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Jumping Through Hoops

Daniel Calaguas


Daniel Calaguas

Student at Loma Linda University



  • December 22, 2007
    10:00 AM
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my data before we begin when we bow our heads for prayer on your father in heaven meeting he so much for another day lucky dunes was for preserving a life thus far we asked for this morning that your Holy Spirit would move upon this night you give us correct experience for me thank you for the experiences in the circumstance that you put us through this week in order that we may be have a look for your sake that you message would be clear this morning that you give understanding to people understanding to myself the hassle of a forgiveness of our sins five helps take your son Jesus for it is in his name we pray amen they were looking at Matthew chapter nine if you have your Bibles I like to turn to Matthew chapter nine and were looking at a familiar story to story the paralytic lowered through the roof must be shopping on her reading from verse two verse eight Ariane not the vilest of this inverse to and behold they brought in a man sick of the palsy lying on a bed and Jesus seeing their faith centered for the sake of the policy son be a good see it I think be forgiven and he holds certain of the scribes said within themselves this man Glassman and Jesus knowing their thoughts said wherefore think the evil in your heart for whether is easier to say thy sins be forgiven to be or to say arise and walk but that he may know that the son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins and safety to the sick of the palsy arise take I have been going house and he arose and departed to his house Mercedes says but when the multitudes on a marble and glorified God which had given such power in cement and so the story goes like this there's a man with the policy the friends being up to Jesus and in you read the account of the desire of ages it says this matter the policy struggling with guilt his mother was struggling with with the forgiveness of sins into what Jesus does the testing and Sunday of the Jedi sins be forgiven and that's inscribed in the house what ends up happening is these guys think to themselves who is this guy teases we can't forgive sins this is blasphemy and he does reading their thoughts he says I can forgive sins all proved to you that I can forgive sins and so what if the end of doing because of the metal the policy needs that arise take up by Denmark the lens of happening is this guy with the policy upon hearing the words of Christ lo and behold he arrived easy takes up his and so what we see here in Matthew chapter nine the past is that we just read is a physical example of what forgiveness looks like the real estate because what ends up happening is a common belief about forgiveness works is that you know they got a plotless struggling with sin and sources Lord forgive in the common belief is God sees anything okay Daniel what I'll do is I'll kind of look over your mistake you I look over your sin all all all currently got they just do better next hour hold that against you but what we see here in this example is that what happens when wind the forgiveness of sin takes place is that there is not a change in God but a change in the man because just as sure as when Christ said to the sick of the palsy arise take up thy bed and want received eighty nine he receives a new less at the same thing when he says Sunday BM goods yet I can be forgiven we must be led to believe that that that man receipt on those work for you same and so the case is this when Christ forgives us you doesn't just look over the sin he addresses this technique takes the iniquity away and he gives us a that's why forgiveness is what it's called for giving you looking Galatians one three and four it says that Christ gives his life for our sins for Guinness and so let's make this clear for example Daniel club with the safeties is a deceitful person you know everything you want to be in the Holy Spirit convicts me of sin Christ is the repentance and I say Lord forgive me of the sin to let and that happening is that my singles into the heavenly sanctuary and a cry said okay in my life I was never the same I was tempted from within and without and every client was tempted I never I never liked my pants and never cheated on a test and all throughout my life when I look to my father my motivation was you Daniel because one day I'm hoping that you'll grab onto this righteousness and so it ends up happening is a similar beginning of the seedless and this evilness was a heavily stationary and Christ takes his righteousness and replaces my iniquity with his honesty he replaces my line with his honesty is everyone see the so now no longer do I have my deceitfulness because it's in the heavenly sanctuary now I have the merit of Christ I honestly don't not only now but in the past not only now is all my dishonesty taking away things I have honestly of Christ do I ever have to be a slave that Finnegan my things in the heavenly sanctuary itself in order for me to commit the deceitfulness Chrysler luckily has to take that and on the heavenly sanctuary and get it back in order that any performance and so on otherwise the temptation is not something that works like this know the devil comes up unions and he says okay Daniel last you be envious again alive to commit that Leslie and I want to transgress the commandment the patient is never fundamentally an issue of those things is fundamentally an issue if you believe or not if you receive the righteousness of Christ because that's what he says it is either his face to twenty four the way we cooperate with Christ is by believing in Christ merits by believing his righteous so are we going so let's recap so far went to message up and I was looking at the physical example of what forgiveness looks like forgiveness is not just okay okay Daniel will look over this once then you just do better next time what actually happens in forgiveness is the iniquity is taken away and a new life Christ's life is given in place of iniquity does everyone see this afternoon until now lower than it was ordinary this quote from faith and works if you have a piece of paper encourage you to write this down faith and works page thirty eight reading paragraph two season workspace most of the path of the Lord says here he says this she said repentance as well as forgiveness is the gift of God through Christ it is through the influence of the Holy Spirit that we are convicted of sin and heal our need of part none looked contrite I forgiven but it is a grace of God that makes the heart penitent he is acquainted with all our weaknesses and remedies and he will help us more than read on the flight ally make your assist while we talk to John chapter fifteen John chapter fifteen and were looking today this morning at