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Triggering the Peristalsis of the Kingdom

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • September 11, 2004
    7:00 PM
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him allow you to spend the weekend here in Loma Linda and what encouragement has been to me and I'm just so happy to the sultans in the news of my brothers as many of you newly that are myopic poses as a surprise then I is I will be able to send the word out that the Lord is doing great things here and there to help I'm thankful for your your spirit for your testimony for the the energy of writing I didn't have a chance to visit other things are happily on the campus this weekend but I think that I will send a end they the only group there is an thought I was I'm very happy for the invitation thank you so much to him or was involved in that were happening to me I'd share with you I wanted to talk with you on about the importance I think again they are a joy in the Lord rejoice in the Lord is our strong salvation and half the students and have the feelings that go with the decisions we made no decisions are very important and I think that they are they are social and I think that we need to hurry a successful England feelings but their feelings are not there in his actions are not aware they can reassign the problem are you women in all in all throughout Scripture we are in line with what is to have certain him him hard since the theater that plays that are of you say something that is actually a confused among and what the world needs are Christians but a happy person well is rejoicing in victory and now whatever you feel during whatever environment you are in how one one happy person can make a lot of difference so for me unless it's absolutely been the littlest father in heaven tonight you know we have had these this weekend and thinking about you and your love and your power and we want to have Susan have emotions that go along with the decisions we made we ask for your spirit that we will and we come in Christ's name on Psalm one hundred Psalm one hundred and first to Psalm one hundred and verse two serve the Lord with gladness before his presence with singing this is one in many tax will get another Psalm sixteen him I is Psalm sixteen verse eleven you will sell me the path of life enterprise as this fall was enjoyed at your right hand are pleasures forever we say tonight I will say out of love and in and my heart if I will say only a mess on the basis are not in heaven to live Sydney and expressing the joy of the Lord I think this is probably one of the most feeling vaguely to bring the world today and in the affections actions must be there I think we settle for far too little words and easily clean you think that's true when it comes to this type of the Puritans put it this way as it is to know God so I then delighted in him maybe the work of our law there is a lot good job you can keep up with delight in and be the work of our law the Bible commands us joy the Bible is how the Bible commands case the Bible commands seal the Bible commands slayer the Bible commands tree which amends desired tenderhearted this demand sorrow it commends brokenness and grad student lowliness and cheerfulness as I is an important tool I can add is that the affections was that he would go out into the White House what is a fax is worthwhile to say I wanted to tell you something the Lord is the last time you called anything there is a human life he said that he found this was in because he didn't want to do is I will will and is allows you come back once I will join the Lord Holy Spirit and our Lord was very very interested in not only the decisions of his people as he would have but also their actions need in the room when people were sad and he himself put me in his analysis would come to the top and in his emotions Allawi says that he is safe in his voice and now I work with some people and have had the joy of the Lord remember Doctor Wilson Wilson was a mission doctor came back to work you can see more patients and hours within when there was always ahead of the patients and he he he was an excellent clinician and what people needed but he connected emotionally or almost as a community would be very nice Chris Kevin and his hair nicely in Osler and the people and companies to chuckle what is the trouble is I will be working out of the three him very well using the system was heavy I was there I love you felt I was waiting to go but not Doctor Wilson he was always there is a season no way and exactly how to say no telling what's wrong and he lived with people people at Colorado State if he was on was on Hannity others than René understudy and is in the area of economic isolation it wasn't because everybody was because of the low people I was filled with the action was needed one was people who were kind of the people get upset and I saw that side of his action as well as a very sickle cell patients can now come everything is as I can remember as I did understand that I thought they were dating or maybe wanting more drugs than they can not easy to say that when you never have sickle cell was listening when Danny said to give him a drink of water yes he quoted text in the given water and his and his actions were in while in the actions in the hill of the season and yes hey everything will want you as I is he would ask about any Canadian things going as long to be wrong something we hour-long and interaction was just going to see how I is an hard him I is waiting to have their ashes facts let's divinely inspired with a history