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5. The Time of Trouble

Adam Ramdin


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA



  • December 29, 2014
    11:15 AM


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It's Father in heaven. We pray we speak to our minds once again as we study your word in Christ's name and then we're going to look and look at a few quotations and maybe want to buy will fix that deal with a subject called the shaking. When you hear the shaking What do you think of shaking when something gets shaken what happens to it it gets moved around it gets moved out of its place and so on. When something gets shaken the Bible talks of a shaking that will take place in the church. What would the purpose you think be for a shaking in the church. Right to shake down there's going to want to shake is just a disturbance just to make us uncomfortable and I don't know. The shaking could be for two things it could be to test how strong your roots it or it could be to get rid of something that's not rooted. Let's read a few quotations note is this Bible text. Hebrews twelve us twenty five to twenty eight. Read here or following the Bible it says quite a long way and there's a few phrases will focus on three that you refuse not him that speak for if they escaped not who refused him that spake on a much more shall not we escape if we turn away from him that speaks from heaven. Whose voice then shook the earth. But now he have promised saying yet once more I will shake not the earth only but also heaven and this word yet once more signify the removing of those things that are shaken as of things that are made that those things which cannot be shaken may want. The purpose is to remove those things that are shaken and those things that cannot be shaken. They might remain wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved. Let us have grace whereby we may serve God with reverence and for the purpose of the straightening number one is to remove those things. Story. Yep the removing of those things that are shaken to remove that which has no root. Get rid of it and also to prove that which cannot be shaken that it will stand you know the story of Job Job is like a microcosm of the end of the world. Satan goes to God and says you have no one on earth and God says you have a good job and Satan says no you haven't got it if I do he says no you haven't. Yes I do and he says the only reason he serves you is because he's so wealthy and so rich and you've blessed him so much. Take away those blessings and he will curse you and die. So OK so I take it take away those blessings take them away from him to come down and take them away and he says Well I mean Magic kills all his children. Well the only reason you still haven't touched him. So we get sick and he gets played and he guessed disease and job still doesn't still doesn't say anything against God and it's at that point it's at that point that Job's wife breaks snaps. We always give Joel's wife a hard time in church. We did only one about why she is she can stand by her husband da da da da da the reality is the mother's love for a child is often greater. The Father's Love for a child job wife had lost everything. It's not like Job owned his wife she was married to him. She lost all her children. She lost all her livelihood. They're supported as well as him. So she lost exactly the same as him went through the same heartache. Maybe more then Joe and at that point she cracked. She said curse God and die to me is almost imagery at the end. Some people will go through so much and at the very end though just too much I can't take it anymore. I can't take it. Just that though he stood all the way through. So everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Those who go through the shaking and sifting will come through victorious with the seal of God So God shakes his people for the purpose of refining and purifying them. What remains the remnant remains. See the devil see there's two shakings the devil wants to say he wants to shake the church God wants to say shake the church as well. The purpose is to be cleaned up or cleaned out either we cleaned up all the cleaned out don't be cleaned out and then they go to clean you up and he shakes you clean you up but not clean you out. Devil wants to shake God will strike at the moment. Some people say the shaking taking place right now I don't think really the shaking taking place right now. There might be little troubles going on in your church might be a little controversy the little issues going on all of these are trials of our. Character The Trials of our faith that the trials of our steadfastness to God they are many shakings but they are not the shaking and the shaking. When the church is fully shaken and sifted then all who remain in Zion will be purified and under the unction of the Spirit of God when the shaking is taking place the Church Triumphant. Notice in the Roman Church is not an inspired book but I'll read from it anyway. So there is no need to doubt to be fearful that the work will not succeed. God is at the head of the work and he will set everything in order. If matters need adjusting at the head of the work God will attend to that and work to right every wrong. Let us have faith that God is going to carry the noble ship which carries the people of God into the poor and then God is going to guide his ship in. Sometimes it looks like there's a ship you know or a storm on the ocean and the ship won't make it to shore. But God is going to guide his ship his church into the shore though they may go through rough seas. They would be on a ship in the rough seas. It's not pleasant. Shipped up shipped down boats up both down hill guided though into port this ship will get on to port and the question is whether we are on board when it does or not is not enough for us to just say we're loyal to God Peter said he was loyal to Jesus was he loyal to Jesus though it's not enough just to assert verbal loyalty to God we have to have integrity in heart and strength of character. The reality is Peter did not know himself he didn't know him. And the reality is most of us don't know ourselves either until we're tested and tried in the in the furnace of affliction. That's why God has to try his people. That's why there has to be these Sunday laws and things that God want to try his people because we really don't know myself. Peter was Peter the one I don't you know he was the first person for every appeal. Yep that's me. Yeah that's me. Peter said Lord all of these will deny you but me I will stand and when the soldiers came the first one and when he was asked Are you the one with Jesus. No no but you are the one with Jesus. No no you are I've seen you know I'm not. There wasn't like