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3. The Loud Cry

Adam Ramdin


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA



  • December 28, 2014
    2:30 PM


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so when you look at the subject of the loud cry message of you have a Bible open to Revelation chapter eighteen Revelation chapter eighteen says and after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power on the was lightened with his glory and he cried mightily with a loud voice voice strong voice saying Babylon the great is fallen is fallen I've become the habitation of devils in the hold of every foul spirit and the cage of every unclean and hateful but it goes on and says for all nations have drunk the wine of the wrath of her fornication and the kings of the have committed fornication with her and the merchants of the are waxed rich through the abundance of the delicacies of us fall I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of the my people that you be not partake as office things and that you receive not of the play 's first full verses of Revelation eighteen is what is often referred to as the loud cry message sometimes people refer to it as the fourth Angel this three in Revelation thirteen Revelation fourteen and then you have the other angel that sometimes is referred to left before Angels message as well I think I think this message in Revelation chapter eighteen what does it mean what message will be given right at the very end so rest the question what is allowed one residue was the first was in the lab I message Babylon is what is full Babylon is fallen within the growth of his life and give us a basic understanding of this is two three four five so recently addressed to them found along the great is fallen is folded and become the habitation of devils on the hold of every foul spirit and the cage of every unclean and hateful but so we asked this question on the screen the less taken up a boat in Babylon and the text says whose negative about the habitation of what the habitation of devils habitations that now will unpack this a little bit time you will country ballads of the day literal Babylon Iraq Iraq Iraq police the Babylon is in Iraq south of Baghdad now Babylon was around and others in the Babylonian Empire which is six hundred BC and it was still around after that fourth for someone along the book Babylon became was destroyed the city as a literal city the Persians conquered the city of Babylon and later on it was destroyed and it hasn't all been inhabited since in Isaiah the prophecy was the problem would be destroyed I wouldn't have thought be rebuilt again we stood as they still fulfill Saddam Hussein with all the money and strength and power that he had at the dictate the other rack tried to rebuild the city of Babylon even on his bricks would it similar imprints one that he can know that in a negative one hundred internal most of them wishes that Leno I Nebuchadnezzar rule of the world the about Saddam Hussein did a similar thing with all recs how he was a great lead on rule etc. and even with all his might and money dictates of the country he wasn't able to rebuild Babylon is still is rude the ED may pass to you Wolf we never rebuilt Pacific water well is the literal Babylon was prophesied that it would become destroyed and it was prophesied within the privacy that it would become the habitation of wild animals like humans animals would live no spiritual Babylon has also fallen and has become the habitation of devils spirits unclean and hateful but okay spiritual Babylon has also fallen now Satan and his angels I believe Satan and his angels are the spirits today that live in modern now Revelation eighteen goes through the logistics that revelation eighteen this to as we read is that Avalon the great is fallen is full of pennies become the habitation of devils on the hold of every foul what every foul spirit in the case of unclean people but I believe what the fix is pointed out that within Babylon and Babylon is in Babylon means confusion within Babylon which is a word for spiritual confusion Catholicism and apostate Protestantism was a apostate Protestantism we were referring to Protestants and are not living up to their name which is the protests in a fallen away which is basically the the theme of the follow-through them Protestantism or upon up with them doesn't with all not living up to their creed saying that they young follow Jesus in the Bible spiritualism is filling up the judges today Protestant and Catholic across-the-board as a pot of the loud cry message is identifying that taking place and seeing that is taking place Babylon has become a hold of every foul spirit not a loud cry message part of it a key component of the loud cry message is to declare the truth on spiritualism nor the root of spiritualism is a miss understanding of the team doctrine the state of the dead Matthew rhetorical question I must give a response but can you today tell me where the dead go when they die missing yes able to sleep can you give me ten Bible text of the top of your head forget that can you give me five Bible text of the top of your fat references not asked me to quote them I run discrete can you give me five references of the top of your head I will say where the get-go when one prison not by the six glossy vote by the Senate a one hundred one saves how these references in Oman be able to quote some references that give some substance to your plates as we know what you think of someone even if it when you live in then go widely wounded that directly behind another one the Bible says it was north of it you don't get back to you that is nothing wrong with that is nothing wrong with that and