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What the Lord Saith Unto Me

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • December 27, 2014
    11:45 AM


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him most amazing things about being a Seventh-day Adventist is that you can travel anywhere in the world and your family is going to be with you here I was in Malaysia over ninety nine two thousand nineteen Y2K which was a very on monumental moment in the history of this earth but in the back with you again here in Malaysia the Circle line the study his word to grow and to be ready for his incoming script that tells us in cells chapter one hundred and twenty two verse one I was glad when they said unto me let us go into the house of the Lord I live this morning this place has been arranged as the house of the Lord and the Bible tells us that come with blackness in our hearts by shorting of my name is Jason Sliger pages and introduce myself last night I'm from northern Michigan writes underneath the UDP upper Peninsula I'm in one of the most beautiful places in Michigan on Monday will bias but that's what I think what it comes in Malaysia I drove to the airport in a snowstorm I know that's hard for you all to imagine we had quite a bit of snow on the ground slipping and sliding all over the place in the deice the plane and all that fun stuff and after two days here I am in a beautiful tropics the wonders of modern travel and technology in America know what time they did a couple of months to get the Malaysia on a boat sailing across the ocean but with modern technology we are able to come together as a family I have a wife and two beautiful children who I unfortunately had to leave behind and a daughter three years old earnings event remainder that because it needs one who bears the gospel and that's only one the son who is one his name is Christian which means to be like Christ and we named that because that's what we want to be like Christ right now it is about ten to midnight and they are fast asleep Internet but alleviate sitting here this morning this afternoon will not be going to sleep with his name and so that's enough of all that you have come here to hear the word of the Lord and so we won't delay any longer I invite you to bow your heads with me and we will start work father in heaven we had come with likeness in our hearts into the house of the Lord this morning we are in anticipation of this moving of the Holy Spirit it has already taken place in the morning worship Sabbath school father we as your children it shows that Harry just a little longer at that upper room experience similarly in my need to be with us here this morning speak through this empty vessel I pray for your words in my mouth in Jesus name it is one evening after a long day of ministry healing the sick preaching the gospel a well-dressed man wealthy and a high ranking position in society ensure even with the simplicity and power of Jesus came to him with a request for a midnight conversation Nicodemus chose the cover of dark this was fearful of the of facts that an interview with Jesus might have on his social position and his religious right but it's interesting that we are called in the spirit of prophecy that Nicodemus was not alone in his interest in Jesus this is from the Bible I will echo October eighth eighteen ninety four it says in the times of Christ there were many priests that believed on him but they will not knowledge him for fear they would be turn out the synagogue they feared the disgrace if they've followed the footsteps of crimes what was the motivation for concealing this belief in Christ spoke with Nicodemus and the other priests who believed in Jesus while they feared the social implications of acting on their convictions they want within GSS but they also wanted what the world has to offer and maybe in some way you can identify with this great paradox in the in the innocence and openness of your heart the desire for Jesus but also the designer works set things in the world so I asked you a question this morning and this is the theme of our study what does it take the stand off against the pressures of our time Nicodemus had a hard time with it the priests had a hard time with it many people had a hard time with it in the time of Christ they believe in him but they fear the social and is coming out in the belief what does it take the stand against the social pressures of our time I believe quite simply put one it requires is moral Kerch now I'm not talking about the type of courage of the soldier on the battlefield to fight some valiant battle for the sake of freedom suffers some sort of physical knowledge and because of that I'm not talking about the courage of the athlete who fights in the art are placed in the last part of the game even though he is hurt both of these may be admirable but this is not the courage and talking about the courage that I'm talking about is the courage that it takes to stand up against the pressures of our time it's difficult to explain it's hard to define but it's easier to illustrate and so I invite you to go with me in your Bibles to the book of first things twenty two first Kings chapter twenty two the last chapter of the great historic book first Kings chapter twenty two here we will look an example of moral current which if receipt started