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The Sabbath and Atheism

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • June 22, 2013
    11:30 AM
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Today's messages in title the Sabbath and atheism the Sabbath is a very beautiful institution God has given to earth can you say amen to that. Very interesting. There was actually a video of a Baptist pastor who still is a Baptist pastor who discovered the beautiful truth about the Sabbath from a young person. In fact you know what he did after he learned these great truths. He actually told his Baptist Church we're going to start worshipping on the Sabbath. Very interesting. The entire church all started worshipping on faggot. In fact I have a clip of his testimony and we're going to attempt to share it for hopefully the volumes up and you guys are paying attention and he starts sharing to the point and this is the part of the video where he starts sharing how how he came across this Sabbath teaching. Let's get it started. Doctrinal things but I was polite as a pastor. So we sat there and we talked and so forth we didn't argue I just listened to her and all along thinking yeah that's right she just I don't really talk for mine but I kept looking at the families and you know what I discovered that those Adventist families that God planted into our school those events are spammers they loved on me they cared for me. They chant lead guided me they just consistently Little been walked out there and I remember one one time we had a basketball game on a Friday evening we didn't have a charge of the schedule and the game happened to be on a Friday evening and so one of our very best players was an Adventist student and his dad came and we had the Friday it was a Friday afternoon game and I noticed that right about two thirty forty five minutes before sundown right in the middle of the game the dad come in he took his children and they left. Yeah and I took notice of that. OK why not know why he's doing that because they're going to church but the thing I'm trying to say is these families what's consistent. They love their God They believe their message and they walked in truth and they did it with love and then one day this very man who I was Tony that took his children out of the game he came to me one day and he said Pastor Reggie His name is Guy juice thing for those of you that night would know him. He said Pastor Reggie he said you know you and I we have a great relationship and we have these children been in our school five six years and it's a chore he said Can I talk to you for a moment and I said Sure come on here and he said you know Pastor He said I've got the book that I would like you to read. He said Now you know we read the book in my family we believe the things that are in this book but you know we might have it wrong we might be deceived on something here now but he was he he was setting me up here. And he said to me he said you know pastors and I really appreciate you got a Ph D. and the ology and all that he said Do you mind reading this book here and it was the Ten Commandments twice removed he said would you just read the book and at the end of the book just tell me what you think about it and if there's anything wrong with the book please love me enough to come and tell me so that I can get it right. And boy he was really stroking that ego thing and I said what's your brother up because I had to read that book and all along I'm thinking here's my chance I'm going to get it straight with these books. So I took the book and I read it and I read through this book the first time then I got to tell you something. It literally shocked me what I read. I'm going to tell you it struck me even though I had a Ph D. I've never learned this before and I said well you know there's got to be more to this maybe I just read it. Quickly And so I decided that I would read the book again. So I read every page and there it begins sinking in and I begin thinking you don't think that maybe I've had it wrong all this time and I began learning about Constantine and all the stuff that happened there in the Catholic Church and how that we began following after that tradition and then I have again thank you well maybe I have had it wrong let me read it a third time and so I read it three times and at the end of the third time I was so stirred in my heart I said I've got to let my wife read this book and so I took it home and I had not thought of that I had read the book she didn't know the history that you just now know I just handed her the book. I said Honey would you read this book and just at the end of it just tell me what you think about it that's all I say. Just tell me what you think about it. She said she are. And so she read the book she read it like one night it was only one hundred forty eight pages. She just read the book and I was there I remember the very moment that she finished the last page because I was waiting to hear what she said. She closed the book and she looked at me and I said What do you think. She said these words I'm going to quote you verbatim. She said Reggie this is a no brainer why are we doing this and I said I'm not I don't know why we're not doing that let me read the book again. Yeah I'm a slow learner. So bottom line is I read this book five times. Actually I've read it more than that but at that point it was by the best book I've ever read this book right here is the very best book I've ever read outside the Word of God because this book is personal to me because this book enlightened me to the truth. And so after I read it five times she and I we embraced and we said here we are so sorry. Or that we have never had this truth before and for thirty five years I've been teaching people the wrong message. I did it with the right heart the right attitude but I had the wrong way and you know you can have the wrong message and have at least read about it but it's still wrong and so I determined we determined that God would help us to make a lifestyle change. Someone mentioned that here today it was a total lifestyle change it wasn't just changing our day it was changing our entire lifestyle. Yes I mean not that point this out and I'm going to give up my pork chops my cat fish mushroom. Yeah I get it all. Yes lifestyle change. So we were so excited and happy about this wonderful truth of the Sabbath that we learn how that is God's holy day and he told us to keep it holy he did that was to make it holy. He did that so we just said for us to remember to not forget it and to keep it they set aside and give ourselves on that day but he would come and visit with us and he would put