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1. Living by faith

Benjamin Ng



  • December 28, 2014
    9:45 AM
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father in heaven as we begin our time to gather this morning as we comes alone about the topic of faith and righteousness I pray that you would please bless our time together I pray that you would please send us your Holy Spirit to help us to understand what faith is but also how we can exercise faith as well as a father please be with us now grace us with thy presence I pray that you help us to focus to concentrate and that we you might also give us understanding and knowing how to apply these words to a lives we pray in Jesus name and welcome welcome welcome owning a Bible 's two Romans chapter one were not going to be going through the whole book of Romans but actually the book of Romans is pretty much a whole book on righteousness by faith the whole book if we had time will you only have six sessions unfortunately when we had time to go through each chapter from chapter one to eight on the helpless to go through this topic of righteousness by faith but on the to be picking selects things to help us to understand about this but on Romans chapter one and Linda stopped reading and bus seventeen Romans chapter one and bus something normally I'll get people to read the book is a large group here on is being recorded on the screen read the text for us on the fall along in your Bibles please Romans chapter one and verse seventeen the Bible says for there in is the righteousness of God revealed from what face to face as it is written that John shall live by faith right so while he is says that if we want to be Joss we have to live by one faith another word for Joss to be looked this up in the components another meaning for the word jobs is right okay so what is says he that the Jost shall live by faith is really saying the righteous shall live by faith so as will looking at think of faith what will really looking here is righteousness and how we can live a righteous life okay how we can live a righteous life but this fuss really sums up what we have just read in the previous book so let's go back and look at bus sixteen the Bible says for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ forgets is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believe us to the Jew first and also to the Greek tatami in bus sixteen what is the power of God anybody was the power of God it is the gospel is it I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it the gospel is the power of God to salvation so the gospel is the power of God but it's all a Powell folds of them that what that belief on a level of believe this thing the gospel is only the power of God to those that have faith and that's why in the seventeen we read it again now for the bad again the Gospel this is where we find the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith since the beginning of time then and women have had to live by faith in a sometimes look at the Old Testament write and you think that these people were disadvantaged because Jesus Christ another cop we look at that and go well we have an advantage today because we see Jesus on the cross they just had a laugh at the kill right but do you know that the faith of the Old Testament people is exactly the same type of faith that we need today is no different how do we know this need to she bruise chapter eleven and boastful Hebrews eleven blissful how do we know that the faith of the people in the Old Testament is the same sort of faith that we need today Abel Cain Adam and Eve sat no while all these people right they have to have exactly the same faith so in fact when you read the Old Testament and the things you learn that it's no different to what we have today Hebrews Chapter 11 and blissful Hebrews eleven gospel by faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain by which she obtained witness that he was what he was what right just now do you think Abel was less righteous than real is that a standard of righteousness if enough some look unsure is there a standard of righteousness if you righteous can you be less righteous another plus and no right and it says you what my faith enables you awfully offer the sacrifice he obtained witness that he was righteous and not testifying as his guests and by keeping that gets the so able in the Old Testament was righteous and if he was righteous that means his faith that made him righteous should be the same as Austin right the just shall live by faith though righteous shall live by faith dumbbell in each of the seven Hebrews chapter eleven and the seven is with just a little introduction here looking at this topic of what it means to live by faith Hebrews eleven oh seven by faith who know well being warned of God of things not seen as yet moved with feel prepared an ox to the saving of his house by which he condemned the world and became heir of what the righteousness which is by faith I want you to understand that as we looking at the topic of righteousness by faith what I want you to understand is it is impossible to be righteous without the okay it is impossible to be righteous without faith and so what will Bennett flied a look here at is how can we have faith because you have faith you have one Wenceslas the if you have faith you have righteousness the faith that Abel has that no one had in the Old Testament the faith that they had in Christ it have to be in him and nothing else because the Bible says there's no other way that we all say call me to ask chapter four and most well acts chapter four of us to go ahead as a foundation because many people look at righteousness by a mean having to do something we have this I believe