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Shaking and Sifting, Part 2

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 20, 2007
    10:45 AM
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him every year I will hold evangelistic meetings in different parts of the world and the necessity burns brighter and brighter in my salubrious IAM more confidence in the integrity the Adventists message the day when I did forty years ago I started preaching so burns more brightly in my soul in my heart my spirit somebody said well giving any doubts about married my wife four years ago I would've went away galaxy versus anyone can keep an open mind when you get up every morning he married and say well on the checkout fifteen others and see if I made the right decision or not the sermon I preached the value of closemindedness some things my mind is closed about Jesus as my Savior you can't prove any differently are investigated that I have to get up every morning and say Jesus my Savior I know that all this business about having an open mind lives in marriage get up in the morning using old darling I don't keep an open mind now I will investigate seven others down not at all there's some things that you would you weigh the evidence you make your decision and move on my wife's become sweeter after forty years I know a lot about her I'm open to find out more about her charms and her love with Jesus on find out more about his charms as well if you wrote a book about my beloved church in all its faults I wouldn't read if you are a book about more like without my beloved church onslaughts the church is the bride of Christ if you go write a book about the faults of Jesus try your colleges in this that if you go write a book in your smug complacency about all the faults of Jesus Christ and that Jesus and the overview you whatever we say or write it must be in love there's places of the church needs improvement but it does not need a lot of critics tearing it down and start again in the back because it indeed is the price Jesus and Jesus loves his drive according to Ephesians one day private crisis arise spotless to war without a wrinkle or any such thing well that was just a little sigh we are getting ready for session number two vertebrae we never open the word of God without prayer the father in heaven we want to thank you again for your word most of all thank you for Jesus is the giver of the words and the living word inspire hearts as we study with our vision again in Christ HMS Richards was invited to a meeting of non- Seventh-day Adventist pastors as he attended the meeting he was sitting at supper that evening at the banquet with a pastor that you know that Pastor Richards was advanced as I began talking this pastor looked over at Pastor Richardson were talking a different religious groups different religious denominations and one has to look at the ridges and he said he allows us in advance and he said it's too bad that it's just too bad pastor which is that we have the him us because if we didn't have those Adventist you know we wouldn't be so confused about revelation has to reduce kind of smiles they looked at him and he said you know something is too bad for us because if we can have those items we would understand the truth about revelation I think I joked him for a little bit you know and it is true that just as God used the book of Romans in the Reformation in use Martin inserted in generate and stimulate revival of the Romans was present truth about our soul in the last days Revelation is especially present true for our our in Revelation chapter one verse one that we read a introduction to the book of Revelation many Bibles will say the revelation of St. John this is really the revelation of Jesus Christ is Jesus final revelation to enjoin people the book of Revelation in Revelation chapter one and verse one the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him to show his servants things which must shortly take place and he sent and signified it by his angel to his servant John so this is the revelation of Jesus it's a revelation that Jesus gave regarding things that will shortly take place in verse three there is a triple blessing the fatherless issue the sunglasses you and the Holy Spirit blesses you when you see the triple blessing it's always a blessing about the God of the Trinity to father son and Holy Spirit blessed is he who reads it so as we meet abuse in time material revelation you will be blessed blessed are those that hear you hear the words of this prophetic seminar you will be blessed but the reason to read I seriously blessed are those who keep the things that are in it for the time is near the closer the time comes for the fulfillment of Revelation as prophecy is more important is to clearly understand the revelations prophecies are divided into two parts and really you can divide the book of Revelation into two sections chapters one to eleven in chapters twelve to twenty two chapter one in the book of Revelation is an introduction then you have three immediate sequences of seven that taking the Chapter 11 the seven churches the seven singles in the seven trumpets they view from chapter to chapter eleven in cover most of that territory with an interjection of Revelation four five which really see the light of the throne of God those seven sequences taking from John's day down to the end of time just as Daniel has a major sequence prophecy in Daniel chapter two that is amplified in Daniel chapter seven is further amplified in Daniel eight and further amplified in Daniel eleven you will never interpret prophecy wrongly if you understand the principle of repetition and enlargement the reason so many myths apply processing is because they do not understand