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6. A Deeper Prayer Life

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • December 29, 2014
    2:30 PM
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father had been so good to us we learn so many so many good things and challenge to search our hearts Lord we were caring for one more session 's one understand from Jesus 's life was a deeper prayer life looks sulfonamide cravings you and you and your spirits to this presentation that you will send the message home to our hearts and that we would yearn for an experience like Jesus so Lord speak to us I pray in Jesus name tells us in the book desired ranges page eighty three fairly popular quote says this it would be well for us to spend eight one hour each day in the contemplation of the light of Christ especially the life the closing scenes listened to this we should take it point by point and let me imagination grasp each scene especially the closing ones that so this is a piece of advice for your devotional life she says we should spend a fun for our noting emphasis is not on the time it's a world power in the general sense of the term it can be more than an hour in less than an hour she says he will be well processed by the thoughtful all were in contemplation of the life of Christ especially the closing scenes we seem to get one my point and let the imagination grasp each scene especially the closing ones one of the most riches experiences and I go back to this many times in my personal emotional life is going through the last forty eight hours of the life of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew and John and to take it point by point verse five verse scene by scene and to let my imagination grasp what's going on there and as I'm going through this story I'm asking my at unmasking the Lord father please speak to me through the story helped me to understand what Jesus went through so that I can have a deeper prayer life and a deeper devotional life you said this is a great piece of advice for your devotional life and take the closing scenes of Christ's life and let the imagination grasp each scene she goes on Mister Dennis if we would be say that last we must learn me what must learn the lessons of penitence and humiliation at the foot of the cross she says if we would be safe on your music every hand up with dollars and she says if we want to be saved that we must learn the lessons at the foot of the cross taking it scene by scene point by point going friend of imagination grasp what's going on there so that we can become more like Jesus so what I want to do in our final session here at deeper prayer life is I simply want to look at the closing prayer of Jesus 's life and what that means us take your Bibles and go with me and he was the message of the twenty six in verse thirty six C chapter twenty six versus thirty six through forty six we are he had an emotional on this and we won't spend much time in the details but I just I want to go through the nineteen twenty six thirty six through forty six Bible says this then cometh Jesus with them unto a place called Gethsemane and saith unto the disciples Sydney here well I go in for a younger and he took with him Peter and the two sons and seventy and began to be sorrowful and very heavy then saith he unto them my soul is exceeding sorrowful even unto death every year and watch with me and he went a little further and he fell on his face and prayed saying all my father if it be possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as thou wilt and he cometh unto the disciples and find them asleep and saith under Peter what could you not watch me one hour watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak he went away again a second time and prayed the same prayed saying O my father it is coming up past for me except I drink it I will be done and he came and he found them asleep again for their eyes were heavy and he left them and went away again and pray the third time saying the same words then cometh he to his disciples and said unto them sleep on now and take your rest behold the hour is at hand and Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners rise let us be going behold he is at and the new training possibly between the hours of nine o'clock and midnight on Thursday evening only hours before Jesus was crucified Jesus invites his disciples to enter into a time of prayer together with him we arty know the story they go back and forth Jesus takes Peter James and John with him to you know the more secluded part of this prayer and after spending time in prayer together with one another we find the disciples fall asleep as we know in the story Jesus comes back anyways them up and he says pray that ye enter not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak they fall asleep again he comes back he wakes him up and fall asleep again the third time he comes he says sleep on it figure rest behold the hour is at hand interviews that he is unit of the training no one should notice something here in the book site for the Times December two eighteen ninety seven it says this at the end of an hour Jesus feeling the need for human sympathy I don't emphasize this genus is pregnant guard it wasn't just very quick she says at the end of an hour it was at least an hour long at the end of an hour Jesus feeling the need for human sympathy rose from the ground and standards of the place where he had left the three disciples of all two one receive them she says that he is caring for human sympathy and wanted to see his disciples he was looking for human support at this time his dark time in his life she goes on his human nature your first human sympathy he longed to hear