a blanket that was love almost didn't make it a sign to us and so we decided yes for we want that in our life and so we decided we would make this lifestyle change and she and I was so happy but we had a church of all the folks I didn't know and we decide well we've got to go to hell and so the very next Sunday the very next Sunday it was showdown time and they didn't know what I was about to say and I didn't know what they was about to say and I told them I told them what I've just shared with you and I did know what they were going to do but I let them know I said listen this is just something that God has spoken to me about my wife and we have met. Determination and commitment that our lifestyle is changing our message is changing. We will honor the Lord we will keep his day holy and that's the message we're going to begin preaching and we're going to be changing our worst days to Sabbath day and if you can join us and you would like to join us we welcome you if you can. We love you anyway and I don't know what they were going to say but praise be into the name of the Lord. Every single person in the church every one of them well written is not a yes man. They praise His name calling. Every single person in the church came to us that night and they said to me Pastor Reggie we don't understand all of what you're doing and why you're doing it but we see the passion in you we love you. You've been our pastor we trust you and we will follow your leadership and from that Sunday on we've never met on a Sunday and we then started meeting on Sabbath and what we do is that we assure it in I mean I tell you it's a celebration for us it's a celebration. Well yes and I got to tell you something I know that you know you meet on Sabbath morning here we can't wait that long. No we can't wait that long. We have to do it at the beginning at sundown Friday night right when it's you know we say look we love this day. We look a lot it's your holiday and it's a celebration under his greatness in our lives and so our whole church then began to grow in numbers. I thought it was going to shrink but it grew and it grew and I must tell you. This and then my time is up but you see we started as a Christian school fourteen years ago I've pastored many years before and we were starting a school and I wasn't necessarily intending on attaching the church to that I was just going to do a Christian school but we had some families within our school that started coming to us and was not church than any church and and they said Hey could we just do a Bible study and so that Pastor thing inside me said sure and so we just started a little a little group little Bible study group and I really wasn't wanting the responsibility of a church again in a school and all of that and I jokingly said to the pastors around the town I said guys you know I'm probably the only pastor in town that great of a church don't grow up you know and I was joking but you know what I mean I got to tell you this I was saying that in a joking way but I found out that that offended the war. And one day the Holy Spirit just water me right here on the chest and he said Reggie I don't ever want you to say that again because it's not your church the church belongs to Jesus and he said and I wanted to grow and I stop saying that and I said Lord let this church grow and when I started when my wife and I in our church started receiving Sabbath and honoring Sabbath day and started worshipping in getting it right and and following the message the best that we know how we still probably don't have it all right but our heart is we're going to do right and you know what if we start doing that then that church started swelling and growing and I will also mention where it's not as big as that but it's going to be all it's going to be and it's going to be. Yeah I mean it just spills out and they just start coming in from all over the place and you know what the final thing I want to say to you is thank you. You know people are hungry for the truth. And you've got the truth. This nomination has the truth and thank God for the Adventist. Now that the Lord has used it this church to take me and to help me understand Revelation you've lived your life consistently and I even though I don't know you personally I know how people look at you how the Christian world looks at you how that we look down upon you. I don't anymore but how I used to look down upon you and and just thinking you know you've just got this thing wrong in your cult and you're crazy and I used to say those things and why didn't God do a good thing put me right in the middle of you here. Glory is now. So God bless you thank you. Well that's the name of the party he's a good guy but he sat in the same into that amen praise the Lord. Now you probably noticed why there was a lot of people dressed in white Those were people who were getting baptized in that church. Praise God amen. They should never be an empty pew. We're all looking over here. Thank you Royce for your example I appreciate those angels are surrounding him right now. So God is good Amen. And there's a lot of people right now who are hungering and thirsting for this beautiful Sabbath crew. Amen let's think about it let's go to the book of exit is Chapter twenty with a very interesting sermon in store for you but we're going to exit is Chapter twenty exit this is the second book of the Bible. Exit is Chapter twenty The Ten Commandments. Exit is Chapter twenty we are going to the Ten Commandments and commandments. All right let's go to verse eight everybody. Exodus twenty starting with verse eight rum member of the what the Sabbath day to keep it holy six days you shall labor and do all your work but the seventh is the Sabbath the Lord your God in it you shall do no work you do know your son or your dog. No your male servant nor your female servant nor your cattle nor your stranger who is within your day For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth the sea and all that is in them and rested on the seventh day therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it. God has blessed this very special day and in a world that is full of a lot of frenzy and confusion and chaos. This day is needed like never before can you say amen to that. And if God forbid it with need it in a perfect world how much more in an imperfect world do we need this beautiful institution in fact right now there are various movements that are taking place that are effecting the way the world is. Culture is affected by many of these belief system movements. One of them is something called a theory of them. The word atheism is actually a combination of two words the word A or