even especially as Athens is because me and the sizable so much we we have this understanding of mind that in order to be righteous and our focus before in my era as I've been studying this out honestly the one righteousness means what you are doing who does the right who does the right move for me usually he arrived at the defendant because we looking at as but usually when we think righteousness is right doing who has to do the right who know say more specifically the right of the Bible does not say that I'm looking to go through the story of setting the foundation I would come back to this but what I want to show you at this point is the faith of the Old Testament people it was no different from the fate that we have to have today okay Hebrews eleven we saw that with able and who else know what the Bible that clearly says that they were righteous but it was because they had a faith unto salvation through Jesus Christ accept the four wheeled out accept the four and twelve the Bible says neither is there salvation in any other for there is none other name under heaven given today given among men whereby we must be certain look in that text applies to the people today it must also have applied to the people Neil Tesla trooper so another words the phase that Abel had the faith that Nola had was into it had to be in Jesus Christ himself so now the people in the New Testament don't have an advantage of the people in the Old Testament in other words you can have a clear picture of faith just from the Old Testament just like the New Testament there is no difference or else able even came who I believe in all accounts of purposes is lost he might have an excuse to put the faith that was revealed has been the same faith that was revealed from the beginning all the way up to our time zero too many of us think we have to run the race of faith in our own strength that is the toughest Christ begins at but it's up to us to maintain a thought about it like that before Christ begins at these the author of our faith right but it's up to us to make sure we stay on this path of faith it's almost like how many people save so hard to do right have you felt this way before in the Christian life the it's so unsatisfactory why because every time we think Ron's right path suddenly get hit now we send we commit nothing that is bad and is almost as we have to reset and start again off a visitor book on the Hebrews Hebrews Chapter 11 verses five and six Hebrews eleven this is five and six Paul he makes a very interesting statement here in Hebrews eleven best five by faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death and was not found because God had translated him full before his translation he had asked me that he was he pleased God but without faith it is what impossible to please him for he that come with to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently look without faith every good thing of plus send us is not good enough is enough without faith everything that you try to do is good I do think is good and that human being life a vascular is not good enough for me and in your Bibles to another text in the book of Isaiah on a show you a text need to fuss Johnson five unless for how can we continue to have victories in all spiritual warfare how can we continue to have spiritual victories I hope that you are seeing that even as we do this introduction what as we look at the element of faith really what will looking at in the long sung is how can I fix you listen okay this is all that Allstate has to deal with because his righteousness by faith I'm not looking at face just owed to convince you to believe but this faith must lead you onto righteousness and if you have a righteousness you experience what victory right and fuss John chapter five and blissful the Bible says for whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world and this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith to see how sensual and important faith is in the fact that many people are not experiencing victory tell me one thing what you think it without experiencing faith because we were experiencing faith will be overcoming the world and what's the world fuss John chapter two let's go to first John chapter two let me come with you in the Bible that and bus fifteen and sixteen first John chapter two verses fifteen and sixteen love not the world neither the things are in the world if any man love the world the love of the father is not in him for all that is in the world the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not the father but is off the wall look if you love the world if you have a welding a hot it means you don't love you love God you love the father and you don't love God desolate John fourteen fifty John fourteen fifteen income down coming John fourteen fifteen will then the Bible says if you love me you should do what keep my so you got a full much rate of thought we saw it first John five four if you are born of God you overcome the world right but if you love the world you don't love the you love God and so if you don't love God you not doing what given clowns of God and guess what one of the components equated songs one nineteen Psalms a hundred nineteen am I going to fuss I am a consummate slowdown am sorry I feel in my heart I'm going very slow already so when I get excited utterances the class sounds a hundred nineteen one seventy two what are the commandments of God equated to a right sums hundred nineteen one seventy two the Bible says Mike Tom shall speak of thy word for old like a mom than Salwa like so unpleasant that is not human clowns of God they are not what righteous but the reason why don't keeping clowns of God is because what they don't love God and the reason