an ambiguous question it wasn't like a question like Do you believe in the Christ you know it wasn't it was a direct pointed question yes or no there was no way around it and he blatantly just says no blatantly some of us we deny our faith in very vague ways maybe growing up as an Adventist you've learned how to say things to your friends in school about where you're going to be on Saturday. You don't tell him you go to church but you just tell him something vague. Yeah I'm sorry I can't be with you are going to be somewhere you know I'm sorry I can't be there are going to I'm going to go see some friends and we have all these sometimes words to say to certain friends because we don't want to say I'm going to church and we just kind of ambiguous. And so we pat ourselves on the back and say well we never really deny Jesus. We just told them we were going to. Hang out with some friends from all over the country that came together. Right now I know I've done it many many times when I was young. What can a company full of pride and I got something going on I'm busy I'm sure my friends wonder why I was busy every single Friday night you know but we played this game and then we say well I didn't tell them I'm not a stone never entered I didn't deny Jesus I just told them I was busy but Peter was specifically asked Are you a disciple. No no I'm not. It's those little things that build up to a saying something that we think we would never say. No it is here and the Lord said Simon Simon behold faith can have desired to have a view that he may do what do you do you when you say if something what you do and you know like a sieve right you put something in you shaking it to get rid of stuff. He may sift give me things but I have prayed for you that your faith by a lot and when you are converted strengthen your brethren. I mean it's a very interesting quote text that theologians debate about when I'll get into it today. The disciples had another chance but we may never we may never get another chance in LET fifty five from eight hundred eighty six. Ellen White says these words are very important words. She says the church appeared about to fall but does not often encourage men it looks like it's all going to crash and disintegrate and some of you may be thinking oh no maybe you're up on what's happening in the church today and you know that there's going to be a general conference session next year and you know that it's going to be all the issues debated women's ordination. This and this and this and it looks like oh no what's going to happen to our church. If you're going to integrate if you're going to split it's going to stay together. What's going to happen but it may look like the church will fall but it will not it will not. It remains while the chaff is separated from the wheat. Only those who overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony will be found loyal and true to it looks like it's going to fall. But those who was faithful to Jesus they will stand with the church in those last days. This is goes on to say the great issue so near at hand will weed out those whom God has appointed for God will have a pure and sanctified ministry Amen prepared for the latter rain there is a weeding out among the ministry and the people are a long way says this We can't hide from it amongst the ministry which of the monks the who. The ministers the pastors they will be a leading out now it's not your job to start writing lists as to who is the faithful ministers and who is not the faithful ministers I know as church members you sometimes do that over your Sabbath lunch. This pastor is no good and this was no good. We want this one hour over here and we wish the conference would fire that one and can they get rid of that one and we don't like that one either. It's not your job to do the same and it's not your job to say well this one's faith when this one is not faithful. OK but there will be a shaking amongst the ministry as well those who are faithful to the message those who are converted those who whatever are true to God and others will be shaken out. It's a sad thing that people who may have dedicated their life to work for God will be shaken out. Work in the end you know in times of Noah's flood you know the most sad people are the ones who built the boat and never got on the boat. If you build the very thing that will save you and then you don't get on it. Imagine the workers banging away. Good job good job well paid you know been building this thing for fifty years solid job stable income. Get to the end they do want to guys want to join. I'm fine. You built the boat to save you and don't get on to me that that's like church members. It's like pastors that build up the church and at the end you get it. Returning all your tithes and offering three years and at the end I just leave the result will be a purified remnant who received the latter rain when the sifting is over the sinners out. Look as if I have testimonies one thirty six. Soon God's people will be tested by fiery trials and the great proportion of those who appear to be genuine will be base metal or not is what is there for those who appear to be Jane she's not saying those in the church that you can look at blatantly and say why are they are some of the Adventist you're not talking about that she's talking about the ones who appear to be strong and genuine who say they believe in the violence of our property and they believe in all twenty eight fundamentals. All those people among them. Many would just be base metal. It's a solemn quote to get us to look at ourselves we do we say we genuinely wish they were genuine you say that you're a Bible believing some they haven't yet. Are you base metal or you go. It's easy to read this quotation is that he had those over there. But she says no not the ones who don't appear genuine. The one to appear genuine. They want to look right. They want to profess right mehndi are base metal. They've just learned to patch up on the outside very well they don't have a real genuine core experience. No it is a very early writings two seven one The numbers of this company have left and some have been shaken out unless by the way the careless and the what indifferent the careless don't really care the indifferent. What's the big deal. Who did not join with those who prize victory and salvation is enough to perseverance to plead and agonized for it did not obtain it they were left in darkness we read this one yesterday and their places were immediately filled by others taking hold of the truth and coming into the ranks. They were careless they were different they were shaken up. That describes a lot of our church today even amongst more serious cemetery advances there are many who are only doing it culturally as well. Like