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Christ and the Coming Crisis, Part 1

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 21, 2007
    9:30 AM
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for every morning I wake up five eighths think to myself you have given me another day in the life is a gift of God neither URI chose to be born but we can choose how we live the life that God has given us I thank him for that after this session before our next session we will have some questions and answers as we have been doing some of you have asked about the answer keys because you want to go back over this material and study in after the first chapter if you take for example the first chapter and you look at the beginning of the second chapter you will see the answer key and it will say answer keeper sessions such and such so for example the answer key for section one is at the beginning of the chapter on session two page two eight zero moving their so I don't like to announce that during the class because some people get so intent on writing the answers in that they miss what I'm saying and the guide will always is something that guides us out rather we guided it does not guide us it's our servant we are not in service so you'll notice that we will cover most of the material in the in the booklet but we may not always cover it in the exact order one other question that came up yesterday that he is on page four and in session four page seven but I want to mention before we have prayer and before we go into our session for today decision is tying up a few loose sands from yesterday and the material the question really was in the session before and so Morgan will do that just for a few seconds and then have prayer and the wind to our session for today the question was asked yesterday about the national Sunday law and the questioner phrased the question this way that's a very important in a very outstanding question since the latter part of the eighteen hundreds Ellen White has given God 's people called to leave the cities does that mean that we should not have churches in the city does that mean that all of our churches in the city should encourage their members to leave and didn't does that mean that every family in the city should leave how do you balance the call to leave the cities somebody says we should work with cities throughout both centers well does that mean that every honest family leaves the city and then drives their drive back a hot where you balance all of that in response to that question when you look at that question in a variety of ways first way is this God loves cities and the reason he loves cities is because people live in cities and God loves people there is an urban move today where cities are becoming the major focus of population centers you'll get a city like Mexico City which today is the largest city in the world twenty plus million people live there you will be greater New York area with the guests twelve fifteen million I can't keep up with the population but multiplied millions you look at what's called bonds wash in Boston to Washington this great megalopolis that has become a major city today one thing you know why is the following the choice to leave the cities is a personal choice that each family must make on their knees before God and of the family feels that their children are being negatively influenced by the impact of city life and I have young children that's in harmony with the Council of Ellen White to leave that environment and white really gives three basic reasons for leaving the cities when you read her writings in their entirety one is families with young children may have a very difficult time preserving the spirituality of those young children in the city environment secondly the city is something that wears on you culturally and even if you're an adult the impact of the sounds and sights of the city can easily shape the mind to a worldly culture thirdly the cities ultimately are going to be destroyed and the very end and there will be great disasters coming that impact major centers of population and of course there's the fourth reason ideas that will be a time that we can no longer buy or sell and it will be difficult to leave the cities if I was interested in looking at what happened when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans there was a point at which people living there could not get out as much as they want to do they couldn't if you saw the news reports was subsequent hurricane hitting the Texas coast that happened as well it was difficult for them to dig it out because the roads were jammed and so from those of the reasons on why games now what so what are the reasons to leave the cities firstly care for our children second the camper on spiritual life thirdly the issue of destruction of the cities and fourthly the fact that some people willingness and will not be able to get out in the future those the reasons to leave one of the reasons to say there are multiple reasons to stay for the number one reason to stay this to be a witness for Jesus Christ because that's where people would now here is the interesting thing in the writings of Ellen White I want to keep in mind first the decision to leave the cities is a personal one that one must walk out in the subject of prayer secondly the house so that Ellen White gave to leave the cities is progressive Council although she began to speak about the quality of the season late eighteen hundreds there are clear references one of which I will review the final call to leave the cities is when the national Sunday was passed now gives the final call is when the national Sunday was passed what does that mean that some of God 's people will be living where in cities until where it is otherwise facile showed me how churches in the city 's a resounding yes test God when his church to have a passionate witness for cities certainly with some of God 's people believing been living in the cities until the national Sunday will definitely will some leave before that certainly the issue is one of mission and personal conviction now available in makes an interesting statement and will tie up this last time session with his adrenaline and energy is indebted that will bring with you our session today but if you look at session four page seven Ellen White likens the national Sunday law to an event that happened in history before what was that event that happened in history before what was it the destruction of Jerusalem in the siege of the Roman army so here you don't notice the section four eight seven as the siege of Jerusalem by the Roman armies was the signal for the flight the Judean Christians so what's I talking about in seventy A.D. when the tightness in the Roman armies approached Jerusalem they surrounded the city as they surrounded the city that was a signal for Christians to leave Jerusalem amazingly enough in Josephus the historian 's description of the Roman army surrounding the city they surrounded a pullback when they pulled back that it Christians the time to leave any great controversy on whites is not one Christian was killed in the structure Jerusalem and you know that there were hundreds of Christians living there at that time so we continue testimony 's to the church page four sixty four four sixty five as the siege of Jerusalem by the Roman armies