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Children Should Not Be Childish

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • December 30, 2014
    11:30 AM


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bonus and overtime and as you can see I have not recovered voice but I told him on occasion for instead room and not make an attempt to speak to an election were times when she was weak and the voice was reputable but anyway the process of speaking motivated strong but I'm not across so I hope that in the process of speaking God 's words as you pray I will have sufficient focal power to present this message which is entitled children should not be childish what I said to show off the childish father I ask in the name of Jesus your son my brother my safe comfort all of us that God in this final presentation give me the right words the right ideas the rest of it follow if you haven't put your words in my mouth on previous occasions put them in my mouth strength of his voice that you've given to me as I try to use it for your glory in your spirit that God at the list of the words to every listening hot at the end of this presentation fault of the decisions being made for the advancement of your kingdom for the salvation of souls thank you for him and his friend I offered in Jesus name Gault 's people say a manner as a member Jeremiah chapter one ready from first for children shall not the job I want really from verse four I read from the King James version of the Bible then you won't get what to say before I form the implementing I usually added before the game is full out of the womb eyesight the pharmacy I ordained thee a prophet of the relations that's what book tells Jeremiah versus those that I R lo and behold I cannot speak what reason the job I give limits on Jeremiah as a man tells not on the time I cannot speak in all my years of preaching and one Ruggles greeters at front a lot of people told me I can do that I can let I can do that I can do that I can't do that forget is that with God all things are possible with God soon the disciples on the great gospel commission you know it's very well and Jesus came and spake of them saying all power is given unto me in heaven and earth qualities therefore the word therefore is the result of the fact that I have all the power when I say is you are you saying to you is the public 's mind when you go on a mission authorized by someone with as all our Yonkers search of the power because he is short because worst part is that we will with you all away even unto the end of the world know if you have called power and he's with you what is with you on some of the biggest in the initial two all the resources of the universe on the price control for the benefit of the church Ephesians one twenty one tells us and put all things under his feet and gave it to be to hand over all things to the church that is a beginner all the resources of the universe all over the control of Christ for the benefit of the church as soon Jeremiah said our Lord behold I cannot speak for I am a child but the Lord said unto the sandbox on autism I have blown the time will recently don't say that this is a powerful psychological principles that are somethings you should hear ourselves see any good juju will tell you that he or she will not tolerate a child in the class C I algebra old and usual tolerant the visual signal will say that because of what you say I can know that enhances your head and it's in the mess and I think if it is hot was absolute Jeremiah said of the Lord behold I cannot speak for I am a child also visit me soon off I went silent for thou shalt want all of myself saying the whatsoever I command leave our shalt speak nominee only consider yourself a child if you go to speak your words then you've got a problem but if you're going to speak the words I give you your side don't say that below for the fishes one with the development me since the loan mercy was not there the Lord put folders and accept my mouth of the Lord send resume to hold on I hope with my words if I bottle of my favorite verses where Jeremiah said I went silent like channels they gloss says don't say that you believe what he said was I'm incapable with the sender was correct when you work with Don to discuss lack of capability to discuss power but also seen Doctor Child visiting Jeremiah was the most gifted people on earth person on earth should a man gone wanting to put the focus on the game while on blocked are you following as a wireless is I genuinely think how full price with shrine submits me the general analytical was serious when he said the city of child while this is very long before this happened and touched my mouth because he said I don't speak to him and said I cannot run the Lord wants us his mouth on forward in my fantasies I have said I cannot jump a lot like the cost is good you the rest is hollow precisely where it is needed that was the own example of someone else called by God claiming the inability to speak at before our subject children should not be childish for me to have a system for rating from person and Moses and of the Lord O my Lord I am not eloquent neither heretofore most since thou hast spoken on my server but I am slow speech and of a small-town notables as once a child is in his accounts the Bible says that Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was mighty in words and the Bible says he was likely in word and deed access to hundreds of when bought called and he said I'm neither heretofore bosses the last spoke about the nicer more civilian who hath made man's mouth are going goes directly to that part of Moses which he claims does not function with who hath made man's mouth will make it even gone on to this office seeing a lot of I have to apply the Lord because I gave them also can fix it because