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The Victory

Steven Grabiner


Steven Grabiner

President, Outpost Centers International



  • December 13, 2014
    11:00 AM


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morning everyone is missing the concert next week. right, so all of you that were not planning on coming concert. have you changed your mind with real blessing as we've been studying the past several weeks. actually, I'm not coming to the cross and trying to understand Jesus death from a variety of different angles exploring a number of them in wars at the Bible uses to talk about Christ's death, and this morning I like to look at the metaphor of the victory, victory in Christ or the victorious Christ now. Mike mentioned earlier that today is the sixty year anniversary of our starting this church, which is real blessing on Sunday was another anniversary. anybody know what that is Pearl Harbor Day last Sunday, not a personal anniversary for any of us. obviously, but I'm fairly significant event in world history and I thought about Pearl Harbor and I thought about the battle that we find ourselves in a spiritual battle is reminded of Winston Churchill 's first address when he became the Prime Minister of England, and he spoke to the parliament in England. he said this in his first address, he said, I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat shirts was a pretty smart man. I think he was directly alluding to the death of Jesus Christ when he goes on to say, you ask, what is our aim. I can answer in one word, it is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be for without victory there is no survive without victory there is no survival and honestly was talking about the dissolution of society as doing, but that's a very important point isn't it without victory at the death of Jesus Christ. there really is no survival for this world without victory in our personal lives. there is no survival. I select through this morning it turned to the book of collisions, Colossians, and raised through a passage invited sure with me. they are to chapter two. appreciate agreeing that reading the earlier and this is a particularly knotty passage in that there are phrases in it that we really need to think about and there's questions about the grammar so on. hope you written this morning, the first of all, we want to recognize the rep throughout the New Testament, there is this atmosphere of time there's an atmosphere of victory and that victory is directly related to the death of Jesus. for example, in Revelation chapter five in verse. verses five and six. it talked about the layout who has overcome and that layout is pictured as having been slain. so John in Revelation makes a direct correlation between victory and what takes place in the death of Jesus. Revelation twelve eleven talked about you and talk to me where it says that God 's people will overcome down overcome the devil by the blog on the lam I knew where their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death. so again, this concept of victory. second Corinthians. for instance, missing ingredient two fourteen tells us that John always leads us in China always leads us in victory. really excited your life may not look like Jesus life didn't look like that, not from the heavenly perspective Don always leads his people. in time, and of course Romans eight thirty seven that famous passage that pulses in all these things we are more than conquerors through him. bonds want our life to be a series of uninterrupted victories not seen so in this world, but seemed that way in this year after and all of our experiences are based on his experience at the cross we can look at his death in a number of ways we think of his death, in relation to victory. there are several aspects that were actually we could probably have a whole series just on this idea of victory, the first of all, the victory was predicted in the Garden of Eden, where Genesis three fifteen, there is the promise that someone is going to come to deliver us that in a crash. they had on the serpent, and that victory began in the life of Jesus in his earthly life as all through his life, he was faced with temptations, but said no to every one of those temptations, he condemned sin in the flesh. he constantly resisted those temptations. but that victory culminated reached its apex, its highest point. when Jesus yielded up his life at Calvary. that's what we really want to look at this morning and when we think about that. if you think about Jesus death momentarily very help your intuition to death is a victory. the people that were standing at the foot of the cross. they did not see as a victory when they see you complete failure defeats the cross in the Jesus sayings were in the time of the Roman Empire was a symbol of the oppressor and secure as a man convicted by the state spread eagle hung up before people that do not look like victory. but what John Stott is on United preaching pastor makeup of years ago. he said this if there is victory at the cross. it is the victory of five prejudice, jealousy, hatred, Howard is an brutal brutality you look at the cross from an earthly point of view from a human perspective, that's what looks like taking place in your brothers and sisters often in our lives we look at things