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True and False Revivals, Part 2

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 20, 2007
    3:45 PM
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him let's begin with a few questions and I've had a couple of questions here we had a couple of questions and will attempt to answer the questions that have come here few people have asked me about the booklet here and some came in late and did not get a copy of the booklet was asked about that we ordered two hundred and fifty was told I would have a seminar of a hundred and fifty to two hundred and we ordered two hundred and fifty and they are all go on and those with gifts that we gave you but just like salvation is not free cases have been hit with his right I had to pay for those so there might give you but I did not get them free because I don't know the printing presses silently and purchase them in the general conference said that I can take them with me and so that it's about it I do think they were silver mounted five dollars a piece so it's about a thousand dollars that we gave the young people here and we were delighted to do that I want you to feel that it's something that the general conference gave you because we believe that we need to prepare young people for the coming of Jesus we are delighted that there is a small supply house calls seminars unlimited seminars unlimited if you want that book you can certainly call them right now it's down in Texas and they will be happy to give you a copy I am revising this full seminar I wrote it many many many years ago writing a new seminar unless the events and my friend in Houston heart publications will have copies of that in the very very near future what I want to do is it will be done very soon it is produced a little longer seminar on lasting events for local Seventh-day Adventist churches with the graphics with lessons that pastors can use young people can change in their local churches because I really believe that if we get this message out it will change it does a lot of things it brings revival brings renewal I just than a series of the Holy Spirit by presentations and Holy Spirit sung here with me in that series of the church of the Portland Maine and the board really came down God is incredibly powerful powerful things so short a time there is history where we need to share God 's message as he has given in the Bible and the prophecy of the Lord will bring mighty revival to these churches we had let's start with some questions to some questions on the last series of meetings or anything becomes your yes Kevin yes I like to flash out a little bit more after you were talking about the issue will not cool enough tears I was shaking my sense is that you and I and another on his pretty much in a you know there is going on here sometimes they just like so those of you and you and your people they are not as we won't know pastors and many others your were not result in with Jesus and all the chairs you will say far as sin in apostasy of the church and I is less on short rest is constant criticism and these are criticism you know I have decide what that is I was as I was growing up I probably wouldn't be here as far as today is a very good questions of somebody else as they are very very similar question and the question was how do you deal with sin in the church how to do what do you do the examiner moved to another address church across town and you know how to deal with that in a local congregation at what we give you some basic biblical principles of dealing with sin the first thing that I want to know before I approach anybody is of the Holy Spirit gives me permission to do that does that make sense to you so the first step before you say anything or do anything is to be sure you have the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit before I would speak to somebody else about me sending in their life I would want to be sure that I was on my knees before God praying asking the Holy Spirit to impress my heart with the right words to say and would press their heart before I ever spoke to them on the need for that discussion I was in a meeting recently where I really saw the Holy Spirit work dramatically a friend of mine and I were giving Bible studies and we were given Bible studies to a young man and his wife not his wife the young man and his girlfriend who were living together it was a distant state from here but this young man was living with his girlfriend and they had a child together this young man was a former Seventh-day Adventist and his girlfriend never was an advantage they had a child and we began to Bible studies I was preaching a series on the Holy Spirit this young man came to the meetings and his live-in girlfriend came just before I get up to preach my friend who was joining me in getting the Bible studies to this young man and I had now moved on to my friend was getting vital studies now sent in a no more so and so his living with someone so and I just need also how I approach them they're living in open sand were studying the Bible together how to wipe deal with that what do I do so we talked about a strategy we talked about how to do it at the and of the meeting my friend came today in the end of the evenings of Mark I am so excited and I said what do you mean he said this young man was just in your beauty and he came to me at the end of the meeting any second now I'm living together we're not married and I really need to do something about that and I believe the Holy Spirit is convicting me that I want to be married one of the things I've discovered is this that a lot of the things that we need to court we think we need to correct God is well able to take care of so the first thing I want to be sure is that I am on my knees that I'm praying that I have the right attitude in the right spirit and asking God to work in their lives I want to ask God for permission to go to that person I pray about it over a period of time if God gives me permission I'd go in a spirit of humility and a humble spirit I approach the other individual directly not in a group and I will say to that of the personal brother I may be mistaken about this and I know that