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Angelic Rescue Team

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • November 23, 2013
    11:30 AM
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Thank you for what it says in Psalm forty six first ten beasts do and know that I am God Lord we just worship you because you are the creator of the universe and you understand each person's life. God we pray you would minister to us today because we need it and we ask in the name of a faithful high priest. Jesus Christ amen. All right well it's almost Christmas time. Have you guys noticed what the stores are already doing. Right you go to Kmart or Wal-Mart or Target. They've already got the Christmas trees out right. And it's so interesting when you start thinking about this how this is a very interesting season and a lot of people go through unusual will say personality changes. Sometimes people become very depressed during Christmas time others become very joyful to many it's such a warm time. But either way ladies and gentlemen we should use this time as a way of reaching out to people Amen. Because some people will only come to church Easter Christmas and maybe haul away. Oh and we have God's people really need to take advantage of that and use these avenues to try to reach people. Well December fourteenth and the twenty first we're going to be doing a very special Christmas program. It's going to be a little little bit of a production and a musical as well many of you guys are involved in this and this is just going to be a wonderful time to invite friends and family to come on out and we're going to make a very special appeal at the end of it. The dates of those are December fourteenth and the twenty first and they will take place Sabbath morning. And guess who the director is. It's me. So you guys are in for some trouble but. Some reporting we're going to be dealing with the shepherds and their visit to the manger and the twenty first we're going to be dealing with the wisemen and their visit to Jesus and this is going to be an extraordinary time to lift up the birth of Jesus Amen amen. Well the name of the sermon today is called the angelic rescue team. Has anybody here ever rescued somebody. OK I sort of rescued somebody. Let me tell you how to place a kind of a I'm not really proud and it's kind of a botched rescue attempt but I was with a group of people on a houseboat and somehow somebody who had decided to swim out a long way decided to come back but they got so tired they seem to be just struggling in the water and they're just raising their hand up and somebody says hey help them out they're drowning. Unfortunately I wasn't thinking about the situation. I had you know one of those giant swimming swimming noodles. You know what those are right. They're about six feet tall they're just like this little shape and these things are designed to float. In other words when you jump into the water with these things they're going to shoot out. So I thought to myself oh no someone's in trouble or jump in and I jump in with the noodle to help them and as soon as I jumped in I went down in the water a few feet and I looked up I we came out of water and the noodles shot out of my hand off the opposite way and it was a botched rescue attempt I was able to swim and help them out. But either way there are a lot of rescues that have been taking place. When you take a good look at just this typhoon that took place in the Philippines there are a lot of rescue stories that are coming out of that a lot of calamities that are taking place all over the world. You know at the same time there are heroes that are emerging. You know what's very interesting is that there's been sort of this popular story that's been going around and it's the story of a Jewish man and he was. Should not a Jewish man he was from England and he had a German Jewish background but he was actually involved in the rescue of over six hundred Jewish children. Now here's the most remarkable thing he didn't tell us all about it until years later his wife actually discovered some of this and it came out what he had done he was not somebody who was trying to take a lot of glory to himself. Well anyway if there was a special program where he was brought on and in this special program he is actually unaware that many of the people that are sitting in the audience are the very people he has rescued. Here's actually the video clip right now. OK here is the link of all the children. I'm this is a veteran. Do not do a good thing and we did find her name on his list. I mean a good thing is with us here tonight and I should tell you that you are actually sitting next to Nicholas Winton and it was just so wonderful. I'm so angry Can you little unawares and everybody else in the crowd he often writes I'm going to. You know if you like you can cling to it. Could you stand up and leave. Right in the lights back on. Can you say mentor that it's sort of a microcosm of what it's going to be when we get to heaven one day and Jesus is going to share with us how many people were affected and changed by our minutes. Very here on Earth. Amen. But this is a wonderful story about somebody who risked his life his money his property his family to rescue over six hundred Jewish children and this is a remarkable story you can actually look more in doing online and find out more about this story but I was thinking about rescues this week and I came across this subject about rescue teams in the Bible. There was actually an end Jelinek rescue team that was sent to help somebody in the Scriptures. We're going to find out more about this individual's life. Everybody take your Bible. Let's go to Genesis Chapter twenty eight Genesis Chapter twenty eight. The context of the story is you have a man by the name of Jacob. Now Jacob was a very interesting fellow. He was named after he came out of his mother's womb. The reason being is when he was coming out of his mother's womb he seemed to be a little bit Miss Civitas from the day