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Jesus Cares

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

President, Eden Valley Institute



  • April 8, 2015
    7:00 PM
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good evening everyone. how do you feel the knife. I can hardly walk. I think I walked about twenty miles today. I wonder what is going to feel like tomorrow. let me tell you why I am truly grateful to have been part of this program and really I want to thank everyone that participated is not like if my program is easy to fill in off to see what has happened today beauty of it all. it's amazing. it really, really in highlight invited inherently these revivals in Matthew chapter a all that happened today reveals to us that there is power in espousing a common cause. this power input is putting aside our differences and uniting our efforts in this service that we can render to others, and as I was writing down these words, I was thinking for a moment to myself while it is. if a eighteen million Seventh-day Adventists could be involved when we were involved today in the world in their community is putting out all that they can put out as often as they can do it, it would seem to me that it would be amazing if we could put away our gender differences if we could put away our racial differences are political differences are trying to think of the word liberal and conservative differences. if we ignore all the conspiracy theories that are coming our way and paid all of that. put aside all of that so that we could focus on simply ministering to the people around us. it would be so much power. I don't know that we know what to do with what you think now hi, we didn't even make sense to you. makes sense, any as a matter fact I believe that the Bible teaches us that in Revelation chapter eighteen, verse one, it says that there is coming a time when the whole world will be like when the lorry of God, that the whole world like when the glory of God 's character is evil, and then somehow the largest villainous repeatedly situate us all over the world so that his character is loving character can be seen by everyone in the world is that going to happen. well, the Bible says it is going to happen and I don't know if this is the beginning of it or not, but if you're feeling like you mean one of blessing and today on the line, but when it has been going to happen. I'm done about revelation chapter eighteen. now, granted going to happen when were tired of playing here is going to happen when we're praying for the Holy Spirit life is really important to have. it's going to happen when we decided them are going to continue to minister to the people around us so that we can bring Jesus into their lives so that they can see Jesus so that they can no love of God. this is what's missing in the world, and I don't know that you and I have made so much progress in the past, but we know that there is a time in the future. when that progress will be made. what a blessing. what a blessing. I've enjoyed the top also seen today that we can excuse myself because, well, I'm not a doctor and I'm not a death dentist and I'm not a professional yell. we don't need to be. you can see today that everyone that participated in this thing was needed and even if the lawless one among us, whoever that might be nice to know that I can ever figure that out. but even if the lowest among us at duty there would be vanished on the program, but I'm glad no one answered. certainly the and I'm falling I say I thought I'll tell you a little story. some of you perhaps have heard my wife and I went to Africa in nineteen eighty seven and eight about a year after we did Danielle remove noninclusive. do we did get a call from the Doctor Richard Lukens and his wife Lorna. it is in Africa for fourteen years– has succumbed to listen to take their place. they wanted their children to go to school because they become teenagers. they wanted them back to America. so we went over there to replace than the level he got there, the cheese in his validator three thousand African people in the valley. there were two chief they called us together. not looking than myself and we went over there and they said was the only reason Doctor Luke and his individuality is because he opened a clinic in the Valley and now he is asking another family to come in. there's no point in another family coming in, except they keep the clinic open. well, no problem, my life as a grade ten education and I have a grade ten education of twenty years between us, surely we can see the clinic open right well doesn't exactly work that way. nevertheless, we thought that maybe we could do something there that we were connected with the Ludhiana middle, and if anything went wrong, we can always have doctors and helpless with this thing so we said yes he did. many of all this is background one. I did not. my wife and I are sleeping, and then all of a sudden we heard a racket outside and in and in what was happening. you have to know that this is all the kingdom in the skies on top of the him or the movie. now, depending on which side you're on, and we roughly thousand five hundred feet in the mountains that towered to ten thousand feet and our driveway was up and down like this, and I had cemented and vaccinated. really rough like to get out. I have the only pickup and the whole valley and