in our church and there's like different camps there's this camp this camp and it's OK. Well I choose to be in. I want to be with those people. So I learn what I need to say to be with people but I really don't know how it will work to that the disaffected ones will be separate from the true and loyal ones those who like Cornelius will fear God and glorify Him will take their places the ranks will not be disadvantaged those who are firm and true will close up the vacancies that are made by those who become what's the next word say offended. Do you get offended easily. Those who get offended can take any criticism or contact anyone not agreeing with you. You know that's I mention the Q. and A yesterday if you were there. One of the reasons why God asked us to do it and it's not just so that we can get people in the church. The reason why God asked us to do evangelism as well is so that we can understand how Jesus felt when he was here and no one listened to him to go do it under them to knock one hundred doors and only two people want to talk to you. That's character building part of the purpose of doing that is for God to refine your character so you can understand what it means to be rejected by men and despised. It's good for your pride. Some people in their workplace are very successful. Praise the Lord in the educational place are very successful. Praise the Lord. So you're not used to doing evangelism where you're not successful. It's important to do it or it was important for us to realize how fragile and weak we are and it's the experience of doing that as well not just with the result of the end but the experience for us that God wants. Five C. eighty one. The time is not too far distant when the test will come to every soul. The mark of the beast will be urged upon us those who have step by step yielded to worldly demand and conform to worldly customs will not find it a hard matter to yield to the powers that be rather than subject themselves to derision insult or threaten imprisonment and death. So they've been making the concessions all along. When that time comes it's no big deal. They don't want to get derided. They don't want to be in. So did they don't want to be threatened. They just go along. The contest is between the commandments of God and men. In this time the gold will be separated from the dross in the church. True godliness will be clearly distinguished from the appearance and tinsel of it many a stock. How many many a stock we have admired. Oh it's brilliant. We'll go out in darkness. To me that's humbling She says many a star we've admired for its brilliance will go out. Magine if the preacher the pastor that you love the most the one that you listen to one line and you two over and over again imagine if that person a pasta sizes that's why your faith cannot be in any man and man that man is amazing he'll never Apostles eyes and then he does and he shakes you. You know there are certain preachers that I kind of look up to with think they're a great preacher. The same whenever your favorite preacher that preacher is I just love listening to that preacher like I like I have a few of my you know a certain preacher like like to listen to them and at mine we think that preacher apostle seide like how would that impact me we have to her own experience and those things don't affect it but be prepared for many a star we've admired to go out into darkness. When will the chaff go out the chaff will go out when the mark of the beast is urged when the Sunday lore is a just and because of persecution when the pressure is put on. People will bend in Daniel Chapter three. The people bended when the pressure was there. Fires burning and they bent it by this time there is chapters blown away where are those people. They must be in the church otherwise they can be blown up so the people are in the church as in the Bible says that the we in the tares grow together until the harvest so the chaff or the bad harvest so to speak is in the church and when the persecution comes it's blown out of the church. The reason why I'm highlighting this is some people you know they say oh you know the you know what is the church is the church is God's Church today's church and the definition is that what the church is the we in that says grow together until the end no matter what we do know now no matter how hard we work we cannot get rid of the chaff. It's not our job to clean up the church. Amen. It's not our job to try and weed out every unfaithful pastor and every unfaithful man but that's not our job. God will do that in good time and when the persecution come persecution comes at the end when the mark of the beast is in force. Don't worry it will happen very quickly. It will happen very quickly there. If the chaff remains in the church until the time of sifting and the thing that produces the sifting is the winds of persecution. One wind blows people out and one wind blows people in and amazing people leave and people come in the ranks are not diminished the ranks are not diminished. You know you think of Daniel Chapter three when the three Hebrew boys stood. I like what they said to Ned We could never never you can as a says that I am. Maybe you didn't understand my request. Let's make it a modern English he like you know I understand you guys are Hebrew you don't speak our language properly so maybe didn't understand clearly what I was saying. Let me say it clearly for you again in plain English or whatever their level playing Babylonian you know let me say clearly I know that you guys speak Hebrew. Maybe to get an X. and this is what we're saying. Music bowed out and he had to say back to us and that is fine we understand perfectly what you said above baloney and is very good. And they say we don't need a second chance. I love what they say they say not because we don't need a second chance we know exactly what we going to do. So save your musicians the time and effort. God can deliver us and we believe he is able to but if he doesn't we still won't worship that is the attitude that we should take. We believe a God is able to deliver us from the trials that come our way. But if God does not deliver us from the trial he will be with us through the trial. Those in the shaking. They will have the same attitude. God can deliver us. But it looks like at this point he's choosing not to deliver us and we will stand with him no matter what. OK The shaking is caused by the straight testimony. I ask the meaning of the shaking I had seen and was shown that it was caused by the straight testimony called forth by the counsel of the true witness to the Laodiceans. This will have its effect. Upon the heart of the receiver and will lead him to exalt the Standard and Poor for the straight truth. Some will not bear this