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Anil Kanda

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  • July 27, 2013
    11:30 AM
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Ladies and gentlemen God wants us to live a life like Jesus Amen. A life of servitude a life of paypal with a life of obedience and a life of communion. And like Joshua Joshua was somebody who did not start off that way Joshua did not start off being called the servant of the Lord. He was somebody who was simply called The Fifth into Moses. But as he grew in his faith with him as he grew in his communion. God could say at the end of his life this is my fervent. Can God say the same about you can go on say to you this is my servant this one works for me. Can the lord count on you for his work. When God has something for you to do or for something for you to share Can you count on you and say you know what I know that person is going to do what I know they're going to be obedient to me can you will be called the servant of the Lord. Now the reason why I want to examine this question is because God wants you to live a life where you are searching after that type of condition that you are becoming a servant of the Lord and that takes place each and every day as you give yourself to Jesus and you say to the Lord God make me pay more today in your service is very interesting I was just doing a lot of office work meeting with the various people I have some time off before my next meeting and I was like you know what I'll do I'll just go to Wal-Mart. And I was going to go buy some stuff. I don't go to Wal-Mart randomly I just go there to get some stuff. As soon as I you know park my car I just said to myself I said you know what. Maybe God has me here for a witness and I said or whatever your prominence wants me wants to lead me into so be it. And as soon as I put the car in park we'll look to the right and it was somebody who comes to our church and I have my brother how you doing. And we were talking. And it was just a blessing and I said you know what. Please come to church this Sabbath. I'd love to see you and it was just a powerful conversation we had and I was like Praise the Lord and I walked out and I was like maybe God has something else boom right. I was done talking there was somebody else it was somebody I'd share that my testimony with who works one of the dry cleaner companies and I was like God is just answering this prayer left and right if you want to experience some powerful things go to Walmart and pray Amen. Look you think I'm joking right now but when you're going into a public place you ought to be praying to God I want you to use me as your witness you know I went to Best Buy a few days ago and I ran into somebody right before I was just praying Lord please use me as to be a witness I was doing sending a bunch of e-mails writing a bunch of things that whole day I really didn't feel just like I was a powerful witness for the Lord that day you know and I said OK God please use me went to Best Buy and I ran into somebody who I went to school with and I started talking to them and found that he was interested in the Bible. Here's the thing ladies and gentlemen. God wants to use you in the work of God Amen. And every day you just have to play a simple breath you know you have to get on your knees when I pulled up to one when I was in my truck. Well then I was in India and driving all the way on and climb all the way and park it and I was just like God he was meeting your products. Boom the prayers and say God can do the same for you ladies and gentlemen. God wants you to be his servants. Amen and every day you just pray a simple prayer God use me today in your service you will go to the store say Sunday just said OK Lord I don't know why I'm here. Maybe I'm doing the shopping grocery shopping. God use meeting your witness you would be surprised how fast God is waiting to answer that prayer. And if there ever is a time God is waiting to. An answer that prayer and angels are just shaking waiting to use you as a powerful wind if it's now at the close of human history. God is just waiting for this prayer to be answered can you say amen to that. The one thing we begin to understand about Joshua is that he became the servant of the Lord. He didn't start off that way but the various events and the outreach that God called him to do. He became the servant of the Lord and God could say confidently This is my servant but one of the things I want to talk with you about the life of Joshua is this. After they had conquered much of the land there was a time when they were dividing up the land and they were dividing up the land according to the various tribes and so one tribe group would go there one tribe group would go there another tribe group would go there another tribe group would go there and Joshua when he was the one done dividing up all these tribes and it took a long time because some of these other Pagan tried refused to get out of the area. So Joshua had to give specific instruction. Other parts of the land needed some more warfare done to just kind of boot up the Canaanite And so while all this long process was taking place. Joshua waited till the end to choose his own inheritance but what is so interesting is what he chooses as his own inheritance. I'm going to show you something powerful. Take your bible go to Joshua Joshua chapter nineteen. What did Joshua choose as his inheritance. This man who had grown to be the servant of the Lord. What did he choose as his inheritance. This is powerful stuff here ladies and gentlemen verse forty nine Chapter nineteen verse forty nine are we all there. Page two hundred twenty one. In these black Bibles look what the Bible says about this. Verse forty nine when they had made an end of dividing the law. And as in what an inheritance according to their