of Alan my favorite passages Scripture is on twenty four this is my eczema my favorite chapters in those appropriate normal now that overhears this is probably a text I come back through time and time again in this chapter Jesus is very familiar with the A4 enzyme seventeen and you know he laid down his life for us John Penn says that you can take that he would take it up again but he was more because of the actions of his disciples because of their name basis this is the place was more about the completeness of those this is the latest I think Jesus was just as eager to be popping out of the grave is anybody else because a lot of people know to take care of my house going up to heaven through his status as an wanted him him him him him things are going okay the people in NASCAR Lodz at the twenty fourth is the story about how he rose again to know about Jesus that the women follow him many times were worn him who I think is an yes there was the head of a enterprising women was there when he died just twenty three lives are his body and how was laid the first day of the way I checked in Luke chapter twenty four inverse nine-day return from the children told these things of the eleven all the rest that was Mary Magdalena and Joanna and Mary the mother of James and the other women within who told these things of the apostles that Jesus is risen and also steadily in the worst thing that ever suffers a lot like idle tales and they do not believe in euros and ran until stepping down his otherworldly plot line by themselves we departed mindfully than himself one of their afternoon remember the story of the other two two of them were traveling the same day to a village called Emmaus which is about seven miles from Jerusalem together of all the things that happen result was that while they conversed for no reason that Jesus himself and then but their eyes to restrain so that they did not know until I was sorry I price comes in and he's monitoring you will conversation our conversations important him away February their conversation conversely and if people are starting to go down the wrong electronic conversation if they start heading the wrong way I did get themselves in trouble on and it is only millions of computers are losing my little daughter three and as result I listened their conversation to start to go wrong will will will will lose he's easily directed both now have fun doing it I can hear my film account is there always try to plan things in the box leader he was always getting knocked around little bit because it wasn't too many voices coming out on one side price and say that I is is is an eleven -year-old 's house I will assume why the Field Museum but my father and I oh that's a wonderful God is there was rejoicing in himself and in the floor fifteen twenty minutes to pick up on the fact that Christ would come die on the cross of these that will bless him off no no no no no I don't think that would be good to say that the behind the same as a vegan visitors can handle it it was somewhat bland I would recommend filing people on around the same as my finger as I is him I will just plan is close to where you have been the devils there is any events to come into our lives and discourage us as family and loss from now is pretty simple I don't have a dog from how you got in your mind of every kind are talking from heaven from hell the result was as strong as they goes on and his disciples were going along as I is down almost I think I will a lot and for the millions you converse with each other and they reason that Volvo who will pay zero I remember illnesses this is in the is Leslie hardly anything in writing to their dreams teachers and come there one of the last space employment as well Olivia is less of our church and he was a silly upfront and he was he was in a scenario sees a bottle in the resiliency was this hot day as I am that kind of the same so like an and in fact I will post as I will and is now a more efficient and I will do this the lesson well-developed brain and so I was in the car with him when I was asking him all the theological questions that young minister to data swimming the helm now see my him I was listening to a set of basic pay to see him have a look at the window is in the summer and to my questions at a disadvantage is that it has low items in question is only as I was flaming with backdrop on my reasoning and he looked at me with those big happy penetrating eyes and reasons on the end of the reason for what you are talking about the rest of us it would be reasonable to know that I sometimes literally as a relay is thinking things through and it's not so helpful for us I was with a client wants to have joy in hand he is also direction to link it out on like the rest this means that the testimony five says and on the whole atoms ACO whereas in all their problems and these were reasonably among themselves conversely when Jesus ran out of voluntary the conversation as I drive through strange object of thought in your life is in their eyes were strays only did not know why they do that on do that our seventy ninety seven and will is is that you have one other as you know why you live so I can suffice him the other sad feelings one of the Santa Fe and the sincerity felt tonight doesn't know how you are yes he does it really matter yes then do I can tell just by looking at my little daughter if I'm wounded I can tell that man is a what a battle ax you know this unaware so he's lying why is that you will try and say I is the why is that this is the sale everything is no no no much but sometimes I'm tempted to sound like