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2. What is Faith?

Benjamin Ng



  • December 28, 2014
    11:15 AM
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I was one of writing and selling found in heavenly please continue to guide us and lead us with your spirit and as we dig further into your one look at some illustrations from you what I pray that you would please make it very plain and clear to us about faith and also our duty in all parts of where we come in in relation to this topic of faith thank you for you pray in Jesus name amen so recap just looking at all definition video faith is expecting the word of God to do what it says and depending upon that was to do or to accomplish what it says so in order to understand this definition under the give you some examples and out we need to go to the word of God to find where it features about so let's go to Psalms thirty three Psalms thirty three and bus six Psalms thirty three and bus six and it will also read of us nine as well Psalms thirty three and was starting and bus six the Bible says that by the word of the Lord were the heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth plus nine for he spake and it was not Kikkoman did and it still would flops how how did God create everything by his wife let let follow on from the Centurion villas refund minus one only okay only one would've gone and nothing else did God call into existence from nothing and turn it into something that the greater part of the first chapter of the whole Bible Genesis one there are no fewer than six distinct statements of faith and of course Genesis one verse one the mouse is one in the beginning God created said to have an idea let's go that Genesis one and on the show you some statements on faith and then you begin to understand hey this is a reason why God put creation of the very first chapter then no genesis in them with the author anyway no the book of Job but yes they made sense to vote creation fuss because the first thing in the history of arthritis but actually it's almost as if God is not a palace if you can't believe creation you know what you'll believe anything else for you and your this is the reason why creation and evolution do not go together and initially listen a minute okay Leslie on Genesis chapter one the Bible says and gone said let there be lights and that was lights God created light out of nothing this event by his word only he created the six and God said let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters and let it divide what is the warmest free time through the first six days of creation what we see is God speaking face as they expecting of the word of God to to what it says so and God said let there be this it creates out of how long does it take some in one second cost for life to be created often outspoken in what we call out cold evolution because evolution is progression over a course of time even the just one second for that severe a solution no as soon as God spoke to hang it up yet that's it out of nothing like a out of nothing atmospheric it is still inside moving away the bag at the is when God said let there be the artist and the cross and the trees and flowers then you disappear it's the power of the wind of God to expect the word of God to do what it says and then what depend do you know Adam had to exercise the full Houston do you know he has exercised the Adam was the last thing a puffin ease Adam was the last thing that God created right after Adam did he so much greatness on the moon the sauce is still has to create free zone why was all blood or anything no right so when Adam woke up but like no is a you can imagine my atoms walking with God in his gauntlet emeralds come from within Gaza I made it only would you think Adam 's response would be sure to me using items about what it would be like thank you all all okay that's it she even had to exercise faith because you know even though it was created after him since he got create in other was Adam doing while God created Eve as living and then when evil college gone took a quick item up into so even then Adam was like when he woke up as a gauntlet she come from I made I use your FFF interleaving and what it said that he liked him all in a year and she then questioned on he even had sifted and upon the word of God and expect that what God said is really what happened he was a level creation and neither will we the same faith Adam had to exercise in his innocence before sin is the same thing we have exercised when we read the Bible and is is that the be like I have no advantage if you and why is believing in creation so essential as opposed to evolution because the world is like a hot before God created anything and let me show you Genesis one posted Genesis chapter one and verse two and the us was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep do not affect the heart is Doc void or empty the sooner without form and with no direction in life full of wood as the Bible says Linda Sherry and other texts second Corinthians chapter four of the six Mrs. Henry's favorite song Scripture songwriter Henry second Corinthians chapter folder six missing Scripture songs at our church and the this is one of them sucking cringes at the folder six through nine of us which is the most six of second Corinthians chapter four the Bible says for God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness hath shined in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ God is saying through poll by the way that God shined light out of darkness in the beginning is a very same way that he will shine his glory is currently his life to our hot so that will what it was Doc without form and void click on the only way for God to do something with it he has to use his nephew this blood only if you because by his word only when the heavens me and all the host of them by the breath of his easy when we can look at creation and expects God to do for us what he did to the world would half way there and often Karen Psalms fifty one percent Psalms fifty one plus ten switches as well new Moon moon I sounds as one of ascent analysis