borders now watches the children of Israel gave an inheritance among them to Joshua the son of Nun and I'm sure they were willing to say look Joshua you blessed us you helped lead us into this holy land we've walked over forty years to get to this point we came out of Egypt and here we are we've finally arrived and we're finally putting down roots and they say Josh want whatever you want. You pick the place that you want and we're going to make sure you get it you want the best of that land you will get it you won't want to vote you won't make it happen and there was little inclined to give Joshua up whatever land he wanted because of his hard work. I want you to see what you actually do this verse thirty according to the word of the Lord. They gave him the fifty which he worked out for him. In the mountains of F. from and he built the city and dwelt in it. Now the reason why this is so interesting. This was just a little rugged place there was nothing special about this city except for one thing I was doing a lot of study on this and found out what the contours are really honing in on this. When it comes to this particular city and why the city was super important it was less than a day's journey from the sanctuary it was less than a day's journey from the sanctuary you know what that is so powerful because what took place in the things you were in the presence of God was manifest and so here Josh really says look they the people tell him just how you can be anywhere you want in the land of Canaan several miles if you want to just retreat all the way into the woods because you're tired of dealing with us. They sure enough will make it happen and you could just hide behind those trees and no one will know you're here you can just retire in comfort and in safety and you can just live out your lives as were real establishing leadership and you know what's so interesting is that you choose. It's another kind of place a place that was so unusual he doesn't choose to live far away from the center of Israel who chooses to live very close to the French remains of which was the thing she where why. Because Joshua was committed to God and Josh will always wanted to be near the presence of God and in a time when he could chose anywhere else to live he chose to be closest to the place where God was most manifest the Bible even talks about Joshua even Moses early on Moses oftentimes would go to the sanctuary to commune with God and the Bible even tells us I believe it's a numbers that Joshua after Moses left was the opening of the sanctuary and he would fall asleep near the most critical moments these things fall off. You know what I'm saying the reason why this needs to think two or three gentlemen is because God is calling us to be committed to his work and be committed to his church. You see we have to not develop this kind of categorize religion sort of this sort of this thing where it's just you know that's my religion over there and this is the rest of my life. When the servants of God This was their life and they built around the church they built around the presence of God because to them that was the most important thing. Ladies and gentlemen we need to examine these things and we begin we really need to start praying wait a minute what is God up to and what does he want us to do with our lives. God will bless you as you seek to honor him. Amen. But there's another point I want to make and I believe this is one of the most powerful points in the Book of Joshua and I believe this is what we're honing in on as they're done dividing up the land. The Bible tells us something remarkable. Now the inheritance that God was giving to the various tribes after the system was all done after everything was taken place. Rubin got over there. Judah got over there just got out of there Caleb got over there. NASA got over there and they're dividing up the drugs and when they went and got this. But there is one more thing that needs to be instituted with the land of the next chapter Chapter twenty. Look what the Bible says it's very powerful. The Lord spoke to Joshua thing speak to the children of Israel saying appoint for yourselves cities of refuge of which I spoke to you through Moses God tells Joshua Joshua what I want you to do before you completely retire. I want you to make sure there are places called cities of refuge within the whole encampment of Israel. Well what the City of Refuge had gone that the player who kills a person accidentally or unintentionally may flee there and they shall be your refuge from the avenger of blood and when you flees to one of those cities and stands at the entrance of the gate of the city and declares his case in the hearing of the elders about thirty they shall take him into the city as one of them and give him a plaything. He may dwell among them. Verse five that if the avenger of the blood pursues him they shall not deliver the Slayer into his hand because he struck his neighbor unintentionally and he did not hit him before hand. Burst six. And he shoved while in that city until he stands before the congregation for judgment and until the death of the priest of the one with the high priest in those days. Then the Slayer may return and come to his own city and his own house to the city from which he fled and what begins to take place if they begin to actually institute six or should they fix a refuge series three on one side of the Jordan and three on the other. Right of Jordan and the reason why these cities of refuge were super important was because of someone committed probably one of the most egregious crimes. He killed somebody took the life of somebody and he did it unintentionally accidentally In other words it wasn't meditated premeditated that individual in fear of losing his life could run to the City of Refuge and as he was in the city of refuge he would just say look