was the signal for the flight to Judean Christians on the assumption of power on the part of our nation in the decree enforcing the papal sound will be a warning to us it will next word it will lot be what time to leave the large cities preparatory to leaving the smaller ones the retired olds and secluded places among the mountains don't notice there is some sequence series of their innocence claiming here does Ellen White's international Sunday law it will then be time to leave the large cities I thought we should leave the citizen the now is undergoing the cities now this is the last call not the first call for example let's suppose you traveling by train and the steward and the dying Gaul what car walks through any says it's time for dinner and you sit there reading a book comes through the second time it's time for dinner you sit there reading a book he comes for the third time and he says last call for dinner without me thinking you go then he don't get any right that's the point is it's not clear that no cause before is this is the last call because if you don't doubt that what happens this destruction of the cities natural disasters calamities agent after that's that's the last public that's the last possibility before certainly reason to stay mission reasonably the promptings of the Spirit for your family on spiritual life who should be in the cities today those people want to make a lot of money right those the visiting geocities apparatus born in the city today families singles individuals of the passion for the city to win men and women for Jesus Christ if you are not their permission I'm concerned for you and for your soul we want to be there for mission now to recently deceased one when the economic boycott takes effect will be no way for Christians in the city to what virus out we can say legally obtain food whenever you want to detect myself and it's real hard to grow grow grow up green beans on the pavement in the middle of the city come you haven't cleaned it up they drove off the roof although to what national Sunday was passed the United States will have what this is a key point to you to write down the old copy of iniquity the old cup of iniquity and national ruin is soon to follow cities of the rabbit you read that right is wrong like the nationals on the organizing skills that what they incidentally in the statement we read earlier did you notice a sequence of moves it will then be time bottom of the sentence I miss emphasizing that didn't want to miss it it's back to the sentence we read earlier building beats I believe the large cities preparatory to leaving the small unsealing the large cities first and then went to what happens when you want to some smaller ones but ultimately we retard homes and secluded places among the mountains and eventually were not even they are if you turn over to the next page and you looking for messages beside a national Sunday what's as the national son he was assigned for things of God 's people first they should leave the large cities secondly the time is come for the marvelous working of Satan all hell will break loose at that point and thirdly America has filled the cup of its iniquity destruction is imminent enforcing probation will close the seven last plagues report also after national cellular provisions not get close and it will be a period of time we don't know that period of time there will be a period of time that God will indeed keep probation open and we can powerfully witness in many many will come in we're going to pray before we do that one other question came up some a couple of USC what about the illuminati what about all these conspiracy theories it's a fascinating question you know the history of illuminati when it began yes okay the illuminati began in seventeen hundreds and that is a good response now here's my response the question of illuminati than conspiracies or theories the illuminati began in seventeen hundreds my question to you is this one yellow white live eighteen hundreds would you please take the word illuminati and look it in the index of the writings of Ellen oh I see how many times he mentions a how many times he did mention how many of regulatory controversy okay how many times and great controversy he read about illuminati may I ask you a question is what question John to teach so I need ask my students questions yes the illuminati was to play a major role in the last day events did God forget about it we gave Ellen White visions do you give God credit for making in making most clear what's most important so if we do not have clear revelation in the writings of Ellen White for the Bible that all the teaching about the illuminati must be speculative the speculation can be right but speculation can be wrong but I'd rather know what I know and not know what I don't know the know I don't know and not know when I know I him and I'd rather know all that I know and not know what I don't know the no old and I don't know and not know what I God has made the most claim what is most important stick to what God has said and don't get involved in a lot of speculation because speculation picture mind when the battle is not may I say something about the reapplication of time prophecies specifically the twelve hundred ninety days the thirteen thirty five days I said may I wouldn't give me permission or not I will say you cannot muzzle the preacher in the pulpit one of the clearest reference since using Revelation ten there are those among us you see there is no field that he is still ripe for speculation among God 's people today as coming events and there are no monument was that a self virtual for speculation as E! Online is easy to fight the battle where it is not okay it's easy to let your mind gets so involved with speculation and fairy Lucinda and enhance the use of the light is a new study is that it seems to me so drove speaking with the Bible stick with great controversy stick with early writings do not allow your mind to be captured by fanciful theories that in the and will only leave you discouraged and disappointed there are some principles by which you can tell at for a fanciful theory did you hear about the conspiracy 9/11 was a conspiracy nonstretchable ridges are you where you take all the economy look look at the broad principles look at the broad principles the message of God there have been so many faults or this or that and you can just figure out and you can count this account that if we can predict exactly when this or that is Avenue looking in wrong points Revelation chapter ten gives a principal amount white so their comments on that principle will save you a few understand one sentence at all reconsider prophecy one sentence essay from a thousand heritage one sentence you know in nineteen forty eight a polio epidemic in for America right but today we have something called polio what vaccine one shot vaccine one shot at saving millions when Joe Sanjana Salk invented the polio vaccine save millions from polio right I may give you a shot of happens vaccine against some of the polio viruses of errors in an speculation that affect God 's people and use the data reminds me of the director narratives revelation ten six and it will amplify it with the destined with a Bible commentary now notice Revelation ten six twenty nine little booklets opening the hand of the angel that will book is a book