what create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me something according to Douglas there how do we get a clean heart it must be created today that a person can go from bad to good he must have a new hot created in him and the only way that we can have something create said it is only by his work and life is what only there is nothing in man that can help us to be good impossible without faith it is impossible to please him right needs Isaiah sorry this was a text that I was referring to earlier Isaiah sixty five any attempts at good things any attempt at righteousness this unrighteousness on that it's impossible impossible Isaiah sixty five and bus six missing as well once is sixty four sorry about one chapter Isaiah sixty four endless six the Bible says this but we all are as an unclean thing and all our righteousnesses below to visit all our righteousness is all our righteousnesses are as one filthy rags and we all do fade as a leaf and our iniquities like the wind have taken us away look without faith all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags tell me this is where you some feedback from you when you think of a filthy rag what you think of going to be some descriptions leaving a filthy rag what you think of okay I'm claiming that some really descriptive when you think of a filthy rag what you think of staying very dicey okay a voice that I'll study o'clock than a single black like a auto mechanics and he takes a licensed pool the only wash the car but he loved those closely watch the car not the ones that you try to watch the cost is still black you know what filthy rags this new mouse of others before the word filthy that when you look at what Philby how dirty it is it's like a woman the minstrel flunks thirty some you guys single you understand what I mean no matter you don't see this you know your wife that is even ladies of most humans the Bible says our righteousness the very thing that we can do for God without faith is how clean this I will righteousness us are like filthy it is so dirty and disgusting if you don't mix it was faith impossible and that is why for also own human assets when we tried to keep the commandments of God it's impossible not that you haven't seemingly kept the full one day you know it's like not none of us want down the street at any given eggs kill somebody right now need to log on it until anybody that you but without faith it is impossible because faith is expecting one not me to do it suspect in the word of God to accomplish what it says and then depending upon to do what it says God does not change he's the same yesterday today and forever more right the way that you can't accomplish what he did in creation is the same way he's can accomplish what you want to do and a half to teach faith this it seems that such is the nature of the word of God this is what we've done so far okay one cc while faith on basically telling you the word of God is able to accomplish what it says that my definition of faith that I gave you lonely right to teach faith is to teach that such is the nature of the word of God what is the nature of the word of God it has creates is power it has created how to teach people how to exercise faith is to teach them to expect the word of God to do what it says than an illustration but soldiers the world is like a hot right talk and see void at center who has lived this adopt empty and void life below the person who is experiencing righteousness by faith in the think of themselves as no way I can be like again but that's a good thinking because in our hearts nothing comes out that is good and the foster we come to that realization but I can't do that all the better to four LOI says Faith is laying the glory of man in the end expecting God to accomplish what he said he would know when we feel helpless it's actually the best time for us Leslie did other because today's faith is as I think they want to exercise faith is adjacent to expect the word of God to do what it says right but if you seemingly like Peter think while I'm walking a faith on this water and then you look up with around while and subordinate units and the disciples are not even on the water with me you begin to have confidence in your self and lose faith in the Culloden of God but it is by that come on your walking on water you see them the fossil we realize that we can do nothing about or else we will never expect the wood of God to do what it says to another actually to how to cultivate faith is my practice some calls to grow confidence in the power of the wood about itself to do what in that blood is said okay while you write this down many repeated and I'll give you an illustration okay how to cultivate faith is my practice to cause to grow confidence in the power of what the word of God sells to do what in that blood is said many give you an illustration Matthew five forty eight the Bible says be there for what perfect even as our father in heaven is perfect and you know many people have responded this way is it possible in an if I say that I'm not just as I said that what you feeling as a sub is a possible one you think I'm offering them often want would've gone he see Faith grabs hold upon that one and is no longer a commodity is also the Kaman doesn't be therefore perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect it sounds like thou shall not kill thou shalt steal the optional bear false witness these are all one one of the become monster in instructions right we have to do this but I want you to readjust your thinking and not look at those words like they are Kaman 's anymore they are promises Bible says it was gone working in DC that faith is my practice to call us to grow what confidence the problem with this with us we have too much about it what of God we have to grow in confidence in the power of the word of God itself to do what in that blood is so so the models is the devil of faith as a father in heaven 's puppet is not you that is doing affects that you think makes you perfect because the Bible said UK it is a promise not a combined when you read Exodus twenty and you made a fuss of us says