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Christians, Beware of Secular Psychology, Part 1

Magna Parks


Magna Parks, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, and president of Be In Good Health, a health education organization. She conducts mental health seminars based on science and the Bible and inspired writings. She has authored books and articles on various mental health issues.



  • December 20, 2007
    9:30 AM
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good morning everyone I have your house today this is a three-part series so I'm sure many of you all have other works out to Galactica but I'm so glad to hear you but this one before we begin with you might have any wowing your head in the meantime whatever our father which art in heaven were so grateful to be able to come before you thank you for this day another day that you given to us and as we approach this topic father I ask that you may give me the words to speak and that you may open the hearts of the listener so they may understand and be able to do learn more the wild of the enemy in this field we thank you so much for this conference and we pray for others to use as well the Holy Spirit may speak to them to those who were listening in the name of Jesus you certainly do pray amen let me tell you a little bit about myself so you understand how I got into this topic I am a licensed psychologist I've been in the field for about eighteen years I taught at Hope College before and a half years and then at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for two years and I got into private practice after that so I had a little wide range of work in this area have been doing this when I first came into the field of psychology I thought I was going to revolutionize the charge development and makes what I learned in psychology with the Bible and I thought that I would help everyone with their problems didn't work out that way about select three years ago I ran across a sermon by pastor original legal online and he started attacking skills not meet directly with the sermon many of the things I learned as a psychologist initially I wasn't very happy but as I thought it was that it is more the Holy Spirit opened up avenues and laces for me to go and read and learn more about this I have to confess that what he was saying was true him every opportunity for a little over two weeks to work with as that member with Doctor Neil Natalie and that really opened my eyes I finally coming out there to help when I learned a lot more than a shell and I was grateful for the opportunity so since that time with working with Doctor Natalie and not on many of the things I've learned is that hard for me to continue my practice when I was doing it before so at this time I suspended my work from my private practice and I'm asking a lot what he would have me to do I'll keep me in prayer with that okay and I'm not saying that as long to go into private practice the liberalization only I cannot continue to practice away from practicing Christians beware the dangers of secular psychology in July in psychology or thinking about going into psychology and here is an excellent view all lipids and I K will preferably something will be shared with you that will make you seriously considering contemplate what you want to have to do in this area when he is with me beware lest any man spawned new through philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men after the rudiments of the world and not after Christ I will do a study in this area and Paul was talking to the church at colossal and was warning them about false teachers coming in and what he found was the false teachers were affected and infected in deceiving the people become the next was an era as though he was warning them beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit now I'm a big time say ten euros truth and era besotted with her parents this person 's areas of reform five tells us in a certain sense of a woman he shall not surely die for God to know that in the day he got wrong then your eyes shall be all in God knowing good and evil not only that we think that there will eventually arrive as one person you'll know when enabled and I really don't matter rest of it was era but I wanted to point this out because he makes to dynamically save our parents need as many as you like although such as life clothes beside the track on era and will track native themes and they want someone which are not works by the Holy Spirit and which therefore I'm not quick to these learn the difference between truth and air I had a look in the picture you'll see that the tracks as they go farther along they look like a coming together they not and that's what happened with human aerodynamics together and are less sound mind alarm on the Holy Spirit when I believe the design is much that's why the Bible tells us Jesus told the disciples and those who allegedly soliciting what possible they shall receive no and I'm a lot better I think this is a good groundwork to understand how secular psychology had become a handheld training I like to use that word I live at home and in the church because it's not a land are glaring error in Lausanne this is from the seven of the Lord again name days when skepticism and infidelity appear in a scientific bar we need to be guarded on every man been managed teams in the sciences sciences which pertain to the life human mind is amended and started like he and Price to Lee Creek and took a while to the word of God and when something cream and imperceptibly can you see no something is like a snake thought of when I