there areas in my life that are not in harmony with God 's will but there is an area of concern that I have want to discuss with you and I do it as a Christian brother because I'm concerned about you and I love you and I discussed it in that context so that's the context of individual things it's an individual saying that you believe the Holy Spirit has placed on your heart the desire to talk to that person in the atmosphere of love in the spirit of love humility when God gives you permission and you go with somebody else but there is something that is even deeper than that what if you're a member of a church and what is that sure it should is teaching things that are difficult for you to participate in what is the worship style what if the whole philosophy of the church what if you believe that the church are currently attending is not living in harmony with God 's will how do you deal with there's a number of things firstly recognize that you may not be right they recognize that you may have perceptions that are not accurate and that you are not you are not God is the first thing that I recognize is that my perceptions may be wrong and I maybe not understanding something here but as I pray about it as I studied in God 's Word and his God brings me a conviction one of the things that were in my life is this is the difference between impulse and a conviction conviction is a growing constant awareness that God wants me to do something a conviction is a growing constant awareness is that if I don't do this thing that I'm not in harmony with God 's will and impulse is flaky it's here today so I give myself time to pray the fee to process it regularly I will get counsel on something like this out I have a few godly counselors that all go to is good for every young person in the godly counsel at least with regard counselors people that are older they are more seasoned in the faith people you can go to that you can talk to counsel with you know that they're not betray your counsel you know that they are going to give you good counsel so you pray about it you study the word about it you look for godly counselors to three godly pastors you expressed to them your concerns and you express the wider concern as occurs the Lord is giving direction if the issue is that you always go to the person who's responsible so if something is taking place in your area you do not go to your pastor if the youth leader is leading out the ability if we because that person is the one that's responsible and who share your concerns if your concerns are in the area of worship with the pastor and openly share the CIA share with you some things that you have not seen before and that may bring a unit but let's suppose that you've done all that you prayed about it and got godly counsel you go on in Christian love you talk to the past you have approached key leaders in the church elders their concern your concern let's suppose that they do not share that concern or in fact is a thing quite oppositely what did it infinite atmosphere become becomes toxic for you is in that atmosphere and were no longer growing spiritually this counterproductive for another and the church this morning harmony with the way you believe even if you drive a half hour appointment my counsel is to stay as long as you can you work is lovingly as you can but what you don't allow the happenings you do not allow yourself to become so critical that splits that church totally apart and it becomes toxic experience everybody is far better for you to pray about it to get counsel about it Pastor voted to go elder about it but church is not sure if you cannot fight every step this church is God 's intention if you are not getting a spiritual blessing there but other people are at a certain state of their spiritual experiences they are and you have to make a move him who you will always are different to the body of Christ you don't rip the body of Christ apart because I have ways that he is going to deal with that and and maybe they are doing some things that are not ride and maybe it's not in the highest ideal of the Bible the spirit of prophecy cannot say one thing if you split the church by writing that church and heart that maybe worse than the music they're playing I think so so you do everything you can't implement change you don't sit back and do nothing but change can be implemented your alternative is not to split the church apart the alternative is to find another congregation where you can worship more in harmony with your wind with God 's will on somebody asked me I will do what they wanted more questions when asked yes no talk talk to you all will cover in a way for you there is where the church is not you will not be as far as an war of and the lead here's what the issues are if the purpose that you establish the company is to be doctrinally you are I question your motives if the purpose you establish a company is for mission and outreach and service the client and the congregation grow because typically what's going to happen is all hears his name of the church they are there liberal overhears log into small groups will preserve our own unity and they may begin infighting a group splits off from them so if you can and then and you see this winterization take out a slight relation is the word him or Scrabble she's occasionally she says that's not a word I said was a thinly as a legislator who were you is you so my concern is so the first thing that I would do in that situation is if they were group of families I would work with my pastor I would work with my conference and I would do it for the purpose of the mission and into the mission driven to plant an obligation church churches attend to separate from the body because they feel that they need to be sure either develop our against the devil potentially run private boarding is one worldliness insecure which is a was there something here yes I is on an as is and in so a day is all obligation that is what you are is is is is is a will that you are sung as an is someone who is is is is is the question is is your presence endorsing what they're doing I would choose another alternative is not a matter of yes or no I would say to them I'm holding a medical