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1. The Three Angels Messages

Adam Ramdin


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA



  • December 28, 2014
    9:45 AM


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funding the window look at in the next two days come than the title last payments some theologians would argue that we have been living in the last days ever since Jesus died on the cross but sometimes we often think the last days is now a son doesn't think what Las Vegas is not just yet as a right at the very end now in this presentation with the reader will see the last days I believe the timing of when living in a begin to focus specifically on some of those events that I believe will take place right prior to Jesus for the sum of those events that take place right private easements are dependent so to speak on what takes place now in the present stomach since maybe maybe not open become more clear as we go on the subjects of the government not necessarily in this order within a look at what other three Angels messages are brief overview the three angels message revelation fourteen verse six to twelve folks of three angels if the last place rate that we have the messages I left message given in the Bible look at the rate of message them another look at subjects all collect the rain allow cry the shaking we will look at the time of trouble in the time trouble is often missed understood a lot in our church I think we often you anyway it's we misunderstand a law and misuse that Doctor allots and I want to also look at some trouble and cause people to limit how blood delivers his people at the at the very end so I speak too fast please tell me to slow down you would let me to repeat something they say rewind and if I'm boring you be successful with my move at last payments about as we start with a word of prayer father never we thank you for the privilege that we have to study your words we thank you for the privilege we have to look into it I pray love you give us wisdom you would guide us and that your blessed us we pray this in Jesus name amen the text in the bylaws I refer to when I was introducing the seminar it comes from first book cook is not on counsel first clinical step twelve invested into this Chronicles twelve was that they were in the Bible says and the children of Issachar which would amend that hot understanding of the lot times to know what Israel ought to do this is the general principle of life if you know the time that you living in if you know what is taking place at that time you can adjust your life accordingly she was taking place these men of Israel they knew what was taking place therefore they knew what they want to do the Benjamin under the powerful message yesterday for some of who when he was talking about the times that we live in and based on an understanding of the times we live in the science appointees coming soon shut change the way we live our lives in Romans that the inverse eleven the effects of deals I leave window times in which we live it says I'm not knowing the time that it is now what the next website hi what is it me with his high time you attempt to open in the English-language new every now and we might use but it is when you say it's high time to awake out of sleep another way we can say that right now is the right time it's the best time you should happen right now it's high time to wait ghastly one not without foundation then when we believe in another text we read of this Deuteronomy twenty nine twenty nine miles as the secret things belong to belong unto God but those things which are revealed belong to us and our children's revenue on us it is always open for the last evidence of one women's chivalry which have only one filing is famous is often one of the most speculative things that is studied in Christianity and to make it relevant in this context influences is one of the most speculative areas of study and the reason why this sometimes you may hear the preacher they just known as being a preacher that focuses on last day events now I'll speak for Mike spirit of the breach on our site is always a dangerous thing to be known as a maintenance project and the reason why is this because he tends to generate in your audience a desire to heal something new generally in society we have we have a cultural desire to always easily new general thing Apple said Think Different so we'll try to think different all the time and lastly events doesn't know could be printable Bible study this is not the problem you may get into is the one he will be before we don't vessel you spend the next six months study all the savings you can get convicted wow how Jesus coming soon I decided over this the challenge is that if you want to go quote teapot what you tend to do what you can see happen is people 's stop looking at a lot more nebulous page areas defined pull something concrete out something is not that we can get down the track where we all deserving below at the time clock for Jesus return in the sense that we get obsessed with watching American politics we got obsessed with watching all the things that we know prophetically important but ultimately it's knowledge that is my experience was studying of prophecy should change the way you live it should give you faith one of the Israel lobby but how do you know the mileage like if it was studied the properties I know I know this is concrete things that will prophesy that happen they give me a foundation that cannot be shaken but I know the Bible can be trusted I know Jesus is real prophecy should do that to us but also inspires experience with these questions were told the secret things belong to the Lord our God there are certain things that we may never know somebody say amen that's hot for us to come to and accept some proud Seventh-day Adventist but I think there are certain things that we may never know in the writings of the Bible for Jesus comes as adults spend your time