twenty two we find a short little story about a skew our profits of God and Ephraimite most likely from the city of Samaria his name is not high which means who is like God never had a son but I is a great name him him him came at a time when the atmosphere was cold and dark and wicked bidding at the time was a had become synonymous with corrupt leaders a half in just the previous chapter and chapter twenty one the Bible tells us there that he sold his soul to work wickedness this is the man that was on the throne at this time he was a spineless man who was we and widgets which is a very dangerous combination and it listed this time answered this man that looked high who is like God was to address him but before we get into the story of McKay on the needs is to be a little historical background in chapter twenty two and verse one we find that there has been three years of peace in Ahab 's kingdom hasn't been any wars and a half was a man of working in the lifetimes of peace he understood that most dictators understood and that is if you keep the people engaged in war you will maintain their loyalty to you and so he was looking for someplace to go make more to make battle and he came up with this idea of making war against a disarray my Gilead now three years prior to this Ahab went into battle with with the man and when he went into battle with him he was able to get back to many of the cities that rightfully belonged to him but Raymonde Gilead was the city is that he was not able to get back and so he wanted to go make more and get this city that rightfully belong to him but he didn't want to do it on his own he needed somebody to come along with him in fact it was a family member that he chose to come along on man who was this the only military general and was feared for his leadership his name is Johnson would pick up the story immersed for the Bible says this and he said Mrs. Ahab said unto Jehoshaphat will now go with me to battle the Raima Gilead and listen to this and Jehoshaphat said to the king of Israel I am as thou art my people as my people my horses has nine horses basically using whatever you want I'm here I will go with you into that now lest you get a bad perspective on jobs effectively just say something to him say something about him he ruled in the South a have relented in the north and Jehoshaphat if you mean there's a chapter in industry or prophecy on Jehoshaphat did you read that chapter you'll find he was actually a spiritual lead he was the one who led the Reformation Irene finally Reformation in Judah he was a man of God who wanted to keep the wickedness of a hat in the north from infiltrating what was happening in the sap but unfortunately at some point in his reign Jehoshaphat had had a lapse in his better judgment and he let his son Jeff Ho ran nary a young lady by the name of the liar who just so happen to be the daughter of a and Jezebel I throw this on the he will narrow range this man of God was connected with the most wicked men at that time and registry and no doubt he probably felt some sort of family obligation to help him in this battle and so he says all that I have is yours I will go into battle with no let's look at the next merger spine the Bible says this and Jehoshaphat said unto the king of Israel inquired here I pray me at the word of the Lord in a community that's a good idea to inquire of the Lord is about to view what in the world are you doing a lot how do you think it's a good idea to inquire the word of the Lord that was about fifty percent of you I don't know what the rest of you are doing here he said inquiring for any of the work like not using when I read the story I talked to my something on a second job since I got things a little mixed up here first he makes the commitment to Ahab that he says the Lord when he wants us to do shipment Jehoshaphat had first said he asked the Lord and then we'll talk later that's a lesson for us to learn never to enter into partnership with someone or something without first inquiring of the word of the Lord reducing sizes inquiring previous work the Lord Ahab didn't really care too much about them like at Mount caramel had already happen at this point not gasoline the three out of four hundred and fifty prophets of Bale the whole scenario while showdown it already happened up to this point and could care less about what the word of the Lord was when they have wanted that's what he had but a music they had new that that Jehoshaphat was not going to be convinced unless you are from the work of the Lord so I'm tells us in verse six then the king of Israel gathered the prophets together four hundred men and said unto them shall I go up against Fremont Gilead to battle or shall I forbear and they said go up for the Lord shall deliver it into the hand of the king warned people here can you imagine four hundred prophets all in unanimous agreement to go up and fight against Fremont Gilead that would seem pretty convincing to me if there were four hundred prophets but Jehoshaphat even though he had that lapse in judgment letting his son Mary at July he still had a connection with the Lord which is an illustration of the mercy that we had in our Savior amen even though we make issued blunders in our life these mercy is still therefore and so Jehoshaphat 's not quite convinced with these four hundred prophets and