the pyramids of the managers I want I want to start using with Doctor Bob crashing from the Rosen eye doctor in the field being KIA is is is is is is is a very good I think I'm in a fantasy writer here is usually on this question is is is is is and also I will follow documentaries and others these know that because he forgot dialogue he was a model on the list is not a word is not a lot when crisis here because of the images into the conversation this is why is his now we know that this is a wonderful taxable reflective listening and we know that this is the way really diligently and him for three physical people will talk as a thing that one of his name is Cleo is questioning the way Elvis Omega meanwhile I unanimously know how to make mistakes like they said something like that I was oh so soon I I won't knock the door my wife is going to be moment is going to set one up for myself I wasn't lonely church members as of yet for me I see him I learned that was not good that a lot of them this game was Cleo DeSantis said to him I hear the only stranger in Jerusalem is not known the things which happen these days this is almost insulting question that make you you astray for interest was in you and there is no crisis I like that right price is in reverse nineteen says one thing will price this is the only answer is what is he asking me questions why is he asking questions like this for him is there anyway I is for me I will him him what the thing is I is an alum of the problem I ran saying a word he forgot all the people associated phrases that are also eliminated and then that I have provided notice tends there the was a prophet and in verse twenty one they come to this self-diagnosis there is one when we were both of the trusting some translations say we were hoping we were helping Saddam Hussein was trying to redeem Israel and seeing as I saw this today is the third day since these things happen now directly issue near the expressive you can't help but tell your story I pray for is somebody long enough and you can help out someone playing trains and buses people can't help but tell the story if I just don't try and found my wife is that plaintiff here several people this folder story is able to write talk to their diagnosing the problem was the problem they are losing hope if something is commanded of the Christian incident soon as whole as I isolated there are going away the conversation is going to help these people are really in danger there really in danger of completely him a lot the Minnesota is that they tell what the problem was in their own lives and they tell that they are emissaries of the Lord said to have them abandoning our personal enthusiasts and certainly no company will generally is this what they do not find his body in a case and it also seemed isn't he will get you noticed how they are men that include from this fact in a nebulous thing for the ladies they were inseparable and play with my eyes I worked for years with the many nurses and I was only one of one or two online for our different places this is their an increasing number of male nurses lab I was mostly women I was working and I have learned some of them again if they did then later the Lord to give them to be able to understand things that they can pick up on things and I am not in a London on May and then in Ohio and upside my head or I find the problems certainly mundane as an update bodily being the only nurse is actually an interesting thing to say are you a male nurse in the liver the question what is your list are you a male nurse and I looked down again I think so you want to look like the aliens is not that obvious where I have wanted to know you must be a female patient at the Muslims of the Canadian legal counseling there even worked with me to sell you and you know that the goddess like to help them and then yesterday they gunned down in the home there was a legal papers urging it was seven miles away from Jerusalem Road Vilnius Jerusalem seven miles in your walking allowing a walk along and out you probably is probably good for your cardiovascular system metadata when you walk things really going along well so you something it is very interesting personally forces certain is whether this was as long as I can say that I will say something to them Toledo by piecing together that safe is safe and I'll call you that will bless that there is almost helpless their conversation is they are not respond to the jailers and under almost in overthrowing one is almost like bitterness we were hoping that he was going to rename Israel Minnesota there is an editor twenty five fluorophenyl of the language there Jesus said to them both foolish ones and slow heart to believe in all the prophets have spoken gentleman that word slow is angry you are not him will him to call for there is a greater way as part of the new I will delete you will you know someone is in you know what it is in the analysis is in and the Zionist bradycardia is having a spiritual sinus bradycardia there is later in some solace in Holland and so I don't know what it is what is in place as third grade right now would win someone's heart is going slow in the and stealing down the place where hearsay they are in danger we then they would visit all you all are in place is the eighth in what does the Bible say the fool has said in his heart there is no where were these people thinking the places of not believing in the very thought that they explicitly and they were homeless and they were helpless and they were played at Cardiff as they were they needed some spiritual interventions that I was working in