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3. Righteousness By Works

Benjamin Ng



  • December 28, 2014
    2:30 PM
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always we looking at his righteousness by faith once blesses righteousness by what okay Francis is by faith versus righteousness by what looks soulless begin with one crack showing was correct father in heaven thank you for the good food that you given to us rank you fold this time again that we can come to study a word one small I pray that you would please be with us and once again guide us with your spirit or more and help us to understand this most important topic of faith thank you for praying Jesus name amen so I thought you were going to be studying about Abraham and the before we get into it I am the reason the white board a lot so he would like to move over the side I'm sorry it's not the presence model we'll focus on me in the center so I hope you all build to see but am I like you the whiteboard when it comes to teaching so we need to move feel free to move over now so that we don't move over the middle of it but him for everyone else let's move over so now they just sued James chapter two James chapter two and starting to invest twenty and in the FMLA with James chapter two especially you know that it talks a lot about faith and works faith and works and so yes we are going to look at works for a little bit here but it's really mainly faith that we are interested in the last goats of James chapter two and starting in verse twenty okay James chapter two and blessed twenty the Bible said does both well valid no old main man that faith without works is one that okay faith without works is dead but that at Johnson's of this illustration of Abraham okay was not Abraham our father justified by what okay give me another one for justify made righteous right so was a Abraham father made righteous by me will be expecting faith that right but yet it says was not Abraham our father justified by Lux when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar so we know that's only right how Abraham was also sacrifice Isaac his son and he is ready to plunge the knife down and kill his son right list twenty two though CS vowel how faith wrought with books and by works was faith made one perfect somehow works has no role in making faith affect which means follow along with me for a minute which means that fine before Abraham was ready to offer his son Isaiah Abraham 's faith was not what perfect is a clear Abraham 's estate was not perfect before God called him to offer his son Isaac on the altar but then was twenty three and the scripture was fulfilled which saith Abraham believed God and it was imputed onto him for righteousness and he was called the friend of God so look to the public the example of mingling together of paper and what did the situation take place can you find it funny in a miles of anybody have a center column referencing a Bible and only my final has a sense of middle present whenever it's like a little cheat sheet okay because you look it up in the center column will tell you where this is from but does anybody know in verse twenty through James two two it says Abraham believed God the script was fulfilled which save Abraham believed God and it was nuclear and simple righteousness James is quoting from the Old Testament does anybody know where that's well genesis okay was chapter which was a little and say something we also call reference you just know that last night okay so Genesis chapter fifteen let's all know that okay and I want to start actually most one but will better make our way or weight of a six right with a side of us one but will been make away only to the six so Genesis fifteen eleven McCain Genesis fifteen lest they cannot invest one ounce of these things the word of the Lord came unto Abraham innovation saying fear not Abraham Abraham sorry I am thy shield and not exceeding great reward and Abraham said Lord God what will thou give me seeing I go childless understood of my house is this Eliezer of Damascus so what is a grand thing to God the thing that I haven't got any see but not mine my seven is really grateful Eleazar inability like please bless them right let him be the inheritor of the well said behold me thou has given me no seed on low one born in my house is mine and blissful and the behold the love of the Lord came to him saying this shall not be nine and so he said Eleazar is not going to be that advocate even though you think he's a good man and maybe he was born in your house and became the seventh best number one but he that shall come forth out of thine own bowels shall be thine and made very clear right as got a call from your own bowels this could be your biological son that will be the air then the slot and he brought him forth abroad and said look now toward heaven and hell this laws if thou be able to number them any set of the hands so shall thy seed be and then verse six is where James quoted from and he believed in the Lord and he counted it to him for righteousness what did Abraham believe in the one about what that he would have an air from his own bowels right at that time that he had any air from his own bowels no but yet the Bible said he believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness question had Abraham done anything all he did was believe okay you haven't done anything except God I believe and God says your righteous okay so could we say that Abraham had faith at this point in time you have faith right am all he did was believe but from what we we saw in James two the district was not perfect until well when he held he was ready to sacrifice his son but Clinton at night it down into