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Natasha Dysinger

President of GYC and speaker with her family's ministry, Pathway of Promise



  • April 11, 2015
    9:30 AM
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heavenly father, I think you so much. they were my father. you know that this is not safe. I am naturally comfortable for me, less easier to be an easy out… actually my phone achiever and the plan for meeting here at the hospital and so I appeal to you to take control of me. now is my voice you existing that you would recommend speaking me and then you do it on the peers in the and anyone is watching, and also on the VPN and bless them and let them hear what you have to say I'm not anything that is just what I have in my mind I can see you fire the child and your child may let you give me a Holy Spirit and give it to us all. anything 's name in so I will have to make the houses I alone and lonely familiar with). when it comes to Christ alone was to success making people make is not mingling among management, I don't actually read my all thing about that that that happens after death is even easier as I is available that have been a infinitely ministerial pickax and profit is my thinking in my very favorite. I like that so I had read exactly how I was just finishing it. I is a three and the than the first half him while in the war- that alone obviously there's not one. there is there is this evaluation delineating what I like most movies use them. excerpt from from the first chapter of Matthew. healing comes phrases from all throughout the length and some meat on the bones is complaining, but I will not write. I love you Jesus came to this world on the reading service men C( embarrassing as they seem. I miss you have any humanity not seem to him went away and help his comparison. no increase in every town and rebalancing the keypad that you can run it with one wheel them wherever they were hard faith receive his message. he comforted them with the assurance of their heavenly father is is was having to be only what kind of sacrifice was always patient and cheerful, gifted mercy and love what I do life was created as he made no difference between neighbors and strangers, friends and anyone he passed. I know the human being and I knew that I have these were supposed to learn to be like what I stand alone and what EA and trying to minister to others can be. he is a sample how in the world can we ever going to be like that in now you know why I have seen here history. beginning life on my favorite income even invented. as okay and how easily it. I asked how it was everywhere delivered is not usually about one percent will raise their hand very. I know missionary and sometimes it will limit. why is unknown. I asked this morning I realized I might be a fun story was born in the year eighteen sixty two, a very well be an upper-class family, England, and that he was going to let you all: that will join England on D he distinguished himself early outstanding cricket player in and held by the time he was in college. he was one in England and in and in the house hold name in England because of how phenomenal and the brothers were also on the team. also he became a household name in Australia because of the game between cricket and cricket between England and Australia, and he also became known in America extremely famous late teens early twenties, brilliant at his father is completely world, and even then, I wanted an honest friend to go with you. I think an even converted and then he began his set his mind is an inversion multiple three five all their conversion, exercise times over the years. all items on the right path. I was so brilliantly painted in I is for life in heavy fighting that and you see anything share him and him and continue where Google career at non- listing years. in fact with missing the end of six years when they became that what you have and was reconverted to your site. this is my completely turned his whole life of P7- given everything for him. how could he not a Sony is going to China as a missionary to serve under- zero zero twenty five and twenty five and inherited from his father, who have to live with this floor, listening, David Lynn was announced about twenty five million dollars, twenty five so I think everything in here is some of my and he decided to do with it, and he decided after living a life example. he wanted to live is much like business as needed and only the finest China inland Mission. I'm millions of dollars. about five million to 's life is at other entities that he gave the last remaining three million to his fiancée Evan wedding present and she came to the timely message, you know what they say about that Monty Python had plenty fact, Sacramento wedding day, conceited, familiar way and how they've gotten calling every person to do exactly as you use the remainder of his campaign so that they failed to China. they lived in China for five years. Mister there anything that her health lived in England for years to years in which him missionary claim that the house know what you think anything out of the house with the white layer on life and he decided that anyone would want to go to Africa because he thought if I said you will want missionary with all the more reason why an ongoing and cellulitis in Africa. anything the rest of his life. there died in the eighties and the monolith 's life made you move the more recognized in the international meaning was someone to live within the sound church or chapel bell. I want to stop within a yard of hell need a thousand and thousand of people to Christ and reading the things that he will wahoo the missionary 's analysis five eighth Avenue will will will he when he shall even anything you women in many people that I might alienate this morning, I remembered