straight testimony. They will rise up against it and this is what will cause a shaking Amongst to God's people. It's important for us to understand the message the latest here. I meant to make sure the message the latest has done is work on your heart before you feel your burden to go and start cleaning the people up. It's the message the Laodiceans the straight testimony that causes the shaking amongst God's people. Early writings page two hundred seventy. Who is the true witness. It is Jesus who gives the straight testimony. Those who receive Jesus and his counsel to the church they exalt the standard and preach the truth in the church. It infuses their body in a sense their character and they preach this truth in the church. We are either in the group who will give the straight testimony or we are in the group who resist the straight testimony. One group you'll be and not both. You give it all you resisted this causes the shaking. To some people today they want peace at all costs. There are some people that just want peace at all costs. Like Aaron he wanted peace do what the people want it kept them happy. Some of us want peace at all costs but that characteristic is not a noble one at all times. So what produces the sifting the persecution. What. Then the national Sunday law people leave not necessarily in one day but the greater the persecution the more people are shaken and sifted out of God's Church. Now I believe this take place at the end so we have the national Sunday law that is given when the national Sunday lore is given that means the loud cry is then given to finally call people out of Babylon as this is taking place there was a shaking going on in God's Church. Final shaking final sifting of the wheat and the tears. This is before the time of trouble. Time of trouble has not yet happened yet. Still to come it is not necessary one day but the greater the persecution the more the shaking as if then takes place. So there are a few things that take place. Three things for us to do we need to receive the counsel from Jesus the true witness. We need to exalt the standard we see in the Bible and we need to preach the straight truth. Now this must happen in order. Amen. You cannot do number three without number one and two. Today in our church sometimes we have people that try and do number three and they have been the number one and two you have people preaching the straight message sometimes and it is an embarrassment to our church that preaching the straight truth that they are not living themself and has no power. You cannot be like a parent this is do as I say don't do as I do. Anytime a parent says that to a child you just lose all authority in even if the child obeys the parent in the moment. Because they're younger. They resent it and can't wait for the day when they don't have to follow the parent because the parents not do what they're telling them to do anyway. We can't preach the straight truth. If we're not living the straight truth and we can't live the straight truth unless we're receiving the daily experience from Jesus Christ to receive the counsel from the true witness the Laodicean receive Jesus Christ into us exalt the standard and preach the straight truth and none of these things are easy. None of them are easy. None of them are easy and sometimes the things seem so little. That's why it's important for you to be involved in evangelism now because you will learn the characteristics you need to preach the straight truth. Doing evangelism Personal Evangelism when your sorry when your doing Bible studies and you're sitting in someone's home you're a guest in their home and you have a Bible open and they have a Bible open and they're asking you should I keep the Sabbath. It takes courage for you to tell that person they need to keep the Sabbath then you'll see it in the person's home and you're talking about what they should eat and what they should drink it takes courage for you to tell them the everything and know me is wrong. Face to face eyeball to eyeball. It's easier to preach it than it is to say in someone's home one on one. Then you sat in someone's home and they're asking you if they should wear earrings and necklaces and you're going to look at a person dead in the eye and tell them yes you need to take it off. Doing evangelism doing Bible study has been involved in God's work in little ways like that. All of those things develop the characteristics in. You needed to be able to give the final message in the end if you can preach boldly to one person in their living room. God can and trust you to speak it to many many people because it's not easy. It is not easy for someone who is your friend that you've built up a friendship with. So then tell them they're wrong. In a sense and they have to change. It's not easy. That's why evangelism is important. Helps develop the characteristics in you need it you'll need at the end to preach the straight truth. Some people avoid abandon them because they want to avoid those awkward times when you have to tell people that what they're doing is not right. We just avoid it for that one reason alone. We need to spend time studying the message the latest events. If you've never studied it before then I would encourage you to delve into it. There's a lot if you have a phone with the L N G Y app on there. Just Google not to just search latest the in message you have a whole load of quotations as read through them. There's so much in the writings on a message to the latest cience that's the end of this presentation here. And no we're not at the end of our time though so I have two presentations left one of them is called a time of trouble and one of them is called God's people deliver it I don't know if it's going to take the full time. I'm this morning and this afternoon I'll complete them. And when we're done with them the next presentation is going to be entitled the time of trouble. The time of trouble in Daniel Chapter twelve and verse one we have this verse that gives us the phrase the time of trouble. Notice it and at that time shall my course stand up. The great prince which stands for the children of your people and there shall be a time of trouble such as what never was since there was a nation even to that time and at that time shall your people be delivered every one that is found written in the book. Now I personally think that this is one verse that in Adventists circles over the last fifty sixty seventy years we have mis applied to many times when you go to Sunday churches Baptist churches whatever common in Sunday churches is this idea that if you don't give your heart to God you will burn in where hellfire to give your heart to God now because if you don't you'll burn in hell fire. In Adventism we have a similar reasoning by