going down those alleys null the pillars of Daniel and Revelation know the key things know where they are a recognizable set the good things that were done in them it asked at the one the seventh and the rebuttals accept one the seven accept the one the seven the Bible says the voice that he left they events we should always study what is clearly revealed and accept the one oh seven the Bible says and he said unto them it is not where you should know the times or the seasons which the father has put into his what on power is that things that we just won't know how we must accept that and be home all that is the case that they remain on what mother would have gone out of the things revealed belong to us and the children for okay okay so we are living in a time when the final message is to be given her the question is what message is to be given in the day which was a message which message is the final message views of the creator okay my apologies I'm still not still quite not use the Malaysian English Angels maintenance Matthew twenty four says and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness on the all nations and then shall the incumbent Matthew twenty four must be twenty five in some ways are a microcosm of the book of Revelation Jesus given the long settlement and within the seventieth of us was in this gospel shall be preached in all the while to every nation and then shall the income now in revelation we have another gospel as Rosa Matthew pointed out which talks about another possible building to all the world and all the nations revelation fourteen verse six the defendant or you can memorize in your head if you know all my hot revelation fourteen verse six the Bible says commission four zero six out of this that somebody then I saw a lot another angel flying where in the midst of heaven having the and the last thing possible having the everlasting gospel to preach to every nation every kindred every time and every people saying with a loud voice that seven still got a newborn example of the hour of his judgment is come and worship in the make ahead with the the sea and the fountains of water this I believe is the final message that will go to all the world now knows visit the judgment is spoken of not as coming but as what having come to Revelation fourteen the segment is linked with Daniel chapter rape fourth-seeded it in the study that before then do you have a new understand Daniel eight fourteen give them the time that the judgment multiplex Daniel eight fourteen before us at the two thousand one then Java century being client that Daniel Chuck three fourteen gives the time it felt as when two thousand readiness than a century will be when Revelation fourteen best seven give them the message that will begin learning the time of judgment go back about it says about that thing allowed with a dog you going in for the Al of his judgment what is come and what was in them and have not goes on to Daniel eight fourteen gives the time Revelation fourteen seven gives us the message that we should deliver at that time the time is eighteen forty four the message altering the time of the cleansing of the century when Jesus started his final moment in heavenly century the three faces of Jesus ministry it was the cross it was a holy place and then there was the most holy place Jesus had completed across the courtyard on even with the holy place from eighty thirty one to eighteen forty four he then moved into the most holy place to complete the final phase of the atonement the final phase of the atonement as a result of such a message a group of people all brought together note this is in Revelation fourteen seven reported that revelation for the notice what you have you have three messages this is six seven eight nine ten eleven and then as a result of that you see what type of people are brought together most twelve says he is the the patient is on the phase error they viewed in the commandment of God and the faith of the result these messages with David he was recorded with what the result these messages at the end you have a group of people at the top of the message should make the participant group of people who want it with the patient's upper sites and related keep the commandment of God and the faith of Jesus when you and I study Bible prophecy especially end time events that should be the result in our experience issue now amenable we study Bible prophecy we become more augmented edition will be the only study Bible prophecy we become more arrogant we become old dogmatic we become more whatever we study prophecy fun events the three angels message a short virtues righteousness in us it should not produce as being willing you seem religious people willing to be on religious to defend something that religious note above and about other negative example is very extreme the don't have to necessarily thought of you have this irreplaceable we happens in the UK but I'm guessing you probably have the simulation is a dominant Muslim country where you will have in a small-scale defending the occasion he has been using is big news but this kind of against the grain society where young lady for example may have decided to go and be with a man a family don't agree had to be with and so in order to respect the all the family living on the fifth if not on the killings of May this is set maybe it's on the web ladies and from country to come the moment anyway in the Pakistani community in England India the respect the all not all the family and will kill a family member the maintained on a religious motive that drives the economy judge you may have seen also been checked people are viewing the healing out points and points one was doing his meeting and we had a preacher that it was him effective and discrete and we had auto meetings and use me things never forget this because it was only four hundred seats in the new poll is a really wanted the user to believe whole because if the Yukon on the full