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2. Where Prayer Begins

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • December 28, 2014
    11:15 AM
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this is one I've entitled where prayer begins I is a really important presentation it's not overtly about prayer what is income and it's an important component that if we don't have any experience in this in our spiritual journey it's going to greatly hinder our prayer life so before we begin let's start yet again with another word for father in heaven I thank you again for your goodness in our lives I thank you Lord for giving to us the gift of prayer and I feel as this mighty God who controls all of the universe speaks things into existence wants to hear from us this speck of dust in your vast creation what an awesome privilege it is for us to be able to come into your presence through prayer father I pray that now as we look at this subject that you would speak to our hearts yet again and help us to be more like Jesus thank you father in Jesus name we pray that I forgot to put the sin in our last study this is our theme Bible passage for the whole six presentations Jeremiah thirty three prerecorded a couple of times yesterday and what I would like to see happen is I would like to see you have this Bible passage memorized by tomorrow semi said amen Bible says that where to buy hid in my heart that I might not sin against the says behind God 's Word in our hearts it helps us remove that soon that we talked about a lot of a lot of our life Jeremiah thirty three three call upon the and I will answer the end show the great and mighty things it's bound no was not it is a fantastic promise that I claimed many times in my prayer life you know what I said what I have my prayer time in the morning prayer is as much a part of my devotions as studying the Bible is in his Bible passages really blends the two of them together that as I come to God in prayer he will show me great things out of his word and so I claim this promise in my devotional time and I asked God in my prayer time shall need great and mighty things which I could never understand if it weren't for you and your word so I would hope that we can have this passage memorized by tomorrow and write it out on a little free and little card keep in your pocket put on your phone whatever it is tonight before you go to bed spend a little bit of time working on retaining this passage and focus on having WordPerfect in the King James version they were to work on this in our workshops and we haven't retained in our minds Jim I think the three cell to start with this story told about a communist prison in July the Romania in this particular communist prison camp was especially harsh on its prisoners was it a cold environments the windows were broken wind would blow in even the snow when buildup inside the prison the prisoners became accustomed to that frequent special treatment from the prison guards known as beatings it was a difficult place to live as a prisoner and one day there was a pastor Christian pastor who had been in this prison camp for ages years so train the harsh treatment they after day after day some of his joints in his body would never recuperate from the treatment that he had suffered parts of his body would never work the way they used to when he first went into the prison camp and he was always cold and as he sat in the middle of the prison camp outside perhaps on a log or a chair or something like that dismally watching what was going on frequently there would be new prisoners that would be escorted into the prison today was one of those days and this Christian pastor as he sat there in this resin can't looking at these faces plump from good food bodies that were not tired and wasted away can only think about what was going to happen to them over the next couple years that he studied and examined each face somebody came in that he recognize it was a colleague of his in his time before he went off into prison a fellow pastor who is now coming into I got it on here but anemia a lot I am recording yes I'm bit of our rate remains of a protected as either find the visa might get to get see where his political mother are I hate holding microphones thank you and judges watching these prisoners come in he sees as familiar face it's a colleague of his and and and and he's you surprised to see when they are anyone except his colleague and gives him a big hug and he Solomon be deceived this this friend of his that he spent many years ministering with when he was on the outside they sat down and pay for little while they got reacquainted and caught up with some of things that were going on on the outside and and as they sat and talked with one another this passage we been in a prison camp for eight years he began to think about all the harsh treatment that he had gone through and he looked at his dear friend and he began to think you have to go through all of this is getting go through the special treatment he's getting over the called life is to go through that the lack of nutrition he's got have to go through all this and his heart began to go out to his friend in sorrow that he was going to have to suffer the way he had past evening along came in the conversation and kind of stopped for a little bit and use friend of friend that had been there for years he asked his new friend he asked them are you sad are you sad that you are in the present and his friend said back in something that I find to be the most profound thing under the circumstances he said to him I know only one sadness and that is not being fully given to Jesus the statement of the kind only one sadness and that is not being given fully to Jesus I call this being given fully to Jesus I call it absolute surrender saloons surrender and the servant of the Lord says this in evangelism page three hundred seventeen Satan our enemy does not want anyone to see the what the what necessity on an entire surrender to God when the soul fails to make this surrender sin is