from them words that would bring him some relief and is suffering but he was disappointed they did not bring Dan to help you create instead what she said she find them or he find them asleep what was Chrysler while waiting for his disciples he was looking for human sympathy he was looking for compassion he was looking for comfort from his disciples in this dark hour of his life he wanted to hear from them somewhere as that would be encouraging but he says he finds it must knows this testimony finds individual vitamins as he came to his disciples and found them sleeping their eyes were heavy this is why needs sleeping disciples is represented a wide now I reference this yesterday she says might be sleeping disciples is represented by sleeping church when the day of God 's visitation is not it is a time of clouds and thick darkness darkness went to be found asleep is most one parents so what she's telling us here is that the sleeping disciples is a representation of the sleeping church sleeping at the most perilous time in Earth 's history no one to do in our time here is the refund we had together is I want to do a little comparison there was a time of prayer that was happening in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus prayed disciples slept how that played out in the last forty eight hours of the life of Christ what happened in the life of Jesus and what happened in the life of the disciples as a result of what took place in the Garden of Gethsemane I think you already know over going to look at this from Scripture city says the sleeping disciples represent a sleeping church sleeping of the most perilous time of Earth 's history they slept away the opportunity to gain the strength and encouragement that they desperately needed you start our on their life that was closing in around them these are immediately seven hundred thirteen it says it was sleeping when Jesus made him watch and pray that Peter prepared the way for his wife is raising now we look at his yesterday and it's the same thing for us into sleeping that we prepare the way for our great sin which means that if we don't sleep I was spending time in prayer that we should we are preparing the way for instead of sand comparing the way for victory Jesus did as he spent their time with his father in the garden he was preparing the way for victory the disciples were preparing the way for the great sin someone a first look at Jesus frequently hear your free characteristics that we find in the prayer of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane free characteristics characteristic number one is a characteristic of line will be done that's the first characteristic that we might the most obvious that anybody can see when we look at the story of Jesus in the garden everybody can see this as they read this story solicits review it frequently here and he went a little further he fell on his face placing all my father is any possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will let as thou will what was Jesus asking for this prayer request he was asking for the cup to what passed away was that according to the father 's will know he was asking for something that was not according to the father 's will but he he clarifies in my saying not my will but thine be done he went away again a second sign of raising all my father is coming up fast with me except I drink and I will be done and he left and went away again praying this and prayed the third time saying the same words it's interesting as you as you follow the prayer Jesus and you can do this in your emotional time as you can see my seeing as readiness written prayers of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane what you find is as it progresses this prayer becomes less about what he wants and more about what his father wants remember prayer is not to change the mind of God the prayer is so that my mind becomes in harmony with God 's will for my life this Eliza starts on Jesus is making his request is telling the father what he would like it as it progresses and as it moves forward it becomes less about what he wants and what about when his father was unless we begin our prayers in this way we had not yet begun to learn how to pray unless we had this attitude of not my will but not be done via not learn that basic one-to-one principle of prayer so that's the first characteristic is that of the second characteristic one that we may not be as me not be as familiar characteristic narrative of Jesus prayer in the garden it gets any it is a weapon of prayer is in individual prayer a one-way mean by that now we just found as we read a few moments ago that Jesus did not want to take back cup and drink it Jesus wanted to pass away from him but he said not my will but thine be done now as Jesus is there in the Garden of Gethsemane he is all alone his disciples are sleeping there's nobody around him there is nobody there to come up to Jesus and put their arm around his shoulder and say listen Jesus I'm praying for you right now we found in the design phase is the best when he was looking for it was looking for human sympathy he was learning for some human companionship at this time but there was nobody there there was no way to come to Jesus and encourage it in the darkest hour of his life was there all alone in the garden as he wrestled with the father all alone all by himself only tells us in the book selected messages volume one page one twenty two there are persons in the church you are not converted and who will not unite in earnest prevailing prayer is that this we must enter upon the work how how individually we must frame or an talk there was nobody there to put their arm around Jesus incidentally this quote right here