and God spake all of these worlds when he gave the clowns of God to the Israelites he didn't write it for us he said of the only speaks what is a path what sort of power creative palates new ones create what in your heart what all it creates that life that didn't exist before I speed motor now Orthodox and available on the how long does it take it doesn't take one week that's evolution doesn't take one hour evolution it's instant the ten Commandments are not it's the ten promises to see the bistate we have to believe in the word and that word only and will create notes the new hot out of what before there was only hatred and wickedness and documents and now out of nothing this plus and now is displaying the fruits of the spirit where they come from the winter to come from the word is that I have not to reason how is this possible upshot is this due early don't worry when you have a question that was Australia about faith whose time how do we how do we join this between God and man okay but I just need to readjust your thinking fuss about how you looking at these words that you reading and somehow many of us we think it is my pot but we have to believe of confidence in the wood of God that it itself will do what that was set and that's going to more illustrations by how you cultivating faith and how are you cultivating faith let's now go to Hebrews eleven bus one that definition that I've left off looking at for the first whole session even though like it would seem logical that I'll be the first place would go we talk about faith Hebrews chapter eleven and first one now that I've given you this background it's definitely easy how we can understand this definition of faith Hebrews eleven verse one now faith is the one substance of things hoped for the evidence of things what not seeing what all the evidence of things not seen what is the evidence of things not seen it's faith faith is the substance of things how is this possible citizen the word of God has creative power is able to produce things that have never appeared in your life before true with me but was created it was what does God have to use to create it his work own and if faith is depending on the word of God 's accomplish what it says and expecting the wood about to do what it says then faith is that substance because buying it everything appeared right are you with me you hope to overcome your bad temper faith is the substance and it is the evidence now why do we need evidence telling when we need to use evidence they called when he told said somebody and here's the knife this is what evidence and guess what on the night we found a fingerprint that message to me right that's that's what evidence so can anyone argue with the seventh and you thought my finger open on that I mean case closed right that's pretty clear convincing evidence should now faith is evidence faith as evidence so tell me what is that evidence that makes faith so real it is what it's the word of God only now learning to view this illustration as well as we cannot have faith but do not be bought so much faith in man's work in it but other than the country faith my pasta said this and my mother said that no ninety skeets of this resolve according preachers and pastors and people that you know what man's worthless as gauze would look when man speaks no power in all was to perform the thing spoken right and when man speaks we still must do something in addition to speaking to make I'll would good right if a man speaks and we don't do anything what is it what is and become the speaks and we don't do with what do all words become a lie and is for this reason that God cannot cause words it is simply because he spoke that it caused was when he speaks it accomplishes that which he was pleased to speak okay what a guy have to do nothing are excess speak that would only write when when the the century in Austin Jesus to speak the word only other than speaking what he have to do that accomplishes what resulted in the house and check amendment function together do a funny dogs in order to get the man's medial know he just only when God speaks it is without God doing anything because is what is what some powerful it's so powerful that God allowed to do anything is a minute he speaks it is another finally when God speaks she does not need to make his blood good because it is good already now now we're seeing that face were pointing to his work all in all modern day what we call the Bible this is why it is impossible for God to lie because when got twice the lie it becomes true in the felony because ally is only when we say something and we doesn't really come sipping an accomplishment economy if I were to tell my daughter that the cross is yellow it's not green it doesn't happen online right but you know when God tries the lie and he says that Grosse is yellow is what is so powerful that it shows across yellow and it becomes true even though before it was a lot the understand that when God says pigs can fly baseball flying because God said it it happened when I save underlying because my word didn't do anything and pigs are not flying this is man's words buses gauntlet faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen so when Wallace is the vessel affect is not even for us to think cannot be perfect no it's for us to believe that we can because that's enough for us to believe the word of God said it the federal funding with an excess that's why every word of God is not just his bidding it's has been able to everything that God says is the power for us to do it even though it started like a combined in a language the need therefore nuclear so now I want you to readjust that I look at that as a God says he can be perfect you can that's it no questions asked you don't need to do anything when you believe it is how long did it take zero seconds that make sense was collected Hebrews eleven witness one right Leslie through faith we understand that the walls was trained by what the what of God so that things which are seen were made of things which do appear he who exercises faith note that the word of God is created in and has the power to make