what was happening was an oxcart was coming down those that try down our driveway is making a racket. so we went out to meet them, and there was a lady in the autostart pregnant ready to be delivered as you said to my wife, you must deliver my baby and my wife said I've never delivered a baby before I don't know how to deliver a baby. well, he said, and the size as he says it is a hospital, twelve miles from here wanted to go there in the lady is not well in a not smart. you know… I'm here. I deliver my babies. I went into the library that rekindled in the left behind, and I found thereof, both with a chapter in it how to deliver babies either the laughter is in the loop when it, we didn't have electricity. I boiled water, not knowing that you don't well want to deliver baby but he do in the movies and so I thought water. I miss the lantern. I gave my wife about with the book in one hand she delivered her very first baby with the other hand, now let me tell you something. we were in Africa, ten years and I'm sure my wife had delivered one two three four five babies only for ten years. he just seemed to be that way. we didn't count them but I know that she delivered a passable baby my baby, but here's the point. he never lost one, not one he delivered babies in the back of pickup. he delivered babies in smoking hot. he delivered babies on the trail he delivered babies in every situation you can think of. she delivered brief you are remaining for the cord wrapped around her neck. she delivered babies would be delivered Wednesday delivered everything you can think of. he never lost one. you know why you never lost one because he didn't know how to deliver babies. that's why every time someone would come along, he would get on her knees and keep a large. we came here to be a blessing. we didn't come here to hurt anyone. I'm not a midwife. I don't know how to deliver babies. I don't know what I'm doing you can send it up to me. I don't want to know. but if you want to send back to me. you've got to send me the wisdom to deal with. and the Lord heard her prayer every time never lost one. you know there's a spiritual lesson that he didn't know how he never lost one. we can't save ourselves, we can heal ourselves, but we need not, and the point is that if God can do greater things to do. people who only had a grade ten education at the point. and when God 's people care enough that they get on their knees in the league with the help for the wisdom that he can him of the meeting was not the help they can give up when we get on. I mean, and seek God for a miracle that he will give us a caring heart like Jesus had a caring heart. you think he can do that we cared enough. well, I think we're carrying this weekend. we really are that we feel are not renewing works that show care and we heard some testimonies of the people are feeling it. there's no doubt my mind that the people are feeling. what a blessing for the humidity. just look at this work, care for her a minute there and we need to Matthew eight. I guess I've already asked you that Matthew a good-looking the many see sixteen and seventeen, when he even was come, they brought unto him many that were possessed with devils, and he cast out the spirit with his word and healed all or think that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying himself took our infirmities, and there are thicknesses, nine interested in the words of our infirmities, and there are thicknesses. what can that possibly mean. I mean, when I picture Jesus here and by the way, Mrs. Matthew chapter rate motivated in Matthew chapter in the Centurion comes along and he says he, Jesus, speak a word only in my servants are being healed, Jesus do something like that. I didn't like that all the time and this is the picture I haven't seen this in here. he says he cares our infirmities, you take our sicknesses upon himself and I'm thinking, well, all you have to do is stand there and be communal into being, and it would happen so long in the world does this mean apparently there's something deeper here and happening okay as you know soon with using me soon and fitness bear to each other. a relation of cause and effect when we break the law. the hotel at the cause, we get to that effect. I had in the Old Testament when a man or woman or somebody did something wrong and they confess whatever it was a man of an innocent lamb that would be the cause and what happened to the man. the consequence is where that he would die for receiving this in the guilty party. likewise, in some mysterious exchange Jesus bears our infirmities in our diseases, and there is an icon I want bin Laden himself. we remember the drain on price when a woman who had an issue of blood for twelve years. that is done, you member what it says that we need to Mark chapter five: going to be in Mark chapter five verses twenty eight ten two thirty Mark chapter five verses twenty eight to thirty. this woman had any human blood. she did to her position as a matter fact I believe the text says he has been all her money trying to find healing which you have found that healing announcement not only sixty was wrote, but he heard of Jesus. somewhere along the way and he went looking for him and when he found him, he was surrounded by a crowd of people. I believe that he was going to gyrus 's house. I'm not mistaken, and the people of the whole trial who