misapplying a prophecy and we say things like this you better give your heart to Jesus now because if you don't you have to go through a time of trouble such as never was since the war the nation or boy the persecution that is coming on the church then is going to be so bad you've never seen anything like it. The Holocaust will be nothing compared to what happens to go to church at the end. Therefore give your heart to Jesus now. Have you heard something like that. Maybe not as in fact because that but we sometimes use the time of trouble as a motivation to scare people into giving their heart to Jesus now because there's going to be a persecution on the church. And it's going to be so bad. You've got to give your heart to Jesus now the question is the question we have to ask is this Who is the time of trouble for. OK Who is it for. Now you say God's people. Someone here said God's people I'm going to say yes but I'm also saying no I'm going to show you why God's people go through a time of trouble. But often these great time of trouble we talk about is not directly applied to God's people. Now let's go through it. Who is Michael in this verse here. Jesus how do you know it's Jesus. Three verses you need three verses to prove it's Jesus or put them on the screen. Three verses to prove it's business number one. Jude nine. The Bible says in Jude nine let's read the more likely as go through them to show that Michael is Jesus in Jude verse nine the Bible says there. The Bible says they're in Jude nine it is Michael the Archangel. That's all we really need to get from the others injured verse nine. The Bible says Michael is the AHC angel that's the real point we need to get from the verse. If you write a note Michael is Archangel. OK In First Thessalonians four verse sixteen just before the book of Hebrews what do we learn in first testimonials for sixteen. The Bible says for the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of a watt angel. And the dead in Christ shall rise a lot. But so I hear it in June. No I. Michael is the archangel in first testimonials for sixteen. The Archangel raises up the dead. Let's turn to John and it tells us who raises the dead in John five twenty eight and twenty nine. The Bible says actually no verse twenty five in John five verse twenty five. The Bible says Verily verily I say unto you The hour is coming and now is when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God and live and they that hear shall live. Stop that three verses. Michael is the Archangel the Archangel raises the dead. The Son of Man raises the dead. Put those three together. Michael is Jesus. Michael is Jesus. So when Revelation sorry when Daniel twelve This one says that Michael shall stand. It's saying that Jesus is going to stand up now in Daniel chapter eleven verse three we have another standing up taking place let's read this verse Daniel twelve eleven verse three in Daniel eleven and verse three The Bible says and the mighty king shall stand up that shall rule with great dominion. Here in Daniel twelve or three it links the concept of standing. With raining he will stand up and he shall rule he shall stand up and he shall rule nothing. We're going to put a few concepts together here in Daniel twelve verse one. When the Bible says at that time Michael shall stand and you know every time when the Bible talks of Jesus going to heaven is that he sat down at his father's right hand. Put in your notes. Search sat down and you'll find several verses in Acts and the places where it says when Jesus ascended to heaven he sat down and his father's right hand he sat down at his father's right hand. In Daniel twelve verse one it says Michael shall stand in Daniel eleven verse three standing up is associated with reigning ruling. Let me ask you a question. What role does Jesus have in heaven right now. He's a priest when he comes back the second time. What role will he have a king when Jesus stands up. I believe is signified his role as a priest is over he is preparing to take on his kingly robes to use the imagery and come back as our King when Jesus stands up. It signifies his role as high priest is over and if his role as high priest is over then it means that judgment has what finished and if judgment has finished probation has closed. You know when Stephen was being stoned in Acts Chapter Seven write that down and you know X. seven is around us fifty to fifty fifty to the end of the chapter. Stephen says I looked into heaven. And I saw the Son of Man Standing at the right hand of his father. Now Stephen was stoned in A.D. thirty four. And if you know the seventy week prophecy you know the seventy weeks came to a close in A.D. thirty four signifies it signifying that the Jewish nation was no longer the sole recipients of the message and their probation close to eighty thirty four was not the close of probation but it was a close of probation on the nation. Not to say they can't be saved but they were no longer the head so to speak. When my course stands in Daniel Chapter twelve verse one. His role as high priest is over intercession is over probation has closed. The high priest of intercession of probation closed all of those things take place when Michael stance when Michael Spence. He's preparing to be our king. Now the Bible says In Daniel twelve verse one the time of trouble such as what never was but we have a problem. The problem we have is this. In Matthew twenty four The Bible speaks about a Great Tribulation. You know what I'm talking about fifty million. Some historians say one hundred million. Some historians say a hundred and fifty million people were killed for their faith. So we have a problem the problem is this if we say the time of trouble such as never was then there was a nation. It's for the church. Soley the problem I kind of see is this if if you or one hundred million people died in the dark ages does that mean there's going to be more than one hundred million people being killed at the end of time. Does it mean mass slaughtering of God's people. Bang bang bang bang bang. Is that what it means. Now let's put it together logically. If Michael stands up why has finished intercession is finished on probation have what quote. Let me ask you another question. So probation is called for Michael stands where Michael stands probation closes and the time of trouble starts. QUESTION If probation has closed. Listen carefully. Is there any reason for there to be a mock up. No the purpose of martyrdom is to witness to those who are still alive. If probation has closed Is there any reason for that to be a martyr. There's no reason. Now I'm going to say a quote. Maybe I shouldn't say this but I'm sure I've read somewhere where he says after the close of probation there will be no martyrs. But I