it's better to do that in the fundamental but if you can just call if you reference is a gives that much more authority to what you just said even if you don't open the Bible and look not it's easy to memorize references and now some of you may have memorized lots of useless information in your life in him it could be something in school both as useless but you may not use after you memorize and put on the test but in other areas of life we memorize things quite a lot they want a light on some of you to memorize like shopping prices in the shops some of you have memorized sports information in him you can tell me who the top score for what club and family points that have been and who scored in this game one minute they scored in on the whatever is Dennis says in the grand scheme of insanity is useless information we'll mine is able to remember that remember for in some text in your mind on state of the dead the Sabbath the second coming make it a challenge this year write down seventeen beliefs that we allowed the judge believed Sabbath second coming standard that century Scriptures salvation of the play of the day stay with them right now some key doctors I just put off by reference each one of them I just working in a minute over the next year you'll take one document in his memory adopted this so you have knowledge of the key blog a lot by missing is the glad that shoot on spiritualism therefore is fundamentally you understand the state of the bed do not want me to run the thick campaigns one of the hottest doctrines that teach people can be the state of the dead not that it's a complicated document the Bible is very clear and but it's very conceptual doctrine for example in the second that sentiment you have to prove to someone that is a silly enough to be constant to get people 's minds around that is asleep then you have to prove that I'm another constant in the Bible that the breast of man is the same as the spirit yet that that's a constant of the lobby looking to spirit as a separate entity no you have to show that breast all life is the same office there is another cause any of the seven people they have to share the concept that when the wind that died the breast although life goes back to God they have to share the concept of sleeping they don't know anything is a lot of these different concepts in the settlement all this teaching of the standard that it's a lot more in a pheasant just think the good sleep is an important want to get your head around the really got a look at Genesis two seven Ecclesiastes nine Ecclesiastes twelve and an understanding of the law you believe only is he the doctrine of the state of credibility one of the pillars of the lab by message to declare the truth on the state of the dead which is what was that the creditors those that did on the same allow premises is someone standing on the front and teachings that the debt of another one think it's that an understanding of the state of the dead is key to refuting the errors that are going to be around dealing with spiritualism at the fruit and that is the room if you want to talk about the fruit you need to understand what the routers okay Revelation eighteen best three no we see a shift we see a shift in Revelation eighteen best three SS formations have drunk the wine of the wrath of the fornication and the kings of the attack committed fornication with Kaylee have a prophecy of the union of church and state in this bus it was the church and state together in the one bus and pop a loud cry message is to declare the evils of the union of church and state when usage is a say in this bus a church in Bible prophecy if they want either one and we know that because of what was is in the Bible can be one or two references Jeremiah chapter chapter six and verse two Jeremiah six verse two is one of them and then we also have to second Corinthians eleven bus likely and him Ephesians five oh three the vessels so a woman represents a judge in Bible prophecy none of this revelation eighteen best three for all nations have drunk the why of the wrath of moves the fornication and the kings of the have committed fornication with no change in a what's up if the state of civil to King is a staple civil sent the would be a woman therefore you have a keen estate committing fornication which of illicit union with a woman it's a union about beauty and of the church the King and that the judge the woman and the state the king the low outcry message in verse two is talking about spiritualism in the spray is talking about the church and the state the nation of drunk the wine of the rock of the fornication so is exposing the evils of the human Ian Upchurch and spent it whenever church and state unites whenever you whenever churches that unite on this the is never never a good outcome for the judge over the state never seen the history the highlighted version objectives that you and I think would be the Catholic inquisitions with the church and the state united as one in the persecuting anyone who doesn't believe that even when church is thank you not today it always weakens one of the in the church in Europe the Christian church in Europe if the last day average check dependencies for five percent of a country in Europe generally I love us for a five percent about eighteen percent are over the age of eighty the thing about the church in Europe with every country in Europe for the most top almost every country has an official state church Church of England Lutheran Church in Germany Lutheran Church in Sweden and Norway and so on officials say judges by having as an official Chait state judge it weakened the church America if you need of a country driven the United States of America they founded the