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The Harvest Truly is Great

Derek Morris


The harvest truly is great, but God needs to give us the eyes to see this reality.


Derek Morris

President of HOPE Channel, Inc. and host of Hope Sabbath School. 


  • March 27, 2015
    7:00 PM
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I was I was born on a fairly flat island at least the south of the island where I was born was fairly flat. My grandfather was from Switzerland though I never met him he abandoned my mother and the family when she was little so I never met him but I remember when I was about eleven years old I took my first trip from the little island where I lived which I thought was actually the center of the world. It was called Great Britain. If it was just actually a very small island off the coast of Europe. But I thought the map centered around this island. And so when I went to Switzerland for the first time and I got on a Finnish killer train it's a train has a cog on the bottom. That's how steep it goes up and I went up to the top of the young Frau. This is near Interlochen in the Bernese Oberland. I went up to about thirteen thousand feet. Above sea level maybe twelve five and literally looked out over the top of the Alps. I don't know if any of you have been to Switzerland. You probably could get something of a similar sensation if you went out mammoth in California and looked out over the Sierra Nevada but you literally feel like unless the next best thing would be an airplane but you're actually still on the ground but you feel like you're on the top of the earth. That experience is etched in my memory. Seeing the world from a totally new perspective. Tonight I want. To challenge you to see the world from a totally new perspective. And I need to pray again before that happens. But I've been studying a passage of Scripture for the past sixteen years and God is still teaching me new insights and it begins with seeing the world from God's perspective. So pray with me please. Oh Father in heaven we are so blessed to be here. We have heard songs of praise testimonies of praise and then this beautiful song and our lips praise you even now we are thankful to be part of a movement that believes in the Word of God we have not come here to be entertained. We have come to listen to your word and so I pray in the name of Jesus that you would touch my mouth and touch our ears and May our hearts be opened to your spirit. Even this evening as we study together is my prayer in the name of Jesus Amen. Jesus is about to send his followers out. They've just had an O.C.I. retreat and retreats are good but they are not the end. They are the beginning and Jesus is about to send his followers out in the same way that he sent the twelve. If you read in Matthew nine you will find that the same words. But Jesus spoke to the twelve. He will now speak to the seventy. Do you remember the difference between the twelve and the seventy. Well they're all disciples the twelve are sent on their first assignment only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. The seventy are sent to every town and village where Jesus will go. They are in fact to go to every nation kindred tongue and people and he will say to them and also to us I will be with you always even until the end of the age. So to these seventy who represent And some ask what the significance of the numbers seventy and in Jewish thinking they represented all of the nations. You will find in the genealogy in Genesis ten of Noah. You've got the seventy it's a symbolic number of all of the nations and and they are to go to every nation kindred tongue and people. And as he sends them out he begins with five words in English. Now we have bold Garion spoken here we have. What other languages Korean Japanese I don't know how many languages I have I don't know how many languages My wife speaks Danish but in English it's four it's five words in my Bible which is the New King James I don't remember how it reads in the King James if you haven't let me know. But Jesus sends them out with these five words that I want to focus on tonight. The harvest truly is great. Part of that read in the King James again the harvest where Lieutenant verse two. This is New King James that I wrote that up because that's what we memorize as a family but in the King James the same. The harvest truly is great now that's just five words. For some it's second language so I said it clearly. I want you to say it with me. It's up there just in case you forgot it already. OK Five words say it with me. The harvest truly is great one more time. The harvest truly is great now I have a question for you Do you think you could remember those five words this evening say with me again the harvest truly is great. So we'll have a quiz on the way out before you leave I will stand at the door like at the brook you know the harvest truly is great. Question What harvest is Jesus referring to. Well the metaphor of the harvest Frank is used in two ways in the New Testament. You're about to go the second one that's good but let's just refresh our memories here because we know right after the three Angels' messages in chapter fourteen there was also a harvest and one seated upon the throne and the harvesters are the angels that is the harvest at the end of the age right. It speaks about that when Jesus tells a story about the terrors of the weed you remember someone so tears in the good crop they pop up Shall we pull them up now. No wait until the end