everybody there's a man trying to kill me and the elders would immediately said OK come in and will guard you. And there were six of these that were developed you know back then God was using the system and the system was an eye for an eye and so when God was dealing with this idea of justice he had to make sure that people would eventually get a fair trial. And so when someone accidentally killed somebody saying they're just doing it in X. That's actually an example the Bible uses and the accent comes flying off and just chop somebody's head off all of a sudden the relatives of that individual said Now your head is coming off and so that person would take off running and he would take off running and he knew where the City of Refuge were and as soon as he entered into the thirty's the elders close the gate he would tell them what was going on and the elder said You stay here we're going to guard you until you get a fair trial. Six of the thirty's were set up. God was making sure things were done in a very legitimate way. And so you can imagine these cities having some special places within Israel. I found out some interesting facts about the city of refuge. Number one they were now bullish but God before they were needed before they were needed. Number two they were available and accessible to all Israel and watches the Bible even says in Deuteronomy and the strangers in other words the foreigners could run there if they accidentally killed an Israelite. Point number three their gates were always open their gates were always open point. Before they were widely advertised is a what I mean by that. They were actually the Torah talks about how they were actually fine posts along the way and they find both they would say. Refuge as a when a person is whining. He's of like where do I go all this and he would feed the flame post and it with a refuge in back. I know where to go and he's just following this fine both getting a fast as he could to that city of refuge because he knew as soon as he entered into that city he was safe. There's another point all the cities of refuge were prominently located at high elevations so that they could be thing from great distances. We could be blown away we're going to share with you in just a bit. Everyone was within a day's journey of them that's not the powerful poignant that's powerful easy gone through these sort of these places of mercy that if someone did something and they just look back and they were just like what did I do. They couldn't run. In fact what's so interesting the word says this it fits in Joshua that if someone committed a crime. Unwittingly whereas the translation says without cunning by the way who's the first person in Scripture who were told it was coming. That's very important. So here they are they have the cities of refuge and you can just imagine someone did something bad and they would be running their go as fast they could they feel fine both and say yes in that general direction and they take off as soon as they got in there they were safe. The cities of refuge were set up by God to be in barely important places in the Israelite community. Gone with safeguarding against corruption and he was making sure the governments understood what bare justice and trials are and you can take a good look in the news media right now there's a whole lot of talk about sort of these high profile high profile killing cases and what we were asking. Different questions but but find that looking at what the Bible would think the Bible would think something so remarkable that if a person did something like that they could run and find refuge is still saying to me what is your point. Are you ready to go to chapter twenty one. You see Chapter twenty one is about another group who did not get an inheritance they were the Levites the Levites did not gaining Aronson's in fact Moses says you don't get an inheritance of the Lord is your inheritance but I want you to see something after God has done dividing up all the Israelite tribes and he's done talking about the city of refuge here begins to talk to inspire Joshua to faith something about the Levites take him out about a verse thirteen chapter twenty one. This blew me away. Hopefully does the same for you. We all their first to the children of Aaron the priest they gave he brought with it come inland a city of refuge for the what did you guys get that not only you have got it the high priest. One to live in the place of mercy leaves and Johnny God is trying to say something about the character of God that God is the place of mercy. Can you say meant to that fourth sinner who is innate. They can find a refuge where with the Lord and in fact that's why we are seventeen different times in the book of Psalms The Lord is our refuge the Lord is our refuge the Lord is our refuge all over and over again. What God was trying to say and what God was trying to point out that the high priest of Israel Aaron and his descendants would live in the cities of refuge they would be a place of mercy for those who are sinned for those who committed crimes. Ladies and gentleman who's the high priest of our church who is the high priest of our church Come on you guys. Who is the high priest of the church. Yeah OK but who's the high priest of the church. Yeah who is the high priest of this church. No not me at all. It always is Jesus. But here's the thing I want to still be able to ask you that question ten times and you still want to be able to say Do this don't do everything on the high priest. There's nothing special about this garment I got this at Men's Warehouse. These are priestly garments Now the reason why I keep asking the question Lisa is because I want you to be so sure that even if someone questioned you a million times you can still say the exact same answer because you know it's true. Jay is our only high priest. Can