alpha in the Greek and you have the word They also which simply means no god. And so a movement has developed with this atheistic following in fact what's very interesting. Nobody ever identified themselves with the English word atheist until the end of the seventy's. And of the seven hundred and the early part of the one thousand nine hundred something took place during that time that begin to really propel the world into this movement called atheism. And you take a good look at what the United States is composed of. In fact I was looking at some to some of the to speak and they found that this movement is actually growing. In fact what you see over here over the course of the last ten years you see for individuals they call themselves the four horsemen of atheism. There you see Richard Dawkins Christopher Hitchens who actually passed away and you also see Daniel Dennett and Sam Harris and they all. I wrote books that were best sellers. People were interested in these books. One was called The God Delusion The End of Faith God is not great and so on and so on and so on and from their movement from their faith and from many of their venom in speeches I can't believe where they begin to just really amassed a following that is composed of millions today millions today. Now you thing in itself. OK And now I get what's happening I even have some friends who are atheist but what in the world that have to do with that in fact what you're going to discover from the Spirit of Prophecy. Ellen White makes several different quotations about bi and she connects the fabric to atheism. In fact I'll show you them right now. Look what she says right here it is a constant witness to his greatness wisdom and love have the Sabbath always been. They currently observed there could never have been a what an atheist or an idolater. Look what she says right here. Have the Sabbath always been kept. Man thought and affections would have been lent to his maker at the object of reverence and worship and there would never have been a work. I dollars or an atheist or an infidel. What would you say is right here. If men had always remembered to keep holy the fabric there would never have been an atheist or an infidel in our world but they could have made an effort to keep God out of the mine and have worked as planned so as to accomplish this and handing banish God from memory and the memory a man he put themself impossible in the place of God and even go so far as to exalt himself above God in compelling the consciences of men which God has never done have the Sabbath always been kept there would never have been in idolatry an atheist or an infidel the sacred observance of God's holy day would have directed the mind of men minds of men to their Creator the true living God Everything in nature. Also would have brought him into remembrance and he would have and would have borne witness to his power and love. The fourth quarter you should win the foundations of the earth were laid then also then with also laid the foundation of the work stab it. Now that's an extremely important point. In other words when God created all the inter-dependent systems of this planet the fabric was not in addition to both systems the fabric was actually part of the equation itself. Now that's a very important point but continue. I was shown that if the truth that it had been kept there would never have been infidel or an atheist. The observance of the Sabbath would have preserved the world. I don't all the tree when you take a good look at the creation week when you read Genesis chapter one you'll find their abridged version of creation. Genesis chapter two. What you find in Genesis chapter two is gone actually honing in on the most important part of creationism man and the Sabbath. Now the reason why that is super important for us to understand as I said earlier God created this world as a very like almost like I appreciate what Brian Snow was talking about a clock and like a clock. There are gears that are connected one to another and these gears many times are interdependent upon one another that if something happens to one of these systems the rest of the entire system is affected and chaos begins to take place. Let me give an example of this. You take a car engine right you take a very we'll just take something like I think that maybe a Porsche engine I'm not quite sure. You take a good look at it advance diagram oftentimes men will actually they don't know anything about cars to impress their wives they'll just walk up to the hood open it there and it will go a few wires. This is honey you don't need to go inside the city and take a while they call their friends up for mechanics. You know what I'm talking about. But and it is very complex complex when you manipulate engine after it has come from the manufacturer and you begin to introduce what something may be called aftermarket parts. The engine itself begins to run less informationally. So let me give an example about this. I used to own a Jeep. Anybody remember I had that big old Jeep OK Very good. OK I had this big old Cherokee Jeep Cherokee two thousand and one sport and it was an inline fix good vehicle OK. And I had it was stock I had it with it was huge but it was still stock tires will still stock engine was still stock. Everything about the vehicle with hills not in other words that's the way it was when it came off the manufacture. But I decided since I hung around a lot longer around a lot of people who were four wheelers I decided I was going to be the first Indian for we were out there. And so what I did is I took this Jeep and some of you guys remember that massacre I had with that Jeep or like of all we me and my buddy were just taking parts out of that Jeep. What we did is we actually replaced part of the suspension. We actually took off both stock tires replaced those tires with five thirty six inch tires. OK that's a plea here almost three feet. OK And then you know there was some manipulation to the engine and let me just tell you something. It was beautiful because I could just jump off the curb or park anywhere I want even on top of cars. Now that never happened but here's the thing. There was one big downfall. You see I used to get on. Most twenty miles to the gallon. I now was getting fifteen miles to the gallon. I leave my house go to church I have to stop at the gas station goal lead stop at the gas station you see what I did is by affecting the stock since it led to inefficiency in the rest of the systems. Does that make sense yes or no. When you add to an engine after market parts like say air filter like an aftermarket air filter what begins to take place is that the engine