benefit of the hellhole you want to make sure the only vehicle and the whole but there was a lot I also wanted to go to you now that if we did the right thing but we want we put people at the door to make sure that only the youth and youth meeting on the health students will only be made out of but we wanted to make sure that the youth to use make up I sell you a different shades of elitism that was seen in the adults at the goal people were willing to fight to get it in some Technorati didn't like to put it like I wanted a little you're willing to fight to get your blessing they may be using similar things and I'm a smaller scale the point is when we start prophecy revelation for the most plow the end result should make it produces in us the patient is not the if it doesn't then maybe the problem with us is the problem the brilliancy what is the problem with legacy remission three must fifteenth twenty problem at latest the event I say I am rich and increased with goods and have need off nothing but probably latest the is that the rich the family they know there is no spray read to me a response not know the rich most rich people always competitive the other rich people and they feel like I still need a bit more generally speaking at Iraq little waste of a thin nose and rich and probably this via if it is not a is not a problem knowledge and Seventh-day Adventist that make us believe this seems today and follow it up is that we have this fixation with knowledge which is this yet we had a subject what I know that we have as of yet another we have are things like for example like we just wanted to cross all the cross you know that Jack it was a yellow voices meditate for now note see the present yet but that on downhill yet we are this is the desire is to have something new if the preacher delivering it with Ariel the problem is not always with the breach the problems with us often times you know how is on the judge of you good people pray this prayer will teach us something new from no work will bring something out of the woods we've never seen before I went on the cause of the bread needs to be fresh will let you know when Sunnis mean press is always fresh and the something new is fresh in the experiences we have when it the study of prophecy the study of the Bible as the looking glass they inefficiently such a change is our experience as we go through it if you study the friend of Mrs. before anything me will maybe need a new experience with that message no knowledge of the message is these people rummaging for the rest of what happens because of the vessel for the new facility will happens is looking on these people ready for Jesus yes the vessel I looked in three dozen integrated and invest fifteen August while in some ways is restful setting fourteen and fifteen huge economy and results address for these as I looked and behold a white cloud upon the client wants like the Son of Man have it on his head a golden crown and is having a shop signal this is talking about a second coming of Jesus is coming when a crowd of it in a single to read the hobbit as the imagery that is being used that is reaping the harvest of the result of the methods of the three angels if it produces patience in the Saints which means that when Jesus comes he's ready to read this topic this is not in the sink without we sing it in Revelation fourteen that we had the last day message for the last day people will identity the negativities message I would looking at when it was originally preached in the context of it and it is still applicable today as all of these methods have a point in time when they were preached for example Noah's message was preached in those days the three angels message we preach that the day the question I'm asking at this point in the presentation when what they originally preached that the random message will originally preached by for example is not they were not originally brings my locked in the book all by John Wilkes went with the original context of the three angels message with the old at least three angels they have a historical fulfillment all of these messages number one two three the historical fulfillment around the year eighteen forty four when they were first reached and then we can we can locate the certain events and periods some of them are still future okay so what on earth is look up and eleven o'clock and we have a break in the middle by can of eclectic so an adjustment element this points to the time of eighteen forty four which dominated for people with October twenty two lead of the story they thought that Jesus was coming to the faithful the century was the and the cleansing of the century was the fire that would clean the that's what they thought now in hindsight hindsight is always twenty twenty we know they were wrong they also realized that they were wrong some of them so this could only happen what for what reason could does not happen was the primary reason why this could not happen that we use as an Adventist church to defend the teaching of the judgment why does this not make sense logically I biblically number reasonable one that is good you to having a mind to use we'll talk with other people bond I'm kind of looking maybe my question is not clear so I'll move on clinical one the reason why is this revelation twenty two with eleven to four of this upgrade principal anonymous now prior to Jesus coming and must be investigation first Jesus doesn't judge when he comes he judges prior to coming underneath comes Revelation twenty two verse eleven is the process as he that is filthy let him be filthy while still he that is not exactly be the unit is holy let me holy still he that is righteous let him be righteous still one of us says is that if there comes a time when the righteous will stay righteous and the unrighteous will stay unrighteous in other words there comes a time when the judgment has been done I'm completely sick then verse twelve says and behold I come quickly