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Prophecies of World Events

H.M.S. Richards Sr.


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Do with coming from all the programs in the world and the latter they bring their way of war. Oh oh yeah oh another thing they're on the radio or that they're down like that. OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH. O O O O O O O O O O O O O O. On the whole the whole. He had not been on the ball. I'm ready for you. Oh oh lord our Lord our God and there is none else. Our God and there is none like the glaring again from the beginning and say in my counsel now stand and I will do all my leisure dollars never taken by surprise. The program of coming events is and by hand has said Seek ye out of the book of the Lord and we know one of the tell tale and they cometh by hearing the Word of God as the word is heard in this rocket may create in the hearts of the gears in God that nothing really Bernal years through Christ our Lord and it is. Oh oh oh oh oh oh he left. I'll go hold up in court. LOL greetings to our friends everyone and everywhere. And time for an announcement of great importance in the voice of prophecy mailbag for today is a thrilling letter from Dr David R. reef editor of The Christian record a journal for the blind. He states enthusiastically I am running the entire voice of property radio logged as a supplement in our next issue of the fish can record our circulation is close to five thousand. We want our readers to have full information about when and where they can hear the voice of Thomas a broadcast filled out who you will receive many requests for the voice of prophecy Bible lessons for the Blind in the Braille as the result of this circulation. I have accompanied the log with an invitation to all of the Blind To be sure to listen in to one of the best religious broadcast on the air. Now friends we do not have a complete list of the blind folk who read the Braille but if you know of a blind neighbor or relative. Be sure to invite him to tune into our broadcast and Mail his. Enrollment or free Bible correspondence course of twenty four T.V. less than prepared especially for the Blind in the Braille unite with Dr recently Christian record the voice of prophecy and other organizations that tempting to bring cheer and spiritual vision to the hearts of the slightness. Remember our Bible correspondence course for the Blind in the Braille is offered absolutely free to the blind of the world will be short who writes today and now all of a special song by request. One of the Kings Herald there clinging to the Bible. My boy. Do you know all on. Oh Lynn. Oh the whole thing. Come on home. Home. Whole new home law here. Oh you know. Oh it is wrong. You add gold to. Oh. Lol all thank you for the inspiration of that song Kings Harold and now obviously with the Bible nasty part of a prophecy that were earlier than the Bible or the global book translated into more than one thousand six. The length of time to go but it is wonderful. Prophecy fulfilled in history the Bible character that it will fill in for a few that mobile thirty elation if we can for many languages to the heart of man is not the only claim it has to be global. My friend in the Pacific. Picture of them on Earth on the first day of creation to the final judgment going to be kind of the point here in the Bible when what the quotation of the century after century before the reviewing stand for one nation. After another rise and patently in the Graham pagan times really the Bible isn't a Bible probably of definite world event that did it for yourself. We took just some of the high points this property of the angles that prove that God forth all the future of the nation and recorded this record went through before the advent of people feeling to picture the prophet Daniel came of the supernatural moving talking think you are going to fall into a preview of the main highway of history laid down the law date on to the end you can't understand it enough that I believe it or inability to understand all the ways that God is not the thinking and want to deny that there are still many things right here on Earth which neither we nor anyone else going on that thing. So here is the Bible and here are the words of God more than one hundred twenty three but the Fed the fourth these shall be the fourth even on earth shall be divorced from our king and shall give our the whole earth and killed. Write it down in the heat or the record then what do they symbolize. It's clearly figured it language the explanation of the birth of the great leap forward for doing well arrive out of the earth. The word KING Did you know they all thought kingdom as we learn in verse one where we're told the fourth the fourth corner though usually Radio four in the Middle East or the can be cured or factory riser or great world think of the words of inspiration but it came to the former how good the kingdom them override they came upon the earth and the speed of action as a nation and liberate the payrolls from afar. Before when the north and south when the when with in role for the world in one body type on the rain water one of the appropriate rise of war like they seem to do is a myth the way the world conflict and they suddenly appear from the old there are going to be violence in the in the storm warning after forty nine for the proper punishment from God when they can the villain and the volume of Will I've been in the four women in the four quarters of heaven. With better than well at all with virtually no nation without death that humans will not come and I will cause even more their enemies. I will bring you the form and meet with my peers and with that the Lord and I Will them to Florida after that you'll have to come to the point of before we can form of war to come for you so when you language of Bible class war like it was like that we know the man is more destructive than a great world winner tonight. Turning to Jeremiah twenty five who we find that figure of war among the nations the whole evil chemical for Nathan and world war began the thread from one nation to another and still another and on and on until nearly the whole world now feel the right thing win the war but for the whole world the whole evil juggle portal nation the nation in the great world when from the top of the first half of the next version of the world when the present international war the proper thing to be known. And the plane of a large you know the date on one end of the earth even on to the other end of the one what it symbolized your water from what the world thinks of the rooms and found the food the Bible and Revelation seventeen fifteen that on to me the water for the people and now we have to thank you on the field. The water there for example one of the nation of the world that we have tried for more complete with your growth from the filthy for great profit and recorded a hit before preview can work with the federal turning again to prevent poverty we find these four world power and will describe players like a lion of the Eagles when they haven't really gone that it's interesting to note that the only cured animal found on modern archeologists in the ruins of that great line it's not a field. This plane went down in five thirty eight feet deep in the night of those colors to the thousand of the Lord and God said the veteran