has to work harder and parts begin to wear out faster. So when God had created this beautiful planet and created all the interdependent fifth month by the removal of the seven being found in the world it begin to lead to a breakdown in other areas. So now we're going to take a good look at history we're actually going to see this take place. When you take a good look at the early church you take a good look at all the disciples and you see all the writings of the disciples every one of the disciples was martyred except for one his name was John. And John the disciple was actually the youngest disciple but he outlived every one of the other disciples. We don't know exactly how he died it might have been natural causes they attempted to dip him and burn and burning oil from extra biblical sources but he didn't die and so they sent him to the island of Patmos where you had that revelation vision and it was shortly after that the epistles of John were written. But Paul made a statement because he knew something was happening in the early church. Paul knew that when he was dying off that savage wolves would be coming into the church and in the epistles of John John the last living disciple is already fending off many of these false teachers you see. Never realized if I can't persecute them and beat them I'm going to simply join them and so take a good look at what Paul says in his words to be a fusion elders also from Monkey ourselves men. Look what he said from you. He's telling the early church men will rise up speaking perverse things to draw away the disciples after themselves and therefore watching remember that for three years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears. Paul knew this and sure enough when Paul would you know was executed John was still living and you take a good look at the epistles of John he is dealing with anti-Christ he is dealing with false teachers and false prophets and what was happening as the church began to get bigger and bigger and bigger. The God had to deal with the various kinds of leadership that was taking place and so he was impressing John with very important words and so John did his best but shortly after the last five will die immediately begin to take place with a lot of heresy and a lot of evil begin to enter into the church the vision took place. You take a good look at the early church fathers and their writings and you can see the twisted beliefs that began to take place. And it was during this time you had two heresies enter into the church. You had something that was called the removal of the seventh day sabbath. In fact it wasn't just done in Constantine Constantine with sort of the public guy who outlawed the keeping of the seventh day sabbath and ordered everybody to worship on Sunday and that's why people today worship on Sunday. But even prior to that there were some of these apostate teachers who were still T. who started to teach it doesn't make a difference what day you worship God you can worship God on the day of the sun and sure enough there is a bit of truth to that but the problem here is that God has specifically sent up by the seventh day. A crowning act of worship can you say amen to that. But what happened was the removal of the stabbing took place. Something very interesting to note about the Sabbath the Sabbath draw as our minds to creation. Amen. We are drawn to the creator and all his creative works. The fabric draws us to the study of the beauty of nature the fabric drawls our mind to God's love still revealed in this sinful marred world and through the Sabbath we appreciate the organism of of the physical body of humanity. But when the fabric was removed there began to be placed in emphasis upon the immortality of the soul. Heresy entered in and that was that your soul was going to live for all of eternity regardless of what you did. And many much a great philosophy entered in during that time. To the point where some of the church fathers they began to say the body is completely evil and it's all about the mind it's all about the mind. In fact what begin to take place was during the Dark Ages and into the middle ages when Catholic theological schools were being set up. They focused so much on theology and that the medical aspect was completely thrown out. They thought that the body was completely evil that's why many of these monks when they would try to atone for their sins they would whip themselves and they would just starve themselves to fasting. Many of them believe that the earth was going to be completely destroyed. So there's no point in studying nature. In fact the last meeting of the seventh day I think three times said was a scholar in Andrews It was actually down in Mobile and up but out of these anymore. He wrote this book and he talks about the Sabbath in history look what he says about the early church the melody of Christ and His creation was silenced in the Christian church early in its history. There are many of the Sabbath as in the writings of Origen went hand in hand with repudiation of the body and the neglect of the earth. If attention to nature ground almost to a halt in old it was old in part to the fact that the ideological framework to value nature was lacking in fact I don't want to talk about the dark ages in the Middle Ages but what she said in great controversy for centuries Europe had made no progress in learning arts or civilisation a moral and intellectual paralysis had fallen upon Christian into goes a little bit more belief in the immortality of the Soul was the key factor in the Christian a strange myth from the material world. This view led to a diminished interest in nature because of concern for the body brings no apparent spiritual benefit the body is only the prison of the soul. Why explore the Earth has no place in God's ultimate reality. Well I study it and sure enough it began to lead to some unusual movements that led to many evils during the Dark and Middle Ages. Thus the groundwork was laid for a millennium of indifference towards the body and the natural world by the removal of the Sabbath and the focus on the mind in the soul. With time this outlook resulted in one president help with MS in matters of health and disease. People not only lack rudimentary understanding of health and hygiene they do not take the kind of interest in the physical world that could have led to INSIGHT. It's gone a little bit more when you take a good look at what was happening in the Middle Ages and you know the first part of it known as the Dark Ages and back to villages all be called the Dark Ages but it was change for a modern day historian so they only call the first part of the Middle Ages