country on the principle that there would be eight state when allocating at a church without hope and there would not be an official American checks there is no official American judge or even really religion in America you have the great is right that you can have announced the right to be wrong in someone else's lives that there is no state church of America is not the Baptist Church of the methods that there is not religious freedom is the foundation of real true freedom as so when America a nation that is founded on religious freedom and the separation of church and state goes against that the irony is that in America today the Christians of America I'm using this every generally a lot of the Christians in America now one thing more state input more religious input into the state as if it will give more strength to the country what we want prayer in schools only when the ten Commandments on the wall we want this one does anyone this is so terrible we can't pray before awful bowl game at the high school I went to school we had prayer everyday and we single day the videogame rescan the preacher game every day until you made no difference to the spiritual life of the school what is mandated it becomes weak not judges state is that you not in the end again Benjamin Franklin said this he was one of the first presidents of America he said these words when religion is strong it takes care of itself profound quote when religion is strong it will take care of itself maybe when the judge as strong as but the sound around it when the judge if we but an appeal to me the state to help it out I think what we're seeing in the United States now if the church is getting we cut the skin we can if not having the strength of the top ten fifteen twenty years ago increasingly is trying to appeal to the state to give it some extra backup and help the very thing that will kill it but will usher in final events so far that outcry message is to expose a unique evil of the union of church and state that you seem most syllabus three direct to Doctor that we have just talked about this too was the doctrine of what saith it that's three is exposing the evils of the union of church and state my question to you is why would Chechen state once unites over what issue or what doctrine Sunday Sunday notice that some of the great era of the faith and will used to bring the masses under his control we are told by Ellen White Sunday sacredness and the belief in the spirits these two twin credits is these two doctrines that high apostate Protestantism Jerome when the Reformation happened I knew that Mister Mendeleev and the Methodist leave and the fact is to leave on the Church of England leave role they laughed and changed many of their teachings and doctrines but all of them still held onto too twin doctrines they all kept Sunday like the mother church and they all the same belief in the state of the dead the mother church believe that and these two doctrines high them back to row I will eventually pull more weight as a quotation by the amusement properties I'm not we talked about lucky little boy whose run away from home but still keeps in his pocket a picture of his mother on walk of head-to-head is like the churches they run away from Rome but the little boy running away from the mom but it's still a picture in the pocket and a fictional one they take them back home so Sunday sacredness and the immortality of the soul now that when this message in Revelation eighteen is given revelation eighteen messages given notice that the angel which of the three the third Angels message we talked about by the market obeisance on it does not face the sound when the latter quite begin the loud cry which is the fourth Angel joined his voice with the third angel and of course the first and second still sounding syllabus but that site before Angels message in offense is not a new message is really the second and third Angels message complying to get talk with great emphasis and great power at the end almost like these two messages also important is given greater emphasis and repeated late on in Revelation okay so reading on Revelation eighteen and bus for starvation ATM this book is in a method a loud voice another voice from heaven saying come out of her what come out of her my people that you beyond what they does office sins and the received not the place to the call is to call people out of Babylon increasingly judge the latest style of message is under attack there are some people do believe we don't when you call people outbid judges defendant be went out in the Glen Johnson Dodge optical B buyout the cool people out cool be glad if we judge their sins citizen transgression of the law call people out on the judgment of breaking God 's will know I believe that many good people in other judges MN many good people still does not negate uncle cool people out to see this under the commission that we have been given and what is the timeframe of these this message to the timeframe best for seventy and that ye be not what pot take as all their savings and that you receive not of what thanks this house to give us the timeframe and then it says where is at full nations of the best previous mysteries that all nations have drunk the wine of the wrath of fornication is healthy given the timeframe nations have drunk the wine of the wrath of her fornication now this is still referring to a future time okay the nations have not drunk the wine of the wrath of her fornication yet this is the final apostasy which constitutes the signal of giving the loud cry message faith when it will finally be given the full was the fornication is the union of church and state went just as they unite with Genesis that you like is when finally