the unanimous agreement said Jehoshaphat makes another request in person and Johnson I said is there not here a what the prophet of the what could it be that the house that is insinuating that these four hundred prophets are not prophets of the Lord is there a trial phase of the Lord decides that we may inquire of him she notes for me it is Johnson's that's not convinced by four hundred prophets what do we get one and what will we do think that he be convinced by four hundred and one I twenty Sosa is there a prophet of the Lord that we may inquire of him listen to this here's where men comes in respect and the king of Israel said unto Jehoshaphat there is yet underlined what words there is yet one man I is the son-in-law by whom we may inquire of the Lord 's what is the Bible say what his essay and how do you like being hated nobody likes being in fact when there was this great conclave of the four hundred profit-making series here I had this request or a heads question was not invited that great conflict there is not one Mattia who is like God but the Bible says a handset I hate him Y fourteen not prophesy good concerning me but you wouldn't expect a man of God the prophesy good about such a wicked man would you doesn't prophesy goodly prophesies e-book and Jehoshaphat said let not the King say so why does this pretty much sums up a hand 's feelings and sentiments towards Michalak you like and he came right out and said I hate this one man who is like God no try I hate him that's what you have to look forward to being a man or a woman of God you will be traded it's why the wicked people of this world but that doesn't matter as long as are faithful to God you see a have wanted men that would I said what he wanted to hear to hear that needed to meet case the Bible tells the last phase of the same thing is going to happen then there would be those that would seem to themselves teachers having itching ears and that they would turn away their ears from the truth and shall be turned unto fables may God protect you from being one of that group it's interesting to me as I mentioned now I is already happening the four hundred and fifty prophets had been slain and over the three years from that point until the current time where we got our story they had has steadily been building up another group of religious men that would tell him exactly what he wanted to hear we call these false prophets they didn't have moral integrity they did have the moral courage they were simply puppets on the hand of the king that danced according to his pleasure but the peculiar thing to me as I looked at the idea of moral courage in the Bible and as I went through one Bible character after another in my mind that fit the description of moral courage in this story what I found interesting is this moral courage does not show up often times in the Bible in groups of moral courage shows up one hated person at a time McKay 's Daniel 's John the Baptist 's Jesus Paul on these great men of moral courage one hated man at a time well he had needed Jehoshaphat sweet incentives to go in get the Kia sends off a messenger to go get him and while the messenger is running to where McKay a live the rest of the four hundred prophets tended to King Ahab and Johnson that they come to the date of the city of Samaria and a set of this beautiful meeting their that that that the Kings are dressed in their finest roads that profits are there singing and dancing to the tune of a hat they are telling him exactly what he wants to hear over and over and over again that if he goes to Raymonde Gilead that he would be successful in fighting this war this is what's going on as the messenger is wanting to go get Michalak D'Souza the messenger shows up and this is what he says listen to this verse thirteen and the messenger that was gone to calm the Kia spake unto him saying this is what the messenger says behold now the words of the prophets declare good unto the king with what one lets thy word I pray need be like the word of one of them and speak that which is good enough sex about this Disney kneeing him in fact the messenger is a unique he's just a common person on the site who does whatever the King wants him to do with this man understood the man that was being dealt with a special when he comes in a Kia he says McKay I got a piece of advice for you I want to focus on unanimous that they had to do exactly what he wants to do it we knew good idea you just went along with them partly well-meaning advice but after going to see here in a few moments it was not a device that was in line with the word of God there are going to be times in your life where somebody is going to come and give you advice there are many people who want to give you advice some of the advice will be good some of it will not be good in all advice that is given to you my young friends must be viewed through the lens of God 's word which is a and any advice that does not go according to the word of God by God 's grace may you have the moral courage to stand for what the Bible says instead of what others have to say so he gives in this advice say what the rest of the prophets are saying you see the Kia was on a hands hate list he said that I hated him and that unit card and so the unit knew that McKay was on a heads hate list and his advice was don't get on his dimensions they had gone