verse twenty six because were to find out that the conviction of sin is a merciful act because it testifies of Christ within a look at this morning John chapter fifteen verse twenty six the Bible says this it says but when the comforter is come whom I will send unto you from the father even the Spirit of truth which proceeded from the father he shall testify of who the meeting shall testify of Christ so in other words every work that the Holy Spirit done whether it's inspiring the profits whether it's uttering threats and prayer weather is giving us hope whether it is giving us comfort everything the Holy Spirit does what is the Bible say in verse twenty six it has to testify of Christ and so in other words when the when we go to the next chapter chapter sixteen verse seven and eight what is the Bible say here nevertheless I tell you the truth Christ is speaking it is expedient for you that I've always or if I go not away the comforter will not come unto you but if I depart I will send him unto in the Bible says in verse eight it says and when he is come he will reprove the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment so in other words all the duties of the Holy Spirit had we just saw in John chapter fifteen it must testify of Christ one of the duties that the Holy Spirit has is convicting assisting so you might say well how does the conviction of sin past the five crimes how to show me who Christ is because what happened than what when we are convicted of sin when I'm convicted of that deceitfulness it shows me this shows me Jesus was never deceitful every moment every trying moment as he looked to his father he gained the victory why because his motivation was that so that one day that he would be able to grab on to his righteousness and that's what we see here that's how it justifies the price and also received hearing aid in studying over reading on some who come to God by repentance and confession and even believe that their sins are forgiven still fail of claiming as they should the promises of God it says here they do not see that Jesus is an ever present Sagan and they are not ready to commit the keeping of the souls to him upon him to perfect the work of grace begun in their hearts while they think they are committing themselves to God there is a great deal of self dependence their conscience assault that has partly to God and partly to themselves in other words the prophet speaks like this she says you know we can understand this whole thing about how forgiveness works but there will be some who do not trust in the promises of God who do not see that when we do not think it's enough that Christ's life is given to solicit some self dependence performed what now if you don't want to say they do not look to God we can advise how to depend upon watchfulness against temptation the performance of certain duties for acceptance with she goes on to say there are no victories in this kind of thing such person 's toil to no purpose their souls are in continual bondage and they find no rest until the burdens laid at the feet of Jesus she's important to understand as important to contemplate on the Risa 's price because it are about other things we do what it duties that we perform if they don't stem from a faith that grabs onto what testify the price if we are just performing certain duties for acceptance with him or for me I just watching watching for temptation everywhere we go in training lightly without stemming from the righteousness of price she says there are no victories in this kind of in other words I mean when we're just talking about present truth things portable we can drop the jewelry and drop the skirts lengthens leaves there are no victories in the skies of Europe and I'm not lowering the standard mother insisted I would the context that were talking about here is when these things don't stem from a faith that is in Christ I mean just thought we can put our twenty twenty bills and offering plate here ties to the deacons of the we can just be jumping through hoops buying all the organic food that we want but if these things both from an understanding of the merits of Christ though it don't come from us on believing that we receive Christ life were discussing entire come to church every week tired to the thing is when read from poking the design that is faced to most of the offices she says many take it for granted that they are Christian simply because they subscribe to certain theological journals on to say that they are not brought that shoot into practical life men may profess faith in the truth but if it does not make them sincere kind patient forbearing heavenly minded is a cursed woods possesses and through the influence is a curse to the world so in other words if these things if these certain duties that are far because the jewelry we brought the keys to cut the meat in these things don't testify Christ if these things are making us more patient more loving more heavenly minded she says that the course not only to us but to the world and never given up while they are young to talk about spiritual things with your friends and you have this kind like vindictive attitude you know it's like this the beginning of miles they are talking about spiritual things and you think yourself since I had to surrender these things since I had to jump through these hoops now you have to jump through these hoops now religious bigots while because we didn't believe we didn't see that these we receive Christ life you know she said she said in a decided taste for eighty two says this normally this every human every human being in the body soul and spirit is the property of God Christ died to redeem them all nothing can be nothing can be more offensive to God than for men the religious bigotry that brings suffering upon those who are the purchase of the Savior 's blood nothing can be more friends weekend all in this will be mass murderers and we can sign the validation for an apostate acting medical movement and that still wouldn't be as offensive as being a religious bigot to go since I had to surrender these things since I had to jump through these hoops now you have to jump through these Zarqawi Dubai Bible things that we talk was insistent was not Bucharest the world these troops make us more like Christ these truths are supposed to make us more patient more loving more climber had reminded we are throwing hammers around she goes on to say page they are capable there is a need of constant watchfulness and earnest loving devotion but these will come naturally when the soul is kept by the power of God through faith now showing we can do nothing absolutely nothing to commend myself to divine favor we must not trust that all of ourselves or to our good work but when carrying single beings we come to Christ we might find resting is not what you think God will accept everyone that comes to him trusting holding in the merits of