his wine of the wrath of her fornication is complete love to see in Revelation eighteen points to time when are the result of rejecting the threefold morning of Revelation fourteen sixty twelve the judge when a fully waste the condition for poll by the second angel and the people of God snail in Babylon will be called upon to separate from the community and is at times though future because they rejected this method is given again across people and now called the separate in Revelation eighteen it says come out of my people got still has people that these correlate these people out these same compounds know what marks the completion of the apostasy that will take place when the method is a revelation for these are rejected the apostasy is complete and the final completion of the rejection of the messages is the enemy signaled only see a national Sunday will allow these terms many of them mean the same thing the national Sunday will is a signified a rejection of the apostasy the national son-in-law is also when the interest of the beast is completed the damage to the base is a what if the image or the reflection of the of the based on the beast is the Roman Catholic Church which is the epiphany of the union of church and state so we have a record of replication of charts and states while the replication of judging site like in England without the queen of the head of this chance and the Queen is ahead of the state of the replication of church and state that produces religious rule then apostasy is complete when with a loud cry ceased remember loud cry would cease to be given one probation closes why no point region that the probation is closed okay the close of probation so blissful the visit was for some problem as a result of rejecting that makes a projecting the methods the thankful thankful deductibles for this either at my people to you be not partaken of us in and that you receive not of the place to the Waynesville full until probation closes the plays are held in check until the people can be cold out I meant Gonzaga for his wrath that if people call out therefore they could like the last message of Leslie should the world privately reported his wrapup on the rock above the seven last plagues amended the seven last plagues is the wrath of God which is poured out the Bible says in revelation for the with out mixture in every other time but as for his wrath out on this world you've always used all ways can build his grasp with messy for example but they do it in into an intensive step six seven is an island and destroy the wife brought that draft that you get on the boat will live on he says Solomon LeMond is a better example is abundantly destroyed Sodom tomorrow by fire but he says if I find fifty all it eventually goes up to ten righteous men in the city of say everybody else the raft mingled with message but have you spent on the poor the playfulness it all on the logos of the marketing went out mixed to the seven last plagues down Lafayette in a little something to give you big deal with Elizabeth in the last place tomorrow we look at the time trouble but a playing Scotland probation closes on land held in check until people can be called out in the cognizable women to give the wanting fully gives the punishment thank you it will never forget that before you think he cannot force anything on us is designated nature and so they reject the mercy of God the receipt legs so where does the last allow crime if it is given the question about whether a pallet to get his message come from no visit the commencement of the time of trouble ahead Mason does not refer to the time and the place of beginning out but social just before they are poured out while Christ is in the century at that time while the work of salvation is closing trouble will be coming on the donations will be angry yet held in check so as not to prevent the work of the third age of note is that that sentence trouble will come when we comment on the and the nations will be great but held in check until what until the last message can be given God is merciful on this will limit is holding in check the wins of strife me what is human nature to be like when the winds of strike on the loose spirit is withdrawn what would it be like you in England we have these riots that you saw them on the news in two thousand and eleven the music among the news maybe maybe not me the maintenance overhead is driving the new two thousand and what you want to North London to young black men are somewhat legal guilt to the people in the neighborhood when on the right this was terrible what you sue him up about on how to write the why was this not maybe you could say the people in the neighborhood the right was justified maybe it could maybe ought than what was this in South London the young people that went on the right nothing to do with regards in Oakland and why was in the city I was living in a thought in Birmingham Wolverhampton the youth went into the city says and writes it in Manchester they went to the fifties and was it was it was like they have augmented is nothing like it you never see anything like it it was like that today is right as went on the holy cities with none of these rifle would call the opera maybe the first one estimates if you are planning a people just went into the city smashed up all the shops robbed stuff I went home people were driving from way outside the city driving and possibly got the recession Windows putting the floods up robbing stuff and going home people are doing it just for fun middle-class kids with plenty of money would always enjoy the riot just with one of the right as well as people in public the insulin and it was like it and then his thoughts it just stopped in to