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4. Lord, Teach Us to Pray: Part 1

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • December 29, 2014
    9:45 AM
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okay so this morning really get practical in our time together this session is called Lord teach us to pray part one and in our next session is hard to argue just the parade part one and part two before we get started on the review worked on human reverse all right several hands very good how many of you know your memory verse I heard once that it was not fun doing what everybody not everybody is a leader now able to develop and say it i.e. coming on like a brother on the evening of margin rate only thing I'm leaving for this final event in a few minutes volunteer volunteer anybody want to come to our aliens and what do people know one yes please translation conditions and understandings in a generation or Cialis needle back to translation I explained it is ready to be supportive of our good brother here you can recite a passage force in the subject overall while family here on the will be truly creative marketing of Panasonic my plea for you and Omega man reflects the brother dies I do feel and shivering appear it is called business studio will level I ready the nose is you who greenlight things we may get our again at his next family else in China acting in it three times you and I are in some a you he is a very good come on you can do better than that and so there it is me and I was initially great and mighty things which thou knowest not now don't get lazy on this passage today's outlasting the workshops and you might want to know now that is a note telling you review the passage daily for a while and then start reviewing immediately after you get more provision within the new start again in monthly and it'll be amazing how God will just bring this passage right when you need it most so keep working on this presence it's a lovely one prosecutor Mike okay without any further delay let's go ahead and get started with a word of prayer which buyer has really bring loving father in heaven all what a wonderful time we've been having learning about the beautiful advantages of prayer hottest so much humor here again today coming before you and your presence because Long Beach is one I learned more we know there's more to this and that you weren't has lots to say thank you for those who have been working diligently with this passage of Scripture memory bless each one of us lawyers we intend to get it worked perfect in our minds and keep in their hiding award in our hearts to bless us now is in a little more time together I pray I think you in Jesus name Taylor launched in his book prevailing prayer page thirteen is an as is basis and is beautiful awake statement about prayer he says this someone has said that prayer is the Golden River at whose brink some die of thirst well others Neil entry that beautiful prayer is like a river that flows through our life and some will drink deeply from it and will find strength others will die of thirst because they are not exercising the privileges are couple of months ago I was in Florida United States we drove down there for for Thanksgiving holiday in the US that we have stayed with my my wife's grandmother who is ninety nine years old and I was walking through the house to go to the bathroom in the evening and her bedroom is right at frost from the door going into the bathroom and as I want out of the bathroom you can look right into her bedroom I walked out of the bath and I love her bedroom it was evening time and I I saw something that I will never forget my God 's grace as long as I live that is a ninety nine -year-old lady kneeling next to her bed frame their heavenly father ninety nine -year-old lady kneeling next to her bed frame to her heavenly father is a powerful picture couldn't resist I had to take a picture of it she has spent years reading God 's word studying it from beginning to end she was administered twelve onward or she does want to know God 's will and days and every day she comes the Lord in prayer spends time with him before she retires for the evening go to bed and go to sleep that night is that those powerful testimony she would she be very embarrassed if she knew I shared this picture with you but I don't think she'll find out as you're not in a teller I will secretly have a beautiful little testimony here of prevailing prayer in the life of this dear dear woman and her family so were talking about how we can plug into the power of prayer in our time together that's really what we're doing wanting to tap into the source of power that we have an prayer so that is not just individual but it's actually something that does translate power into our spiritual lines and to start off this this morning were going to look at a passage of Scripture in the Chapter 11 and verse one and the Bible tells us this is says and it came to pass that as he was praying in a certain place when he seized one of the his disciples settled to him Lord to just pray as John all all his disciples over the rest of the disciples may the Lord teach us to pray now there's something interesting I want you to keep in mind are just in to have in your mind that this this point in the Gospels the disciples have already been ordained there ordained into the ministry and after listening to Jesus pray they say Lord what now when you ask somebody to do something by asking them to teach you you are admitting and acknowledging that you are deficient in that area in my right why else did you ask someone to teach you something if you know it UN estimated seeds you but after the disciples listen to Jesus praying and they compared it to their whole lives they realize they didn't have a clue what it was what it meant to try and so they said life teaches the praise John taught his disciples to pray not to be honest with you this morning there was a time in my life