were following and they were tight around him, and there was no way for her to get most of him. I don't know how she did it. I don't know how he busted through the crowd. I don't know how he got close the wiki on a guy closer. nothing in the gutsy environment verse twenty eight Morrissey said he finally typed by his close I shall behold what I thought. verse twenty nine and straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up, and she felt in her body that she was healed of that way. and Jesus immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned them about in the press and sent who touched my clothes. what was that about. I mean, the idea that verse you went out for from him. I've never had that experience. have you ever done something and felt hurt you brain away from you I I don't know that would feel like I don't know what Jesus was experiencing, but you know in case you think this is an isolated case. during this means you lose accuracy is removed after six were going to look at verses seventeen to nineteen Luke chapter six, seventeen to nineteen, and he came down with them and stood in the plane in the company of his disciples and a great multitude of people out of all Judaica Jerusalem, and from the seacoast of Tyre and Sidon, which came to hear him and to be healed of their diseases and they that were vexed with unclean spirits, and they were healed and the whole multitude sought to touch him for their web virtue out of him, and to heal them all. I'll something in Jesus left Jesus when he healed these people and I suppose this thing, that left him is the thing that heal them. I guess I and in my mind. what I'm seeing here is that Jesus was identifying himself with the human race. he took our infirmities upon himself. he took our diseases upon himself and what we received lesbians virtue, and I believe that we can have that experience still today if you go to Isaiah chapter sixty three, Isaiah chapter sixty three, we see something similar, but not exactly. Isaiah sixty three were looking at verses eight and nine. I hope you don't mind using your Bible Isaiah sixty three, eight and nine and he said speaking surely they are my people, children… will not lie so he was their savior in all their affliction he was afflicted, and the angel of his presence saved them in his loving in his video regained them. and carried them all the days of old. in their affliction he was he better their diseases. election I have a quotation in the margin of my Bible from that I may know him, page forty eight. it says he made every case of need and suffering his own his own what his own need, and his own suffering. he made in his own and desire pages eight hundred and twenty three this is me, Christ feelings. it's just that word I said, feeling Christ feels the wall was of every sufferer when fever is burning up the life current. he feels the agony and so we may think in our diseases in and are paying the Jesus you know he's over there, just like you and I can see someone that's suffering and we can sympathize with the fact that their suffering. I can't feel the feeling. just last week a matter of fact on Easter morning I lost a friend. I was at Eden Valley for twelve years in hiding, usually been there all the time that I was there and she died of cancer on Easter morning. she suffered. it's amazing to me the suffering that she went through the Ali thing I could do was get on my knees and plead with the putter to sleep. there is no point. it seemed to me there was no point in all my suffering, but that she didn't need to suffer any longer largest givers sleep. she's not going to recover from this thing, and I could feel I could feel the pain, though I can feel sympathy did you feel for some people today. yeah, yeah, a lady came to me. she had a husband and a little baby whether and she was crying and crying and crying. apparently she got in to triage and she sat down, and before her husband could sit down beside her. someone someone else came and sat where her husband was supposed to be. she got a band for vision to go into vision and they ran out of bands and the other guy got abandoned her husband didn't get abandoned. she came out of there just trying and trying and unthinking. well, you know, this is not that serious is just a little thing, and surely we cannot in all we can do something about this, but to her it was a huge disaster and I tried to encourage her to come with me and you know, we can fix this. this is not a big problem. and so I just went over there and talk to the people and, of course, hey, we're here for them right and so there was a problem with a little problem, and we have the power to fix it. I didn't have to work a miracle. I really did not work a miracle. but hey, I believe Jesus would not have worked a miracle in that instance, either you would've gone over there and say this is the problem. here's how we can fix it, and we would face the and this is what I did. we have the power to help people and it doesn't take huge. we all have to do gymnastics in order to be a veiled blessing to the people is another lady today. she was in a wheelchair and someone that's in the darkness with switching around the guest it easier and she was so dear is he was just just crying and apparently he was in abject pain. she wasn't so much pain you know, and I thought what was going on the goose isn't so much pain. while