comes in the chapter called great revival something like this in about revivals and Susie Sanderson if you want revival in your life if you wind up reply what in your spiritual lot in your church and your family she says we must pray more and talk less and enter into this work individually but you walked in as I mentioned in my devotional this morning our spiritual experience is based off of the people that are around us and with the people that are around us are no longer there our spiritual life begins to wane when she listed in allowing spiritual life to be dictated by what was going on around him she is a spiritual life was entered into individually Kevin 's father he battled it out with him there in the Garden of Gethsemane and so the same thing should happen in our prayer life our prayer life should not be dictated by what's going on around us the hypocrisy that's going on around us the encouragement has been spoken to us meet the needs that the discouraging things that are happening in our life because what other people are doing to us are saying about us that should not dictate our prayer life our prayer life should be entered into individually 's and God consistently walking and moving forward in all our spiritual life together with like tells us in the book testimonies to the church volume eight page two hundred and fifty one she says that if one person under summarizing here she says that if one person earnestly seeks for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit it will need others to unite in that same prayer and that will cause others to unite in that same prayer and it's kind of a domino effect of using just one person prevailing thought and prayer has the power to transform the life of summary else so that they begin to pray the same prayer that was being prayed by the other person is kind of a domino effect and I began to think about this as a pastor what would happen if we had ten people in our prayer meetings were praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit what would happen if we had swung people praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit what would happen if our church was praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit she says it it's a trickle-down effect it affects other people and they begin to pray for God 's moving in their own life know what would happen if we had a whole church I was praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit not only tells us that we will receive a letter ring portion for which human proportions in which we pray for it if you are pretty much for the Holy Spirit you will receive much of the Holy Spirit if you're trained for the Holy Spirit daily and asking God to give him to you you will receive the Holy Spirit in a marked manner but Jesus Estes they are in the Garden of Gethsemane he moves into this prayer experience and eventually not allowing what's going on around him to affect prayer life with his father that's difficult we are creatures who like to have humans support just like Jesus did but Jesus move forward even though others were not there to support him characteristic number three of Jesus 's prayer in the garden characteristic number three is that Jesus was white in his prayer he was earnest in his prayer listen to this new chapter twenty two and verse forty four the Bible says and being in agony he prayed what depression what more earnestly and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground and deeper prayer life is what we're talking about this is a prior experience that none of us had had in the Bible tells us that as Jesus is praying for the third time the Bible says he prays more earnestly as he starts and as he moves Lloyd Franklin it builds in a crescendo ending is more and more intense more and more artists and she's praying to his father asking for strength to do his will in the Bible tells us that he gets a point where I seems praying to the father he begins this way great drops of blood knot was curious about this whole sweating one thing and I thought what what's going on here so I googled it I wanted to see what was out there and apparently it's actually a medical condition where people sweat blood and it happens when somebody is put under great emotional or mental stress acute fear or intense mental contemplation under these certain circumstances an individual Wilson what happens as for Larry's in the sweat gland rupture and as a result of that rupturing it is mixed with the sweat that is exhibited that is screening out of in the sweat glands ensue it appears like they are sweating blood and she is under such profound stress and mental contemplation in the garden as his prayer builds its crescendo and he prayed more earnestly the capillaries in his sweat glands ruptured and he begins to select great drops of blood that fall to the ground that's how intense Jesus prayer life once it physically changed his body histamine is also interesting people who experience this when enough of a blood the skin becomes very sensitive as a result of this so that adds something to the story as we're thinking about the closing scenes of the life of Christ that the physical agony of Jesus began in the Garden it began when he started sweating great drops of blood and when Jesus stood before Annas a high priest in the first of the six court session that would take place and as he answers the question of anise for the high priest and and and and and the attendance was there ask Jesus in the face because of his response and is that was incredibly painful not just from being smacked in the face because Jesus said just moments before been sweating great drops of blood a deeper prayer like this is something that we can't even fathom frames