his auto wherever I shall write so well did that take place in Genesis can you find the chapter where Abraham was called of God to sacrifice his son Isaac Genesis eighteen note Genesis twenty two okay this was the chap the and this is where you can read in your time when nobody goes through all of it but Genesis twenty two is where Abraham is called by God and he said sacrifice signs on but only son whom thou love us and offered them applies the sacrifice of my mouth and I'll show you this was a place where God called Abraham to sacrifice Isaac okay his faith was counted to him for righteousness he believed God and it was counted him for righteousness where Genesis fifteen Abraham had done how much nothing was you I just yes right one was not perfect though I speak okay with me his face was not made perfect yet but at that very point in time Abraham was righteous now just in case you think that Abraham all the sudden believe out of nowhere a want to show you that God was building Abraham 's faith step by step to this point do you know how difficult it was for them to believe anybody know of anybody know how old Abraham was in Genesis fifteen that ninety eight note he was a ninety eight anybody know you are eighty five years old okay eight eighty five to know the exact date but I'll give you a more specific time when we get on a bit later but he was about eighty lots already I look that and live that much longer than we did maybe a few more years for the one living five hundred all six hundred euros anymore back then it will already at the most hundred twenty hundred fortieths it and so look Abraham was around eighty plus years old when God gave him this promise and he had been possible points of being able to have children it even happens the men love this woman okay so my question is this actually you know I told you I would show you how God was building his face right even Genesis twelve you know many people don't understand how radical Abraham 's faith was and how he depended upon God so much okay let's go to Genesis chapter twelve and how shall you know God doesn't expect you to run before you can walk it is unexpected to move mounted that he can't move little flower Genesis twelve posts one now the law the headset is a brand get me out of my country and from my kindred and from my father 's house unto a land that I will show the denial make a via great nation will bless thee and make thy name great now shall be a blessing and I will bless them that bless the end custom that doesn't be in the show all families of the be blessed okay so the blood of God came to a gram at the beginning saying what definitely out of my country keep going what else okay from my father 's house and I can drive and what else is a land that I will show you that Abraham Abraham at that time no way he was going no suggesting a ramp right he stopped Avolio possessions neighbor comes along the friends come along a breath laid-off was required I don't know was the next question why you doing this one coming God told me to okay but until you what is going okay what else would you us while we got labor in God didn't see what a golden ideological was also he said he will want show me off okay so wet with no good for me to get audio okay this is sometimes God doesn't expect us to know the end from the beginning users expect us to know this question was the combined clear if enough yes I must get out of the country I know doesn't say it is a safety and what is a something he could act upon look let let me show you how God has to build operate because when we get to Genesis fifteen God said can you come the saws he said what no one about that what you see will be by the father can't come and Abraham looks around like putting one see you on that he told me that Ishmael 's not a Schnell Eliezer is not the one you want to believe that way because in Genesis twelve he believed that and God let him every time he put his football is not she had a face in the word of God only because it had the faith in the word of God only she would not have gone out from his country until God showed him where to go right you see as children of God when we depend upon the one of God only these on awesome you to have the clear and public kinds of everybody goes Abraham sounded crazy when his friends off the way to go but he said I don't know it's like you don't know a couple you a you don't know still this doesn't sound right to you with me she dependent upon the will of God only and also what about Poland was going to country look I can't tell you the end from the beginning of what can happen to keep the Sabbath all I can tell you is going to only handle what a mess right I can't tell you that you go to keep a job I can't even lose a job I can't even find a better job I conflict in the end but I can tell you what God made very clear depending upon the word of God only because of the head looked at his surroundings he might not have depended upon the wood of the cars he did not know where God was leading of course we know that God led him to Kate and ultimately right but now we get to Genesis fifteen and God has been leaving in the different places he still alive but on top of that he's prospered to write God is the blessing so now when God comes them in Genesis fifteen and says your seed even though you don't even even though you don't have any your seed is the godfather and Abraham believed God that was a and I was coming to him for righteousness and God made it very clear that what the seed would come out of his own mouth does not know adopted son from anybody it will be on biological son question this is a sacrifice of Isaac right what happened between Genesis fifteen and Genesis two that showed us