and my key was real Lord is with you you can only give a reward if you have or determine who gets the reward is a key principle in the subject of the judgment of the key foundational principle in our cognitive thinking of the judgment that Jesus telecom private adjustment many Christian churches say when Jesus comes he will judge becomes there is investigation before come before the cup they were honest in reporting that his investigation first that takes place not in the eighteen forties what was hopping in the walls latch religiously speaking in context with this message it was a worldwide awakening think of a father with one of the great adventure movements not promises we often read the history of William and America okay with deleted history is the most famous of the breaches but there were many other preachers who also preaching the return of Jesus at around that time you have in England you had a memo name of Edward having a vine a veil it was when it is through his preaching the return of Jesus and believe it was gently automatically Johann Bango it was another one called Manuel Blackley 's they would different ones some as South America and Fatman will do in Oakland with a Jesuit priest William Miller was a Methodist or Baptist I think the Baptist they are different is the point while it was an awakening taken place in all different denominations it wasn't limited to one denomination okay there will he was preaching about the second coming at all he was preaching about even though he was preaching Daniel eight fourteen which is the key text for us at the sanctuary he wasn't waiting about a century he wasn't breaking the Sabbath he was increasing by the state of the dead he wasn't reaching about us there are promising he wasn't breaking any that he was just pointing about the second coming but he was correct in his dates and he was correct in his face that Jesus was in the fatal to the science of the day in eighteen seventeen eighteen when the moon doctrine as well they look for the date when the stock fell November the eighteenth can you imagine what would've been like to leave on the nights stop calling you a and in revelations of the six wow I'm a physics prophecy so they feel this taking place they were correcting the preaching of the coming of Jesus wasn't it thousands of people accepted the message and looked for Jesus to come very very shortly now I believe this statement there on the screen I believe God intended that the judgment you think I began in eighteen the forty four was the author in the last events are ninety nine I don't believe God intended us up and I'm interested to be celebrating a hundred and fiftieth watch it for us to be celebrating a hundred and seventy years since eighteen forty four is yet utterly that was invented at a hundred and seventy years on we would still be there I believe his original purpose plan a was one to three anywhere happen very quickly unfortunately this year we had the hundred and seventieth anniversary of October twenty two eighteen forty now historically speaking the believers of the time they expected Jesus to arrive in the spring of eighteen forty four okay that originally all these guys they say Jesus is coming in the spring of nineteen forty four now when this did not happen to produce a disappointment it wasn't the great disappointment but it produced a disappointment now in the summa life became pointing that he would not run out until October twenty two but even William William Milliken think the Bamako between Simmons and about September but one month before the latest in the spring of what you've any particular diabetes of the spring when the summa after they've been disappointed think they had a new date completed and what happened was this what happened with this the next angel is revelation fourteen verse eight versus Babylon is fallen is for now this message historically was given in the sum of eighteen forty four why the reason why this message was given in the sum of eighteen forty four is this think about this if you just have his message of Jesus coming in the spring next year coming next April much of the latent night and March April May passes and he doesn't come none essay you don't really believe this method you like you don't like disregarding completely in cases right hedging your bets Brown really but maybe an indolent combine mock made up Festival thirty first of many days of night what that does to you if you don't really believe Jesus coming in old and looked at what happens is this particularly the message of Babylon is fallen was given in the summa of eighteen forty four why easy from eighteen thirty two eighteen forty four many Protestant churches open adults practice judges messages judges Episcopalian Church of England Presbyterians they'll open nobody wanted to Sonia Judge why do we need to start a new judge is Jesus coming to everyone in every chat should be happy Jesus is coming after reasoning it makes sense to know you just revive you owned when Jesus doesn't come the what happened is the leaders in the partisan judges believe is in the partisan judges stop it to reject the message of Jesus coming and in the Summit April separation between those who accepted the message and those who rejected the message she asked for the spring of eighteen forty four the Dowd says were emboldened to have it reviewed in the company to become all you guys please need to come out much people what this fellowship for believing in the second coming of Jesus the Methodist Baptist Presbyterian judges will want with this fellowship the Muslim disposable number disbelieving the Sabbath to dispose of the Christian believing the second coming during the summer months a great deal of opposition to the message roles and so they came a cry Babylon is fallen is full of Babylon apply to the confused by it all the right religion by Babylon means confusion and I believe Avalon represents confusion in Christianity in the sense that we look