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Now Is the Time

Benjamin Ng



  • December 27, 2014
    10:30 AM


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for a Chanel my right eye where weather on gathering the meetings full people of God Satan is also in the minutes of the client to put people to sleep it was Satan and Donovan gets an event called the disciples the slumber while Christ in his bones most important I was making the decision so I pray that if you're having your eyes closed because it made me a man of avoidance of the message out let's offer degrees via has with me with Martin's father in heaven Lord I pray that you would please be with us at this time I pray that you please guide us with your Holy Spirit Lord I pray that you would please open a hot sun lines as we open the Bible as we read as we study me that still small voice speak to our hearts and minds of this time thank you we pray in Jesus name and Alexis on us he did so in the new Bibles to Romans chapter thirteen the first line discussed before sleep press play and impress the Romans chapter thirteen and was starting in verse eleven the first would Romans chapter thirteen and plus eleven if you don't know what business is about this is actually that being fact that we've chosen for all on meetings in this weekend and a few days and will be spending together shall we together on life philosophies another was eleven twelve thirteen and fourteen okay Romans chapter thirteen starting in verse eleven one two three and that knowing the time that now it is high time to awake out of sleep for now is our salvation nearer than when we believe the night is far spent the day is at hand let us therefore cost off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light let us walk honestly as in the day not in rioting and drunkenness not in chambering and wantonness not in strife and envy but put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ and make not provision for the flash to fulfill the lusts thereof you know this is the theme that we've chosen for our conference yet in this weekend the Bible says that knowing the time that now it is high time to wait out of sleep for now is our salvation nearer than when we believe I believe that we are all people of time we react and act according to the time that we are living and I'm led to believe that this morning the reason why many of you are here in this conference and I say many because it and re- body has different reasons for why they hear but I believe that many of us IKEA because we realize the time that we are living in a but I wanted this review is for you quickly and I want to Austin this question if you don't know what do you know the time that we living in to understand sign has given to us in the Scriptures that help us to understand that we don't have much time I thought let's enjoy attention to the slide real quick starting Hosea chap the fullness is one to three hours a month through the slides very quickly because I want to get everybody up to speed to help you to understand the times we live we are living in today because I believe you understand that you will understand the decision that you need to make today Hosea chapter four verses one to three Bible says he the blood of the Lord the children of Israel the Lord of the controversy with the inhabitants of the land who has a controversy with us the law because why there is no truth no must-see nor knowledge of God in the land friend I believe that the fundable living in today Christians abound choices abound but there am many people majority of the questions out there have no idea of the truth of the mercy of God busted by swearing and lying and killing and stealing and committing adultery they break out and blood clots of blood vessel this is what the Lord is going to show the Lan Wallin and every one that dwelt there in show language with the beasts of the field with the files of Kevin J the fishes of the sea also shall they be taken away because of what God 's people all the people in this are not doing because there's no must-see because there is no truth because there's no knowledge of God in the land there are three things that God says that he will do that will language the beasts of the field the files of the heaven and the fishes of the sea that also in Zephaniah we have a very similar text Zephaniah chapter one verses two and three I will utterly consume all things from off the land favorable I will consume manner and peace I will consume the files of the heaven and the fishes of the sea and the stumbling blocks with the wicked and I will cut off man local and saith the Lord solution Zephaniah we had given one exits out one extra elements and who is it is not because there is no knowledge because there is no truth God is going to make all these things languish in our lives will begin to grow dim on the going to get less and less friends do you know the time that you will always show you starting with the beasts in two thousand and sorry the testator is very difficult to read women generally sixteen two thousand eleven hundreds just not for no apparent reason people safe because something eight but you know the confined and research these of these the field in Vietnam and Tuesday January seventeen I believe that is two thousand eleven thousand cents on Buffalo did you know that three of the because of the air in Arkansas January three two thousand eleven report of love were reporting many places when husband is falling that and they said because it was a fireworks interesting of the hundreds of years of fireworks now the book is that the government generally for Jennifer six Italy same thing happened in Texas to the eleven thousand six same thing happen people will reporting this strange phenomenon that was taking place piece of the because of the air would just dropping dead on no reason had not eaten anything you do not find anything in that the cause of death the books with design the fishes of the sea in order to go through this very quickly because I don't have much time I know that it might do to I I think you much it will supposedly does well on one of those look like it's not a rice field of paddy field or anything this is a real bath filled with dead