of his birth. So the word jank up actually means plantar or fever. And so he had this reputation but yet he himself was godly. But he wasn't perfect and that's what's awesome with Jesus you can be godly and still not perfect right. But as Jacob begin to grow older what happened was there was a little bit of jealousy and concern about who would take over the camp after Isaac died. Well you don't know the story. Jacob practiced law there pretending that he was the older son he saw and there he received the birthright blessing by fraud. Well everybody in the camp got very angry at Jacob so you can imagine that Jacob began to go through a lot of different feelings after this event. Jacob himself was no longer loved by his brother. Esau was now looking for revenge and he said to Jacob he said when Esau dies you will die next. And can you imagine this. Now Jacob's reputation was marred in the camp. Everyone didn't see Jacob at that faithful younger son. They follow him as if the fever and somebody who was not to be trusted. And now Jake up causing the stir in the camp the father Isaac realizes what's going on in a sense Jacob away look at the Bible says in Genesis Chapter twenty eight verse five and so I think sent Jacob away and he went to put on a rock to labor in the sun I bet you all the Syrian brother Rebecca the mother of Jacob and Esau Jacob if sent away from this camp and you can imagine it wasn't like this wonderful joyous sending away or party like that all it was was this very mournful goodbye. Jacob had disgraced the family. Things had changed. No one looked at this man the same. His reputation was marred and it seemed to shake up that the plans and purposes of God for his own life were now ruined. Let's continue Genesis Chapter twenty eight Genesis Chapter twenty eight. Let's start with verse six is also all that I think God blessed Jacob and sent away put on the RAM to take himself away from there and there he blessed him saying giving him a charge saying You shall not take a wife from the daughters of Cain that Jacob had obeyed his father and his mother and the Gone to put on a RAM also is Saul saw that the daughters of Canaan did not please his father Isaac. So easy Esau went to Ishmael and took Mom half the daughter of Ishmael Abraham's son the sister of neighbor job to being his wife in addition to the wives he had. Verse ten now Jacob went out of Berseba and went to her gone and so he came to a certain place and stayed there all night because the fun had said and he took one of the stones of that place and put it on his head and there he lay down in. That place to sleep and can you imagine here Jacob he's not going out like Abraham's servant with this great caravan to go find a wife. He had literally nothing. Here's a man that was sent away from the camp. He has nothing with him no possessions. He has a family some of the family members want to kill him. He feels spiritually disconnected from God and now it seems as if it is all white has been utterly ruined by the mistake that he himself made the Bible says that he decided not to travel when the sun had set and night time there were writers that went out marauders feeds wild animals and so on you can imagine Jacob was probably scared and alone and if he could get no lower. He didn't even have a pillow to rest his head. He took the stone that he found and he slept on that stone woke up probably with the stiff necked you know he actually woke up blessed that day and you'll find out why. But can you imagine that story. Everything seemed utterly ruined for Jacob. Everything seemed to be destroyed by Jacob. It seemed that his mistakes the effect in one now going to follow him and utterly wipe out any good or any hope in his life. I hated by his family seemingly forsaken by God destroying his future plans and now here he is alone and scared and worried and concerned about the future and he is sleeping on a rock the path was not something we could go back to and the future seemed so dark. Who was going to marry somebody like this when he had absolutely nothing to offer them. Can you imagine that. Then if somebody came to your daughter and say. I would like to marry your daughter. I don't know anything about you. What's your name. The deceiver. You probably may take out a gun and say My name is nine millimeter. No you went through something like that right. OK well you get my point ladies and gentleman like Jacob had everything stacked against him. There was nothing pleasant about Jacob's life and it seemed he really is in the middle of the desert. Absolutely. Oh orderly broke in that God extended his grace but continue with the story you're going to see something remarkable take place right here. Look at the Scriptures tell us what took place right after this event. Genesis twenty eight go all the way to verse eleven. He came to a certain place and stayed there all night because of the sun that had said and he took one of the stones of that place placed it at his head he laid down in that place to sleep. Verse twelve. Then he lay down and behold a ladder was set up on the earth and its top reached to heaven and there are the angels of God were ascending and descending on it all of a sudden take up in the middle of the night has this great vision and he looks up and you know when you see things this very remarkable latter. Now what was so unusual about this latter. The Bible said that the base rested on earth and it was going all the way up into heaven and there were angels that were ascending and descending up and down it and he's watching the whole thing that is in this great vision and then all of a sudden in ten years this mighty voice but what the Bible says next verse thirteen and behold the Lord stood above it. Can you say amen to that who was at the top of the ladder ladies and gentlemen. Jesus was there. Jesus was at the top of that ladder let's continue and the large stone above it and said I am the Lord God of Abraham your father and of the God of Isaac the land on which you lie I will give to