the present part worthless him over the hospital over the radio network the car when the call for her to call back on the so-called and analysis to help these emergency room have different languages and have the more often this person will come in and the fall is over the radio that the guy was out of control in and day out gave some indication of who was the only original nurses never that was in the family was a troubled family and I have been newly converted and it will come back and I was having the joy of the Lord in everything they were all looking at each other as I was going to the station and I have no idea that they were looking so much as me when the patient KA he entered his life was that seriously was drunk as well which was always an added bonus so we've been having for a long function but it did this manifold actual flapping and he said he came into the emergency room and you and when I saw paramedics coming in they were all they were upset they were upset he is talking him away and they were made they are so hard flat paramedics with every enough nothing seems to move most paramedics at all so no offense the paramedics here you might be moving there is a event planning and noticing a lot and so on January the first doorway we got the front door there was the girl sitting at desk to girl sitting at the desk and he said him with the life you have someone else other than you even realize that this girl 's house and then just left her but of course the devil with you and then the next person that came up piece of experts they just made you a comment on the undergird and the person was already very sensitive about that until that person disguised within the skin with like fifteen minutes had alienated everyone in thing was just a alternate of signaling is is will of course it was a similar editing music most of these when I heard them talking about decisional Macintoshes into the Christian is their environment so we should probably put himself with this guy and around abandoned they said thou art the man had faith you decide I don't know this guy is in a tightly authoritative routing authority versus compassion and I thought maybe authoritatively because we're going to be exactly as sorry as there is an utterly indifferent to their mental now they in the security will now listen I'll try this one more time or the right without a snickering and well sort of an Toledo padded room and armored journalists and nice option from him breaks and the identity on the Bohannon was working there is less working as a so you have for this guy in England and in the vicinity of the garden and I was waiting the ACLU has all he is in was talking about my mother about my grandmother 's house I saw a lot reviewer at Amazon one hundred nine the Reddit related visitors man and he is talking about momentum in the present overhead as business parents feel destitute medicine children revivalism he was forward the racism that has arisen singles all places online as we know him personally deliberately doing this is because I'm in the car the real issue was not in the other people it was in his own heart and well in English as he is as he is a enough with this guy I don't understand them I is an and was yelling aslant everything else I was going to be one I am concerned nutrition and this is joyfully long as I will believe in him and he is planning on saving my mind as I was like well when the world tonight nothing else that you think this is unfortunately I was creating out like handwriting over going to give them some things to quickly restrain himself of chemical restraints anyway so I will him to send him to the certainly no word of God is speaking to me and I perhaps for relaxing was still small voice and so he would screen he was just yelling at last said that in your face and say him the right also I God urbanism wasn't alone in the middle is no known that I think of him again a padded room in the gardens and him please do not in the fifteen more minutes and screenings allow language is using board and you will you really want only been hanging out Hillary were getting a size is a all in one him him I apparently Google is in a I is why you okay in life and him and him and so again in signaling the will is I want to be like me recommend the screen is exactly why do one at him by faith not by sight is I didn't want to be like saying I wanted to be able to understand the actions and her people had wanted to be able to point to know what they were almost instantly I wanted to be able within fifteen minutes of being the road to see the hurt and pain and minister them like Doctor Wilson who I talked about earlier I have the ability to identify here is that as I is all I wanted to go in and click on something and ability the new law would people will say that I do I don't want to use the same way you do I came in second in which they said you're going to him what I'm telling you I can link you to it was a very worse than I did like Camino you have outstanding completely calm down now know when you get is its relations with people was in that situation saying I believe that your person who truly desires of God to be walking with me to help in a situation pastor I guess anything always felt we have a situation like that if I were a K yelling to stop Sam was a summary of the case back to hospital for some reason is about hope and help for that and Santana turnaround in his life Monday representative of those stories of course but changes your lessor UK Kathy Hudson situations a single exterior so they were writing productivity is relating with the strongest New