so earnestly that our physical body ruptures the capillaries in our swept away but this is a deeper prayer life this is a deeper prayer life in an elementary something 's new rail line that Jesus experienced in the Garden of Gethsemane not just happen at the spur of the moment this happened after years and years and years of moving out from the world and spending in the closet together with his praying for his willing not that the father 's will instead of his own personal wealth seeking wisdom from the front room of grace as he entered into prayer I like to listen early writings page one hundred and sixty nine she says I saw so with strong faith and agonizing cries meeting with God the accountants were pale and marked with deep anxiety expressive of their internal struggle listen to this furnace and great earnestness was expressed in her countenance was in Lars drops of perspiration fell from there what for him now I may not have the experience of sweating blood but she does tell us that in the last days there will be select groups of people who have such an intense prayer life with I'm due for a life with God that they will begin to sweat great drops of perspiration that will follow up with the tip of their nose that will fall over therefore into the ground as their pleading with her father desiring to do his will and not their own Jesus 's prayer in the garden of Gethsemane is indeed a deeper prayer life and it's an example for all of us but I want to take this one step further so we look at Jesus in the garden we've looked at him in his prayer but we was the effect on the result of juices proudly tell you something as you look in the last forty eight hours in the life of Christ this is what I found in my study it all happen Ross starting in the garden everything that Jesus did from the garden on was a result of the time that he spent with his father hours they spent in the garden destiny it was a domino effect as a result of that prayer time the notice of the Bible tells us that Jesus is their right honestly this third time sweating great drops of blood the Bible says in Luke chapter twenty two forty one forty three and when it was withdrawn from them about a stone 's cast and kneel down and pray say father if thou be willing remove this cup from me nevertheless not my will but nonbinding on the list and add here and Angel on to him from heaven to do what what came from heaven Bible says there is an angel that came from heaven to strengthen him listen to this I don't have this on the screen on the street this is from desire of ages page six hundred and ninety two and says this the angel came not to take the cup from Christ's hand but to strengthen him to drink it with the assurance of the fathers love you just look at how Jesus came to his disciples and when he came to the disciples what was he looking for is looking for human sympathy and compassion he was looking for support front of his disciples and he didn't find it but as his airframe to the father the father says okay on medicine Angel and Angel to strengthen my son is not take the cup away but his finish raping him to drink it nothing goes on and she says Christ's agony do not cease when the angel came but by his depression and discouragement with some say it left it left him so I nowise abated but he who was his aunt Jane Wyche ranked me to meet its theory he became quite calm and serene offhandedly please rested upon his one bloodstained face it we know this is after the third for acting against sweat great drops of blood when he prayed more earnestly then after hours of prayer the angel was sent and this is the executive from the same ages as the angel that stood in the presence of God 's name is Gabriel and Gabriel was the one who came to Jesus and strengthened him to drink the cup that the father was asking him to drink Jeffersonian at you what I can put a slight up for this song separately former seven the Bible says the angel of the Lord in camp of the roundabout them that fear him and deliberate them to underline her right down next to that passage delivery were deliberate the word deliberate in the Hebrew it means to win for war what does it mean to you quick for what so the angel will together write about them that fear him and delivered a sequence them for battle and this is what's happening here in the garden edges is wrestling with the father is going through this prayer time in the Garden of Gethsemane God sent the angel gently pushing him for the water that is just in front of him is what we are looking forward to his people because were promised right here remember when looking for promises were promised right here that the angel the learning camp of the roundabout them that fear him the Angels of God will come and they will surround God 's children and they will equip them and strengthened them for the war that will come before them as they pros the front room of God 's grace on their knees praying for God strength and will power to do his will so I asked the question then what effect did the prayer in Jesus is experience in the garden what do you think Jesus time in the garden rather have on him what effect did it have on him well was look at it John Chapter eighteen verses four through eight isn't this Jesus therefore knowing all things mentioned on him went forth and said unto them CDs already have the longest now come the surrounding Jesus in the darkness of the night it's just about midnight at this point and she was comes out and says José G we answered him and said Jesus of Nazareth Jesus saith to them I can see and Judas also which betrayed him stood with them was the next listen to this and success so then as he had said onto them I am seating they went backwards and fell to