed and not once in use but they genuine you are really into your life the golf he needs strong young man is strong is not possible that Angel 's fringe went high over the bar of the disciples it is frightening and by the prayers of the present lists the possible practice in the ninja will blueprint for twenty three the strength of Christ is not about individuals that work we must optimistically about the status of the my young lovely sisters gone these young women he needs young women that which is elusive father I commit my life to you he was assumed in which young system agreement is your right to have if you see me as it was my last big Northfield is my life 's race will have stuck around praying added over these commitments want always been as genuine because the rest is how I will want to set up it really does is not really progress while getting out of my country and from thy kindred and from my father 's house of a Latin items shall be I was so the vessel and I will make integrated I will make a great obsolete message and I will bless them that bless the Bible person addressing the opposite I will do all I I I you've got to do one thing to give you what formerly of spiritual decency and my workshops Republican for there is excellence that will be afraid to give your life to God believing in my life thought I was medication and use my possibility of having espoused values this is used only once before but I think if I pray of my younger brothers and sisters that is anyone standing less meticulous prayer request a spiritual prayer request I will include this for anyone my elbows and systems that enable people to spiritual requests anyway yes let them tell us what is if you can silently going or anyone else it's yes okay is focused on this is as you as spiritual progress I should have listened as well as closed bid on vibration readily forgive me take my week meager human effort this father improvement for real estate will take this message now apply it with force everyone who heard as your sons and daughters leave less of their time to dwell on what they've heard from Janice is already seen how controls the younger the envelope because your post of the older because you think differently I realized that God that he'll may have your eyes on Mary Lau as instruments you can use to bring about our walkable conversion experience in this form comes credit as part of the world have considered it possible to reach they don't have please follow these but this burden on our hearts like fire in our bones is Jeremiah 's yes service to Delhi yesterday as your servant says of his prodigal sketches page twenty five paragraph four is used in an impressive effect that is known as normal she's not liberal but he straightened his tie and his fellows belong to God patiently his purpose in life to glorify God and to do good to his fellow man and a dessert she arrived at her heels every child has a work to do for the glory of God and the salvation of souls ready to have it so I this is why you are not conscious and that there is a work for me as an individual to move my car public guy who Tivoli in the children from the hearts generally not for the world and give them a passion for the things of blessed families because mess they have been decided by how the real estate education for your glory please go continue to bless this weekend this conference so that he has your name would be lifted high and we went as high serial lessons I've often whisper from my heart and she's assembled for his sake but also people say a van at event was also different life before you sit in the Pacific is distinctive and I promise you won't listen to the message work and to raise out something that will stay with you until you take the rest of his what will you take resigned tell me even though it may not be difficult to speak out loud trifling like these insisted by what will you take whatever reason tests must take something will be to first grade first through the half cent examples of arrests who should be aware any brilliant in the open team from the message yes hello golf thoughts are different from our vastly different like you someone is regard yes Guadalajara where do we look on the outside of your pseudo- reasonable function like that all right someone is what as gone and raised the whole position in the humblest is yes then when I was at reason and life must be done everyday January over living about once a year but the more that I like to do that right okay okay all right okay okay this is a US civilian Euros the language is when you surrender the lifelong one long one for one moment uses the globe is leaving the ladies will immediately leave the lady is a nice want to dress nicely developed for the Wii were created out of an application tomorrow because we would need to not let all people on answer bonus to baldness you somehow say what our army and we must not allow actions alerts and a thank you is this media was brought by Nautilus the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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