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4. The Shaking/The Sunday law

Adam Ramdin


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA



  • December 29, 2014
    9:45 AM


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this morning will go in for presentation on some of the Sunday law and voice presentations we bow our heads for the work would a friend and have a lovely thank you for the privilege that we have to study together for the privilege of life itself blessed Lord now as we open no what we pray in Jesus name amen okay the Sunday law when the three angels message the purpose of the three angels message is that the truth overfed people to meet Jesus when he comes in and is now a hot item that the people as well no milk at the will only am I looking at these these final events look at right at the twenty looking awry at the events right at the pretty clothes of history now in revelation twelve the seventeenth you then you Bible is read on the screen it says these words within the Dragon the Dragon United States and you know you know you know this revelation twelve us nine Revelation twelve list nine the same chapter to the Dragon Satan the Dragon is angry with the woman and the woman represents the Jets Jeremiah six verse two and went to make war with the remnant of the SCE and hit the characteristics which keep the commandments of God and have the lot testimony of Jesus the Dragon Satan is angry with John Neagle to make what he goes to make wool now notice the experience of God 's is an experience of wool they will have more weight to drag none and you feel like the Dragon is making what we need to do anyone have anything the Dragon is making war with the church today yes no yes think so I think so I think the Dragon would like them even more what were the children like another world war World War II may have this eighties of World War II Eastern Europe when the English and German reflecting called the phony war I knew you heard of the phony war anyone so what was the clad in eighteen nineteen fifty nine and it was initially there was this in a bit with this speak of war for several months nothing really happened they call it the phony war before then it kind of kicked off about four five six monthly in some ways the war that I think we experience today in some ways about is almost like the phony war and is not really kicked in yet or Satan once the is not exactly one year able to be Google withholding but the Bible is he wants to meet walk with the judge will I believe the Sunday law if you need a final expression the obvious wall with the church okay noses a great controversy based five ninety two it says that the dignitaries of church and state will unite the bride persuade or compel all classes to on the one found the lack of divine will R&D will be supplied by enactments political corruption is destroying love for justice and opportunity and even in free America rules and legislators in order to secure public favor will deal to the popular demand for a law enforcing Sunday observance liberty of conscience which has cost so great a sacrifice will no longer be respected in the soon coming conflict we shall see exemplified by the prophets was the driving was rough with the woman I went to make war with the remnant of the seed which keep the commands of God and have the testimony of Jesus liberty of conscience was used to be so respected is no longer respected in the world in which we live today our freedoms off fast disappearing only training off freedoms for something that is called security I let you read all my e-mails to scheme is to kill a let you listen to all my phone calls would just keep me secure FOB trade as a society with the government over web keep a secure and do anyone and if I could trade it we do I mean you know the old e-mails from you get read write regularly treatment Muslim but this scam by some machine looking for keywords or whatever anyone we know every phone call is monitored has been for years that is the place of the MultiLink monitored every mobile phone every call long time it's been doing that in a good list of the keywords that they had keyword sets and the zoom in on the conversation but a longtime be under no illusion that we are a free society but if we living our right life with God we don't care if it was communal payment to the government with my e-mail identified on about what a boring life I live in a taught me something we all looked upon by the if you living a righteous life it really shouldn't bother bother you MN you know when you are living a righteous life you don't mind anyway example enough the Sunday law I believe is the opening of the wall on the skimming this will come as a demand from the people the real war of a consultant defense of an issue than absence unemployed people so they said oh the demand from the people will say that Revelation thirteen in just a moment of visit in order to secure popularity and patronage of the right of the legislators will yield to the demand for a Sunday low so the way this that the legislators they may want it they may not want to but they do it because the people under the one fits an order to stay in power walk they give the people what they want what we call in some way politics that I need Seo politicians they cut it it's almost like politicians today their policies are according to the opinion polls and a son society is poll what do you think on this issue and judging by what society ones that the government leaders then make a policy in line with that and if they noticed that public opinion is shifting this life then they should dislike for the late the main thing for them I want to stay in power and if the people are moving this life I will move this way it is rather they die but an outright politician knows they know I stand by this I don't mind a society goes that I will stand it even if it costs me my seats in the election I will move on me today we see politicians from principal you know you winning them we have no summary we have that right wing populism the terminology right wing nut I would explain right-wing left-wing we have like