me it was almost like a microcosm it was almost like I don't know on this in sympathy it was almost like this Brooklyn Bridge or just for a second and it was almost like you discuss snapshot that human nature with no restraint does the today's visit today's and then and then after today's things went back to normal when the result is like that will be like only more and okay so held in check just long enough that Angels message about Fond du Lac the right overaggressive in the present global company to give power to the loud voice of the bit angel why I prepare the site finds the stunt in the in December last night up and that is another reason for the left and right to prepare the things spent when the seven last plagues all caught up the loud cry and the last the rain are closely related soon we saw myself on the lack of outcry if we look at that the mechanics of it is talking about Sunday sacredness the union of church and state is also talking about spiritualism best comment that the essence of it declaring that warning people against receiving the place and calling them out with a loud cry is closely related with the latter rain the laugh cry is the effect of receiving the last array one of the platypus is of receiving the latter rain is that the Saints may have the power to get the loud cry the last private message the palette think of it come from the parade the two go hand in hand consecrate them they go together so if I justification this type of music that we separate in the country and twine it allow cry on the last array they go together one is the message wanted the power was the message they wanted the power using it a lot think about it the message is going to rule the world you know it is it just aren't using it some thought about it because we said what are you waiting for before he comes which is enlightened with the police the gospel to every nation kindred tongue and people Journal of all the trick question is true but it's also not fully true for each he's not just a way for the gospel to be breached in Silver Spring like this this is almost like sometimes an admittedly think again of his welder six million people everyone have to hit in a new developing about that much this is finished that and then went on you have become the Sprint mobile office and more at this digital TV stations all those things of God is not just the preaching of the message that Gore is waiting for it is people that live the message experience in the power going along with the idyllic the company will like the company of your joint account noon if they force me to do another Pathfinder I did it but that's about it maybe I don't know I like camping I love camping last question in order to put a tentpole the ethical how many pieces of rope do you need from love to know what not to minimum with the minimum number that keep a straight you have three AMI got so they could fall for the backwoods and you couldn't give a straight if the polls if the polls which but in order to keep up old bit striking a minimum of all three routes I believe the present of Jesus is kind of like a tentpole stunning strike this three strands all three factors in the return of Jesus number one if I think of the sent element in the Bible that folks about the wickedness of the world the cup of iniquity as one elements firstly I think we've reached a full array of my own personal big the second strand of Rome is the preaching of the gospel to the world click is that Stearns will the road if both people having the character of Christ now we can probably give welcome we can lovely preach the gospel to the whole world but if we are not manifesting the character of Christ as the early rain latter rain Jesus alone any of the people that I manifested and demonstrated his character but he can take them home to the last cry yes does the mechanics of the message of faith stated that just a statement of the but it's a lot more than that the reality is even today we maybe preaching Babylon is fallen even today really preaching Revelation thirteen what is the difference the last array in power will give business would get this message the power that he needs to complete everything at the end of what is the lack of rain is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit when does this come from a comes from the most holy place in the heavily century in conjunction with Jesus closing was out the same as all blotted out both Portis start out on a pool of this paragraph to the latter reign loud cry they go hand in hand what is a result of getting a loud cry would look at some of these points already were going over some of them I give it some new ones the result giving allow cry miracles will be what sick will be killed multitudes will be converted on the experience of giving the loud cry study of receiving the last array given the lower right fields the Saints this healing will be completed before probation closes the window outcry method is given when the lacerated with the people we doing miracles the thing multitudes in a day also that experience will seal the Saints of God okay it will seal the looking for the win these things take place is really visiting that is the key when God seals us think I see miracles are wrought the sink I feel I'm sorry that one does for the believers God was in the love and every slave there is consequently follow the conviction of his own conscience and unites him with those who were keeping all the commandments of God and with power they sounded up roll up the third message I saw this message would close with power and strength by exceeding the midnight cry there is talking about what takes place the mighty miracles now this is not a time for planting off-season with a time