the dark ages. You take a look at many many of the medical advances that were taking place. Medical science was actually very much repressed the way they would deal with their problems. It was blood letting you got issues you got some type of mental disorder. They take some holy water out and then solve the problem. Or they thought and they begin to actually outlaw certain kind of medical practice in fact beyond believe two thousand years a bad faith Jane McDonald Mick James McDonald wrote a book describing the medical advancement or lack of During the Middle Ages. Look what he said. Some of these words a little bit more difficult than an English Indian English begad word in Christendom from eighty three hundred to around seventeen hundred all theory of mental conditions were understood as symptoms of demonic possession. Since illness was thought to be caused by supernatural agents cures had to essentially be essentially supernatural as well as view every career or cure with literally miraculous and these miracles could be affected only by prayer penance and the assistance of the thing. To claim otherwise was heretical and blasphemous. So you'll begin to see some of the. Sort of the Med the sort you could say the medical science they added during that time and you can see how it was repressed. In fact look at all things if the practice of medicine was monopolised by the church so laymen who practiced it became what criminals now were they removed the seventeenth out of them the focus on creation and nature and the organism and they begin to focus on the soul of the immortality of soul and it began to lead to some of the most unusual beliefs then the church stopped certain clergymen practicing as well. One after the medicine was prohibited by the thin on of Clairmont eleven thirty pence for the practice of medicine was to thank you a clergy a generation later and eleven sixty three at the Council of tours interpreted the maxim ecclesia abhorrent often with which means the Church of the whole. As the shedding of blood as meaning that no children could practice surgery. Now you begin to see what was happening and why these great evils were taken place some of you still ask yourself when and what does the fab have to do with atheism. Let's keep going. Cures were still carried out using exorcism consecrated Bell's relics of biblical teaching reading holy water and torture the insane were still regarded as possessed by evil spirits. When Joanne Weier explained that mental illness was the real course underlying the symptoms that had been attributed to witches and evil spirits the church denounced him and his book was placed on the index. He himself was accused of witchcraft and was obliged to flee for his life. In fact a good look at this freelance anatomy for original research was illegal. Scientists like Menard eventually were obliged to carry on their anatomical research in secret. That's why when you take a look at you know our dimensions book advances he wrote a lot of things in secret. Mirror writing he hid some of his discoveries within it because he understood that when thinking people came along they would be able to see what he was up to but not during his time as Leonardo's famous where writing was used to disguise his findings in case the church authorities found out about them. His notes were not published for more than two hundred years after his death. Michelangelo was another speaker and my goodness. Yeah animists OK. He apparently managed to work some of his anatomical discoveries into his art including the creation of Adam affection of his fresco in the Sistine Chapel in fact when you take a good look at that creation portrait of of God extending his finger to Adam what most people don't know about is that the human brain is. Should we diagrammed in that painting. But he knew that those who studied anatomy would be persecuted. So he had to hide much of his work. Here's some more information. Bishop's wife and all manner of medical practice from surgery to fix a midwifery which gave them control of all these disciplines. Bloodletting was still the standard treatment for all manner of ills in the sixteenth century and will continue to be for another three centuries. Anyone who suggests that the ancient Hippocratic medical techniques might be the peer risk charges of heresy when Pierre thought of Paris advocated Hippocratic technique he was considered a worse heretic then why and Luther. Professor of Medicine looks like baloney but it's not. Use skin grafts or prime plastic surgery he was charged with impiety and has rhinoplasty surgeries were prohibited. His technique was not revived until one thousand nine hundred two. Sometimes it is difficult to tell what advances might have been made in Christie's Simo and not Italian so some of the words are just there outside my vocabulary will just say Christ rest a work for which he was burned at the stake in fifteen twenty three. My conservative mention pulmonary circulation realizing the function of the lungs three generations before William Harvey who is now generally credited with discovering the circulation of the blood by the middle ages medicine had regressed on all fronts in Christian lands. Muslims who came into contact with Christians as insomuch as there did during the Crusades were shocked. Why were they shot by the cruelty of their medicine and it was not only medicine but public health too. Whereas Muslims adopted public baths and insisted on washing before meals. Christians adopted the view that it was wrong to wash it was flying in the face of God. Presume to clean off this honest Christian filth. Christians were obliged to accept the will of God and the disease and misery that went with it. Queen Elizabeth the First was famously said to have paid twice a year whether she needed to or not I don't care if she is a queen I'm not I would never go into a room like that with someone like that you see what I'm saying. Ways and John I want you to see what's taken place because of some heresies that entered into the early church. It completely begin to lead to breakdown in other systems systems of philosophical thought of medical advancement of scientific exploration. Many of these systems were disrupted and you begin to see the evil things that begin to take place and you know where this all culminated would all begin to come to a final just to the apex where it just quietly began to break the civilization at that time. It was during the Black Plague the Black Plague. What happened during the Black Plague. You had the ship in the scene which showed up at this particular port in thirteen forty eight it was a plane ship and the people said no no no