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Christ and the Coming Crisis, Part 2

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 21, 2007
    10:45 AM
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him to pray this important session and as were coming in we are going to seek God to pray that his Holy Spirit will touch us be near to us were learning lessons lessons that we tucked away in our hearts and minds to prepare us for the events ahead how I claim the promise has we pray promises in Isaiah chapter thirty two Isaiah chapter thirty two and verse one and two Isaiah thirty two verse twenty two is an and time promise will read the promise we will pray and I will review what we have going over about the plagues Isaiah thirty two is an entire promise verse wanted to behold the King will reign in righteousness and princes will rule with justice and shall be as a hiding place from the wind was that man aside Place the wind is that Jesus from every wind that blows from every tempest tossed waves that tries to destroy this little boat the gods given the honest thing called the sea of life there is a man as I place from the wind and copper from the Tempest as rivers of water in a dry place as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land when the wins of strife and trouble and calamity below upon this world we have protection from the wind in Massachusetts he is our refuge during the coming time of trouble the two of some forty six God is our refuge and strength a very elsewhere in front of their farewell therefore we shot the other the earth be removed and the mouse carried in this is a little run the water shake with the swelling thereof there is a river the stream whereof the city of God God 's use of her if she shall not be moved God is our refuge and strength and two of his promises some people into my current place and not enough on promises Psalm ninety one thousand shall qualify side ten thousand of my right hand but it shall not come nigh the only design I sell now behold him see the reward will the wicked laugh that the jacket on and get ready to preach him to RI to pray father in heaven thank you so much that you are the hiding place from every wind thank you so much that you are the protection in time of flakes thank you so much that our bread and water will be sure thank you so much that you are old for whelming refuge as we study award in this last session do more than filler heads of information fill our hearts with love for you we greatly in Christ's name would be looking at revelation the sixteenth chapter in Revelation chapter sixteen we've noticed first in the sixteenth chapter of Revelation that they look so and was so sore boils like symptoms appear on those receive the mark of the beast they said if you receive the mark of the physical security the play tells us that all physical security is found where in Christ Psalm ninety one verse five to ten new English Bible it's in your manual page session five feet six in the box you shall the first Rabbi Knight or the plague enraging at noon day thousand eight on your side but it shall not touch you with your own eyes shall see all this will watch the punishment of the wicked for you for the Lord is a safe retreat you've made the most high your refuge no disaster will befall you no climate he will come up on your home theater that time travel you do not need to have your stomach in knots editing and etc. headache and feel like you have that are nauseated and you have the vomit because of fright in fear I do not want you to leave this clear class fearful I want to the glass with confidence in Jesus because he is greater than any kind of trouble today in any kind of trouble in the future the first place as all economical of physical security is Larry in Jesus second way the rivers the scene becomes available evidence of an economic boycott nobody can buy or sell those conflict there is a markedly say what you cannot buy or sell except you have the Mark of the beast second place is all economic security is where the Christ Isaiah chapter thirty three verse sixteen here's a promised his bread and water will be well sure it sure is certain is that it is a different one will be maybe the bread what will be perhaps the say I think God might supply them with bread and water is dreaded water will be well sure in the time of trouble you are not going to start the day when God is going to be the one supply spread white review great controversies eight six two nine what God cared for Elijah will not pass by one of his self-sacrificing children even numbers there is there and will care for them any time of famine they shall be well satisfied while the wicked are dying from hunger and pestilence the vessel the first way hunger the second way whether dying economic boycott they're what we get our die from hunger and pestilence Angels will shield the righteous of you supply the hair was on the fashion that will when the Angels did you like the angels that he lives in my people say to me what Pastor Mark there will be no intercessor in time of trouble and therefore Christ will leave us and therefore we will be our own after clinching our citizens and grit our teeth and parent the truth of the matter is if you are left on the time in the time of trouble on your own you would make it nobody makes on their strengths and only makes it on their power whatever leaving without ninja sensor means it does not mean that Jesus will leave us where was the father when Christ was dying on the cross could Jesus see him did Jesus know his father was there in the father allowed Jesus a Leslie design across dignified care for Jesus a Leslie was dying on the cross when Jesus was dying on the cross he didn't Hitler did in the relationship he had with the father before the cross by faith in his time of trouble the Jesus of the rejection on the cross peter denier with some people deny us the Judas betray a list of people betray us the disciples forsaken with some people Visigoths all really for me somebody betrayed today for me somebody forcibly Danang you know