you and your descendants. Also your descendants shall be as the dust of the earth you shall spread abroad to the west and to the east to the north and to the south and in you and all your seed all the families of the earth shall be blessed. Now watch what he says in verse thirteen the whole of I am with you and will keep you wherever you go and will bring you back to this land for I will not leave you until I have done for you what I have spoken to you can you say amen to that. The reason why this is so powerful is because here you have gone actually repeating something he had said to another individual a few generations ago. Do you know who he spoke that was nearly the same words to Abraham and do you know the words of Abraham are always carried in the camp from to Abraham's family to Isaac's family and the fulfillment of this was something this small band this clan of individuals were always looking forward to and you know what God does for this man who was broken who seem to have been forsaken by God God fifth Jacob. What I have told to and perhaps I am telling to you at the worst possible moment when it seems like Jacob could go no lower on this planet. In his experience God brought purpose and meaning and Grace back to his life. Can you say amen to that and it's so often when you think about it. Perry is at the lowest point of his experience his spiritual experience and here gone present of latter answers in Hebrew actually like a staircase or lamp and there he was showing to take up that heaven was still accessible to someone like him and the Lord was standing above it. Ladies and gentlemen many times in our experience when it seems we have utterly reached. The lowest point when it feels like we have go on to the lowest point of this God is still willing to extend a ladder to us and that latter reaches all the way to the ground where we are at and it goes all the way to heaven and God is giving up hope that heaven is still accessible even to somebody like Jacob and it heaven is accessible to somebody like that surely heaven is accessible to someone like us Amen. What is so remarkable is doing a study of scripture and I was finding out which names are most repeated in the Bible. Do you know who number one is Jesus is right almost a thousand times. Do you know number two is who it was Jesus Moses. Who's number three. David who. Come on think of all the most important men in Scripture you would assume. Abraham or Paul. It's Jacob did you know Jacob's name is more mentioned Abraham's name you want to know why that's super important because in the Bible when men could relate to a particular patriarch they would relate to the God of Jacob up over and over again when you read the book of Psalms are crying out to the God of Jacob to the God of Jacob. Why because in their lowest spiritual experience they knew that God help somebody like Jacob when he was in his experience and they reminded God of that god you are the God of Jacob and if you're willing to be the God of Jacob I know you're willing to be my God. Ladies and gentlemen sometimes we fail to pray to the God of G.-D. cop you know what I mean. Sometimes we fail to pray to the God who understands struggles who is acquainted with all the way who knows what it's like to be at the lowest part of humanity. And here Jacob. Who was that the lowest part of the whole experience was one of the greatest visions or pictures he had ever seen of God and that was that there was accessibility to God and that is what is so powerful when we think about this. But now ladies and gentlemen to ask you another question what did Jacob actually think on that latter. What were the angels doing. OK Now we all understand why God showed Jacob a ladder but many of us fail to understand Wait a minute why is it that Jacob was seeing angels coming up and down this ladder Why was he seeing this part right here. Now here's the thing if I was to ask you what angels do most of you guys would tell me something like this. Oh yeah I'll tell you what angels do the bad angels. They turned people the bad angels. They annoy people. The bad angels they harass people the bad angels they possess people the bad angels they deceive people then I say well what do the good angels do and most of you are going to be like. They protect Christian toddlers. Anything else that in other words we know more about bad angels than we actually do gooding jewels and you know I'm speaking the truth right now. Can anybody tell me what do good angels do beside protect Christians be take our prayers to God messengers What else are they minister to our fame and wealth but protect anything else to keep records what else. Test us. OK good what else what else do good angels do they encourage us. OK good ones to good angels do who they reveal truth. What else do they do they want to let us take our prayers they had OK you guys have said a lot of good things but here's the thing we need to understand if there ever is a time for under us to understand the dynamics. It's of what angels are doing it is now we're actually given council we're told that we're supposed to press home to this understanding that we need to be more aware of what angels are doing in these last days and not just fallen angels ladies and gentlemen but the good angels and the reason why is because of having an understanding of what's happening behind the scenes helps us to know how we should live how should we should pray and how we should act as a Seventh Day Adventist Christians you know one of my good friends. He actually has this car he's been fixing up. He lives in the Midwest now and he's somebody who likes to drift. Do you know what it means when someone likes to drift. It's like when they're driving a car and for sport not just drifting because it's rain there but they like to drift around the corner because they get some kind of sensation or thrilling experience as they're going around the corner. He is now able to get up to ninety miles an hour and drift around a corner. Pretty crazy right. Considering