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6. Gods People Delivered

Adam Ramdin


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA



  • December 29, 2014
    2:30 PM


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in heaven nor we pause for a moment we thank you for your promise that you have said in the book of John that he will send the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth I pray Lord that as we spend the next few moments letting together speak thoughts once again we pray in Jesus name amen okay Ms. review a little bit what we said already seven last plagues when the plagues fall on the place fall on those who have the mock all the beasts we saw quotation from L Whiteley she said that the mock the plagues initially are not universal that is different there is that is on preventing him my I guess my understanding of the passages but you are there other things and is not to say necessary one is in a with some fellow they not exactly clear talk to be dogmatic but I believe that it's wet and weep with them we look at and think that the best degree comes in between which to play inks between plate number two template number three because of leg on the three assessment may have it out us shed the blood LOI score face and said that is not that they have wait out if they have shed the blood to leak into the six play and the way in verse twelve by the River Euphrates drying up the river Euphrates like in literal Babylon supported the city individual Babylon in spiritual Babylon the support of Babylon if the people as other people try their support of Babylon but we can reduce with electric revelation seventeen with eleven to sixteen we see a similar pattern opening taking place in this book Revelation seventeen with the Evan is extreme they are about what happened in Revelation chapter sixteen Romans in seventy Invesco eleven it says that under these which laws and is not even he is the eighth result the seven Angels and the petition and its animal in which his soul I'm thinking which received no kingdom as yet but receive power skiing one hour with the beast knows is best that the these have what is a one mind and so give their power and strength unto the beast now about getting on the defendant 's body this is referring to the will when I said there are ten kings is referring to the a while divided up at the ten kingdoms not a different data for the thinking about whether well I believe is that these ten things have one mind with that scene and they give all that power and strength of the beast now that the rating down before the they will make war with the lamb the Lamb will overcome them assisting the ones in which you saw a multitude of people make fun another as the sixteen less expensive and attentive on which you saw was if an elder these will hate the whole I will make her desolate notice the difference from bus that the end twelve to sixteen invest twelve and sycophancy is like they have one mind they give their power and strength database over the funding of domestic state that they hate the whole in the space of three left is they go from giving all their power and strength unto the beast taking it complete transition no I believe this is in the right to seventeen is describing the same thing the thinking place in Revelation six the most well in Revelation sixteen verse twelve the River Euphrates dries up the people home turn on on on both religion in Revelation seventeen is described by the panel supporting the race and in the ten hole and turning away from the big cities threefold union is say things have become rallying his people that signing away from Babylon Mister Latham and now anyway but is still turning a lifelike you might write opening about the least of them are wrong but it's on the way but he then pulled his union of the three unclean spirits from Raleigh his followers together again the deathly great has been given the time of assessment that way is not enforced that but holiday in two weeks time you can tell everyone but not now okay the book of Esther I'm a story like that for the August review Nazis like we did in the great issues the majority of the protection of the law from the people against the people limited to put them to death after a certain time we believe that this is Jacobs time off trouble with a Jacobs time of trouble why do we say Jacobs time of trouble it's alluding to Jacob and the Bible in Genesis top twenty eighth into this what was up on Jacobs time of trouble this weekend the soil happened to Jacob the whole story as he stole his brother but Iraq is twentieth angry and his brother says after my dad died I will give you access I will respect my father while you live as soon as my father dies on the Achilles to Jacob flees his brother and goes the live in another country was in the country he then commenced after living there for how many years he said I need to go back go back to on his way back for you brother he's a news that his brother does not want peace and his brother is coming with four hundred men ready for war nineties I will not be but his wife his kids his tally sheet is not ready to fight on that night the Bible says you wrestled with an angel he's wrestling with his angel all night at half we go tonight sorry hobby through the night the angel touches him in the leg and popped his leg out the joint no I don't know about you I've never had a young dislocated limb I've heard that it's extremely painful the Jacob his leg is out of joint know if you have to wrestle you need to legs you only have one leg is holding onto this angel and his leg is literally done in the handling out of joints in extreme pain and the angel said let me go and he says no I will not let you go unless you but think about it and Jacob or to get a blessing in economy he only got a blessing we say I can't let you go until you bless me what or what he knows he got the first person to see the Muslim follower and by the pies he's clinging onto the still one status to all rents that he is