missionary training program and his mother church and you're invited to come I would bring them where I was in tests their genuineness rather than going where they were visiting come where you are then it's much more likely that they take that step it may take the next step so I would much rather creating environment with the same content was talk but I would invite them to come where I was rather go where they are watching my meeting all regular I have the will of the people attending the meetings of the holiday so I had this last series in Australia I had been the pastor in a good number of this event is reform coming to my meetings and that they came to where I was a chance to dialogue with them and some of you know they come back and so through the years an assessment on a number of occasions but I wasn't like them to come where I am because of my life going where they are I endorse what they're doing and I don't want to get that image okay any of the questions here that I missed yes when back I I is is a first thing you should not do is stand up and say anything and service is the first thing you should not do because what that does is it creates conflict secondly is the second his US award if God is teaching is something that you that teaching is something through what he's saying what you perceive it to be nonbiblical but maybe it has been sudden until the Lord he wanted to study the issue if the Holy Spirit conviction regarding it you follow the counsel that we can go to him directly it is a pastor I quite understand this it seems to me that this was said that it seems this is what the Bible Mister Grassley said but I don't know I could be mistaken I could've misunderstood you could you help me on this on a young person I really need some clarification on this so you don't go as a teacher you go as a student and a new raise questions and then the Lord will help you what about you through an avenue which will establish their impressive developed was a young lady way in the back to him and okay him to him these are questions I love that lives a life you probably knew I wanted the room is honest enough to ask a question like that thank you so much I really appreciate it so the question is this is not theoretical to practical incident and that's a question I asked my own heart so thank you very much the question is how will you not be shaken how do you know you won't be shaken out and how do you know that one of what prayer and Bible study aren't something that is on the top of your agenda how you do it let's suppose that a person hadn't eaten for a number of days would you take them to a salad bar with seventy eight items on it and fill for plates of food is that the way to do it what would you do if a person of meet and numbered days what if a person came to I said I don't eat any breakfast would you say will tomorrow on a given granola and oatmeal and proceeds and the president have that you need and then I would give you in addition to that ideal right tofu and to give you whole-wheat pancakes without you give efforts on one five my response to questions this a relationship with God does not just hand on the quantity of time you spend with him necessarily at first so what I'd like you to do if you are struggling with your devotions don't service than an hour day same as in attendance take ten minutes and just begin and what I suggest is you start with reading the Gospel of John start with the gospel of John and read a little bit more you hunger after God 's heart in the Gospel of John the more he will create a hunger by his Holy Spirit you can know you will not be shaken out if indeed you're spending some time with God each day and if indeed it's a grown a hunger in your heart so you start when you are because there's no other place to begin Christ love to hear your news child he wants to save you his kingdom he does not want you to be shaken out and that's the first thing you have to say is this Christ is my greatest ally he is not creating conflicts private heresy in August up to shake me out that's not him he's holding me again he is not pushing me out you know John chapter six verse thirty seven thirty eight thirty nine says Kenneth three I will in no wise cast out Haggai two about her Seder so says if it touches you touches the apple of design I have you in my hand and nobody can pluck you out of my hand so repeat to yourself the promises of God under the hand of Christ I will take him and not to myself and day by day he spent time with him not a lot at first and you begin to hunger after him some of you will understand illustration for the use if you are a water drinker if you are a water drinker who understand wanting a means for finding drink if you're one of those eight to ten glasses of water people a day I was so the people there eight to ten of us working as a least three times in my meeting at if you are drinking eight to ten glasses of water annually drinks for how you feel me my wife my wife is healthy is anything when she tries to walk an hour an hour and half a day she drinks ten glasses of water a day and she's hydrated hybrid if she drink six glasses of water she still nurses and one has either the drink is about feeling she drinks water drinks water drinks work she's thirsty all the time just ourselves on why she's with her anymore and what will you drink when thirsty because that's true the more water you drink more when you want it you just need his craven you will want to suite is the fourth cello bag and drink a little bit and then get a greater thirsty drink a little bit more little bit more limit more so I like to say to all heels than an hour déclassé to be shaken out of nowhere on the safety was not crisis only when he's not allegedly shaken out here just every day special and start little at first and then you have a hunger for him and over ongoing growth we need to go to class today for twenty two of you getting about five o'clock today and how right I needed it is on the national son right of the Lord will help me get through this material in a way that will be powerful father in heaven launching into a very important section just now and I pray that as we do the Holy Spirit when gathering the wanderings and