that principle in repetition enlargement says that in Daniel two you have a decent outline of history the taken from the days of Babylonia Persia Greece Rome and then the breakup of the Roman Empire than the coming of Christ as Daniel to then go to Daniel seven you cover the same ground as the judgment and a little more to go to Daniel eight it covers the same ground babbling to Rome the breakup of the Roman Empire then the little one the papacy than the judgment and Central Oregon January ten eleven and the conflict in the north it does essentially the same thing leaving out Babylon because his vision is basically a portrait here's a principal prophecy first repetition and enlargement the the earlier prophecies give you a basis of a repeat in a large second-place approximate time sequence prophecies always begin with the properties time sequence prophecies always begin with a prophetess so in the days of Daniel 's prophecies will begin in the nation of Babylon the anger you there when Babylon is fading away like in Daniel chapter eight he started in need of urgent is the second part is a personal if that is true what do you think the same principle applies revelation which revelations prophecies begin you got in the days of John every phase of Rome precisely the case if you don't deal with the seven churches the seven seals the seven trumpets that way you'll get all confused and prophetic interpretation of provided trumpets of the engine timing albeit you try to put them into time sequence processing overly confusion but if you understand John one gives you the introduction all-time sequence prophecies begin in the evening the place of profit lives and then when you have been in the seven churches of your basic outline then you have your seven seals which will amplify the seven churches even more than you have the seven trumpets that can't be on that thing is when you come to Revelation twelve yet a hinge in the chapter just like in Daniel Daniel you have your first six chapters that are historical the first six chapters and Daniel described how to be ready and in time the last seven chapters and Daniel describe when environmental current revolution similar but in reverse revelation chapters one to eleven are the practical chapters of a church facing in time and how to prepare for in time that's it you are in the seven churches the different kinds of Christians in every Asian hunt that is one of the seven seals what the Church would face and how to prepare the Jordan seven trumpets that's the whole purpose of the first eleven sienna how personal revelation and you have the wind second starting with Revelation twelve Revelation twenty two you have the unfolding is very careful detail of the entire events one of the things that is unique about revelation is it counteracts the activity of Satan that's described in Ephesians six of you have your Bible turn police with Ephesians six and verse twelve Ephesians six and verse twelve Ephesians six verse twelve Paul speaks about his day and this principle will amplify at the end of time Ephesians six and verse twelve this is about providing for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this age against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places therefore take up the whole armor of God that he may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all stand so there is a battle between Christ and Satan there's a battle between good and evil and the devil deceived a third of the angels in heaven can't we not expect for individual as Wiles on the MLS a church somewhere entering into a battle and we need to know the enemy 's outline thank God we're not going to the start of the dark thank God we are not less like others without adequate information we have the enemy 's battle plan in advance we know his strategies we know his tactics will exactly what easily did isn't that what many war generals want the second world war is about the American government wanted to understand the German valve him understand what was video we are a Glass-Steagall book of revelation gives us about my right to sell wonderful without plan the first thing that we decided in this session ideas and this is the title of this section this section is revival January counterfeit Satan 's objects of attack well let's go now to page three in our booklet the object is exact there are three specific objects of Satan 's attack and uses a different strategy on all of you looking at the second chapter you're looking at page three of the right hand side top of the optimizations attack source number one he will attack non- Christians so your writing that their number one non-Christians was originally our if you need help with everything seems okay non-Christians secondly he attacks Christians and thirdly the attacks FCA is a Seventh-day Adventist for the first group of non-Christians he uses a different strategy than he does with Christians anise and relative to general strategies knows that he will use for non-Christians will use for Christians including access so right were rented over for strategy number one here sings to strategies for non-Christians the first strategy is found in Matthew chapter twenty four percent now you may be wondering about this as a strategy you really thought of it in a different way have you ever thought of more conflict and strife as a strategy of deception before will look at wars happen not see because of how difficult governments are in conflict wars happen because he wants them to happen because there a strategy of deception as I'll show you if you look at Matthew twenty four percent of says for nation will rise against nation thinking and asking and there will be famines pestilence and earthquakes in diverse places so