whenever you want to read the previous chapter chapter twenty one the reader right now recently Iraq is the story of Naboth 's vineyard I would remember that story new Boston you may verify this beautiful vineyard right next to the house of Ahab it was beautiful I decided one day I want that preventable garden is illegally selling a lot because they might be the community bosses know that my family for a long time I'm going to keep me in a man gets upset when he goes home and he lays down on his bed with his face towards the wall any house because he didn't have what he wants Jezebel comes in and she sees that her husband is distressed and yeah she asks him what's going on and he tells her all that things that happen and she says trust and be married I will get Naboth 's vineyard for you so she goes out and in and occur in a corrupt court she brings charges against Naboth and she accuses him of blasphemy this fine upstanding man and a lot is taken outside of the city and he is stoned to death and when she comes back she gives Ahab the very vineyard that he wanted for bank will garden and a half did not even ask any questions took it and I wasn't when Ahab wanted a handoff and the Kia stand before the pressures were there the pressures that you know nothing about the pressure was closing in around the Kia to conform to what society can then there are political pressures to be accepted and received by the king to be to be held in high esteem in the eyes of this most powerful neck two most powerful men Ahab and Johnson there were religious pressures four hundred prophets were in unity unity there was religious pressure to conform to what the rest of the religious community had to say because if he didn't even be viewed as an outcast in some sort of religious our self-preservation Prussians all he had to say was just a couple of words and I would be taken to cut off right then and there she was seen around the time to conform to the king 's demand and the opinion of popular society and this man of God obedience of the king 's command makes his way down to visit the King before he does that the kind makes a statement of moral courage in verse fourteen and if you have notes or if your underlying your Bible this is the final passage in our study this morning first Kings twenty two verse fourteen the Bible says this end Mathias said as the Lord Limited what the Lord saith unto me that will I speak that moral courage what the Lord said unto me that will I speak and that's what Michalak said that this messenger is carefully this is from sermons and talks two page three hundred eighty seven words is this if ever there was a time in the history of the Seventh-day Adventists when they should arise and shine it is now amen our theme out the time is the best no voice how many voices on the voices no voice should be restrained from proclaiming the third Angels message that means every single one of you here this morning and proclaimed the three Angels messages by God 's grace the voice should be restrained from proclaiming the third Angels message listen listen listen let non- fourth year of losing prestige with the world obscure one ray of light coming from the source of all life she says this is request one years moral courage to do the work of God for these last days what is required good work the more these last days it requires Mikhail that moral courage to live by the lunch rock whatever the Lord says on Sunday that will I speak but let none of us to be led by the spirit of human wisdom that shrinks to what the truth should be everything to us I went her winning the truth should be everything to us that means everything else in your life is on the back burner the truth is the most important thing the church of the everything to us in this he says let those who want to make a name with the world go with the world don't like Christianity if you want the world don't bring the well inside the church because you want the world well and I'm not advising you to do this I'm advising you to allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse your heart and to change your spiritual taste buds that you will want spiritual things instead of what the world has to offer now is the time she says as the Lord littered with the Lord said unto me that will I speak moral courage that you know what words are cheap you can say anything you want him is worth by his actions continue story verse fifteen goes on this as they so so he came to the king anything sent to him the Kia shall we go up against Raymonde Gilead to battle or Sally forebear and he answered him go and prosper for the Lord shall deliver it into the hand of the king Ahab puts the same questions in the climate and to the point of and the time who was mayor when the question was asked the first time gives for paying the same answer that the four hundred five game except for two more and prosper other than that it's identical now it's obvious in the next verse then the Cayenne made this statement in a mocking and scornful way in fact there is probably even a little tone of sarcasm maybe in the voice of Michalak verse sixteen the Bible goes on and it says anything seven a.m. how many times shall I a journey that thou tell me nothing but that which is true in the name of the Lord is funny coming from the mouth of a tell me the word of the Lord 's and the guys