Jesus is alive this continual lesson she should trust him and so little window in your self-pity because so many didn't smile at you when you get yours today will place is so unfriendly of his family and will help there is today maybe Jesus is listening to you from being a loving allows people to disappoint you at times he doesn't cause and but maybe he's working that out for good in so you can learn to trust him more on the cross Jesus experienced physical pain they drove nails through his hands he experienced psychological pain they force of him he experienced emotional pain he was hurt and Bruce when Judas the nine so on the cross Christ went through inexperience of the deep darkness in time of trouble but you trusted the father although he could not see the father 's presence because he learned to trust the father in an free aspect of his life and Jesus knew the father 's heart and he knew that he had to deny what was going on around him and by faith grasp what was happening above him that's why Jesus said at his last breath was not one of doubt it was not one of my God my God my favorite safety meeting that was not his last breath he didn't go through that period of time of war his father while going through this and we will go through those very similar times we wonder that during that time of trouble has not forsaken me that will be a natural thing that comes over us in times and we go through that today you would we go through our trials today we say God where are you God have you forsaken me but she's his last words were not that big one in tonight yes I read why is there so uses last provider I trust you father my life easy and is in the time of trouble when every earthly support is cut off when all of our emotions tell us one thing we hang on by trust that things are about my grandfather my grandfather trained canaries and when I was just a boy ten eleven twelve years old I would visited it would take me up into the attic and show me all of these canaries in cages are ever one diagram of the something like this you want me to teach you how to teach families how to sing well what boy eleven or twelve would want to know how to train canaries are the same as this one okay you should crimp in this cloth and put it over the JG took a male canary any putting in a cage of the females sing better than the males even as it now has so many of the authors when it is very limiting and going against in terms of the case myself was on the church and bring there is a second job he married and is a you know what when he is a supply when the canary is this it can only hear my voice it was his voice that warns us along this and every nefarious things a little different song the song he sings the words of darkness will never forget God teaches us on the song of our unique experience the Bible calls in Revelation chapter him those people that go through the time of travel revelation fifteen verse three face saying the song of Moses the land what is the soul of Moses he tells you what is inversely what will our great and marvelous are your works Lord God Almighty Shirley shot starting ways we go through the time of Jacob 's trouble every roughly support is cut off we learned to trust Jesus we learn that Jesus is our physical security when Jesus is our economic security we learn Jesus is our life we learn Jesus is the center of our worship Jesus is the one who is the center of all truth Jesus teaches us long the song of Moses and the one hand Moses went through the place roses delivered Israel after the way to bring those flags they learned to trust God the song of Moses is the song that Moses and Marion say when it was so through the Red Sea when Egyptian ways were drowned when they came out the other side in deliverance God is teaching us this long to saying in the trials of our life God is teaching us this long to say in Harding 's of our life God is teaching us assaultive saying in the disappointments of our life as we were the household is the song of deliverance is the solely great and marvelous are his ways is the salon of our unique experience nobody has experienced just like your experience is different from everybody else putting your tears in your heart ache in your disappointment in the brokenness of life at times we learn to trust some reason I altered my life is wonderful now him Band-Aids you may not leave the Band-Aid today but you then put it in metal medicine cabinet even had around the house because someday listing your knuckles someday the senior needs on an event every day to myself thank God abandons when I need them your life may be going wonderful today you may not understand war one talking about but someday human face of trial you need to trust God someday interface a hardy you need to trust God and if he gives you a little trial today thank you for the gift of the trial today thanks for going over this I'm wise enough to know that a group of young people and adults this large there's somebody today that your inherent hearts broken this somebody in here today that you're facing some real difficult experiences in your life committee on school break can you take a back to school because you have adequate money for the next semester you have just lost her job there may be some relationship that is going sour and a summary here was an adult in your marriage going so well with your kids okay marriage but maybe someday sitting here today under some health difficulty that is just racking your body I've got good news for you what ever experience you are going through its like the lady told me one time was teaching a seminar and was watching it at the other I have to wait for the time of trouble because the today's lifetime of trouble and she said don't talk to me about a future time of trouble because my life is falling apart you know what I want with my husband and one of months with my kids you know what's going on in my body I came to your class today so brokenhearted I came thinking is that I hear about some upcoming events with some time chart he began talking about Jesus and the time trouble we can talk about