you say amen to that. In fact what is so interesting about this. We're learning something powerful. We're learning that Jesus the High Priest in the city of refuge. He is that place of Murphy and in fact the Bible says and he was Chapter two Therefore in all things he had to be made like his brother and that he might be what. Merciful and faithful high priest the high priest would be where the place of Mercy was that if someone needed a mediator they could go to somebody who was compassionate if someone needed help they could go to somebody who understood the weaknesses of humanity can use a mentor that ladies and gentlemen your high priest who intercede for you right now in the most holy place is the place of mercy. Can you say amen to that and if you ever need help and if you need a refuge you can go straight to Jesus because he understands where you come from a man. Somebody put it this way. They said this Satan knows our name but he called us by our sin Jesus knows our sin but He calls us by our name Amen. With Jesus we can find a place of refuge and this is what God was trying to help the children of Israel understand and that was that their high priest was to dwell in a place of compassion. A mercy and sympathy for the field in a center and this was to a point to Jesus who would enter in who would take off the garments of sacrifice and then turn to the garments of the high priests the ministry that he himself would be a place of mercy for the sinner that in the end they could find a refuge that went on high priests. We can find somebody who understands your weaknesses and understands my weaknesses Amen praise God for Jesus. Praise God for Jesus. I love what he was Chapter four says right here. Thing then that we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens. Jesus the Son of God Let us hold back our confession for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses but was in all points tempted as we are yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of what grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Ladies and gentlemen we need to understand this simple point right here and that is Jesus is a place of mercy. Jesus is a place of mercy undergrounds talking one brother and he says right now I don't deserve mercy. And I said to him when did you ever deserve it. Amen when did you ever just serve mercy when did you ever deserve grace if you deserved grace it's not Grace I meant you can earn grace if you are in grace and I don't mean Grace because Grace cannot be earned they can only be given mercy cannot be and it can only be given and that's why when we're looking to our intercessor right now in heaven ladies and gentlemen we need to understand he is a place of mercy he is our refuge. You maybe somebody was struggling right now with various things you just Thing is up. Lord how come I'm just not over coming then you need to stay in the proximity of Jesus and the long hours. You are in the proximity of Jesus Jesus will hold you fast. Can you say amen to that. You maybe somebody is just thinking God how can I ever be saved then you run to Jesus. You run to that place of mercy and don't you stop until you get there because Jesus is the one who will hold you can you say amen to that and I will if you choose to leave that place he will not let you go. Our only argument is our great need. God is not looking for people who can talk eloquently with him he is not looking for people who can say the right words. He is looking for people who are willing to come to him and simply confess they need his help. Jesus is our High Priest can you say amen to that. Jesus is our place of mercy and in Him we find the grace that we need. I love what I might say she's describing a fugitive she says. And this fugitive was on the run. If we had done some bad things and she is describing this fugitive and she's saying he's running and he's just sweating he's getting tired and you can hear people coming up in the back and you can just hear just like the dogs are coming in just like he knows he needs to get to this place of refuge. And in that run and in that journey she is describing the Christian that with all his heart he needs to make sure that he gets to that special place of refuge. Ladies and gentlemen our sanctuary message is extremely important and God wants us to understand right now that the place of mercy is still available that the intercession of the most holy place is even greater and more powerful for God's people than they truly understand with him they will not only find pardon but they will find the power that is needed. The same Jesus and said Neither do I condemn you will also say to you go and sin no more can you say amen to that. God is offering the. As to you and he wants you to recognize this how many people are blessed and say Lord I just thank you so much for being in my place of mercy. My High Priest. Amen. Let's fast forward a prayer Father in heaven we just thank you for the beautiful sanctuary message which is with each component Lord. That shows us the great plan of redemption that shows us the beauty of grace and the blessings of justification and God As long as we are in proximity we know that you will hold us help us not to leave your side God thank you so much for not only parting but for power to overcome those weaknesses and got our simple prayer is and always is Lord save us save us from this world and change our hearts and do what we cannot do. God we confess our Laodicean condition that you may bless us. Thank you in Jesus' name we pray Amen. This media was brought to you by audio groups a website dedicated to spreading God's word through every sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about him or your purse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W R U. verse. Org. Really.


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