heard that word comes that you don't see right away is healthy analogies him when she was nursing psychology Batman and with a little different than it is now but I felt like this what would be appropriate and necessary then he hung directly to the people of this generation and work with that power which is to characterize his efforts here all the probation which is right now marketing influences of the sizes dear reader what the conflict between Christ and Satan is not yet ended as I was trained on the human mind I'm very much exalted in two minutes and it was always very applicable in armed in their lives when they are seized upon by Satan and his powerful agents to deceive and destroy cells and with it I think that as time goes on the thinking of me little history on the lesson is that a lot of definitions out in the most simple one and that is the study of mental processes and behavior mental process is angled on in the mind and behavior what we do and say confounding the Latin root sightseeing was installed in Baghdad when they uses the works only men's minds and Holocene when it is the policy at its original is the study at that particular area of psychology grew out of philosophy each bearing the highways there may provide a philosophy of life and theology of man widely on the way we are and how we change in fact psychotherapy resembles related to boy then it resembles medicine cell psychologies those are in philosophy and because of that I had planned they are definitely habit I had a slight talking about some of the philosophers that contributed to the beginning of the dichotomies as Aristotle Socrates and when not when they are to look at some of the major clinical and counseling psychology theory many of them as Sigmund Freud most of the time when I tell people I'm a psychologist they had me do I come a lot is that I will continue to all my problems and find the one that gave the pitcher that particular picture of psychology and there is very live in a town of the incumbents in Congress is a lot of different ideas likewise it is located down to these one or two concept born in who we are depending on what is right to it also tells us to redesign my problems we must talk about and understand what happens in our childhood the alternative is seventy four unique to understand how to understand some of the problem you're having as an adult and I believe that the white line and sinker in fact I believe that probably have been so many last year I thought I didn't believe it but I thought it analyze how I work I thought I was still holding onto that you have humanistic theory which is the two major founders here are called Rogers and Abraham Maslow and again until you alone are these names they basically believe that we are born what we're going from the very beginning and its life experiences that causes problems they also tell us that problems develop because the love and acceptance we condition a condition that people place on their law and acceptance or because our needs are not fulfilled that's why we have problem according to my flowing in Rogers I believe our problems will be reason out if our needs are adequately fulfilled any other option except unconditionally got talent problems will be resolved according to the humanistic theories not always bold enough to say that I sometimes think that the world will even be sad in my psychology in what or how it will not be slim not say that all is in a ball but he really believe that if you have backgrounds of these individuals I was anti- religion as you probably know my will start out in the sorry lot decided on a seminary and anxiety get this this was always some of the things he was learning and decided to go in the field only he can just think more freely and not be being restricted when he became a psychologist which is exactly what happened and then online flow was influenced by a lot of fan in Buddhism into thinking someone and cooperate these we have to recognize the rules of these theorists thinking in the psychology went into Christianity has been a subtle gradual movement in other words as she said imperceptible which the data seminary and tests are counseling classes passes were concerned about their parishioners seeking help outside of the phone so they unveil themselves of the wisdom of man and I wanted to minister to solve I was curious I wonder how psychology started coming to the church in either little research and found out that what was happening was that pastors didn't feel sufficient to help the problem beyond derision as needed congregations needs with the psychological problems and so they started to go to psychologists and pastoral counselors to help them with their problems yes although recording Windows sources wall with that and take a while I don't know I could do that actually does let you know that I do have this for presentation of written a book and although it is a more information can purchase that help our ministries of thinking will take long for me to read that outside best of the candle will see this comes in a history of facility here in America I will aim the library they all immediately spiritual matters are not only no more psychologically train were equipped to deal with psychological matter who he is a psychologist I received many calls and passes a can you help with this family can you help with this individual is experiencing this emotional problem not bad emotional problems and initially I be so happy to get his call and I say wow I'm assigning a real-life psychology can help in their really analyzing this now my reaction is next because as time wasting websites that