his Christ we could put his arms around you and hold you close a digital encouragement hope Samara for the first time in weeks I hope my life 's purpose in my life at the meeting in my life I want to work with you the Christ who holds others in his arms and hold you in his arms as well he is your source of refugees as you come unto me all you that are burdened in his related and I will give you rest for today anyway today if you're going to a time of trouble today he's there for now he wants to teach you in the time of trouble when you're going through today how to trust him when everyone who supports co-op 's interest in tomorrow Jesus learned to trust we could not what includes weight when Jesus learned to trust in times of trouble before the cross so he could trust fully in the greatest time of trouble at the cross the crisis is because of Christ's life the last week of Christlike if you want a fascinating study I hope so on this study the last week of Christ's life in comparison the crisis of the close of God 's people who when he went through a trial we went we will go through a trial he had a triumphal entry will have a triumphal entry he went through ridicule we were going to ridicule he went through betrayal Wimbledon for betrayal he was unjustly condemned will be unjustly condemned key was hungry and beaten we will be hungry indeed he went through a time of death we will go through a time of darkness and some will be martyred before that time travel he went through a glorious resurrection we will be gloriously resurrected of where Martin before that time he went through a time of Ascension to heaven whether we are gloriously resurrected relived to see Jesus come we will ascend into the second coming of Jesus so there is a parallel he trusted we trust during the time of trouble a little back and look at the last to place your questions and actually raises questions with the breakdown is those later but I will place first Michael says in the sixth angel poured out his bowl revelation chapter sixteen verse twelve the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates and its water was dried up so that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared and I saw three unclean frogs like drinking spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the beast and out of amount of force from before they are spirits of demons performing signs which go out to the whole world into the kings of the red and the whole world to gather them to the battle of the great day of God Almighty now notice it says the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates that's a little strange is this literal is an symbolic the water was right the way of the kings of the east might be prepared what is this speaking about I saw three unclean spirits like frogs if you say to the Euphrates is literally would you not safe on our literal if you say the Kings of the East are literal kings of the east would you not say that the ranking which is also a single in verse thirteen is literal if you say to that being that the Kings of the East are liberal would you not see the mouth of the beast and false prophet are literal but this is the spirit of the best performing signs which go out to the kings of era for the whole now notice the emphasis on whole world the question is sometimes as if the first fireplace are liberal why do we times for the last two place as symbolic there are there are at least three reasons that lead us in that direction number one the first five claims although they enough that the entire world are not necessarily all of the universal wall of the first five plagues are not universal why not read rate conversely what is unlike say as if they were what would happen everyone would die so the first five flags affect the world but faith and in their bid but they are not all the world same time because if they weren't only says that every single person so that's one point but yet the language of the six instead of legs is the language of universality so whatever happens in the sixth way yesterday and said what have to be universal secondly the language of the sixth and seventh way for the first time in the legs is the language of revelation fourteen and Revelation seventeen which already has a key to interpret its symbolism so that's secondly thirdly the cult of fire events that come to a climax in the Earth 's history at the time involved the whole world and exact language that is clear because it says very clearly it says they want to the kings of the earth verse fourteen and it also says it deals with inverse thirteen with the idea of in verse twelve with the idea of this universality of the Idaho it says in verse fourteen this Thursday and is working performing signs throughout the kings of the earth of the whole world the battle of the great day about lighting the battle of the great there got a mighty you take that one expression is a wonderful expression the study looked at the minor Prophets Joel José Amos what is that all the previous dynamite the final consummation in time of God 's lasting message it is the final concert they just coming of Jesus so when you look at those symbols so with that justification of these in place being literal plagues there literally is a literal battle there's a literal Armageddon when a talk about what that is but with the background of this must be universal with the background of the first five places would not be universal because they would destroy the world in the background that he or he have a revelation unfolding these symbols and other places that we can say what the symbols together and first noticed we start here and I'm not limited in terms of meetings at the beginning of the veteran and I want to signify the logo to be the sixteenth pour out his little of a great river Euphrates twenty eleven great river Euphrates where was that the review phrase went through Babylon now that says in its water was dried up in the way of the kings of these might be prepared to question number one was the river Euphrates ever literally dried up in the past when a case