has helped to make the truth all of a sudden one of the traditional he says in verse seventeen and he said I saw Israel scattered upon the hills as she that had not a shepherd and the Lord said these have no master let them return every man to his house in numbers chapter twenty seven as long as Moses is getting ready to go up into the mountain to die these asks the Lord 's gym the children of Israel there anointed man put your hand upon him and anoint him as a leader less the children of Israel the life she without a shepherd when the client makes this statement to Ahab that he saw Israel's standard like sheep without a shepherd he is in a sense telling him that the leader is gone and no longer there was telling me that he was going to God that you think that David Ahab warm fuzzy feelings SNL home and not in fact we receive income to fly into a bit of a rage after the cayenne makes the statement and in verse eighteen assists and the king of Israel Jehoshaphat did I not tell the that he would prophesy no good concerning me but evil candidates a little upset monetizing your good diet Eagle in Nevada and he flies into the state of race the client is cool because he's a man of moral courage and to him the highest authority in his life is God not a thing every morning you need to reckon with that question who is the highest authority in your life you can say God what is it really the guys giving us a demonstration that God was the highest authority as soon as a half-life into this rage of our house Kia he says evil and not good to Molokai Kia moves right on he tells them more about what the Lord told him and he tells in this parable in the next few verses about this great handling cow selected place and in this family Council there was one item on the agenda and that one item on the agenda was how to destroy a in supra this is apparently not the bus of one item on the agenda and they're having this meeting and various angelic beings comes up with different ideas of how they could destroy a half but then there is this one Spirit the Bible says who comes and says the Lord I will do it which is a technology plan in the spirit says I will go for NBA lines spirit in the mouth on his profits that are at the good idea going to and you will be success what McKay has said to the king about that terrible about the prophets having a lying spirit in their mouth he's not just a nicotine a hat he seemed yesterday to the same be careful of those whose advice you hold and admire be careful of the preachers that you chose to listen to be careful of the books that you choose to read the careful of the officials in your life you follow their lives be careful of the experts that you trust the truth speaking to us four thousand years later saving Castle because there are lying spirit in the mouth of people around you and if you follow their advice it's not an end well this is the kind is selling a had to die because of an earthquake not because of some lightning bolt from heaven but you will die because you chose to listen to the advice of the profits that you have chosen he would die and the highest selling us today be careful of those that you hold their counsel has something that is valuable friends there is only one piece of advice that we need and menus follow this book all the way to the pearly gates don't choose people that you like and follow their advice pictures people who you think won't lie to you by this is if you have cancer of none of you ever get it but if you have cancer united to go to a doctor that always tells you that your healthy it might make you feel good to know that your health but you will find because of their advice you want something that can give you the truth no matter how hard it is to take but all of a sudden when he comes into the religious wealth we don't want people to tell us the truth because we get offended and the first Bible passage that pops into our head is dealt Josh I said maybe pausing for a moment and thinking the actually using this person to speak some truth to me and going back in our hearts being broken in our prayer time with God and ask you Lord mold me and shake me according to your will if I need to change Shelby Lord all I want is your will in my life you know what I was put in prison for what he did I say anything else about him premature stops there's a little physical abuse of Michalak shortly after the story one of the priests in the face which reminds me of the story of Jesus and in a activity tree for him to be taken into Nice seemed to be secured and hauled off to prison that's all we know he may have died in prison he may have been released but Ahab tells them to feed him with the food of affliction and to give him the water of affliction to drink wasn't it easy for the car but he was a man who had more role coverage so he goes the battle to summarize the rest the story for you to read on your own egos of the battle and he takes advice from the client and he decides to go into war you know usually back in the Bible times when the king would go in and out of the wood where he is he's even had a special outfit everybody knew this was the King and stole a glance at the Jehoshaphat the White House effectiveness but he says the Johnsons it was you where your oil rose I get a disguise myself as a common soldier with Jonathan Iselin understand and him and has