for gathering the results of the hobbits they meant gathering the results of the work that is previously taken place I think we'll see some the result of the work we do now then no visit to see the truth that I'll be installed by missionary efforts will banish spring up to blossom and bear fruit souls will receive the truth who will enjoy tribulation in praise of a mixup of the Jesus to the rafters when we do it under the work today the reality is it can be hard work amen it can be thankless work and sometimes it can appear to your eyes and mind that is not much fruit to the work given we know the promise in the Bible my blood will not come back what void or anything their backs that up to see that as being sown by missionary effort will then spring up and back roads the books that are given out the great controversy to step the Christ what are the books that are being given out throughout history there will be weeping of them at the end note is that the message will be touted not so much by arguments are funding the conviction of the Spirit of God the arguments have been presented to see has been solid and now it will spring up and back roads the publications distributed by missionary workers have exacted that influence yet many whose lives were impressed I been prevented from fully comprehended simply yielding obedience now the rays of light penetrated everywhere it seems is seen in this clan has a lien on his children of the seven about that have found them family connections chats relations are powerless to slay them now truth is more precious than all the five notwithstanding the agency 's complaint against such a Allies number thickness from the load side that is when the quotation often used by publishing ministry people too so that the publishing world is the fourth Angel would you prosecute monopoly through in the movie with the publishing work is the full Angel and I think I know where they're coming from but is not the correct on the interpretation of Revelation eighteen MN but what we do know as he says that is not the publications distributed by missionary work of the heaven be in the homes will then bring forth fruit that doesn't mean the publishing look at before they does message in me that we will see the results of the publishing world time of the lab by message that's why don't think you a small thing we have an opportunity to pass out tracts we have an agility to pass out pamphlets we have an opportunity to pass up books now you sometimes of the church we go out to the neighborhood undefeated ahead imago as an enabler that went on the hunt every dog 's name but only to give everyone a copy of this book and maybe just to be one thousand millimeters which sent out many two thousand and the end of that yet you summarize your church accounts of the street will be gave out a thousand great controversy this year honey people join the church because of that oh nine oh three to the next one in the latest ability what difficult for the lead of the last six or seven years in my statement breaks and we sold hundreds of thousands of books I know from the book so we sold that the other the great controversies that the young both on the Mount blessing of holy books the result I know that the that the number of people to join our child as a result of what we sold it lacks the disproportionate and other but I think encouragement from these quotations that tell us that the publication will then bring for the fruit at the end when the printed page goes we do not know so it's like you can give out the books now and God will bring a hobby something that he promises my will and will not come back what point in the Sony encouraging stories dry history of people who give them books away and if not seem to you a minimize when you get to heaven and people come up to you I you have no idea who they are no idea become a thank you I know you thanking me but for thank you that on on on on noon generally the fifteenth two thousand and fifteen he went out with your turkey 's group and you pastel book is so-and-so and a pleasant young David is also a map of the left on the dining table and sell himself out as also painted a half and picked that up and took it to my uncles out on my uncle gave it to me I read it all why reasonable is no global to give animal crazy stories like that you had a habit of people will come to you conducted the day I got the book if I can get a big cycling the publications in a flaky positive message of the work we do now by the popular payment notice the reaction to the message noticed the reaction to the lower primacy in the church limited to reactive one reaction the judge along mixing outside of just the reaction in a check of this there is to be in the judge if a wonderful manifestation of the power of God but it will not move upon those who want a humble temple of the Lord opened the door to hot my confession and repentance in the manifestation of that power was like visiting of the glory of God is the loud cry not the right eye only sees something which in their blindness they think dangerous something which would arouse affaires on the race themselves to resist the study 's lead of the night and we don't know if we don't recognize it and they resisted in the church don't beat up us know me that person because the law does not work according to their expectation on ideal they oppose the work why they say to this or should we not notice girl gone when we bring in the work many years but the warning to those of us who are old in years and is easy to who you are no matter how dedicated you are to slip into that group I've been in the work for a long time I have never seen this take place it will not work I can send you a few stories that are