she had the medicine with her, but apparently she couldn't take the medicine, unless you have some food. well, okay, I can help with this, too, so I ran over with at the time when the food was being doled out at night. I forgot all etiquette. I did ask anybody's permission. I didn't I didn't apologize to anyone I just wrote. I went right for the front I got the bag. I didn't apologize. I walked out of the bag and put it in her lap. that wasn't hard to do, but I could feel for her and I maybe there's somebody here who saw me do that and thought Holland truth about native no idea, but I was on a mission, and I had to help the lady somehow, so I assume things went better for her. I don't know. I hope so from that point never heard the story of a little boy and then asked him if he would give blood to his sister, his sister was seriously ill and so he agreed that he could do that now you remember in no know some of you are too young, but some of you remember that in the old days. blood was given direct from person-to-person, so I assume he was laying on a bed a little higher than his sister would be laying on another bed, lower and blood would be going from his is vain to hers. now I don't know his background, maybe. probably he was a Christian little boy and he'd heard from his parents or you'd read in the Bible that the life is in the blood right and so maybe he was thinking that as he you live. he was giving his life, and so he laid bear bravely giving his life he thought and he was expecting that he could feel his life ebbing away. he could feel the approach of death, but it wasn't coming because he wasn't feeling anything. so finally he lifted up his head, and you look at the assistant or whoever was helping with this and he said, when my going to die while friends. he wasn't going to die, but he didn't know it. he was willing to die in a friend, listen, Jesus was not only willing to die. he did, and I think that exchange cost him costs him still to this day. now I don't know that I can stand here and under and help you to understand what I'm saying but in the book first selected messages. I know that it says there that Jesus healed to this day, all the pain that saw that sin has ever committed and obtained of the crucifixion. to this day, he's making an atonement in the most holy place of the sanctuary, and he feels our affliction and he's still working on our behalf are we medical missionaries, according to the example that Jesus has given us all. somebody might say I'm afraid I'm working like that would wear my life would wear me out. well down. I think that it would. what do you know that we are wearing out, we may as well wear out doing this a doing something else or rusting out and somebody else might say I'm a health reformer, and I think I'll take care of my health. you know I have a bone to pick with some some kind of health reformers some health reformers are so dedicated to their own health. they don't have time. they don't have strength left to minister to other people. sometimes there's a fine line between health reform and health abs. absorption is what I wrote down some of the sickest people I know are health reform because they're focused on themselves management, health reform is something that's not reformatory about that. there's a secret here, shared with you. this is in Isaiah fifty eight where in Isaiah sixty three a little while ago the just a few pages. Isaias Isaiah fifty eight and being Seventh-day Adventists is no doubt in my mind that you know what Isaiah fifty eight is all about God is looking at the Jewish people than that day and saying you guys/ first right. they had come to the point in their understanding that if they had a problem. all they have to do is fast and pray and ask God to give them the advantage whether they had an enemy or rival, whoever it might be, and God says that's a lot of class that I have ordered and here he continues in verse seven, one fifty eight Mrs. Isaiah fifty eight looking at verse seven and on. is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry is that fast. oh yeah, I'll thank you think I need to. that is a fact. all the fast is is denying ourselves something you can deny yourself food and call it a passage through, but there are other things we may deny ourselves and food is not the first thing I think here's the fast that I have ordered, he said in verse seven did not video my bread to the hungry, and that you bring the poor that are cast out to your house that will cost you something. when you see the naked, that you cover him, and that you hide not your self from your own flesh from your own family and sometimes that's the biggest tragedy of all ball lightning we get into some little garage between each other. we won't talk to each other again and the Lord is saying no, wait a minute. something 's wrong with that picture. they may be wrong, and whatever it is that they have done, but you are Christian you are the mature one. you can apologize you can make things right. I subsides again, but we ought to try it goes on and Thursday after it after we read verse seven. the next word is then at that point when we have done these things when we have fasted as God has asked us to fast then at that point shall thy light break forth as the morning and nine health shall spring forth speedily and I righteousness shall go before thee