been up and running and when he's there so Johnson wears his kingly garments and eighty addresses in a normal soldiers these disguised himself and exhausted to battle the fight against Fremont Gilead all of water pockets and go and you'll be successful one front of the Lord a man who was like God said if you go you will die and Israel will be scattered like sheep without a shepherd the arms were that the four hundred prophets of the right and the one meanwhile they went into battle and in the scene of the battle somebody on the other side pull back and Harold and his shot into the air and that era was led by the hand of God and it went reaching in a corner and hitting him right in the side and his royal blood was shed and fell to the ground fell on his chariot and eight had died that day because of the prophecy on the man moral courage wasn't rewarded for that but he did it because he knew what was right many times and we look at these stories of courageous men and women in the Bible we think to ourselves sure I would've done that if I was there I would freeze like to know why because you see the end of the story and no always say I went to battle like David because you see the end of the story and you see David there are enough ahead of the line I would've been like Shadrach in the second Abednego because you see them in the fiery furnace walking away with he wasn't protected he was thrown into prison when we tell you something this morning my friends he will never stand like Michalak like David like John the Baptist and like Daniel if you don't learn how to have moral courage in your every day life moral courage does not discount instantaneously it is something that builds every single day three decision that you make the entire had moral courage without you you have the moral courage to get up early on said morning and actually go to Sunday school and church all students at the school because he worked hard all week long we deserve a time sleeping with a something for the takes more courage to get up early on Sabbath morning and go to church and sent school after little moral courage is in your life do you have the moral courage to pay a faithful ten percent of your income to God when you're having a hard time making ends meet financially do you have the moral courage to get involved actively in your church when everybody else is sitting on the sidelines and when you young people seen the adults who are living a hypocritical life and your discouraged by that hypocrisy in the church do you have the myocarditis to say I'm going to make a difference I'm not in a live like that how many give my heart to the Lord again the next generation a good example of what it means to be a solid Seventh-day Adventist Christian those of you that are adults in the crowd to young people a good example showing them what it means to have moral cards and young people often say RCR for good examples in their lives sure they're all in the Bible but they don't see it in the church I remember when I was a young man high school and I saw the hypocrisy in the church I said that Christianity turned in I want anything to do with it I think God read all the music Jason stopped looking at the people and start looking at transformation unfortunately some young people Duncan adopts give them a good example show them how beautiful it is have a relationship with Jesus spirit of prophecy says in several places she talked about moral courage and I won't go through all of the close battle one page document on this if you wanted your e-mail down regulate give it to me and I will keyword is legibly but she says it takes moral courage to walk the path that leads to heaven use of the little things in our life that had it's a small courage to overcome the weaknesses of our character and testimonies to the church at Battle Creek page sixty one she said the majority of our unit in this age had no strength to resist temptation takes more courage to resist temptation it takes more courage to follow the help law again exercise the drink enough water to get enough sleep to eat food to say no to that extra portion that comes your way did you love so much it takes moral courageous to follow the health principles interestingly enough she has a lot to say about moral courage and giraffes takes more courage to oppose the worldly customs and fashions you know some of us spent more time this morning getting ready for church than we spent reading the Bible this morning seeking the truth itself naturally so please don't feel like I'm rebuking you because I used to be like that that's the only reason why I know so concerned about the outside and what people see on my face towards the close that I wear the words that come out of my mouth so obsessed with the outside he says it takes this she says it takes moral courage and let's conclude by asking this question been given an example of what moral courage is the question now is to come from where law parents come from when I feel convicted by God to get a year of my life in service to him and my family said don't throw away a year of your life doing that workers while parents come from to resist that influence in my life where Islam parents come from when I'm sleeping in my room I'm sitting in my bedroom and nobody knows why a Mac in the stillness of that might God the devil comes and tempts me to look