you're not coming on board but you know what they let on board the supplies which had rats and their fleas and essentially the bubonic plague began just to cause horrific casualties. And I want you to understand how intense this was we're not talking about a few thousand people who were killed by this black plague. We are talking just in a matter of months. Thirty million people dying and you know how far it went up to two hundred million people died because of a black plague because of the Black Plague. If that back half of England was wiped out you would think OK half. When the United States being wiped out that is just just horrific to think of something like imagining half of it was wiped out by the Black Plague. In fact look what this information chief says right here what we have come to call the plague was brought to a merchant ship from Tanna in Crimea. Timothy incessantly in the year thirteen forty seven the ship containing rats that were infected with the disease the disease took many forms the Bonnie played Terry by fleas on the raft attacked the lymphatic glances them and claw swelling pneumonic plague attack this long and was more devastating the plague called the Black Death went from Sicily to Italy and then throughout Europe in England it reached the entire continent by thirteen fifty. During these years the population dropped by as much as fifty percent in some locations. Much higher. The play continued to exist in the fifteenth century and less intensely in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Now what will you take a good look at some of the artwork that was being used to describe. There was just bodies everywhere filth everywhere. Corpses over there and they didn't know what to do with them. But here's where this begins to become very interesting. The historians know at that time that basic rule of mentoring procedures would have saved millions from dying. And back with what plans that face right here. Historians of medicine have looked to the prevailing Christian view of the world at that time as a contributing factor to the unfathomable disaster could not be attributed to accident scholars account for the absence of even rudimentary in fact by the fact that the universe is that time under the jurisdiction of the church which was the freshest of discovery and novelty. Compared to theology medicine within F. the secondary science first made evil understanding was hamstrung by its most basic. If Discovery was outlawed. Medical scientific advances. Outlaw no more study of the creationism. It was seen as evil because the South was now brought up and sure enough what took place were some of the greatest evils that led to millions losing their lives. Ladies and gentlemen listen to me when God says something has been is where we ought to listen to it it's for our own good. Amen. And what you had at the end of the seventeen hundreds. With all this the middle ages coming to you when you begin to see a group of people begin to rise up in this movement called the French Revolution and it was a group of thinkers and politicians and philosophers and even Roman church priests who were so upset at all the things that were taken place they bring in to rise up and they begin to say we no longer believe in this God we no longer want this religion and millions begin thousands begin to be beheaded during that time they were so upset with everything that was taking place. They call for a revolution and that was very interesting the great controversy talked about how even many of the priests who were supposed to be loyal to God turned their back on God. The constitutional Bishop of Paris was brought forth to play the principal part in the most important and scandalous farce ever acted in the face of a national representation he was brought forward in for procession to declare to the convention that the religion which he had taught for many years was in every respect a piece of priest craft craft which had no foundation either in history or sacred he disowned in thought and explicit terms the existence of the deity tools worship he had been consecrated and devoted himself in future to the homage of the homage of liberty equality virtue and morality. He then laid on the table. All decorations and received a fraternal embraced from the president of the convention several apostate breeze followed an example of this prelate men publicly defined the King of Heaven like sinners of all decried how does God know and if their knowledge in the most high Psalm seventy three Verse eleven blasphemous boldness almost beyond belief. One of the priests of the new order said God if you exist adventure in Journey I binge in defiance you remain silent. You dare not launch your thunders who after this will believe in your existence. What an echo of this is this of the pharaoh was the man who is Jehovah that I should obey that I should be his voice. I know not to hold this is right exact rifle Sturrock only the real growth of atheism is to be dated from the eighteenth century the French Revolution propelled atheism took center stage for many in modern Europe a religion was an oppressor. Atheism was a liberator. There was an important point to be learned here where the church is seen to be on the side of ordinary people. Atheism has relatively little appeal. Still the cultural appeal of atheism often seems to be determined by in foetal context rather than by anything intrinsic to its ideas where religion is said to oppress confine depriving women. Atheism is lauded for offering humanity a larger vision of freedom and this is what we are warned about. We don't want that one day the church and the state will unite and it will lead to some agree just errors and the great controversy will culminate at the end of time and we will see freedom lost. We will see freedom lost and we were warned about it but lays in John that there ever is a time to Paul the Word of God It is now can you say amen to that. And here we begin to see from the French Revolution began to lead to other individuals other right. Yes you had individuals like Thomas Paine who begin to write some of the most vociferous things about God and people like Voltaire who begin to denounce God and say the Bible would be an obsolete book in one hundred years from now. You want individuals like Charles Darwin who right around that time at the end of that time into the eight hundred forty S. began to just come up with these wild theories that the world came about through natural selection through chaff and that mankind is nothing but an ape you also are individuals like Marx because Martha began to really press this idea of a type of communism a place without religion