normally this theory careful what I say be as vague as I can set evangelistic project was wanted to be started by using a certain country some are in this world it was presented to the use they like to it was presented to a wider group they liked it it was then presented to the judge and he was spoken down in the church by the replied minister in the church 's estimate about evangelism and is a very very very good map there something about AIDS that we may not like different plans that come along talking about different philosophy liberal consent of the something about AIDS and other like new methods even if in the wrong methods and a something about getting older that we have to ask and pray going to give us flexibility in our age to recognize the Spirit moving in the younger generation MN and here they said we made in the web for many because they did not respond to the warnings these rekindle the messages about the system is that I am rich and increased with goods have need of nothing that is a group in the chassis I know we don't recognize that spirit we don't like that's where they brace themselves to resist it it is abuse he argues the beauty of youth and young people announced that the six officially am outside the General conference you kept the great there the use according to the GC is sixty to thirty five officially but a something about youth and that one of the beauties of young people is young people don't know something be done and when the owner can't be done by Govinda to try that if they don't know to what so they try anyway one of the problems of age it is a blessing at times or the problems of age is that age says I try but what can I've tried that doesn't work now that's okay when it's wisdom is not okay when his pride in the center it didn't work for me if I don't would look really as the use is a great thing in the sense of ideas energy and trying something anyway could eventually the mold has to be broken the mold has to be broken noses in the third Angels message will not be comprehended the likes of which will like to meet with his glory will be called a false light by those reviews the book is about the glory that is his message that it is power is good to be rejected within the church by people who say I don't recognize that moving notice of the miniatures are going to pieces it doesn't mean it should be rejected it doesn't mean that the judge will drop out I believe the sound of the discharge this movement neglect began around eighteen forty four and I've been leading he will leave through the pearly gates MN I wanted in this but I also believe that many will be shaken out many will leave the ship many will abandon the movements but some of those before they leave will oppose a loud cry message and call it false like you sometimes we hear from the things taking place not just to make you do sometimes wonder why don't you have the need the integrity of character just leave it just you don't believe in creation yet barely believe in the Sabbath you don't believe in a sanctuary in Albany was there probably why he was not in others like the ethical though no I will state with all that oppose it some oppose as some will call the truth is false like trial to leaving no one about one hundred by one react back on reactive level the power attending the message will only imagine those who oppose it the classy the ministers will go on almost super human experts to shop the truth out to hide away the life list it should shine upon the blocks even today you can significantly sometimes with a clergy walk in certain countries by every means at their command they will endeavor to suppress the discussion of these vital questions the checks appeals the labyrinth it could chat appeals in a strong almost an hour and in this work papers and Protestants unite the message is coming in the past and the like in combat to the church unites with the state the blocking of the movement for Sunday enforcement comes more bold and more decided the law will be invoked again Commandment keepers but finds the final message being given reading on they'll be threatened with fine and imprisonment I'm similarly awkward position to influence other reward advantages in judgments to announce that makes but this steadfast answer is show us from the love of God however notice what he says some are threatened with fine and imprisonment and others all rewards Satan has been a student of human nature long enough to know that some of us in here but be honest some of us in here we will stand and refuse no matter what punishment comes out like just because we stop in people and he knows he can't get this on floor 's medicine on a Saturday a that he could get on a promise of a reward for some of us we don't want a reward for you my dentist can be made great under pressure so any help you notify both decided that the nice approach find hot approach different ones for different people some people sell their soul for money do not sell their soul through torture and imprisonment they just won't know what given up not given up to stubborn people will not back down no retreat no surrender no nothing of the money of the other it's amazing the Aussies sometimes in a you know it you see it sometime in judges people surrender that ethics for money unless within little decisions you make now as young people play the pot in this when you examine the when you think the job a new employer after the go to a function on Saturday and you given the new CA okay in the end is not a problem you stop making no concessions now you may can be possession than Texas on the small things now he testified the small things now those who are writing before the courts make a strong vindication of the truth of some of