blessed by God is holding on pennies I mean it when you're holding on to someone so much even in intense pain the leg is out of joint it shows the intense agony that he is willing to go through an intensive mind and evil that the outlet we go until you bless me know this is describing what it was a Jacobs time of trouble for the people of the end is meaning of about three by the end they will go through a similar anguish about all pray for the Lord will leave you all in the assurance now with believing they are Sunday Laurus passed both people get allow private problems want some appoint the president later to give the full time of trouble begins the wicked man both people are definitely both people we bring about the death the great now because of that drink on Timothy six fifteen six six means that you create will finally be issued against those who follow the Sabbath of the fourth amendment denouncing them as deserving of the severest punishment and giving the people limit the hospital system time to put them to death to give them limiting the residence and I to put them to death okay so read on the controversy sideways as the people of God will then be plunged into themes of affliction and distress described by the prophet at the time of Drake taken trouble ahead of the writings of the same thing at agreement for Plato was cold and the pride they enlightened on this with a time of Jacob 's trouble the while the people crying about Jacobs trouble think about it one of the crying about this does it at the time appointed as the degree joins NATO the people in spite of rule out the hatreds that it will be determined to strike in one night decisive blow which will awfully thought is the voice of dissent on recruit the same on whatever they are whatever they would be on the end of October that's when the degrees of both we can then go in and get ready people but his plan and prepare a make sure we do it all clinically or once I'm guessing that it's got me quite organizers may be Pomona before knocking there over that of the school of the people of God somehow imprisoned cells some hidden implement solitary retreats in the forest and the mountains still leave for divine protection while in every call to the companies of men is on my evil Angel are preparing for the work of Beck it is this in the utmost in the our utmost extremity of the God of Israel will interpose with the deliverance of his children the people hidden the deaf decree is passed there wasting of God and if our utmost extremity and one of Israel interposed with the deliverance of the chosen for this is the key point here I don't believe the righteous are concerned that they will die the concern in a sensible guy that's not what owner within the guy own note going to die trust that love casts out fear of things like that that that Nixon's son incest inflated on that while God will not be able to defend them as he would want to Dickinson is a depleting phone calls on that his name is not reproach that they thought that this is their life they don't cause gall to be reproached that's the concern is not pleading for the earthly life at this point I don't believe that God 's B- is worried about whether the new board by physically what the real desire is if it's not a lie or its own debt as of is not a human death they concerned about the concern for the Anna concerning the glut will be able to defend them in the Bible says Craig God and give glory to him for the outlaw his judgment is come in the second element of the judgment self-development book the whole thing went on as being judged in the things that his claims are put on trial is my low holy is it righteous can mine keep it when you see Ken is my evidence in the lives of my people that of the sun element that God 's people are vindicating both claims of governments in the universe that we never want on it his name is not reproached the outlaw executions out the complete our ability Simon the time when they ought to be executed is the time when both people will be delivered in this hilarious it into the dollar weeds on the continuum from time of trouble into golf people delivered out what we will see him really just putting some quotations from the book of great controversy controversy if you haven't read that book I would encourage you to read it take a chapter a day or two Chapter one Chapter for two days and is luckily for the book it starts off with the destruction of Jerusalem a ghost of the history of the early Christian church is to the right of America and the ghost of the closing scenes of his wealth history that do not grace from history well Angel the first few chapters and get an excellent if you love your history love the first several chapters it's great great reading if you never read it read a book with your way through it a lot of quotations in this this upcoming from the chapters all the time of trouble under the technical others for the invasion of people so if you read the U very familiar with them one-on-one about this day is not without anything new it's a highlight from the top of that we can appoint a public delivers his people okay we brought our way up to the time which I will now know I don't believe the seven last plagues in Alaska long long time I don't think physically humanly whatever speaking as possible to get a try nothing is to be too long we don't wait we don't know how long they will be the Bible haven't given us any indication of time after eighteen forty four this time longer than normal time prophecies we don't know but my guess is not too long okay while says swivel to this was already the revelations that he invested in the power to give life unto the image of the beast of the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed okay the degree is the kale book is already in the previous presentation the degree is to kill so that a review the place for the end of the wicked is around the desk the creative class sometime after probation closes while the play off boy what it is not all straight away but