or the oppression of man. You have individuals like Frederick Nietzsche who was called The Undertaker of God who talked about the God of that movie. You had individuals like Stalin who actually carried atheism do with logical conclusion murdering millions and you had individuals like today Richard Dawkins and you know you begin to see something so important during the Dark Ages and middle ages. They wanted a religion that had nothing to do with medicine or science and then the pendulum swung and now you have a science and the medical world that wants nothing to do with God. We say man if you're tracking me right now. There you begin to see something so important from history by the removal of what God has instituted it has led to some of the most unusual chaotic and evil movements that exist today. But if there ever is a time to follow God and be faithful it's now the great controversy makes one of the most strongest thing statements right here. It was Pope already that had begun the work which atheism was completing the work that took place in the removal of the institutions that God set up you know a G. K. Chesterton who said it was a contempt. If C.S. Lewis he says before you remove a fence. Asked why it was put there in the first place and tracking with me before you remove a fence I asked why it was put there to begin with. If God instituted something in the Ten Commandments. Ask yourself. Wait a minute we need to be careful if we try to change this. Ladies and gentlemen we are upsetting natural dynamics that God has set up in the creation of this world in the fabric of life and existence. And by the change or manipulation of what God has set up it can all only lead to death decay degeneration and pain and heartache. But we have a mission. We have a very special mission in a world today that is full of a lot of agnostics and atheists and people who want nothing to do with God We need to bring back something that is appealing that can draw them back to God. Ladies and gentlemen what is intrinsically what is inherent in every person's heart. Our very eternal thing. The Bible even says God has put eternity in the heart of man and then when we reproduce these things that we know from the Word of God it will draw people in and they will begin to know the God that has been hidden from them for so many years and the lies will begin to be dispersed. As Seventh Day Adventists we have begin to special principles in our missionary work. We have the beautiful principal of the seventh day Sabbath a day of rest and let me tell you regard to be an atheist or agnostic or whatever background you come from. The fabric have beautiful appeal can you say amen to that. Even if you are a Baptist pastor Amen it has a beautiful appeal. When you begin to practice the Sabbath the way it was meant to and you begin to invite people to experience more than teaching. Into that time they will begin to be drawn to that experience. Ladies and gentlemen we need to follow God's ways can you say amen to that. But also when you take a look at the life of Christ you begin to see something very interesting. Look what the Bible says and after ten verse thirty eight how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power who went about doing good and healing all who are oppressed by the devil for God was with him a lot of times we look at the life of Christ and think you think Jesus said He did. Evangelism and he did miracles. Here's what I want you to understand the goal of that miracles are those miracles with healing that's important. Some people say well I can't do that because I can't do any miracles. I can say I don't want to you know cop is gone when it's gone we can't say that but you see miracles were just an avenue to lead to the destination and that destination with healing and so part of Jesus's ministry was healing and if we're going to be likewise that we need to we insert this beautiful principle in reaching people. Ladies and gentlemen I'm going to ask a question right now how many people here. Our medical missionaries just reach you have. Well I didn't ask how many people here were doctors. I don't ask people how many people here were nurses. I didn't even ask you if you had a degree in science. I asked how many people here are called to be medical missionaries. How do people you know are being called to be medical missions in other words to bring a message of health and healing to people how many people here. That's a little bit better. But you keep refining until every one of us including the people outside in the lobby. What we are called to do is present a very beautiful message of help and let me tell you something. That message of help is so appealing and attractive to anybody regardless of their belief or lack there of thinking people we're told will come to our health institutions and they will be blown away by the messages of help that we have because help is important to everybody. Everyone believes everyone got bad blood in them or blue blood comes out and comes out in the country but I don't want to have a heart even ten large robotic space maker you have a heart. You've got a brain you've got a body. Everyone have common denominators and through the message of how even thinking people who want nothing to do with God can't be reached by this message you think years of wait a minute I know but I am not a doctor I'm not a nurse I have no education in reaching people with the message of hell. I've been praying that you know there's more to the health message than eating big prints can use a mentor or tofu. Amen part of the message of health is showing people where they can find healing. Now I grew up with somebody who grew up in Southern California. I have two sisters who are doctors one of them is also married to an E.R. doctor relatives or doctors Indians in the medical community is just the same thing. One in one you know so and so like I grew up this way. My dad had three heart attacks. I grew up as a vegetarian but here's something I begin to understand that oftentimes what I was banging out in the medical community couldn't help me with the plan. There were simply not asking them. And when I began to learn about natural ways of healing and help I was so shocked and in fact I need to get in unsuspecting suspecting that I need to get the whole doctor at home what do you start at home right now. Dr Edwin can you come up to the front. Dr Ed home is going to be my I don't want the big dumb he is going to be my sick patient. Peter to see young man get you warmed up. Do you know one day it was about two years ago I was really sick and evangelistic series I was preaching on the day that I was supposed to preach