the what do they ground out desire he just tells us what it was that made them fall to the ground what it was that made them fall to the ground was eight the angel Gabriel came in between Jesus and the mom and the Angel Gabriel moved between Jesus and the monologue fell back like dead men in the presence of this angelic being what after that Gabriel 's presence begins to withdraw from the earth and Jesus is left there alone then asking them identical see the end they say what Jesus of Nazareth Jesus answered I have told you that I am seeing if therefore ye seek me less these go oh there way fascinating story here on Jesus and looking at the results of the time he spent in the garden and upsetting and how that had an effect upon him as he entered into the time of great crisis in his life the snow on your new job in twenty two versus forty nine to fifty one the Bible says Wednesday which whereabouts hands saw what would follow they sent under him Lord shall we smite with the sword and one of them smote the servant of the high priest I want to go back because there's something I want to look at here go with me to Matthew chapter twenty six I skimmed over it but it's worth going back and looking at Matthew twenty six I don't want to miss this point is too powerful message of the twenty six of them were looking at the results of Jesus 's time in prayer in the garden Matthew chapter twenty six versus forty nine and fifty listens of this the Bible says and forth when he came to Jesus that is Judas and said hail master and kissed him and Jesus said under him what he say what he say what he called you this day called Judas friend he said friend wherefore art thou come then came today and laid hands on Jesus and what took him now that where friend there in the Greek is a kindly address me ask you question would you call somebody friend who was betraying you to your death of course you wouldn't present NSA destiny of course anyone will justify from a human perspective to call that person in any way Jesus had just come from the garden frame for the will of the father to be done he has compassion for his disciples and he sees Judaism June is coming I need to the face of Jesus in that betrayal kiss and well read that that the kids like us to lunch she freshly laid there in the midst of Judas Jesus turns him and he says friend in a kindly address bar now what's going on here now you might not think that this is an important thing to think about but asking the question you put yourself and use a situation how would you react to speak if humans use a situation right then and there she was kissing you how would you have reacted quite the development of human opinions important question asked but I believe it's very important because the Bible tells the message of the tent down it down Matthew ten thirty six ninety ten and verse thirty six the Bible says and a man's foes shall be very sound gas shall be they of his own household finance foes shall be want they are his own household those that are closest to us will be ourselves in the last days Jesus says he is entering into this final crisis his flour his enemy is the one that's closest in its serious what he is telling us here is that every single one of us in the final crisis are going to have a Judas in our life somebody who betrays us for whatever reason and fearful that many of us are not ready to stand like Jesus did we can't even retain sympathy love and compassion for our brethren now when they mistreat us and offend us over little things and talk about us behind our backs we can even have sympathy for them at that point when they say offensive things when they point out inconsistencies in alliance with the first things we did we did the first thing we do we get offended because of what's going on we become upset we stopped talking to them or we do back to them what they've done to us but Jesus called you his friend Julius Jesus love genius I would tell you something what you said to Judas did not come from the human that but it came from the divine with had spent time with God in prayer and we can only have that love for our enemies if we had that frail life that Jesus had in the garden if we were like the disciples sleeping during that force is time we will react like the disciples reacting here's what the Bible said they did was they which were about and saw what was what would follow they said unto him Lord shall we smite with the sword and one of them and some of the servant of the high priest and cut off his right ear and Jesus answered and said separating us far and he tossed his ear and money needed to it it's funny you know the disciples VCG that he's he's he's getting ready to be betrayed there's laying their hands on on Jesus and Bob take him away and the disciples all the sudden they're not sleeping anymore why went is a lot a suitable arthritis and fight for you Peter doesn't even ask the question is for the assortment hacks off the sermon on the high priest you're right on anything serious to me that the disciples listening carefully were willing to fight for Jesus but they were not willing to write when Jesus and so many of us are willing to do for God golf for God for God 's reach for not stopping forgot were willing to do things for God and fight for him but we are not willing to pray with God and it's because of this that the disciples reacted the way that they did now the Bible tells us that when Peter cut off the service here what did Jesus do he stuck it back on that you're probably what better afterwards than it did before you write back on his head and then he turns to Peter and he says it's separately thus far in other words he says stop what you're doing now we know from Scripture that it was a proud