in the wrong point of view. sometimes we get hurt sometimes we hurt other people, we look at things in the world, and sometimes we think this is just a victory for the dialogue. this is a victory of pride or jealousy or cowardice cornerstone stockings on also to talk about the victory that is at the cross, and it's a victory of law, it's a victory of self sacrifice. it's really important for us to understand that God clunkers through self-sacrifice continually entirely so. and that's turning into Colossians chapter two, and as we can go to their art and seven verbs in one highlight for us as we mentioned this passage, and it's important for us to kind of keep in mind who was acting that are how was cracked so Colossians jumped into inverse thirteen personal when you were dead in your transgressions and the circumcision of your flash. he has made you alive together with the author personal with our condition that is not just that but then again, I finished dead in your sins. your ungodliness. your transgressions and bonds can't do very much and it's important for us to realize that that is our condition outside of Christ dead in transgressions, but they see in the verse is real clear who the author is that obviously was really the best opportunity to slip back up in the previous verse, you'll see that it was God that raised Christ from the dead, so, God is the after the active agent, at least at this point in the passage. so God do something for us. what did he do, he made us alive together with him with Christ and then he begins Paul does you explain that a little bit more for bowling. but before we do… think about this situation. if somebody is dead and they are made alive. what would you call that they has to call resurrection trip. what else would you call you and call it a miracle right. remember when Pope John Paul died. I was in Africa and I were driving out of my house. your little vehicle listening to BBC radio and never talking about zero and I will mental picture. Madison will be like to be in the race that got wind that the exciting and it certainly within newsworthy event at the very least, it would have been near the fact that you're here today is near dead in trespasses and transgressions. but God means you alive with Christ that God, being each one of us to have that miracle take place in our lives when we struggle with the things we struggle with it internally in the private anger or hurt all those things we need to remember me a miracle cruise activities, God, God has made you alive together with him, and that's continue on in the verse was the next part of the verse say is mainly made us alive together with him, having done something having them not us all our trespasses or transgressions of the of the King James, that's what it says, having forgiven us out, having forgiven you actions of the King James says, having forgiven you all your trespasses. more modern translations say he has forgiven us, and I think that's what Paul does think the modern translations are correct, your Paul. he puts himself right in the midst is talking to these people in the church is a zero. raise you up front included as well important part of the gospel that every one of us are in need. together no one else has a as a leg up in the not needing a miracle, so he has forgiven us all our transgressions and interesting. this worker given Paul only a couple of times in this way really a legal term in our past concerns. we look at the Lima legal aspect of what's happening in Christ's death, but he's made us alive together with him, and he's forgiven us what has been forgiven as how much the only sorry mercy, forgiving all our transgressions. is there any transgression, but he is not forgiven when he might be able to argue and not argue with the other. I keep holding onto them and be lost. I agree with that but never we talked about reconciliation from dockside dog was in Christ, doing what reconciling the world unto himself, and are embracing of the forgiveness is based on what time do you in Christ at the cross is misaligned at the miracle he's forgiven us all our transgressions that is a miracle and a third point to yourself these made us alive. these forget us. verse fourteen hundred fourteen. it really need to think about a little bit. the King James as he blotted out somewhere in the first fourteen the first part that he blotted out the handwriting contained in ordinances. the handwriting of ordinances and if you have a different translation of the number them on the screen here for us. he blotted out. he canceled it. he arranged it to you. why did away for here were thinking about the whole record of sin and everything was unsettling for Dana, now called a little further and he says he has one digg mine is now see has canceled it. what is it that he canceled this is Panama 's on the King James says McGinn, a handwriting of ordinances in a manner different translation. it's very clear that this is a handwritten document what does it mean if the only different Bible commentators, they'll say different things on some that I've read after several this is long gone. interesting that the law is never mentioned in the book of Colossians and on to say this is the long God and your importing some thoughts there hot. some of the other individuals I know this is really talking