not forsaken hot is one of our hindrances so she's a is an absolute surrender is not experienced in our life and this is something that Satan does not want us to see the necessity of she says that Satan is not forsaken as a result she goes on appetites of the passions are striving for the mastery temptations confuse the conscience so that true conversion what doesn't take place so what the state does not want you to see the necessity of any an entire what surrender where prayer begins is our title where prayer begins prayer begins with an absolute surrender and Satan we are told does not want to see the necessity of an absolute surrender I really don't experience an absolute surrender then we begin the harbors sin in our lives as she tells us that the result is that each room conversion is not what take place this is such an important component in our prayer life to experience an absolute surrender so what does this look like uncle was needed he would to the book of first things chapter twenty I can just write it down you can read up on the screen first instance the twenty versus one through four times a story in the Old Testament that illustrates the concept of abstinence redware to make some connections are between this and prayer but the Bible says this and indicate that the king of Syria gathered this host CNN there are more learning to zines with him and horses and chariots and he went on and besieged Samaria and warned against it so then hate at Gonzaga Syria that's in Israel in the north any nation war with them and he fights against a no go zone and he sent a messenger to Ahab and we document a had yesterday sent a messenger to Ahab king of Israel into the city and sent them to him thus says that heyday nice seller and like all is mine my wives also and my children even the ugliest are one so you say listen I'm going to conquer you everything you have is going to be listen to what he had says in response and burst forth in this and the king of Israel answered and said my lord O king according to thy saying I am fine and all that I have known this is a political surrender came from one team to another so we understand that that element but in this first year in verse four we find the heart and soul of conversion my lord O king I in nine and and how much all that I had this is what it means to be surrendered being given fully to Jesus as the man in the Communist prison camps that my lord O king I am dying and all that I have belongs to you soon when we news video vinyl example of what absolute surrender looks like it's in the Scriptures we look at the political surrender of any had to been hate at another look at another example here and this is not twenty six in turn there was meeting with Matthew chapter twenty six wherein the universe three nine eleven and up on the screen here Matthew chapter twenty six and verse thirty nine what does this absolute surrender look like all right so this is in the final time of Jesus in the garden were familiar with this portion of Scripture regretted many times read very quickly here but a focus on this portion schedule of it more tomorrow in our last session verse thirty nine through forty four the Bible says this and he went a little further any felony space embracing all my father if any possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not my will but as thou wilt as to render talked about this yesterday and he came and he cometh unto the disciples and find them asleep and said unto Peter what could you not watch with me one hour watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak anyone away again the second time and prayed saying all my father in this cup may not pass from me except I drink it I will be done and he came and found them asleep again for their eyes were heavy as forty four and he left them and went away again and prayed the white third time saying a lot the same words the Bible says to three times Jesus is praying here in the garden it gets any related the prayer she is a limit more tomorrow but in simplicity his prayer was as we studied yesterday in our morning devotions not as I will but as thou wilt not my will but thine be done he's asking for the cup the past and she sent stop this prayer with let this cup pass from me you and I would not be here right now but he continued with the surrender in his prayer not as I will but as I will be done in my day of prayer is not the change in God but they changed the one who is what that's a great object of prayer the great object of prayer is not for us to try to manipulate the mind of God and to change them to meet our requirements you see that's the way the heathens pray to get the story out there on Mount caramel with this showdown between Elijah and one hundred and fifty prophets of mail and are jumping and screaming and are cutting themselves and their their howling and going on and on and on for our after our after-hours they got this great sacrifice of the day and it's trying to relate their God to do what they want him to give to bring fire down from heaven but then you look at the prayer of Jesus even in the priority life union of the other prayers in the Bible Daniel Daniel chapter nine and many other print and you find out that element is the online will but thine be done we don't pray like the pagans we don't pray like the seasons trying to manipulate R will that we pray and ask for God 's will to be done for our lives to be molded in fashion according to the will of God and Ellen Junius in one of the great reformers in the fifties nineteen fifties he made this statement is in his book Freire which is a good book I recommend it he said this we pray not to get what we want but to find out what to find out what he wants we'll bring it what we want we find that we pray to find out what he wants we pray not to get him to change his line but to have our minds changed since his putting a whole different spin on prayer we all pray for us but would try to find out what God 's will is will pray to change the mind of God we pray to change our own line she goes on