of Daniel this little book is open the head of the angels this book will be tenuous with the book it was closed for this little booklets opening of the angel it will be Sweden output Peter and the Valley it's a description of the early advent experience they study the book of Daniel they thought Jesus was coming in eighteen forty four he did not come he was so sweet in their mouths when they partook of the prophecies of Daniel twenty three hundred days runs out of eighteen forty four they thought the cleansing of the earth they thought the cleansing of a heavenly center is cleansing of Earth by fire that's history that every Adventist young person knows well their minds are saturated in right okay Mike that you are seeing is our hope so here use this prophecy that predicts the work of Jesus and the most holy Place the heavenly sanctuary this prophecy was swinging about this proxy that they misunderstood there those are the sometimes say that Seventh-day Adventists began with a miss understanding of prophecy propaganda sure to be right because they misunderstood the twenty three hundred days may I remind you that for another group of people who will the coming of Jesus disciples they study prophecy they looked at a date thirty one eighty one price was been crucified in a really full of Jesus will establish his kingdom they saw the seasons the SEI sublimely silly season here's the data based on his Jesus could heal the sick and break the bread feed five thousand facilities Jesus and they said regarding the status they sent cable became an even right up to the time of the cross James and John the sons of thunder sent to them on talk to Jesus what is it one of his left one is right when we we consider the kingdom they studied prophecy they did not understand all the land of prophecies in the Old Testament of the suffering servant they look at the prophecies of the beginning and they mingled those prophecies they were confused on prophecy the problem with the disciples after three and a half years in the presence of Christ they misunderstood proposition that and they were bitterly disappointed when you started across it out of the disappointment of three one eight eight they looked to the sanctuary and they saw the ministry of Jesus as he ascended to the holy place of the sanctuary has a fix their minds on where Jesus was his Holy Spirit was poured out in the early rain and on the context of their disappointment on race of the Christian church are the fruits of the lacrosse of the agony of sorrow and disappointment Calvary God raised up a band of Christians into them with the Holy Spirit they went to the ends of the earth fast-forward two thousand years the Christian church began out of disappointment the Christian church began out of the misunderstanding of prophecy the Christian church Dan has Holy Spirit was poured out from the sanctuary fast forwarded two thousand years a group of Bible students studying God 's word that you miss understand prophecy they seem to fail to understand the sanctuary the claims is the heavenly sanctuary for God 's last in time work they need to talk about the coming kingdom thank you it is the bitterly disappointed that you are ridiculed these of early farmers up there in New England these early Adventists doctors and lawyers throughout America these early Adventists workers there disappointed as this wise father and mother shall rather disappointed that they can look to the sanctuary in the context of their disappointment God raises up and end time movement that too will receive the Holy Spirit and convenience parallel is exact prophecy prophecy for such a grassy licensure process first century disappointment last century disappointment Holy Spirit poured out Holy Spirit is exact but followed closely describing the experience of the early advent believers in describing the experience of the twenty three hundred days in the fulfillment of that prophecy we read in Revelation chapter ten verse six it says in verse five and six and the angel whom I saw standing on the sea and on the land lifted up his hands and so the angel lifts up his hand after that when an angel lifts up its hand in heaven what is he doing it says any swears by them so here you have any ancient accounts in the presence of God 's lifting of his ever had this is a solemn oath this is anime show giving an old when God sends his agent to dissolve our advantage and don't give doctors of the angel says it will I had another reapplication of the twelve ninety I read about the thirteen thirty five I think this I think that I'm losing the age of the raises in an old series I see against some of the viruses of heresy that will sweep through Adventism and take the mind to be adaptive in the last days and what difference does it make you giggle at what the road on the right and down the clipboard frontage are coming out on when he went for a liberalism we get taken off by the skin but by the fanaticism on the right is still available of God want you to be in the middle of his room and noticed he swears vitamin 's record ever creates the things that are therein and the earth the things that are there in the scene the things that therein notice the wording here this seasoning inch with his hand listed to happen and he comes to speak the words of the all-powerful Almighty Creator any time in Boise say there will be one time no what is he speaking about at the end of the twenty three hundred gains anything from before prophetic time ran out so after eighteen forty four there will never be a message again on time on time no noticed how Illinois interprets this text seventh Bible commentary nine seventy one the people of God will not have another message based on a definite time therefore if the message in the future is not based on a definite time what is it based on next verse verse seven but in the days of the signing of the seventh angel that's today when he is about to set out the mystery of God will be finished and what is the mystery of God Colossians one verse twenty seven the mystery of God is Christ in you the hope of glory so here's the devil 's idea to people looking at what's happened from the actual sale on this website is a prophecy coming folks on there and I get all the stuff in my head but it is a mystery of God Christ in you the hope of glory so since eighteen forty four is not now that we are looking at some prophetic time shot the calculator Dave is a new year is no Jesus is wanted to go for over six eighteen forty four shortly thereafter when the message of Christ went forward that's what Illinois is Christ would have commandeered this so the emphasis of God 's people now is on before I open our hearts to him to fill us with his Holy Spirit so we can do he is loud cries of the world field with the latter rain the issue now is not to have your hand in China in some speculative time prophecies God 's vaccine against all that is the only time no longer sexy antonyms that is that God 's people in every have a message of test on time the messages experience the experience of God Christ in you to hold off car genius is developing within his people is there a little solid rock of ages cleft for me who actually I myself aware in the way the water and the blood being of seeing what the one you know what the what double your saved me from its guilt and power the gospel is not only save us in the