I really do to fix it because I really I consisted mostly therefore now therefore go I will be misled by an easy lentils it will soon read about this therefore the dumb the sequel Malveaux says the create his own minimum review answer questions I said was that it will live on cellulite greatly by the hand of him whom thou can save documents of excuses still does not want to go through fourteen at the iron of the Lord was kindled against Moses presented Islam Iran the nevi are I know that he can speak well and also behold he cometh forth this maybe I would recently be rooted out of his car process as Moses insists I cannot speak one thousand of verse eleven but I remember well I cannot speak for circuit court in Boston okay okay okay I'll send someone to speak for you you give them the worst you just is a demonstration of the unit which gone rules to give a success this is a lawlessness that I cannot speak Goss their artificial love most is that I find myself in Wilson okay going to solicit the web onto something backs down below my seat in an argument of a human being and going back to stop all right double vacancy of a speak for you Mrs. Davis of ourselves the innovative and put words in his mouth but I would do if I go on with his love I will tell you what you shall do and he shall be my slope of the people and each of the English of the disease instead of the ball of outside reading here instead of going bald is beautiful New Delhi will say of the guru 's eloquence with views to see whatever you tell him all worked out an arrangement for Moses the servant of my brothers and sisters what is your excuse you can go to Bible study you can bring together the government buses bring your inability to bring young nothingness to me you know when the Jesus fed five thousand by supporting medical recorded in all four Gospels Matthew fourteen Mark six nine John six the feeding of the five is a book of John were told when he saw a great multitude cometh to him of a company uses on the Philip 's life of Johnson and Wales shall we buy bread for these meetings and busy said improving for he himself below what he would do for the presidential husband Edward Fabregas is not sufficient for them every one of them acting as head of services to small to see five people far less one of the cycles and from Simon Peter 's brother celebrated as a lad here which have five cardinals actual small fishes what the visa what are they among so many things since I found some food but the fish are still small voices sloth is the word small is in zone with one of the other among so many the beauty is when it tells a sort of marking forty over seventy Jesus we center the fish are small but if I found a whale shark notably from story but the fish I follow are those small to see five thousand and from a human standpoint and was correct from you was that Lloyd Abraham should not allow the design of years or one hundred from a human standpoint a lot of things should never but we cannot live our lives from a human standpoint we must live our life from my point of view obesity amount is considered one of these what is this a monsoon in Matthew 's version Jesus brings the intensity give your mouth to God you can see give your voice to the Ugandan wall give your feet the golf game your inability to your weakness all glosses or if you are you out of bosses give them the way the fish of the ratings were given to Christ under his control he performed in medical that resulted in five thousand people befriend up twelve baskets of food taken up after all eaten at two the Christian 's life was not religious based on what he or she can do with reason again we must log in our lives is on what we can know and what we I don't know we live our lives based on one golf to do through us as my brother don't see Emily 's bedroom resume service -based two fifty four paragraph to be easy to do the usefulness of one who set a all self assigned mission rules of the working of the Holy Ghost was hot on the alive only constant executed on the usefulness of someone who makes room for the working of the Holy Ghost on the ox life holding consecrated to God 's will to be usefulness that unless you advise to me the device along with as you leave the space today Novartis probably at some assaults of getting back home getting ready for the school term reopens in evaporative friends going out of MSI but a issue a warning it's biblical it's not my way Jesus referred to the days of Noah and Lot is what Jesus was in the days of Noah so shall it be also in the days of the coming of the Son of Man DVD drive demented wives that would have been managed now none of those is a crime are listed in the Islamic right to get going back to eating is not a private trick goal is to drink is not a private again I bought performed for several days is not trying to give someone now is not the assessable things they were doing likewise also the seventy twentieth was of the beers of law DVD to write the book this sold the executive now we go from doing things to sustain yourself the wiggle of Atlanta given about his social life wiggle room they bought this old detective the building business to Wallace 's essay what were they doing when they were lost they were going I will ask usual are you listening to me is a crime to have a business will vessel through doing it Jesus said particularly the right to start a family will know of the things they should begin this law the days of Noah and send our crime but the presidents overbought rebelliousness presentation in love and loss phase two precedence over God which means and this is reflected most people who were lost with the decent people who are responsible hard-working returning taxes going about securities law abbreviated words just doing what ordinary citizens do not have been brought as number one old and