why don't love God is because of what they love the world and the world and they are and that's the reason light of the world in the hot is because they're not what first John five four I know you don't come the welded in order to overcome the love you have to have what they so this is the victory that overcomes the world even our many people focus too much on the Commandments of God without teaching faith of the very beginning if you have faith it's impossible to please God don't have faith it's impossible to overcome the world if you don't have faith it is impossible to be righteous no matter how good of an Adventist home group beauty no matter how good you thought you have been without faith it is it possible the police this is why it is so necessary to have that it will lead to this ultimate results of victory over the world keeping God 's commandments and declared that righteous but here's a question how does the power of God work in that to change them from that which was bad to good no in order to do that in human words it's an impossibility if someone called the USA so-and-so how is it that you such a good lesson today well any value bang bang bang bang bang you go through these steps of your deal the analysis is an impossibility to deal to tell exactly those steps because everybody's testing is different as an locality to John chapter three of us ate I'll show you this John chapter three of the states how does God accomplish this walk in our hearts the Bible actually calls it a mystery in Ephesians but here in John chapter three verse eight you know the story of Nicodemus and had Jesus you have to be born again and the Nicodemus acted Donley said how can I go back to my mother 's womb and be born a second time and that Jesus made very clear right yet the lawn of what the spirit and also the water but then Jesus continues on verse six seven and in verse eight he describes what one of the spiritus because many people know what it means me one of water what is baptism right many people experience baptism but even though after the baptized there not experiencing righteousness truth so Jesus knew this and he didn't emphasize on born of water anymore it is lots of the sizable monster was a golden the window below with limitless and now here is the sound there off but canst not tell whence it cometh and whether it go with so is every one that is born on the spirit so Jesus likened the wealth of the only spends a while the wind okay and do you know where the wind comes from we tried to know when I was young I saw this and you would wish with the wind blowing right this is what you see are the sound but you can't tell when it's coming from so in the same way that is way of everybody who is born of the spirits all same way of the person who is born again born off golf that ultimately overcomes the world because they love God and as a result of keeping the commands of God we know the end product right but how it's very hard to describe even Jesus kept the mystery the work of faith in a persons thoughts cannot be pinpointed exactly and this is the steps of how the Holy Spirit works now you might be thinking well this is the first thing I mean how can you not notice that's right on the how to share with people I would overcome will let me ask you this when PO was on the boat and he saw Jesus walking water right Peterson what they need to come out to you to walk what right I wanted you say it is a call by now so no need to Romans ten seventeen very quickly as were about to look at this illustration to help you to understand John three eight it's a very difficult to talk about the workings of the Holy Spirit okay we know a sauce we know it's result but give US this is one of veritable faith comes by what hearing and hearing by what so many Aussie video here the wood of the woody here come the fall right is a cop so he enjoyed but on the boat and he began to walk on one of them he asked you this question can you tell me scientifically how Peter was able to do that yes I know you don't by faith right but did the wonderful ice did like one from underneath the water and like he was walking a water can you tell me how can you love someone or anybody know right so it is with the work of the Holy Spirit how God transforms a man from being bad or evil to be good and righteous we all know that it must begin and is a product of one thing faith which depends on what depends upon the world of God and must continue to look upon the world because when Peter began to walk on water a day and he was looking at Jesus and then he began to be a bit like while you cool and then he began to look on the size of the soul what ways the boat rocking pack in for and he lost sight of Jesus and he began to sing police relations Chapter three and bus chapter two verse twenty Galatians two West twenty localities tax they're not Nancy is just unbelief many of us and maybe not all of us need to have a recalibration what we think about things undervalued in eighteen eighty eight the fuss people who began to preach controllably about the message of righteousness by faith it was these two men I mentioned in my introduction on the stage the names were eighteen Jones and EJ what okay eighteen Jones and EJ what they come up in this counsel before the Sunday event assist Council and they began to teach these people about what they had discovered about fate and you know what they did you know what that evidence as counsel to the rejects of their message in a lie because it sounded very liberal one this is not what I have believed all my life they rejected this message of righteousness by faith how a person can be righteous by faith because it sounded too liberal okay doing the cost of this whole seminar not yet understand going