we pray not to have him change his plans flies but that you will be whether willingly doing said he plans to pray for God to change and in and in and need what we want over praying that God would help us see what he wants for us and I would follow we pray not primarily to avoid paying for strength scenarios we pray not to escape work before wisdom to know how to do it and to deal with well we pray first and last because we love him who has so loved us is not powerful when he says this because we treasure his fellowship and that's of the saints we pray because we treasure fellowship with God each morning in our chamber of prayer together with him I present by Emily Trias and so absolute surrender in our prayer life is not us whining and begging and crying and trying to get God to do things our way but absolute surrender in our prayer life is saying God not what I want when you want to reveal to me what that is that you want and give me the strength to do exactly what you want me to do Spurgeon said this in a misstatement he said if you do not do Christ's will he will not do your will ultimately were wanting whatever God 's will is for us we want our will to match God 's will in our lives so here's a question the question is this is don't expect an absolute surrender from me does God expect an absolute surrender from enough I think this is a pretty great redundant questions asked you probably all know the answer but the answers your live chapter nine verse twenty three and says any such all if any man will come after me let him do what they do not read himself take up his cross daily how often and what following the accident surrender that's how our date needs to begin each morning in our prayer time with God they take up our cross daily and to deny ourselves and to follow him wherever he asked us to go out like I did expand on this Olympic year and estimates churchgoing five page ninety four she says this is never difficult to do what we love to do that right difficult it will be wanted you to think that we wanted you are easy to do so never difficult to do things one but a change of course decidedly against our inclinations was a CNET news was called listing what it is listing a cross so what is an independent across a follow-up to its means to give to take a course of action to do something that is decidedly against what we see when we may want to do that starts in the morning each morning as we come into our prayer closet and we spent time with Don and Fred were asking for strength to pick up across the will of the father and to do what we may humanly not want to do throughout that day to speak to somebody that God may bring across our path to do something that we may not humanly want to do to say something that we may not want to say to go somewhere that we may not humanly want to go where asking for God to help us to pick up our cross and have an absolute surrender in that day as we go from so how can I make the surrender how does the surrender actually happen how can I make this type of surrender in my life what John chapter fifteen in verse five is another capacity to memorize I will send this I am applying the branches CNN of vitamin E and eyeing him the same one bringing forth much fruit and the Bible says without me you can do how much do nothing now I have to be honest when I first study out this concept of absolute surrender started asking these questions in my mind what is it mean to have an absolute threat what does that look like in my life I had this false notion in my mind that I would make the surrender to God and that God would take it from there and live out his life in the but the Bible tells me in this passage it says without me you can do I can knew how much can I surrender without him that's not something you can do on your own I used to think that I may just surrender and then God would take it from there but John chapter fifteen of her spy tells me that without him without being connected to the fine I can't do anything and that includes my morning surrendered twenty I need his help to get me to make that surrendered to him Philippians chapter to her safety the Bible says that for it is God which were giving you both to will and to do on his good pleasure so once I make that surrendered to God and I comes in I said what I can do it on my own I need you to do it for me then the Bible tells me that it's gone who works in the both the will of the his good pleasure it's not me that doesn't it's got to does informing the statement of that now I don't know about you but that's a very comforting thought to me because making an absolute surrender to God in my life it's humanly impossible I can't do it with how the way yet I find that it is an important component according to the spirit of prophecy will need to experience this in order for me to have a full conversion to have a full conversion are told immersive experience accident surrender is something that needs to happen in my life I can do it on my own but with God all things are what all things are possible listen to this bottom amount of blessings page one hundred and forty two you are not able of yourselves to bring your purposes and desires and inclinations into submission to the will of God but if you are willing to be named willing God will one accomplish this work with essay for you after taking notes right down the phrase willing to be made willing willing to be made willing if I am willing to experience a total surrender in my life she is telling me here that God will accomplish the work for me busy for a long time we've been trying to do the surrender on our own we tried it then our minds to take the kids to keep the commandments of God to witness for him to do to live a good upstanding Christian life as it is in the Scriptures we trying to make this surrender ourselves and we failed miserably in doing what if I am willing to make that surrendered to God I can have him accomplish the work for me and he will do a far better job of allowing you to surrender your life to him that I will ever be able to do so