at a Christian just that I only say that you believe in the second coming yes we said you believe over that you be losing him yes you go to funeral Monday for the funeral they say is that person is in heaven okay and then the preacher the bureau says when Jesus come to go to resurrect this pleasant update so he's not even have of becoming a resurrected in a confusing ethanol by confusing it doesn't make sense the bloody sale with the preachers of the bodies in heaven the president has been in the region says when Jesus comes the resurrection like how can you resurrect up what he does here that that will is confusing Babylon means religious confusion in this context Bible on meeting religious confusion is this you believe Jesus coming an indispensable people for believing in the second coming that's confusing as confusion contradicting what you believe about the discharge we have to we have other distances aside from this we have not we don't have a list of doctrinal beliefs and Catholic we do have a list of doctoral belief that insisted I know we have twenty eight fundamentals but we don't have a list of optional beliefs as for the churches what we have been discharged if the system of links assessment is different from the list below that of office just we believe Jesus coming again we believe when he comes to be a resurrection we believe limited I wiggled to have confusion it's a list that makes no sense all of it together every beast of the month the other piece of the puzzle of the piece but much younger this is the beauty of the dismisses and this is why I love the advertisement is so costly that the teaching we have on the second coming she is logically with the teaching on death with the teaching on the millennium with the teaching on the resurrection the belief we have a health climax with the malarial image with the second coming in the judgment if nothing contradicts on the teaching in all system lines get an effective presentation after this point hundreds of people with dysfunction hundreds dishonest of believing the second of these to see the progression that reaches hundreds of each other people get emboldened without the negative Fellowship of believing in Jesus with the enough three messages operates in the summer of eighteen forty four the three messages are these the hour of judgment is come with one message they also presented my cry message and they also preached Babylon is fallen these three messages they preached the result of this was unity amongst the believers separation from those who don't want to believe confession amongst the believers humbling of hot brotherly love in I would love to have lived during a time with history I know what happened what will happen prior to Christ's return will be better but I know that I was a high time in Christian history people actually confess method communion service was not just a formality it was real it will talk their doctors Communion is a race against time to finish before one o'clock on twelve thirty one Avenue of the holy time in your judges we just have to finish out of posted any being a time when believers experience the humbling act of communion and confess prior to communion only think the place now that anything is interesting we've always missed Jesus as human rights juvenile convalescent but he was the most holy Place in Hadley center I love to this point no one looking for him was looking for him schema broken English when he was is nothing new when Jesus came to the cross in A.D. sixty one people were expecting him to go to his throat when he went to his throne and eighty four eighteen forty four people expected him to come the postseason dates in the following history of the universe humanity has missed with Jesus coming this way Jesus should be okay will disappoint you across they can be no kingdom without judgment there is no most inapposite before Jesus comes also in must be blotted out claimant also in the righteous must be brought out prior to his coming death will become a come until the judgment is finished between the fullest historically what documents we set a failure and around the eighteen forties with white people people what Doctor was made by William second coming delivery to savvy ethanol physically stated that no it agrees the century not assume the understanding about the Sabbath on the century came amongst God 's true followers sooner the understanding of the century came around eighteen forty six and then F know if something is coming a side note William Mela never accepted the Sabbath in other he was told about the Sabbath and he never accepted I'm so glad God is the judge and then we would adjust volume and psychic energy to resist the glass tools through years of his life he lost his eyesight he wasn't able to read for himself and he relied on his associates who read to him a kind of in a redwood of limits and I believe God knows if William is study the Sabbath with the same intensity that he study the same treatment he was able to do that we've accepted no question that withhold an angel watches the dust of the precious seven o'clock and will call him forward at the last day with all you will be enough wisdom is just as beautiful when you look at the judgment of God as someone may have rejected something that we think is vital but that takes into account the mitigating factors this is if the Libyan I don't and now the state of the feminism a Sabbath in the century why can they study the sanctuary what do they think they saw the most holy place as they saw the most holy place what do they think the opera the covenant I was really often about it they see the law of the sea the love they see the Sabbath you see how it flows century law Sabbath athletic facility when I do my emergency series only do my Bible studies I always study effectiveness and undo the Lord God Kennedy the Sabbath I believe it flows into logical sequence and order I want people to understand and make a decision on the Laura thought