combinations in the past but the power of sin in our lives it is double Grace not a will Congress will pass it deliberately repressed as far as we go into our class for today father in heaven these weighty matters were dealing with in class today but you are the one who fills us with your grace power you are the one that we come to today and so you have your own way Lord have it in our lives we want to be the young people that are loving and kind and compassionate Jesus distills her we want to be filled with your grace your power to goodness we long that your Holy Spirit take complete control of our lives and moves through us to transform our world and so Lord uses powerfully repressed in Christ's name you know that song have thine own way Lord have been away I like how colors was a missionary to Africa and she came back to England for a short period of time because she wanted to raise more money so that you can stay in Africa should run out of money and had enough to get home she thought of the church to church televisions North Africa raise money she worked a couple months at a in the church is that she went to England nobody seemed to want to give they were concerned about Africa and wall in one night she was so distressed of the starch had no money to back Africa should spent much of her life training to go to Africa Gujarat something he really wanted to do but it didn't seem to be fulfilled to do something for God 's will in you want to preach for God London missionary for God loved so for God she will do something for God it just wasn't happening in her life and she was discouraged to the press she was downhearted and one night she was a pretty little churches a few people were there and as she was in this printing this little church one lady prayed will you know how financially and and will please bring money to me another lady prayed all are sick please e-mail me notably Parade all are your eyes then please send them to me when they all were praying about what God needed to do for them pretty soon those old woman and within raspy voice handprints in prayer shaking voice quivering as a woman just said Lord have your own way with my life or have your own with my life at a light-colored one who she sat down and began to weep and words came to her mind and as she wrote she wrote these words have thine own way Lord have my own way thou art the potter I am the clay mold me and make me after I whine waiting yielded steel can we sing that song is winter the class own way Lord Vincent resort affords him to have died or in a time and will be in I him to a any approach the last evidence that does not lead us on our knees to passionately pray before God have thine own way Lord have thine own way is merely speculation and fanciful family the consummation of the gospel will take place when men and women whose hearts are open to God say Lord have your own way in my life our class today we look specifically at some of the issues that are going to face us and we look at the seven last plagues and try to harmonize them with the character of God in his love you're looking at session five on page three and take your Bible please enter into Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen Ms. Leo bouncing actually a balance your workbook on your lap your Bible in your CMC and your pan if you can write with a mouse stick to that would be helpful I'm sure because you don't want and for your Bible in one hand for your workbook and but you are creative so I do not fear for you okay Revelation chapter fourteen verse seven the central issue of the great controversy focuses on one question revelation fourteen verse seven it says this saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the Army 's judgment is come and do what worship him so the central controversy in the central issue in the Congress and between good and evil in the last days is worship just like that what has been the central controversies down through the ages just like it was without controversy in heaven revelation chapter four in verse eleven tells us why God is worthy of our worship Revelation four in verse eleven you are worthy O Lord to receive glory and honor and power for you created all things and by your will they existed and were created so the Bible says that the central issue in the controversy between good and evil is worship and the reason God is worthy of worship is because he is our one creator and as he left a single of his creative authority has begun and what's a single of his great authority is that so you attacked the Sabbath you attack the creator and if you get rid of the creator you get rid of the whole concept of what worship so you see why the devil has attacked the Sabbath ejects the Sabbath because he wants to get rid of the creator if we were not created if we involved there is no necessity to do why worship so the central issue is worship Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen central issue is worship true worshiper of false worship Revelation fourteen seven talks about for worship Revelation fourteen nine talks about false worship then the angel that their angel followed them saying with a loud voice of anyone worships what the beast so worship the greater verse seven do not worship the beast verse nine verse twelve here is the patience of the saints it were those that keep what the Commandments of God what happens to those who worship the beast according to verse ten what happens to those who worship the beast according to understand what is what do they receive one of the rest of God so what is the one in the wrath of God according to Revelation fifteen verse one then I saw another sign it has been great and marvelous setting seven angels having seven last one play for in the in Islam the wrath of God so the wrath of God is not the anger of God the wrath of God or the judgments of God on Sandy and God 's judgments are poured out upon seeing in the end is in a last-place what comes first the mark of the beast when the seven last plagues what comes first the appeal to true worship or the seven last plagues computer worship so in this last day event scenario that will be a crisis over worship that prices will become the focal point at a time of economic disaster in a time of political disaster in time of chaos and as things of life upon around the same recognizes that this is his last attempt so he begins to work on my knees for three five oh false miracles he does that to deceive as that is occurring church and state will unite and if that is occurring you'll find this moving together and the people demand in a time of crisis they come in their worship this is not some dictator is not some ruthless ruler but rather people saner society fall apart same chaos and calamity of natural disasters around the world people come together they put pressure on their legislators to pass a day day of rest and worship and varying religions don't drop their denominational identity that unite on the points they have in common the mortality the soul and Sunday sacredness Muslims moving in that direction as well Hindus move in our direction in time of great calamity in time of great crisis people do things in desperation in crisis that they will not do when there is no crisis sometimes that's the question some he said to me even yesterday what's happening in Washington today as far as the national son-in-law we