absolute surrender does not start with me start do you say then Donna does the work he accomplishes the work on our behalf the question once I experience that surrender was God does that work of surrender in my life and I had that experience in the morning as I wake up and I fall down on my knees the very first thing that should happen as we wake up in the morning is some word of praise should come out of our lips to God for another day of life the next thing that happens is we fall to our knees and we ask God to keep us surrender to do that work to accomplish that work of surrendering our will to his will not my will but thine be done now once that happens once I I I I have God surrender my life to him how do I highlight states are and how I maintain that surrender throughout the day Philippians says this will instruct the one of receipts and says being confident of this very thing that he which has began a good work in you will what performance you have to question who is VC which have begun a good working with that right okay so God that has begun a good work and you he said it says he will performance unto the wife didn't just write what is that the second coming of Christ so this is a vital promise that we can claim in our morning devotions this is a Bible promise that as we prayed a prayer I'm willing to be enabling largest morning to be absolutely surrendered to you today to your welling up my we can claim this promise being confident of this very thing we can have confidence that he who has been gutted and working in the performance of energy is that God will maintain that surrender forthwith thank you all the responsibility on myself when putting it on dime because I can do nothing without God 's help I can surrender myself and I can't maintain that surrender without his help cycling this promise I'm confident that he will performing at the Dean Jesus Christ from now until the time that Jesus comes in a beautiful promise statement wonderful performance reading the morning underlined in your Bible is a fantastic promise for us to claim in our morning devotional type serves as an cut to the chase here and make something very very simple maintaining your surrender is not a difficult thing if it doesn't have to be complicated maintaining the attitude of conversion and surrender to God is as simple as saying yes same what sonic to get a change in insane yes Jesus what is it saying yes Jesus that's maintaining your surrender when God comes in the growing is in the morning and he says which a lot because my child is time to get up his time to spend some time together on yourselves higher and you just want to stay in bed and get a little extra sleep maintaining your surrender to God is saying yes Jesus and then using your physical body and getting out of debt when when God brings somebody across your path who wants to know a little bit more truths of God 's word and you are for some reason fearful of sharing your faith in God says listen speak this word to them in this track to offer Bible studies to do with them whatever they need and were fearful to do that maintaining our surrender is saying yes she's a what parents does what our parents do things that they get a subset doorframe does something the goods is upset and were tempted to get mad at them to gossip about them to say bad things about the man said he was maintaining our surrender to Jesus is saying yes Jesus and keeping her mouth shut instead of saving they were going to regret later when God comes to us in the evening is is listen you spend enough time on Facebook he spent a month enough time on social media you spend enough time in the foolishness of this world it's time to go to bed so you can get up early in the morning retaining your surrender is saying yes to Jesus and closing it down not on either I've suggested to people before and I think is a good idea to go on a social media facts anybody ever done for one person in the back honey social media to your social media you want to reach Randy I just assumed that most of you are here are on try it sometime a social media press Facebook twitter integration I don't know them all and go on a social media fast I don't have anything to do with it for a week and you'll be amazed how much time you have to devote to the study of God continue and what I've done is I in my own personal life is not happy with the adhesive is a ministry thing and all I can do something but it was something that was consistent in my life I didn't like it and and the Lord has actually changed my taste buds and now it's like a very spasmodic about my reasonable maintenance I don't care about all the posts I don't care about all of that stuff every now and then I get on there just to see what might be going on its installation contacting the way to I then ran that stuff that's considering defecting over on my smartphone I don't have any social media know some of you probably have your first icon on your phone is Facebook your next one is twitter this is the grant and those are the ones that you go to the most I decided that if God is all important in my life and I want to be surrendered to him every moment of every day I put the first icon on my phone is my Bible the next one is the spirit of prophecy is slanted eyes my phone are my mighty uneasy when is the next one after that after that is the SDA Bible investigation of what is the United I put those the ones that are the most important within there in the front and I got my Bible memorization app that I use the memories guys working and I want my phone to be used as something that doesn't draw me away from God and keep me from not being surrendered to him by getting caught up in the foolishness of this well but I want my phone to be something that helps me connect with God in the moments that I have the connect with them throughout the day you think that's a good idea delete Facebook on your phone get rid of twitter off of your phone get stuck it's foolishness it's just taking up your time and time that you spend on Facebook suspended memorizing God 's