the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard lot of blessing, then shall you call upon the Lord, and he shall answer thou shalt cry, and he shall say, here I am burst. then, if you draw out the soul to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul, then shall thy light rise in obscurity by dark, darkness, via the noon day, then shall the whole world be enlightened with the glory of God 's character. I'm convinced that Revelation chapter eighteen is connected with Isaiah chapter fifty eight. denied. Isaiah chapter sixty. there's no doubt that my mind that the Lord is wanting to talk to us about being things you really, really is. do you hear our hope so. that's the secret to vibrant health and somehow sometimes we don't understand we don't see Jesus said he got the love of his life shall lose it. this is John Chapter twelve verse twenty five he that loves himself some your but he that will sacrifice himself for me. he said more for them that are least among you shall have eternal life. not hard to understand, but it's hard to do because we are prone to be selfish. we are these wonderful promises these wonderful principles went over the heads of two characters in the Bible who had a perfect opportunity to improve themselves thought of you turn with me to Luke, chapter ten. no, we need to Luke, chapter ten, and while you do that, I'm on the trying rather drink water lawyer Ray Luke chapter ten, a lawyer comes to Jesus and he has a question for Jesus. a very important question when verse twenty five, and it's the last part of the murders and you can see the importance of it. master what shall I do to inherit eternal life. everyone should be asking that question every day. I think what do I need when you want from me. Jesus answered the question the way he almost always answer the question by asking another question in verse twenty six. what is written in the law, how readers now the man answered the question for neighbor. love the Lord our God with all our hearts with all our strength of all our mind and all the rest of that and our neighbor as ourselves, and G him and him bribing the right answer is no right answer, but you have to you have to look at the situation. you have to look at that the contact here. this man is a lawyer and he's a Jewish lawyer any grown up in a culture that believes that Gentiles are not our neighbor, but it goes further than that. there are some Jewish people that he knows are really bad people, and for sure they are not our neighbor right now and I don't know if he's trying to stop Jesus here or not draw the bow. what he's really saying here if I can turn the page is where do we draw the line. it's very hard to draw the line in with that kind of thinking, and it's coming from the house should I say it started from a wrong premise is not thinking right what he's thinking. according to his culture and so the Gentiles are not our brother and some Jews are not our brother, our brethren are neighbors and he's thinking well at what point did it become our brethren. I mean, how bad do they have to be not to be our brethren by neighbors. you understand and so it's a kind of question you can't answer you just can't. you can't put a line you don't know well. these are neighbors of the matter what the neighbors mouth. he's not thinking right is coming from a wrong premise. therefore, you don't have a wrong answer to matter what, except that Jesus, you can't stump in the nose. the man he knows the question and he knows how to proceed from there. and this is the story of of course the good Samaritan and were in Luke chapter ten. we're going to go to verse thirty and Jesus answering said, a certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho fell among thieves which stripped him of his raiment, and wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead. and then it says, by chance there came down, freeze that way, and when he saw him. when the priest, saw the wounded man he passed by on the other side. likewise, a Levite, when he was at the place came and looked on him and passed by on the other side failure. we have the picture. a pastor comes by and at church administrator, they see what they see and they decide to pass by on the other side. somehow, there are some things in their minds that are more important than this thing that's happening right there. now you have at least I have to I have to stop and think what and what is it what is it, what was it that was so important to these two men to the Levi is supposed that their religion was important to the priesthood to the Levites what you think of the. oh yeah, what about being Hebrew is that important was it important to them. well you have to do is vote of the incident don't go there, but go to Philippians, chapter three, and you will see as Paul points America Philippians at the Philippians, chapter three points to his past and he says there was a time he was in Hebrew of Hebrews and he was of the tribe of Benjamin, and all of that is the most important thing in his life was supposed that these men. this is the same thing you think the Temple is important to these people do you think the floor out. I mean that these people. of course this was all important and yet all of a sudden I mean in a situation they're in. there is a wounded man on the side of the road into the ditch and that's not important. it's not important enough for them to