where when it came to the subject of prayer unfortunately my mind we just kind of shift into neutral and I would kind of coast because I thought I had I gotten the information necessary that I needed to know how to pray then I started delving into a little bit more and I realize how grossly inefficient my prayer was and how inefficient my knowledge of God of prayer was according to God 's word is I kind of felt the situation in my life like the disciples Lord teach me to pray tell me to understand how I can pray a bit a little bit better so what manages money is really a very practical will get to learn how to pray more efficiently would like to look at some tools were looking for in the first presentation for the next presentation by militants and tools that come straight from Scripture how we can have a more effective prayer life know how this tell you ahead of time when I learned these first four principles of first-floor tools it absolutely revolutionize my prayer life and my spiritual life so I'm just passing along a few things that I've learned from my time studying other people 's writings and listening to them and talking to them something that they've done according to Scripture that had enhanced their prayer life and I pray that it will do for you what he did for me to look at for tools this morning as we answer this this call of Lord teach us to pray God is going to do just that in our time together so let's go ahead and look at tool number one and two other one is this how a secret place to what how they what kind of place of right had a secret place to pray now scheduled cells is this a message at six over six month down what our prayers enter into thy what enter into thy closet and when I shut the door frames of the father which is in secret and the father which she is in secret shall re- ward what he shall reward thee openly so the Bible tells us to have a secret place to pray and the very word their closet in the great simply means a secret place to pray and God is telling us to come into our closet dancer into a closet and shut the door behind us and there to enter into the time of prayer with our heavenly father you have a place to pray or maybe you are one of these people was a ivory everywhere but you know what before you can pray everywhere first up and pray what they make sense before you pray everywhere you first have to preselect you have some place where you meet your creator every single day secret place when you enter into thy closet time together with him about it we're in your house where in your room where in your apartment you have a secret place and every single morning that's when the Lord will find you right there for a long time my secret place I would sit on this is is this a cedar chest that we had in front of our window overlooking our front yard which is a very beautiful place look and I would sit there and now is my meeting place to meet God that was my secret place to meet and now it's changed in another place now that I need within in the morning is more convenient that we need to have a place to play this is my slot well I soon follow I said every single morning right here this is the spot so that the Lord knows so that you know this is the meeting place I like to visit Barcelona blessings page eighty four when outrageous enter into thy closet she says have a place for secret prayer Jesus had select places where communion with God and so should we we need off to retire to some spot however humble where we can be what where we can be what alone with God that's the key it someplace where you are alone with God is a story told Hudson Taylor he was a great missionary to China and he was on a boat going down the Yangtze River and while he was going on this trip the boat was heavily routing with lots of people and there was no place where he can get away and just spend some time with God in prayer each morning because it was just so crowded and so Hudson Taylor he wanted to have a place where he could break he realized the importance of prayer in his ministry and so he prayed and he said father please wake me up at just the right time when I can spend some quiet time in the secret place of prayer the next morning before the sun rose God shook his shoulder I welcome up nothing Taylor went out on the deck of that vote and all the Chinese men that were on the boat and asleep he had his sanctuary to secret place where he now with the Lord and you is heavily Jesus had many select the places where he would go and prayed to pop up in the mountains under Gethsemane various places but before you can have many price before you can have several pages in one place we need not every single day where is that I think about it but your house right now maybe you live on the country have some place outside where you can go to think of it where am I going to meet every single morning I'm going to make this spot in my house a sanctuary a secret closet light close myself in begin with every single morning have a place to correct great conifers page two hundred ten seven one says this from the secret place of prayer from the one place of prayer she says from the secret place of prayer kingdom how is that shook the world in the great Reformation where the power should the world areas on the Reformation from the pulpit from the street corner from nailing the ninety five theses on the door in Wittenberg where in the power con that shook the world and the time of the resume as soon replace a brand do you have a single place of prayer where you can come to God and through that for a time together with him allowing the Holy Spirit to shape the world as he shipped the world during the time of the Reformation holding God 's people would find any sea ice pray to God and three single morning soliciting this practical to be practical here where are you going to do this where you going to have your secret place of prayer I want you to put this into practice right now familiar thinking of some place