musings of our minds focused them on the topic for the afternoon help us to be able to understand where the world is headed what's leading in there and how we can survive the coming crisis in Jesus name America reservoir watch the water it was getting higher and higher and higher higher and look at it he said should I or should I not sound the alarm to the village below is a lawyer and he said knowing what happens this is a high and they said what I do solemnly alarm the people that went up into the middle of the night and what the water subsides it never overflows in any way that you be upset with me you within three hours the reservoir overtook the dam and the entire village was destroyed because the time what's important to sound the alarm not in an alarmist way but because a crisis is coming and it's only as we know what the crisis is that people are prepared for that crisis is the revelation does it reveals the crisis of the road ahead now if you look at session four page three left hand side who will you worship the central issue in the final conflict is loyalty to God and the central issues worship if you look at the great controversy that began in heaven over six thousand years ago and you see Lucifer and his attack on phosphorylation was worshiped who will you worship if you look at the great controversy down through the ages it would be to worship bail deal worship am a raw thought of the Egyptians to worship Delmar to the God of the Babylonians worship the Apollo happiness and since the gods the Romans all of you washing soap in the last days the issue is abortion we are created to worship revelation fourteen verse seven you remember reading that Revelation fourteen and verse seven outlines of the issue is worship God gives us an invitation worship the creator he says in revelation fourteen verse seven fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and do what next to worship him so there is a call to worship the creator in revelation fourteen verse seven revelation fourteen verse nine is a warning for those who do what worship is the beast because what does it say there in the box if any man worships the what these so there are two warships one worship calling us to worship the creator and the other worship going us to worship the beast so there to worship 's only worship has to do with our eternal salvation and in time that God gives us to identify characteristics of his people one group worship the creator the other group worships the beast in the context of the time of the end in revelation fourteen verse twelve he says here is the patient so the rest of the saints and believers are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus so at the time of God 's people into a divine characteristics what are the wiki ligamentous of what God and everything is what Jesus so God is looking for people who at the end time are so in love with Jesus that his face fills their hearts but that faith which feels their hearts leads them to obedience to keep God 's commandments great controversy page five eight two we'll see it right across from the ten Commandments on page four is a genuine example using the same page for two edifying characteristics of God 's people in the last days was that he and Aniston got everything to Jesus I want to read the statement with me on every conversation agent reading together the last great conflict between truth and error is not the final struggle of the long-standing controversy concerning the love of God upon this battle we are now entering a battle between the laws of man and the precepts of Jehovah so the central issue in the final conflict is worship worship finds its focal point in the law of God and the final struggle will be over the law of God know if you look into heaven with the battle between Christ and Satan happen the issue was a little of God lizards that is not necessary to obey the specific creative human beings were superior to the creative force that they could judge in and of themselves what was right and what was wrong it was on a schedule that Lucifer came to the gardening than what he said he has gotten really sophisticated and free of knowledge with a list on a single day all through the Old Testament the same idea as unnecessary to obey you renounce the last conflict the issue is over the law of God now Satan will ultimately create a counterfeit religious revival we've looked at profile of what's going on in the last days when we discovered the gospel Chileans of your as the gospel was preached it will create a reaction save he will bring in the time of that latter reign loud cry a counterfeit religious revival actually bring it before that time to seek God 's people as he is counterfeit spirits for our and has the A loud cry argument we'll see calamity will seek natural disasters will see economic chaos will soon conflict and strife this will lead to the establishment of the national son-in-law what is going to lead to the union of church and state what will bring about that union of church and state it is time church and state will be united in time as there is conflict and strife in the world elevation to you in the Bible when you look at some point amazing things will look at Revelation seventeen just momentarily Revelation seventeen and that were going to look at Revelation eighteen Revelation seventeen Revelation eighteen let's go back to pick up something in Revelation thirteen the question where asking is what are the advantages only to the union of church and state why are they advance that ultimately will lead off to the repudiation of religious freedom in America that will be followed by the world one of the advanced that will lead up to what we would call this national son-in-law what are those events well firstly said there would be a false religious revival you see that in Revelation thirteen what's the lead up to the enforcement of the image of the mark of the beast revelation thirteen and were going to look at verse thirteen it performs great signs and miracles so he makes fire come down from heaven on earth in the sight of man he deceives those that wait a minute he makes fire on earth fire down from heaven on earth the site and then the people saving all that