something that even when he was older. he was in Africa, Congo River basin, one of the first missionary to go there and even if you made. I hope implementing multiple times during the night of my life. the selectivity when need be done. we did get a new Nvidia light of life. I thought I read the Bible again and his son, Juan, I want to. I don't think that he was given by Lincoln. but he will one time that is the most precious thing. it could be would be to be one of the center to serve him with the unknown and so that he really was serving God only are they at the rest of the world and he said. one of the better and today- Taylor's famous famous feces that is virtually unknown. maybe on blowing this prayer I think because we want to be like that. etc. I saw my love thy simply the same loving God, and they foul sin of the new. meanwhile, the world is not noticed by the name of feces that is precious in God, and that what I was is five times faster and quickly this morning to get down CV, the real bottom line point of what business is about morning, you have to stay with me. I have thirty two minutes left on the clock, though, anything in the materials on the table of review, just very quickly. I know I'll really familiar with it before they regulate economic seals on the table and there were many go through the liver into Jesus is going through Samaria may be thought well I'm this woman comes to to get water in Virginia while you are and this is life young to respond to you in a happy meal to me demanding to thinking up by asking me your ideas. you have no dealings with the Samaritan and use response to her verse seven hundred percent. if you knew the gift of God, and the and who it is that is saying to you, give me again you wouldn't ask them, they will be given you living I really think that this latter will be thirsty. but whoever drinks the water I give him will never be hasty and the water they give him will become in him a spring of water welling up terminal life bring a watermelon in the original Greek is not just the physical. you know, well, there is a pool of water in drink from it to quench his thirst, enough is the implication integrated in this access. this is why coming up all over. I like to think I usually like using well water meaning of internal life and the one thing well. Tiffany so that if you know where I fit in well to John, and this is where God is our all-time websites getting uncomfortable and people feelings instead of Collier- income. my lady. I have never felt that they live in the story. the key to knowledge of any linked licenses and- fifty five- manages was not as I receive your English Internet religious controversy, Jerusalem, Bulgaria and yeah all right, without limitation, the Jerusalem in and he is responsive. her inversely one twenty four women believe me, the power is coming, and now is when neither in the north of Islam worship the father him coming and now is true worshipers will worship the father in spirit and truth. but if I have to worship him. twenty four nodded. and in him must worship in spirit and in selected indignation if you knew the gift of God to be discussed during this last season will bring in everlasting okay let me have a meeting immediately like that you know is a little water in his life within Sam is like okay and is a religious controversy. the only reason the weekend you might a religious matter was somehow better. often one is wrong and you certainly believe me that in not recognizing them and and and and and and and okay when the Messiah comes. Bill Gates is all clean and you said you were in the left water hot information. if you have the man told me all I need is not in the prize money. I like to live and let that just before the town that have and now bringing the entire town to try and allow them to know he will. and you know the woman doesn't want everyone to know everything he ever did in my oath and he will and even then and so many people believe dynamic and ninety one. why was okay as is his name him and him are you feeling from my drawing the only three hundred seventeen messages on the woman at the well, what was the point of the fundamentally trying to get at the beginning. this is the voice of the two are in. I have read this verse, beginning that what I want to begin with Max and ten seven a.m. ago breach, saying the kingdom of heaven and heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out really. you have the remains, yet freely you have received, freely give. the fact that the story again. if only you knew the gift of God. what you would ask for giving living water. this is the main and broken femur of the disciple. interestingly enough, the disciples had just gone over Samaria who did they come out of Samaria with the eleven and that he will see when interaction is to play Nancy came out and bought the hotel is one difference between this limit and I went in and hang out with themselves out of the only difference is that one had a moment and then reasoning with you and the others had not quite. you know what it's like even better as well I learned in the past. I gave my heart really delivered two- fifteen years of the nine one thing that I have learned running the most beneficial to my walk with God learning how really to be honest with them and honest with myself and come to think myself to myself and I am it feels good, meaty, they make a very good. I will really reenact between yourself and God do you know what it feels like to be without that- I do you know what it's like to feel the PCA in the time left unsatisfactory to see and not far away and I can't really region you did actually press in England. I know what that feels like to feel old mechanical experience with God you like to have little or maybe not so little things that are just a part of his life and not