in your house right now that you know so you don't forget putting star next to Encinas is going to be the spot this is where I'm going to be the one be strategic about numbers a place was just you and God able to get away from other people so you can have some time together within right now and you knows where that spot is going to be and when you get home on Wednesday morning basket of your spot where you need the Lord and face another one we are told in Scripture and inspiration that had a secret place to pray that our first school our first line of defense in guarding and building in establishing a prayer culture in our life will number two had a time to pray and it was having time to pray have a place to pray at a time to pray until sunset the fifty five in verse seventeen evening and morning and at noon will I pray and cry aloud and he shall hear my what my voice to me to have time to pray now you might say well I pray without ceasing sounds so right yes I pray without ceasing to listen before you can pray without ceasing you first have to live you first identify to pray at a specific time that you dedicate in your date each day that you are going to pray with the Lord had a place to pray at a time to pray and that kind of rate is consistent every single mornings this is a sign that I pray David suggests evening and morning that's a good place to start with start with one at least start with the morning time because Davis has caused me to hear my lovingkindness in the morning start the morning and managed to get proficient you can add in the evening as well but have a place to pray how to kind of break now want you to be practical here this morning think about the time the largest schedule when you need to be at school when you need to be at work what is your schedule like each day throughout the week and then think about backing up from where you need to be what's on you need to be there and then come up with a time that you are going to meet with the Lord every single morning of the thirty seconds of the big-budget schedule think about where you need to be what your days going to look like when you get home on Wednesday or when you get back to school and back to work and whatever may be when you need to be there and then backing off a certain period of time whether it's forty five minutes or an hour half-hour problem on you like about what you do spend and Denmark and that as the time that you will need the Lord every single morning and write it on your notes for the star next to it this is the time going to meet the Lord know what you think about that until you story some years ago when I was interviewed to take a pastoral position I'm telling you this in embarrassment but I hope that it will be a warning for you I was in the low part in my spiritual life in my spiritual journey there are a lot of things that had happened that were discouraging to me and I had turned my eyes the Lord unfortunately even though I was a minister at the time and I was not doing what I knew I should have been doing in this opportunity came up for transfer from my work in evangelism into pastoral work and I went to the interview to be interviewed for this position as a pastor it was a great interview lots of the questions but towards the end of the interview one of the people on the panel interviewed me asked me a question and it's very telling question it's a good question asking pastor Yasmine Jason how much time you spend in prayer each day if someone were to ask you that what would you say how much time you spend with the Lord in prayer needs a spell we don't come up with the time because we want to feel proud that we can say oh I spent a half an hour forty five minutes I've been out then this is an about us spellbound spell communion with him they asked me this question how much time he's been with one of recognizing this I was a little boy my spiritual journey I wasn't spending time with one of her the way I should but after all I was a minister and omit our minister supposed to be pretty so I came up with this evasive answer and I said well I like to follow the Bible Council and pray and I pray without ceasing throughout the day sounds good right the reality of it was I was spending little to no time in prayer systems really try to cover ourselves in high under this frame without ceasing being in the alike were at some sort of righteous you know righteousness because we do that but before we can pray without ceasing we have to have a specific time of prayer that sets the tone in our minds since the frame of mind for the day so that as he moves throughout the day we will pray without ceasing to have a place of I have time to bring their luster Levine says this education -based two hundred and fifty nine it was in the hours of solitary prayer that Jesus in his earth life received wisdom and power it was in the one in the one thousand and chloro pendulum phrase from more than an hour can you say that you pray for hours the Bible says she's is it within the hours of solitary prayer that Jesus in his private life received and wisdom and power wedding it was the power from hours of solitary prayer that's in his prayer closets finding a place to pray that you follow his example and finding at dawn and twilight a quiet season for communion with their father in heaven and throughout the day let them live up their hearts to God nor is she setting this principle here that you can only lift up your heart to God throughout the day if you first find a time in the dawn and the twilight to have a quiet session of communion with the father you cannot pray without ceasing if you don't have the time to pray every single morning as saying standard might think that you're doing it but you are self self deceived now you might ask the question asked how long should I pray in the morning I don't know I'm not even attempt to answer that because the Bible doesn't tell us we see that you spent hours in prayer and eventually it