fire must be a nuclear bomb that goes down how do you interpret the Bible you interpret the Bible have by the Bible when the first time fires mentioned in the Bible anybody who did not go through my Holy Spirit seminar okay so my students here once for sci-fi fiction but cable yes but Genesis three because I remember the angel had a lot I restore so the angel with a fiery sword represented the presence of God standing guard that the enemy couldn't get back to the garden to particular tree of life when fires mentioned the burning bush what inspired the burning bush represent the presence of God to our fire guide Indonesia by ninety four that represent present the sanctuary was built in the Old Testament in the fiery Shekinah glory was between the cherubim what that represent presence of God are you seeing a pattern here I went out to the light shot when he poured water on the altar in fire damage that represent presence of God songs of fire in the book of acts represented what the presence of God through what the Holy Spirit so fire always represents the presence of God so here is fire comes down from heaven here is the false hope will fire in a false manifestation of the presence of God in signs wonders and miracles in the churches that lead up to the enforcement of market-based you see that look in verse thirteen it performs great signs he makes backing down from heaven he deceives those verse fourteen who dwell on the earth by means of those miracles are signs that he was granted to do in the site is based telling those of twelve the earth to make an image of the beast so why do they make an image to the beast the beast is a false religious leader the initial beast is a type of is the counterfeit of the opposite of the law God 's orthopedist see the image always is something which is the opposite of the genuine you have the imaging Daniel for any of gold which is the opposite of the genuine in Daniel what to sell the image in Revelation thirteen is the image to the base of the image the genius us the Sabbath is the sign or the image of Jesus because as you keep the Sabbath you want the creator to re-create your heart you and you rest on Sabbath Sabbath is a sample of righteousness by faith not righteous is by works is that all mixed up he says also that is a symbol of righteous by faith is out of the civil rights is by works is the opposite is the opposite sap of the civil rights is my grandson is a civil rights is by works also weekly Sabbath and rest from our labors just like Christ rested on the cross in the completed salvation so we rest every Sabbath were wrestling in the power and care of the one that created the world were resting in the love and grace of the one that redeemed the world we are resting from our works in accepting his work on the cross the Sabbath is a symbol of Sabbath can access the Eden lost it can access the cross-linked annexes the coming of Christ Sabbath reminds us of the day when God can recruit there are any the Sabbath Weasley to creation by rest and completing creation I rested a completed redemption by resting a thought is to complete the work in antimissile when a son see paying and righteousness by faith because he did what God said unable and righteous by faith because he regards as a righteous fireworks because he did what he felt was right so Cain 's offering was righteous is by works it was offering was righteous by faith so if I accept commands work Americans changed the Sabbath I accept that in the place of the Sabbath itself to accept the counterfeit Sabbath in place of the true Sabbath than accepting the works of man and that saying that I can establish the offering of Cain and do what I want to do and that's righteous by works not righteous like they society has to do with righteous by works because we accepted that man is instituted on a daily guys instituted in Sunday's legalism because it is doing that which man commands not doing what God commands Sabbath is a symbol of grace because I rested his loving care do you see the difference between the and accidentally got all mixed up in our day so we look here at Revelation and Chapter thirteen what is the image the image is the counterfeit soundness that is an image made man in contradistinction to the GNU and authentic Sabbath that God has given us why would many keep the counterfeit image of the sound the reason they do not is because of miracles and wonders and signs underperformed in those churches have false religious revival to ten people credibility but where is all this going to lead to look pleased at Revelation sixteen Revelation sixteen this is during the period of glacial state employees in the morning for they are the spirits of demons what are they and his will him that the spirits of demons working while miracles which go out to the kings of the earth and the whole world gabapentin and battle the writer got on my curious what God 's work is going forward letter raising port out loud cries being given Satan is working for the counterfeit religious revival the devil trying to bring all the world into a single unity in a time of conflicts toileting the devil brings about the threefold union of Protestantism Catholicism and paganism the thing that unifies them all is a single common day of worship and how does he do that for this final battle of Armageddon this final attempt to stand on the people of God a series of demons performing signs were the kings of the earth together the battle of the great day of God Almighty so here you have the false zero last text of false miracles tells why many received the mark of the beast revelation nineteen verse twenty Revelation chapter nineteen verse twenty then the beast was captured and with him the false prophet who works signs in his presence by which he deceived those who receive the market reason those working his image wasn't receiving a market-based why they received the mark of the beast will deceive them because they accepted the false one lost your house so we have those false miracles working I would like you to notice how this comes together with two powerful statements in the writings of Ellen White were looking on session four page five in the middle of introducing a similar look at the