that is a ready and was reviewing this as we go okay at the time appointed for the time appointed individuals native people will conspire to root out he can set read this one already will be examined the striking one might say despite the blow which are awfully silent voice of dissent and reprove a Jacobs time of trouble we look at that is noticed that the apologists again on their phrase with new deliverance as well mean yesterday not concerned about that life as primary financial distal nine hundred and one Franco may have a place to make it through these things up right and the pray for God 's blessing on them they don't approach God take the time and trouble notice even though the things I feel at this point in this economy the part that is almost hard to get ahead around even though the things is sealed they received the baptism of the Spirit and I like the right they look miracles during the loud cry it after all this the Ezra Prairie of intense pressure of the nothing strange they just experienced the terrain they have seen sick people feel they have seen miracles take place and now they go into this area all most of what is not bouncing for this area of intense pressure and this is the reason why they look over their lives and they see what they see little and show how much is in that line of any work not threaten us by faith but they have to get to the point where they look at himself oh yeah yet deny standing in the fraudulent and yet allow crime and I was good wanted you had men W Priest Imus is about title people manifest out the media they are recounting testimony I don't know but is not in any pride or arrogance in multisite not this still this point feeling it at present this this point pleading Lord I don't want to cause any reproach I don't want to cause any shame to your name after all this is overnight and for this why doesn't want to allow them to be tested so severely when probation has already closed the logical question right relation of cause taken to have a wider test is not only fulfilling testified wrong is not really a test the confident facility past but God knows they will file but knows the he knows they won't fail at all most in my opinion it's almost like the final proof of God to the universe of his chosen people and thinking these guys have this is the clear evidence that these people off it to be with us in paradise comes on the back on my something like an up and following that guy all over the place I know what you guys know what she does to in the back of some of the angles mind of the iPod is almost like the time of trouble Jacobs trouble their probation is closed I like the devils throwing everything he can cause people and these still are clinging to God not letting go humble no pride Festival I told just like Joe looked so what you want add them but don't touch their life and they will still stand for me is that both people like Joe I sent him they won't fail not visit the lots people will be surrounded by enemies who are bent upon the destruction yet the anguish which they suffer is not a threat of persecution stand with a video that every sin has not been repented of unethical to some fault in themselves they will fight the red life the fulfillment of the Faith promise and agonizing also agonizing a half I will keep you from the application to come up on the book Revelation three ten if they could have the assurance of father they would not shrink from torture one that Bush should they prove unworthy and lose their lives because of their own defects of character then God 's holy name would be reproach this is their concern they don't approach God is no pride nothing they don't want to name this is what schools and the young was now the wicked people which all to have a time when they happened at the Creek the SOP got to kill that they don't wait until daylight they cannot like that they like to execute the degree so right after midnight they are ready to work now this is the beautiful this last hour between eleven p.m. and twelve a.m. will be the last time the Saints will itemize of anything beautiful as you know the debt decreased on and how it is a good thing it doesn't do when using this like while I'm studying this now so I know it so if I note that but the place is a little dislike with a fine note that I have not received the place no boils of this know that then I know I'm in heaven it was like if I know that I haven't got the seven last plagues and logically I know I mingled people so why would I worry about that too some of us may be smart enough to figure that out but now notice what a lot of people but people are not worried and a place in heaven is not secure this may all that worry old the intent language is not a personal preservation but is about defending going defending him in his name and is on the more important than whether they get to heaven on notes is a good menacing with heavenly vision they would do whole companies of angels that excel in strength station about those look at the word of Christ patients with sympathizing tenderness Angels have witnessed the distress of their prayers they await single word of that commanded to set stem from federal they must wait a little longer the people of God must drink of the cup and be baptized with the baptism the very delay so painful to them in the best answer to the conditions currently in debits await trustingly for the Lord to work there let's exercise faith hope and patients which they which have been too little exercise during the religious experience and because of exercise so little patience and faith and hope slight overlap unit one oh 's cement demo at the college roles made the Angels are there others for circles of Angels you're the righteous and around the righteous you have holy angels protecting the requirement that was protecting his people that are around the holy angels you have went getting wicked people who want to kill the men around the wicked people get what evil angels driving the month maybe they think the form of man I