fish and another September sorry I can't see the day that I was hoping it would be that is in Louisiana two thousand eleven care is in Arkansas two thousand eleven desk fish just swept up on the shores here is baby octopuses I can't read the country sorry you can readably say for me on New Zealand generally five two thousand and eleven all these things I don't know you realize in the but this is not when you were ten years old a five years old this is just three years ago as you looking at all of these things my question to you is do you understand the time that we are living in the understand that these things are taking place on our just a few years ago it was not FTSE 100 my friends this is recent history and my question to you this morning is a you understand the time that you are living in England to the eleven hundred minutes of class one of them do you understand the time that you are living in seals on sorry can't see too clearly that from Canada do you understand the time that you are living in California hundreds of fish is washed up that the boats could not even get outs of the dark do you understand the time that we would price manner we don't need to say much about that we understand that men have been dying and they say that this cost one hundred G 's more men have died from wall in the old yuppie is added together we don't say much about the death of man and what God is doing with but I believe it's because God 's people have forsaken knowledge I believe is because God 's people have pushed the way the truth and even his busty and as a result what is God doing is not an angry God and because of that we refuse to worship him but he comes and punishes us God do we have a choice absolutely what God has been trying to do is get the attention of his people that have fallen asleep for now it is high time so rare a rise out of Muslim but now is our salvation than when we first believe you understand the time that you are living second Timothy chapter three verses one to three the Bible says this know also that in the last days perilous times shall come for men shall be lovers of their own selves and he goes on and on with this list well I show you won't without natural affection you know a national affection of man is the a lot natural affection is the man for a woman not a man for now you would think I will size joke on the last day and the fact that we are legalizing oldest gay marriages everywhere is not about the fact that I don't know why oh eight is fine undefined value is do you understand that we living inside of each of the month in Uppsala but one of our company 's look is who is also a judgment before us and ammunition with this model does have a baby boy delivered reminds me of a Texan Matthew twenty four let's go there to put showing Matthew twenty four animosity this question brothers and sisters do you understand the time that you are living in Matthew twenty four begins with how the disciples come to show Jesus is beautiful Temple that he was just walking out of it was a beautiful example to show double gold mine is running awkwardly set as it seemed that she was welcomed as a beautiful example of what is Jesus say one of the most shocking things that you could ever hear you see the structure I'm telling you this coming a day when not one stone shall be left to right and the disciples shocked out of their mind they said Jesus please tell us whether you shall these things be and what shall be the one sign of iconic adult and the world we know this passage order clearly and Jesus goes on to say what they has been befallen Christ one else Paul Roberts Billy warns nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom there shall be also one that is powerful of the land of earthquakes and then it says in verse eight and then the pheasant was a being is on the beginning of what Saul rose that will install rule means what it means book in the original Jesus says these when using these things taking place false Christ false prophets earthquakes famines wars right when you see all these things taking place the other beginning of the and friends I want to remind you that when you see the blood beginning we are not at the beginning we would know some don't understand when the Bible says that in plus eight these are the beginning of what Saul Rose which is also bloodstained when you see the one beginning that many people are deceived about the kind of living because it's the beginning of what which is also what both pains right friends okay this last couple of mothers in the father that have experience but where do bloodstains begin talk to blockade is beginning when the woman first get pregnant they left the family usually vomit right what do the things did you when you are near the end we see the Bible is like to tell us and must say that when you see these things all in the beginning beginning all the pain in all the letters at a time now the baby can be delivered right to friends when you look at his blessing this is these are the beginning of sorrows I want to remind you the fact that we see the fulfillment of all these things taking place we are not at the beginning anymore we are all and you know when that craze began your father expecting a child you don't go anywhere you don't even go to a wine ale wine finance okay because you're across the road from the hospital and at but you don't go traveling the planes will even let you get on when you're at the beginning of the faith you better pack a bag with all your clothes the doctors does have a shower because you don't know when you shower again you better be ready any time do you understand the time that we are living friends the days that costs should not be like business as usual and those times along the those times have been gone maybe before you even more do you understand the time that you are living out of show you one more thing real quick another block it's not about me because two things happen over time with both things okay one it happens more frequently okay the contraction for a woman now I'm only speaking by what I saw okay but the contract is for women take I will write basically so you okay ladies let a single you can't see us in on how to strengthen its okay but finally becomes more