chart great controversy page five ninety this is session four page five three hundred and five ninety and very great deceiver will persuade man but those who serve God are causing these evils the class is proposed in the displeasure what all their troubles upon those whose obedience to God 's commandments is a perpetual reproving transgressors it will be declared that are offending God by the violation of the Sunday staff the decision has brought calamities which will not cease until the Sunday observance shall be strictly enforced and that those who present the claims of the fourth commandment Buster 's right reverence for Sunday are travelers of the people preventing a restoration to divine favor and temporal process directly why did they come to that point you not understand that the illusion of why Adventists will be considered to be on the outlaws of society unless you understand great conversation by eighty nine five ninety which is on the previous page the previous page the box on the previous pages is while appearing while appearing to that shown up as a great physician who can heal other maladies he cited will bring disease and disaster until the populous cities are reduced to ruin and desolation what's popular cities the reduced to what women and desolation but what does he do he appears to be the great physician any on the one hand is working a false revival and apparent miracles on the other hand easily one he's working to destroy things even now he's at work in accidents and calamities I see my landing great conflagrations virus fierce tornadoes retail stores and tempest lifecycles tidal waves everyplace a thousand forms Satan is exercising this power now what will eventually happen great controversy right above the chart five nine two rulers and legislators in order to secure public favorite one-stop updater popularity to get elected vocals will yield to the popular demand witnessed the demand come from it so what kind of demand the demand comes from a dictator right financial well as well as all now where is Bible in Revelation thirteen how do you know in Revelation thirteen that the demand for the people when it's talking about making an image to the beast what word is used it's a very fascinating wording on white picks up on this one word is Revelation chapter thirteen Anna says I am looking updated once again Revelation thirteen and it says they shall make an image to the beast fourteen fourteen and he deceives those who dwell in Europe by means of those signs which was credited with the site of the beast telling those that dwell on the Eric to make an image to the beast so those who dwell on earth is there another translation have some translations as they shall make an image of these but this translation says those who dwell on earth will make an image to the beast who is whether those who dwell under what event was that the people exactly right so this is not some earthly dictator not some Orwellian big brother this is the people who write rulers and legislators in order to secure public vapor will yield to the popular demand for a war enforcing Sunday observance I look at the chart on the left-hand side you have been threefold union Catholicism Protestantism and spiritualism they unite because of false revivals in Catholicism the Bible 's and Protestantism of ultraviolet spiritual they unite because there's miracles and Catholicism miracles and Protestantism miracles and spiritualism they unite based on these false doctrines of the mortality of soul and essentially what happens is they say we need a common data resting abortion bring this up altogether in a single unity why because on the other side of the chart at the time of the left hand threefold union is occurring on the right-hand side of the chart what's happening this actual disasters this war is economic what calamity or salmon there's earthquake there's great economic depressions and so those things are happening so there is a popular demand and there is the popular demand will leave we had a common interest in worship only if everybody were united with the popular demand only if everybody were worshiping God together dropped our drop these differences sure that Mississippi Baptist Pentecostal sitting Pentecostals and hinges of being in visit us anal muscles and doubtless not all but under convenience because a great crisis occurs and because miracles and be working on all of these various religious bodies they will say we will accept a single common day of rest and worship to worship our God in the context around personalities in the context of our religions is not that there is one super world relation not at all safe there's always been that these ideas are secret societies and people traveling and it is one great world religion not alone they use things on the list they have it go about his wife says this great controversy five eighty eight through the true great errors the mortality of the soul and Sunday sacredness Satan brings the people under the sections while the former lays the foundation for spiritualism the latter creates a bond of unity within the room the Protestants of the United States who is this now Protestants will be the one foremost so we should expect to see great mighty miracle sleeping through the Protestant churches which is great I see some other churches that was a sexy thousands of financial Russia's will go there larger problem is you may learn church religion they want something else to maybe is not the kind of growth that God wants if Constantine were running a seminar on church growth in the church in the fourth century which will either continue reading I go to for some time through the great two graders mentality the solo Sunday sacredness site will bring the people under his deceptions while the former lays the foundation for spiritualism lotteries above is the room the process of the United States before most of stretching our hands across the dog to talk to grasp the hand spiritualism this day will reach over the abuse the clasp hands of the Roman power and under the influence of this threefold union spiritualism process in Catholicism this country will follow the steps of Roman trampling on the rights of conscience what happens