hear that one is right and the birds not true there is nothing happening in Congress today indicates a national Sunday law is eminent not there box that is not to say good half of them are the next anticrisis using all the speculation merely causes of the intelligent thinking people to lose credibility and everything we say to all these sheets that allowed all these webpages that will help their internationals and how being passed in Congress today but you give us a major crisis it's an old mentality could change I remember back in the eighties we had this great gas crisis and Harold means out editor at that time Christianity today wrote an article on the oil embargo and some of us who lived as back then some even born since that time I recognize that some of us alone I remember when I was just a young child is hardly remember no meetings but you know some celebrities like to the gas line these lines at the gas pump and he was a righteous article in Christianity today said look to save the environment I propose that we have a common Everest and worship them I propose that the way out of this crisis is is is is are all Christians to get together and in and to have worship on Sunday seemed well in a crisis and a strange things so don't allow your mind to say well not much is happening in that front today what would happen if you had five market victory in major cities what would happen if the multi- billion trillion dollar debt of America what would happen if the economic bottom fell out what would happen if there was earthquakes it knocked out for the West Coast what would have been in that crisis could it be that in the context of crisis this killer of men and women who are devastated by this crisis is economically politically socially turned to their knees and could be the study becomes a common theme of the of rest and worship indeed that's what the Bible and the right film I teach will happen now once everybody has had a chance respond to the Gospel once the Gospels going to every nation kindred tongue people why hasn't Jesus come yet well you know what it says in Matthew twenty four verse fourteen what is it safe and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached while two of the world laughing while witness to all nations that will happen when Van when they had been the end will come the Lord is long-suffering not willing that any should perish Peter says that all should come while the repentance the Warsaw slack concerning his life promises some men count slackness Elias Jesus God gives artists a loving he is so kind he hasn't come because you are a brother your sister your father your mother your neighbor your classmate may not know this love you Lord long-suffering here's an interesting word it says God is long-suffering he was long-suffering Manzanita he suffers long piece of his long method names it doesn't simply be great where dozens of bringing patient in these he suffers long from the inception of sin is suffered long education to sixty three says this SS across as I recollect is a revelation portal senses to the payment cephalosporins that has brought the heart of God every theater of cruelty every departure from right brings grief to him if you think sin hurts you you'll got over the world and he attended a hundred thousand funerals yesterday announced an hundred thousand today hundred thousand tomorrow he sees the heartache suffering the pain in the desk he sees the famine he sees the victims of rape he sees the victims of poverty he sees that little boy the steps on the landmine of will his legs and sees all that got seems a little boiler with a distended belly whose stomach is swollen because of the internal intestinal parasites that have have have given that the disease God sees all that he sees the hard AKC is the sorrow he sees the victims of a thousand doors he sees the victims the child victims of prostitution that are sold by their parents for twenty five dollars and the prostitution at ten years old executive brothels he sees all of God can cry but I should think you can sometimes my quiet moments I hear God crime has anybody ever said he wanted on the whole European Congress is in recess two hey how's your day going today going have you ever get on your knees in the morning and say God has your day going if you get on your knees at night and sit how's your day going today noted a God I want to be interested in me today got excellent no hundred eight oh and if our hearts are open to listen I am certain that we will hear something like this I came across today I was with victims of poverty I saw them starving to death and I was with was a little boy Iraqis in a landmark move his legs and mother held him as he bled to death in her arms I was with her I was with the mother with her three children she put them to bed in Minneapolis the husband came home drunk and just be here in the face of heart broken nose and when I heard the breaking of her nose I saw the blood running down her face it pains me I was with victims of rape has a screen was horrible Mike I so often and I say Jesus when you do something about it when it is because I given every human being freedom of choice if I stepped into early and I come millions would be lost in court when waiting for waiting for generations my people love me so much pain the world so much that only one one thing is for certain I will tell you one thing is for certain the older I get the more I know this world is not my home is a lot I don't know the more I study the word the more the deficit I see that there is one thing I know this world is not my home this is what is not my home when the innocent die young this was not my home I get a phone call some tickets through the window of a car because his hit by drunk driver on the way home from college and I go to the hospital would hold his hand when he dies I know this one was Michael this was not my home I walked out of a meeting in Rwanda a young orphan foals my feet and looks in my eyes I see that that that those black eyes this awareness looks at my face he says the name I have no daddy would be my day I know this was I know this is what is not my home was under the terms of the great cities of America some ten apartment five stories up in the Bible study to some lady does have space on drugs and hope the Holy Spirit we remind this one is not my home I know that this was not my home and bombs dropped and children die their victims of famine and Harding and death and disease this one is all entries as long succumb and whatever pain you what I experienced because of this or he experiences more pain he wants to come the things he's waiting for the generation of young adults a generation of men and women there is passionate about his return as he is he longs to return to this world is the gospel is sporadic it will bring a crisis in medical excepted and the latter rain will be borne out in a loud cry will be given in single hate that in a national study will be passed and local dishes about worship but when every human being has even been given the chance the judge this is the will for what is known as the seven last plagues other two things we want to look at you coming over to pages five agent page five and six pages five and six we will did what is the wrath of God that's on page five page page four page four what is the wrath of God he knows that's a centralized place