anyone in this area I wonder what is happening with our past there is no way losing powers in terms of helping our members I have to be careful how I say this because I think many of them mean well when I started to think about that now I think it is called and the feeling is not the same as before Christians in our same psychologist Antichrist is the start of a Christian living these days a few people consider going supply voltage is to learn how to grow in their Christian walk many of you will probably be surprised if someone said to you in a single regular pastor on Bible teacher about this particular problem nature having no the muscle than strangest thing that psychologists I was living with I had a strange if I wonder if anyone you know there is currently an active participant on time and having people say to me all just pray about it and read the Bible and inaccurate because it is people away when I leave them there was series is that you have been able to the spam time coming to psychologist can bring within its problems now this is too much about the therapy these definitely my next session on so if you don't constantly hope you can get it on tape or some him very when I was high self-esteem this is my call I visited to the all right tell them we hire individuals to have a high self-esteem and you will know they are likely to live in reality they feel are negatively many the longest that that is probably because they have low self-esteem and think highly of themselves there have been problems in this area to me and I'm thinking not realizing us Christians realize what we're saying within a explore that more often all this is on all besides the importance of self love Aristotle believed to live in sin and salvation and nothing in himself is not healthy and promote life I only been on this long essay in the reasoning that number will say what is in the Bible is not people it feels themselves in the yard and on your license this is on building brand and knowledge that is standard is little sense of self-esteem that's how this means I wasn't questioning what about that in his life yes CNN he is wrong on all and can think and act as a single minute on Christianity this is a will as well when he has low self-esteem and create any biblical interpretation in any systematic theology of an assault on and the self-esteem of the person to come rapidly and to be truly Christian the most serious one that causes me to live I am unworthy him I found that Crystal Angel Robert Schuller is in itself was a movement and if you listen to him I did meet with you smiled is always trying to her people and say positive things on that August is the sound of you know I will say there's some danger to you and Pat Milton and the fact that I started away and I don't think we realize that we do king example of this in the Western church was that I will remember this on and I ended my family and my sovereign die when he will take ahead for such a warm inside the room and went when I remember changing on me insane with happening but I did back then I didn't understand that reads and secondly ended my sovereign guy when he cannot think me for an online slots as I know probably one of the laminate has been about ourselves the analysis of one has some of you may be saying lessening the again I like what activism says he's as we pick the fruit but we don't know the root and these changes are occurring on the surface it sounds but there is something that person actively creeping in no cars on the contemporary Christian music movement in all this movement a lot of its day and secular psychology is inherently an aspect of a cohort second the music south of the worst etc. says it encourages them to address the worship and the focus on God love and mercy while minimizing what obedience all works that use this course has in place of traditional hymns and this is a wonderful book I immediately recognized in the reading is not a seven and one half of the contemporary Christian you and how do I tried again at there now who are the contemporary Christian music movement and what he is in an eye on experience I honestly contemporary meaning people follow the contemporary Christian music movement are in a phase and had they not been caught out on that worship on the artist changed my price in a Western-style phone bowing my head looking he gave me that I was the time is in worship with God not only were there that way again I straightened myself and me and me and I felt bad about myself using I think the lack of the island are if you way you feel better about yourself and how we now had a number of publications that are not many of you might not remember this on the list and they will get you that this is how Simon Peter and the work he is going to have him do this is after gondola needs Simon Peter at the right is resurrected Jesus knowing he has to have a self-esteem in the time of this important task in order to help you understand how the US Center Christ not only is he will want to trust him with important work and will learn about what do I will say I don't think so I think the problem was exactly the opposite but on their again not realizing that I is listening thinking this in the start of the lesson that shows about this is seen to be estimated I'm sorry to be esteemed lording I don't have time to look at me versus you I are you surprised that this is a twenty four and the tournament with a mighty mouse you can read this was an end to all this while we are to be doing with Sally was nice anyway the driving force is in the Lindsay not so easy as God will thank you so much as an south to nice outlet