that a brand 's faith was not perfect you all know okay Hagar and what Ishmael okay and I was who the made all Sarah Wright and you know what's really interesting common meets a Genesis six the most two this is why his face was not affect Genesis chapter sixteen the student and samurai said unto Abraham behold now the Lord had restrained me from bearing I pray the goal in on some I made it may be that I may obtain children by her and Abraham Hopkins to the voice of so for a moment Abraham 's faith 's love from the public integrity of his faith for that moment instead of holding and depending and expecting the word of God to do what it would save not just for him but also for sale raw you listen to his wife and you know this is always the problem with the Danish living in Madison was Wisconsin zero and Sarah said what the Lord has restrained me from entering she blamed on and so Abraham he acted upon that and guess what Ishmael was one when he was eighty six years old Abraham was eighty six at this time okay I thirteen years later God comes to a run again at that point he is ninety nine okay thirteen year 's God does not say anything that unions and Abraham he cherishes Ishmael like he is the promise son notices are difficult to understand this book for thirteen years Abraham believes that Ishmael the promise on and down comes back to them and says you know this is not one to get it to imagine how much in shock a Brown is a in a the ninety nine years old God reestablishes his promise with Abraham needs to Genesis seventeen in verse nineteen Genesis seventeen and the nineteen BC in Genesis seventeen nineteen a wheel that the model says I'm gone said Sarah ally why not he makes very clear shall bear thee a son indeed and I'll shall call his name Isa and I will establish my covenant with them fun and a lasting covenant and with his seed after him so God makes it very clear at the age of ninety nine that he's in I have a son with Buddhist time Sarah Wright and does he does anybody know how much younger several us when Abraham is ten years she was ten years younger you know at the age of seventy six which was when Abram was eighty six right Sarah 's womb the seventy six was already dead when the she said the Lord has restrained me from bearing right thirteen years later she's eighty nine as a whole will not any better what you think you know at eighty nine it's okay should more faith than when she was seventy six but using so the promise that God was fun establishment Abraham and Sarah the beginning when they were a bit younger now was thirteen yesterday it took even more whole thing but God made it very clear he said what through your wife Sarah okay you know what righteousness by works this is taking the promise of God and applying it in the wrong way the end does not justify the means Dennis I want anyone up like women given example you know people say the end justifies the means are right on my end result is justified by how I gone so if God comes and use a son you to be a millionaire you laxly running around the park home I come in and thanking God right wardrobe wrongful meals could be moving in on any of the end does not justify you mean just because God said unity millionaire doesn't mean you logical Robin back now shall not feel right in the same way keeps of the promise forty million will recall this cover might be most specific one all three is okay God she's not the one that can have the children can have this one I need to the promise of God and he applied it to you instead instead of having faith or his wife as well you see that that's why justice I was to try to do it himself even though God is Sarah Convair so can you open approval he said several combat started of my thumbnail he would make this like you said is under the man to be alone so illegal lineup that's daunting I don't thought you said is on the validity alone right we take God 's promises but we apply it wrong we apply wrong and we tried to use our own human effort and our own tools and methods of conversion to fulfill God 's promise that is wrong absolutely wrong Abraham 's faith was not perfect at this time and I'm not a show you why God had to do this okay ask Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac all right now only economy to Romans chapter four this is really interesting Romans chapter four is false about Abraham and Sarah actually and how they were able to have a son by the name of Isaac okay Romans chapter portfolio book of Romans is all about righteousness by faith but now Romans chapter four and starting in verse nineteen speaking of Abraham and Sarah Romans chapter nineteen also I'm feeling a little bit warming here are you guys doing the same only okay okay but this felt like a sauna sweat and of yoga swami feel sleepy right so Romans chapter fullness nineteen the Bible says and being not weak in faith he considered not his own body now dead when he was about one hundred years old neither yet the deadness of Sarah 's womb so you see very clearly either hasn't come yet right he is not a hundred severs the eighty nine and he said what she doesn't look at his own body being dead and means he could give seed of evil and even look at Sarah 's womb which couldn't have the acts to be finalizes all right most one he started not at the promise of God through unbelief so when God came to him again in Genesis chapter seventeen and he said Ishmael 's not the wanted Isaac he staggered not at the prompts he believed loyal fox okay God you said is me Sarah okay bus twenty one and being what say that again and being what fully post later do you know this is the problem with nothing many times we are not fully asleep we look at that Texan Matthew five forty eight