you can write them who receives the seven last plagues those receive the market being so what's the wrath of God sent us place you can write it in their and who receives it those receive the market-based you can write about that we need to take a brief look gives a very brief look at when these when Jesus will come and when the plagues for and let's take our rivals in your writing so let me give you time to do that what's the wrath of God the sonorous plagues in who receives these are the last place those that receive the market of these doubling the place for all in reference to the coming of Christ if you're into Revelation fifteen versus eight wellness we haven't aired we can take a look at it I see one of these the King James version of the Bible I notice I've used it here sometimes it is very translations if it needed a little clearer but here notice let's read together revelation fifteen verse five to wait to see the box right underwent a default page for your rated rate and after that I looked the three together and after that I looked and behold the Temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened and the seven Angels came out of the temple having the seven plagues closed in pure and white linen and having their breasts girded with Golden girls and one of the four beasts gave them under the seven angels seven golden vials full of the wrath of God who live it forever and ever in the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from this power and no man was able to enter into the Temple to the seven angels of this the seven plagues of the the seven angels were available that can anybody in the Temple until the seven plagues occur in a was and I will say this is no man or woman no person was able to enter the Temple to the seven plagues of the seven Angels were well fulfilled way or is the temple well according to Revelation chapter twenty one the Temple has to do with the eternal dwelling place of our heavenly father when we will see I saw a new heaven and new earth the first seven the first earth passed away that I John saw the holy city new Jerusalem prepared coming out of heaven so God 's temple verse three and I heard a loud voice from heaven saying behold the tabernacle of God is with men that is a simple nobody can enter and identify examples of the seven plagues our hotel that was smooth and that the police take place and Jesus comes after the place before the legs in other words we are not cured me for the way the concept of the rapture is a subtle deception of Satan for a easy-going cross list health and prosperity form of Christianity that is so prevalent on the popular religious TV preachers today Seventh-day Adventists believe in a God who is strong enough to hold them in his hands and keep them since you are in a time of trouble but we live in a society that says okay now suffering Jesus came and died on the cross to give me a life of joy happiness and prosperity and fulfillment of his captivity is sick Iraq on the map they say the visiting debt dropped the math on the map all you need to do is be faithful to Jesus you will be like sitting on a cloud floating the king live without wealth and prosperity they don't quite say it like that but if you listen long enough is very similar to the problem with that is it's not realistic to life because everybody sometime goes through some sorrow in life some heartache in life some disappointments in life and Christ holds a similar disappointment we serve a Jesus who often does not deliver us from tribulation buttons with asking tribulation we survey Jesus elect times does not deliver us from sickness advertising God 's but his legacy and sickness we survey Jesus all will was with Noah during the flood although they are was being tossed and turned a look during the run up and down the way we serve a God who is with Joseph when he was betrayed by his brothers when he was lied about by Pharoah 's wife I have been in rather the service of the photographer his wife we serve a Jesus was with Joseph and present we serve a Jesus who is what Shadrach rejected Abednego in the fiery flames we survey Jesus who was with Daniel in the lion standing we serve a Jesus who was with sure will need spoil 's affliction is financial adversity and when his house fell down we survey Jesus who was with the apostle Paul Stone ship racks and put in prison we serve a Jesus who was with Peter is to fund this research a Jesus who understands suffering who had nails driven through his hands a crown of thorns upon you said it was rejected we serve a Jesus who is fully capable of meeting every one of life 's trials and tribulations have that is our Christ he is powerful enough to keep us through the data travels over the number one about this relationship between the plates the second coming of Christ you see there is no man for a second by page for no man was able to interview to the Temple until after the seven last plagues that's first using there secondly you will notice number two Revelation sixteen verse fifteen he says I'm coming like a thief blessed is he was awake and keeps his garments belly and it was the revelation chapter sixteen we look at that quite thoroughly shortly but we look at it just momentarily now Revelation sixteen you have inverse to the first leg a loathsome sore on the minute received the mark of the beast will go back and look at that point more detail verse for a second angel pours out his bowl on the sea it becomes like the blood of a dead man first fourth or Angel third way rivers of waters become blood verse eight foreplay sun scorch is that verse ten fifth leg the darkness of seat of the beast verse twelve six play and again will go back and study these River Euphrates dries up Armageddon what's that mean will look at it but after six planks are poured out verse fifteen and reading together verse fifteen reading together behold I am coming as a thief blessed is he who watches and keeps his garments lest he walk naked and they see his shame what's since it may for the revelatory psyche to say he's coming as a thief after the announcement of six plays if he came in thief before the place using the reasoning it would make absolutely no sense at all in Revelation sixteen percent p.m. to say he is coming future as a thief a very calm as a thief in the past at the beginning of our flight so if Jesus comes as a thief okay before the place began to rapture his people they those evangelical movie called thief in the night than any of you see him checking on her as a Geisler one two zero and what's even I read about in three sentences I know it was error so I filled my mind with our now somebody said Ellen White one day did you read DMT and rights will Seventh-day Adventist renounced it where are her answer was is that polluted his mind why should I let my mind and no notice behold I am coming future as a thief so we doesn't come before the places of these you want another interesting one that hasn't been that those that believe in the rapture theology of a real hard time with their ideas Christ comes as a thief before the seven last plagues when I get Bible study to my show them this text version of the Revelation fifteen eight nobody can enter the Temple until he is intimately to fulfill that we shall than six plagues that have or in the past in the surroundings of the future taken by Professor Peter and look at second