by Philippians to the right then I found that the first instruction is that how you do what you would sell validity is very anyone we reach that last one for me let each right so the Bible is telling us what about a scene there to a single data file there is the same act a little man conservation management will remain all rioters and also when I was yet again Emily will looking at me blankly and they don't see the difference but time will hopefully see this as we must realize that we are in Christ school not in how we may see ourselves how we make sure that because of Christ 's office has one advantage driving photomask three and find that we must put ourselves that you shall not have the victory so she's in high school when I was seeing ourselves actually trying to Sun Tzu self inquiry school as you that if you will you aren't for you at all their self-esteem and put away the natural de facto new character the lonely so I knew his Holy Spirit solicitor and he will collect how are you trying to resell their thinking to meanwhile likewise I'm not wishing Iraq's questions that I had never really terrible about us other thing I'm not supposed to have self-esteem on hundreds of the rotten person in the same number as this is an amazing thing I usually do marriage itself usually come in reason and this is how I know that you will be approved by the will and a flawed man and angels while we become ourselves and we are the word of God is not going down a proper self-respect and I wish a happy time in the character in it which is why his self-importance which underlies most of the self-esteem thinking mindset in a secular psychology has no heart so then he was immediately stop inside the prison itself is a lemminglike baseball guy living life so I kind cynicism not bothered that the type of respect on the hill attitudes like that we should have how do I found interesting actually than anything there is a lot late waiting with present their research and then show how it was I confirm my support and my spirit and wanted to myself here this is that I is anything that I is recognizing that self-esteem movement is not going the way we live in this was a study done at a university Sunnis who is why I started all sources including and I will come out and I will miss required a high stress and error at problems and is currently and had high levels of Iran and alcohol use and symptoms of eating disorders is they go this is based at the same on an external source there being a murky one person or a hearing tomorrow standards of that sound familiar then made before God and man and an angel with our consciences and I are not violating our consciences very similar to what she says he will try to raise and were less likely to use alcohol so I develop eating disorders the look in the conclusions of the research is reached when he ran he better able to stop all not all in either they're all self-esteem is something I very than themselves and VLAN are susceptible to some of the netting and pursuing self-esteem two thousand and ten will psychologists are starting to catch on to the notion that his self-esteem was not always in the direction we thought it would and that a while ago August the ninety second video when after this research is that he'll let me explain problematic behaviors including classroom I really want other and other aggressive behaviors so we felt this theme is spiritually we are canceled and that's not what happened in deciding to also recognize that the we should really be a format that I single origin saying in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom the world is crucified I is the world is all wrong and I said anything is in the envelope and whatnot the fourth thing out of the same time enabling our unconditional acceptance is an opportunity because we see an example is the air of being together is an acting that way and man I remain for another person regardless of that person 's behavior and you wish you respond to people based on their behavior is there but there is also some danger as well an idea is that if we want England and we are back to with no conditions or requirements we will naturally gravitate toward what is my next the problem with this thinking is sound monotonous surface medicine based on the philosophy that we are going to work going on at the Muslims on how to do anything is actually growth was right you see the danger in error was one of the psychologist it is one long as some agreed unconditionally and it was from hand decided to use the phrase unconditional love so we learn having me I am afraid on international law from ever wrong and then we acquired an unconditional acceptance from Coloradans and moving them together as we go out and attack on Christianity and assessment by secular humanism in this country and especially since the rise of humanistic psychology the eleven realm and started to describe long has been what it is like taking a psychology has been to get and swing back from one another all three is not required in February 's Daniel Lincoln will readily embraced because it is on the idea that God is in vision only not the time we chose to dress however we choose to worship how we chosen there however we do see her unconditionally to all of you have the time you are thinking insurance today they are nonstandard references more sick this way I prefer to worship this link no longer accept unconditionally the all receiving postcards from our non- Adventist churches where they say they'll come to our significant dress as you want everything they either unconditional love philosophy guide me and I am usually so don't question