extremely Democrat Republican capitalists communists left extreme the apostate on this side the left side leaning more towards socialism they been out of power for fifteen years how they get back in being true to their call not what they do they stop moving is like adapting all the policies of the side this filled me his name and then they get back in power not through the relay optics would get back around we seems all the climate politics taking place unfortunately sometimes be in the judge politics as well but we see it all the time in politics no hair at the end of time is nothing new the leaders in order to stay in power give the people what they want and the people say we want is unable on this battlefield from the last great conflict of controversy between truth and error we a lot left in doubt as to the issue notice it now as in the days of mourning chaotic the Lord will vindicate skewing will vindicate his truth and his people by the decree enforcing the institution of the papacy in violation of the lore of God on nation will disconnect itself fully from righteousness unless it's open of America she said it will could disconnect the self folding from God when he makes a low and acting religious worship the Bible says that Revelation thirteen relations that in the Bible describes America as the second beast is to beast in Revelation thirteen the second reason their investment Lebanon if I beheld another beast coming up from the out of the and he had two horns like a rat it was like a lamb it means that these beings and the beast represents the kingdom this beast so this kingdom is the Lamb life meaning is like Jesus Christ how do we know that John will invest twenty nine behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world no blood lamb comes up twenty six times in the book of Revelation twenty five of those times it is directly speaking about Jesus Christ this is the twenty sixth time it comes up not directly speaking about Jesus Christ and I believe based on the patent of John in Revelation we can assume it is talking about Jesus to do something about his nation that would be like Jesus something about his nation would be like Jesus not Jesus Christ when it came to how nations all kingdom should operate what was the Jesus have to say on nations and governments he said that you the longest twelve what question did Jesus get involved in the local civil politics of his day was a light some preachers that I do appreciate about election doing this and do not use the house of a completely good luck involved in local Jewish Roman politics but they didn't get him in the corner once they got them in the corner once with a shot of a coin and they said the room should we know pay tribute they had them in the corner and is the only time in all the Gospels you said anything that relates to the Christian 's life on the government and Matthew twenty two he said those beautiful words random to see the what it seems up at the blog what is gone in that one does Jesus and taxi lights his principle of how the Christian should live and how the government should operate give God what is due to God you see that will despite with you to see that and keep the two of them anytime you bring them together you weekend both of them mentioned yesterday in Europe we have national churches the state and the church are blended together it's weak to the population views as corrupt America was founded on the principle of the church being the judge in the state being the state and I want founding principle of religious liberty is the foundation of all of the freedom and liberty you look at different countries around the world with his no religious liberty is less prospering of the country in general the economic prosperity is the foundation of Olson success is religious liberty when America takes that away she will cease to be able am like nation and she will be disconnected from all and speaking like a truck with access to laws like a lamb and then speaks like a dragon Revelation twelve seventeen fifty and the Dragon will be with the woman and go to make wool the visit when Protestantism shall stretch hand across the Gulf to grasp the hand of the Roman power when she shall race across the top is the clasp hands with spiritualism when under the influence of this threefold unity and our country will repudiate every print the Constitution of the Republican Protestant and republican government and only proposition provision for the propaganda of papal falsehoods and delusion then we may know that the time has come for the moms living of Satan and the end is near his is one America strategist on Protestantism strengthens it comes across the Gulf reached the hand of Catholicism brought on how old the latest up-to-date exec news reports as to what's happening other than to say that in this day and age living that gap is getting smaller and smaller and smaller as Protestantism is reaching across I'm sure you may have read of the Bishop Tony Palmer what he did recently maybe maybe not there South African Bishop live in England was instrumental in bringing religious leaders together just recently was two weeks ago Rick Warren leader of one of the biggest Protestant churches in America that get together with the Pope in you watch the news is happening for so frequently now it's almost not making the news anymore in the frequent it is happening the coming together notice of the approach of the Roman army for the science of the disciples of the impending destruction of Jerusalem so made this apostasy be assigned to us the limit of lots forbearance is reached but the measure of our nation 's iniquity is full and the Angel of mercy is about the takeoff flight never to return somewhat pained him as he is about to take a flight while processing it is talking about the apostasy of the racing together of Protestantism and Catholicism when not happen she said the angel of Leslie is about to leave never more so the other thing brings up an important point do we need to look at note when we talk about refunding law you may have heard people talk about the clothes of probation as well right but probation closes