need to verify that I get that. But if probation had closed there's no reason for someone to die for their faith to witness to someone else because they can change they can change after probation closes. I don't believe any Christians will be martyred for their faith. So this concept of having like these mass camps widowhood the Christians I don't believe it's biblical. The Bible does say we'll have to run and hide and the why does people have to leave the cities and go to the mountains. The Bible does say we will not be able to buy and sell the Bible does say we will go through tribulation but sometimes I think we've got the concept of the tribulation wrong because we want to make a sensational tribulation. There's not necessarily there. If probation has closed we know some people will be in the prisons and I want to say that in the book great controversy she says some will be in prison but the death decree hasn't happened yet. Therefore they will not be killed. That's what I want. So on the one in Matthew twenty four Matthew twenty four was the time of trouble persecution killing martyrdom all of that for the church the time of trouble at the end. Primarily we think carefully primarily is for the world when it's this time of trouble such as never was since the war the nation that primarily is the world or it is those who have the mark of the beast. If you have the mark of the beast then you receive the play because the play is the time of trouble. The time of trouble ahead is for the world but is not a bloody persecution for the Church such as the Dark Ages was now I don't believe I'm not saying the church is not persecuted. We have just had our last presentation to say that they'll be shaking in the church I meant but it's not this big bloody persecution like we read about being in the dark ages. Notice it when the third angel's message closes. He no longer pleads for the guilty inhabitants of the earth the loud cry is over. Probation has closed. Salvation is no longer available. It's dried up. No more salvation. Notice it. Great controversy page six one three the final theft has been brought upon the world and all who have proved themselves loyal to the divine precept have received the seal of God then Jesus free thinking of intercession above he lifts his hand and with a loud voice said It is done all the Angelic Host lay off their crowns as he makes the following announcement. He that is unjust let him be unjust still he that is filthy let him be filthy still he that is right and be righteous still and he that is holy let him be holy still every case has been decided for life or death. Christ has made the atonement for his people and blotted out there since it's over probation closes and as probation closes notice the review of our event the third Angel's method have closed the loud cry has finished. Mercy is no longer pleading the latter rain has been received. God's people are now sealed. OK. God's people are sealed. Because people are sealed. Intercession is over. No more intercession. There's no more crossing back and forth the line between between good and bad. There is no more intercession. It no longer takes place. Here's intercession. I think every case has been decided. Now all of the above are true. When probation closes and the time of trouble begins. Let's go through that again. So when we go out rewind I go through it again. So when probation closes the third angel's message has finished the loud cry is over no more mercy. Lots of rain has been poured out feeling God's people. Christ is finished his intercession in heaven. Every case is decided. This is true when probation closes and the time of trouble starts. Now the next quotation I'm going to share with you is one that you may have read before in church circles you may have heard preachers share it and in many ways it is a mis read I want to read it and see clearly what it says and what it doesn't say because sometimes the next quotation I read has been used to sometimes scare people and almost give them a false view of Jesus. OK now I believe the quotation is true Ellen White wrote it but I think we sometimes have mis interpreted it in the quotation is this in that fearful time the righteous must live in the sight of a holy God without a what and without quotation true yes or no. Now tell me exactly what does it say. What will the right just not have. An intercessor. There's no intercessor So the writers will have no interest. Why is there no intercessor diseases I stop being a priest. Interceding Now sometimes I don't know if I don't if you put it this way but I'm sharing it with you because I put it this way I've sometimes heard this quotation given this way in the sense that the righteous will be on their own like in a spiritual no man's land. Therefore you have to be so right shows that you can stand alone. You know so much. OK So my point is this we don't have an intercessor. But does that mean Jesus has forsaken us. Of course not. I'll be very clear in that we don't have an intercessor but Jesus promise I will never leave you know what. So he's still there he's still protecting us from Satan and so on. He's still there as our Saviour he's still our Saviour he's not our intercessor though in that role but he is still our Savior he's still our protector. He is still there with us. So don't get this concept because he's not the intercessor we're kind of alone in the middle then and he's there for us I meant he is there for us. Now will they commit sins during this time. Now while our great high priest is making atonement for us we should seek to become perfect in Christ. Now the experience of God's people through the time of trouble is what we sometimes hear the time of Jacob's trouble. We're going to look at that in just a minute. Now they will not feel righteous in any way shape or form. They will not feel righteous. They'll be earnestly pleading with God that their hearts are right with him. Jesus knows is what he said. Jesus said. The prince of this world comes and finds nothing in me that's what he said. Now this is the condition the God's people also need to have that the prince of the world comes and there's nothing in them in the sense that he finds nothing in them that will respond to temptation or aggravation. So we need to be in the point was they Satan comes and has nothing in me. He finds nothing game in the sense Satan comes to me in the time of trouble and I'm there I have no food have no drink have no bread I have no nice Malaysian food that I'm used to having and they're struggling and Satan comes and you know and there's like a temptation he tries to bring what he tries to aggravate me. But it's like putting a dead man there's no reaction. We need to pray that Lord when Satan comes to Tammy may he find nothing in me