how I stress the worship of way at the start finish something they did some analysis that Christians are no longer allowed to question another Christian 's behavior or personal preferences a few guys from her confinement on a lab he will make you what if you dare call chapter and verse in the Bible you will be called a fantasy adventure at practice and steps on the top of another anyone's personal preference and then is considered to be a legalistic church these the initial mammography and they not see that we can talk about it later she was about this small that I cannot ignore his okay I live in an Atlanta and upon the love of God when a sinner a car is intimately in Annapolis and why we can use it as an and you know the answer the sin and the rest of the leading presidential manual if I had a strange how widely saying that the religion that dwell upon the level got to the center encourages us to believe that God will say again and what we focus on this in the wrong way and when I look in the law and that was also encompasses consequences in an salvation we can run into problems and a lot of the people that have loved to wander they have not refrained from their feet down for the long life does not accept them when I is an and wow what machinations is unconditional acceptance thing he will now remain imaginary dignity and visit their sins in Jeremiah fourteen ten now when these verses I don't know time is one of them Revelation twenty fifteen all unconditional love to you I want happen in Revelation twenty where fifteen and implement immediately as you explain to people that come on conditionality into it as soon as conditions agreement that by having what happens is that the secular humanistic concept of unconditional love when the gas line about the results of the lesion is walk away a family from continuing or as little as you will and I when you think of that relationship is human in the unconditional love and I love you unconditionally Chrysler have to come to die on the cross agony when I have been expelled from the garden him when I have that I sent a mean this life and God love was unconditional and human is a psychologist and selling us I'm not sure what aspect of this area as we are naturally general spending whether this is not all right as the minor child and not in no one that we will actually progress what is the one that is definitely on national mind and he had to die for it is not the law of God being there and being me anything either and I probably read in seminary they let him know I need to go into another field doesn't allow me to thing what really set of psychology but I'm still alive and not something that law will actually engage in and of the things that he wants is to also work idealism salvation with fear and trembling for it if I work if they knew about the wheel and doing his good pleasure found in Philippians two eleven thirteen is only not worth anything we can do any good I'm not as we need to address and I was unconditional love not adequately adequately describe God as an vocabulary that is popular in society that made Christianity found why Christians have been far better to offer in the new vacancy people like you little worried that already allow you with human anatomy connotations and well-being that are not seen the expression unconditional love when deciding on the there are many anonymous words menu not stealing and love a character 's psychological distortion in a web eliminates them into my practice in my office is called right Darien thinking that when they came up and him alive now you put inside my malaise and just accept whatever they say because they have a problem because able to put conditions on an indictment for this enzyme and to be able to heal on their problem and so that's why we would like to reflect on people 's phrasing phrases I see what you say I see what you say the acting is a little possible to not put any conditions on what they're bringing in and to do that when you read things in my life because law but again we have to recognize what they are this is how all of the prodigal son example of God 's unconditional love and accept it I think that I may not how the prodigal son came home and I had no conditions on that anyone actually done a nice idea England and as far as I will have a local cannonballs and he is left that in a life and all I wanted to get back we now read the father traveling to the city where his son Harvey the legalistic rules that withdrawal is not a way to offering an unconditional invitation to retire is irrespective of how you live and thought no staff will know the version of the mind raising what happened and what he retired range is that when I tell them something you have to know that on you whenever you can we human beings truly additionally hurricane will human beings are naturally so I and the human heart is deceitful that one can fool himself into thinking that he loving unconditionally unconditionally when in fact she had our conditions the heart is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things will get no the week is out eleven people unconditionally when in actuality when not now I think there is when we may have been concerned about their lifestyle behaviors more since all etc. I am just enough to settle and tell them you are taking the time that the commentary on this and I thought it was so helpful and Nancy Jane and then referring singularly exactly why I'm not a mountain is not a single white arm on his solo is an element by thinking about there is now claimed that we make it I'm considering that we're judging accurate now I will say Christians who