word to sell absolute surrender to God is what it is saying yes Jesus that's maintaining that surrender throughout the day were saying yes Jesus as we go throughout our day the chapter nine verse twenty three it says any sense of them all if any man will come after me let him do what denies himself and take up his wife cross that's doing the things that we don't actually want to do and do what I started reading it again soon and any man wants to follow after God will follow after God you want to be in one day for me deny himself when you want to read when you want to read on Facebook or the news or whatever it is denying that desire when you're wanting to connect with somebody over some voice thing is not denying that desire when you want to engage in the conversation that's not same as denying that desire when you want to watch a movie that everybody else is watching is denying that desire when you want to spend time wasting hours playing video games it's denying that designer picking up your cross doing that doesn't come naturally follows not my will but thine be done were not accustomed to denying ourselves we live in a society where we please ourselves we don't have it we run a concept of what it needs to deny itself we don't experience it I'm not only tell you something friends when you look at the concept of denying self it seems like it won't be fun it seems like it will be fulfilling it seems like it will be a drag and boring to do that but I would tell you something when you are truly surrendered to God and you have effectively denied yourself to get picked up your cross and following up to Jesus you will have a happiness in your life but the Bible tells us the world cannot give you will have an experience with God in a way that you never experienced you will have a depth in your spiritual walk with God that you've never sat and was a was was was imaginable you never like it was possible to have that type of relationship with God this is such a powerful concept and this kind of gives our prayers like a turbo boost when we had that absolute surrender to God throughout the day in every morning it just does something to our prayer life that nothing else can in the end everybody on this earth one of the things they want even deny self or they will one day when you deny self when he will deny Jesus it's one or the other you can't have both of them we can't sit on the fence it's one of the other and I'm assuming here that because were all in ale why and what we want is to deny self really deny Jesus Lincoln ourselves following the footsteps of Jesus Pacino is an interesting Bible character I want to bring in at this point just think about this year to year Peter one of the great disciples of Jesus did a lot of wonderful things unfortunately gets a lot of bad rap by my preachers Illinois talk about how impetuous Peter is and how is not as engaged for his brain was as always putting his foot is now open wanting to be the best in the greatest in all these types of things and it's true you need to have that problem with his character nailed it we do two were no different than the site but when you look at the Gospels you actually find in the three years of the ministry of Jesus before he was crucified she did a lot of great things if you had the resume that Peter had prior to Jesus 's crucifixion it would probably be elected as a juicy president in the next session is to be a good little run down to write these things down in your notes and you can go back and look at this in Matthew chapter four verses eighteen to twenty the Bible tells us that that that that here was a man of obedience he was a man of what obedience Jesus said leave your votes the Internet's and combat follow me and I will make you fishers of men now that would be a difficult thing present you in our society have an excellent passage he was trying to encourage as many of you to do last night when he made the appeal that to offer one year of your life to God in service to him the Internet 's meager livelihood the education and come and follow me do what I want you Peter he left his livelihood he left his but left everything that was comparable to him the last thing any followed Jesus he didn't know where he was and ago Matthew chapter fourteen versus twenty eight and twenty nine we find that it was a man of great faith it was a man of great what they are they are there on the link and not just fourteen and ending the middle of the store and they see this being walking on the water and they're afraid just as it is I don't be afraid and Peter Czeslaw is it that you make me an apology on the water and what does Jesus say I was disputed by nobody has ever walked on water I can do that now appeared as though I do not allow him to walk on water when you get into the water using peer was a fisherman he knew that Jesus said one word what did he say and money beating of he had to say in that one word can't that it would support him as he walked on the water he stepped out of the boat walked on the water first and last man ever did Peter was a man of great faith Mark chapter eight verse twenty nine we find that Peter believed that Jesus was the son of God believe in Jesus when everybody else at that time didn't Jesus wasn't the this the flavor of the month most people they kind of look down upon it even though he was doing great miracles but Peter openly professes his belief in God and he says yes I believe in you that you are the son of God John chapter six sixty six through sixty nine Peter says that he believes that Jesus had the words of life he didn't mean Jesus when most other people bastards up it would be Jesus because it was unpopular to do that Peter stuck with them I believe that you have a way of life I believe that you are the son of God I have faith in your word I will later call a comment follow after you Peter was a great guy in Matthew chapter twenty six in verse thirty three and thirty five Peter they are in the upper room he tells his master that he would never what they were never denied him that although all