stop and to minister to him whatever religion they had it was void among keep your finger here, and Luke and go with me to first John chapter three, Luke, assuming first John chapter three. keep your finger and look is just a verse that I like to use over and over and over again, because by this verse we can measure whether we are born again or not, is that wonderful that there is a verse in the Bible that will tell you where they are born again or not we ought an all right, downward first John chapter three. looking at verse fourteen. we know that we have passed from death to life. we are born dead and we have to be born again to have real life, and we know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren, ye that does not love his brother abides in their and so this is the of these two men, we wouldn't have that problem with me. is it possible to be religious, and not love the world is full of it. it's full of it. I mean, look at the wars that are going on today in the name of religion. and I guess it's always been that way. I don't know. I mean, I haven't lives forever and so I can only know what today is bringing its horrible is it possible even to be Sabbath keepers and not love. is it possible to pay high angle of church and be baptized into the remnant people and not above well, God cares in all that he even cared for those two self-important religionists. he cared enough to go then we really, really good. you remember in verse thirty one. attend by chance, a priest and a Levi came by. was it really by chance you think well I see something no in desire, pages five hundred. let me read this to you, paragraph one, God in his providence notice God in his providence brought the priests and the Levites along the road where the wounded sufferer lay that he might, that they might sees need of mercy and help with dogs do stuff like that. I mean, would not intervene in these two hypocrites, life would not reach out to these two people to give them a chance to see how they were so that they can make the changes that God would appreciate you know well you know we can't make these changes ourselves, you know that don't you we need to be on our knees and ask God to work a miracle because if there is no miracle that is no new birth. there isn't any of these two men were not born again. as far as I can tell by reading this thing so I did not bring them there. the text says, so that they could see node worked in the bid and they didn't. it did work, they saw was that it no. they were supposed to feel they were supposed to sympathize. they were supposed to have mercy and compassion, and to do something for this poor man who was wounded there in the ditch. they were godless religionists. that's how I put it. they were carnal professors not subject to the law of God, neither you can not subject to the will of God, neither indeed could be not subject to the love of God, because some of them, God was not in their hearts they weren't born again, and God was trying to help them to see that, just like Jesus help Nicodemus to see it. and Nicodemus thought he saw and what a blessing it is that he did apparently these two did not provide long and were almost done. Matthew chapter twenty five Matthew chapter twenty five of those of you who have studied Matthew twenty five, at all. you know, there are three terrible in Matthew twenty five innocuous like twenty five is right after Matthew twenty four. that's high science and understand okay in Matthew twenty four. we have all the signs of Jesus coming in Matthew twenty five. we had three parables teaching us what it is that we need to know because Jesus is coming soon and industry variables. the first one we see this is the parable in the wise and the foolish virgins, and the thing that were lacking as a people is the oil right the Holy Spirit is there promptly called the race. the grace of God the Holy Spirit. it's all the same thing. this is the thing that were lacking in the second parable is a parable of the talents, the Lord would have us use all of our talents invest all of our talents in the work of God, and in the third parable, we find there is the parable of the sheep and the goats were supposed to have the Holy Spirit of God, combined with all the talents that God has given unto us in order to reach out to those who have need, want to read just a little bit in Matthew twenty five are looking at verses thirty one and on we wanted all think and I'm quite sure you read it many times when the Son of Man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory, and before him shall be gathered all nations, and he shall separate them one from another as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats, and he shall set the sheep on the right hand, but the goats on the left and then the king shall say to them on his right and that's the sheet at the good people. that's the same con you blessed of my father, inherit the inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. why, why, then, for I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me to drink, I was a stranger. he took me and I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick, you visited me, I was in prison in prison and you came unto me, and then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when did we see you hungry instead be in Thursday and gave me drink, and all the rest is a they were