a crucified Savior love springs up in the heart there may be no exit your feelings but there is an abiding peaceful trust every burden is light for the yelp which Christ imposes is easy duty becomes a delight and sacrifice of pleasure to pass that before seems shrouded in darkness becomes brightly the beans of the center-right this is walking in the light of Christ is in the line you know if you turn it needs a book of first chapter five verse four you asked but believed us some interesting things I know will hopefully your wash hands when you get out of the bathroom I guess yourself why you wash your hands again I mean do you really see the bacteria on your hands is a whitewash she believes is so powerful the reason why we wash our hands when we get out of the bathroom is because we believe that they are these things called bacteria that can give us deadly diseases is it not but yet how many of us have really seen the back to your animated is a microbiologist in the house the heating of these exams but how many of God really seem back to you I know we wash our hands because we believe they exist so in other words when we believe they'll receive Christ life is that Cazares changes we need to change what we do but if we are doing these things of which is lengthening the speculative ravings neither were just cutting the chocolate for acceptance with God both sisters are jumping through hoops over in first John chapter five verse verse one a model says that for whatsoever is born of God we sing the song overcomes the world and this is the victory that overcomes the world even our will to resist temptation this is the victory that overcomes the world in liability to us with them last was a sake even know what easy we can just come up here and we can list them standards and this dazzle just draw out the window I mean the sheet will just be so long but yet how many of us keep passable redoing Shiva I fasted once a week see Lord Angel performed out see a lawyer look at me and when we hope that these when God looks at us when we bring these things in him we hope that he'll look at us like he looks at his victory that overcomes the world he is righteous party disputes between without the closing I want to look at another Texan in Romans chapter fifteen Romans chapter fifteen verse thirteen Paul is writing mouth is his first thirteen now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing that you may abound in hope that the power of the Holy Ghost brothers and sisters do these things that we believe give us joy you these things that we believe give us comfort to these the eyepiece things that we believe in benefiting our lives are we going to bed at night wondering why were getting so tired of doing the things they do are these things giving us you are we wondering why in Berlin now because the point of these things we looked at in John chapter sixteen John fifteen these things were testified these things were too quick to show us what he did in his life that we made you think biophysicists leave me I'm not here today to take down the standard because as I understand it I highly thought out hope was a place will be lifted it up but what I'm saying today is in the context of not believing in the context of not understanding that we do these things because of the price of Christ it doesn't matter what we do we don't have this understanding which is jumping to seven seasons are winter closes this when I close with this I hear remember no really this a banana and some of said so far no I know I repeat a lot she says this remember this many taken for granted that they are Christian simply because they subscribe to certain theological tenet but they are not about the truth of the practical life men may profess faith in the choose and desire pages sixty oh nine but if it does not make insincere kind patient for varying heaven reminding is accursed with possessives and through their influences Christopher some thinkers we look in Matthew chapter we found out we found physical example of what begins forgiveness doesn't look like Daniel asking for forgiveness and God this looks over the thing okay to do a better job next time I won't hold that against you what forgiveness looks like Scott takes the life of his son and he replaces minute quickie with the life is and so that not only every single time in the past writing this on us whatever it was not only his back covered not only does that look like Christ but now since I have high 's honesty since I have his name I never had to be a space that's again is only when I stopped believing in that Christ have to give me back my sin in order for each one we found that these things testify of Christ and we also found that if we lose this belief when that's happening is we become religious bigots why because we just start doing things for the sake of doing them hoping that will find acceptance with God Natalie wanted because you know them is going to make a call I don't want to reiterate some visit why don't you raise your hand is an maybe some of us in here at the head before nothing is more this morning would be a good time to North Africa to the we can give all the while saving for religious figures were not going this money is not the same boat and made some this morning who is struggling with a certain scene in a balance you know that question is likely to perform because he looked to the father and his motivations you motivations me one day we would be able to grab onto Zac change our lives to Christ has already given us is always just a matter to be believing that being said I'm glad I had sort of by their father in heaven we thank you Lord we understand here in this room at times the time is short father we believe that you are coming soon and father you have given us the Holy Spirit choose that would have the power and the capacity to change our lives and what would I live the life we would see a clear picture of Christ ought our lives be like if truly the things that we believe in Davis comfort is truly the things that we believe in testified if you would analyze change how would you work before the father this morning we pray love that you wouldn't still in the simple reason that you would instill in us in your mercy I believe in your son is that we may grab onto his and that we may give us victory after victory after victory lies his father we believe that you are preparing the people and what we ask for your same that you would forgive us of our father we have to trade you my lives we have trends but in his life your son never trust it was faithful to find this faithful to you in order that you give us his life so we asked for for your sake that you would help us understand the movie thank you so much for the Sabbath day Lord we pray you would give us a blessing father Duplessis says Lord blesses me father me Jesus for he asked his name and


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