things exist that never existed before sawing I'll dedicate coming back to not just the literal left pigs flying on crosscutting yellow of talking what you are and the fact that righteousness can come out on something that has never been righteous before which is a human being not because of anything special that we are because what the word of God is able to accomplish in your life that make sense so we can understand not guess of the wells were produced by the would of got that straight that's the so needs and also for special needs chapter two and bus thirteen fuss Thessalonians chapter two verse thirteen is not because God won't lie is because God cannot lie it around the butt plus let's only instructed to bus thirteen the Bible says this for this cause also thank we gone sorry for a zillion stupid thing apologized in Boston first Thessalonians chapter two and verse thirteen the Bible says for this cause also thank we God without ceasing because when he received the word of God would you vote a boss you receive it not one of men but as it is and choose the word of God which effectually welcomed also in you that believe this is a very clear understanding of how the word of God operates when you may receive one of God we don't receive investment because men's work Mussina in the word of God which was effectually walks in you should knows that one believe so let me help you define our work yes our work in the sense is distantly that it that's all the work that is required of us in order for us to be righteous look I'm not talking about how do you know it wasn't as righteous with so as you suggest he maybe you're thinking gone and my righteous or not I would thought what better but I'm telling you if you want to be righteous if you walked in here into the seminar and you are not doing good the only thing that you need to do to be righteous as to the now if I just leave it at that that sounds very dangerous theology okay because then I don't need the Lord God to be righteous right but I'm telling them to repeat myself again the only only thing you have to do is to believe the wood of the nothing else that his righteousness by faith but is anybody confused by my visit was a solid ongoing against what you believe all your life anyway resigns and it is fear you feel like I'm going against what you been raised to believe now because all believe the same way as I do it's wonderful you happy to give us I'm glad you're happy because when I first studied as I struggle with phone one owner let me get my thinking right here on the reading is probably about study miserably in a all we need to do is believe that just sounds so Sunday church theology for God 's love the law that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life friends only Anita was only the UC I'm not destroying the Lord God and then pulled out in the proper time but I'm try to build this foundation all you need to do if you want to be righteous it would be perfect if you want to stop sending you one of an all one of the woods can we use all you need is that there's okay but then you know just the thing cleanups of this statement right the knowledge of what the Scripture means when alleging upon us the necessity of cultivating faith is more essential than any other knowledge that can be acquired there is not much in so I was on the pulse about having faith do know that I will give you the reason why but there is very very very many scriptures in the Bible that tells how to cultivate all how to exercise faith why because that every man and woman there is given a measure of faith know how Jesus as you have faith as a mustard seed because into the salsa beat on remove then be plotted of the other three positive the depth of the sea and all will be know many people give an excuse this is why I'm allowed to have slowly but what we are interested in is not maintaining all faith we want to cultivated etiquette what grow because to every man woman there is given a measure of faith but to show you let's go to Romans chapter twelve and plus three Romans chapter twelve anniversary Romans chapter twelve of my time is flying by Romans chapter twelve and plus three for I say through the grace given unto me to every man that is among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think but to think soberly according as God has dealt to every man the measure of faith every body has a measure of faith okay we have no excuses safe I'm building because everybody has the only trouble is many of us don't exercise you know what happens when you don't exercise right your muscle gets smaller and smaller and smaller and small and so some of us are faced when we don't exercise it instead of growing into a big tree they become so small that it almost is nonexistent this is when many of us struggled and was sent and it overcomes us but how to cultivate the one cultivate actually needs repair and use to grow to maintain and develop missile analyze us faith is what the gift of God but the power to exercise it is our faith is a gift of God do you know where you know when when you see this would is the gift of God and quotation being aware that we quoted from in Ephesians chapter to the state it says for by grace are ye saved through faith it is the gift of God not all books lest any man should bounce no many times we think Grace is that just but it's actually think faith is the gift of God all these words in here are a gift but the power to exercise it is whose house how much do you truly believe that you can meet other when you look at the Mira on the wall and you see all the dirty dozen discussing the Nola Cinema Don sometimes off-base both of them we can ever be perfect right but this is what would've gone must work in a hot not as a Kaman to be perfect but to believe then you can be perfect by the grace of God into a not saying blind self-confidence okay but it's okay to boast in God but ourselves but what God can do in and through common meets of Philippians chapter two and the statement will balance itself out as you look at Philippians chapter two okay let's go to Philippians chapter two is starting to inverse twelve