it's not really safe copy droppings. I know because I backed into it almost crushed it. Here's the thing. But he now is developing an advantage. Well what's the advantage. He is a mechanic. He has nearly replace every single part in that vehicle. He knows every nut every bolt in that vehicle. He knows about the oil that's circulating in the engine. He knows about the gears and the crankshaft. He knows how the engine works. He knows about the suspension. Actually when he is driving if we strengthen something in the car he can immediately identified and adjust for that. In other words the more you understand about something the greater advantage you will have. And if there ever is a time for us to understand the workings of what takes place behind the scenes what is going to endorse it is now there are a lot of people who understand all the bad things the betting. Doing but when it comes to the good angels it's like well we know they're doing that stuff we just don't know when it is happening. God is calling us to re-examine and re-evaluate what these good angels are doing look at the Bible say is right here. He was Chapter one Verse fourteen are they not all what ministering spirit sent forth to what Minister for the souls who will inherit salvation by the way can you tell me about when angels were involved in the ministry of Christ went where when he was crying out in the Gospel Luke the Bible tells us an angel came down and strengthen Jesus when he was suffering the second death when he was being tempted by fain in the garden. Are there any other angels that were involved in the ministry of Jesus. Bits where. Yes the Bible tells us that one of the gospels that when Jesus was tempted any past the temptation angels came and they minister to him. What do that what does that first encounter with these angels have to do with the last encounter with the Angel. When were these angels visibly present to Jesus it was when he was at his weakest moment. Ladies and gentlemen what Jacob was seeing were angels going up and down the ladder. If you go to a construction site and there you see a construction and there are suspense around this construction site right and you see a bunch of letters that are going into this building and you're looking at it and you don't see anybody on the ladders and you look and there's trash on the floor the trash cans are full. You look in there seems to be a lot of wadded what on the ground what do you begin to assume about that construction site. It was abandoned they ran out of money. Maybe a thirty going to great the patient maybe the plans were canceled but if you think the exact same construction site and you see multiple ladders and you see construction workers going up and down the ladders nailing and stuff into the. All coming right back down. What do you know a film about that construction site. Well it's on schedule in other words the building is still being completed. Do you know what God was showing Jacob they were still showing up. I'm still working on your plants. I'm still fulfilling the purposes in your life. Checkup I'm even showing you behind the scenes that my angels are still working on your behalf and at a time when Jacob was utterly depressed utterly discouraged when he could go no lower than flipping on a rock. This princely man who had lost everything and areas and God in snow showing Tim Paine my progressive can still be completed in your life. And my plans will still be accomplished regardless of what you do. But the Bible tells us something so remarkable he was Chapter one Verse fourteen that specifically the greatest joy that the angels have it is to rescue lost souls by sharing with them the message of salvation can you say amen to that. In fact do you want to know why the Bible says in the Gospel of Luke that all of these angels rejoice when one sinner is brought to the Lord because they know their mission has been a success. They know the plans that have been carried out have been successful. Ladies and gentlemen angels are involved in the work of saving souls if there ever is a time for us to evaluate and understand the mission of these good angels. It is now we don't pray to angels but we pray to the God who commands these angels and as we pray to Him He will send them help and the days that we are struggling and the days that we are weak when it feels like we have no more strength in us. God will send his angels to us and we will sense their sympathizing love as they surround us and encourage us and lift us and the more close. Now we come to Jesus or we will defend their presence among us. The Bible tells us that when Joshua the high priest was standing before God God things if you have faithful to my commandment I will give you a place where the angels stand guard was telling J. Joshua Hey you're faithful to me you will walk with angels if you will sense their presence and you will know that you are never alone on this earth for they will be your companions. Can you say amen to that and it's so remarkable when you think about this but were even given very special messages in Revelation three powerful messages that are carried by angels. The Bible tells us that these are the three. But it's like the Pledge of Allegiance for seventy Adventism mangles message. Do we know what those three Angels' messages are and they're belting the world like never before and the whole world is hearing about these powerful angelic messages that are getting to every single corner every single pocket of this entire world. But we're given special light about what that third angel's message is the Bible tells us that if if to avoid the mark of the beast to receive the righteousness of Christ to understand that the cross of Calvary ladies and gentlemen is the most pivotal point of the range of message all the beautiful truths that we have in the Bible from the Sabbath to the stain of the dead. All these things are important. And when they combine with the cross of Calvary they are bringing out an even greater picture of the love of God