would go down at the five we created and it did say and there's a rift coach twenty people in public support for this that they should infidelity and widespread wickedness to put any nation in danger. Babylon is rumored thought that while the family believe the hype by the way do you know that we are informed that every three and a half minutes a night and then the check is for the United States. Every twenty two seconds. Major Crimes committed until now the Army of the lawless five one marriage out of every six and in the village here half the people of our nation did not attend one religious service during the last year in one state a questionnaire was sent to a fifteen thousand and sixteen thousand of them couldn't name. Very well but that the OK twelve thousand couldn't name the four gospels. Ten thousand could not name three of Christ disciples the number God is not mock whatsoever man or nation so that you know he also relations accent. Now back to Daniel seven Bertha and the whole another beast is that unlike a bed and so on one side and it had three ribs an amount of it between the teeth and they said the first until it arrives much like lack of they're made of Persia the second kingdom of our not only pablum that Libya and Egypt as well as by the three written its reputation is not Dr Adam Clarke said to me were no great robbers and spoilers read about them in the fifty one versus forty eight on board they had a little black OK but oh well. Hundred twenty seven provinces of India to Ethiopia. According to Lester eight nine you know friends the idea ruin ruin hasn't died out of the world yet and nations have tried it. I've tried and people tried to but all who follow this road to human globally well climate it leads sooner or later to destruction. Yes there it is said that an old Indian chief once heard the Gospel story for the first time when urged to accept that he said that Jesus really is good but follow the Indian road all my life and I will keep wanted to the year or so later life for slipping away and he was about to enter a land where he was a stranger he was looking for a trail through the darkness called a man of God and asked him Can I take his road now my road ends here. That's the way it is with all human right of all human all human life about God as bad when went down so far as your world empire collapsed and gone with the proportional changing centrifugal and Co used going to rise and stand. I'm working at the great decisive battle of the three thirty one B.C. Well you went down in final defeat before the attack of Alexander the Great and Greek simulate the ancient Bible prophecy the symbol in Daniel seven and six after this I beheld him go on not unlike a leopard which had upon the back of it for when you go foul of these that also foreheads and dominion was given until leopards are kept like creatures the to the following emphasize the speeds the career of Alexander. History says that it was a true picture of meager like crude at the time he was thirty two years old you know three twenty three found the whole civilized world and he was a twentieth century man born two thousand years to through. When someone said that he had a great plan for a new world after his lot you want to build a macadam lies road from Babylon for the Pillars of Hercules on that land. Or even general divide of the empire among themselves when he died in a drunken goodbye you see the symbol leopard had for hit property said it would be this truth as it was I like the Bible because it contains so many things like that so many offices with your crew crew with any history we can depend on other the improbable Xander is gone now. God said it would go on and it did all the glory that was agreed the time was Alexander if you will thrown red forgotten alone. That's where your grief abode their destined Aoun went there were only a lion there and leopard were gone. Listen after this I saw on the night the essence and the world of these dreadful and terrible and strong weeks even though they had great iron power. It increases the residue with a feat it was diverse in all of these that were before it. It had Tim Hortons then will set in place a nameless dream of Eros a thing with Rome the third the last world Kenyan ruling with iron rods. One of those born under a shining star of baby was the last at last to rule the world forever. Came to this world. Kill em. Nearing to a cross and it came to manhood. Well ruled on with Congress and by the chariot wheels. Mankind thought is mighty fabric of human law and brutality too strong to die for God said he would die from its broken fragments can other king of the right and wrong. Godless life. History proves that God spoke to the least within this vain Portugal France and Germany. These are the inheritors of Roman Empire. There's more in that seventh chapter that I know much more that all men ought to know. Read it study book that explain it fully and give the history and if they don't why we seek God's word proven his word just for the world not three or five that well how did Daniel know only by revelation from God in the scripture. Who I Am is gone are divided and roaring fragments are actually here now we see them. The prophecy fulfilled. God was the golden dome. When you're the one who will know more of the nations that marching we didn't study trip found her Gallant's lately in the ocean we lived here she moved by bread and clear dead and gone now. Yes the empire of Rome is gone and Europe is still ruled by the kings that little rise after this is not the end of the prophecy. Kingdom is coming. Another world empire is ahead of the raid now last of all and verse twenty seven and we can. The man in the menu and the greatness of the kingdom of heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the most high kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and all the millions shall serve and obey here friends that's the end to the everlasting kingdom and the minion of God to rule this world. Are you looking forward in this are you not to be a man looking for and waiting for and longing for that day or thirty like an old Fort Morgan at the entrance immobile playing a visitor sees an unusual sight or Raj dark red spot on a step of stone stairway made during the Civil War over the bed of a Confederate lieutenant was killed by the explosion of a gun he was firing on the federal misleading the fourth after the scorching sun rays and dashing range of eighty years of blood stain if they were aware of Dr emblem of the tragedy or so after nineteen hundred years of human history the blood of Jesus Christ it still comes in on the doorstep of salvation marking the way to the City of God not only an emblem of human sin which caused that blood an emblem of the redemptive love of God but that the cost rate in the first few million and they all have a certain your salvation and mine if we will accept it. Will you when it's your decision now. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh all the oh really. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh in the roll. But I sat in on home. Where are you. Three years and the you know bring in ground all so to hold all of it or do you leave. All the the or the oh wall. Oh OK. Oh the way you guys stay the the leaving home to me or less you are more hard line. That we're doing.


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