Testament all old by the addition I will say that at this particular case like a God business was interested in using it an insurance that they were going away from God and are about to lose everything in-house with the Lord that this is really powerful person next next verse verse twenty six I'll was all hard to blame it all I will try to suffer these things and enter into his glory then I would do something powerful remember today everyone that anything really was here is going with all but vanished he has defeated because of slavery significance and I was his genesis of the time I go in as a citizen and resident has all the passengers about the Messiah is Genesis I was in there I know I can I is a will and is beginning to the way I is and will theorize and I realized that cynicism is so I had been staged as a judge as I am that you doesn't have plans in the world and is unfolding anyone's race one at a funeral Bible study and is not only was he expounded them as you will just do the things concerning himself around Bible study we will listen when I was a distributor who serve as an layout and will will continue now they were my mother with great and still degrade the motor of Scripture is to bring us out of a bad situation is with questions or herds of Scripture amendment Scripture Scripture but it would be laughing bring us out my wife is absolutely beautiful girls by what seems to sustain every three kids two dollars in the system tray child when she does she's in now the probably the worst of the three most unrolling the Lord this uses her him though sometimes may as well as a family was there now it is now he was originally a major new ability whatever I indicated anyone else out there but they constrain them this is what you want in your relationships with people living in business you want in verse twenty eight when you're writing a lot is when you tell how you want your homework when Arafat has and that you want to say I will want to want to status of the aisle within reason my know is that every night in the room with her all night but you don't say this whole idea solely times when we are witnessing with me we think we need and what is I was safe I really have to run you around place all around us there I is in the socialism is a little place to place as an accessory to listen by this force would need me in the days are spent in the women's they were fundamentally want to what was eventually revealed our reports that the safety of the vitamin out of inviting but with the wind in the real him just wanted their faith in God alone the Scriptures do anything with them tangible physical sensory more anyone who lives in LA on the basis of the one of the Scriptures of the Lord will you can have it you can interact with people but alternately what anyone is in the point of the season that is where I want to enjoy the season will and what do you dream as I follow everything is while I remain visible we need today doing a revival word persons that are happy just with the word whether they have to have the music video the happy method is that you will say that it may not be a place for this is that we want at any of all people where we believe this is a study of the Scriptures available in the area is so you can somebody be given Moses and all the sling is to be monitored at a great idea as for what you can do anything in life and philosophy as you look at all the files in an impatient people here will be able to help you learn and you know what the biggest thing to do is study the Bible with other people 's discontinuance and how they swear I got on my placebo multiple summer and some neurologists avail herself of anybody just related videos people will feature a drill that was true man say what some of the most powerful people get by with the marchers of the physicians there is a native framework always been there giving by ten Bible studies a week it's amazing to me busiest people always seem to get most humans are the people that came to think of anything else about the first seven developing countries on a lifeline of health and so we you are here I saw a lot of happy about this group and I think the next time I come back to the Lord was living that the burden all the more burden for souls and have been faithful and have people that are energizing a holiday something I believe that Jesus is coming soon I would like this is hard with live by the notice and relate related to the audiences put away technology is one way and say what it says is you can tell but I believe that now in this time got has the movement of special had been movement and I believe there's a book for this time the netbook is the book game earlier I later read from testimonies volume nine and again made to assassinate that people had parallels between this section and what happened on September eleven what you'll find is that you talk about the book of Daniel and Hal Daniel eleven would be on sale now the government commentary on Daniel eleven like to revisit it it's going to be unsealed people are going to understand more about Daniel Levin validity for your mother really like studying in these things that in our church I think now is the time low there are people that are Sunnis I went on the Internet and I looked at how people are relating to hurricane I feel officially over and they say what became of September eleven and all these people have seen a hurricane Ivan in order say it's just like September eleventh homer Canada stories afternoon as I is not the only and is arriving and is decided in the writing all these explanations in this unit is the same as universal