would be good if we could work up to that spiritual stamina when we could endure more than you know five as of ten minutes or fifteen minutes in prayer I think that's alternately work on want us to be you know when you first meet somebody new conversations with them are rather short but the more you get to know them along the conversations become and what intimate they become and the more meaningful they become and the more powerful a life transforming they become when you meet somebody like your spouse and you give me done for the first time when I meant my wife we had very minimal conversations when I met her for the first couple of months but the more we got to know each other the more we develop a friendship the more time to want to spend with each other talking to one another until I got to the point where we were spending hours talking on the phone together with one another we had plenty of things to talk about and it's only because we don't know I very well that we don't want to spend hours in prayer with him I wanted to spend hours in prayer time or ours in conversation with my wife because I love her and I want to get to know her more and the same experience can happen in our spiritual life the greater we get to know God the more time we are going to cut it to spend with him and you can find that as you do this you can be bumping back that prayer start time divinity bumping about earlier and earlier and earlier and earlier because you disclaimed me more and more and more and more time with God is this quote by EM bounds power through prayer a thirty three my highly recommend this book highly recommended if you can get yourself a copy of this book you will be richly blessed by Ian Brown's book power through prayer it is absolutely a classic painting the statement no man can do a great and enduring work for God who is not a man of what he says you can do a great and enduring work for God unless you are a man or a woman of prayer and then he goes on and he says this and no man can be a mammoth hair does not get much time to do what to pray so it's only great man of prayer and I do great things for God and you can only be a great man or woman of prayer if you spent a great deal of time in prayer together with God however powerful concept but you see I'm not a morning person I mean you are not morning people Judah one eight nine eight mid-nineties I raise my hand because I'm not a morning person I is it were me I would rather stay up late and ended up going I know that's not the way it should be I'm not a morning person but I want to meet my father in the morning each morning and so if you are a morning person I have a Bible passage for you that you can claim it's a Bible promise that you can claim in Isaiah chapter fifty and verse for this is a beautiful passage of Scripture it says this is a fifty first for the Lord God had given me the tongue of the learn that I should know how to speak a word in season for them to him that is weary listen this is the promise the awakening awakening who got the wake in the morning by morning he waited in my ear to hear as the lab as someone who doesn't like any dog does awakening so if you're not a morning person you have a hard time getting up or or or or you just resetting your start time earlier than what you normally do in your your fearful that you might not be able to do it on a consistent basis claims final promise claimant were viable promises in the next session together with claims by this promise as a lawyer you said to me you said you said he waiting this morning by morning new Senate and claiming this promise that you won't wake me up and listen to the Catholic does not say that he will make you feel like getting out of bed in the morning it does not say that you won't brown I read in the morning with all kinds of energy is rising anyone know when an enemy like to see we go it just says that he will one broadly in your eyes again and I and you feel like just saying a few more minutes by one 's incidentally I forgot the status before but what when we think about having a place to pray your bed is not a place to pray I don't care who you are thence were designed for sleeping dogs for praying and some of us like the comfort of our bed especially those of us in northern Michigan when he gets down to minus fifteen degrees Fahrenheit and the thought of getting out of those warm sheets into the cold of the Roman is just not very nice I know it's hard to imagine this and the thought of just rolling over and train underneath the blanket sounds so delicious in the morning and before you know it's the future watch anything like it's been an hour and I have been praying and say Lord forgive me thence are not a place to pray beds were made for sleeping so much logic placed the prayer that I was afraid and another time to pray so number two our second tool is to have a time to pray and we want to claim this promise that he'll wake us morning by morning but you'll get us all that he will wake us up and that we will do the rest of it my digging ourselves out of bed and going into that place and we've set aside price up to a limited at a time to pray to three is learned to pray aloud where only God can hear singularly learns of praying aloud where only God can know this is kind of a strange thing some of these things are really talking a PC Tools something you probably already doing but nine chances out of ten not unless your are doing all eight of them so it's if you already have a place to train your in the time the freight line you know just just just counted as a refresher course but if there are some of these things this morning that were looking at that you are not doing make sure you you building market value notes that you can incorporate in your prayer life so two hundred three is learned to pray aloud what only God can hear listen to this this is from the Chapter 11 verse one even this already but the Bible says again anything to pass that when he was