young as I told one of my groups yesterday with Visual Studio solid Exodus nineteen what was for but before Pentagon will send the person relaxes like the nonexistence is Google Journal corrected me but before clearly how many of the city evil the men of Sodom the house law both old and young all the people from every corner know what this is reported missing with the Kuala Lumpur author or sections of Kuala Lumpur is with us obvious sections with numerous people live surrounded by high walls darkest submachine guns of the smokers other areas for the glasses the Bible says these immoral people they came from and we court the opposite service does not care about class for something he communities whose friends of politicians and welcome to the Prime Minister the Kansas Almighty the middle class for professors and universities have bankruptcy they came to select the report last week it was almost the ability to class thinking disorder once the abilities of the human voice can even watch what I say that your audio you may think as I said before the gospel is old foul shot feelings for you actually the Solis said it shall die it's for you is the often say I have never seen a youth server to the Bible I just see the possible process server targeting singles all four seasonal widowers old worn-out old people trust people I just see the possible as let's go back both forget what you heard what you learn you must go back to front office was a waste of time that would be childish you go with a different mindset your mindset is with Christ where the Canaanites that have utilized and Joshua went to the judges before you people that just don't still bear a kid to Deborah nettles the prophetess at formula should I won't find as it is no longer allowed to bear I told him okay I will go to the if you go with I will know it is viewable with me as you will bless the Israelite army all legitimate soldiers would destroy it we seem to know the Bible says Mark was left was to go out with this one uses it about iPhoto for that little if you want to not say over with you I've already been ready for the house news I really want to do this is not to be because the book also so you do not tell me again who if God says you can and you see you can't someone is wrong with me was wrong we are if God says what you might want to go to our sister do something for which he does not give out so we have to change the way we think we must learn to think like all seen the world the week gone sees the world I was enough in my travels sometimes I run at the morbid young men your age I was in Guyana on the South American coast I was on one side of the river walk with a friend on the other side of the river for broad River and is younger dark-colored pants whites are not tied I said long going about the probability of the United States they are knocking on doors of the Virginia Nairobi Kenya he suffered were driving by myself in my Kenyan family sold in moments I was in Uganda going somewhere so too young when I have a hospitable more I just knew no more the Web server by Bash knocking him forty one solidity of the liturgy was nineteen sixties that they themselves through years of missionary work and pay for themselves I will be the world of said lands I correspondence unless it bemoans observers say is seven zero seventeen -year-old Mormons jungle seventeen -year-old system will someone take it into the Jehovah's Witnesses if you wrote this to all incoming mail of their God more than we love ours consider Detroit Tigers close to the trunk of drivers one Sunday you come to redline and River city Sunday morning she's a black guys young men since all the notable time you exactly what their Nation of Islam is the metaphors in his lap underselling magazine is raising money is what Selig was less if you see a man and woman and a child Sunday morning ritual dozens how to pick out to a UK because of elbow I want you to be different but I got my younger brothers and sisters go serves your breasts he really does your energy your mind so the last thing the strength of your willingness to Bonaventure over the careful open as long as good as the other person to access about needs people like that called these you will message is a concern that multiset angels of those shepherds of course was born in the synonymous the Jewish people going to relate his legal unrest on unfulfilled this morning asking put aside your excuses for the sake are specific on Isaiah Jeremiah was informing bodily St. Jude's in the house next to yours with people you send me difficult of cultivated relations with Alaska will either send you down the street is sent into the classroom where you sit if we do unbelievable in this send you to a relative of your order and was not accepted Christ said he does not really fast jewel graphical distance is set to recommend the numerous opportunity Saturday may mean the person at your office in the cubicle next to just outlaw you choose the place the task all offering is not a golf means you cannot come down and puts himself he will not even individual student he needs you on a few assuming the Lord airline San Nicolas and right hand thereof I sent it to grab the family puts a lot of these I will call the front relapse you have to move the beginning over the whole of the mountain but I want to move in your heart I want to make a decision there's something on Google for God but nastiness I want to the original has how many of you have ever correctly brought someone to Christ as directly brought someone to Christ you would directly responsible heels bike or the absence of twelve is one of Masters of today is December thirty America O is what I want to set off father between December thirty two thousand fourteen on December thirty two thousand fifteen use me to need one person to know is that you want one between