over six hours okay so you'll question of how the components of all that fits in an ambience of today are even later on today by the author tomorrow but I don't want you to throw it out all you walk out of your thinking on this is how it is I don't need you clowns of God you'll get a unbalanced view of how to exercise faith okay so your donation you cover all the sessions owes you will owe out thinking just half of what faith really is but a Lyons Galatians chapter through endless twenty I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in and the life which I now live in the flash that means my human flesh you I live by what the faith of the son of God who lost me and gave himself for the only way that we can live this life is by the faith of Jesus Christ and if you commonly to Revelation fourteen and boasts twelve the Bible gives a very clear understanding of righteousness by faith revelation fourteen and most well Galatians two inside what I crucified with Christ nevertheless I live but is not legally living into its Christ lives in me through a lot think right of it all revelation fourteen verse twelve the Bible says she is the patience of the saints here are they that what if you are keeping the clowns of God what I do righteous and you have the faith of Jesus righteousness by faith but let me say it again too many times I been guilty of this myself we focus too much on the combines anonymously know I do it do it have been I have been doing to stop sending to stop sitting on it is upsetting to stop sinning and this was found ourselves with this understanding not realizing that but just we have to do that when an order to do that you have to focus on that to see that this focus on faith not the club and this is why many people fall Schultz of having victory they fall short of focusing on Christ instead we focus on his comeuppance any questions Obama especially the slow session of the social you the importance of faith in our life you so when Peter walked on water it wasn't him that was doing it right I mean it one thing that was doing it but it really wasn't him it wasn't it was Jesus right if Jesus didn't say the weather the minute you step in the water of you and what Saint so even though Peter was the one that was walking on water she had exercised faith but it even then it wasn't him that was doing it it was the power of God that help them at that time the Gospel 's appeal was come for the Romans one sixteen for not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is one the power of God to salvation at that time the good news which is another what the gospel the good news appeal was Jesus come and the gospel in his face in it and able him to walk on one incident Hebrews Chapter 11 and plus thirty Hebrews chapter eleven and bus thirty two is an study level sense by faith the walls of Jericho fell down ousted they will come passed about seven days why was this medicine in Hebrews eleven which is the great whole of faith right why is this written about the walls of Jericho falling down the two Romans chapter fifteen and boastful Romans chapter fifteen and blissful Romans fifteen blissful why was this passage about the walls of Jericho coming down because of faith why was this with the Romans fifteen votes for the Bible says so other things were within the fourth time Orbitz and for what our learning that we through patience and comfort of this Scriptures might have one hope I so the walls of Jericho falling down because of faith is meant to inspire us with hope do you have the walk around anybody's house today and make a pulldown anyway is the reason all they are like this Leslie will run my enemies house seven days I mean should I only ever called to take on fortified cities and flight war was now no right I mean literally no then why was this with common needs Ephesians chapter six and post twelve Ephesians chapter six in verse twelve sorry I do have the buses on my life as evident as I forget how long it takes the tendency of texts so ultimately Ephesians chapter six and verse twelve the model says for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places so when the Bible talks about the troll folding of Jericho is meant to inspire us with hope and courage that we will be able to overcome what spiritual wickedness in high places not flesh and blood but against principalities against powers although rulers is it it sounds like world about the attack of any right against the rulers of darkness so Jericho falling as you read it in the Old Testament is somehow meant to instruct you how we can overcome Jericho of six the using this in Hebrews eleven less go back there sorry must must go to second Corinthians chapter ten second Corinthians chapter ten versus three four and five going along that same line of attacking licensing the second Corinthians chapter ten versus three four and five for though we walk in the flesh we do not war after the flesh for the weapons what warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of what strongholds of sound like Jericho Brian the weapons of our warfare are not made of human hands for the pulling down of strongholds we have to be mighty through God was fine casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ what I just wanted to show you from second Corinthians there is that we look at these physical structures in the Old Testament Jericho Babylon how build the Red Sea was potted in the river Jordan was part of these little things right by faith the children of Israel possibility but all of this is to soak for us one thing how we can overcome what the spiritual world the lust of the flesh lust of the eyes and the pride of life we had level well below the father is not enough and you know in Hebrews eleven it mixes