for humanity. Can you say amen to that. The Bible teaches us that we carry the beautiful message of the cross. And as we carry the message of the cross we teach this message of justification that God forgives sinners but he not only forgives sinners ladies and gentlemen. On is washing away the filth that is in our life and it was so remarkable I was really caught by the H. Spurgeon that great English preacher of the old days during the seven thousand eight hundred and he would preach at me great rum I was all over Christian and he wrote something that blew my mind away when it came to this message of justification by faith. God's free offer of forgiveness is going to blow your mind away are ready for this terminally to share this with one of date a privilege and I want to read this one a fate a privilege it includes our justification before God But the true acceptance in the Greek In other words being accepted with God means more than that. Then about this before he looked up we're going to look at me you guys will quickly and I want to get this. Imagine if you crossed your family you did something so bad and you asked for forgiveness and they say we'll accept you in the family. There seems to imply in this state of yeah we're going to let you in but we're watching you watch what he says next now you can look on the screen. I know some guys with cheating and I think they'll find that we are the object here and if we are the objects of divine complaisant compliant complaisant nay even by the light. Ladies and gentlemen justification is more than God just forgives you or God simply forgets about what you did. God delights in you so you tell me that when we ask God for forgiveness then when we asked for his justification when we ask for his righteousness God actually gives it to us and he is happy with us at that moment. Oh come on you guys. When we forgive people you know as well as I do we look at them. Suspiciously to make sure they will never do it again you know that's the truth. And sometimes that's necessary. But what Jesus is doing here Jesus cleanses us and that justification means God looks at you and he is saying I'm happy with you Do you remember when Jesus was baptized remember the voice that came what did the voice say this is my beloved. Did he just stop right there. What did he say. I am well what what does it mean when you're well pleased with somebody ladies and gentlemen what does it mean when you're well pleased with them. Does it simply mean that they're now acceptable in your sight. Is that what it means. Simply mean what will give them a room. That's about it what does it mean when they're well pleased with you. It means they take joy and they're happy to be around do you see ladies and gentlemen when we are accepted in the beloved and when we are just abide by Christ not only is God washing away our sins but is taking this this change with us he's producing this this new perspective that we have of him and that is I want you to know I'm happy with you. What a stark contrast to the way humanity offers forgiveness. This is the core Adventism right here. This beautiful message of justification of forgiveness full and free. Sometimes the effects of sins do sins do follow us and God allows it to teach us and to be a guide for us the rest of our lives when Jacob wrestled with the angel for the rest of his life he still had to walk with a limp but it was a reminder to him that God still loved him and for him to avoid the things that he did in the past. Ladies and gentlemen God loved Jacob so much and he was giving him. This beautiful message that God delighted in Jacob even at the worst possible moment when he felt utterly forsaken abandoned even separated from his own family. God said I am delighted when you take up. I love to be around you you make me happy to be in your presence. Because of this justification will continue in the fight that we are the objects of divine complete. Why do you say that word. Nay even of divine delight how monoliths that we once mortal sinners should be the objects of Divine Love but it is only in the beloved some Christians seem to be accepted in their own experience at least that is their apprehension when their spirit is widely in their holds bright they think God exempts them for they feel so high so heavenly minded so drawn above the earth. Praise the Lord all the good things are happening in my life. God loves me. So if something bad happens so he is utterly forsaken me. No let's continue. Where was that they feel so high so heavenly minded so drawn about the earth. But when their souls cling to the dust they are the victims of the fear they are no one that they are no longer accepted. If they could but see that all their HIJOS do not exalt them and all their load to spawn these do not really depressed them in their father's life and that they stand except in the one who never altered in one who is always the beloved of God always perfect always without spot or wrinkle or any such thing. How much happier they would be and how much more they would honor the Savior. Amen rejoice and believer in the earth that now are accepted in the Beloved. Now look within and now see if there is nothing Instructable here there's nothing here Jesus but look at Christ and see if there is nothing acceptable there. If not everything is acceptable there by things troubled. But gone have cast by fans behind his back and now are accepted in the righteous one that has the fight with corruption and to wrestle with temptation but are already accepted in Him who has overcome the powers of evil can you say amen to that. The devil tends to be of good cheer. He cannot destroy the and I will tell wife if Satan is not invincible he is not invincible can you say hallelujah to that he is not he cannot destroy before they are accepted in Him who has broken Satan's head no by full assurance by gold by glorious standing even glorified souls are not more accepted than thou art they are accepted in heaven in the beloved and you even now accepted in