about the state of the dead you know how important that is and about hell fire the next day I was deathly sick. I don't get sick very much but I got so sick I could get out when they get out of bed and I was like oh I can't do this and I was to give them time. I was taken some other medicine was doing nothing for me. I had some medical missionaries show up and they did some unusual things for me. You wonder what they did. They didn't just take water and sprinkle it on my face and say we don't you know what they begin this weekend to do some unusual baking I was always shocked when it was happening to me but I should be shot. Stuff has already been given to us. I sat down in that chair and I felt so weak and you know what they did they took a warm blanket just like this you're going to sweat rather and they just like ran in this warm blanket to kepe snug and I was like that's not so bad. I felt so bad I wasn't feeling better it was about midnight this was happening and so then they said we also need to cover your head. Cover your head to think OK so they cover my head just like this. Thank you young man. And then I was like OK this is so bad I'm going to go back and then they they took off my shoes just like this and these are not nurses or doctors. These are normal people and they put my daughters are normal people too. And they put my feet in this bucket that had hot water everything was nice I was like This is hydrotherapy like you know everything was great. But that's when it started to happen. You see what they did is as the water sort of cooling off they start to put warm water in again as warm as I can get it. Everything was good for about three minutes I was like I don't see how this is going to help me and they can't bring more warm water in it. Ten minutes later something started happening. I started to feel my temperature rise. My temperature started rising and I was like it's getting a little hot in here and I'm like No no you need to keep this on. OK And it was really thick and they're like No no you need to keep it on as I was like all right everything was all cool you know up to that point and they kept when the water cooled off they kept putting more modern and they kept the temperature of the water going higher and higher and I was like All right all right. And he likes another good threshold pressure like me I can handle pain most of the time and so I was there and it was getting hotter and hotter and I was like telling him I was like you know I'm starting to feel very uncomfortable here and they said Don't you worry you're going to feel uncomfortable just for a little bit but you're going to feel so much better in a short while and I was like all right and so they kept putting one liner in there twenty minutes came by and I was like All right let's go. And then like it started getting hotter and hotter and I started feeling uncomfortable and he said he just got a hold on you just got a hold on and then what they did and I was getting so uncomfortable they took some cold water and they put it over my face just like this and it can be a little cool and I was good for about couple minutes and then I started hearing more and more and more and I was like All right everybody. But when is this going to end if not working on me I was getting hotter and hotter and finally I was getting to a point where I was like I can't do this anymore I can't do this anymore. I almost feel like crying and I thought I was just getting so intense and Brian said all right I think you reach a point I like threw off all the clothes just like that and not the clothes put a blanket I threw up a blanket and I raced over to the bathroom and I just branch and called one of my friends and I just walked over to the bed and I just went into a kneeling position in prayer and I fell asleep on the bed for a minute like this. One minute I was like I stood up. The strangest thing. I felt incredibly better than I do you know and I walked into the room and like they're everybody and they're like I work and I was like yeah I feel so much. Then I think I've been trying to get medication last couple days but what in the world happened and they said through the use of water therapy natural through many treatments the red blood cells white blood cells and everything was being called out and it was helping so much and it was just heating up the only thing in my body and my body was able to fight so much better in just a moment of matter a minute. I felt incredibly better which medicine wasn't able to do and I was able to preach some of the most powerful sermons I've ever preach. During those two two days during that we can't. And I realize that God sent medical missionaries to me when I needed it. There are so many natural therapies and remedies that we are not looking at and the rest of the world is starting to discover. But these things have already been given to us ladies and gentlemen. If we take them and we will find ourselves able to reach anybody anybody because anybody who needs help will desire and that opens the door for you to be able to share the message of the Word of God Can you say amen. Into that. Ladies and gentlemen if there ever is a time for us to become medical missionaries and to know what God wants us to learn and to discover it if now you don't have to be a nurse you don't have to be a doctor. You don't have to have even a medical background. I really want to challenge you to study this out and to just start praying that God can make you a powerful witness can you say amen to that. There ever is a time for us to be faithful and to learn these beautiful things. It is now and it will increase your witness one hundred four. Amen. The healthcare systems can't solve our problems anymore. Medicine pharmacies can't solve our problems. God is calling us back to understand and study things out. Amen. Let's bow our heads for a word of prayer. Father in heaven. Thank you so much. Thank you so much Lord you have given us so many things that we can use to reach the world. And Laura you're just calling us to make ourselves available to seek out and understand what the world needs to know right now and that is there is a message of health physically mentally and spiritually. But God Many of us feel so inadequate and inexperienced. But Lord we know you can teach us. Thank you God bless each person may they go out inspired and seeking for ways they can help bless people in Jesus name Amen. This media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through every sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more of sort of the leader Visit W W W R U. verse dot org.


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