of the age right when the reapers will come. The metaphor of the harvest is used in terms of the end of the age and the harvesters of the angels. How do we know this is the harvest he's speaking about in Luke ten. Well he's speaking not the angels who are the harvesters in the present harvest. We are right the seventh day and also us to the end of the age and the harvest is not the final judgment. What is the harvest. That's right. Men and women boys and girls just waiting for the invitation to become part of the Kingdom of Heaven right. And Jesus says when I'm sending you out I want you to remember we're in English now. Five words what are they. Why does Jesus begin with those words. Let me ask you question. Are there times when it is obvious to us that the harvest is great. Are there times you know Pentecost Peter and the other Apostles preach in the power of the Holy Spirit conviction touches the hearts of the people they actually interrupt his sermon. I don't if you haven't noticed that they actually interrupt. So if you call out during the sermon tonight it's biblical OK don't stand up and object. But if you call out praise God make it it's biblical. We know Peter was not even finished with his sermon because if you remember reading annex two it says with these and many other words he continued to exhort them. Remember save yourselves from this perverse crooked generation. But in the toward the end of his sermon the Holy Spirit touches the hearts of the people and they shout out what do they say. What do you know you know. And Peter doesn't say please be quiet until I'm finished with my sermon. Praise God the Spirit is moving. Brothers What shall we do. And the answer comes back immediately. Repent and be baptized for the rim asian of your sins. The promise is for you and for your children right and for as many as the Lord Himself will call and how many responded three thousand we the SEC's over think Hey wait a minute how many are here tonight. Thirty OK. There are one hundred twenty Pentecostal upper room pray ten days right. So and they went from one hundred twenty to three thousand one hundred twenty. There are thirty here tonight. That's twenty five percent. Can you imagine the next O.C.I. board it was only the next Sabbath by the way it's not going to take a long time. Next Sabbath we would have do the math for me please. Seven hundred and eighty right thank you. I have a witness there. Seven hundred and eighty O.C.I. leaders of ministries. Next Sabbath someone ought to say amen. You don't have that with either. Can you imagine next Sabbath. There are three thousand one hundred twenty believe words I have no doubt that they looked at each other and said you know sister the words of Jesus are true right. They probably use my favorite Hebrew word Hallelujah. You know how. Lujan means her Lael in Hebrew means to praise and yaw is the name of the Lord Yahweh. Praise the Lord Hallelujah. Three thousand one hundred twenty sometimes it is obvious to us that the words of Jesus are true. It was March twenty four I remember the date because March twenty four is my father's birthday tomorrow March twenty eighth is my birthday but it was my father's birthday March twenty fourth in the South American division. Now for those of you that may not know the structure of our world movement we have different divisions around the world right in this area of the world is the North American division where my brother lives is into European division used used to be caught up in the north where I was born trans European division right there is different division. This is South American Division One Sabbath March twenty four forty five thousand people baptized one bit. Thank you my brother. One person forty five thousand people baptize one day. Hallelujah. Now Selma goes all was easy in South America. You go down and see it's just as much of a great you think the great controversy is just in North America. When one person is baptized Angel Singh forty five thousand. People One Sabbath. I have no doubt that saints in South America and especially those who are there on the baptismal day different parts of the division baptizing. I'm sure they looked at each other and me and you know what they said. Sometimes it is obvious to us. But I want to suggest to you tonight as leaders that Jesus first says. Because most of the time from a human perspective we do not see a great harvest all of me follow. When we look from a human perspective most of the time we do not see an abundant harvest and that is why when Jesus sends us out he says I want you to remember something. I want you to believe I want you to see the world from my divine perspective. I love John chapter four. That's a great chapter for O.C.I. leaders. While so much we could study but did you did you notice at the beginning that it says that Jesus needed to go through some area. Did you notice that you know why he needed to go through some area. It wasn't because it was going north to Galilee. Do you know the Jews didn't go through some area you know where the. That's right. You know where they went they crossed the Jordan up through Perea and the Decapolis and then over into Galilee. They hated the Samaritans but Jesus needed to go. Why he was going to have an evangelist meeting and he comes to the outskirts of a city called Sai car where was a well called Jacob's well. Have any of you here held evangelist meetings. Have any of you held evangelists that means OK. Jesus held a meeting that day and one person came. Follow me