Beta for public legal God that's not all you sure and we are not fully persuaded but I imagine what Abraham was doing God said Juergen have a son in your life is about a son just imagine a bands like yes useless pointless when you have allowed that Douglas the woman whom I love you and Aviva mother of my favorite funds in the ice and he was his party 's he was fully persuaded when God said even though your ninety nine at seven eighty nine both of you impossible to have child fully persuaded that he would haven't folder twenty two it was imputed to him for righteousness now it was not written for his sake alone but that it was imputed to him it wasn't written just for Abraham okay was written for us to look for also to whom it shall be imputed if one we believe on him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead this comes back to Albany you know why the story of Abraham was within its help us to believe for a safe okay and Abraham believed that even though the deafness of them wounded their reproductive organs right of their bodies both of them had this problem right Abraham could not be son-in-law Steve Sarah could not produce any more eggs right both their bodies were dead but he didn't stagger the palms she did not look at the physical he believed what on the word of God only and he expected the word of God to do what is said and he depended upon the word of God to do what is Melanie going to little bit of more detailed to imagine this do you think Abraham waited for Sarah to have it before he believable was that this is not what either of you say write what I want you to think about this ha ha how did Abraham know his body was back to life except they go in then you write he would've done that he didn't believe the cloth would fulfill his will the other thing so Abraham said on the promise of God now let us thought it was too late God said your faith is not perfect so seventeen years later Abraham the hundred and seventeen Ishmael 's big boy by now and in Genesis twenty two God says what with his words he says what take now thy son and only son whom thou love us and what sacrifices on a mountain that I will show you there ought to contradict this one contradiction with God 's work in Genesis seventeen of sixteen he said what through eyes that your seed will come now Genesis twenty two got says what I wanted to Eliza is a promise you that what would you do you are Abraham God she's the promise one wanted to be sure is a square is and he had a contradiction in his mind of what of what got went to see God it was about the physical act so it was seeing whether Abraham truly would obey the word of God is going to come with me the Hebrews eleven initial units this is how we grow in faith okay Hebrews eleven and were going to read verses seventeen eighteen and nineteen Hebrews eleven starting in verse seventeen Hebrews eleven seventeen the accounts off how Abraham was awesome to sacrifice his son Isaac by faith Abraham when he was tried offered up Isaac and when he that had received the promises offered up his only begotten son of whom it was said that in Isaac shall thy seed be called so it always reminded of no case you knew the promise through Isaac your seed will be called but yet he has a killer and right but this is the reason why Abraham did was nineteen accounting was another one for accounting assuming believing accounting that God was able to raise him up even from the lot that from whence he also he receives in the figure look was the reason why Abraham was willing to go ahead and sacrifice his son Isaac was okay I believe a more specific you believe what don't don't tell me he believing on busty general what if you believe he believes that God was willing and not willing he was able to resurrect his son Theodore Abraham Arnold you must've been difficult time but he believes that got under the children need to resurrect I don't fully believe Melanie Austerlitz before Genesis twenty two Genesis one always a Genesis twenty one PC anywhere there a resurrection yes on you know anywhere where Abraham could have looked at the story like a light job he resurrected the widow 's son is there any resurrection in Genesis one to twenty one yes I know this nineteen of Hebrews eleven nor before the because usually while Abraham was on the way to Mount Mariah to sacrifice his son Isaac the Bible tells us what he's thinking she believes that God would be able to resurrect his son right my question is this how did you know God resurrected by the Embassy resurrection that he read about a resurrection editing any news about any resurrection but how did you know God would do it God 's work on episode he would resurrect the banal daughters tell you to kill and women who have a event I know but this was a resurrection do you know that you will you guys but in looking what was right the reproductive organs was on the human dental life resurrection no solo con of a resurrection but as a formal resurrection of the bid brought back to life something that was and that's why Abraham believe in resurrection even though he'd never seen up to man commence of life he saw his dead body and soul severs the body collectively to see the how to grow in faith God God did not present in this test until she had gone through all of this is face that God would resurrect his son because he'd seen it in the paths with his own body do not evidence that even though he never seen a real life human coming back from the dead back to life he believe that God could do because he did it for his book that my friends is perfect because he's him the promise he when his allies not God told him to go into Hagel right and so God had to trust him again based upon what is what she is