easy written strategy number one you don't like their war conflict strife war conflicts right for strategy number one strategy number two natural disasters economic chaos and social collapse so for strategy one writing war conflict strife for strategy to be writing natural disasters economic chaos and social collapse okay now his war strategy wise for strategy notice the box under a strategy one was a Satan delights in and we are really together the class break conversely page five eighty nine your rating great controversy page five eighty nine Satan delights in war for it excites the worst passions of the soul and then sweeps into eternity its victims stand in vice and blood is his option to website the nations to war against one another for the philosopher the minds of the people from the work of preparation to stand in the day of God now notice under that what we say wars happen because it is the express desire that your words are expressed desire of the enemy of mankind and more staff is taking place because they want something so someone happens in war people have the worst passions of their harm excited Edwards for are you feeling about bloodshed if singles object with site nations the war that's why since the people peace not people of war may I have a little aside do you know that any Seventh-day Adventist young person today that signs up for the military one of automatically because we have no draft for this law privileges for Sabbath and what privileges to bear arms when this idea that all I can sign up for the military and I wanted to bear arms is not true in a time when there is no class in this idea all I can sign up for the military and get Sabbath privileges is not to which is the ruling of the General conference today any young person that signs up in our young people need to know this if you sign up for the military today you will have to work on Sabbath and you will get your arms that's another question but young people must be informed of the choice that they are making because it's a serious choice Satan delights and more excites the worst passions of the soul then sweeps into eternity instinct is the temple means for use war as a strategy he's got great crisis at any time why he wants to do for our minds from preparation for the coming of Jesus when the next thing is to do what's another strategy of the devil number to natural disasters economic chaos noticed this statement great controversy five eighty nine five ninety we want to say what the devil strategy Satan works through the elements of quality to garner his harvest event on of unprepared souls he studied the sequence of the laboratories of nature he uses all his power and control the elements as far as God allows in accidents and calamities by sea and by land in great conflagrations with the originals at fire here but any fire is out there West Coast you hear about any elements out of control Hurricane Katrina 's Yuki Satan is studying the laboratories of the page was healing studying the laboratories of nation and what's he doing in the laboratory for nation 's scampering with them so he can bring about hurricane fire flood okay we continue in accidents and calamities by sea and by land and great conflagration in fierce tornadoes and terrific hailstones hailstorms in Tempest floods cyclones highways and earthquakes in every place in a thousand forms Satan is exercising his power these sweeps away the ripening harvest and famine and distress follow healing hearts of the error and then we contained in thousands perished by the pestilence air pollution toxic waste in the air these visitations are to become more and more one more and more like a frequent and disastrous destruction will be bundled with at least so will we have fewer natural disasters and fewer families you are as you and who's behind all that who's doing all that and so he's working into specific areas the first is what calamity saluting up evils in society second these working in natural disasters to bring about economic chaos now why is this plan working what is his plan work number one people take it for granted that what causes these disasters so when you are out there getting a Bible study Basil Kevin Sears he's teaching Bible work and bipolar great man of God for him and was one of the first questions I asked Kevin over there they say if God is gone Hurricane Katrina went well as innocent people as well as you can designate also got why is so much evil happen you learn I can't believe it or not because all these people die anyway that's doing CCN stirs up the natural disasters and stories of the conflicts I've been worn as much as Ottawa house Satan is the prince of the power of the one when you find that you are the things that she will Ephesians you're going your cause is what chapter two this is what is Ephesians we know what okay Ephesians chapter two Ephesians chapter two Satan is the prince of the power who are the consumer soon the history do you remember that remember your preference on the reader in Iraq the consumers to an e-mail live the wording and inhumane awkward it trespasses and sins in which you once walked according to the north of this board according the prince of the power law their societies the laboratories of nature he wants viewers more templates right he works in the area of natural disasters now people taken for granted policies disasters you see what we are why does this plan work secondly it gives an opportunity Satan an opportunity thank you to blame disasters on writing faithful Bible believing Christians is that the enzyme is and will develop that scenario were attempting to live in harmony with God 's will to writing and faithful Bible believing Christians faithful Bible believing who are you living in harmony