that will respond to that impetus. There's nothing there. It's died it's gone. Now Satan knows he knows our buttons you know the way it compresses all this one's impatient or this one arrogant or this one you know hates that person or this one has a problem with lust and you know we can press the look he can come and find nothing in me then I saw that Jesus would not leave the most holy place until every case was decided either for salvation or destruction and that the wrath of God could not come until Jesus had finished his work in the most holy place. OK What is the wrath of God. Those two verses that tell us clearly the wrath of God is the seven last plagues. Revelation fifteen verse one says he had seven vials with the seven last plagues and in them is the wrath of God. When the third angel's message has been is the plagues are poured out and the plagues of the wrath of God If you look at this terminology the seven last plagues wrath of God same thing seven last plagues wrath of God time much of anything. When Jesus will step from heaven step out between the father and man excuse me and God will keep silence no longer but pour out His wrath on those who have rejected his truth. The nations are now getting angry. But when our High Priest has finished his work in the century he will stand up put on the garments of vengeance and then the seven last plagues will be poured out. I saw that the four angels would hold the four winds until Jesus' work was done in the century. Then comes the seven last plagues so the plagues don't come until Jesus finishes his work in a century. Now the Saints are crying day and night and they're crying during Jacob's time and trouble and the reason they're crying is because the death decree has been passed the world passes this death decree and they do it because the end raised against the writers. Now what we're going to do we're going to place where this takes place because we're told in Revelation that initially if you don't have the mark of the beast you cannot walk and then we're told what happens after that is put to death. So it's like increasing impetus combine so then put to death. I believe when the Sunday law is first introduced. It is not introduced with a death decree attached to it. That comes later on notice here. Well I just went ahead of myself and definitely come before the plagues. Well after he stopped you will see some of the plague. Affording one the death the Koreas past let's go through them. Revelation sixteen. If you there in your Bibles go to Revelation to sixteen the Bible says in Revelation sixteen Revelation Chapter sixteen. Plague number one the Bible says and the first went and poured out his viable his and his vial upon the earth and there fell annoys them and grevious saw upon them which had the mark of the beast and upon them which worshipped his image so the boil or the saw falls on those who have the water mark of the beast first plague. OK second plague and the second angel poured his vial on the sea and it became as the blood of a dead man. And every living soul died in the seat. Second place seat and the blood. My question do you think these plagues all over the. Universal is another word I'd say on the earth but the earth doesn't mean the planet is it just me on the air. You say yes I see no reason why I say no is this if every if these two plagues are universal all over the world every will be dead if all the sea Atlantic Pacific blah blah blah every sea in the whole world is blood we're all dead you know stand. So my logical sense and here's why. Great controversy six twenty eight says this these plagues are not universal or otherwise or all the inhabitants of the Earth would be wholly cut off. Yet they are the most awful scourges that have been known to mortals. So initially the plagues are not universal. When we get the plague I think it's number four or five then I believe they are universal. But the first three or four there not are tell you which one when we get to it. Different people have their reasonings I'll share with you my reasoning and you can take your home and study and look at it yourself. The third plague says this as with the third plague and the third end report I mean vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters and they became a lot and I heard the angel of the war to say you are right just oh lord. Which art and wast and shall be because you have judged thus. Verse six this is the key verse for they have shed the blood of saints and prophet and thou hast given them blood to drink for they are worthy. This is key if you have Judge and it says for they have shed the blood of all. Interesting if therefore they have shed the blood does this mean that they've started to kill. It is past tense. But notice as we match it with this quotation from the Spirit of Prophecy Ellen Weiss says this great controversy sixty five six The way she says by condemning the people of God to death. They have as truly incurred the guilt of their blood as if it had been shed by their hands. Three that again by condemning the people of God to death they have is truly incurred the guilt of their blood as what as if they had killed it. I think the death decree comes right here in the plagues so played one and two. No death decree by the time we get the plague number three is this for they have shed the blood of saints but I wife says they incurred the guilt as if they have done it not because they have done it. They want to do it but not yet they have not killed them before the close of probation some people will die but once probation closes there will be no martyrs they condemned the people of God to death and so they have blood to drink. Therefore I believe the death decree happened somewhere between plague number two and plague number three. First plate falls second plate falls and all the reason why for these plagues is those righteous people. Let's kill them. Plague number three. They are judged as if they have killed the blood of all of the things they haven't killed them but it's like they have. No it is a I saw the four angels would hold the four winds until Jesus was done in the century. These plagues enraged the wicked against the writers. They thought that we had brought the judgment of God upon them and that if they could read the earth of us the plagues would be stayed. A decree went forth to slay the Saints seated quotation in the plates have started the plagues and enrage the wicked against the righteous and because they're so mad. The decree goes forth to slay the saints I believe in these quotations together and reading what we've read in the Bible that the death decree doesn't happen at the beginning of the plagues. They get angry and so they institute a death decree somewhere between. Two. Between plague too and