my promise again but I innovate my what awfully his son Isaac and see not just in this point of the their dead bodies but even at the time of Isaiah she was fully persuaded that God could bring back to life as God never told Abraham and Sarah I would resurrect your dead body he just said through the two of you you will have a son right even though it was passed in zodiacs five right in the same way God said that Isaiah is your chosen son through him and he clung to that promise and the only way that he could see this being fulfilled and still obey sacrificing his son you have to believe in a resurrection why because God does not lie when he said it it will perform SOC he has to try to harmonize these two promises and the only way you could harmonize it was with the resurrection this event since you are my people zero holy nation I was the one of God will make you holy human on the harmonizer in your life right now maybe in a living old the word of God says you can do see that and it's up to you to believe but it wasn't luck set made a profit but let me ask you one enabled Abraham to do that his faith and now give me again the definition of faith faith is expecting what the word of God to do what it says and depending upon its to do what it says right now you come out with me to Romans chapter four you see this really interesting question now onto because many people get confused about the statement Romans all I skipped it it's not bus nineteen nothing is worse eighteen okay Rome 's fall this aging analysis of this coup against hope believed in hope these data against hope he believed in hope that he might become the father of many nations all coins of that which was spoken so shall thy seed be against hope he believe and hope when you look at the deadness of Sarah 's womb of the Dennis of his own body he had no hope whatsoever original gave them hope what was it organ while one fun your only hope must not be in what you see in the mirror every day you'll hope must be in the word of God not Bible says that you can be fully that you can be righteous but you can be perfect it should stir up hope eluding argument not because you see your life-changing already on this some good coming out of it and people are saying what a wonderful person you are thus not when you look in the mirror you see no hope to select what Abraham so with his wife and his own money don't know golf jet has and what we would have natural deducting as women drive not Ashley before we finally finds the police diligently size of the slightest mail economy I don't hope against hope he believed in hope when you look at your life and your all these bad things that people say you why maybe it's true you don't look for hope in the neural and don't look for hope in the comfort of your friends you look for hope in the word of God and that it if you have any hope in your self is righteous despite what the guys even us all possibility that you can accomplish this you will not depend fully on price it only this is why wants us all reveals nothing all folks dogs is revealed you'll think and that's it nothing else is yet out fruits employment you are the foods of the Christian and the tree and the fruits of the bat is that important yes do we judge yes I know that it was a civil judgment is a possibility this is something that is Christian please stop judging me everyone judges I will piano and a black fine lectures about what one is judging was the eleven and running we all judge one another we we we would notice the if you love at first what's the problem in the Christian is cussing reconciled us killing stealing what's the problem you don't know been telling you this full-time they have no faith so she didn't call how can you help them from Helmand to get back to the weather got right how do you do that as well assessment of the subdivision holding thou shall not steal that we should be shown live on without the editing allow them know what you did you will as often as we do this the meet dishonest up to one showing the songs chapter one verse three speaking about a righteous man right songs chapter one verse three the Bible says and he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bring us for his fruits fruits in his season his leaf also shall not without and whatsoever you do it shall not shall prosper okay look and sound chapter one impulsive unrighteous man how it's planted next to what is sponsored next to a river is this a good tree or a bachelor how do you know it's a good tree once of industrial possible what else the best fruit what else and the leaves do not wither okay look you have to understand why God talks about a tree next to rip it doesn't say that is planted in the rainforests was very human it is a follow-up sunlight which we know is essential for free right why what's good about the tree when it supplanted by the river water obviously the water is helping to treat correct you so what's good about the treat that helps it to get that one of that money right next to what's good its roots a great yet so loved yet understand why David is writing in this way he said this phase that's the water so that means as a result they must get its water from its roots Mrs. was very good right how do you know a treason open because of the wealth one only written movies right can you see the fruit under these of a visible can you go and inspect a lot of wantonness in all I don't I don't really know how to do it but in on individual holy tree if you know what is going on but can you reason visa withering battery life to what you know as evident as you know we did regard to the tree when it's gone that route and batteries and we do all the fruits I silly string next year ago fruit and