men may deny you Matthew chapter twenty six versus thirty three and thirty five law amendment denying you I want you I will go wherever you want me to go yes even if it's on the death that's what I will do I will follow you even to death and finding that suggested twenty six go there with need you would message of the twenty six over sixty nine through seventy five sixty nine through seventy five two two thousand six him assess with our in the place and a damsel came on to him saying thou also was with Jesus of Galilee appeared denied before them all saying I know not what now saves when he was gone out into the on the porch another maid saw him and said unto him and said unto them that where there this fellow was also with Jesus of Nazareth anything he denied within a I do not know the man after a while came on to him they that stood by and said to Peter surely thou art one of them for nice beach retrieving then began he to occurs and swear saying I know not the man and immediately the cock crew and Peter remembered the word of Jesus which sat on to him before the cock crow thou shalt deny me thrice and went out what does the Bible say he did but bitterly Peter wasn't me I can do a lot of wonderful things but then in that hour of crisis the structure was too much for him Peter and the man who believes that Jesus was the son of God the man who was obedient to the masses call the man of great faith the man who believe that Jesus had the words of life the man who said I will never deny you at that critical moment in Peter 's walk when it meant the most to Jesus for his disciples to stick close to him at that critical moment what did Peter dear he became on surrender he became on surrender I'm trying to tell you something here what I'm trying to tell you is this you can live a good Seventh-day Adventist life you can do a lot of great things for God you can preach a lot of great messages and you can go to a lot of wonderful places in work for God you can have conversions of people that come into the church because of the work that you are doing you can be praised by the religious leaders in our establishment in pointing to a high position in the church deacons and deaconesses and elders in what had been pastor you can have this experience on the outside invited you love everybody that you are a committed Christian that is working faithfully to God but deep down in your heart of hearts you are on surrender and no money when you listening to the voice of God can tell you she would try to fool ourselves by thinking it would do some good things that were good Christian and unfortunately that's kind of what we're being fed in our church today if you do this and do that in billions go there go to this trade was a veteran with all the things and I'm not knocking those that is not evidence of true conversion and is a true conversion is picking up our cross daily and following Christ doing the things that don't come to us naturally say not my will but thine be done in our prayer life this is true conversion absolute surrender and Peter did not have that experience and that's why when the crisis in the closed claim Peter standard pressure and you deny crimes I'm a whole series meeting sometime for you call crisis at the closing why look at what Jesus went through and how he prepared himself for the last forty eight hours of his life and what the disciples did and what happened to them in the last forty eight hours and years of life and it's remarkable to see the contrast between the two how Jesus Wells today experienced rose to the time a student with nobility in his face because he was surrendered to the will of the father but the disciples on the other hand what bickering amongst themselves as they walked from the upper room to the Garden of Gethsemane who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven they wanted to have that great experience of being in the on the right handling a lot in Jesus in those final few hours as Jesus is going to that time ways when its friend the winepress of the fierceness of God they're figuring about who's going to be the greatest on something it's a great it's into great contradiction that you see between the disciples and Jesus it's amazing Jesus is our example of what it means to be Peter was and that's why he did not listen to me carefully you can do all of these wonderful things that people will think that you are a committed Christian when the crisis at the close of this birth history conference you will buckle just like Peter Barco because your faith is not found on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness he will buckle just like Peter buckle your buckled to the pressures you'll buckled to make changes to the news that the pressure of self preservation political pressures religious prices you'll buckled to it you will not be the modern-day Mark Chaya you will not be the modern-day David you will not be in the modern-day Daniel he will not be back because your faith was not found on not my will but thine be done him into surrender said things from a heavenly perspective and a heavenly perspective says if God wants this to happen it must be in my best interest even though I can see if God wants me to go someplace that that is going to be hard and difficult it must be about my goodwill and the betterment of his kingdom not my will but thine be done if God wants me to go against the wishes of people that I respect in my life because he's impressing in my life to do something some work for him not my will but thine be done it's a daily thing that we crawled to depend upon God and our will becomes his will and it's the most peaceful place that you will ever experience in this birth is that frame of mind not my will begin having en suite buckled when the crisis came only says early writings page one hundred sixty nine was talking about Peter had denied his Lord even with cursing and swearing but that look of Jesus Nelson Peter 's heart went to the bundles with this he stated safety look at Jesus as as Peter looked back the cock crew he looks