in this time of crisis whether his religious revival the union takes place and it's not that denominational differences are dropped it is rather that you maintain your denominational differences reunited two eight mortality of the soul which opens you for the false miracles in spiritualism and Sunday sacredness so we can all worship in a white dress of different and why are you so strange on and look at the war look at the conflict look at the strike could and should set aside the first day of the week with the rest of society the safeguarding prayer wanted to open your churches prayer revival that day and what was happening analysis is the obvious moving the spirit of God I mean this is the audiobook of the tongue 's look at the prophecy will host why don't you go along the Seventh-day Adventists recognize that this is all fulfillment of prophecy they recognize that this is the counterfeit revival is not dealing with the fruits of the Spirit of Zen with sensationalism is done with signs and wonders we want to be united but we want God 's truth we believe in the true ecumenical movement and the true ecumenical movement is the true unity John seventeen sanctify them through thy word thy word is truth we believe that God will have a true unity movement of all faiths and creeds these leading together and unite under the true banner of his origin under the banner of the Sabbath before he comes again we do not accept the fact that child signs wonders and bring people together in this kind of unity and what will ultimately happen turnover is so the next page where I want to see is that they will be increasing in magnitude in the national son-in-law and when it happens so when you look at the five the crescendo see loud cry A A is a crescendo diabetes heart his spirit increases the shaking is a version of these are not events calendar dating DNA but they may come to a culmination 's international son-in-law first there are laws passed and but the thing the penalty is tighter and tighter as our shelf notice increasing magnitude of the national son session fourteen six first negative tide of public opinion that such a writing and their negative tide of public opinion you're looking at section four eighty six increasing magnitude of the national son-in-law the first thing that happens is a negative tide of public opinion Ellen White great controversy five ninety two that's a negative tide of public opinion those who honor the Bible Sabbath will be denounced as enemies of war in order as breaking down the moral restraints the society is causing energy and as the deluge is not on your their conscientious scruples will be pronounced obstinacy and stubbornness in contempt of authority W-2s and disinfection webinar so the part of public opinion turns against the sanity notice the clear language it is there there's been there Mister Carpenter stubborn but they don't belong with authority that there is a disaffection so that's the versatile public opinion turns against the second thing that happens is the as number two they are offered rewards or punishment doesn't have investigated me and you enter the fray I will give you we will ask you to your health and the brain Opera to have you really in trouble but notice rewards or punishment the versatile negative public opinion goes against the then there are rewards and punishment number two down white gray controversy five ninety two one six oh seven the dignities of the church and state will unite to try persuade or compel all classes on Sunday the United bride persuade or compel sleep right isn't what unionists Jeremiah says it's a run with a footman if you run with appointment that we really have me contend with horses if they dangle over time before you are the Sabbath and you accept it today and you sell out and played Judas today how we must understand the crisis will stand on the same day that you don't stand today your unfaithful in your time today will usually keep me as a crisis but I need I wish schools will face one time step by step when you God gives us in his gracious mercy test today not because the test itself is so important because the character that we developed in following him is important and when you follow him today in financial matters are following tomorrow and financial matters but when you're unfaithful inside today you will you will yield to the bribes that they offer you that because the love of money be deemed within your heart and the lack of faith so God invites us today in his grace and his love and mercy to be faithful to the tasks and gives us today so we can triumph within tomorrow will see his link is to give up Christ by selling what the full one what really now that I think the food was seventeen chocolate glares you get the point if I cannot control my appetite today is there somebody listening to me today the fire prescient African-American church as a level witness I love it I love it so they can please is it that said that okay now I feel at home let me ask you this if I cannot control my appetite today will I ever saw Jesus I sure my practice of living my life can control God 's grace is at the guidance of merchants if there was no secret that I was ever told I can keep it every time I hear something I don't actually teach me to hear if I haven't learned to be discreet when I say today will I be one of the betrayers time travelers see this message is not simply for people in the future this message is for you and me today is called to be faithful in our stewardship veggies it's a coffee so in Christ that my body is different to him but I control my loss my passions today because of there's something you can't control the dental plan is a pretty woman you can control your passions of that is incapable sessions the Devils Playhouse user is the deal with you when the crisis breaks surrender your passion stand and surround your body today surrender appetites to him today surrendered today is living Christ your finance the faithful in your B faithful to your friends when they tell you something don't Goldblatt think that every other person wants in the name of Christians told us know I shouldn't be saying much but all who love her so much I just have to tell you if you