really knows about that, you know that maybe one of programming you don't really want apparently been just as you and I look to look really good on the outside, not I superficial religion is the curse of the religious world and the impotence of the church. if only you knew the gift of God about him coming is taking over Romania is the path vanishing this think acetaminophen likely and I mentioned him as you and also I thought okay and he is really seeking to maintain. I guess time with his regime is taking over the country and really just watched Christianity and Elizabeth had forecast after Hafner after Patrick is on his going through the front and he know the name of anything that Christianity will remain of them is right and immediately because the company. as I turned him and said I'm going to live the good are they need to hear anything. I don't feel it turns anything that you made to a dead man into a power so he got an ace in both taxes and economies that were present, he said that we could not and did no name of Christ, the kind was right where the Communist way they don't like that are not number of weeks later, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is unwilling to conduct a wedding just walking on the street in the ground is that the black meaning you never meet the wedding the next eight years. nobody knew where he was like he got that and he was taken to jail when he came out and realizing that maybe my familiarity and when he got there and walked into jail and he was him who will later that the words in the past defended his team to my and those words were there are two types of Christians in the world. those nearly believe in Jesus Christ and those just as clearly believe that they believe anything that he said there. he wondered which of those Christian. what would he do was continue to love Jesus Christ to all who offered him was suffering for the next eight years and then it was briefly released by Miramax and then for the next six years after that fourteen years in school. he experienced profound torture, including throughout the next three years of solitary confinement and torture in my pain was so enticing that crazy. he would repeat over and over again. hand out Jesus, blessed by my phone. I and you repeated over and over again in his second focus with her physical suffering. if he was experiencing and humans on focus same beautiful experience teeth- Christians in the world which is those you believe I doesn't just- clearly they believed if only you knew the gift of God. the views of that him reaction- woman at the well. I know I feel empty. just I will say that I like to feel anything. I like the feeling is far away in Venezuela and Vienna the meantime is like taking me three minutes to throw in a name. I don't feel like a man when thinking of using it. only you knew the gift of God is not just will think you are you living water. the device using an everlasting life in a new Internet. if you offer is that I want and I believe you me you know I have something to me, it isn't me, but then I think I will will and so inconvenient, not human if he always shows up. I mean, my only real than that go call your name. anyway, like I have no see immediately eleven and if you want a lot of it is something birth and you and you had a minor insight will will you now got a romantic. they actually you're in. he Jerusalem and religious controversy. I am right and you are wrong and because I am a I somehow better off than you that maybe I'm too tired and that you have been a vegetarian right now within the act is, they doesn't have to be that way to this day. believe me, our coming and now is when it is not as there is not one guy looking for those seeking to worship him. and into the house and really reading this code. given I don't know where it was originally written, but I decided to amend, modify or follow him on some classic and the destruction and problem, while calling on suburban and the best worth it is a good time without their nuclear age. how do I do about the element name, and whether being sold in the sea. she said, and he said Nadine will go down and I really think that my this is appalling that I have everyone sometime during the George Bush administration, George W. Bush, education and even know at one point it was and what was the source of when I heard that he had some news sources, something I United States and Russia had the power with all my nuclear weapons and missiles and whatnot level. the world in three minute combine imagination or thinking at the time of super Young noted in the policy didn't know a thing about no United States versus Allison is about five hundred and I don't remember what I heard from directly thinking if United States and Russia could level the world in three minute. what happened to the United States and Russia decide not to go back to me right now is the only injured because they live in the United States and nothing in on them as well. but even dating. I think it was that data might be a little bit different than all firefighters amassing the cognitive Johnson in limine in your mind him moaning and see. I couldn't always have I been trying to wilderness is that going to be the time when you feel like putting our churches over real or imaginary life. the hour is coming and now is you are coming and now is when children are dying of starvation at three three thousand and one, now one now one now one now children are dying every three seconds of starvation in the industry 's first born in South America. he said he will end slavery today at the more people that were in place, they will force previously in the British and Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in the United States. but David had been in the history of the world will I labor you will investigate if there is in fact he