with God 's will so what's happening anytime whenever the scenario is additional article doing in the class went to the Bible does we studied three Angels messages the Gospels are going to be in severe we preach the grace of God exactly is the world we announce the fact that this is God 's judgment our call men and women obedience to God that call is not in the midst of increasing war increasing calamity increasing natural disasters Satan works false miracles any of those false miracles he begins the false religious revival under certain group of people that will go along and when they don't go along with this ecumenical unity movement of all religions with the devil to Condoleezza just like the devil on one side a coastal or conflict and strife and on the other side he says that the people were worshiping the true God article wasn't that because I don't go along with the unity movement so the devil works what was a both ends against the middle nothing that the strategy currently is looking for strategies now that Apple things we saw the strategies he uses on the unconverted visas for conflicts drive uses natural disasters and then he tries to say that God did all those things the hard those people in error but when he sees that he is not working as effectively on some key strategies that will use on Christians on Seventh-day Adventists and here's a word of warning signals for strategies and pursuant rate is not it is our intent to condemn others we simply want to arrive at a clear understanding of the methods Satan uses to deceive so that we can be more effectively cooperate with Christ in Regina to save up so we want to look at the dental strategy take your Bible please enter to Matthew chapter twenty four Matthew twenty four strategy number one the devil will not only use disaster he will use false and counterfeit miracles strategy number one he will use false and counterfeit miracles Matthew chapter twenty four will looking there at Matthew twenty four and verse twenty four false Christ's and false prophets shall arise and watch all these false price and false prophets do they will show great signs and wonders the disease if possible preparing cool are the very you who are very few black people who have been given the treasurer of the three angels message for the last days what does this text say that great signs and wonders are going to come they awoke home into the non- Adventist Christian world but could one of the tests is it possible that one of the tests that will come in time of the Adventist church is a false religious revival waving in characterized by sensational miracles with me and even Hans could come and want beloved church is that possible that the warning given here to the Eagle acts is a warning against false Ken God works miracles will God work miracles in then we need to know how to tell the difference we need to be able to understand is that important to know is important to know the difference between will you let me give you from the Bible awake now back to Matthew chapter 's Matthew Jefferson how do you tell the difference between false and further back to chapter seven verse twenty one to twenty three not everyone is says to me Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of that but you just will do father in heaven many will say to me Lord Lord have we not prophesy in your name when he singled out as a cast out demons in your name including what do they do anything and done many wonders are whatsoever wonders miracles in your name we did three things the same what were they prophesying his name cast out demons in the same miracles in his name then I will declare to them I never knew you he never he never he never knew that they were prophesying his name he never is when they were casting out demons in his name he never knew the with a working miracles in his name whose words are things these are the words of a full cheese and he never was a winner doing it merely because they use is dust not mean that he is the one being on why not why not because next verse you to practice what lawlessness all or any quickly which is lawlessness all of the miracles in the world do not justify disobedience how can you tell the difference between the true and false miracles if you are more interested in the gifts of the spirit then you are the fruits of the spirit you are bordering you are leaving your mind vulnerable to disease if you're more interested in the chief 's office where in the Bible does God tell us to see for the use of healing or the chief of the miracles of efficient processing my Bible says that the Holy Spirit distributes the gifts severally as he will we see the fruits of the spirit and gives us that the FCC's thing we think a lot of joy and peace long-suffering and Asians in diet has but if you are caught up in the spectacular and you want power making from the source of fallen off our see the fruits of the spirit seeker converted our open your heart and mind to give glory to God in every word you speak in your life allow Jesus to be met as the new essay to God whatever you want to do with my life that glorifies you unwilling for you to do but the emphasis on the Paris management gifts of the spirit in many churches today is a is similar to a six that he is a quick fix for a superficial generation that knows little of disciplined mind studying the word for the transformation of during his life when you are on our knees with the word of God in this era transforms our hearts and lives will become safe vehicles for which for which I can board is always there I need help there is involved in articles in talent talent plan until I buy what the heart seeks God does not want the Holy Spirit in miracle working power for those that are seeking for yourself