aren't from Sacramento and drink fluids that this unconditional love and unconditional document on unconditional acceptance document I met people who saw want to change others address as interestingly as dangerous as the February and were focusing on wheels requesting our believes not being led by the Holy Spirit to speak to someone in China said Manhattan that the Christians are really everywhere inside the unconditional love that so taken up by people who come to them in this judgment away is coming at us from all directions that we have to be careful when we're counting people about things that we see where they're going astray we have to be careful not to push people into exactly somebody's unit humanistic ideas now one other thing that can't really get into this we has to psychological need that money the football will fail (s) potential in life by Abraham Massimo inside Bolivia in psychology Athena is happy right him I may say a name I named names names and income got back on actualization needs me I think I is that they made me mad before the higher needs are met in Moscow and the only reason he then hired these will not be next to nothing but we'll see where the problem but it is okay was the display law online quickly and with the science of man the history humanity has adopted a guiding value for principles of right and wrong outside of itself will die to some sort of sacred book again I think I was in the Bible at the time he and I and I will be so much that was the impact on Christianity I'm really proud in the seeker sensitive movement not the will time instant on church the idea is that people will not come the charts unless we seek to fulfill themselves we will return he will greet him the guys are out again I am blanking on the reason for secret sensitive and if you read you will you will see a lot of psychology we relate and have had some people will not come to judge if we delay the regular way so we have reached out to find out what you need desire and help them at all searches are becoming increasingly focus on programs new extreme departments that need and him and then I hear laughing ministries and departments will wedding in our churches and psychologists understanding how much value names are I just doesn't make in my head where that's coming from disability ministries singles ministries youth ministry children ministries one hundred ministries national ministries ministries just just questioning wondering why I is our greatest South Park church thought it will with a friend in the house on low all Sun City Modernism dropped dramatically and multimedia when deciding a rally in which healthy group of twenty five to twelve hundred in just three years after three and waited in lines and electric lights in a separate in a seventy four hi all and dreaming of forming a new church is in the community to obtain what their needs were to find out why people were coming to church as well NASA's included charges for down effective the money all I be increased down to the third shape the group 's approach to the new church in October twelve nineteen seventy five the group held their first service at Palestinian Willow Creek theater a hundred and twenty five people attended the service just by surveying the need I love this with all one has to sadly preaching to roughly twenty minutes because boomers baby boomers don't have much time is there an indicator messages an informal then released for billing them with humor and personal anecdotes him feel any better and everyone is amusing and dynamic object lessons on the radio in my happy to the music with a strong meet in time to music with a strong baseline and written in a church and so I decided it works now that people attending the charges so as we know these people in a CRA in this area he was not according to him if they want to see how successful you are you the meaning he is having problems and oxygen out of problem lots of new and old members lots of young people family problems in the idea and awakening ministries marketing programs and the litany of these people that we can have someone in growing church the change in emphasis from knowing and understanding and meeting the needs of fellow captain open and hearts of men because immigrant empathy is on understanding and meeting as he is harming this with me becoming more psychological in their thinking than biblical and perceptibly coming in not realizing but I think you are thinking about God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you from a completely different than what we hearing from beneath oriented psychologists was to see God 's kingdom is his righteousness in him all the time we hear this person focusing on seeking God 's kingdom but he also think his righteousness and that is a little bit more about that later meeting means is not that some spiritual problems many Christians believing in anything live people need them in and people will have him anything I think they believe that people sending any of them not met however is that there is out and many all in all is not the Bible and I win at the center rather than the so-called psychological needs like I was an immediate need for my family well anonymity when I'm done with a good and have all everything on the evening and is this Eileen encourages us be self-centered the Christian church is really keen on modifying the design of the flesh on crucifying the Navy to sell the papers you of the religious life had eagerly adopted the language of needs for itself we now hear that you will need to every he needs I thought he was some kind of divine psychiatry is likely my detergent as