now. The disciples looked at her and they said no harvest here in fact correct me if I'm misinterpreting the story. They looked at the whole city and they said God help us. It is so easy to look from a human perspective. Let's go get something to eat they said. So they go off to get some food and Jesus sees this one woman. What is he thinking. They begin to talk together. You study you know the passage well they begin to talk together. And Jesus he first connects you know this is Christ's method right. Comes alongside as one who desires a good you know we know the theory of that. We just need to do it. We came alongside as one as one who desired his goodness and remarkably when she says well when Messiah comes he'll show us all things. Jesus says to her I am he. Do you remember any time in the gospels when Jesus was that direct about who he was. I am he. Why was Jesus so direct. Because when he looked at her What did he see. She goes back to her town. God is going to use one person or maker to change a whole city. She goes back to her own town and he says she calls all of the men of the city that's what it says in John for she knew them all. She lives with half of them and by the way some one chick don't ever stop learning about the Bible. Some would change my perspective on that story a few years ago. I grew up thinking that that woman was kind of a kind of a loose living woman. Did any of you grow up with that attitude you know I just learned you could correct me if I'm wrong on this too will go back and read deserve agency you know you know what I learned in that culture. If a woman was discarded by some what shall I call the kind of man discards women I have slang words that we don't use in church. Right. Irresponsible man she had no choice brother unless she was going to be out on the streets. But to join herself to another man she married him he was much better the cyc are needed revival and reformation. She gets bounced around. You know it's easy to judge her isn't it. Maybe we should be judging the man. I did not grow up with that perspective on this story and I I just wanted to not judge people so quickly. Because Jesus looked at her. What. If I'm going to use it you are. You meant what he said to stall the guy that forced people to Black's theme. He is my appointed servant. I imagine I'm looking at this woman and say she is my appointed seven. God is going to use her to change a whole city. She goes Come meet a man who told me everything I ever did could that could this be the Christ. God gave her wisdom. If she said I just let the crisis hit your I met Christ the other day the no no no she just said could it be here they came streaming out of the city read the story. We'll teach you the song to morrow. They came streaming out. Listen disciples come back from buying food and they still don't say. Jesus rebuked them in the song I'm going to teach you tomorrow. You're right. The jump or thirty five do you not say four months and then maybe if everything goes well comes the harvest. Behold I say to you lift up your eyes and look at The View for they already are. Now I thought that was just an illustration. And it is but it's more than that you know the white harvest. Hey lift up your eyes and look in the fields. It wasn't just an illustration it was a reality who's out in the field all the people streaming out of the city and the disciples don't even see them. I was holding some evangelist meeting in Allentown Pennsylvania that's in the United States. Not too many people came. Do you have a have meetings where not even all the church members come to support. Does that happen anywhere where you are too. Most of them don't come or they should come you know not just to be supportive because they need to be revived. Right not too many people came to the meetings but there was one young couple and they were sitting down right about where you were sitting row three now your communicators write your leader so help me out now I know it's Friday night you had a long night long day. OK but you help me OK. How do you know if someone's listening when you hear in the word with OK eye contact that's really important right. OK. I was trying to protect my back. Thank you honey. By the way the reason I don't stand behind these is I'm so sure Normally you can barely see my head so I just put that aside. Thank you. I can't think how else do you know if they're listening. Facial expression comment. Yeah. Leaning forward right. If you're preaching from the scripture they got the Bible right. I'm just preaching from five words tonight. I'll get to the others tomorrow. Well the five words again. Did I make that up by the way who said that Jesus said that right so. So they're following in the bible looking at you leaning forward maybe making a comment. Amen my heart agrees right facial expression. That's how we know how do we know if people aren't listening. You had a look at her. Policy what out. Texting right. Yeah yeah you can tell right by the way I love to teach laypeople and pastors how to preach. But but let me tell you this if people aren't listening is not their problem it's their problem. No no that's our problem. Because God called us to hear a life changing message with them right. What this couple they were listening you could tell I contact leaning forward. Fantastic you know. I thought well maybe it is not going to be a great harvest here maybe just a little harvest. But at least it won't be a total crop failure crop failure. You know what I mean. No Harvester. I thought