Christ after the same manner. Can you say Praise the Lord. Ladies and gentlemen the greatest experience that we can walk out with is knowing that we are right with God. Ladies and gentlemen and were gods of whatever storms regardless of whatever trials or even our own backsliding them a hint of ladies and gentlemen as long as we are in proximity of Christ we cannot be lost. We cannot be lost as long as we are in his proximity. That's why the Bible says He is our refuge. Amen and I love how life is right here from a human point of view there's a look a spiritual regeneration of the nation talking about Israel was as hopeless as the outlook today before God servants who are laboring in the dark places of the earth but the Church of Christ is God's agency for the proclamation of truth. She is empowered by him to do a special work and if she is loyal to God obedient to His commandments there will dwell within her the excellence the a divine power if she will be true to our allegiance. There is no power that can stand against the forces of the enemy will be no more able to overwhelm her then the chaff to resist the world when and I love this part right here there is before the church the dawn of a bright. And glorious day if she will put on the robe of Christ righteousness withdrawing from all the allegiance to the world. God calls upon his faith the ones who believe in him to talk homage to those who are unbelieving and hopeless. Turn to the Lord you prisoners of hope seek strength from God the living God show an unwavering humble faith in his power and his willingness to think and I love this part right here the best part. When and pray we take all the strength they will change wonderfully change the most hope with the most discouraging outlook he will do this to the glory of his name. Can you see how we are and that is what happened to the experience of Jacob ladies and gentlemen at its lowest part God utterly change the situation. The most hopeless discouraging outlook that Jacob was now facing. What utterly change by Jesus. God loves each and every person here. God loves you with a special love more than you truly understand and regardless of the distance you may have felt recently in your life from God I know this God is extending his Grace to you and if you will take hold of this ladies and gentlemen you will receive that which God has been willing to waiting to give you and that is his pure holy righteousness the joy and delight to know that God can be pleased with you. You know I've been a Christian for about twelve thirteen years now and the one thing I have really struggled with all running all over again in my life is this idea of what God feels about me. I know he pities me. He pretty savior he pities sinners. I know he loves me God loves sinners but does God to join me. He actually like. And is pleased by me knowing what I am. The more markable thing is ladies and gentlemen if you accept his justification you will know for a fact that God is pleased and there is no greater joy than walking out that God smiles upon you as he did to jack up those many years ago. Can you say amen to that. That is something God is willing to offer to the most hopeless of sinners to the most discouraged people. God is willing to extend his ladder of grace to any person who will receive it. And if that's somebody in this group today and you're saying Lord please show me that ladder again. I want you to stand. If that's your desire. God is willing to do it ladies and gentlemen. Look what idea forty verse twenty seven fifth. Why do you say oh drink up here God is we currently counting the words of his own people that they're thinking and feeling. Why do you say old Jacob and speak O. Israel my way is hidden from the Lord. And my just claim is passed over by my God God is me counting the people and what they are saying in their hearts and what they are saying is God. How come you're not working in my life and these people are saying god did you forget about me. God is me counting the doubts that it's all people are expressing in their hearts. I know God's working over there but I think he's forgotten about me and wants what God fifth next to that day. What have you not known Have you not heard of the everlasting God the Lord the creator of the ends of the earth. Neither pain nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the what can you say how do you and those that have no might increase the strength even the youth shall faint and be weary and the young men shall utterly fall but those who wait on the Lord shall renew their what they shall mount up with wings like eagles they show run and not be weary they shall walk and not be pennies their how they get to that let's just take a moment of silence please and jump and then that moment to give God a prayer or a prayer in your heart and ask Him to reveal that letter to you again. So you may know that heaven is surely accessible to you and that these plans are still being fulfilled in your life today. Father Right now we just want to take a moment. My father we just thank you for being the God of our God Lord thank you Lord you do not. We're safe sinners like us but you understand and you never are weary or you give up God I thank you Lord. There is hope that is available to the worst of us. God we thank you that the angels are ascending and descending still on our behalf. But the plan that you have for us God will still be fulfilled. Thank you for a minute about promised that he who has begun a good work in the show come to the day of Jesus Christ make every person walk out with the assurance and the confidence more that you wash away their sin that you delight in God may our hearts respond in our actions and in our life. Maybe we'll be obedient to God because of your goodness and will pray in the name of Jesus. Let everybody say this media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through the sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org. Really.


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