in light of the century all people to understand that the decision they are making with the keep the Sabbath or not you like the judgment is not just the decision that you can make if you have a preference as a judgment taking place at guides and molds that decision and there is a need for a company of people to be developed in whose hearts they could send in whose hospitality will be written revelation fourteen was twelve this is still true in relation for the most twelve percent here is the patient of the saints here are those who keep the commandment of God and the faith of Jesus this I believe is still true it was true then and is still true today no the work of this message is filtered about these people in the top floor of God is fully if that were completed yet yes on notice are completed but still needs of people and lose half the Laurel Clark is fully not a people in whose charge half on the doctrine created the three angels message easily go he needs the people in whose high caloric on is written as the Laura Bloodworth and on your hot as a guide and mold what you do ten revelation fourteen verse twelve truly be said about you this morning here is the patients of the saints do we have that patients in our spiritual experience you find you have patience when you are someone in your way when you need to get some what do you have patients that in my wife has been teaching me a bit about patient since I got my not come from England is one thing in England that is almost sacred as anyone know what is often vacant the and anyone was almost a sacred things of English people swear what kind of risk him him him and there is a beer and users learn him at all might have misled punctuality yet it is the something old is connected to that is like a list in English person it's like that's right for them is it is queuing you are doing here funny queuing it even if you go to a public bonding the normal thing you should Google Popper about England there is no queue with about is the job of the bomb and they do an extremely efficient of knowing who comes in order to be a whole crowd gathered that in the bombings job and he can avoid the sequence in less problems he knows it she came than you gain it within a night and they said always in order they just keep out that if I do even if you will that without notice will be here in Malaysia people like the post to the front even if you come up with you we can account the if the person signing the kind of void abominably but you must is the edge of the keyboard like custom in England when you come in some not telling the story to this Islamism and operations like I was in a hotel to hotel that we have to wait for some glimmer of understanding the in-line lady 's account of that understanding here another lady comes wishes she spent behind me I where does she go she walks strengths and accounts up holding a link believing at the present money waving in the provision like the fourth time in five hundred meters southeast Asia as of yet what happens it was like someone dive we start an account that I want to wait all that lives in question like all the front of embodiment possible and impossible synagogue to us that I have I would like an underdog go to think in my life in the okay okay I know I'm English secure to a line type your question for you English class that I anyway under letting patients in a patient's blood is enough knowing I would like the replaceable unit twelve do we have the patients in a half with some approaches that one was in line with all cuts us off on the road on the left and people walk in front of us to get on it even though we were standing right at the bill patients in a God is looking for people in whose hopped the Lord God is fully written but if that message unlocks their disappointment sieges of that opinion for these surveys to engage in investigative judgment and exhausted to understand the whole concept of the judgment the preparation of block out since there was a parallel work of preparation needed in the people of God and so they understood the sanctuary now the message started to come in his classic to the fastnesses of Christ gave the adventitia was the message of the aberrant movements with the Mrs. of the second coming then they sold the law then they saw the Sabbath when they first saw the Sabbath year they didn't understand the Sabbath and as we know now that is in the seventh and was abandoned in the early adventures when you keep the Sabbath when you midnight to midnight and I think that they discussed it a hundred believers and they came to the conclusion that you keep the Sabbath from six p.m. to six p.m. they did everything it all through the nineteen fifties it was in nineteen fifty nine the government believers said that's how the study on when we should keep the Sabbath and JE and was commissioned by the unbelievers to come together with a study Dan and intelligent man and he came up with fourteen Bible passages that we use today to determine when the Sabbath stock when it finishes he wasn't even able to present it at that at the committee they read the report and they said let's keep it was voted unanimously except the two books in one of two Muslim James White and nonwhite is in the middle six p.m. to six p.m. to ten years will convince expensive to his wife to tell me that Ellen White was human movement on a sanitization was a prophet not because maybe not okay for revision unfold up what the present study is bang on right visual we should pirate ships it is sometimes directed by things before sometimes erupted by things and images so that the sense of the dog led his people gradually bit by bit step-by-step a lot of the preparation on heaven on what his people and to prepare as well Northeast got to see the full context now of the first Angels message previously they had only seen of this site the first Angels message in the context of the incoming eighty four people now they also started to see the first Angels