them on the to take us down and keep all the commands of God I meant the agreement of Barry and some will stand before him and say why they believe some people will even change the mind that the ball out of his display at the more than seven religious leaders often persecute you see the loud cry is more than a message it is a revelation is more than something say is a demonstration a demonstration of the life of Jesus the message spoken must belief as well and if the early rain today that prepares us for the last array to get the message with power to take the pride away from our hearts now the take ambition away from a hot smell in the living unit it up sometimes I think that God cannot entrust us as a judge with the type of results that he wants to give us because private distress in Austin is often a privileged with some great advances in the shed and a thirtysomething by working with some of the great abundance to not judge the one thing that always strikes me when I had the privilege of your rub shoulders will work with some of these great evangelist of one in the guesswork to them they always really humble man you're thinking this guy five three two thousand and highly now loomed as well the humble really home I thought but I think you militate the deep humility and you and you stop the rest will go on killing trust this man with that many people could easily have the humility to deal with it I'm often time 's gone doesn't entrust as old glasses with great results in London it's a blessing to us all use us for great things could he knows our pride could not handle that right now there's not many of us who live in humility to the degree that we can handle our shadow healing the man we woke the hospital who realize Facebook connect is the prominent suite in a data set is all well it's out and even if we wouldn't that might be a false humility but is not a real human I mean if we did something like that lots is no icon use this person to do that because using them to do that will destroy him as it is light almost like I think a lot of holding back the outline of a spirit the reality is latest if we struggle so much with prime self-sufficiency we would think we get ourselves maybe going out I was at an amendment is talked about in a Visigothic on Peralta Sam humbleness he led that is a home privacy and humble and he was joking he was joking at a time he said that homefront of them humble it was a guidebook on Alaska's wealth of autumn 's Buddy Bradley fumbled it up the irony of descended to do with the the reality is most enough enough with proud of all the mobile humility what is waiting for people whose parent is is purified a people who glow like they must do so much that I willing to go to express like a cross like Jesus did and then he's able to use this is not a message to be spoken if the message to be deleted as well a demonstration of the life of Jesus noticed that Christ object lesson of baseball one five those who wait for the bridegroom 's coming off to say to the people behold your God the last rays of most of the light the last raise unless he could be given to the world if the revelation of the character of love harassment that's the last ray of light is a revelation of the character of love the children of God often manifest his glory in the old life and art that they are to reveal what the grace of God that now at the beginning of this presentation we talked about the actual components of the message in a the truth about Sunday sacredness stated that etc. all of that pot is like the edge of the puzzle understanding that by the edge of the puzzle even the corners of the puzzle the real picture in the middle of the puzzle is a revelation of the love of Christ seeing in our lives demonstrated in our lives experienced in our lives I know we got the show to the world the world is waiting not necessarily the more explanations it is waiting primarily for demonstration of outcry Israeli and offense the methods that we won't be no point giving hit with the power of the Holy Spirit in all the rain falls which we can only give and do if we are living and abiding with Christ and receiving the early rain each day regularly helpless on a daily basis to continue surrender I pray if you don't know intellectually no outcry message or what the components of the what the doctrine is the study understanding comprehend intellectually least know what it is but don't negate the experience of having going to transform your hot but you can get that message is no point been able to preach about Sunday sacredness appointed by the Mark of the beast if you are acting of the beast yourself in a God these people who don't will not reflecting the beast when they preaching about the beast that people reflect the land when they preach about the piece people who reflect the land when they preach about God 's message as well as proposal for what a breath and then it is any questions I'll take any questions father in heaven will be thank you for your goodness you message to us we thank you Lord and I pray that in each one of our lives here in our experience maybe one that we may see evidence of your power and your goodness in us I pray Lord that our experience maybe one of surrender it may be one of denial and it may be one of humility bless a small we pray love it when the time comes when the loud cry message is given to this world that we may have the courage that we may have the boldness that we may have the humility the love and tenderness each one of us individually here to give and prepare us one day to be Elvis fan tomorrow is operating on this media was brought by audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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