maybe a little harvest. God forgive me. What did Jesus say. I thought maybe they'll be a little harvest too. Well I was just so young and I hadn't really learned much about evangelism but I thought I should go visit these people. So I went to their home. Gary Gary and his young wife Laurie. I found out that she was dying of cystic fibrosis you know that disease. The liquid fills up in the lungs. They can't breathe. This tragic illness she had been treating herself many hours every day she now in her early twenty's maybe mid twenty's with her young husband coming seeking God and I said this is so good to see you at the meetings and I see you've been following learning the word and I want to invite you to become a part of this movement preparing for the Sioux coming of Jesus. One a boy to be baptized become a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. And Gary and Laurie said Gary was speaking men when he said well past that we've really enjoyed the meetings but we don't feel convicted to be baptized and I thought Now what shall I do. And then I had an amazing idea. Maybe I should pray. Why do we oftentimes wait until everything else has not worked to pray we should pray at the reading and the little. Doesn't it say pray without. Yeah yeah. And continue earnestly I wanted to preach that message. I've been studying collections for verse six and changing or four verse to continue. Earnestly in prayer being vigilant alert with Thanksgiving no time. I love that text. But should we not pray. I so I need to pray I don't know should we force people into the church so I need to pray to slurs day I began to pray as earnestly as I know how the Lord teach me to pray Lord teach me to pray I'm praying for Gary and Laurie. It's Thursday afternoon. Gary works in a factory in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. It's about an hour's drive from Allentown. He works the night shift I don't know in the country where you live do you have some people that work during the night time factories may be open twenty four hours a day. There's a night shift and then a day shift and then an evening shift. Right. He worked the night shift at the factory. He worked all Thursday night and Friday morning. He's driving home to his house in Allentown Pennsylvania. And as he's driving comes under the overwhelming conviction of the Holy Spirit. Then he should be baptized and become a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. But he mentioned self. Oh what shall I say to my wife. What Gary had not yet learned was that Jesus said. I said it is actually good if I go away if I do go. Well he said I'm going to pray the Father and He will send you another comforter. Pair A clay toss you know that word is also used of Jesus we have a pair a clay cross with the father an advocate the same words another so one like me. But but the Holy Spirit you see. Well he has that divine attribute that Jesus set aside when he the Son of God came into humanity. That attribute of what's it called omni presence of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said can't be with you and in you he can be with you he can be with you in Bulgaria. He can be with you in looking for some other country. Don't Minikin he can be with you. And you knew what Gary had not yet learned is the Holy Spirit could come to him while driving on the road back to his house and the Holy Spirit could also visit some one else. Can you guess the rest of the story. While he is driving home and the Holy Spirit visits him in his car the Holy Spirit also visits a house in Allentown Pennsylvania. Some would say amen because our God is a awesome God the Holy Spirit comes to Lori and she comes under the overwhelming conviction that she should be baptized and become a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church this movement preparing for this incoming of Jews. But she says or what shall I say to my husband finally. We came home Friday morning. They rejoiced together they made isn't it beautiful when a family decides together to follow Jesus Sabbath they come to church and they're just happy and sitting in the same place and and just eye contact you know and facial expression and then following in they're viable. All of the things that we know and I have no idea that anything has changed. God help me to see as you see. At the end of the service I'm standing at the door of the church and they're walking. People walking out and Gary walks up to me he says Pastor Laurie and I would like to be baptized and become members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and I almost said why what happened. Fortunately I didn't say that I don't always say just what you think but I thought what happened. And then Gary shared the story. The Holy Spirit's conviction upon him and the Holy Spirit's conviction upon his wife and and they wanted to be baptized. So I studied with the more and finally the day came for the baptism and they were standing in the water of the baptistery and Gary said to him turned to me he said Pastor Can I speak to the church. What do you think is it OK for someone when they are to be baptized. Sure. Can I speak to the church. Yes care. And Gary began to speak to the church and as he spoke the Spirit of God spoke to my heart and said that young man he's going to be a preacher that factory work is going to be a preacher. Several years later he graduates as the outstanding preacher of his class the factory worker. Someone saying that the factory workers graduate as the outstanding preacher