don't know a speculation the four circles imagine every pocket of believers around the world every pocketbook people wherever they might be what is America Malaysia China Australia every pocket of God 's people this can be a group of angels surrounding them surrounding ceramic God will protect all of his people he always thought those guys of the note to protect those people okay deeper than the goddess of the night falls upon the that our rainbow shining with the glory from the throne of God 's plan of the heavens and famous philosophical speech prank company the angry multitudes are suddenly arrested them mocking cries die away the object of them voters raised up about them with their full foreboding a gaze upon the symbol of God 's covenant along to be shielded from the overpowering brightness so right when they one executed a great while this arrangement above shines with the glory from the hospital 's span of the heaven and encircles each praying company to get all these pockets of believers all over the love and a rainbow comes and seems to encircle them the angry multitudes are arrested them mocking cry and they forget they want to kill them and they longed to be shielded from the glory and brightness of God because watching down it just just about if I just when everyone is about to be killed to rainbow comes everybody everything in nature seems turned out that Ms. calls the stream ceased to flow and doc heavy clouds and class egging each other in the midst of the angry heavens is one clear space of indescribable glory wings comes the voice of God that they do that than to believe it I pray about the McGill rainbow comes in examples of an in the midst of the angry heaven to the clear indescribable glory with the voice of God is Vincent 's and spoke the voice of God is spoken with his clear space with the voice of God comes from this is the right things similar noticing heavy clouds a class I gazed each other these as their popular rollback and we love up through the open space to Orion when saying the voice of God how clear was an enemy like to hear the voice of God booming from the heavens Amanda Markowitz bodies like we heard the voice in the distance because we heard the voice coming from the heavens through Orion the voice of God comes powerful deep in resonating voice the revelations eczema seventeen to twenty one folks about a seven play coming just before the coming of Christ 's stop of the midnight hour limit of six execute God 's people is that the plague Revelation seventeen sixteen the seventeenth to twenty one lists the file angel poured out his vial in the end it was a great voice from the heavens saying it is done they are the voice of one a cry eighties is the voice of the fund of the lightnings and it was a great earthquake such of nonsense men were upon the some might be inadequate in so great and the great city was divided into three parts with twenty and every island fled away in the mountains when I found and there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven every stone about the weight of a talent amend blaspheme God because of the play of the hail the plague thereof was exceedingly great so here we have the plague stopped the with the words of God it is done in the island 's move is great earthquake hailed fold upon the will be a good place to live on the island at that time but don't worry God will protect his people and men I live on an island so you mom some anonymous from an island on this island doesn't but I I'm a little ridiculous people the revelation sixteen by seventy to twenty one is a seven play it comes just before the coming of the Lord and Scott at the midnight hour than men have six executables people know this it the mountain shaped like a reed in the wind and ragged rocks are scattered on every side there is a role as overcoming templates the city is last in the jewelry there is the strength of a hurricane like the voice of demons upon a mission of destruction the whole of the swells like the waves of the sea 's surface is breaking up is very foundations seem to be giving way mounting chains off thinking inhabited islands disappear this theme all that have become like Sodom were wicked I'll swallowed up whining and reward the numbers of the Windy City the goodwill of the books the big historical city the role in the coast San Francisco Los Angeles London New York the coastal cities that we swallowed up by the angry waters of the seven plagues the Sylvia resurrection not as it took me about the effects Revelation twenty six Revelation twenty best six the Bible says Blessed and holy is he that pot in which resurrection the first resurrection on such the second death has no power this is talking about the first resurrection is a blessing for those of them up in the first resurrection the market Daniel chapter twelve and bus to Daniel twelve and first two the Bible says and many of them that sleep and sleep in the dust of the both shall awake some to everlasting life consumptive shame and everlasting contempt is to resurrect so that the whole teaching of the millennium the first one you'll blessed and holy become up in the first resurrection some will come to everlasting life and some to everlasting shame and contempt if you pass away before Jesus comes pray that you are coming up in the first resurrection this is like going to sleep no big deal not those as well I share with you this is a little small appointment is important nonetheless we are told that LBS special Resurrection just before Jesus comes maybe few hours few moments few minutes I don't know just before Jesus comes a great controversy page six thirty seven it says all who have died in the faith of the three Angels messages come forth from the two glorified to hear God 's covenant of peace with those who have kept his law there is a special Resurrection just before Jesus comes to different so to speak from the resurrection happens exactly when he comes in a special Resurrection just before he comes his hole those who died in the faith of