site wrists five thirty nine BC comes down to Babylon the Babylonian Empire is supreme in the world Babylon has walls that are sixty feet high Babylon has walls that is so wide that Tushar is very side-by-side in the walls Babylon has a twenty year food supply in the city it has fresh water supply with the with the VI Euphrates river running through it needs a Persian army surround Apple they are self-confident that they connect four years of the supply but the babbling armies stand up on the walls and throw peanut butter sandwiches to the versions and said he was hungry enough entropy is a registered yield history does Dallas the big deity drove to while the Persians over the wall and let the surrounding measure of the desert is hot out there we'll figure okay we got water we got a twenty year food supply in fact we are so confident that we are going to have a feast with parties and dancing and Cyrus will rephrase running for Babylon he says was engineers D tributaries make large reservoirs would bring that water so they spend six months nine months making his way out of the desert these huge basins vigorously raise river the water level drops Cyrus sticks his troops in the river in the March under the gates nor the greatest prophecies of all the Bible is Isaiah chapter forty four has a chapter forty five plus set alert assignments to his anointed the childless leaves Jake Cypress was named a hundred fifty years or five years before his more you talk about prophecy go to the museum in London and the British Museum you look at the Cyrus cylinder and you see the story in the rock record of Cyrus 's attack on Babylon Cyrus is name over a hundred some odd years before they were born suite six is Arby's drive Sunday March seventh out of dry Euphrates River site recess fifteen the feast at Cana based comments and price of the liberal Euphrates and overthrows battle and assigns it a career the practice that God 's people can go for a and ultimately under the decree of our research cc version the Israelites though free and rebuild Jerusalem and they go home from Babylonian captivity here's a parallel Babylonian center of false religion holds in bondage the Israel once Cyrus king of these with the drying up of the river Euphrates overthrows Babylon and scientific ready for God 's people to feel free sewing and time they had passed a decree under the auspices of spiritual battle church and state United because Babylon represents false or confusion of religion in the days of ancient Babylon church and state United in the last day 's church and state a law is passed condemning Sabbath keepers to death there is a national Sunday luggage was worthless out of those of the marketplace today we can deliver is the only one world government the peace and prosperity honorary but as they say that there is calamity and Carlisle Bay passing decreed they say we must eradicate God 's people from the earth the latter rain falls loud cry is given faithful Bible believing loving Christians and are totally consecrated fries in his lasting message everybody has an opportunity to decide one way or the other bargain surprised suit replace the default in different parts of the earth as they do was receive a mark in the Chicago reader 's they say to political and religious leaders you say that this one were going to say if we unite against their will but what together they would believe there is not as terrible there is no physical security is it because physicals his anti- Beasley to bias out but look what happened to the screen there's no economic security said the market would be stampers are liked little around with their people die instead but you can't deliver your promises are false what you said that this unity movement would bring about instead to worship but with our silliness large said diluted to do the least power this union this Confederacy but look with love there is darkness and want to see the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates and the one was perhaps what this war symbolizes the Bible is civilized people what is the Euphrates River it was the support system of electing life and what do you think that gives life to the union of church and state is that people support but when they see the place being poured out the people support his wife withdrawn and there's chaos and in this drive because the people support just like the Euphrates River supported babbling the people support Israel will the people support the ways and means of these might be prepared who the Kings of the East Jesus calls Revelation nineteen verse eleven is what seeing out what Janesville Mrs. Jesse Cyrus came to deliver his people and dive duces again to overthrow Babylon just as he gave to allow Israel to go three so Jesus had lightning shines from the one he spends a lot more these days this will deliver us is released under the West early writings the callout appears at the size of a man say had he where the eastern sky so Jesus and Moses King of Kings has lightning shining the seventies even to the West Revelation chapter ninety verse thirteen his mouth goes a sharp sword that's the word of God which he should strike the nations he himself will rule them with a rod of iron the self transit winepress of fierceness and wrath of the Almighty got seen this is a language this is late language the place of import out the rest of the mighty God support out he comes finally judges if he does finally give judgment of final judgment on mankind he has on his robe and honest by a name written what is that name King of Kings and Lord of lords this is who is this while it is coming with Jesus ten thousand times ten thousand Angels the rest of heaven God is what Revelation sixteen talking about the collapse of the frequently system just as the first place as physical security is in Christ and just as the second place as economic security is in Christ just as the Third Reich says our life is in Christ and fourth places all of our worship is in Christ in the fifth place at the light and truth is in crisis explainer says alternate victory is in Christ 's