of his class today. He's the vice president of the Carolina Conference of Seventh Day Adventists. That's not so far from here is it. Thousands of people have heard the truth as it is in Jesus. From this young preacher who was a factory worker. When did Jesus say. His wife Laurie. She got to see that commitment she got to be involved early in ministry they went to the seminary where he did further studies but the day came when her lungs began to rupture. Gary offered to give one of his lung. His father offered to get one of his lungs but Lori was too weak and she fell asleep in Jesus. But I'm here to tell you tonight she will not stay in the grave. Oh no the day is coming soon. When Jesus will return in glory. And with the power of the Creator he will say oh what are you who sleep in the dust and rice and Laurie and those that you love and have prayed for who have fallen asleep in Jesus. They will come forth and we who are alive and remain. Now I got to tell you something. When Laurie looks out and sees the multitude do you know what she will say. She won't even need to ask her husband Gary Gary tell me all of the people whose lives you touch. Tell me all of the seeds that were planted that that others had the privilege of bringing in that harvest. She will know deep in her heart that the words of Jesus are true. So I want to give those words of Jesus to you tonight as a gift. You are leaders. I haven't told you anything new but sixty one years ago someone walked down the block Well Road in Bristol England. I don't know it. It was a man or a woman. I don't know if she was young or he was old. Someone walked down that road in Bristol England. There was a bus stop not far from the door. Maybe the person was waiting for the bus. I don't know but that person whoever she was whoever he was however old they were came to one hundred fourteen Luk Well Road and and took a little card and pushed it under the door. It was a voice of prophecy Bible School cart. The lady of the house was not religious. In fact she took the card at some point during that day and was about to use it to light the fire. This is back in the old days when they had coal fires. It's OK you can read about it in history books. OK. All right you know I have a witness back here. Her son in law still in his teens married to her daughter to the young daughter still in her teens. Her son in law saw the Cardan and asked his mother in law if he could look at it and it was a Bible study school and that young man lead. By the Spirit filled out the card and sent it in. And that young couple with a little baby they studied the Bible together and they came under the conviction of the Spirit of God A returning missionary from Africa came and studied with them and and they were baptized six years later. They felt the conviction to leave Bristol and go to a new gold college where that young man now just twenty six studied to become a pastor. That young couple they they started attending a little church in Bristol. There were just two churches in the city but they asked around trying to find out who put the card under the door and they never found out. I was in utero when my parents were having the bible studies my older brother was almost two. My mother was so pregnant when they finished the bible studies they waited for me to be born and then they were baptized. Someday Someday when the redeemed are gathered together and Angel is going to go up to someone I don't know whether it's a he or a she. I don't know how old they were that day. Standing outside of one fourteen Lukla road. In Bristol but the angel is going to say come on I want to show you a great multitude and I imagine that person unless it was H.M.S. Richards standing outside the door or C. D. Brooks or I imagine that person saying I'm sorry angel I think you may have confused me with someone else and the age will say Oh no do you remember that day when you were standing there on the road and you took a Bible study chord and slipped under that door and maybe a little so there may be those I don't really remember. Maybe they'll say yes I remember the angel will say there is the vast multitude. I want to be that I want to say thank you and I know that person along with Laurie along with you and along with me will say let's pray. Oh Lord sometimes we get discouraged looking with a human perspective. Open our eyes to see as you do. And even when the harvest is not evident we still by faith believe that your word is true. The harvest truly is great and whether some plants and others harvest you give the increase and we will give you all of the honor and all of the praise. Black these harvest workers my sisters and my brothers gathered here. May we rejoice that we have been called to join you in your harvest work and may we rest this night with your peace in our hearts while our heads about and our eyes are closed. So want to give you an opportunity to respond your leaders here and yet we all have the choice again to respond to you word. Just want to pray with me Lord just open my eyes to see the world as you do. Give me that perspective on your world I just want to fight you to raise your hand with your eyes closed. Lord help me to see the world as you do see and to believe that the harvest truly is great. Thank you thank you. She's right. Even this media was brought to you by audio clips a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you'd like to listen to more sermon W.-W. W. dot audio person dot org.


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