the third Angels message I believe this mean this is my deprivation all those who have died since eighteen forty four the third Angels message began to be preached in nineteen forty four so old those who died in eighteen forty four there were a you a little bit before the second coming monologues but a little bit of the special privilege they have preached the three angels message they have him in it I think of some of the faithful Adventist pioneers gone were resurrected just before the second coming so they also have the privilege to see the cloud the size of a man's hand coming from the distance so they get to witness the final final moments is a special privilege is like you will pop up the final message that was preached in the whole low are resurrected just before Noah just before Elisha and just before pizza Ring James and John just before them it is amazing that this generation since eighteen forty four of the special privilege more so than maybe the awful than the problems of the Bible that doesn't avoid gum W special resurrection of the righteous now there is also a special Resurrection for the weekend as well this can be rough revelation one the seventh to hold the company clouds and every eye will see him and they also which what is there is a special Resurrection for those who killed Jesus when they get rough they die three-time they died already know be resurrected and then die again in the be resurrected in the millennium and I again is no small thing to kill Jesus know Matthew chapter seven Matthew twenty seven Matthew twenty seven and snuggled twenty seven Matthew twenty six to thirty six assistance twenty six invest sixty three and sixty four by three twenty seven sixty three and sixty four the level says that Jesus held his peace and the high priest as it is said to him I ensure you by the living God that you tell us whether thou be the Christ the son of God and Jesus saith unto him thou hast said nevertheless I say into you thereafter shall you see the Son of Man fixing on the right hand of power and coming in the clouds of heaven Jesus is talking but I have with any plastic fibers you will see me coming in the clouds often heaven down the right hand of power and coming in the clouds of heaven this was a book of prophecy the godless given a scene becoming human to be resurrected as retinopathy twenty six sixty four messages with Revelation chapter one verse seven versus the whole become to have every eye will see him even those who pass the suggest before Jesus comes as a special Resurrection for the righteous those who have died in the faith of the three angels message is a special Resurrection for the wicked those who outpace Jesus with all the saints will sing Psalm forty six and great controversy brings out their affairs in the sky the hand of God holding two tables of stone and the voice they clad the day and hour of his coming just a short time before we don't know how Madonna for minnows social timer for but we do not know how much time before okay is it great controversy basics for the Israel of God stand listening with their eyes fixed they countenanced in all light up with his glory I'm shy up in the face of Moses when he came down from Sinai the wicked cannot look upon that and when the blessing is pronounced on those that honor God by keeping the Sabbath holy there was a might see A- C shout of victory in God 's people to the itemizing is over now now does the shouts of the show so whom comes right after the snow never pay underneath a small black trial about half the size of a man's man in the cloud which surrounds the site you got ugly scenes in the distance to be shrouded in darkness the people of God no is the sign of the Son of Man and his solemn silence they gave the point as it was near the becoming writes that humble glory and failed is a great white clouds it is cloud composer and closer and closer he looked at that moment don't notice what they say but the righteous he led that moment the Navy delivered the same as Stella asked the question who should be able to stand they see Jesus coming they just been delivered from the hour of our execution and delivered Jesus coming they still cry out who shall be able to stand and the reason why now is because if appropriate the humanity should feel its weakness in the presence of God Jesus is coming with all the holy angels all the glory of God and humanity should feel it's very weakness of God 's glory but on the then the voice of Jesus is heard saying great controversy by six forty one my grace is sufficient for you the places of the righteous alike it up and joy fills every and the Angels strike a note high of thing again as they draw still narrow to the amid the relaying of the the flash of lightning on the roof on the voice of the son of God calls for the sleeping site he looks upon the graves of the righteous and then raising his hands to heaven he cries away awaiting always knew that sleep in the DOS on a rhyme throughout the length and breadth of the dead shall hear the voice and they that hear shall live on the Holocaust shall reign with the tribe on the exceeding great army of every nation kindred fun and people the voice of God will call the righteous from the grave and though all of the way is resurrect the newly amazing to the resurrection of privilege I think that's one of the privileges that the redeemed half to see the resurrection and that's why we've got resurrects those who died since eighteen forty four the fate of the three angels message he resurrects them especially at the end of NASA probe is imagined as watching the resurrection take place of people just coming up from the ground from the sea all around the world by the sales of diet see Michigan and bring them up from the spot with a dive and a lot of how let's get it but is not dependent on physical method to resurrect Solomon he just speaks them back and they are as they were many Martinsville and the death is nothing left of them people die to see in the streets in the crabs of the in their bodies