or God is not for the Holy Spirit follow me now God does not part the Holy Spirit on you in the morning to work a miracle so evening a single party God does not support the Holy Spirit if you are more interested in the gift of tongues then dealing with your clinical title or interest in the longtime I if you are more interested in the miracle of healing John's success then you are ceiling your lustful thoughts you're interested in the wrong if the miracle you is the miracle of life rather than the transformation of your heart you're looking for the wrong guys heard of people is a Jesus on yours whatever you want to do with me you do it in your life he will be we will be safe for him to play the Holy Spirit we will see miracles back strategy number one what is it false and counterfeit miracles of Saint accomplishes you're looking session to page for letting saying the college 's three objectives with these laws and out of miracles he wants first number one to create a false religious excitement batteries after a false religious excitement of well I will see you all will is excited to build yourself a fourth religious excitement and looks at me and nodded him uneasy so these counterfeit miracles previous false religious excitement it's the illusion of relation missing is the illusion of spirituality but it's not the transformation of character is not repentance it's not dealing with CNN it is dealing with pests one of the most difficult on sci-fi ego is what it is so traceable through discs are the second false counterfeit miracles strengthened people in disobedience because of our life the White House the power of focus I believe that the power so there's a dichotomy between between through the power government capital wising work miracles present false religious excitement strengthens a readout thirdly it is client discussed fetal polo why should I usually will swell track shoes and in the power you see the devil takes what is partly true and amplifies that in mind there is no justification for a bit Seventh-day Adventist church with the message we had the power of God once every administers a gunfight with a true Holy Ghost is the true Holy Spirit Junior would have been one of the churches recently inherent preachers preaching the guy died my concern is that there drove back the board and the paramedics they carry seven people out before they found a dead one was at him and him us in the present tense you have why similar false miracles was agreeable to religious excitement he wants to strengthen rebound and you must discredit God 's people to identify no here are two things to note St. James counterfeits are always high quality you know something about Satan he never does I've seen halfway stage and never doesn't think halfway he is out of its hallways high quality you member when Moses threw down the rod in Iran became what the serpent and what happened to those they could have rights to those so-called wise men Farrow 's assistance and they became what it takes in journalism thinking about you but look Satan never has anything beside while secondly Satan works counterfeit miracles kneels about it it's the truth there is a powerful powerful passage and second Thessalonians chapter two verse nine to eleven he went Mrs. you can never believe this way you can believe a lie but you can only know the truth you could believe the lie that joy can know the truth second Thessalonians chapter two we looking at verse nine through eleven notice how lies and miracles are put together in the same passage is read by a fascinating passage seven twenty seven two versus 9/11 the coming of the lawless one that's antichrist power is according to the working of Satan with all power signs and lying wonders so the antichrist has power signs and lying wonders these lawless one with the unrighteous deception among those who perish because they did not receive the love of the truth what did they not receive that they might be saved for this reason God sends a watt allows to come not active in setting the elastic on the strong delusion that you believe what a lie so if you don't love the truth he will be leaving what a lie so the devil works at this false religious revival to counterfeit miracles many of the abuses in error so in the context of these counterfeit miracles people say look here's how I was being borne out here and they accept a lie because they love the truth so what is the right not to receive alive is to do what you love the truth the truth is a safeguard against receiving what lies okay first well that they all may be condemned who do not believe the truth that pleasure in unrighteousness so the answer they has is in third verse thirteen but we are bound to give thanks to God always for you brethren beloved by the Lord because God from the beginning chosen you for salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief in the truth what is it that keeps us since you are is holding us is the spirit working in us is the truth sent by I tell the difference between true and false miracles don't work miracles for those whose are totally surrender to him who owns hearts of an undivided loyalty who are committed to his word and want to live obedient daughter lives will have the fruits of the spirit manifests in their lives false miracles will be one we worked on those who want to quickly logistics it is superficial that are not emphasizing the godly life of segregation obedience and who have the idea that you can do as you please can still accept the gospel of Christ someone leaves America's OK second strategy number two with a second when I can go for every blank because we have enough for an entire six month course here's what moves are the highlights look strategy number two is a counterfeit