ultimate victory is not handsome man the destiny of all nations is not in human answer using Jesus Sands chapter sixteen verse twelve the six age of ours obvious bull of the great river Euphrates and its water is right out of the support system of ancient Babylon the church that union dries up because it can deliver that prepares the way to the Kingsley 's when the support system dries up of ancient Babylon when that support system drives of the spiritual Babylon what does Satan do what does he do verse thirteen I saw three unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon whose right the devil working through paganism was spiritualism frogs were the gods of Egypt some people say well frogs they catch people by the tongues is this the falsity of the tongs and so forth and so on the frogs are single you remember the frogs of Egypt they were all over the place they spread rapidly so this is talking about this for any of the walls we read John rapidly during the sixth way there is supernatural manifestations that culminating with Satan trying to impersonate Christ and the reason he does that is because he has lost control and so he has to try to gain control again because it's appointing supporting out what's going on the River Euphrates for the spiritual support system to the church state union is drying up because they could not deliver what they said they could deliver in the time of market-based so I suffered and concerns once you have to do is try to recapture the state powers recapture put together this fragmented healings he is trying to put together before the breaking up with the spirits of demons performing science is what the kings of the earth and the whole world so the devil has one last final attempt by unleashing his hellish power through false miracles signs and wonders and finally in his attempt to impersonate crisis a crisis and this is one right back home to battle the great day of God Almighty now the Bible talks about the name of this battle not just the just and the Bible gives us his announcement verse thirteen homecomings of the watch and keep your bar mitzvah which don't give up now hang on hang on hang on although there is darkness all around you although there is confusion all around you will use it although you do see these false miracles the false miracle start now they can't even greater after the national Sunday will become even greater after the closing probation why speaks so that they can deceive not God 's people because they have settled their destiny they will be a time before the cause of probation with lately is vulnerable to try to see God 's people but this is not as intense after the probation is that after the liberation is around the those you know whether the laughing support for the Babylonian system because it couldn't deliver what they want soon after this final rally to try to destroy God 's people that's was invented here so it says in verse sixteen they gathered them together in the place in the Hebrew called Armageddon now this is strange why does it say in the Hebrew Armageddon the New Testament is not written in Hebrew is written in what we widen the Hebrew Armageddon well the Hebrew word for Armageddon as are the ghetto and horror is the word of mouth can in the ghetto is slaughter so do you read any places in the Bible in the Old Testament this is a point chart explaining us back to a story and we can learn lessons from that story that we can apply to the end time there's a mention of the ghetto back in the book of Judges so if you take your Bible and turn to judges there is a mention of the ghetto here now in this mention of the ghetto here there is a story and we're going to look at judges chapter four verse fifteen and judges chapter five verse nineteen and twenty the blue was in Revelation sixteen says that the river every right to gather the in the in the Hebrew child battle of Armageddon Mattel is a family of the family of my ghetto in any political military battles in Israel were faced with what in the ghetto because the ghetto was a crossroads from north to south Israel you can go there today and see the ruling is oh yeah know what you are going the many cities were built on the same place the judges chapter five you have the story of Deborah and judges you for your the story never introduced after five what took place in this particular story was that Israel was surrounded mountains on either side they could not retreat and the enemy armored army for behind them in front of them it appeared that there was no way out around or through it appeared that Israel would be totally devastated absolutely crushed and totally destroyed so as the result of that Israel turn to God Lisa God the enemy armies are oppressing us the MER was a kill us there is no way out around with regard please do something and what is the Bible say judges for fifteen and the Lord Monty Cicero and all his chariots and all his armies would be edge of the sword before Barragan 's sister I like it for his chariot and fled away the Lord took control verse nineteen and twenty the Kings came this is Judges five judges five four nine one five judges five nineteen twenty the Kings came in for them the Kings of Canaan for Internet by the waters of the ghetto they took no spoils of silver they form from the heavens they form from their courses for against sister wow look at verse twenty three or verse twenty twenty one last part of my soul march on his strength verse twenty three Curtis Merritt said the angels of the Lord curse its inhabitants bitterly because they did not the help of the Lord to the help of the Lord against the enemy seem that rests in the armies were not involved so those issues of Helfgott 's people did but God brought reinforcements by the waters of the Gato so what is the lesson in the Valley of the ghetto when you seemed certain at all was cut off and it was overtly support God did what was absolutely impossible he brought reinforcements at a time that Israel for what they would be destroyed and you know it was a symbol of victory when Catto was a central symbol of deliverance