at Jesus and a look of Jesus announces heart season he went bitterly repented of his great sin and was converted seems like converting C remember our first quote that we make as we started the session that quote said that if we don't have the experience of total surrender to God we have not experienced genuine conversion was Peter converted before he denied Christ yes or no this is where which means Peter was not absolutely surrendered to God I got on here she says this he wept bitterly and repent of his great sin and was converted and then was prepared to what strengthen his brethren when was Peter compared to strengthen his brother when he experienced what conversion which is absolute surrender that happens every morning Isaac God not my will but thine be done Oleg God 's people wouldn't need bitterly and repent of the great same you don't think Peter 's great scene was so much the denial of Christ although that was part I think Peter 's great sin was more to send of the attitude of an surrender I think that's what pew pews Brinson was because of Peter had been fully surrendered and absolutely surrendered to God would you deny Jesus yes or no yes or no no he would because he would have been genuinely converted anyway to follow through with what he said to Jesus even if they kill me I will not leave you I will follow you even if they put me to death but because he wasn't truly converted Peter buckled in a time of crisis after that he was repaired and strengthened to go and help the brethren out God blesses when we are serving again in the ends of this first history we will either deny Christ or we will deny self one or the other you have to make that choice and free morning when you wake up a way to deny self why you going to deny Jesus I choose you this day whom you are going to start starts there in the morning some fun event kneeled down next year that are not my will I'm done I give myself an wholehearted surrender to God blesses when we are convinced to him an absolute surrender the blessing is apparent as you continue to follow heaters life go from the Gospels his lack of conversion towards the end there Peter experiences a conversion experience and then acts we see the results of what happens when we are truly converted to God and they are in the upper room as as disciples and that the other Christians came together in the upper room there is unity in prayer Holy Spirit descends upon them afire and they go outs and they go forth into the city and you know the story and accepted to where Peter stands up and under the inspiration and the power of the Holy Spirit he preaches and eloquent message that is so powerful it can fix the heart of three thousand people you don't when you look at it in the results you get the results Peter was more effective in one sermon that Jesus wasn't year because he was absolutely surrendered to the will of the father doesn't make him better than Jesus anyway the data shows the power of absolute surrender Geos is three and a half years of earthly ministry with preparing the hearts of those people that Peter was going to preach limited costs and because Peter was absolutely surrendered to the will of God and to the will of the Holy Spirit as he stood on that date any previously mentioned three thousand people whose hearts had already been touched by the ministry of Jesus him into the church that day because of one sermon was preached what would happen if all of a sudden we hear this morning had experienced absolute surrender when we woke up this morning what would happen to our church 's Seventh-day Adventist church millions of members worldwide if all of my members welcome every morning and had that attitude of absolute surrender like Peter had what would happen to this church what would happen to this world friends are low value but when I first gave my heart to the boy I remember I went on a mission trip over to the Philippines and that first mission trip changed my life and as I saw the need in the world I said father I want to do whatever it takes to hasten your commie when I saw as many people that were there and had no knowledge of God and you live in a country where that case is this rates the case as well in life in America everybody knows about it here people that don't necessarily people they don't even have enough heart in the name of Jesus and God 's people was surrendered as Peter was surrendered on that day what would happen to our church what would happen to Malaysia what would happen to the world Jesus would come up a lot sooner that's what Ennis because God 's church hasn't been surrendered the way it should be and were still here this is true conversion this is where prayer this is where it all starts not my will but thine be done it doesn't just stop and accepted to good acts chapter three peters walking into the temple gates and there is a man in there that's asking for all its and Peter says that he doesn't have silver and gold have I not do what I have I didn't want to be in the name of Jesus Rice of Nazareth rise up and walk though you what given in his legs back to the lot better than silver and always you know son he went jumping in the main and praising God when I been a sight to see total surrender medical missionary work he comes into the temple gates business is totally surrender to God and he performs a miracle on the behalf of his neck and he jumps any leads and he praises God and he goes forth into a work for God that nobody else can give sharing his testimony of beanfield in the name of Jesus but when our medical missionary work with like we were absolutely surrendered to God again annual change would radically change in Baluchistan and the three that goes unacceptable or Peter was taken in the present and very imprisoned in stocks and changed the prison walls God shapes the earth and the shackles fall off the designs and the stocks on his leg off falloff the prison guard take out his sword and spreading frosting for is just stop wrong here many ministers that man spiritually and that prison guard gives his life she's goes