judgment overdone no Windows probation clothes yes if only for everyone but it has to close dimensionally at one time to some people say probation closes out the Sunday law you may have I don't believe that is true no visit Israel quotations even when this apostasy takes place the apostasy of the union of church and state Sunday law if a society and that the nation 's iniquity is full was Sunday off but it's a sign that America has gone one of the site and the Angel of Mercy was the next work is out to take a flight it is available in the way of the site is apostasy is a sign that the angel has now left the angel is about to leave up to me does make logical sense probation does not close process on the low watt I believe this is a warning but also it is a test how can you close probation before you have tested people Sunday with able probation closes apps on the local church in the world later on I don't believe so that you you are the seven advances if you say I believe in the summer I believe in this I believe in the Sabbath I believe in the father and the weather suddenly will come to probation authority closed and you have an opportunity to demonstrate your belief in the Sabbath in the face all best the fun fun at the Seventh-day Adventist the biggest foundation abruptly in the Sabbath it would make no sense legal probation to close without having been the claims of guilt by you claim to believe the Sabbath now if a law demanding you worship on pain of death will you worship your probation must close after that time for you must be tested on the point to see if you stand on it so we had more than the time it is in excellent want to bring that up now there is a difference between a national Sunday law and the clothes of probation I think you might notice my conjecture that the speed I don't think it's a long time between I don't think it's good to be like five years on how long I don't think it's a long time I think it would be relatively or realistically quite a short time nevertheless they do not happen at the same time close another thing it assigned the angel is about to take a flight but there is still mostly the last moment between the Sunday law and the clothes of probation if the middle and the probation closes that the funding of and it would mean you don't have to refill outcry message and what went when no outcry think about it when the last thirty when the Sunday Laura's past that is a sign decrease the loud cry one last time with a Babylon hath fallen can you say come out does anyone wet wet when Sunday Lori 's last is a sign to priest a loud cry one last time with the power of the Holy Spirit to pull people out the problem with for instance you might know me a little bit of time with the USA we uphold will form eighty three old union which elected the papacy and spiritualism how do we prove on the Bible to threefold union three unclean spirits like frogs that go there Revelation sixteen and this event permission sixty and invested the rest that the relation sixteen verse fifteen and fourteen fifteen I just want to show very quickly how we can improve the three unclean spirits the Dragon which are revelations six the investment of the what what what what entities we have the first one is the second one is the understood one of the highly proof which one is which I like different colors so which one would you say which one of these sorry your thoughts with the beast anyone is that of papacy okay what the Dragon anyone say spiritualism was the false prophet okay the style of the Dragon if you say the Dragon is the is spurred them but I'll bet the Dragon is not really driving this brutalism I love you a few Bible text so you revelations wellness nine Revelation twelve is not in the Bible says he was not it says the Dragon was cast out of heaven called the devil and what states but also gold in the it also pulls in the seventh after keyword we have to latch on to it also calls in the seven the dragon that old cell phone called the government 's late now where does this up and post it via in the Bible Genesis chapter three what does this set up and say in Genesis chapter three and us and verse two digits or to did the first three the Bible says on the front of the God and the front of the tree in the midst of a God and God has said you shall not need to on the separate sets of the woman and shall not walk shortly die you shall not show only now see you on knowing that that is true we happen to prove it and he shall not surely die both sound pretty certain of spiritualism is the belief that you will not die you will not die that's why the teaching of the state of the dead is so important the foundational spiritualism you will not die Hinduism will happen when you die and come back again right the foundation of spiritualism is that you do not die the north of the Dragon 's spiritualism we got the revelation twelve is nine with the name of the set when we go back to the first place in the Bible of the seven is mentioned Genesis chapter three of those four you shall not surely die that was the lie of Satan and therefore we linked spiritualism finished teaching and so that's merged with the base who the beast we set it these days all lists is the how to prove that it enough time to do the whole study Revelation thirteen is one ten the identifying marks of his recent proved that it is the papacy they identify marks of the beast this is one since it so that is a composite based taken the lion the Dragon taken in elements of Avalon Medo Persia Greece and Rome verse three so that added a wound seventy nine VA bus for so that it combines church and state because the demand Western bus five so that it is blasphemy because and with time time after time was five gives us the forty two months which is twelve sixteen yes which is five thirty eight to seventeen ninety eight bus nine and send it with the captivity are then anyway that's a very brief and not by clear exposition of a new look at the identify point in Revelation thirteen verses one to ten is the same as Daniel seven little hole in Daniel seven you have this one again you have this one again you have this