love her that much learn what to say and what not to say because of your time than what you say is absolutely one of the things the Soviet Christians what they I spent an hour after hour within Creighton godly men and women if they slid one word that they could put a fellow imprisoned during the days there were faithful to Christ and you how to be discreet in what they said ask God to sanctify time I seem to do that okay so what they will be negative opinion there will be rewards and punishment they will be bringing an economic boycott of the Red River economic boycott the last great conflict is our pages one twenty one one twenty two of the great controversy with Satan those were eleven goggles in every earthly support cutoff because they refused to break his life obedience to earthly power still be forbidden to buy or sell or selling will learn dependence on God the Bible says all our bread and water shall be sure what a day totally dependent on himself to a view of the grandma 's tuition money and school thank God you are learning with you you think you know who you don't finish quests two hundred and eighty five pounds the first trial the Oslo Wayside is impacting his little trials today saying he is paying for their fourthly it says very conversely six oh eight defenders of truth refused to honor the Sunday Sabbath some of them will be processing the prison some of the exiles some will be treated as rulings slavery murder newbie imprisonment number for his imprisonment will be exiled since of course is all refuse compliance we visit with civil penalties penalties and will be finally declared that they are deserving of what death Celeste is the death penalty should be DNS with a negative type public opinion then you're offered rewards or punishment then there's the economic boycott of any of ourselves and finally his imprisonment and ultimately there will be one that the scientists from the great Eastern University one of these Ivy League schools were doing some amazing experiments on lands was located late a lamb they put it in hand but they put in the pan about a dozen feeding stations will have to go to the feeding station the visiting station the existing station he is the executive availability electrodes to get a mild shock to the land as well the feeding station the scientists were outside the pan who could observe the lamp of Aladdin couldn't see them decide to shop the lavishing of the decision number two in the land-grant was living as a lambda lambda would never go back to the feeding station workshop is a pretty smart laminate but my handler on things that she shot me a little nectarine that the state the dilemma facing number two shopping read over the station for the shop it really wherever the station provides shopping and over hours that day they shocked the land every single feeding station the poor little lamb was shot so much that he came to the center the panic began to quiver and we were quivering had nervous breakdown heart attack and died they wanted to find out how much stress this land contained they took a second lamb between the lamb of the first land and equipment when landing in the one difference that the mother of twin lambs feeding them with her for the land went over began to eat feeding station of the one shot she ran with it and she ran on whether this is where the scientific spirit broken down because she went against something and her mom is a remodeling scientist with Intrepid that well him ran right over things and she was shocked that he is offered and she looked up learn about the human father she can be the second little lamb handsome the shops of life did not cause the collapse in the coming crisis is not how strong you are his house from the eye you have someplace to run in the shocks their database somebody here that over the last month you've been going through some real trials in your even going through some regarding your life from this point in life even shocked at this feeding station executive shop at school is going as well as English grades that goes well even shot in some relationship you have with a Christian manner Christian young woman and it was going well you thought of that person was the one that God was leading into that relationship broke up maybe this is single-parent here and things are going well for you you feel isolated and alone in shock maybe there's something here that evening your church things haven't gone well for you when you have been shocked because I came to NYC wondering whether you hang in there and one division shop so much weight is with your health things are going to connect in the shocks of life caves there every minor shots that he allows us to send them shouts but in every minor shopping allows us to have today because he's helping us to run to him more quickly is helping us to depend on him one more waffling is helping us to find race pace and swing in him in Jesus through this because of Jesus there is no way the shop 's life is you don't have to worry about coming time travel as long as you're sheltered in his arms as long as he is your friend listen again what a friend we have in Jesus I have a savings as soon as saved from your heart will I gave is is is for that express him him him him him and him alone and her friend were having in the trials of the Shaw supply through their father sometimes pretty upset reform apartment things that happen to us toward what you all so much to allow our trials like a little lamb to drive us to you twelve the shocks of life like that who I am to send this to you Lord we really long to know you better father we do not live in fear we would hold in confidence so father I pray for you tonight you send us from this place with hearts filled with your love your grace your goodness and courage help us to know that your best friend you hold her hand in the conflict or thereby inside you will cast Lord we think of ourselves normally is thanks as soon as I saw in her as he was used by the ministry that is what I would like to listen and immediately is you would like to learn more about anyway seeing as you July see where you were also playing with you on birds will you I know


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