message also speaks about the Sabbath with his worship him who made the heaven and the which of the quotation from commandment number four ethoxy the Sabbath they also stock that is the health reform with health reform in the first Angels message anyway which phrase is comfortable coming to help with one in give glory to God we can do law things and that I was what amazing they'll message this he has intended us that he wants as in what ever you meet all whatever you drink all what ever you do not come with a lot becoming a you get dressed in the morning to come with you whenever and what ever you do do all the glory of God so they started losing the Sabbath this authenticity the health reform message of wealth it was interesting that the health vision L White hat was not given until eighteen sixty four importantly it was the first vision she had after I just incorporated nineteen sixty three which eliminated sixty four so it wasn't a progression but was teaching his people and on the Sabbath health reform as well okay later on so if we develop a timeframe would say this the first message was preached by William Miller and I should site and Associates even though they didn't know they were associates but as preached by William Miller and the breaches in the eighteen fifties reaching a climax in eighteen forty four question if this message still being giving us one of yes Anna is still being given when will this message of the fest Angel face to be present from when we comes over to it probation this message will not cease to be present strode until the very end the very very end of the second angel was placed in the summer of eighteen forty four question is a set in this field for just one of if not also fallen this building to be great if one of the people like printing this accolade of Mrs. the megaphone of blood on because we live in a society that increasingly the website I think by the people through after nothing for the people we all have to get on even if we disagree time and I've been in and out of the reach of the places where done in abundance the company and the administration has requested me on arrival you will breach this to resist and resist I don't preach on store property don't range on the market abasement don't reach on this one we wanted to do you do the rest like no blueprints all of that unit because we believe the message and beautiful in its entirety the second angel eighty voidable still is present through the fact that sorry the third Angels message at my pronunciation gets a little bit off these days it was amazing how little things make a big difference in your story side note this to the list to the are not real backgrounds when I was fourteen years Aldo was riding my bike from a fixed my bike while I was writing it stupid thing to do my hand went into the wheel came round the wheel hit before stopped like Mike went over and I landed on my face cut my lip rouge my face and shook my front two teeth the ship to the dentist as well as for the Peninsula chip on my tooth and made a complete what is the ship broke off and he had to put a crown on the ground the tooth down I put a crown on both these fronts who treat that was fine for me to make the one of about twenty two to get a room canal through the crown into the root and it was very painful but the crown was fine for me to maintain until the age of thirty six this yet a month ago I was sitting in my study anything something I had a crack in my front of a woman I think my tooth is gone I went into the bathroom to look at it Levine by new one Wi-Fi and that even when I was in my supplemental beaver recap of the food and besides my front tooth that the crown on the stump to step up this was Friday night didn't disclose writing night I had a big use data breach at on Sabbath what you do if you have no front tooth debriefs like I can you call the chosen site I can't wait for the habits of life of a canyon that I made I'm ready I don't want up recently as a preacher your everyone's looking at you I does not apply to the front of the SEM and they all laugh available Facebook and his family with a preconfigured online and I will not happen I saw Mike and he was on call of the present if I buy a big smile I could've just pulled in a medical emergency and I wasn't able to come that you may than the comedy question you but when I told him the details alike what if I can't get his license I couldn't get to a dentist and you and then they settled as an emergency dentist you can go to Islamic ethical debate like pay money to go to the dentist on Sabbath like in Paris and on the right for me to play the fix my tooth on Sabbath like and then brings the Bible on Sabbath date April the problem is if you have no friends and I knew used on the front did you have a really bad lists I couldn't say my essay as I couldn't say much acts at school a complete list so I'm really uncomfortable I can't I look wrong I know I can't even speak properly in and of the one driving the judge with no front to and the West five if my wife was in hysterics the whole time Jacob thought it was funny if it was just funny funny funny looking on the way to judge I I get the two elegant white which get back in stock if I can than a sellout again I stuck it back in again and estate may get some greeting people women go on it and everything 's fine I like take the tube out with my risk the tooth dropping one on preaching and by what you do as I like becoming something of a thought but outside the source of the sup Eagle join the special items for my wife's thing my to which it defined three dollars popped out pushed it back in the seminar will I better tell them the story before the seventy fifty four left I told him the whole story my compelling enough that have had this debate likely out now or do I just try and preach when it risking in my fold during the seven hundred prequel to the judge said leave it to the picked up on the ceiling of the QB was the type that