as little as wanting as I search the entire Internet I was in him as he is now living in with Google moving about the places I think everybody you think we have a message for this time wife says that the same things because they were viewing the storms will come they will accelerate she talked about this a lot he specifically says she says that storms and other cities in the inverted information when our city that's not politically correct since one doesn't need its own politically correct is a direct it is correct she talks about the major metropolitan areas and she says I will service at all the people she says that he knows just when I was afflicted then before I was working I turned astray this will sometimes allow access of people and you and you had with Paul had a lot of people as I have today and he doesn't study is that the system is how you play malware to hardly reaching the sixteen million people in Los Angeles who was selling the house immediately is to reach that I think I will is what I is will and will and you wonder why Allawi says it is time they were constantly at hand over Middlesex you will doubtless want real estate about me about you is busy working on an assignment for your and hope we jagged to who can him who have it will you know how to reach a metropolitan area is why I feel about this I know you're busy I know you're not a fool I know you have often I want to get through medical school I want to be powerful life for the Lord just like other bikers and examples that come to this campus I want at all there is the question of nobody else is doing it mainly towards calling you knew is I worn always been before the revival information come from the top down usually about only to see yourself living in talking about maybe but I know that God can take one converted person make a difference you know this guy here in Eagle Colorado and you're not able to get really mad he got his bulldozer did your mother 's guide to Smith always bulldozing the look and steal all his balloon others in your letter you on the phone equipped and fitted however goes familiar about this guy and he was upset is able to some declaration on the unborn selected although there is some years before I started translating the first and only him learn is that he will do so as is the call to 911 the only one out of twelve thousand seventy thousand who naturally things over and finally got start a dialogue executives decided to leave in the morning and getting forgotten to sell you know with I guess you what are you armored vehicle from the sky is disguised as a power one individual actuated by bitterness take an entire city literally says I like and that is Enron will tell you about it today is a Osama bin Laden is one man who had bitterness and intensity and desire as he change the world it was another man from the ability who came up with Melissa virus a few years ago I don't remember this is a worldly bring out all the networks will eliminate women power of one person is made of five technology host of the things you believe is true the nineteen hijackers could come and change the world there were only on September eleven nineteen if you can change the world around you are left out of the time you have what kind any of this happen I believe that God can use whatever time you have taken magnifier you can multiply and he can do great things in the literature I love how the story ends there is registration and fantasizing is the first survey came to pass the bread and blessed I was in the merciless as our eyes were open and I is is is is is there are always several things that will a lot the is the Lord God anyone who words and Zoe Lass and what did they say first thirty two they had been braided garlic they had been almost the mystery lies in the fire and defibrillator then the him at what would you say I don't know what you say what I is is is in all things I said I is I have been with them they say there's anything they said the woman the data ha ha I is available as individual man will I I I I I think of you and what is more than they do is related I was on that very hour when they returned to Jerusalem and the eleventh and they started his policy is the noticeable delay is only this chapter with you and your business I will pray that this next year is less serious than you that many of you will consider seriously studying that out for yourselves the first pianist movements finds its fullest succession of books annual revelers in the movement is a social movement and has the judgment our message fully understood there is the only different thing theologically this church had said and I want you to know that for yourselves in the best known as soon as a it will be attacked I won't have the people it will be exciting in our church within people and we him in faith in people 's lives are changed by this last hour while studying the book of Daniel people try to gain people have and I Curtis is with doing that we were going Mister is if you guys think about it go home back there there was the Daniel Rasul is likely that all the rest of you but I know that doesn't use well-known just encourage you that this beginning that God has made he can use it for your glory but don't lose your joy is a dispute away in the Luke twenty four liberals of that same hour and they want to say first fifty two I was and they returned to Jerusalem with great joy and they were continually in the Temple blessing God and the great being with you this weekend the Lord bless you the Lord keep you and I look forward to hearing the


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