religious revival so the first force false and counterfeit miracles then he works a counterfeit religious revival notice I put the last great movement in the world is not a uranium secular movement it is not a secular movement in which secular men and women oppose the people of God nor the last great movement will be a religious movement a counterfeit to the revival of prima donna is taking place among God 's people notice the last great move is not a secular movement in which secular men and women oppose the people of God the last great movements a religious movement counterfeit revival from the godliness to be taking place among God 's people the arguments brought against the Saints the last phase will be religious arguments the motivations for actions against those walking closer heavenly father will be religious motivations so it is not a set joy is not a secular movement is a religious movement it's a counterfeit revival it is a religious arguments is religious motivations yeah okay what will bring less great move is not a well secular movement in which what secular men and women of those people God bless great movies and what religious movement anyone counterfeit revival of primitive godliness the argument what is the Saints in the last days will be one of Artemis religious motivation as well religious you got one of the most powerful statement signed events if I had one statement after memorizing events it would be the same great controversy page four sixty four and I want to spend a little time with them on messing with you in our season questions as we go through the statement you bottom of page four before the final visitation of God 's judgments upon the earth what is another name for the final visitation of God 's judgments on the earth what's up boys and said Leslie 's illustrated that way before the seven last plagues there will be among the people of the Lord such a revival of primitive godliness that is not been witnessed since apostolic times when we call that a revival of primitive godliness that's when what is for now M A now keep this in mind neither the Bible or the writings of Ellen White teach the latter rain will be poured out a particular period of time in its fullness they rather teach that the gentle showers of the latter rain will begin to fall in the latter rain will the rain will come down more and more and more and more I have people send me all the time where on a time chart will the latter rain for this and after the national cellulitis to come before the problem with that kind of thinking is only if events are right and there's some kind of time charts if I didn't straighten my hair on a similar ring false the truth of the matter is once as a H is one of hearts all around you vanilla Jesus were living now in the time of the latter rain so the latter rain is the outpouring of God 's spirit to finish his work on earth that does not come at a punctual your point in time I am officially in individual hearts and as you see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit before S Collins until God has a representative group of people filled with the spirit so now notice before the final visitation cartridges on the earth back to the sentence that is the last place among the people of the Lord Army Bible printed godliness that this is not witnessed since apostolic times that's the latter rain the spirit and power of God before on his children so they receive a lot of rethinking the one loud cry you got so but notice when backing up here before backing off so if I say over here at this point in probation closes in the seven last plagues avoid out okay is that point in time is there a point in time when everybody's I have made it finally revocable decisions I have okay and so provisional is that his last legs again but before that we will be given a loud cry but in order to power to the salon right to receive the one A of their now let's keep reading the enemy of souls desires to hinder this work what work is the enemy of souls desire is what you got it that's it the latter reign in what the hard drive okay so the enemy is all in before the time of such amendment shall come when so before the latter rain and loud cry of her something to happen what is he was a willing and prepared to prevent what I ran out crying by introducing a wide counterfeit doesn't how gifted revival for the world and Hinduism take place before or after the latter rain and loud cry are given in the fullness we now see you has ears to hear who I have hear what the Spirit says to the churches their well-being in the world some churches a counterfeit religious revival that will come before the outpouring of the latter rain and the laugh cry the devil lease prophecy any no less than the latter reign of outcry when the finishing of God 's work on earth he wants to get people involved in the counterfeit so they don't miss the true fashion this is talking about we continued in those churches which he can bring it under his receptive power it will make it appear that got special blessing is one whole house AC this is not specializing I won't be the only manifesto is the great religious interest multitudes once all that God is working marvelously for when the word is a number 's parent on the journey really just gotten used Satan will seek to extend his influence over the Christian world what can we expect to see in the very near future I am not a product but I do reprocessing I am not a prophet but I do believe in the writings of the profit that got you what can we expect this is here so we can expect to see we would start to see in our peaceful religion among religious interest as there is economic chaos in this country if you look at our national debt and those that study economy would