anyway I listed it for the introduction of the seven speaking really slowly went fondly loved it by now is really slow and then after about five minutes without any warning you might soon drop on the pulpit of all Lord give me strength inside his head and prayed and is two thousand beverage vendors is preached out but like the whole time am really conscious of them I don't want to look at our new hot summer and preached what I felt I obviously to Virginia I felt in the seventh as if I would like a complete rookie again explicit like his pounding headache my knees were shaking house for an allover freedom explicitly and at the limits of equipment on Monday on the new truth is the new ground to put it by still find the popular can still find these amazing little things make big differences the tooth is probably a micro militant millimeter different to the previous one micro- millimeter I still have on having these now to be learned to a nuncio said Woods which is quite frustrating for me one of anyway I just don't I just told you whole reason why I did pronounce it would probably and was bothering me but I'm the things make big difference anyway the message will get the discrimination and on the upper right should finish it shortly began to point out that his appointment it is still present truths that message yes now these three messages are a platform that goes through to Jesus comes is not something that has happened but they still happen it will be augmented different to this not all messages in the Bible last on the timeframe then expiry date for example no as message ceased to be present from when he entered into the no week is that we know it today nothing 's asymmetric regional note tomorrow morning we can still read the book of Noah today we can still gain insight from the book of Noah but the message we get vacation from what is not for autonomy since the three Angels addresses are different though they would screw in eighteen forty four but they are still true today and if you want to read the will of Lasseter the hundred yes there will still be true in one hundred yes they will cease to be present from my probation closes when Jesus comes through in the message for us to preach at seven date advantages and Methodists and not chronologically they were preached in the beginning the Mrs. of reach chronologically in the beginning of the increase in power on the increasing application of the time goes on we still think the first thing we spoke with the second was the reason that I was not doesn't mean every time the police and now they have to be in chronological order we could pull a message it says that but we should still bring some with great power and great application we should not say what my parents with the three businesses I want something new no it still is fresh bread to be found the first Angels message point to a particular time eighteen forty four it lasts a lot more than one minute old one day the work is not over yet we are living in the judgment our bodies looking for people who would benefit character paths to the second Angels message has Babylon 's fall being completed yes on the not yet the fall of Babylon will be complete I will see when the image to be certainly after completion of the four in full list winter this may put forth religious practice was a rejection of the first Angels made this one necessary okay now the second Angels find its complete fulfillment in a time to come in the front of complete apostasy in the popular churches when the initiative beast 's full that all the Angels message once again this is the maintenance second Angels complete when church and state unite in which themes and extensions that unite enforcing religious practice therefore the third Angels message warns against that the image to the basin the fall of Babylon they come together within a company for some more details on descriptive liquid up the image database is formed in the USA process of an American cost the rest was seasonal however the phrase goes the focal point on button the focal point is the son-in-law this is also cold the mock in prophecy him in the month of the beast is something he would rule market of these is not Sunday should be speaking is what is and isn't this kind of like technicality if I was okay no one receives the mark of the beast until the Sunday laws passed a human science if anyone wishes of these in his image there is no energetic today but this will be one sentence they unite they will unite over the son-in-law this is why this is why people like the study of American politics and Adventist the ramification from beliefs prophetically the full amount one is complete when the USA and judges is to reunite with the papacy in the enforcement of a this is what expects the Fed Angels message deals with three things for about a month the setting up of the image and the enforcement of the punishment is a graphical which is still in payment you receive the wrath of placement in the import still messy there is still time for people to get the message we should get the message why does those that don't accept the message received graphical is uncomfortable site well you should be preaching about oldies and condiments that is not loving it someone is going to get a rough blood pooled on the menu can help them stop in the rough of blood poured on them that's love eyewitness Frank closes for the patient figure fifteen minute break and then we'll come back father in heaven Lord we thank you for your word we thank you for its clarity we thank you Lord that we have a commission to preach the everlasting gospel messages to the world at this time I pray to you and bless each one of us will give an understanding of the Lord will reportedly give us an experience you are what we thank you were previously doing a human in this media was brought by audio players a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio tours .org


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