frequent second thing is all the time to become more intense and get stronger right when my wife was getting busted wildly the sun generally my only son gallery fuss she took my on while she had both paint and was the last time I gave her my our I did my jacket off for that okay and I also asked her that it's like if you could do that in my arm why can't you open a can I even woman you have strength that is cold for the men will know that because we've never felt such pain but over time two things take place it becomes more frequent and becomes more intense and is one thing in Matthew twenty four but I want you to the real point and it's about a quick summary was seen this before when Iceland appoints out real quick so that all of us you will have a clear understanding about the time that we are living USGS .gov I got visible government website in United States of America I'm sorry you can't see that there is says historic earthquakes are all considered six zero on the discount okay ten is the last one we probably have a lot of but six zero openings on the roots of scale is considered a major quake and every ten years they measured these earthquakes from nineteen forty to nineteen forty nine anybody wanting wrong that hunger can thirty five thirty five major quakes in that time span from fifteen fifty nine we had how many I follow six and thirty three from seventy to seventy nine we had ninety seven from eight eighty nine we had twenty eight nineteen ninety to nineteen ninety nine we had forty three of old goals and this brings up all the traveling bridge because Seahawk replaced before using this line before but for those that are never seen this before do you know how many major quakes we had from two thousand to two thousand nine at lock failures I'm sorry my thought is old but I can't do this ten years because monopolies with you okay but is anybody want to guess how they are placed the ad from two thousand to two thousand nine any any takers which I is in full two hundred eighty layoffs these into hundreds life under his musical means you got this is how many we had from two thousand to two thousand nine in only one that is exactly how I felt when I counted so I counted another two times to make sure that what I thought was correct this is from a government website friends does not this is not what we call sensationalism this is what you call your eyes to what God is trying to tell you in a day and age that he finally the days that we are going through now should not be life as usual that time costs when it went two thousand IU with me from the nineteen forties and nineteen ninety nine you could have someone only seems to be living the way you have because God getting anyone clarify you understand and fun to defend all those of known people from nineteen forty nine I'm not right to the harmony seems anymore grass the one that I know we are living in and this is not something that man can create some people think it is with this instrument called a half H AARP Norma is okay that all these conspiracy theories out there on occasion AARP that is able to produce quakes within a while even in man created lots of faith I believe that even then they are fulfilling the will of God amen you understand the time that we parents you understand the time that you make younger children students feel less than high living in businessmen do you understand the time would work on is trying to tell us himself not because he hates us not because he's angry with us but because he's trying to wait for his children are and tell them that is something you need the to get a life-threatening do you understand the time that we are living two thousand and five with a hurricane record-keeping season in US and is the lowest since record keeping began in eighteen fifty one the greatest record in nineteen thirty three do you understand the time we are living the while you all celebrating Christmas you know what's going on is punctually a pagan holidays even you forget all low price but few models this is a hope I don't disappoint you by this news the Christmas Christmas amen but here we have full-time sissy prays for peace in Iraq and Syria both Monticello 's Christmas Eve wishes peace for the Middle East these become the peace ambassadors he prays for all entities in his Christmas address war never again never again will disintegrate and have it is right but not until you open your eyes to Scripture and you see in Daniel chapter eight and was twenty five of the Bible says and through this policy speaking of the papacy speaking of the Catholic Church speaking of a little halt at a price of the Bible through this policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand and he shall magnify himself and his and my thesis shall destroy many shall also stand up against the Prince of princes and should be broken without friends peace is a great thing that you know what when you put on your prophetic glasses and you see through the eyes of God you realize that we don't have much time on this you with me are you with me for an ideal way to you understand this high that we are living as I stand here to you consequently unloading a single still act like it sometimes I still wish for it is the level editor you know what a lot of young cousin anymore I know that one of tells me and told me that my generation fail my generation did not realize that sign that a Bolivian because of you come back to me yes why both Romans chapter thirteen and plus eleven Romans thirteen and was eleven the Bible says what and that knowing the time that now it is high time to awake out of sleep for now is our salvation nearer than when we first believed somehow threatens the knowledge of the time that we are living in will cause us to change the line that we are now living do you know that you know what it says now it is time to do what what is it's a very Muslim now it is time to what awake out of sleep friends in order for us to awake out of sleep we have to understand what led us to sleep us as an argument so what is it that you want us to sleep in these buses we are actually given the onset come with me to novelist twelve the night is far spent the day it has had that whole lettuce cost of what the walks of documents so