praying in a certain place when he was what does the word ceased me when we saw when he came to an end when it was over when he sees one of his disciples said unto him Lord what teach us to pray as John also taught his disciples but here's a question how did the disciples know that Jesus had ceased praying the context seems to indicate that Jesus was praying verbally listen when you see somebody in prayer and negative quiet and not seen anything you might be impressed by the fact that they are praying for you are not impressed by anything that they are saying the content theory thing but the disciples they were impressed with the VP he says in when they were impressed by what Jesus was saying and when the Bible says when he sees when he plainly stopped praying this will teach us to pray we don't know how to pray when we listen to him this shall we don't understand what prayer is pleased to does help us to know how to pray just like you are pretty the deals with evidently praying out loud here he was firmly making his requests known to his heavenly father and if I did not order three twenty three satellites is learned and how it allowed where what only God can hear learned to pray aloud where only God here in the book I saw the questions I don't have is on the slider but Christ optimizes page one hundred forty five she tells us that the disciples when they found Jesus she specifically says that Jesus was praying out loud the Chapter 11 indicates that she explicitly states yesterday was praying since he says learn to pray aloud where only God can hear that you might ask the question how can it be a secret prayer if I'm praying out loud right after the secret of a brain will the key is where only what God so that's what we have to think about our place ever going to pray where is the place they were going to pray you maybe we can pray out loud what only God can hear that's why Jesus went up into the mountains that's why Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane as Jesus went on to the needle out to the outer parts of the city where he can meet with his father in a secret place and he can pray aloud what only God can hear it just so happens the together time the disciples were he stopped eavesdropping on his prick and a dog and we need to pray now she goes on and she makes a mistake in heavenly places page eighty four she says this that which is called for a morning and evening according to some but not always permit any sexual issues with many a wife and what silly and heartless repetition of words is a pretty harsh way of describing most of our prayers I sleep me and heartless repetition of words I hope that doesn't describe your prayer life he described my prayer life at one time the sleepy and hardness she goes on and does not reach the year of God what is she saying us leaving prayers they don't what Cedeno reached near got John does not need or require your ceremonial public company competence but he will respect the broken heart and the confession of sin the contrition of the soul the crying of the humble broken hearts he will not what learn to pray aloud where only God can hear so why do we pray out loud what wind is one why did Jesus pray out loud and why does the White House that we should pray I never noticed that when you're praying quietly to yourself have you ever noticed that you end up repeating yourself you lying wonders and you begin to think about your to do list for that day and many bring his boss back and say the same thing again and your mind wanders off again and see the same thing again and you kind of drift off to sleep for a few minutes because you're not talking when you're sleeping I know and in and wake up and in you you continue to try think this prayer and psychic Allison there are times when you pray silently I'm not denying that but in our devotional prayer we are told to pray aloud and there's a reason for that when you pray aloud a teacher engage was again akin to my gauge what because you sound really stupid to yourself when you repeat yourself over and over again I don't get in here praying out loud and you keep repeating yourself you all of a sudden realized I was on something really domineering and needs it I need to switch things up here I need to engage my mind so when we pray out loud exudes the line invasion it saves me from repeating myself I have to think about what I'm saying and as I think about what I'm saying I fertilize it with my mouth but you might be saying well I'm not in a place where I can pray outside I don't have I don't live in a house or in an apartment or anything like that I can get away with his militant of the person they can hear me don't let that be an excuse because every single one of us can whisper in your zone whisper prayer in the morning referred with preparing evening to hard to you whisper in older kids really get whispering mummy is you and you and your in a classroom full of people 's personal I like to say percentage will and you live in a house or your sharing your room or something like that in your roommate is not clear what you are saying is true this anything you crazy we only care what other people think as long as meaning that the father isolates of the link at the excuse that I live in a place like can get away into a spot were only dodging here because every single one of us and whispered think back to your childhood when you use them with Vernon technology and change your friends whatever maybe I do that with your heavenly father whisper a prayer to him whisper a prayer in a quiet voice but form those words on your lips and let it take root insider not a repetitious and repetitious prayer no innate creative rosary in his existing prayer over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again at the communities that has no form no power and it's just it's it's a dead shell that something for everyone have we went to talk to the Lord as a friend takes a number three are spiritual is to learn to pray