is a little bit at a time because they will be penalized in twenty yeah you I can only think only you can do that is the most believable and how is coming and now is twenty seven people think that a million people in slavery today people want our children all over the world today. I have been from the method I recommend teachers when I was conveniently we were having as many domestic violence in the context of no emergency, emergency medicine was not going to engage in a filing with retrieve victim to the hospital is the most dangerous circumstances, and I don't into my sleep is going on. I guess I was waiting as many teachers that my female life when I was growing up, I made it was limited fermenting their wine because it happened in my home. she was a child happen in her home. it happened next door it happened. he is a little bit there was nothing wrong or unusual about that, and that is anointed as a child, she realized that that's even going to die was one of four children everywhere is experiencing that you the hour now it when millions of people dying in Africa. millions of people dying in Asia and as many in America. I perfectly prevent the hour is coming and now is in Jerusalem gay men is not what God is looking for looking for people who are willing to worship. when we had found the end and I found the meaning given in a cerebral religion. I'm not goodness my determination to do things our way or no way and had also died in the biblical plan and then we can turn our eyes to look for the Messiah and findings, the teacher all thing in the morning and I'm not a doctor in our life in artesian well in our lives so that my life and desire to drink in London, England, and anything else as he says would immediately think of his mind as we wanted to know broken sister. we want him out and that will in evening now… I think I remember a guy fooling when I was fifteen. on the way that I have a walk with God. it was it was still coming to be my attitude. I think this is a fully integrated, now they want to have a really grand time in my life and I want to be given to him and him, but recently listened to me. I say this morning just that I have my own heart, because I got a twenty four -year-old girl with a fantastic family. I love being at home. that's where I'm happy to love being with my dog. I have wonderful siblings the most amazing fiancé is fantastic and I am not good with five hundred and come with many of them are professionals to determine present something amazing. you say you will die soon if you have any time you anyway. I must say I'm not certain to be living in the throes of the three minutes and beyond. I recently got the listing and in my life. anything that has to superficial religion, super official is being is the person in this world and him you from being more effective for me. I like the noon I will meaning out of her face. I don't even continue on as I leave anything out in a fun thinking and hanging on this person. I exactly right that I is is that in the malaria familiarizes with all in or out of the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem in May and please no mercy so that when they will. I mean, I'm in whom they hear, they shall mourn for him as one mourns for an only child and being bitterly over him. the over verse one when I four years of pioneering my oldest brother will be older and games. my father is in my finger and look at it. his heart say because they're on my brothers anger is not always be with all those who are with was a wealthy man, extremely veiled form of skin cancer. you must care about is the site, you find that when I met her while you hibernate your computer and my father singing. how can that happen. my son will be in that time am I the next day or two days lately. my brother within to his off him, he will not go back to me. I see this and my finger and you look at it and even require an quite quickly back to the room. I think that even lower because another document and was added very quiet. he said every doctrine in fact, anything and anything might rather to see the dermatologist and enough practice and dermatologist took one look and said yeah we need to take off on Friday. by this time my father knew what was likely in pain. he knew that even though they were taking that off. I got a finger to where we had a few short months left to live my live movies of hiding my brother went to the surgery just fine. cannot have it. I didn't tell him what was the main building of the life was going on and nothing but nothing was out of the ordinary. the only told one, the people that they were closest to and I just spent time with them, and they were kind on Thanksgiving Day. my father could not bear it any longer. they were waiting for the pathology report to come Thanksgiving Day. anything not very as Thanksgiving Day. not knowing whether or not is not a human, and he called the pathologist lately with housing in fact, I'd have to call him and her and he called the pathologists and he said, is there anything even when you pay all of you that came into my father went in the it was I close, I think they went. it will then and looked at it and a few moments later the ball is in the nine my father cannot tell my story is very following on my father do, then they cannot tell that story without you. he cannot tell the story of driving home on a seemingly in to find my mother to tell her that nothing is going happen this time was going to be all right, but I was answering the need for a moment, because some of you have experience in life that had not been denied. what if my brother had a few select month to live. I had to go and tell them you have an answer, you're probably not going when he comes to the children and I– I love my big brother 's use at last have fun if I had to bury my brother when he was needed if