though God were simply to service us you will become everything later on as well I'll be having a hard about the evidence in the article when assigning to rethink whether doing anyone have to read this to you I can just speak and when we get a little clique is realizing that they gone wrong let's see this is and Willow Creek has released the results of a multitier study on the effectiveness of their programs when they sought to reach people with their felt needs and philosophy of ministry the study 's findings are in a new book entitled reveal where you are co-authored by two of the pastors at Willow Creek Church and the results were described as earthshaking groundbreaking and mind blowing when you look we can why are we made a mistake what we see when people cross the line of faith and become Christians we should have started telling people and teaching people that they have to recopy to become responsible and to become South theaters we should have gotten people for people how to read their Bible between services Houston zero the spiritual practices much more aggressively on their own this is the whole a while any charges will be following this style residences as I realize how powerful this is our dream now they're saying is that we fundamentally change the way we do church family to actually initiate program we rethink all of our assumptions replace it with new insight in fact that are informed by research and located in Scripture are trained Israeli to discover what God is doing and how is asking us to transform this planet how is the limiting of Willow Creek that I remember perfectly ultimately what was happening here if I been a model of reaching the first is not working something about all this long time ago and now they are starting to see that if this is true it is difficult to see how one can begin with the glory of man ourselves including without need and progress to the glory of God that he should now focus I need to start now I'm not saying that all a man Jesus himself a desire of ages you tell that when the multitude came to him he sought to fulfill them I really is that's what he meant he will probably let unable to concentrate and taking the message is as enigmatic that were physical needs as being that inarticulate homeless people in all of them many like to have to need you will now have my sorry ass and that is all behind these needs is at the top and then what was about to do was spiritually with people is falling apart being ignored massive fear that I have and someone said it well in terms of the various ministries that we have been this is a self focused on making sure people are not feeling well you are not feeling alone they also focus more on self than on doing the work was supposed to be doing as a people the final say but my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus so certainly because our wife and a little invitation have any concern about how the event if you mail upon humanitarian and inventions the White House will happen your house will fall with finding that better way to live on these human interventions of self-esteem unconditional love and acceptance needing people soundly in our path Ashley gave you a story one time some of you might have heard that some might be telling you with all of the details but you get the basic gist he talked about all has to blow into a woman's house and just like that her child only child and husband in a car wreck what many at that time as it passes over to the home in the sense of being these people need to be corrected right at the same time there is a wire across beneath her house back on the fire and acid noses the instruments that all the time permitting you know talking to her and why risk was what happened everyone can so the name was not only what he saw there was another need to save a life and and we have to recognize that as well all of these people but they are described as a distraction that's coming that people need to hear about as well if I live that he believes in him as well and we get so busy I'm just fulfilling me and forget the spiritual needs people to die is a powerful analogy when he was talking about himself thrashing talking about how much we focus on these don't need and my people are destroyed for lack of now is because I has rejected knowledge I will also reject the lack of knowledge about how psychology is affecting us there was one safeguard against Satan 's deceptions and snares that is neutral as it is in Jesus Mitchell Rankin and hard Norse watercolors and prayer nurse by the grace of Christ will give us discernment the only new in psychology right now so that mentions they might seem hard extensively when I first started reading about it he seemed very hard to and giving away some of my next thought but Christianity is psychology has been so embedded that the idea of holding psychology away things I heard some people but my prayer and my plea deal with it to locate the information that presented to them talking specifically most of the indwelling of the psychology are in psychology and presented before the Lord and ask him to lead and guide and he will help you on your teachers and others may think that you're going down the wrong track if you decide the change a few donkeys I think I strongly suggest that you pick up books such as my character personality and adventure Solomon Child guidance speaking of axon guidance on isomorphic with the foster care system in one of my insight about the truth before secure system once I sent how young lady to meet with his image him children away at testing the possibility method is something that her and I hope