aloud where what where only God can hear learn to pray aloud where only God can hear central number one to number one at a place of freight delivered to have a time to break two over three okay are the all coming from Scripture that Mrs. Altman on concepts that can revolutionize our prayer life okay so number four is our fourth to eleven look at in this session until number four is still learn to what you learn to listen learn listen listen to what the Bible says yes Psalms eighty three eighty five Cypress eight says I will hear what God the Lord will speak I will want I want here David says what the Lord will speak he will speak peace unto his people and to his saints and let them not turn again to what going he says I will I will listen I would hear what God is as we learn to listen to God we don't do this enough in our prayer time it just kind of like in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in and were gone at our prayer time will learn to listen meals only tells us that the Christ page eighty four ninety four she said Fred is the opening of the heart that God has a wide friend how do you have a friend that does all the talking maybe you want a friend how do you know people that you all are talking ability to identify the just drinks as it is voters are or are they just can't keep going verbal vomit all over you and you just like I you know when can I say something against anything because it is the nectar talking to you regarding at the linen of God write anything I want just hit me this is how a lot of my friends are we just were just like a mother were going going going going going going going and then amen and work on the line with her pussy tells us that prayer is the opening of the heart and not as a friend what kind of friend you do not argue a motormouth when you play tennis with God in your conversations you'll is coming back and forth back and forth pacing of processing a one-time and uses guidance coming to my meetings it was everything to do to sit and listen to me for an hour anything you do and after the meetings he would come up to me and he would ask me questions but he wasn't asking questions he was making statements he would ask a question and he would answer the question himself to ask another question and he would answer the question so many vascular and it was just like you he was going going and talking is identifying and signing a document on unity and any menopause to have a tennis match with me in the conversation it is double the level of the love and then when the timed pause long enough that I was able to handle my way into the conversation you can tell by looking at his eyes and he wasn't listening to what I was saying when you say next I will never met anybody like this it's quite an experience and I found myself he really doesn't want what is asking for he doesn't really want answers this wants to hear himself Karen we just want to hear yourself and you feel good because you put your time and is and that's not our purpose of prayer the purpose of prayer is not that you clocked in your thirty minutes of prayer our hour-long prayer that day the purpose of prayers to hear the voice of God that's the purpose of the event conversation with God you're talking and so they don't talk back to you and have some some some dialogue here but too often we just carry the whole conversation ourselves we look at this text many times but it's just so relevant songs one hundred three percent cause me to cause me to what Peter by lovingkindness in the morning so David St. Laurent I want to hear your voice speak to me in the morning we have a lot to say but we are not good when it comes to listening to God wants us it took years when I don't in my personal prayer life I just really practical here not to jump into the way I do you can do it however you want but this is what I've done in my prayer life what I do is I spent as I spent time with the Lord in prayer I drilled into my prayer time why just stop talking and listen stop talking and listen why stopped talking and I hope in God 's word and I read from an icy voice speaking for your work I listened to wait listen me a Bible passage I say lie what does this passage needs me tell me what it means to me and I went to this talk to others she wants to talk to you he's so eager to know when and when not when I wake up in the morning and before I go today while I'm in here Malaysia that that's the time when I'm able to talk to my family and so I don't waste time and in any connexus across those thousands and thousands of miles and all of a sudden I see my little girl 's face and I just wanted their and she has so much to say to me and I have so much sustainer and were having a great conversation back and forth and she's not an isolated where having a good time daddy and daughter God wants to have with you anymore he was to have that kind together binding with you we see here is from you and you hear from him is a great story in the Bible wonderful wonderful story in the Bible 's objective three young Samuel Brown needs Belen at this time was I given by his mother Hannah development increased in the Temple and and while he was there you know the story and he was laying in his bed one night and he hears the voice 's and rarer picks up because over the priest Eli is your revolving note twenty like that wasn't me the next event scratch his head send you a cup of speaking I can't recall me know not me my son did that I heard something lays back down soon chutney recipes to handle you didn't call me priestly life sleeping space also realize this must be the voice of God calling the young boy mystery says Samuel when you hear the voice again to speak for the cemetery so Sandy was nineteen he lays down in his bed and I can only imagine in his eleven -year-old mind idea of God 's must be just mind-boggling he waits there in silence of the night he's listening and waiting and he's listening he's waiting many years the voice of the