December thirty two thousand fourteen where we are at it is seven thirty two thousand fifteen all you need to need one person that cannot be too much for the Census decision as a automotive identifying three people you like this is a photograph of relatives with this is oh okay there's a evangelistic field already got Francisco who were not safe to them and them already so don't send the incident in school the family the office right now three days on a piece of people I wanted to talk about what to do I was accounting that people in a wallet or purse revenue County report in relation to just disappear like the original was doing my group was in for my mean what it costs to change to a certain talk consistently you shall be those three names in your wallet when you go and every day you bring on those things now that is a prayer going to be happy to answer why second Elizabeth Weaver signed the law is not slack concerning his promise something else like this but as this supplement also were not willing that any should doubt if there's a verse but that all should so when you present three names that God is a father have liked to see all three of these give me one but I like to see all three what is a relative was a collegiate school on the job was unable when you create here's how I suggest you bring some order you send a California Senate second Peter three nine you are not willing that and then call the means so this is a personal music for business John Jackman James Zoeller said putting us on strategy and should be lost so that you can apply that if your students and speakers were everything possible to use me as a disorder you set a first of its effort to reform that's what I'll call and save the cost of the control fathers includes Jamie Jennifer look at the father to look out of high school conditions of their lives tool all you can to save them please use me in the process prayed that prayer and 3-D arthritis rendered by himself to the piece of people putting on the spread of the foregoing Filipino which are violent to my Hezekiah bought a threatening letter from you soon while seizing the influences into the temple of spreading for bloggers and Lord will you read this not only was an unfortunate joke that has hundreds of it the Bible says he spread it before the Lord of level I read a summary of school since then the Vipers people of interest of the book is for the people I simulated course is a privilege of the night I just spread the peace people to back ISA phone reviews three to five season we are agreeable upon the most of his free names was already thought of Sweden's finish ahead and forward before the screening August all you really want to live when you restart whenever you want you may only apply to life stuff like the one for me pray for someone's salvation is absolutely gone through and for social disaster this is the confidence that we have been able if we are in anything according to his will for the first either of us a message to confirm your decision if you will certify the news media needs someone to you between December thirty two fourteen on December thirty two fifty Rizzo have any confirmation the father in heaven I present to you those who has shed his blood particularly these young men these young women this army feels to formula given life energy brilliant lines solid families would help to understand what it ought to give them all these things that they might be effective soul winning tools in your hands and historical sketches page two eighty five paragraph four and white rice every you should be impressed with the fact that he is not his own or she and his strength is defined as follows blogged about it should be his chief purpose of life to glorify God and to go to his fellow man innocent because of your sermon right answer for you every child has a work to do for the glory of God on for the salvation of souls and are about to perish at my younger brothers and sisters understand that if they don't reach how people leaving lost because of the reasons God 's helpless and then less than their father remove from designed for the world 's days there exists a minimum level spiritual things fall the Bible says all that is in the world of lust of the flesh lust of the eyes of a private life is one of the father wonders of the world original enough about the world neither the things that are in the world also told James anyone who knows the world is an enemy of God we want to be a friends one one miss my younger brothers and sisters mess the families to care for the crises in the family 's been gone so limitless supply will be outside with his skills in the lots please intervene in the family difficulties he will risk for safe and from the clutches of the devil and you'll too many of the young people to life of all this other life he alleged that will take them right into the kingdom as we disperse they visited our homes their father remember the family the families of those who perished on that flight that went down the windows father these catastrophes you allow that to happen that we may become tired of this world and it alone for the world to come the God have mercy on me thank you for this great honor you gave to me to be a part of the six minutes I recommitted my life to God usually use my skills but if necessary to meet my life you can have when you come joking the father save all of us have those holy of labor is the day when this film was made today to bring someone to do this subtotal for the December to do this about it when I was young we will have a testimony it was the one I brought I bristle my heart seizes me and also people say and not assume this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about hothouse you like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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