could it be that these works of darkness put us to sleep we agree me please name and what is the wealth of the house is not clear in your is a what looks about the study let us walk honestly as in the day not in rioting and drunkenness not chambering one for us not in strife and ending up and understand one half goes with what's will have to go the concordance to get the definitions let me tell you these envelopes of darkness these are the very things that have put us to sleep what is rising enjoying oneself in a lively and noisy way especially with drinking announcing the recall that party right building that deliberately saying that some of you don't agree maybe living that lifestyle still drunkenness that was pretty clear intoxication chambering a place of laying down sleeping the marriage is that of adultery hypertension is the chamber that some people here maybe you are living with your building appointment in addition to some of you in a relationship and you progress beyond is holding at Gaza -based one base to base three you think it's funny when you lose that something that you can never get back ever again once in this lasciviousness filthiness unbridled lust of the described time that were living in front and an assist strife which is debates in all people of the debate about why wasn't the debate so much that they forget their souls and immediately while this happened in the theologian circles and alone like that you know what you said stop talking about the daily friends it will do you no good for those theologians of notable about she's this will undo the welcome don't need to be a theologian to the Bible study friends and I will hold you accountable to anything which is jealousy but friends these are the very things that are God 's people to sleep the walks of darkness and brothers and sisters before you start getting comfortable in your Chad again while I don't go potty I'm still a virgin I don't get intoxicated without I don't live with my partner that I should be living with out-of-date anyway that's not me tell you what else got people to sleep when the new models Revelation chapter three Revelation chapter three and all we've gone there old too often but please come with me that in your Bibles to Revelation chapter three and plus seventeen speaking of the Laodicean church and you know I want to show you why I believe this judge is asleep and how I know that they asleep what is the condition of this people in this judge what is the problem what is it they are lukewarm do not hot and are not cold they had a mixture of both right I love you I love hydrotherapy when I was in Bible school I don't read much of it but I do remember this one thing this is when you have insomnia you constantly soak yourself in a lukewarm bath comes out right I'm really scared because as a bunch of people give up to hydrotherapy from the is is that right against the one other thing when you meet a lot of the things that even the real cause that he can't sleep as well when they say that when you thought we put yourself in a little while locked up with about the temperature of your body thirty seven degrees is not very going blessings want people at the soap and hot and in the waxes use this is the condition of the Laodicean church and a half and do not hold you what's their problem in verse seventeen because thou say is I'm rich and increased with goods and have need of what the unknown was not at all wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked the other problem is not just simply that they are getting involved in partying involved in getting drunk that's not just the only problem on this generation that we are living in today one of things you that it also says that they know not that old these things but to say what I don't have been a while anything will outweigh the bad but it describes your legacy and he comes to church once a week to get involved investments to join the church choir he knows how to pray in fact he even knows when the books of the Bible of but he has the attitude of indifference I'm not like that friend that I go to school with whose anatomists but break the Sabbath by doing that exact hello I have a friend then whose do involve partying and getting wrong strolling on public event and brings out before Obama 's one I really need Jesus because I wasn't so bad when everybody else you would knew how to pray wins of Friday night the system always in the island 's client is a also when I was young and but I have this attitude of indifference and while many are sitting there going yeah I don't party out of the trials on the street on Friday night going out later vines soften you thought I should do whatever it is on audio those people will tell you friends what are you doing articles if you're not bad then you must be one that will seamlessly if you know that the people that you assume what is many of God but if they are just not not that I'm doing it myself but is Christ the Wilson in initially designed ages page one four one paragraph three many are waiting to be closely addressed in the Barry family the neighborhood the town will be live there is work for us to do as missionaries for crimes the president today absolutely everything we offer since friends don't ability waiting Ali Halverson present only a Christian I will say how many assemblymen I'll be here all Christian sweetie will seem unsure but if we are Christians this love shall be our will no sooner is one who converts and then there is born within him a desire to make known to others what a precious friend he is found in Jesus the saving and sanctifying truth cannot be shut off in his car friends you might not be doing bad but aren't you doing something for God is good before you think well I spent a few commission report for hospital prayer not playing the piano in the own songs of his item for each than to show you what good we should be doing okay because no sooner is one of Conklin then there is born within him besides McMillan 's office friends if you are truly cold-blooded this work will come automatically and then and then because is not that you want to deal with the crisis looking upon the power the Holy Spirit economy that God is a God my brother only six thoroughly frightened a