Philippians chapter two and verse twelve also is this wherefore my beloved as you have always obeyed not as in my presence only but now much more in my absence this is what work out your own salvation with what Pierre and family wow the ability of everything that about right work out your own salvation with fear and reveling legal figure out how you can be saved the company is almost sounds like God is saying right but then you the balance it out in those thirteen for it is God which was welcome and you both to will and to do a good all out to do is good pleasure love he says okay get on salvation family is lashing on the looking to do on his good pleasure faith is a gift of the politics exercising is a vehicle according to your faith is how much you would change not because of some background that you been growing up in my parents fault me that in all you don't eat between meals and so all my life and never eat between meals no good for anyone help me with is not because of your background in the family that you grew up in that this is the reason why you're able to be righteous no it's not how much you believe in the word of God to do what it says it will do the power to exercise it without right and she says how to exercise faith should be made very play and truly look as as you grow is just like the way of how you grow in with the plots responsible and he gets bigger and bigger right under the vigor you grow the more troubles of long faces when you are a seed in the ground the buds in my hunt for you but you protected by the that there is an slogs caterpillars snails are not interested in the logs and uninterested USC but you know what the more you grow the more troubles come your way is an and he felt like that when you begin Christian but is because every of the way we has exercisable think I'm open and mostly I just legally troubled on on this is like the worst of your life some even worse exercise even more why because every step of the way God is helping to grow you know if you gave us the same file of the same magnitude every single time we would stop relying on him to get would stop altogether relying on him because being there done that okay God wealth while this Christian journey is just a walk in the park smooth sailing as but look every step of the way in our Christian journey we have to learn how to exercise faith at the beginning you know what is compilation of you hot caused struggling with this one send in my heart losing my temper was the sin of looking at bad pitches on the incident and you stronger when you struggle but you take the word of God and as you begin to read the word of God in your devotion and this is why devotion the Council on because your reading the power of God and I honestly do but somehow when you meet a lot of guardians of changing that all I can say Arctic just like how I can't describe to help you to walk on water but this word of God even spending time in it it's been so powerful and even believing it and has been creating and you a clean heart defaults new design and new characters changed quite a lot in a and then Godfrey was your best friend on the guess you all you never had such anger and hatred in your heart the lotion on your struggling witnesses love your enemies but when you when you read that was it has how well to change about to give you love your enemy it with me you never had this kind of trial before but it faces growing and you have to exercise faith not in the way that all God I have to do it off the llama enemy just still struggle right from you when you see this class and that hurts you feelings of bitterness though is why Tony is because your faith hasn't grabbed hold of the power of God the gospel what's the gospel love you that's good news not dispute was presented right but as the power of God in salvation to him that what faith has to grab a hold but you have to expect the word of God to do that God you need to do this in my life because right now there's no love it's all what it and many of us go take it away God will take away that's the part about taking away is about putting some thing else in their law some have even trained for the wrong thing is when as the phone with Jason about right is a low cost to get away you go to say God give me long because you said that and I expect you to do it in unending I read these testimonies about all if you hate your enemy notable to them to say to save the cellular limit and your father Jacob had the feeling allowable discounts rule your body never happen to me should dinosaur slept right to change the outcome when you just just do it the change must come from the word of God and expect the word of God to do what it says it would then depend upon it God help me love my and keep the word of God there all the time is it becoming practical and you realize how faith must grow through trial and says when you go through trials your faith clings to the promises but when you come out of that flywheel and you're happy that you through the trial joy swallows up straight it is no longer face a feeling in other words faith is never exercised in Heinz a piece of heaven Faith is exercise in times of trial and temptation for you no person has faith when it is happy and we can all be loving to one another and enjoy well everything is happy in a relationship and the husband and wife of think of each other that what it means to be faithful null show me that you are still faithful when you've been arguing and clashing joining this is a time when you exercise your faith thou shall not commence until it's in times of trial and temptation that we have to exercise and cultivates the space and let me look at this would sorry homespun we have oh I'm sorry we have three minutes each I need to get through the sprinkler justification by faith for those that are thought also of righteousness by faith is really broken down into two things okay and justification is the force are so righteousness by faith is really too soon pots to a Christian experience the first part is justification by faith okay the second half is sanctification by faith which is a work of a lifetime you'll never ever