these two things together that several spiritual over and over again let me show you Hebrews eleven versus study three and thirty four Hebrews eleven buses thirty three and thirty four was eleven thirty three and thirty four notices and you know you probably read food he was eleven so many times and yet faith in itself and how to exercise and a importance of faith is probably not stood up to litigant he was limitless one was to the definition of faith the white mother but not until we gone through some illustrations Hebrews eleven thirty three and thirty four the Bible says who through faith of viewed kingdoms can you give me some people who through faith subdued kingdoms who Gideon Bryant well Samson started Davis Joshua Wright Jericho was Joshua Wright so who through faith subdued kingdoms with the of all wants what righteousness that's a spiritual obtain promises that spiritual as well stop the mouths of lions is that Daniel is physical the sooner the study for quenched the violence of fire as physical as an good points the violence of fire okay but didn't really question you know it insults them that's physical escaped the edge of the sword or less many people in the Bible right David was one of them of course weakness will need strong spiritual waxed valiant in fight sons of flight the armies of aliens physical you see what he was eleven dollars that is it mingles the spiritual and the physical the stories in the Old Testament a life-size with unlawful oxide and for those who lived during the time why that we might have an understanding of how to exercise faith is enough yes you can learn about faith from the walls of Jericho if you learn about faith fault from no one Google righteousness in Abel believable what many of us focus on the story enabled theory but all these lessons that will physical in their time become spiritual application for the any questions this level would be looking at sofa in question I just want to show you the importance of faith the importance of faith the opponents of the many people look at faith but it wasn't the center of the focus no analyte she wasn't in office but there was an artist that painted the police all of the all of our Adventist Adventists faith in the very beginning and at the forefront of this picture you know what the most what were the most prominent thing was that anybody seen this beautiful the Lord God again soon 's length of a lowlife husband James White had the picture amended me know what was the most in the forefront confidential it was across before the first project across your office in addition but the another second picture that life for the James White PC got it amended you can find alone but then comes anymore always always Mount Sinai was able to a picture of the Lord and his Church and I could say in a sense will very legalistic of the emanating Jones and EJ Wagner began to preach about this righteousness by faith their minds cannot comprehend it Cindy because they had been in a different era and a sense of fighting of establishing the Sabbath and so the Lord God was so prominence to get faith was dimly understood shows up quotes that will be looking at the lots in these sessions that we have review and Herald this is what our page stands for October eighteen eighteen ninety eight paragraph seven so you have to write that down you want to find this quote in the future but this is what she says the knowledge of what the Scripture means when urging upon us the necessity of cultivating faith is more essential than any other knowledge that can be acquired in other words as a Christian the most important thing that we have to first learn one all is not very cultivating when you think of the one cultivate what you think of a farmer planting right how do you cultivate online and that I know the concept behind it but I think that global cultivating a kilowatt for one is cultivating what it means it cultivates this plot not sure it well okay we do let's say for a C then you drop it in the ground were needed to cultivate even water at one of foot Eliza and the grows right and then what do you continue to do to cultivate pull out the weeds what else you need sunlight of costs what is this what you mean by that if the prudent man in all flowers in a negative that it was written luxury right to cultivate it you have to help it to grow and this is the most important lesson that we have to love this question how to cultivate our faith commonly to Romans chapter fourteen and plus twenty three this is how important faith is Romans fourteen and bus twenty three if you missed the Bible text albeit later this no sorry will not again Romans fourteen and bus twenty three okay well says this and see that bounces his bandit eat because each is not of faith for whatsoever is not of faith is what is what set just when you thought that talking on the comments of God was the most important thing because you know that's on definition post on freefall right if you make the law you committing before he does another of the company the Bible says whosoever Knutson transgresses the whole placenta the transmission of the law and eleven as we look to focus on the law because we don't be as a letter Romans fourteen twenty three is as what's I was not of what faith is sin so should we focus on the more for social sure we focus on now you can say confidently as an because it is righteousness off keeping the law by faith so doesn't matter how much you talk about the law it's like it's like opening the door of the prison 's for the prisons to see the outside but is still behind the box that me show you what freedom is all about you standing there looking at freedom through the Bob and that is what you doing when you tell people about the lore of God and not