they had actually printed what is worse than purchasing a life half ahead. they had one method that has fifteen -year-old throwing down posted on that afternoon ran me know and feel information on their first time I got him letting me to care that he didn't care about him losing his life. they will improve in. they have used library hand as one mourns for their own. I weep over him, when not over there for this last weekend. like I mentioned, I would I was at a retreat with my family and myself. it was also there and I have I have a most wonderful fiancée visa and have truly amazing that I love living in listening to a message is getting the message and historian girl that was in Romania. around half the arrest. they mentioned earlier and she was going and working with children and talk time and about in the economist about the absolutely anything that they decided to wait for the office and is given into the ring on her wedding day and so they came in the mail on the ceremony. her answer to the need might want to halt the rim. they said the girl turned around and looked at the change in her hand over and I is giving me this is hosting. I love and trust on and she was called out by his players. the release from jail broken from torture and when people went to see how supplies and I commend you and I don't think before they went ahead and voted method in my heart is beating. I buy the next downturn and I will give you all only in the middle of the ceremony, only to have them only and do you like everything is going to Doctor I think is delimited token of his love and absolutely everything on my mind and he is everything my fiancée. I knew immediately that I do not feel that I think I have an he is in life. the editing was thinking of knowing that your life and not to like you reaching written in an apartment in tank mainland and income levels coming down and he tells me the truth, whether I went and went on from there. I think that I want immunity from because he will manifest like a million. and when you said, having- believing I value the mother and you were getting. they are that many thanks, meaning that I love you baby I would like for you I type this thing I ever heard the same time anything like will this is that he immediately I I I own it. he knew he can only I can even look up anything outside as we are in no and he will know we can go on knowing as I do I will really believe you me how I know that and I white, he thinking no, you have to take you away from me, you know, and money will I and everything is my feeling that they tell you what, again, and will we do not value life, far, far above our own and only being the only what I know of anyone in the cousin I am not being willing to mean that to him. why am I fail religion was never meant to be something day evangelism was never made the attack is not a noun and a verb. our relationship with Christ in the artesian something deep within a downloading lucky feeling. I feel deeply about. I feel deeply about religion. he is my favorite quote they had enabled her to suffer, to submit to conquer DBQ all I can lead to bed and cry and that when a way that is why the blood of the martyrs is an eighty half slot is why world is something you– and would rather die and how everything in the world that that something. the one in all of this morning, because even if they go a new heaven and he is cleansed lepers and really have the freedom again. this is the pattern is repeated in the kingdom of heaven. he believes that Jesus is coming back. he raised half that all freely happy to see receives already freely did now him greatest commission that we do what we had not heard of not only has to be some younger angel with a halo before we can be useful to God a half for me even hungrier if we have not been given one is if we had not, how can we close the making. if we are not happy with the mourners we ourselves have not been at his fullness have all received, and grace for grace enclosing a radio that is the reason to reason why hire to receive one is when we're not ready to announce myself to recognize his are also just a better to recognize that a healthy thing to reject our own little and she will. I was very found it very hard to this discussion is long as we keep trying to justify a position to the right. we can recognize. it is a I think I think that sometimes we are one when I was sitting there thinking about my. my fiancé out of the way, I love you more than ever in I love you enough more than and might have had become God. we will miss him. something is him him him. I love him so efficiently that we would like to be having obtained out in the water child related in the kitchen and had a lot of pain and I have to be one reason that I and my friend willingly do I leave you wanting more to me by my being understanding and life in the exam. so we can only open the windows of arsenal have been sitting on and you are in the know for how many the name Walter Loeb is familiar. he was a businessman who lived in Germany was conscripted into the not finally they were to with my depression sent to hard labor and in that February. I think life is, life story, but this week along that way. I like you and I know some of the crop will looking to Dorian is reporting that in the book seven eight ad. I know I'm not possible when you would need his life he is not only will I will going through all of that. anything is a three -year-old man of Enron to the basic use of how he will no bad faith because of how close we may need to while I was there when the accident question for the house. how much are you willing to get to know what it was a having a sure thing. this media was brought by Nautilus, a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www.. on universal .org


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