have a graduate will come to the end of this road of certification with justification is on that want to show you now justification comes by depending upon the word of God and only expecting that would only accomplish what it says why because the justification by faith is really like to suspect when you look up the word justify on the one justification here we go of the slide the meaning of the word justification means being declared righteous so justification by faith really is righteousness by faith of the same thing there is no way to be justified all declared righteous now in the in the worldly sense okay when does a judge declare somebody to be righteous when they're not guilty okay so if you are justified Jesus is saying I'm declaring you to be righteous so the justification is the beginning points save his life okay this is the beginning points of view experiencing righteousness how by faith the only way that we can experience righteousness the only way that we can be declared justified is the same thing is by thing so when Romans chapter five verse one it says this therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ a tribute we can really be red this way therefore being made righteous by how expecting and depending upon what the word of God only we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ this is not how we may like this how you justify any all thinking of justification one is the first thing about we must do before you put all this would have to do in order to justify thank you come fashion repentance right but you know latest confession come from this John took the one that is not right you have to express and defend that what God says in first John one nine it will actually happen how soon instantaneously when you open your eyes off you confess your sin you still feel like he is guilty absolutely but you have to depend upon the word of God and expect that when you confess your sins he is faithful and just to forgive your sins Houston immediately you are a child of God right there and no questions off what you do you depend upon the wood of God and when he said you confess your cleanup to nothing else exactly do not you make on the line but when you doubt is what it's like God are you sure I just feel and that's what a life as when you don't want too much becomes an as well right if he said it is good enough for me it you can become almonds offer you pray any evidence of that yet but that very points when you confess just send you are righteous but that can incessantly I have not gone to look at Bologna don't worry we will get okay where it is the word of God I mean that the Lord gone and come on and sent these actions of the often support about when it is this all come in we will look at that in a little while look they just need to be this paradigm shift of how you look at the Bible this is what I'm try to do within and as you read these words is not just words the promises of his noblest prostitute okay is not but every single one of those words contain power and we have to expect I will read those words it will do it for this is a red person ready for pacifism omission no because of this pop I know yes if the look of a lifetime but when we look deeper into the lore of God then as we look at a story in the afternoon you understand when the baptism becomes something that is on the all window buses ready for baptism but you know what Elizabeth is a Ms. many other factors is not disability justify right so Matthew twenty eight versus nineteen twenty they very clearly going at once all the well teaching them whatsoever a commodity right and then baptizing them in the name of the father-son Holy Ghost but it is a lot of that work teaching them to also everything I've come right so if you want to teach somebody is also something you you talk them takes time for the foods and look than the next session will do the story of Abraham the great father of faith and only have to we have to look at his story because he's the one that in Romans and Hebrews Genesis itself a lot as well but women go through all this and help us to understand then where books come into play right and the necessity of obedience to the law and how this harmonizes with a faith but look I want you to go away from this first two sessions just that's if you want to be righteous all you need to do is the if you do something is not by faith and that you want to be righteous all you need to do is believe nothing nothing zilch don't let anybody else from Israel that because his righteousness by righteousness by faith and faith is expecting and also depending upon what the word of God only accomplish what is nothing else nothing else because of it becomes anything more than that the sulfate anymore but that is not a penny more than his righteousness by and we'll see this in a perhaps told very clearly okay any other questions before we end up you okay you have a button on one announcer because it's not upon what about his ability to Boston FFF nowhere in the Bible it will now say that we can stop the rain but because of what is little yes but also because this is it my people will pray and humble themselves and seven wicked ways right the reason why install this was a limited way no one 's given us such a message in this part of it but spiritually speaking application wise reason why God has not sent the latter rain for the wickedness of the people I thought would but when there's rain and we pray for no rain and rings my my understanding of my reaction would be gotten as the so I would say the other right or wrong but no statement of faith is not something that was found in the word of God that was on the path of love is that right note a presumptuous it is praying but was not going well I make it only becomes presumption of delusional faith because rain and rain on the whole you ever again and all that's best presumption is continually real faith upon this one thing that's wrong because they should always be hinged upon what would've gone only not on signs of miracles or any of that sort system with God any other questions is yes and no visible even same thing how can someone