will evening it helps you know many of us look stupid you know you should be playing basketball some should though you know you shouldn't be watching TV on sub but you know usually shopping is a you know you shouldn't be eating for volume of evidence issue the Nielsen article what are you normally don't but in all of us jog each from the aspect of pain that from at least what should we do about coming clean of the roots will recall that again is that it earlier as well what's how do we clean up the roots how do you help them look is efforts about what's wrong I love to go read on the refresh your memory is investments are bad what's wrong okay so the question that was wrong no faith so what are you doing with those roots was a good experience on the experience processes so every ferry okay so you got to share with them the word of God right because Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God in all and I see bad fruits on the Christian articles even help someone prerogative is not within my authority to do anything about such an order thinking gone what can I do for that person to have Bible study you know this is not enough you have a listen law directing the sanitation of upsetting me getting a study with me all right gone I tried normally light we see the bad food and then we just want to jump in and be the Savior of Bissell I don't even know we write sorry not getting into evangelism you know why you suddenly they are as adults on teaching the truth the judge is the way they are if possible could you did want people leaving the church because of Bible is not held in such high regard we have programs that we don't have Scripture is widely abundant and every Saturday night at my church you thought is always because I love to exercise so I can mingle with using children I can use it on a bottle study with anyone else even just once a week two thousand eight thousand week do you really think us enough to show them that I can read what you doing for young people to show that you can so that when they know you can't and you can show them the Bible commingled Christ mingled with others as one who decided to he was a such a great mainland that other people thought he was drunk rightly the wind of sorry I'm getting its evangelism that's great but it might as well I want to show you that when it comes to a change in a person 's life it is only by one thing and one thing alone is not lucky oppression is not my having great music is not my having any of those things just the way you should and this is why friends devotional life is so important to you from getting the wording of devotions and when are you getting that you might live by but just the righteous shall live by faith Romans one seventeen that was off it's the open right will reveal what type of things you have so when a person is not given the clowns of God because they don't have the faith of Jesus you can't separate the two in Revelation fourteen twelve zero day together said patient of the saints here are they that keep the clouds of God and the faith of Jesus you can't separate a person will not have faith without the you know why because phase comes from one given the word of God when he learned a lot of what God walks does not say that he has no works guess what your faith is what faith is not perfect okay is that many safe many people sleep is broken the look jumpstarted right the step of faith that will only let me show you this season this presented to the site right this is the this is the statement of grace and faith and housing if the God what's this vision Chapter two verse eight the Bible says for by grace are ye saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God not of works lest any man should boast right so we are not saved by anything that we do was saved only by grace through faith but just when you're ready the throw away what you mean as well for we are his one workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto what could one which God hath before ordained that we should walk in the blog just because I'm magnifying phase is not because I'm throwing away with the missus that has assumed the Adventists we think that we have to work so much fun telling you it's not bad at all the works are of byproducts unnatural results of someone who is spending time in the wood of the another that's what some businesses angers but ease this is where Susan loving words come out of personality came out before you can't change that by yourself in all of us and who has a fight with his wife and pizza how he feels so bad for you like a hundred is such a thing God forgive me and they feel really remorseful and sat for a few days they don't do it when they go back and be laughing we have temporary change many of us have temporary change of person who gets a bit ethnography and the one I let go but the discussed topic at all these physical hindrances in all normal laptop no more iPhone no more one of our normal incident and they don't do it for a few months Monday is fully suspect up-and-down up-and-down is and this is where we dangerous devotions I don't know you expenses and all but I'm sure if you're as human as I hand you have the skills and devotion for one day and that's without paying you haven't constantly sworn and commit adultery and stolen gun on anything that you get to the end of the day and you don't choose what thank you God for not letting me send it along creeks and before that it's okay to skip your devotion once in a while economy and I swear are our foundation gets eroded away by the I know we've experienced this because this is exactly the same faults I have noting a more dangerous for postures while in a life close to my devotion but all I preaching