same size you are certain that Jesus is Lord for thy servants or he says six words how many words six words and after he says those six words God speaks five hundred and three words to say how many would like your prayer to be weighted and white that we just say just a little bit spankings for things of course it was a prophet of course but doesn't that doesn't minimize the fact that God was upon us one little story here on out we were to say long prayers did not talk those euros are more likely to convince God come down and talk to us they disarm so he comes down to our prayer closet and in speeches no Santa doesn't speak what I said here and in his long conversation in the happening with God you are all kinds of things you wouldn't think would be spoken to an eleven -year-old calling to me and I will answer the and show the race and mighty things which thou knowest listen when God answers that phone is ready to talk we got answers her phone is ready to talk little sunny sink and the doctors told his parents that he needed to move to a dry the claimant where he can get his health bank so the parents asked the doctor where should we send artwork where should we move doing the doctors and advise them to move to the state of Arizona and in Arizona which probably haven't it's a very dry warm arid climates so they decided that for their son 's health that they would follow the doctor 's advice and so they packed their bags and a ready to move out the Arizona now Sonny and his parents they own two dogs one dog was Daisy and as the old dog in the news and other dogs younger puppy and the parents decided that they couldn't take both of the dogs with them out Arizona and so being logical parents they say well this is all she can die so I think the young dog to live longer now little Sonny had a very close attachment to his little dog and he cried and pleaded with his parents please let me take Daisy with us to Arizona and his parents and note the sentence were going to do they had some neighbors that like Daisy and they had talk to the neighbors about taking Daisy to be their own documents it sure will be when you move will take a view of the art will take care and little son he was beside himself he couldn't think of moving all only out Arizona without his friend so you learn something inside the school called prayer contrary learn something about training his son he was talking more about this is that he got down on his little knees and he begged and pleaded with the Lord please did Jesus Lee's amazing let me take Daisy let us take Daisy with us to Arizona seems like good friend I long my little dog I don't want to leave her behind I want to take her with me please dear Jesus Craig and Donna is his little knees and he told his mama mama bases coming with us to Arizona she had a bit of astonishment interface design hi you know that CC said because Jesus told me that Daisy was going to come with us I guess I pray I pray and God said sunny you will take Daisy with you to Arizona and just then there was a knock at the front door Mrs. Fox Sonny's mother went over and opened the door and it was the next-door neighbor who was going to take Daisy she said Mrs. Fox I'm so sorry but somebody has offered to as the dog and we've always wanted and we decided to take this dog therefore we will not be able to take Daisy and when you leave I'm sorry about that I hope it doesn't inconvenience you and she said okay was a door Daisy went within Arizona now shortly after they got to Arizona Daisy went off into the woods and inadvertently got shot by a hunter in the mouth she came limping back to the house death warmed over it didn't look good for a little sunny remembered how God hatches prayer in the substance of God-given answer this prayer only to bring her out here to die and so he got on his little knees and in his heart of safety training he said Lord please feel Daisy for me don't let her die I need her to help me get better and he prayed any ask God to heal his little pet and after he got off his knees Daisy got up walked over to the feeding ball began to eat and drink water she made a complete recovery couple of months later Mister Fox Sonny's dad was diagnosed with spinal meningitis pneumonia not incidentally especially back in time he was taken to the hospital is contagious and they didn't want anybody else to get spinal meningitis and so they speak to the hospital and Mrs. Fox were able to really see him and it wasn't looking good the doctors were painting a Christian pitcher for Mister Fox and so one evening around eleven o'clock Mrs. Fox and Sony were in the house and they were kind of distraught about what was going to happen to daddy to their husband to her husband and so Mrs. Fox came up with this brilliant idea she said Sonny God seems to be answering your grantors why don't you pray for possible little did they know that at that very time the doctor pronounced Mister Fox and they pulled the sheet over him when out of his face pulse wasn't in there in in in his arm anymore there washing that the instruments that they had used to take care of Mister Foxwell he was there that was it the doctor said to the nurse she was attending him he said listen went once you stop by the Fox home tonight and did the news to Mrs. Fox it would be better she hears it from you rather than getting a phone call and account the sum he didn't know anything about this he had a big heart of faith and he said okay Mama pray for possible incident gets down on his knees dictating to support his little heart out has only a little boy can't and he begins to pray as they like please bring pop back please given his health please heal him we can live our life without him why little boys at home praying for his popular as the doctors are in the hospital talking about the sad reality of Mister Fox passing one of the doctors for some unknown reason he slipped his hand underneath the sheet and he grabs Mister Fox's race and color goes out of