you know it much more than I predicted more honest I will now go those who will weather patterns on the global warming what can we expect the same urgency we can expect to see further disaster and chaos we can expect to see that in that context churches and will be calling for more Jones there will be according to churches across America the rise of the revival there will be your own host of sweet fruit these churches that will even give tongs that sweeps through many ancestral and the power of spirituality longing for something genuine authentic but was not losing their minds in the word of God we slept on Thursday at and Susan will be affected by the crisis that will come this false revival is manifestly liable that will take place in the context of chaos is that his current wills we almost all the world but there will be mass or loyal faithful and true to God they are wanting to reflect in their lives the fruits of the spirit of joy and peace that will bring glory to his name they are surrendering harness their beseeching his well and upon this group of people the Holy Spirit is for now allowing Christ with house all are only honest in heart and will I newly created his lasting message and triumphs in quiet in the final Christ's so one set of Satan 's deceptions false and counterfeit miracles a counterfeit religious revival number three strategy him a spiritualist spiritualism notice the segment about why great conversation five eighty eight through the agency 's spiritualism miracles will be raw the second will be healed many undeniable wonders be performed as the spirits profess faith in the Bible and manifest respect for the institutions of the church there will be accepted as a manifestation of divine power for Spiritualism Satan appears as a factor of the race healing the diseases of the people professing to present new and more exalted system of religious faith so the devil is use spiritualist holy evangelistic meeting in the Philippines one night while the Philippine Army officers came to media sat in a given in my reading light talk about the truth about that music it's all essential is my wife died about fifteen years ago I was sleeping on the bed I looked up and isolate this manifestation before me and my wife she looked younger she looked beautiful she reached out her hands and said I die I called to Hagen voraciously than okay but apparently is I remembered which regularly jolted that the dead never go back to their house I remembered what you read in the Ecclesiastes like verse five this is the looting of visual doctor didn't know anything I remembered what you would you talk to some six or five minutes as in the greatest remembrance of you with someone fifteen or seventeen what is the price of the Lord and I remember going over in John eleven last asleep and I looked at this form of separation and I said you are not my wife you try to deceive me in the name of Jesus Christ people Lisa before my eyes that evil Angel is the devil 's recounted his account of its unless you have faith in the word of God and you have not learned to trust your emotions you will be missing faith in the word of God absolute confidence in God if you allow yourself to be don't constantly and if you live on a religious experience of emotional high the devil will get you a false emotional high fast like honestly say that's what he's leading is the something so somethings more something seen the devil always wants the subject of God always wants the object the devil always wants us to base truth on experience God wants us to evaluate experienced by different and my experience is no determinant for what is truth truth always governs to guides and shame experience is not I will offer experienced and because I have experienced and that terrifies luxury goods or experience in religious belief is tested by three the other way around to a generation that says we need to have experience counterfeit experience to Spiritualism to what level strategies miracles want to counter religious revival freeze spiritualism for the last deception Satan 's impersonation of Christ Satan 's presentation price Greg Diversey six twenty four is the primary in the great drama of deception Satan himself conversely Christ at the festival to the Sabres that is the consummation wrote now the great deceiver will make it appear the crisis of in different parts of your signal manifests itself among minutes of majestic being a dazzling brightness resembling the description of the son of God given by John in Revelation the false latter rain comes before the truth the false pride comes before the truthful turtles before the true and the false position facing the one hundred but thank God for his word I thank God for the map in the lifetime of road they had visitors this class but a brief look at the latter rain and then this afternoon welcome back Hosea six verse one to three Hosea six God is not going be left without the final word final chapter is not written yet final act of the drama not just given Hosea six verse one and onward let us return to the Lord used for any loss he stricken you'll find this up the greatest healing ministry of the Holy Spirit in our life after two days and revive us on the third AOL raises up they may live that we may live in a site that is doubtless pursue the knowledge of the Lord see here is the people of the latter rain falls upon those persons are knowledgeable I will see the knowledge of his word is going forth is established as the more he will come to us like the rain and the latter informal range of the earth the former rain that fell gently in the agricultural cycle of Israel the spring the former rain Google early rain the early rain water the seed at the trial he can write their page two basis