at pornography when nobody else is looking where is the moral courage to confront to resist that temptation where wildcards come from for you young ladies when you wake up in the morning and you look at your wardrobe and decide what you're going to wear and you decided to wear something that reveals more than what you should reveal because you want some young men to look at you where is the moral courage come from the same now I'm in a properly clothe my body because I'm a daughter awareness to all kinds come from to resist the urge to spend more time on Facebook and I spent on my one Bible where moral courage come from becomes front doing an audience analysis talking about sermons here home alone it's anything like that it comes from doing an audience analysis winning by that the four hundred five student audience analysis and it boiled down to two Ahab and Jehoshaphat and that audience a head and Joseph that they decided that they would sell these two men anything that they wanted to hear to keep good on the other hand the contacted an audience analysis sure he stood before four hundred prophets sure he was standing before these two powerful earthly men sure he was standing before a vast throng of people but as Michalak stood at the gate of Samaria on this historic day in his life that most of us have never even heard of the Kia was standing for one God himself and higher was determined that whatever God said that's not higher had an audience of one and that audience of one gave him the moral courage to do what was humanly impossible it's tough stuff bars pretty high it's tough because we want to be excepted by society it's tough because he wanted he accepted my the school system because he wanted himself admire her family it's time is moral courage that has me stand before God each day there we will find the courage to do what is right is a story about a great reform under name of Hugh Latimer to read about the great controversy great religious reformer in England Shula was a close to the religions of the Reformation movement in England and was very vocal about it for quite some time but after hearing the testimony of somebody he was converted and became a very ardent follower of the Reformation by some stroke of Providence Sheila Latimer was placed in the position as chaplain fourteen Henry the eight and a half of his time one historian said about King Henry the eighth that there was no woman that he lost informed that he did not get and there was no man that he hated that he did not kill a and Hugh Latimer this reformer this godly man had to stand before King Henry and deliver the word of God one Christmas day and Henry the Bible as a gift and a dogeared page that says adulterers and adulteresses will burn in hellfire I guess moral courage one Sunday morning instead of watching Henry and everybody that was everybody else that was there and he delivered a message that was offensive thinking this was like a cat you want to mess with this guy who killed many people do what you want by King Henry the eighth like you Latimer and so he gave them a second chance he said next Sunday I want you to stand up for the congregation and publicly apologize for what you said today and for a whole week Q Latimer had time to think about this next Sunday killing Q stands into the pulp stands up in the pulpit in this great man of the Reformation who died at the state opened his Bible read the same exact passage if you read the week before and he said this shoe Latimer dost thou know before whom thou art to this day to speak to the high the monarch who can take away thy life if thou offend this therefore take heed that thou speak is not a word that may displease him but then consider mouth you upon whose message thou art sent even by the great and mighty God who is at all present and who beholds all byways and who is able to cast a nice nice soul into hell therefore take care that now delivers my message and end Q prints the same sermon he preached before only with more vigor and work some will reach everyone was afraid he was going to die but after lunch that Sunday afternoon King Henry in beforehand patient how did you speak before me like that Latimer said that it was his duty to God that he was compelled to follow his conscience and to speak with the Lord had placed on his heart and I can see it in my imagination this great gulf between the two minds of Latimer and King Henry VIII and went when Latimer told King Henry that he was only discharging his conscience and telling him what the Lord had in this king Henry steps up from his throne and he walks down tissue Latin America and he puts his arms around him in place and he says this blessed be God I have so honest like this moral courage the Earth is starving today for people of moral courage the world is not attracted to Christianity because Christianity is full of people that don't have moral courage we are compelled when we read stories like this we are in awe with me how can I be like that but with the help of God you can stand like Hugh Latimer stood you can stand like Shad Magnesia and if you can stand like Michalak you can have the moral courage that it takes to turn Malaysia upside down leave them home when it starts in the morning and starts in the morning you can't have moral courage do not spending time with the one that gets into and will not