it says the faith for from the stars they formed from the heavens so what is the battle of Armageddon and time in the sixth way when it appears that there is no hope for God 's people when Satan has his last attempt by working spectacular miracles when he has his last attempt by any person in Christ who has his last attempt and use of viciously trying to destroy all of God 's people when it looks like nothing will happen you remember what it says in judge 's vibe before from the heavens talk about guilt revelation sixteen Revelation sixteen people are praying God 's people hang on by faith that people realize their deliverer is on his way to people recognize that Jesus is the first seventeen and the seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air in a loud voice came out of the temple of heaven from the throne saying it is time it is finished four times in the Bible it says it is finished at creation for such creation God creates the world out of nothing he speaks the world into existence and he says he's finished it creation that cross Jesus McGraw cc finish than here in seventh place he says he's finished in Revelation twenty one says he was finished he recently finished war and worry and one car over it is finished poverty and pestilence and pollution are over his finished disease and disaster and death are over is finished it is finished no more order no more horror no more no more hunger it is finished the angel announces eleven analysis of the feast is finished and Van Shaw 's like the forces of Cicero who defeated just like the artillery from having Dave and God will be kings of the earth to deliver Israel at a time when it looked impossible for them to deliver the notice it says in verse eighteen and there were noises and funders and lightnings that was a great earthquake such as a mighty and great earthquake as had not occurred since the matter of the earth now the great city was divided that's babbling the three-part great battle and was remembered before God to give her the cup of the wind if you say in verse twelve the River Euphrates is little if you say the things of these are literal you destroy the climax of the great controversy in the coming of Christ if you saved verse six twelve and thirteen are literal why do you not say that great about it is literal is a literal city to see the first five boys must be literal for side because they are not universal and there is not symbolic language is in the last two plays mostly symbolic because when the language of the rest of revelation contributing to that in a universal climax of the great controversy between prices and so great Babylon that is false religion is remembered before God to give her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath every island in mounting floor I write hailstone from heaven fell upon that the hailstone about the weight of talent how much is a way to talent products yet right is a is close to sixty pounds close to sixty pounds Ben blaspheme God because the way what happens get the picture at any time it appears that there is no way out around and through that in time it appears that there is no way that God 's people can be delivered from the church state union now wants the same without the church the union wants to slap them like a mosquito wants to destroy what the face of the earth Satan Johnny verse forty four is a liar and he is the one father of lies he's lied about these the police said that they are causing the calamity on the earth but then the support for the devil in his allegiance breaks up place our port out the mark of the beast is enforced no man could buy or sell economic desecration of force and economic boycotts of what the deathly great considering the place support for these people in his unit is withdrawn Sing us one last chance and were recklessly he works the spectacular signs and wonders even secular people are convinced he even has his evil spirits masquerading as the disciples just before in time they say to what guys than when he puts lives in a mouse vessel is evil spirits would anyway it was Satan 's lies all attention is focused on destroying us killed Iraqi taken will face the earth or the saddest experiences of my life was to spend time in Rwanda Kigali so sad set in the sense that another ten years before twelve years before nineteen ninety two over one million died in a tribal conflict they were hacked to death with machetes who does the jerseys that will together the larger tribe majority Hutus trained young people they trained hundred young people to our young people groups they imported thousands and thousands of Chinese and educational people in rooms like this and I said when we say in one day cut down the toll-free 's run through the streets accident every Tuesday if a man was commuted to life that man was ordered to killer if you have a friend at two zero two two one then the radio it went counseling out mental traits house since I was publishing registries they happen in the back of the head there was so much depth a second device in the streets and alternate selection the rivers of carbon price Satan was practicing it was practicing all the hellish forces of Satan and all the evil of man the announcement will go forth to strife and Jesus say it's a and what happened in Rwanda will not have worth life and because Jesus is gone he you are less likely deliverer he's an economist at lighting underwear heavy artillery from Hendon will call the hailstones will flow everyone will be shaken on this place is shining from the scene in the last three or was she was friendly the rocks and mountains the ball on them we will look at the knife and twenty five and will say this is our God we had why we waited we got accepted the false Christ we have what we've waited we got accepted the false miracles we believe we cannot even our faith we waited we do not proselytize what you will someone should we believe we are not faithfully confuses held onto his wave waited for you and he will save us we've waited for him this is our God would not accept the default price was appeared as