will update us on time I think it with her she came back to me and said you know I went through nine weeks of parenting classes and nothing was as powerful as it can become difficult cooling this woman we know I missed a house that we have on the writing is another way in the beginning of my love Mike will pastor account as well start the president of Pacific Union conference he wrote the following morning anything to me as though he went to meeting with the seminary to get an advanced degree in psychology I know what classes in the festival of the fastest professor came to him and said I have all I will and I wish that we get if you're interested it would be helpful if you put down the lifeless again with an eye will be able to deal with practically all of the known problems that were having he dropped out of the program after that no they are and I be able say anything wow what the Bible is not tactical I share have found out if the problem is we don't use them we don't know how to use the Bible properly and ending wonderful to see somewhere in the counseling class to come up to help me maybe some will know they are not beliefs to help people like you are hurting and dealing with a lot of these units are identical to the violent reason for a company to do more but we don't need to turn to the wisdom of man is helpful for you and I have areas that I will continue to lead you and I you are there any questions as to any of you him out of jail and I am in definition and Emily my hat is the idea of promoting self promoting self I feel good whenever he was seeing something you promote it you and you God serving man has no backing in and find avoiding unity any other questions yes positive psychology talk about Seligman a lot of are all okay all positive thinking on it and there is actually a study that actually again in the evening they definitely shared one time and it was a study done with Ohio State and may actually show that positive thinking does nothing it's more of thinking realistically speaking the truth that helps us positive thinking is just fluff so I thought about how the leaf will encourage people to think positively but we want people to look at things truthfully do I think I'm about actually moving nothing okay are you yourself you will love your writing by the noise of a hallucinating unloading the there is an is a play on words but the ride one cents if you're focusing on what God said that will lift us yes that will definitely be helpful I agree that the gap right in your name and she is those a month and her daughter we share with her some Scripture verses about rejoicing in the long-awaited husband was just six months in ICU with SF encephalitis okay and he had a medical problem and for her focusing on the person not rejoicing always uplifted her was a positive but what is referring to positive thinking and thinking psychological and English then they have this has nothing to do with what the Bible says a lot of guys that supposedly exists for itself and I wish himself and yet the same man I don't know much about in the last paragraph the place is thinking positively and my rent I will always basis that's what that is about their ideas and all the energy in the five phenomena they say that but that's the idea that divorce will change but again we know that contradictory to what the Bible get cognitive therapy together with any therapy that is closest to the Bible is that one cognitive therapy and ending up in the psychology and the whole idea of changing our thoughts again we just need to be careful with understanding the rules and is using the parts that in accordance with the Bible I like substance I'm learning I like the substitution of Scripture verses I thought as opposed to just I thought so but there's some good things with that yet you putting Scripture verses nonpartisan rehearsing them in the changes you yes Symantec okay if I'm understanding you well and I want to talk about that in my next session actually feelings are people in changeable and out I can't think of an analogy we can take anything on feelings I can tell you that you know it another of a hard one to call because we know that the human heart as well but my concern is that we get to focus on an open place so much time focusing on that so much time emphasizing how we look back and turn us away from what other things that I was very as the song were seeing in North America were everything went right to you rest well because we are in we are in the field so we feel good because I want right to work what I did for us and were as bad as I I you and is not working as psychological as you are is a self-esteem that you may anything is when I is conditional love you and it is pervasive and all through world is not an animal our say gone laws of all jobs design is a doctor the Bible is the annual policy will and will job this life there is love and he is all you have given unconditional way but most of humanity you are a very good on love and unity is not as low as that is what we really want to know what I want for him and I will say no matter how you want we do the long run is in a a market is in the library that out he was definitely think we need to answer you only get you if you have questions I'll be laughing to come up and talking to you soon will you learn something and then I is media was by volume birds who media ministry you license generation you would like to listen to more present or if you would like to learn more about you see the the the the UIC web word also I agree with you on your verse board and in video to the


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