have the moral courage to stand up for the word of God if you don't know what the word of God if you have not had an experience with word that has changed and transformed your life in such a way that you are going in the opposite direction of the world you will not have the moral courage that it takes the stand like McKay and like to live so I ask you this morning how was your devotional life with the more takes more courage to get up early in the morning I so busy but that's not an excuse at least it's not an excuse that's worth finding to ask you this morning how many do you want to say by God 's grace I want to have moral courage to stand in these last days for what is right stand and I know how we are we are creatures pressure social pressure to some of you just did because other people around you are standing and you double click an oddball I know but the next thing I'm going to ask you I want you to think about before you respond this is a specific how will you want to say this afternoon I will take one hour every morning to pray and study God 's word if you are already doing it stay where you're at not talking to you Lord that's happening in your life talking to those of you that have a Reader's Digest relationship with the Lord 's little moments here and there now and then reimburse on the calendar or in some devotional and at best those of you that are not spending their time with the Lord in the morning how many of you would be willing to say today I will take one hour every morning to read study the word of God is something that has the moral courage to do that some ask you to come on forward plan special prayer for you publishing a blessing praise God is God for young people that want to know the more I there is nothing that will transform your life and following through with the commitment that you makings know our emotions are running the Klonopin the emotional story but that your intellect in rank now tomorrow morning this sister along a little earlier go to bed a little bit earlier these strategic how are you going to implement this and make it actually happen that you will spend one hour with God and the single morning reading we suddenly swerved to come to know him better housing going to happen God wants to reveal to you things in his word the Bible tells in Jeremiah thirty three three calling to me and I will answer the initially great and mighty things which thou knowest not I claim that Bible promised often I was showing to God in his Bible you promised me that my calling you my devotional time English only great and mighty things okay father showing conflicts can happen every single negative point in the right direction okay tomorrow morning when you start your devotions I want you to be the last forty eight hours of the life of Christ choose your gospel Internet marketer John choose your gospel indicate on that portion of Scripture it will radically transform your life and pray that prayer shown the great and mighty things which I have never seen this passage of Scripture hold onto what things you going to pray for you this morning as we that are out there standing when she can join silently in prayer praying for these young people these individuals appear to make the commitment spent an hour with God I father in heaven of God you are so merciful to us thank you for your tender love and compassion for your patience wind was so quick to run in the direction of the world we are so quick Lord to get this coverage in our reading of your word because it's difficult to understand Lord please sat afternoon I pray with all of my heart that those standing here before us this morning in a pub this way will stand before you tomorrow morning in the privacy of their and that is filled in the Gospels and read the story of the last forty eight hours in the life of Christ and as they pray that Frères showed me great and mighty things which I know nothing of all God made heaven touched earth and made they have such a powerful experience in their devotion time tomorrow morning that it will transform their life that they will drain the word of God more than food itself as Joe Lord for the rest of us who are veterans of our devotional time or don't let it become stagnant don't let it become some sort of just ritual that we follow through every single morning about even giving it any thought the Lord I pray that you will breathe into our devotional time of freshness and we never experienced oh God we want the latter reign to be poured out we want to receive your Holy Spirit we want to finish this work through your power and your power alone we've been working at this long enough and we want to give power back to you Lord raise up an army of young people in this country such as never has been so I traded it why will play a part of that cleavage blessedly pastoring in this mission that you will bless those that are needing out in the leadership of annual why in the mission and the union being with these men speak to them in their devotional time guide them as we seek to build up your kingdom here is thank you father for blessedness you go with us I pray in Jesus this media was brought in by audio errors the website is God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more than he would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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