a being a dazzling brightness walking up and down upon the earth we waited for the team he is our God is coming in the clouds of heaven is coming in glory he's coming in spectacular might is coming to reason and he's coming to transform the living things is our God hang on hang on hang on and never give up never give up Christ is coming for you soon as you listen a prayer turn your eyes upon Jesus as fully as wonderful things the singer has found support for the a will and is in hey him for his Jesus philosophical and keep our eyes upon you help us not look at our weakness or frailties computerized upon you and Jesus we thank you that you greater than all the conflict has what every earthly support his cutoff when there's betrayal all around us our hearts can be anchored if you use never let us down and you never will in Jesus name I say find that suffer questions for this is likely to in one sentence in one sentence I'd like you to tell me by standing up in any one sentence I know you can do it it's been tough I want you to tell me and give me permission to interrupt illegal ten sentences I was getting on a visit in one sentence what you tell me what Jesus Christ did for you in the seminar would take from DC expression David's impressions you get a testimony in one sentence what does an interview made in five minutes later testified you are to be blessed for reinforcing your own mind as to strengthen you and it's a blessing but he also came one sentence who can testify for what I do for you brother him to the they do okay what I do for you what I do for you yes I is is is him he is not rather have been what got it for you yes Emily at him now and then yes and him no that's it that's it yes he is saying that I don't move in your life yes those guys is coming as soon as Mrs. Amelia behind the boy come out brothers of the life him and I will vacuum your spirit of fear and Harlow that's wonderful that's one of my goals the seminar will the seminar is on our young people as a series of upcoming events Spirit is love sound mind and his business yes that is not alone in it is yes you know as he is now he has trusting today yes I know I have been yes I sold out for God that's it that's it to be sold out for God yes you will is clear that the others there's a cathedral in Malan Italy and over the left-hand door it says everything everything is temporary than on the other door it says on the says that indoors alone which is eternal as true what what you're saying is true that what you do or is as eternal as we want with your heart mind and it says everything that vexes you is only temporary on the left or the right choices everything that pleases you is only temporary and Senator versus that which alone endorses internal Timor yet something else surveillance yes right here you stand out from now I believe that you and I talked before the meeting and you are not Seventh-day Adventist as I correct but God bless you in the seminar I was not talking to them the seminar will love you and him and I will is God he do something brothers godly nudism house the Holy Spirit leading WYSIWYG immunity something when when you be faithful to the spirit God will lead you thank you so much that you know the brother came to be innate in the session he said I didn't think I was to be here I drop some of you up here and I I I just came to this seminar on a Sunday keeping Christian and I heard this seminar you know that was a divine appointment and I want to hear and we just praise God for you we want you to know the police is the leading you and the Lord brought you here to hear this message right now because he is a powerful powerful plan for your life God has you my dear brother okay so the LCS so solely as a result is below Jesus and not in the that said that's it yes that is is is well yes him and him and him and then and then I missed anything or more yes right here and this is a yes your family right back there yes I got these everyone never give up I got to overhear other than one of London inspired here is a is a Swahili yes yes right rear is an Bhutanese of protection yes he is the faith of his A- I thought of how to be faithful to the spirit as the Holy Spirit convicts you of a specific thing you accept what God is telling you to do when your heart and make that step the only step you can make is the one that's before you when you leave here in two minutes and you go to lunch you take one step at a time to get the launch okay appears in Washington do when you go home to room tonight young man you get on your knees and say God you show me what the next step is don't worry what the step is two years from now God is no impression which he was seen with the next step in your life take that step if you think the next step was to know Jesus okay anything else aside yes establishing him and available to a close design done this yes young man and a wonderful and him and him and NNS very insightful that's various how old are you him well for him in a number of other welfare like the inside of this young man goslings and powerful in the vicinity of the center yes as he is a man that was one of the wonderful okay I'm going to young people now the old ones from you I will be I want something particularly a thousand miles away okay it was versus removing the subject yes Julia Togolese people this young lady helping him I is in you is is is is is a that is a that is not a marvelous only really see that it just opens up new things yes and anyone here anybody appeared as a right to be in a thing than anything rather wasn't any young person yes he is the assets it out they were missing up now it is and let that little bit about what it ran him in Jesus is coming again okay anything for me I is paid in him him a him to pay you knowing that he is coming I want to make a difference in the world God bless you amen this medium was produced by birds and you are is as great as or learn more about this in the that is a WW lice when you order online with you you are a hand in WWII the video is a home in the


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