one again if similar ones if an applicant is a very good at it now it's been said here that the false prophet represents thanks apostles were not handwriting and how people have handwriting the book of the distances and the false prophet of and now when you study the book of Revelation you have to look in the Bible for the time that the phrase is mentioned the word false prophet comes up again in Revelation chapter nineteen in verse twenty in Revelation nineteen in verse twenty the false prophet comes up again to see what associate Revelation nineteen verse twenty the Bible says and the beast was taken and with him the walls the false prophet that they bought the wrong miracles when a dozen miracles in front of the in front of the base sense of revelation thirteen and us the scene on faulty premises the scene is that the young faulty notice what it says it was instead invested in for the others is talking about the second beast of reveille as he does great wonders so he makes five come down from heaven on the in the sleight of men and deceives them that dwell on the by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sides of the race notes as a scientific revolution IV twenty Revelation that the in particular those for the race lay the same thing he does miracles if all based therefore we conclude that the false prophet in Revelation nineteen twenty in Revelation sixteen bus that seen in the same as the second beast in Revelation chapter thirteen limits and fifteen the second beast does miracles in front of the first beast meaning America in front of room in Revelation nineteen list with a the false prophet now does miracles before the beast in Revelation sixteen listed in our original text the Dragon the beast and the false prophet when this is the false prophet I believe is referring to oversee the religious side apostate Protestantism within America so here we have this threefold union spiritualism Catholicism and apostate Protestantism between those three categories you pretty much have the whole world will covet pretty much the whole will cover now any question on the faith him him will know in meeting down in is no Buddhism Buddhism that so in the cup of Nations USA and in the movie is full why does the probation of no clothes of the national fund and overcome this little bit noticed Sodom was not destroyed and somewhat left it and he left before they destroy Avalon will not be destroyed into what we believe it even they destroy Babylon while his people in Bob makes no sense so God gives time for people to leave the Sunday keeping judges all spiritual wisdom all any of them enjoying God 's remnant church now the decision by then they show is final that is important to preach the message now and there is a need for urgency in what we do payment is approaching the time when I will be the last time were able to but notice what a white advising us to do this time takes place the time is not far distant when the early disciples we fall to seek a refuge in desolate and solitary places as the siege of Jerusalem by the Roman army for the fine for the flights of the Judean Christians so the assumption of power on the part of our nation in the decree enforcing papal sabbath will be a warning to us it will then be time to leave the last cities preparing to leave the smaller ones will sideways the fifth when the Sunday low profit is at the sign in to relieve the city 's men it might be good to leave and now of the understand not everyone can I do believe we should leave the seasonal live in the middle of nowhere if you find yourself living in a city when the Sunday law passes take note that your signal the because when that spirit of God is withdrawn from man and you're an area with so many people in such a small space to meet daily no human mold builder train them I think Singapore the very small country right end of a lot five million people crammed in that little small space the unique thing about Singapore I have an argument of yet organized that will anything about Singapore is that is very low crime let me tell you I believe in the final days when time whatever no low restrained people living on top of them below them around them these big cities New York London where people just crammed in this crammed in will not be a pretty place to be when the spur of blood is withdrawn from mankind when the Sunday law passes we know definitively two thousand besides the leave the lots okay leave velocities and then leave the smaller ones and then retired home countries the Sunday lawyers assigned to lead the sixties okay she says the love they get out velocities as fast as possible the Sunday law in a fine of the you complete the clothe the probation is very near numbingly we notice that we would we covenant agreement with Cisco to these questions remedies and thirteen with eleven to seventeen go in the limelight beast we believe this refers even like the state of America no one has a need to be like a lamb it needs to be like Jesus and in the context of a government it means that separation of church and state was the first based the first piece is the papacy what will the second beast called the will to do the Bible says that the first beast will call the wellness fifteen attempt at thirteen hundred and fifteen fifteen and he had power to give life unto the image of the beast of the image of the beast should both speak and clause as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be what should Mikael to the second base of the power the false people to worship the first beast you have the power to do that with we like it or not most of us don't like it America's a pretty powerful country payment powerful economically America was on the most wealthy country in the world but Americans were quite small and they tied most of the world it seems like I'm not I'm not a anon accountant or a businessman or anything like that but it seems like most economies in the world I tied to the American economy for example my mother some license and GNU licenses maybe you can take a pretty good guess is funnel and a modest in Iceland in two thousand and eight when the global financial crisis