lot I love the I have to help this is not something that's manufactured is not only that I tell you and you don't do something that comes from and it can only come from there because that's where the Holy Spirit is working you can test whether you and will buy the same we would now not the one oh seven two minutes high like this we should have but one object in view the employee on every means that God has provided by which the swiftly be planted in the house of it is that you see of every Christian to strive to the utmost of his ability to spread of Raleigh with the knowledge of what the knowledge of what the knowledge of what you would pedal you call that physical violence on his cold preaching these two things this is what Jesus commissioned his disciples to do to go to all the world and only acquire with its reason for autonomy in three three five the commission that the creatures and she chose the word of God and then in France this is the QC of every Christian I can as it is in the nicest way possible but I don't care how does it how about American that is not called teaching the Bible of the people that clearly said I don't care how good you can say it is not using the mouse to teach other people about the God who is coming very soon that you want not doing what God wants you to do in an idle state this because I feel intimidated by one unless you say you are not up to twenty paragraphs six and seven oh you this as long as there are many asleep nannies will await the process I was in careless what stimuli and differences not indifferent means you see someone on the roadside and you see that he's been hurt by rhombus and you don't help them but you know you can as well while he's down and look for any money that he is left over in different ill health you walk on the friends in all processes and possible than they did talk about how individual that which is that aside for the good event and hope you don't sleep but one unfunny show you here this morning is is not just enough is enough just to be not that it's not enough just to the church is not enough just to stay away from losing medieval my question is friends are you doing that God wants you to do because many people stay away from that which is bad but they become indifferent not helping the cause of God with it on this joining the cause of God either what are you doing and saving of soul in the human binocular to twenty paragraph one so it's kind of often there are those things living in those there are those who have had to blazing light of truth shining all around you know what I believe you walk into this judge anywhere in the world you are one of these people who have amazing light is shining all around you yes they are insensible to you the audience on things she says but the enemy held under a spell by his bewitching hour they are not preparing for the Green Bay which assumes a comp law will be seen only insensible to religious truth times we are living in dangerous time you might not be doing that but you might still be unable to see it's not about just what are you doing bad things I believe we had enough appeals enough to know that which is bad but is willing to shake us out of alone is a thought I realize I was doing nothing now and introduce human in all those people that live their life and are not good enough back in one the global waste of space now before leaving also in human limit value you know when you a you have in your house things that you don't let the boat so surrounded that you think you don't really need it and that he is what happens between the space right do you agree and many Christians sit on the shelf on cause church and they come in once a week to bring the Sabbath not plotting and drinking that are doing anything that is not doing anything good they are a waste of space these things become dangerous because when what will later the light of truth comes in and they don't know better I think the only people that are in accessible to the reaping what I should be called you realize something to respect while mobile when you do on the Sabbath why go home and sleep up at lunch when I get ready for dinner and collectibles in our use of the name used to go home and sleep anybody of the sunset I'm not talking about you myself friends this was my life to fall I wasn't doing that but I wasn't doing good you I hope it finds up to understanding what I'm trying to get across this morning because she also says finally and now another one of seven paragraph three we are still the event a third Angels message to the low water a minute I guess the worship of the beast and his image and I recommend it's a places in the ranks of those who keep the quantity of God and the faith of Jesus God has not revealed to us where the time also the time when this message will close only probation will have an end it is argued Visa watch and look at ways to labor every moment for the souls of men and that already the parish a man this is what defines Outlook today as far velocity church this is what gives us the blood and to go out and share because there's plenty of time when God will close probation I will have no time left to share anything but he's given us this message very clearly the beast and his image not recommend that you Carlson God and the faith of Jesus my friends if you are not doing that when we tell you this morning you're becoming always staying because the policy that now is the time for all the love she also says now is the time the soul of the Gospels the Jesus now is the time for the last morning to get a now is the time to prepare for the coming of the law not only the time for us to sound the warning message amen amen now is the time to work for the salvation appropriation sale continues and now is the time for Christ chose to show the devotion consists friends are you ready to stand up for Jesus now if the no tomorrow tomorrow may never come out next week not knowing a study done over now is the time because we don't know how much longer we have is you get a song when you consume the decision in the monotony and in a little of this media was right audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain is www. on uniVerse .org


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