sessions in early rain water seem to draw the agricultural cycle the White House A so the gentle rain is falling now but God is for us to see her in latter rain power latter rain comes to produce a mighty harvest but let me ask you a question let's look at the latter reign from two perspectives first what it does in the heart and second what it does in the world first what does the heart if I have not planted the seeds of the Word of God in my heart candlelight parade germinated seed is planted in the lateral range was crossed to grow it mandatory growing take the seed of the word of God and eleven planted in your mind planted in your heart and ask the spirit of God is forever Lorraine those seeds will blossom into love joy peace long-suffering under the influence might finally spirit God will intensify the active Christian virtues in your life interview compassion mercy and patience lovingkindness as we see him now get the fruits of the spirit manifest in our lives the latter rain will intensify the work of the early rain authority to but if there is no sea drilling is nothing germinated in the fall unless other germinates a second what other peoples and we thought his literature nothing happened we went to jail I see to pull me out I is is looking to get back and I was not that much there's a little church we believe that it was only mailed anvils before I do not say when it is totally vegan results some of the sea pass out literature Bible studies preach the message of God because when the latter rainfall all those television program called radio programs whole scene we saw it as a category harvested for God knows how was welcomed as lasting message when I was young I used to get excited has slowed out to you soon I wanted to preserve and let me at I worry about all those people as they can't be done using brainpower yet I will meet with us and him just that I was evangelizing out what you spending your money on him I worry about that I'm not caught up in some of the logistical success in online news do it for Jesus Jesus tells of Iraqis also may refuse him Jesus did Jesus all your life and all your heart Passover that would introduce them Bibles to get involved in that radio program involve losing youth efforts sandwich with God 's because the latter rain latter rain is it before Outlook year regardless of six eleven the worker be similar to that of the day of Pentecost is the former rain was given in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit the opening of the gospel because the hot spring in the freshest seasonal A will be given out of schools in writing an artist then shall we know if we know if we want to know the Lord is going for this prepares a morning here comes the rain is the latter and former engineer be glad and rejoice he's given you the former rain moderately when was the former ranges and historically him us him him he will baptize it was one day one place in the Bible calls that what moderate moderate fuselage three thousand people baptized at one time in one place would you call that moderate and endlessly converted but the Bible says he's given you the former rain what moderately the only way you can know the best moderate resistance moderate in comparison what's to come as moderate in comparison to what is but he will give you the latter rain out for my spiritual God 's people God 's truth God 's church is not going to be outdone by Satan and that will be those who are on their knees praying and seeking him who are fully surrendered to him for passionate about sharing his love with others he will pour out the Holy Spirit in the latter rain power and the work of God on earth will be finished there will be a crisis Chrysler take us through the crisis that will be a great shaking up the shape will go through and this is no time throughout the sky like the ark the animals on the Ark were not housebroken there was a little smell New York but no wooden jump overboard and drowned waves the archivist church is going through sometimes there is a little smell from here or they are in your quarters him us I always saw sweet and solitary as single cells that are grounds broken you think you know you have some cell phones I design Scott's everyone was putting God 's hands in the weeks God 's church is going through in time in the rain and know his head simply symbolizes the lab awaiting the report out and that they are all single throw on the washrooms of the spirit and in time in our next class was over the shaking under the administration the elements that bring Michigan will look at who's appreciate out here the violence is some of the conservatives and check out video that she says that newsletter so you know she's a summer liberals appreciate it he says some of the people there are libraries like also the recent something is pretty much he said he'll have to be shaken out you can survive as part of the run I would say that probably my next class is the most powerful up until this time in the series if you miss of course you shouldn't miss this morning class I am giving my students last eagerness welcome eagerness is a evangelistic students I teach about advertising meeting coming up this afternoon I'm talking about the shaking of Adventist this class is the answer to every Washington ever was or ever will be wanted to show this afternoon is the best fitting that God uses to purify his church is different and in time please every as don't miss this afternoon as for this meeting was by audio or video ministry review see you have grades would like for you as you would like to learn more about you seeing as I don't have time I see them more time for you you know you will learn more and www. video .com is a


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