about the ceremonial law, and if you just want to jot down Deuteronomy thirty one twenty six. it describes in Deuteronomy, how the ceremonial law, which was handwritten, was put in the side of the ark as a witness against us that there's a connection there the whole purpose of the ceremonial law was what my God give the ceremonial law was its function is to point us to Christ and Sims, the more a lot witnessed Christ, which is certainly alone largely concerned sacrifices sacrifices that when you say okay this is what you were to do a job point. inner direction, and so perhaps Paul is saying a just handwritten code is gone because there's no more reminder of the sacrifice instead, it's entirely possible and defensible position. but there's another position as well, which was very current in John's day in Paul's day and in Eileen and in verse nineteen, I Intel's highly to Calvinism is that I'm going to write a note and written everything that he knows you against my charge. I'm writing it with my own hand. this expression writing was often connected to some kind of a call in. I know you if you owe someone something you would just write it and sign it and say that this is what I know this is my dad back some of the newer translations translate this as a certificate of debt. what is our debt to go on everything we always in everything we transgressed his law. we broken it. we've been in rebellion are Jack is astronomical. many here have a home mortgage. sometimes it ways art bills minimum mortgage, credit card debt, debt, debt can be crushing candidates prescribed under authority. he has erased it. he has canceled it. he has why it away. she has wanted it out beautiful picture really made alive. why will refer you know this thing that's against us is blotted out, and then on top of all this also something else in the next little phrase in verse fourteen, when he done with this verse fourteen he canceled a certificate of debt consisting of decrees that was against us. it was hostile to us, and he has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross. he's taken it out of the way taken out of the nest. you and I should not have a guilty conscience death has been paid if they were go admin list and it's been. now you forget so your neighbor and saw the person in here. changing the and so this is what God is doing for our and as we understand the coffin. this would looking at the crossing in terms of how we communicate this to people. so many different sides of the union of Jesus death. different aspects of the metaphor that we can tell people struggling with something, near some working miracle in your life. this is what God is accomplished in Christ, and then as the last part, says she had nailed it to the cross. some scholars think that Todd Bible students think that this certificate of debt. when Jesus was crucified. what was placed on the cross above his head and remember what it says about Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. what if they put that sign above his head on the cross that was the charge. this is what this man was guilty, he was guilty of claiming to be the king of the gyms and in the sight of Rome that was a crime until our time has been nailed to the cross. whatever your crime is whenever my cry news. it has been blotted out, lifted up taking away nail to the cross you believe that I hope to do that. what you might wrestle with her struggle with this is what the Scriptures is telling us this is what God is telling a mitigating unit 's leaders will be talking about victory in order talking about is yes, and recounts in understanding what God has done in reconciling us back to himself and exposing Satan from Wikipedia online and we begins to snow and last time we went to hear the Messiah in the night. nicely done* been playing on the Oregon unit depending on who plays the organ depends on what kind of sounds come out right. if I were playing in the wind and sound. it is nice that I was saying that it would not have sounded as nice as it did last night in the art. since times can be likened, Oregon, and the question is who's playing it. Satan is there no just hammering us down, else something we listen to the voice of conscience, but the work of the Holy Spirit is always to encourage us never to discourage us, and if we feel like the voice of conscience is hammering hammering me pointing out many were listening to the wrong voice. we need to realize my dad has been taken care of, across now call begins to talk about the victory felt for Jimmy. I was a lengthy introduction verse fifteen birth. fifteen of the King James said he's spoiled and other translations say to disarm these principalities and powers, rulers and authorities set up a couple of things I need to figure out. first of all who are these principalities who are these rulers and authorities, Romans eight thirty eight clearly tells us that their Satanic powers, as does Ephesians three ten thirty the victory that Paul Paul is describing in the life of Jesus is not simply a victory over Rome, all-knowing. his victory over who was behind Rome, which was so there's this victory will mean that Jesus spoil them or disarm them to gain the victory over. that's true, but it is disarming. well, let's think for a moment and there's two ways at once to think about this. first off, if