Peter second Peter and you're going to look their at the imagery that is very very fascinating there's some wonderful imagery in Peter and and talks about this second Peter chapter three verse ten those that believe the rapture will say Christ is coming as a thief to rapture his people before the tribulation and you will say to them in all kindness and gentleness second Peter chapter three verse ten before you read the passage of cancellation will strengthen the only ones likely comes as a thief and they will save you all he snatches his people away and you can be on an airplane and some sexually here way and negative pilot is snatched away and constantly driving down the street and they can get Maxis is exactly what the notes will be in the field will be taken to be one of the husband Joseph was my wife she's going on so this is this is the concept that I don't mean to make light of it but that he comes as agreed and snatches away so you know there's an interesting passage about his coming as of the first half of the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night that was the title will be taken in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise and the elements will melt with fervent heat but they are in the works therein will be burned up so when he comes as a thief it is not a secret then you will because the element separated out he comes swiftly on X relate to the world as a leave but those of us or setting aside the times are not children of darkness but we are children of light so that the imagery is fifty with which he comes is the fact that those who are when he comes to the unprepared and they don't expect him to come Matthew twenty four says it's like in an hour than you think the coming of Jesus as a feed is always in reference to the time and never a reference to the manner of his coming his life is here in Minneapolis you said Rob your hotel room he doesn't knock on the door is the right things usually don't announce their company they come unexpectedly same thing with the imagery let's do back then so number two number one no metadata into the Temple selected lakes could overdo Christ announces Key 's future coming you ready for future and after six place according to board out that's where he says I am coming as a thief Christ announces go to his future coming we saw that Revelation sixteen verse fifteen after six play to report out conclusion Jesus is coming when after the flakes that is something else that we need to notice just briefly here and that is this these planes are seven one seven one seven what place is why Michael the seven last plagues were in place before where were they anyhow they were there on Egypt and made anytime why can each voice and at anytime well know is interesting answers first three affected the general land the last seven effect of the Israel baby Egyptians and Israelites were protected music verse three effect of the general land to the seven last plagues they do not touch God 's people just like the centralized point of Egypt didn't touch God 's people using when the first one was slain is right for one was not slain the first three plays affected the land in general the last seven only affected the specific Israelites okay so the seven last plagues now let's look at this interestingly he ran towards him okay let's look at the parallel between Israel and the plagues and Godspeed with the place it in time for the instead verse eleven reading together now all these things he singled me our session five eight six ten plagues of Egypt seven last plagues now all these things happened unto them the children of Israel for what examples that written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the work also everything that Israel was a well an example to you and me look in the nation of Israel and the end the end time both groups the Israelites and those of us who are spiritual Israel both groups are what persecuted the writing were persecuted in their if you look at Israel during the time of Egypt and you look at godsend on Israel both groups are you writing and pressure to break the law so for storage writing are persecuted secondly pressure to break gospel number three both groups appear helpless Israel in each of your helpless law the mighty armies of Egypt were arrayed against Israel and end time when God 's people are forced to break his long identifier cell again that will be persecution and they will appear helpless by in the days of the Israel God use the place to break the backs of the Egyptians and Israel was delivered before or after the place which one is real live through the place and was projected so both groups are what protect it during the plagues number for both routes are protected during the blades and programs are delivered by God when after the blanks so groups are delivered protected during the place for delivered after so let's will decide again number one or what persecuted number two both groups are sure break also that Israel and in time church number three both groups of your while helpless number four programs are well protected during the plagues inside balloons are delivered by God after the blaze so if God is a time church was delivered before the plagues Israel would not be a type of guys in time church just as Israel was protected from the place God projects is in time church through those legs and delivers on this at the end of the place for many many years the place probably couldn't understand I'm going to leave our booklet because you can write in the answers but follow it so I'll follow the outline of it and I want to go through the Bible and simply look at the plagues with you and raise this question why would a loving God Corot sports are the playing 's arbitrary scourges on the part of God to punish why these specific legs is it true that God is love for John chapter eight God is love ten you see the love of God in the seven last plagues is it true that all prophecy is Christo centric meaning that all prophecy is the tedious about Jesus so the question becomes what the seven last plagues due to teach us about Jesus are you with me now let's go through the plagues and he would back the audiobook leader but we're going through the Bible in the legs and you can look at it later chapter sixteen verse one then I heard out the voice from the Temple saying to the seven angels teleport your bowls of the wrath of God upon the earth I want to look each play and will cannot relate Jesus so the first went in I should say this the quakes are literal plagues these are not symbolic spiritual we can't spiritualize the blaze away he read the book of Revelation that relates you regret conversely the real plates I'm not suggesting we spiritualize the boys away quite the contrary they are liberal but the question is what is the deeper message forgot in time church in the blanks revelation sixteen pursuit so the first went for noticeable upon the earth and a file labeled some sort came upon man who had the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image who did the sore fall upon the visit I will tell you what Philip but Obama those that had one in the market of these who conversely that indeed is not following on passing now the this is the first flake is a physical Civil War like the Boyle that covers your head to toe it is a loathsome pussy red irritation it is a physical affliction which