on and on and on to the book of acts a church that is absolutely surrendered to God 's next and he turned the world upside down in the short in a very short time listen if we has a church with experiences on a daily basis this world would come to an end in this generation I firmly believe but because were falling around with the devil is because were playing the harlot on God willing we want to we want to be married to God but we still want to keep the devil as our boyfriend or girlfriend we want to have this this this polygamist relationship between us and God in the double gone once a monogamous relationship I'd add and the relationship with holes rendered him where you just need and him and her relationship and I am completely surrendered to his will he's looking for I think in this small group right here would experience that this country could see a revival by dinnertime and durable God bless us when his children are surrendered but a lot of blessings page one hundred forty one send this to feel a conflict is the dominion of the white where's the conflict the hearts of the Bible tells us in Revelation chapter on twelve over seventeen at the Dragon is rocking the woman with the war with the remnant of her seed she tells us that the conflict is taking place where in your head every morning you wake up devil wants you to surrender she was a list emitted a statement last night and I had to jot it down because I thought it was so profound and that is he said that I'm ninety nine percent surrender to God is not a total surrender to him but it pulls surrendered to the infected will want you to be ninety nine percent surrender to God because it's the greatest form of deception you think you could you think you're you're you're you're right but the Lord who think everything is okay but there's still that one percent that's uncommitted and you still connected with the devil in polygamous relations we can do this on around don't even try because you fail like the Lord do that work in your life that can show you what it looks like for you to be absolutely surrendered his God is in the business of saving people and season to do whatever it takes to show you what that absolute surrender of you are willing to be what Mainwaring Anthony willing to be mingling so the field of conflict in the domain of the heart of that which every which we have to find the greatest battle that was ever filed by Matt it's the surrender of self to the will of God they feel me on the hearts for the sovereignty of the integrator that will identify it every morning on your needs when you get on your bad extending your heart completely double that's the greatest battle that every one will fight that still while a war that's taking place in Revelation twelve seventeen the war between absolute surrender a partial surrender absolute surrender a partial surrender you don't know what it looks like the guy can show you what it is she says this is the greatest battle it's the surrender of self to the will of God not my will but thine be done following Jesus example looking at the heart not the actions last Davis page one hundred ninety one she says this God will accept nothing less than on reserved surrender halfhearted sinful Christians can never enter heaven to hear God will accept nothing less than what I reserved surrender this is where printing plants every morning I am by all that I have remember that that's what a had since Johnson this should be our prayer each morning I will often times quote this Bible passage in my prayer time spending time in the morning the morning my lord O king my lord O king I am not in all that I had I don't know what that looks like more but she only what it looks like I want to deny myself and pick up my cross and following the puts that the Jesus I don't want to be like Peter I want to be like those disciples I want to be like Jesus I would be ready when the crisis at the close comes I want to be ready to stand for what's right though the heavens fall I want to have myself with your spirits leading in my life today away much all life day by day surrendered to the will of God my lord O king I am nine and all that I so this is worse this is where our prayer life begins he begins by making this absolute surrender to God he begins by seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto surrender were pretty dance really do this in each one of our sessions as much as we have time but I want to take a little bit of time here and spend some time in prayer as we do not last session you'll find this prayer time boring I don't find it as kind of just an opportunity to space out your hereunder conviction right now as I am I can see in your face the Lord has spoken to you I trust that my faith that he is spoken to you as you spoken to my heart and there's no better time to speak to God that at the moment of conviction and tell him exactly what's going on inside your head don't use flowery terms or or evasive phrases but speak to the issue the speaking to you right now he's telling you about the area of your life when you're not absolutely surrendered to him he's telling you that you are not experienced in that he wants you to experience he's confirming that you are his child and that he wants you to be hot in the kingdom of heaven when baby wants to use you in a powerful way so while I do is allocate a couple of moments I want you to just spend some time with the Lord in prayer and ask God to do this work of absolute surrender in your life tell him I am willing to be made cryptic about five minutes or so and spend a few moments and prayer were unwilling to be made willing perform this miracle in my life let me take up my cross and follow Jesus 's example and not simply wanting you can deal with your enjoyed them I like new personally I want to explain the Mexican couple of minutes I spent some time in order this media was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about hard numbers you like the more assertive in www. audio verse .org


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