for a alive eye on teaching post a lot of money to my contacts are they so I've been involved in the Bible and even all-white for second coming is the Bible studies with my heart we don't spend time with Jesus and we become self sufficient that it's okay to skip once in a while until one some trial and hits his heart races up realize how far away you are from Jesus he said this is how life gets us this is why we must learn to walk with Jesus everyday in his left this is why devotions are so important that you know as I was speaking with one what was here in the me me realize that on no off-topic one what might ultimately was talking about personal devotion but as I was preparing my folks of this on the change and told by faith but these importance of this focus on this is a little bit I'm sorry were out of time now this communion no one comes to devotion many people don't know how to read the Bible and think for themselves the homes you sometimes you and you know we we should divide like burning incense in old Louisville Bandar insensitively Edessa God blessed me right to be off some oranges as well we walk away from this that we expect lesson from the handle as evidence would separate thing one chapter fifty minutes got fifteen minutes o'clock seven forty six okay pray some fifty wow four minutes pretty good go away God bless me become out the next day he read again and you get to the end of the chocolate over the same time yesterday and a lot of people got you with high but it became a full I do it because I know it's good for me as the Bible says it should do it in the pasta says I should do an organization due to the fall you don't mean that you get nothing out of it because you don't understand what until you doing it like burning incense because it's just the fall but it's not helping you grow faith and that's why many people you not talk about the sinus of prayer and Bible study is very simple all possible steps I I I done that I prayed and I read the Bible I still can overcome this and insist brother that something while you pray some moment is not in the Bible let that nothing else do it faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God if you do not know when the beginning of devotion in your devotional life is like really dry right now somehow you stop growing as a Christian I wanted to go back and listen to some faith comes by hearing I don't elicit a summons while you're doing it all laundry and when it was a son-in-law you wash your dishes I don't know do you thought twice before was in the sunlight as removal I want to set aside time to sit down and as you listen to the sun writes everything you're learning and follow in your Bible what the preachers because faith comes by hearing the word of God for many years when I first began to have devotion I'm not ashamed to say now because of realize everybody's experience is disliked by a listen to Simmons for many years and it was in the days when audiobooks was not available okay the word of God was precious in those days I want you to listen to the sun but I want you to give it its full attention not while you're driving in the car not while you're sitting on the bus not while you're sitting on the toilet I want you to sit down at the table and say God what are you trying to tell me this and become finish the whole forty minutes is a sinkhole the portable the title how many minutes he also has a lapse in the evening come back and finish it and I guarantee will grow until we have to listen to some as young it's better than not understanding the Bible at all because many people still didn't want to be a hero out of the speaker Jolly good for myself the suspenseful moments and some can but you know not everybody has the understanding so let God speak your heart he comes like doing that which was from the beginning plus Johnson the one of us want that which was from the beginning which we have which we have seen which we have looked upon which I hadn't have had little of the wood of life if you don't know how to handle and look and see spot with hearing is no shame in that don't be proud that you have to listen to preach for your devotion that helps you grow in and out all you need it's not what did you read in emotions like while I studied this and this is what you listen to so-and-so but you might gain more from that in this cousin did in their good Bible study and running devotion is all about this one thing what is God trying to communicate to you and if you are not growing in a daily devotion that means you not growing in faith and in him growing in faith guess what you will never be righteous impossible and righteous he will never have good works you never will be the clowns of God that's the one thing and that's been the bun of all my preaching the Bible the Bible and the Bible alone should be a watch with you as well as what to pray in August sometimes the question announced southern heaven Lord help us to see the power of your work and help us to experience power in all life Lord help us to realize that there's nothing that we can do to experience that power except to expect and to depend upon your world for everything for life itself what the father if we have won the file from my work I pray that you would with Iran's of love trolls back again and help us to see the blessedness of these words of life that you given to us and the preciousness of these words and what they mean to us Lord please continue to help us to grow in faith and honestly my brain fuses and a a this media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you'd like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. audio course taught or


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