person they were bickering amongst themselves would be the greatest what happens when you read you a proud person what happens they become offended it was Jesus did not commit him for his willingness to fight for Jesus Jesus did not commend him for his willingness to defend him with the sword Jesus repeatedly sent and then he reverses what Peter had done he puts his to hear back and then the guys had this prison cells this design into six ninety seven in their name the nation and fear Peter proposed proposed Peter Burkholder was that they save themselves following this suggestion they all force him and fled Judas leaves the mob that takes Jesus to the court hearing that would ultimately condemn him to death Peter suggests that the disciples split and leave Jesus on his own trilogy is his twelve disciples led the charge for the disciples to betray Jesus and leave him and for the month to come and take Jesus away and went selling something my friends if we do not enter into the Garden of Gethsemane experience in the last days we wouldn't either be a Peter origin this is still playing when you look at the Garden of Gethsemane and how it plays out in the life of Jesus and the life of the disciples that that hours of prayer in the garden made all the difference in the world Jesus was peaceful he was called he was dignified as he entered into that hour of trial Jesus goes from the hands of the law any entries into six different trials before six different individuals and and and as he stands before the six trials Ellen White tells us that people who were there were us Don asked at his parenting he had dignity he had called in this team was put together and he was in a form of God and as they look at the NCI official tells us as he looked at Jesus in his court session AIS this was convicted just by looking at Jesus he was the son of God than the promiscuous crowd that was there around Jesus into the eye this is quite as they look at Jesus they said Shirley Murdock in a crucified the son of God he has even said anything just the look of Jesus calm and dignified put together not fearful but depending upon his father the disciples on the other hand you see Peter betray Jesus he also cannot like sheep without a shepherd there in the shadows suitable for their own lives why do they can spend the Jesus prayer how different it might have been how different might have been in the lives of the disciples at the expense time with Jesus in the prayer of God Garden of Gethsemane so I want to close this session by asking a question and I want you to just think about it for moments and just search our hearts we look at Jesus 's life a deeper pro-life that's how deep God wants us to go but asking the question where are you in your prayer education Lord teach me to pray where are you in your prayer education are you still in elementary school little kids school are you crazy school or high school for teenagers having gone to college and/or university are you working on your Masters or your PhD in prayer where are you in your prayer education experience I want you to search your heart this morning this afternoon announced God in your brokenness and openness to search your hearts and tell you exactly where you are in your prayer education and whether you are at the bottom or close to the top ask the Lord father teach me how to pray as Jesus prayed teach me how to having to group prayer life as Jesus had to take a couple of minutes for you to pray for that prayer and ask God to show you exactly where you are in your prayer life and then I will have a closing word of prayer celebs kneeled together as the largest searchable cards asked the father to show you where am my Lord and my prayer education and then asked him to move you further forward to be more like Jesus Halladay we had just a little glimpse into the life of your son had a profound life he lived a great example he has left for us that we might follow in his steps him just have tenants of the prayer life of Jesus we would be so much better off but Lord were even stretching from more than that we want to have the deeper prayer life of Jesus thanks that gives us peace in the midst of the turmoil of my life that gives us call in the midst of the storm that gives us love for enemies and brings conviction into the hearts of people whose presence we are in father show us how we can make this a reality we live in these tools would look at several things but father without your help and the Holy Spirit these will just be dead principles tools freedom life more into our prayer life reason wife into our devotional reading life spiritual life into our my thank you for my friends who live in so faithful every day coming to this time of study and what I write a sense that their desire is similar to mine in and that is that we want to have a better prayer life and I pray that if they go home that is we all go our different ways that we will be different because of what's happened here in the last two days in this room were the Holy Spirit descended upon us and I pray dear God that souls will be one of the kingdom of heaven because of a change that you are the mouse performing on personal prevalence bless each one of us will keep us close by your side encourage us when we are discouraged strengthen us when we are weak guide us when we are confused and at last what bring us into your kingdom thank you Lord thank you for hearing this prayer in answering because we pray according to your will and has been creating your son 's name but I will than nine hundred dollars this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about how universe you like the more certain and www. audio verse .org


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