of the world in your up Iceland I don't know about my own conspiracy theories but I doing all the banks in Iceland folded on the whole country when the meltdown of financial editing is looking at the financial sector by the close three of the national backbone quote I didn't really care about that because there was no country that the banks in Iceland falls doesn't affect us in England and essays in the faith you got here Malaysia small though country not the English economy goes down you might feel it here a little bit quite a lot maybe if the American economy goes down we'll leave we will all be the bill ricocheted around the world tied in strident I believe America has the power to cause the will to worship the first week that we cease we see snippets of it you know we think about history of in world war one move for an global one on guys with your history of Florida Gainesville and World War I with Kaiser Wilhelm what country would be from Austria Germany and who do they fight against what well they invaded Poland and so on it was the allies the British and the Commonwealth five delegates Germans and then oh union World War II who was fighting against the American in Germany wrong and I is now your body right body right body right is a very good in America were very emboldened wool but in nineteen thirty nine he who was the war between normative and in why was this in nineteen thirty nine Hitler yet France front of the net and I think that you have a invading your different countries Czechoslovakia Poland even made number to get I was in nineteen forty one I think these are made in different countries it was the English government because the English felt they were pretty big in other the Sun never sets on the British Empire and all that rubbish in a phone with strong member third we rule below and they think they think they had the British have his arguments that if they got it we tell you don't do that otherwise would come and get you that he might listen to the English Prime Minister said I don't have a human baby Czech Republic and Poland is the final stroll will come and get you the Americans letting cash that were over there in our land of the free home of the brave enjoying themselves but in England to use the terminology on the school playground England picked a fight with Germany did you do that come get you the inconsistent when they pick a fight but didn't have the muscle to finish it to England pick a fight and they fight the Germans and the other fine fine fine fine fine release in Europe it was an full nineteen forty two of forty one ready but really forty two the Americans then joined to the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and then the Americans upon the Allies and the thing you won't progress to a conclusion but initially my point is one apply with the game to invade Czechoslovakia will coming get you this roommate anyway now notice the shift in nineteen and two thousand and three Saddam Hussein who picked a fight with Saddam Hussein to use the playground it was the US American safety data will come get you will go digital only allowing and that is other than another and I will come to join us and it was America picking a fight and now when anything happens in the world America is the nation Festival what does Barack Obama six what did Jewell what would you call it fundamental in the opinion of America I want America decides if it's important note is terrible it's terrible thing happened with DM if the plane crash but we don't of his appointment of exhibit assuming it's crushed the notes you know what on Thursday I was flying on a flight with my wife the exact same stretch of sleep will but not the same city for the exact same stretch of Satan and that's an area like raisins is already off on the BBC now I'm not saying my point is why the BBC on optical on a Asia from Surabaya the Singapore economy what Barack Obama says about you and your seven rencontre might wipe an important but it was a whole pattern for Barack Obama said about event the reason being is on significant wilderness once the American president say what their opinion they are like the Wolf leader in many ways when it comes the militarily speaking event awards recognize America has to a discussion in America about what they can place between two rebel folder than another country my wife your business how mockingly wising up with is that the mess what when appropriate America is now the global policeman the global policeman keeping Tronic keyboard border between rivaling factions why they had bases all over the world in a and so they have the power to hold the world though they may not exercise before they yet there's been a shift America is now something happens America we let you better stop with the comments and I'll will painlessly about miracles the global leader as the power of the court the world to worship this is why it is important look it up plus a Protestantism because when it the link in America between the church and the state in America between the above the false prophet upon is that the pundit shows the link is such that when these people want the government to do something they will apply pressure and get the government to do it for the good of America Avenue committee with Middle East politics yes no maybe know okay me give you another little lesson middle-aged that the that is thirty the new got Egypt the new but in no country have well okay Islam surrounded in human milk country to call Israel it's almost humanly impossible how they survived in a region where every nation surrounding them refuses to recognize even their existence on Israel survives you know of all the countries of the USA give them money to you as a older foreign money wedding to go to Africa Pakistan starting people who whoever not the highest amount of American dollars in foreign money goes here know that the Israel why white Americans and far money to Israel because it will did you help an American you to give us reason not the reason why the Americans in the far money to Israel is the apostate offices there is a belief within plus astigmatism apostate Protestantism that