faith this event this is how important faith this because whatsoever is not of faith is so good and looking at how can we exercise where you come from what is faith in all these things so in awe as that of the Vienna definition fuss I will give you an example okay that will help us to understand clearly what faces right then if you look at Hebrews eleven telling you now if you repeat that text faith is okay and people confuse about what it really is I was confused about it until I saw the spelling this out but let me give you definition okay an example let's go to Matthew chapter eighth Matthew chapter eight hundred and look at a story message updates I will stop and bus five Matthew chapter eight and verse five this is a story where Jesus gives us a very clear definition of faith again Matthew chapter eight starting in verse five when Jesus was entered into Capernaum they came up to him a centurion besieging the six and saying Lord my seventh life at home sick of the palsy grievously tormented and Jesus said and then I will call and feel at great out and it was nearly like wonderful please come quick right what is this guy say plus eight this since your noncitizen lawn I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof but speak the word only and my seven shall be healed for I am a man under under authority having soldiers under me and I say to this man go when you go essays of this is another common the my sermon this any dualism when Jesus heard it he mumbled and sets of them that followed verily I say into you I have not found one so craves faith no not in Israel so that when Jesus the color ad I have not found such great faith no not known Israel like what Jesus Saul here what is written deal gives us an understanding of faith wasn't wasn't the century wanted something done right and Jesus and what outcome of innocent children says let us know what I'm noteworthy that you should come to my room but when he says what speak the word finish up on Murano speak the word only speak the lead only and my seven shall be healed member I showed you Romans ten seventeen Spain comes my hearing and hearing what political speak the words only only only in my seventh faith has got nothing to do with faith has everything to do with what the Bible sorry thanks for the Israelites of old when God said the ten kilometers after he finished speaking the content model and whether the Israelites say everything you said we will do it that's got nothing to do with a speak the word only and that's enough was a seven heel absolutely what it takes the faith of the century to believe the word of it is nothing an interview definition of faith you wouldn't keep me visiting this over and over and over again face is the expecting of the word of God to do what it says and the depending upon the wood of God to do what it says okay faith is expecting all the expecting of the word of God to do what it says and depending upon the word of God said to what it says that's all that's all the word and the word only nothing else nothing else just the word on undergo through examples of this but unfortunately a big signal to stop so we had to so in summary other than the schedule I guess they want to give you fifteen minute break on but will come back and keep looking at this definition okay so I you I think is my definition is not a gutter somewhere else right face is the expecting the would of got to do what it says and the depending on the would of got to do what it says don't worry if you confused by this definition does write it down Mister Potts expecting and then depending will come back to this we recite the fully closed for this for us our any questions yes a little illustrations with illustrations this is my first session I had my nose from heaven for such instructional subset of the second session here other than award any questions of why confuse anybody about faith but maybe the recalibration of what you think you about faith here is struggling a bit like moving a big boulder right eye I've been thinking this way all my life and untimely I struggled with the word of God so much but I have to read and reread and reread again and again site are you sure know because it's it's changed my faith and that's why no I thought if this is what I've been believing for so long could it be that maybe my brothers and sisters of the believing this with us along as well because the truth shall set us free by and one of these things is faith it's been setting my mind Fremont one hundred ninety but any questions about this fuss session it was just about showing you the importance of faith inoperable don't worry I'm not doing away with the law but I want to magnify faith and approval gestapo blue says it is a death in the past I absolutely undoubtedly so that is law joy peace can you see a person was peaceful all you and you see a person whose gentle walk patient kind of solutions to those effects but how to describe in your heart and ill how it's looking vessel was just looking out there are insular six hundred and fifteen minute break and then we'll come back but before we do that was a little pressure for smart heads father in heaven may you please continue to guide us as we study these these words and especially this topic of faith help with the gain a clearer understanding and insight of what it means to exercise faith and what it means to expect them to depend upon you what to do what it says and nothing else father we want to know how that is by faith that we might experience when the police will continue to guide us we pray in Jesus name amen this media was brought by audio purse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain is www. audio source .org


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