plague three the plagues caused the wickets a path a death decree somewhere between the second and third plague the fourth plague is the Earth is scorched by the sun. It's kind of this is bad. Sun worship is key to false religion and will be integral in the final conflict. You say what's that what's the big deal about the sun. I don't know about you but when you're standing in the sun. Have any of you ever got sunburnt. You have. I used to think I grew up in England and the English one is not strong and I would go on holiday in England and I am because I'm a little bit darker. I could stay in the sun a long time and my English friends were like white and pink. They would get burned and I'll be there. Fine no problem. Not again son but I used to think that I was immune to sunburn but I didn't realize I had only seen the English sun then I went on holiday to Ecuador and Ecuador on the equator and I was like yeah don't worry I don't need suncream me some block I don't eat anything anything I don't get sunburnt. My goodness it was like twenty five years old the first time it ever being sunburned in my life and it was excruciating painful. Now imagine if you have boils on your skin first plague and now comes the fourth plague and the sun is out and it's just all you have boils and then and then the sun shines bright scorching the earth the sun becomes an instrument of punishment. The fifth place now I believe the fifth plague of the first plague as universal. My reason is this. You can investigate it for yourself. You can believe it you can disbelieve it but I believe the fifth plague is universal for the fifth plague says this and the fifth angel poured out his vial. On the seat of the beast and his kingdom was full of darkness and they know that tons of pain now my question to you is when he says he poured his bile on the feet of the beast. Where is the seat of the beast where the seat of the beast. Who is the beast. The Vatican the Roman Papacy. Where is the king. Where is the seat of Rome the Vatican. Where is the kingdom of Rome where is the world because Revelation thirteen three match verse all the world will wonder after the beast so to cover the whole world. That's why I think the fifth plague is the first universe the one covering the whole world. Why the beast and his kingdom. All the world wonders after the beast the beast and his kingdom. Six play the river Euphrates dries up. We've gone through this already I'm not going to go through this in detail. We looked at the threefold Union but the river Euphrates drying up you know when Babylon was destroyed they dried up the river and they marched the Army of the Persians in the dry riverbed and conquered the city from within. When the Bible says that really afraid it will be dried up what I believe is referring to is this. If I ask these plagues the Fawley the people will turn on their pastors and say you have deceived us. The church members will turn on their ministers and say why did you never tell us the support of Babylon the people will dry up and it will not be a pretty sight when church members realize they have been led astray by the people they put their spiritual trust in it will not be a pretty sight. That's partly why I believe this is in verse fourteen for they had the spirits of devils. Working miracles to gather them together to battle. So in verse in verse twelve the root of the Euphrates drive up but in verse fourteen there's miracles so what happens is this in verse twelve the people turn on their ministers and say you've deceived us we will not listen to you anymore. Then what do you see the last deception comes to unite these people gathering them together against God's people. Miracles and all these type of things will take place to deceive them again. Now the death victory has been given in the time of the second the first and so the death the tree that has been given in the time of the second or third play is not enforced then now we have a biblical example of this from the story in The Book of Esther and Haman. You remember the story of Haven. He wanted to kill all the Jews. Did he kill them right away you know he passed a decree to kill them and the decree would be enforced only after a certain time. Could they enforce the decree is in the Book of Esther chapter three verse nine and thirteen decree happened but the killing doesn't come the later is going to be the same thing at the end of time. The death decree will happen but it will not be enforced straightaway. Do the Kree issues withdrawing the protection of the law from the people and give the people liberty to put them to death after a certain time. This is what is called Jacob's time up trouble Jacob's time of trouble is once the death decree have been passed prior to it being enforced God's people will be sighing and crying wondering praying and pleading that their heart is right with God. So the Sunday law has passed. God's people give the loud cry the Babylon is fallen. Some are put in prison. The plagues begin to fall. The wiki blame God people and then there comes a death decree somewhere they're actually technically right there when the plagues fall is when the trouble starts. Yeah I think some some may be killed or put in prison but I don't think they'll be masses and I think hordes of people now are we supposed to close a twelve day. OK we'll close it here it's a good place to draw this one it's not finished yet so it's a good place to conclude this one with a summary will pick up and complete the last little bit of Jacob's time of trouble this afternoon and then we'll look at how God is going to deliver his people at the end of Jacob's time of trouble and it's an exciting and powerful quotations and things Ellen White right after how God is going to the living people it's kind of you know God is quite a dramatic got him and he's quite dramatic and he does things in such he's going to do things in such a way that it's going to deliver my People like he's exciting the way he delivers these people you know God is not just you know God is a. He's a powerful guy. OK so let's close with a word of prayer and then we'll pick up this afternoon at two thirty. Father in heaven will be thank you for the privilege we have to study these great and important issues today. Well we've looked at the time of trouble such as never was since the war the nation the lot I pray that each one of us today give us an understanding of this. May we not be scared into following you. Maybe only do it out of love in our hearts. Give us Lord a deep sense of love and appreciation for what you've done. We ask you your name. This media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe. If you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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