tell a good Serbia how by expecting and depending upon the wood of God only and look at different stages of our lives different texts and went and got become relevant to write it through our faith sorry it through our trials that we have to exercise an example for people how they cultivate faith students challenged on the sound right after the clocks or even professionals at the goodwill concept and then comes the conflicts the wood of the your boss or electro versus the word of God this is whether that challenge and if you are not expecting and depending upon the word of God only been your fault with your boss or electric to see that such trials differentiate that you know whether you really grow honestly doing a devotion time during your times of devotion I mean really are you as often as some doctors yeah I you reading what God wanted an operating theater students are you really would've gone when you sitting in lectures null the time that we can even remember the wood of God 's expected and depend upon it Santhosh thus why then Psalms one nineteen bus eleven thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not city has you that I might experience what righteousness by missing so how to cultivate up it comes through here but you know what adjustment for family times the Bible says he is seven five zero or seven because seven is like the perfect phone for the Luxembourg presidency right or complete she felt completely but it says the one adjustment adjustment again he rises up you know when you go through life you will experience disappointments and then you go back to the drawing board and you realize God my faith is not where it needs to be I've been letting go of the and I'm not been depending upon your word and cultivating faith is enough and then then move guy getting into the fruits the fruits of a righteous man and woman if you so as it comes Abraham I believe somehow that will be offered as well I know that was a question originally we haven't got there yet but Abraham you'll see his experience and you'll see how God in his mercy stiletto but where he was declared righteous is our defensive whole story what we see of it okay so sleep on the is my new questions that often money and of the next session in the afternoon then you say often your focus is not practical okay but I hope that I will be often in a story written any other questions yes both of you yes and is the thing is he is yes I wonder what he'll do as I is just yes or is there a blue and the IC and rules the ages as they are also experiments in two oh and examples will life is a the group is a you he will receive a violently we who are you as you get in and rested in a in the way they are you will read them whom it is the main and the idea is that you need to have the thing that I love the UK yet there he will as well will you and I I only wanted me to but is only clung to our things that's why some thinks he some can take days because is not so much that the one of God 's power was to accomplish one of son is unbelief in the word of God is where the fault lies missing you and you and is a viral meet you in the going by you know I thought about it but a lot of in a ride and she had on this is a real estate 's role in the half of it is is another day he will let go and you and you and the data was okay and that is the NCAA with me on the design by so it was needed needed installer will randomly put me in a you and you like will will will it is a letter to while you won't this hot suit is hot describe the welcome of what God does in our economy it were talking about grief and dizziness yet the look is that the problem process of the promise of God that we can love our enemies is an absolutely the fact that someone can do that ultimately is what because of what to love their enemies because of their faith because there are also many instances that people never forget right and that's also a revelation of what their faith is a so how long how sure to be according to our faith I've been through situations where people have seemingly disappointing meal backstabbed me in a sense you know but can we forgive absolutely forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors forgiveness is something else than often give with other people must be instantaneous to the just depends whether we want to believe the fault lies where it often enough faith and economy anything else it has to be just that is an so the process by which we go through it we would he use out experience as the indicator of how fate works and faith is far and wide and we can't define the some people can forgive just like the others have mistaken me for me what I've been through the fall is taking me but because I believe I was letting hold letting go of my hold on this and it took someone to preach it need to be reminded actually know it's a major project that while I was preaching it all reminded down your experiences as well because I just wanted you and other models of any change that comes as a result what about and yes it can be instantaneous and I leave you in his name and you will will will will usually and into anybody else yes because everybody is given a measure of faith everybody and facing also what vulnerable negligence than faith in the one of God right but I believe will be seen people who all other religions in heaven just because it lived up to all the light that God 's on their way but right now let's later that fall today so far and will come back off the lunch in continuous session but for now let someone a preface Shelly was not hence father in heaven Lord help us to realize and to understand this topic of faith will have been faulty and communicating it to the people accredited forgive me and send the Holy Spirit to each and every individual to help them to understand clearly how we can live by faith how can exercise this thing on the police continue to guide us from remain of this day we pray Jesus and I this media was brought by audio parents a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe in your life is more certain and www. audio tours or


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