doing it so much. my major. they had been Christians sold all that they could be serving the people around them and not understand that they were doing it was part of them they were generous. they were loving the reached out, they were sympathetic. they could feel one another fell. I can't say that they bore our infirmities and bore our sickness is now, but he felt that Jesus said. of course, now verse forty one, probably now let's see very sporty and the King shall answer and sanded them, verily I say unto you, inasmuch as you've done it to one of the least of these my brethren, you done today we had the wonderful privileges and just serving whoever would come and develop all out to love them to treat them with a smile and with a hug and when all the respect we could muster for each one of them want a blessing. I wonder that you know heavenly speaking trying to get into God 's head, trying to see the big picture. the impact that really happened today in the city of San Antonio, well, in Christ, object lessons, page three hundred and eighty eight zero listen, this is probably a punchline. listen never while that's not too often is it how often is never, never should we pacify one suffering soul without seeking to impart to him the comfort wherewith we are comforted of God. how many times never when you see someone suffering you might say to yourself, I don't know what to do but show, you can always know what to do, but you can always pray and you can always do something, you can speak a word of comfort. you can give them a smile if there's all kinds of things that we can do even though we don't know what I'm not a doctor. I don't audit deal with appendicitis. why not a driver card. I don't get to the hospital, you know there's always something we can do, and as many of us who are afraid to even tried to even begin to try because if above our head remember my wife's tarring. she was afraid to drive it. she was in a position where she had to do something, you know that my life is full I need in Africa. my wife got a great that he is not a dentist. one time I was in Romania and I was telling the story about my wife will repeat every day, every day. by the way, he spent twenty years in Africa, and she was in the place where if she didn't pull their game. it would have a toothache, and there is nothing they could do about example their own team. the third she was doing it all the time, and after I told a story, a dentist came to me and he was incensed. he he literally said that I was lying because there's no way that someone was a grade ten education can know enough to hold the line thought. I know I T I on hold me when I know she does hold the busy because God has just been with her and he felt there to do what she needed to know friends we can do what needs to be done if there is just God and us helping someone he will give us the wisdom in the Christian service, one sixty one paragraph two, he bids us to interest ourselves in every case on the cases and every case of suffering or need that shall come to our knowledge do you know why, because the desire of ages eighty seven, paragraph one. Jesus worked to relieve every case of suffering that he saw that are example and when Jesus told the story of the good Samaritan. even, eventually the good Samaritan came along, wasn't by chance you think now there's anything happened by chance in heavenly places to sixty five. it says he is the order of all our experiences. how many all experiences. nothing is by chance. now he is the question did not know which Samaritans descend yes, you send a good one did meet sure because he wanted the contrast between the good Samaritan and the not so good religious people. we want to be good Samaritans. we really do, and friends. it wasn't my chance that Jesus came into this world and like the good Samaritan he didn't make a list of conditions that the wounded man needed to meet in order to receive the help that Jesus or that the good Samaritan was wanting to give you didn't make up a option. I say a repayment plan before he would treat the man he went ahead and he didn't at all cost to himself. this is the story of Jesus with his stripes we are healed. this is passed and I don't have time. I wish I could tell you a story when God healed me because I claim this promise with his stripes we are healed. and the apostle Peter says with his stripes we were healed by the cross of Calvary. it's true, and we can claim this thing. what a blessing it is to have Jesus and all that he's done for us and he did it all before we were born. he did it all before we were born again, and we come on the scene and what we can do is simply claim what God has done for us and enjoy the benefit of it and let it transform our minds so friends. these are our marching orders go, do thou likewise. dear heavenly father, we've had an amazing day. we worked hard and it's left us happy. we've heard the word of Don and let us inspired. we want to be like Jesus bless ourselves help us heavenly father. the growing grace and to become more and more like you and made a whole church invited to spirit so that more of this is happening further farther you. thank you for being our God, and blessing this congregation tonight in Jesus name. in this media was brought by audio nurse, a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more. 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