prior to Jesus which the new management of the secret rapture prior to Jesus return on Israel has to be reinstituted and nation the Temple has to be rebuilt sacrifices have to happen that all these false views on privacy are the foundation driving a lot of American foreign policy is therefore vitally important to maintain Israel a nation that plays a role in Bible prophecy Mrs. Kahneman abstract way of showing up false biblical views in many ways have driven all lie is one of the factors behind certain things apostate Protestantism in America will be helpful in the a in driving the policy of the nation and when the people demand for a law they will get it renewed when you watch the American election these days is just an election of two people trying to figure out how they can get the most votes and be like what the people want to be is really no ethics really and anymore the threefold viewing of Protestantism role as spiritualism will come combined together know what links Protestantism with spiritualism is the immortality of the soul these two false prophet and Dragon are linked by spiritualism billing by the belief that when the dead guy they don't really die when the Jedi they don't show the dog that's what links these two what links Protestantism with Catholicism what links listed Sunday sacredness that between these you have spiritualism between the Euros Sunday sacredness of the bond of union and is in this falsehood and these two eras off key that's what is so important for us to understand the Sabbath to understand the sleep of the dead they've committed to founding pillars of faith and will you in the end to see many many people some people will not be convinced some people will not be convinced by anyone telling them that the Sabbath is not on Saturday but they will be convinced when the dead grandmother comes back to talk to them no one thing I've look I've learned doing it under the analysis that will have an experience I can tell you the dead know not thinking you might get a scope I'm stunned I believe in the problem because someone else in the audience are not present in the audience have had an experience with a dead relative they seen a dead relative come back to life in the house and you tell them that you had posted it in the grade of the demon they find it very to really believe that I seen them real not like us smoothly I sold a bloody in my house I told to them face-to-face they were real you can't tell me that that the first Corinthians chapter eleven I think this verse fifteen and fourteen the Bible says that Satan can transform himself into an angel like the next those which we often says this they can also transform himself into fossils can you imagine what it will be like in the last phase when you have to preach the message and the apostle John in the prophet Daniel come back from the dead and tell the world that what you're preaching is wrong can you see how arrogance and how I made is one thing just that if a little while but we do have to stand and refuse what John said in Revelation until John people think you don't dissolve the dog and that what people think is John is wrong about who do you think a lot that the apostle John you come back from the dead to talk to us many people will be deceived while false view of spiritualism when they see the apostles come back can you imagine the Christian judge the apostle John comes back to give a revelation seminar will you people want to listen to the apostle John the revelations I'm not pull comes back Daniel comes back Moses comes back from the dead they think I stopped twitching and telling people that we are wrong and everyone else's rights it will be very hard then and there will be many advances will end on the point of belief all Sabbath Sunday who made me change by that sees that you know the weak spots in people and you know two weeks but if a mother you love who died in a car accident or the week 's barn you can do grandmother who raised you when your child you weak spot is somebody like that he will bring that person back from the dead to plead with you to talk with you if you ever see that happening to you if any of you ever see that happening and what you say in the name of Jesus demons well with the name of Jesus as being them leave not in your power in the name of Jesus I command you to go I know someone who had a son who died in the Vietnam War one day after the funeral after the war he was sat in his bedroom and his son who we had buried in the ground came back and still at the bottom of his bed real life uniform on military uniform standing right now his son had a taxi one is uncle and is the demon was standing there in miniature uniform looking just like the soldier these young television he stood there and smile and lift lift it up in the leg trouser leg to show the path to ground his ankle as if to say this is really real Anita said in the name of Jesus I beat you go you see that the entertainment putting a stop conversation in the name of Jesus commanded to go no Bond no sometimes I'm afraid in the front of the handle those things he will not happen to happen but if it doesn't happen this power in the name of Jesus amen the identities of the false from the union is false it between these two in the old and new while the papacy receive home which in the on the page of the Sunday institution that rest solely upon the authority of the Roman church in Rome says that they have never checked their boasted that we have never changed the home makes the image we written revelations that the that the false prophet on the second beast makes an image to the first race mother would enrage me that reflection right there with him it should mean a reflection when you stand up in the morning and look in the mirror some of you do for one minute or an hour I don't know if you look in the Mira you see a big reflection of yourself some of this profit all America makes it in instead of these what it means to be a direct reflection of the Catholic Church were they reflecting their reflecting the union option and states were misleading image of the beast what was the premiering is the unity and