you disarm someone you are taking their weapons away what is Satan 's greatest weapon is to greatest weapons and accusations he's the accuser 's brother and mother Theodore. she is a deceiver across all of those deceptions were disarmed safely. from the factory in beginning of sending inception as they need to trust God enough God is unjust. the other thing around. oh, don't listen to what God saying, listen to what I'm saying. no insinuating cutin on misrepresent the character of the cross. it's all exposed Satan 's lies are all exposed for what they are. he is just our crops problem is, we still wrestle with believing his lines in the true sense of the battle is over, clearly he's been exposed as a fraud is achieved as a deceiver. he is being disarmed. but there's another aspect of this word because although a lot of translations translated as disarmed her spoiled but the main intent of this word if you have your Bibles opening to the Colossians chapter three in verse nine straight across page# Paul says do not lie to one another. since you have done what you take off your back and practices that exact same word. that's used in, in Colossians juniors fifteen that you change it off your old man. the question is, in what way could Jesus have taken off the principalities and powers. the word comes from elected blockage after something policy thing another way to look at this is that all the life of Christ, Satan and his angels were wrapped around Jesus continually harassing him continually tempting and continually whole-grain again, nor every moment to try and delete anything bad happen death of Christ, the victory is complete when Jesus was here in earth, he took on our human nature. he faced temptations. the powers of evil, evil continually gathered around him. the cross. they are fully defeated the cross is a sign of Satan 's full defeats the death of Jesus demonstrates the power of Christ's death over the forces account the death of Jesus demonstrates that power that Howard needs to be manifest in your life that power was displayed across that will work is unchangeable. the blood of Christ, the death of Christ as a power that will never be lost. it's a power that will never be overthrown the power that needs to take place in your life. the blood of Jesus will never, never lose its power clearly shown at the cross of Jesus Christ transforming in effect, not the point of this passage there is victory at the cross of Christ, the victory over all the powers of how victory over the strength of the devil. the cross is Satan 's defeat, the passage continues to likely verse fifteen continues that Jesus has made a public display and then boldly and openly before the assembled on falling universe. Christ is seen as the victor, and Satan as they defeated from self-sacrifice is clearly seen to be the way God rules the universe. the last part of verse. Paul tells us that having he made a public display over them, having triumphed over them through GM procure get depending on your translation. the image of this triumph comes from the what the Roman emperors would do when they would conquer territory and they would come back home. the Emperor would be in his chariot and running on the chariot dragging along for his captives. here's a picture of Jesus Christ, Victor. how Joomla! through self-sacrifice and that line will never lose its power and you and I need that power in our lives. we need to understand. yes we live in a battle zone. we live in a battle zone greater than Winston Churchill Linden, but the only aim the only way is victory, victory means survival. the victory was predicted in the Garden of Eden. it began in Christlike, Your Honor. it culminated in his death his cross, but it's extended as you embrace a I braced sharing with semi- guilty this morning is very willing to embrace that victory. the fact that that decision is gone, taken out of the way removed from the cross removed nails across arrested labor under that load of guilt anymore longer were not very hungry way, is there some aspect in your life in which Satan still has whole fun and desire the flashers on bitterness were or some anything when you embrace victory today. prices share with others. the holiday season, it's Christmas time were thinking about the birth of Christ. but remember that verse, led to a death that death was the downfall of Saint King may look like it's still raging today and they look still like his victorious, but it is defeated. the blood of Jesus will never, never visit. let's pray together father in heaven. thank you, thank you for the victory. that's in Jesus Christ. thank you for your work through him for giving us lauding out our transgressions, reconciling us to yourself. thank you, that is, we see Jesus we see you and we thank you for your goodness, we pray Lord that today and this afternoon and tomorrow and for the rest of the week. the rest of the year. the rest of our lives. we would walk in the light of the victory comes to the cross of Christ I can't just order your victory, self-sacrifice, no surrender will and for media was brought. audio nurse, a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more. you would like to know more about our universe. the more certain that please visit www.. audio tours .org


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