makes the body arrived in paying it also has an marketing so the question that is why did those who enforce the mark of the beast say to get those who received the mark of the beast to take it do you understand the question what in those who enforce the mark of the beast say together those who received the mark of the beast David send this if you receive the mark of the beast we will give you physical secure are you with me if you want physical security show us suffer you to be persecuted take the Mark of the beast the first way is a physical that says those who enforce the mark of the beast could not deliver what they said what is the call of the first way spiritually all physical security is in Jesus and all physical securities in Jesus in sickness you can give your body I would rather trust Jesus with my body for physical security then go to some spiritualistic healer and be healed now proceed boils later or physical security is in Christ at Frito-Lay teaches us about Jesus there is not one that can give us any physical security access Jesus so if you happen to be right in your books like number one is the seniority as their session five page six by number one painful what sorts what's man's message and what's God 's message do you see what's as message if you accept the mark of the beast you will have one physical security guards messages physical security is where in Christ so you can follow difficult material but I will tell you every point the feeling he does get the concept so late one is a physical play physical source of man's messages we can give you physical security costs messages all physical security is where in Christ there is no physical security outside of Jesus Plato Virginia him him my number to the adverse rating the second angel poured out his bowl on the sea it became a simple evidence that every living creature died in the same I want you to think of that in the scene becomes visible evidence that in every living creature bodies in the sea what is that going to do to shipping what's that going to do the shipping of oil was seconded to the economy if anything like number two happened what would it do to the economy that would be a crisis like we can't imagine if every living thing died in the city is a C thinkable ports and will the shipping think of the will of the economic state of the interconnectivity in the global market with the economy if anything like the second whatever happened will be goes fast those that enforce the market would be say what to take the Mark of the beast and you will be able to buy sell if you don't take the Mark of the beast you know economics was the second place and all economic security newswire in Christ the first leg says giving your body will physical security is liar in Christ the second place says to him everything you have because all economic security using cries that does not mean you with penniless as a beggar on the streets I do not mean to infer that I need to clarify everything I have is Jesus is dedicated to him to be used as he directs videos but the point is all physical security is in Christ the second point is a low economic securities and Chrysler deliberately third wavers for the range of four admissible in the rivers and springs of water and they became blood I have heard the angel the water saying you are righteous O Lord the one who is again who was yesterday because you judge all things that have shed the blood of saints and prophets and you've given them blood to drink before the calls of probation there will be some market and after the closing probation no martyrdom why not because sleep because we are not playthings the devil the only reason that will be marketed is because the faith of Christian martyrs will stimulate some judge summoned Roman centaur in a is figuratively symbolically feels anyway somebody else to exempt the gospel God will not allow a life to be taken in the time of crisis before the cause of probation before the Senate of Boise won't allow that life to be taken unless there is a benefit to the salvation of somebody else so if the devil cannot take our life our life is hidden with Christ in God if we are Christian if were committed to Christ our lives are not playthings of the evil one but notice what do those say who want to dictate what you perceive the market is lazy unless using a market-based one with ginger black our life is in your hands but what is the third leg say our life is an antichrist the first place as all physical security is in Christ the second place is all economic security is in Christ but certainly says a lot my life is in Christ what is the foreplay before the play verse eight before the angel poured out his bowl on this son and power was given to scorch men with fire the fourth play the Suns for tissue environment the object of the controversy is over one issue worse yet and rather than creator worship they had passing what the law Sunday law have realized that the object which they pass has been the object of pagan worship down the ages the Egyptians worshiped the sun and the rock the Babylonians worship the sun in Belmar to the Persians worshiped the sun in Mithra is the Romans of the invincible Sun God that which has been the object of worship unknowingly sludges then what is the key message of the boy play called for worship is in Christ to the first click calls us to give my body 's physical security the second leg calls us to give them our money economic security in Christ the third like also to get it my whole life only in Christ can we find true genuine like the fourth play causes a given wall of our worship in the affections of our hearts because all true worship is where in Christ if lady is what was this way you know it well darkness is where does it say when the darkness is on the seat of what the beast they looked to the beast for life but it was only darkness Jesus actually first level are the light of the world Jesus said and it will come after me in my life injury to so they look to the beast power on an earthly throne for life but the display tells us that will through line is where in Christ the first place is physical security is in Christ second place is economic security giving Christ the fireplace is our life is in Christ before Blake says that all worship is where I simply says all truth is God him and Jesus is the center of every five alas the more you study our citizen why don't Jesus now seventy one says the mind can only handle with the seeking indoor language of the battle of Armageddon the last battle but you need some fresh air because I want your minds to be fresh only seven people were nodding and sleeping with his last sessions I felt pretty good I saw that I now listen to a word from the old man with gray hair you go to bed a little earlier tonight I know I know that UIC is wonderful and I know that discussions you had with Sister girlfriend that you have seen for twenty two years I know that was fun last night watching Rush is okay tonight nine thirty and about in my sleep from about the sleeper lives and identities the Holy Spirit is the one down one as this means you are on medium is nice there is a growing you would like to listen to you and you would like to learn more about G Wednesday visit W a G5 with more money agreements you are you birds and the government will can you


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