his face another doctors see that he looks a little weird and and and one other doctor comes over on the other side of Mister flask and slips his hand underneath the sheath on the other rest and sure enough the heart was pounding in the chest of Mister Fox reporter she did that because I was back in his face gaunt performed a miracle and brought back another Lazarus from the dead because of the prayer of faith a little sunny powerful story Sony developed at a very young age the ability to the voice of God and that ability to hear the voice of God made prayer even more powerful in his life he knew that there was adopted because Don answered his prayer about Daisy coming to Arizona about Daisy getting healed anybody that surely God would hear his prayer about viewing is possible if only we would have been able to if only we are able to develop the ability to hear the voice of God how much more powerful prayer would become only the parts to hear that voice customers for the church volume five page five hundred and twelve this quote was made reference to in our Q&A session and the question is how do we hear the voice of God how is it that we hear the voice of God in our prayers if we plot what are we listening for I was in for a verbal voice was there are three ways in which the Lord reveals his will to us to guide us and Austin nine hundred whaling on the how may we know his voice from that of the stranger is that how shall we distinguish it from it from the voice of the boss Shepherd God reveals his will to us in his word the holy Scriptures his voice is also revealed in his life providential workings is receiving the story with little sunny and his dog Daisy so two ways what are the two ways than one in his in his word all the Scriptures and over to what confidential meetings providential workings she goes on and it will be recognized if we do not separate ourselves from him by walking in our own ways of doing according to our own self and following the promptings on a what unsafe the slider on surrendered heart until the senses have become so confused nature things are not the same as the voice of Satan is still disguised that it is accepted as the voice of God that's a dangerous place to get on we don't want to get there to develop the skill of hearing the voice of God another way which God 's voice is heard as the third way is through the appeals of the wine Holy Spirit making impressions upon the heart which will be watched out in the character three ways that God speaks to us through his Word through what providential workings and three through July the other the Holy Spirit cannot be appealed the Holy Spirit is better conscience it's your wife conscience when your conscience tells you that you've done something wrong that's the Holy Spirit is speaking to you when your conscience tells you I should really be doing this instead of that that's the Holy Spirit is speaking when your conscience tells you you should instead ask your parents that the Holy Spirit as we continue that's the voice of God speak so when I have my prayer time in the morning when I had my devotional time in the morning my Bible is as much a part of prayer as it is in one study because I call it inspiration that this is how God speaks to me the space needs are is where the financial workings of the Holy Spirit since I have my my mother and I pray and I'm asking God to speak to me as I'm reading his word and his speech to me as I'm reading the Bible the two of them together and all the sudden start having something happening your prayer life that you never experienced before so we have for tools that we've looked at so far number one we have a what secret place of brain damage yet we had a what kind of prey number three learns what pray aloud well and I can hear number for life this learned to listen to God speaking to you in a still small voice these four tools have radically transform my friend life and I pray that they will do the same thing for you as you develop this skill of praying effectually so why would resist as we conclude our time together here offer this first session today I want to break up again into our little prayer groups up to not free to listen to together and I want you to fray and ask God to help you know how to effectively implement these four tools in your personal prayer life okay so just not the specific because it bring together a general but ask the Lord to help you know how to implement these four tools in your personal prayer life to blame split off into groups of two one two and then I will have a final closing a listen when you don't frankly be quite let's maintained in reference of effort title conversations just be quiet and I'm closer to work for him I have been thank you for hearing our prayers they come from sincere hearts of God we want to be more effectual in our prayer we has the disciples see Lord teach us to pray father you given us these tools and implement this morning the one good of it what good is a tool it's not news to citizen into a bank rusts away like babies becoming tools that we become very proficient with every day having a place to pray a time to pray to pray out loud lesson finally we become skilled in our prayer closet may grow to be something that we yearn and long for everything what I pray that we will come to a point in our spiritual journey where there's not enough time in the day to spend as much time as we would like to pray with you help us to as Jesus be able to find the means in Friar Knights in prayer and injustice refresh from the present as though we had slept for eight hours of God we have so far to go again we thank you that you are so patient with us that you just stay right beside us leaving us each step of the way bless us to listen I pray Lord can use us I pray to build up the kingdom the power Jesus will media with broad audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain in the visit www. 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