upset and states the foundation of Catholicism will happen in America the images of these is nothing more than the union of church and state is an image is a reflection the reflection of Catholicism is another Jim McKay said of Chechen states taking place in the US no business saying to them that dwell on the that they should make an image to the base it is clearly prevented a form of government in which the legislative power rests with the people how telling them that they make the damage to the government of the site we make the image the government says it's a form of government with the people have the power a most striking evidence of the United States to the nation the noted in the prophecy of the two methods of pressure that will be used in Revelation thirteen this fifteen the first one is you can apply himself with sixty the second one is that you will die and so you will unit is nothing new under the sun there is nothing new under the sun if you want mankind has done since time almost immemorial they for a new with your ability to trade a live and survive only threaten you with your life itself is nothing new nothing new some people will fold him some people hold that some fathers will say I need to provide my wife and my kids gone expects me to take care of my family and our bullies reason of the white initiative some people will fold that when your life is threatened whatever your weak spot may be some a fall but a lot of other people will say no it doesn't matter what you try and do economically it doesn't matter what you do to my life I will stand for God no matter what notice it when the leading judges of the United States United upon some points of doctrine I thought held by them in common shop influence the state to enforce their decrees and sustain the institutions then Protestant America will have folded image to the Roman hierarchy and the infliction of civil penalties upon defensive when will it equitably results okay the Sunday lollipops by the legislation of the van to think your popular impingement is legislators will yield the demand for us unable the people want it and they say you can have at the moment enforcement becomes bold undecided the law will be involved again this commandment keepers they only threatened with fines imprisonment some will be offered positions of influence on others rewards and advantages to renounce their faith by the steadfast answer is show us from the wood of the era those who are ready for the cause make a strong vindication of the truth and some move in the pilot that they can spend with his quotation some are threatened some oranges on both of them say so from the word of God some will still be influenced before the close of probation MN when the final one is will be given it will arrest the attention of these leading man through whom the Lord is now working and someone accepted I will stand with the people go through the time of trouble though we somewhat accept last-minute Stan will go through the time most people through the time of trouble so if you summary points the Sunday law is assigned to God 's people we will know when the sun the lowest taxes of any some secret thing only Mister don't know okay no need to guess is the sign of Americans which is con about the same thing as saying that they have united church and state it's a sign to leave the cities it brings in the mock of the base for the Mark of the beast of the Sunday law Sunday keeping legislated by law and it brings it obvious to the setting up of the image of the beast when only thing this is one of three full union will be complete and it will pass the Sunday law as the scene due to popular demand know that the amount time that Satan uses popularity and the oppression throughout the Bible many times he knows human nature and we often buckle the pressure around us only a puzzle experience with Jesus will keep us amend is not enough to just know these things intellectually owning expressible Jesus will keep you when the pressure is that economic pressure life pressure many people will quote in Daniel chapter three of us while the whole chapter how many people stood on the plane of Jura and did not bow down three and Babylonian English I just wish I can Abednego how many Jews were in through in Babylon in India and Daniel Chuck the long the Bible says Nebuchadnezzar went about Los Angeles in taxes children who was no blemish but understanding when the king goes the whole ministry template and takes another city you don't think three captives he probably felt one hundred two hundred three hundred four hundred lives with him my question is where were those three four five hundred captives in Daniel chapter three I will bow down the old bow down Daniel three is not so much a story of the three boys standing in the face of Babylonian Prussia is a three boy standing in the face of the pressure from the church friends will bow down with another look at an angle all the children voice about and only three of them stood only three of them stood they had a person expressly Jesus back kept them strong enough time Sunday Lord 's coming is important for the know about that but it's important for us to develop a relationship with Jesus that will enable us to stand today in the little things that we can stand then in the big things we ballot to be close what would a prayer father in heaven will we thank you for your word to us we thank you for your goodness to us and we thank you all for the prophecies that we can see of events that will take place in the future between the Dragon the beast and the false prophet will keep us faithful to you will give us an understanding a deep understanding if we need to study these things again will give us the the impetus to find the time to look into what it grasps and truly grasp these things for a self possibility the more implausible of lame articles bearing with you be one that can last this we pray in Jesus name this media was brought by Nautilus a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like this more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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