there's nothing left of them will bring my son back as he speaks it into existence angels gather together his elect from the four winds from one side of heaven to the other little children all born by a holy Angels to their mothers on but like the image that little children that take into the mother 's arms maybe they lost them they didn't get the raise him little children I bore my holy Angels show them other frames long separated by death are united never more hi I was always on gladness ascend together to the city minimizing the reunion I will happen out they go up to the city with a new body perfect eyesight I mean knowing out with a whole group of people -year-old going summative the feeling of Qumran we together were all going somewhere together you driving in a convoy and was going together walking the big cry -year-old on one way and much of being amongst hundreds of thousands of millions of people all resurrected on your way to heaven when you look off in the distance about two miles away but I that so-and-so from KL ILM many go say hello when you put it around for like a super mindset you fly over there and is zoom all they had the go-ahead with the same because the AAA it paid me my friend and people zigzagging zooming across there and that means these are the on the way to heaven and of that which can be fun in a people weasel his way in the talk in hug in laugh when children you may all praise the Lord in that it pray that will not allow made available to him and why you have and what place you doing it in a minute the purpose for the millennium in reality the reason why God think of the heaven for one thousand years is so that we can answer every question that we have the finances they'll be quest the resort will have questions we have no lances to think God wants to take the time to answer every one of our questions I think that the heaven I was as we go through the pearly gates to go to the pearly gates reassemble the sea of glass below the enemy hundreds of thousands of men from the moment heaven and so I think we get to heaven we should all get together again and we set a meeting point was we me in heaven fisheries estimated for the truth to that entry everyone in immune entry at seventy one this is where we get to me during for this we meet a dilemma I know already and while it is wrong that the say that the north side the West needs that's when we meet the third day he sought what has everyone we meet again and then we go it the windows open something legality and every patient this means that you do not decide the together much in the city but in huge innovative physiognomy from that that three hundred and seventy five miles that's what five hundred K people take notice the wall a bit about three hundred and seventy five miles how big is being the gate the ilio is in a day if I can big about wool with the boys three hundred seventy five miles each date is one Paul one singular phone if the gate Melissa safe argument cite that the date is one mile or two kilometers wide it has five hundred KM of wool and each day is two kilometers is only six kilometers of date and four hundred and ninety four kilometers of the wall that seems disproportionate when you say can you imagine a gaping bigger than two kilometers in my certificate with 10K he was still a Sony thirty K update and four hundred and seventy kilometer wall I think we get to have an online to distribute load at this size the grand jet and the beauty of what God has prepared for us and I can seem to take me distinctly boring date I date at ten twenty kilometers wide and one oh three has to think they have even go into the city yet to see how beautiful the city it passed just dictate the Bible says on hesitancy noise even entered into the mind of man what God has prepared for us you know when I travel run as well we minimum the country eleventh there are some beautiful places in this world anything only eleven of one of the quiet beautiful Popplewell Southeast Asian is a beautiful island and sees it corals and beaches of someone around here you know what I want to go National Geographic magazine I will look at us of the world of all the Himalayas beautiful are you not of the beach in Thailand on Malaysia usable what about Victorian holding in Africa beautiful I look at all these by filling beautiful in heaven was just the best this will laws all put together I be happy lucky because of the best places on the planet put them together I be happy most of us will be happy right now because enough for us but we told as a pale comparison we have no idea will go to prepare may God keep us faithful hope we meet again on this wealth but we don't meet again will be when we meet with one which one is three A3 said one loss on the Eastside May God bless you I praise you may you continue to study the final events have an understanding of where we are we just sent a brief innocent overview on encourage you to read the final five one ten chapter the great controversy in particular to look at the final events of this is history what the issues are involved but I pray that your experience maybe one today I'm going for it when your daily walk with the Lord is one that is preparing you on a daily basis the receiver visible the subject of motets on the law of people delivered the real clinical key one is the one on the left the right that one examines if we get to enjoy everything else I wanted Simmons that if we live in the course of the day now as well heads will close what would a prayer father in heaven Lord we thank you for these the time we've been able to spend the last few days studying your work together I'm looking at the final events of this world history we see the fine amends in the future they really stop today now with the very simple Monday and decisions that we make on everything you prepare a smaller each day to stand with you in the is operator in Jesus name amen this media was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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