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Christians, Beware of Secular Psychology, Part 2

Magna Parks


Magna Parks, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, and president of Be In Good Health, a health education organization. She conducts mental health seminars based on science and the Bible and inspired writings. She has authored books and articles on various mental health issues.



  • December 20, 2007
    10:30 AM
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I wish I had been with thankful to be able to come before you and as we start the session we ask the Holy Spirit to come and give us direction guidance and wisdom this is a difficult topic because it had been so many of the things that we help you to left and I disparagingly give me the warrants to share to the hand to get us to look at things a little differently and what you know that I'm in the process of session including myself and Benjamin Graham was anything in this area anonymity is similar to pray and know that it will hurt us in foreclosure okay I learned about myself that you understand how I got to this I am a licensed psychologist and identify causes for eighteen nineteen years I thought at the university level for seventy seven years and over forty five years and university Tennessee is the facility is following that I've been in private practice so they all areas of the spectrum when it comes to psychology I forgot to get on a university campus counseling students I worked with children in anonymous hothouses of the little work with children testing and evaluation on done resources found within the University I really do research with the student so I kind of test all aspects of it about for three years ago I was on the Internet and I ran across a sermon by pastor easier pregnancy test original bill and in that sermon he attacked a lot of what I have learned and I went to my husband that I cannot believe this man is writing that he doesn't realize what you say and as I began to study more and more about this I think to myself there is something here that I need to pay attention to and I will say in her left with the opportunity to work with Doctor Ned if a little over two weeks and is depression recovery program and I learned even more about you healing so when I came back to my practice I think my husband I don't know when and when it is because most of the things I've been using in my practice is not biblical leader is in helping people tell you what I'll and I thought people for six months or so went away and I was getting very good money but I hope people have committed in my last fashion people were feeling better than when I'm getting better I have to admit that why would a person has to see someone for six months in online to obtain healing something is wrong with that and you know I just realized something lobby talking about in this session about how looking always focusing on the past is not helpless but I started to realize that is so I am right now not in my practice and asking what direction I need to take mean that some will live in a little differently as the money is not as good my husband and I have started a ministry lobbying the help that he is a student correspondence to the times when us focusing on helping you with your help and I do the mental LPs that I learned woodworking definitely in my own research so not anywhere as I go through this process however as I've been reading and learning about this the Lord revealed to me uniqueness I sat with people what you're finding of how psychology is coming into our home into our individual lives and how it's coming into the church out of signature sometimes I hear someone say something about from a friend I think my husband how this is based on psychology and human signaling is not making a list of people who realized that in the last session I talk about self-esteem I mentioned that the whole surface of self-esteem is based on secular psychology and even the research is showing now that people with high self-esteem have more problems with drugs and alcohol have more problems with hostility have my problems with violators even if psychologists are starting to realize that now and more hostile all of these things and not turn out to be the panacea that everybody thought it was going to be and I look at the Bible and look at how the Bible tells us to deny self to esteem others better than ourselves and I thought that I had that contradict how secular psychologist the thing we should exalt himself you can't deny the fact that the centerline where he says this does not mean we should not have a proper self-respect because we don't push as naming a self-governing go around thinking bad about yourself and that's a worthless now we have to have a proper self-respect based on how we live before God based on following our conscience and the research is showing that to that when people raise their self-esteem on externally and well in school and have my problems interpersonally but when we may set on you I think the researchers said living according tomorrow etc. and we will do better in a recounting of going off the top of my head and I thought about unconditional love this is the hardest one to explain to people the thing about unconditional love because I love I love that sells them on conditionality to it but as I explained in the previous session of the deception about psychology and adding mixes truth and Eric Singer and when she was an error is next together she tells as the track of truth and the truck era lies close beside one another any can appear to be want to mind that I'm not warped by the Holy Spirit in fact I have some great things in it the problem is the basis and is sometimes not the unconditional love came from Eric Truong a psychologist who has nothing to do with religion and says we should dislike Alanis of Paris and unconditional and from there we grabbed that and started to push this unconditional love inside of the thing that people should have unconditional love for one another and advisors Carron is a show you Oliver to him he what is saying that we are naturally born ruler actually more good people just blame all and don't put any conditions on England as well to do everything that's right and I find an outlet that is not an indolent non- online and economizing and may be against the law got so that's why I caution people about unconditional love and unconditional acceptance because when you look at the rules of fact it has a lot of humanistic concepts to it now I will pay an conditionality did not love because Melissa live to tell the guy commanded his love life and why what we get sinners Christ died for something conditionality they are the problem is what has happened because of us is our human minds they think is unconditioned reality and saying to ourselves all means I need the layout will exactly how long do what you want and I only been here he seemed in danger the line about the conditionality where he does love us without any conditions than in any other part of how I take us okay and then I also talked about needing this is another stinky one important Moscow with his hierarchy of needs right if you have to have the physical needs met in the safety needs in the loving belongingness needs than the esteem need him he will be self-actualized I had an idea that if you will need that they will never reach to the pinnacle of your self-actualization are we taking the same needs focus and what it is why lies in our church says that the whole finger sensitive movement is based on NPR that the normative order that the credit will be right you've heard of web or in person at privilege of a church all these Chinese charges in these movements are based on the I believe I will not come to testify irregular things to them so I have to meet their health names like Michael says you have to make certain you have a higher I happening there any song that I have all kind of antibiotic churches communities and then it will come in a sound I found Leman and people are not growing spiritually I want to read something to you and I ran in the last one there with me those of you who were here Rick Warren Delhi will create in-house kinds of questions that moved this puts that he had about our needs and they are now saying when you say the highway from the Greek what we see a time when people talk a lot of faith and become Christians should of started telling people in teaching people that they have to take responsibility to become self theaters meaning we can always see them fulfilling their needs and everything they have to learn how to sell me we should have gotten people taught people how to read their Bible between services have been doing this spiritual practice is much more aggressively on their own so maybe Melissa and I realized that this was we had is not helping people as much as much as we can with one of their own when I did before and that I can't delete and move onto the second part of his presentations the stage is a secular psychology market and the psychology talk about that later on so I'm not very high quality also say I love the same nonexistent clinical psychology here now it was more the last session I love to see some of our people get into psychology when you study the brain and the workings of the brain in all of these faithful psychology has some very dynastic so we usually begins when we wanted to the counseling this will make themselves also like how in social psychology how is this a phenomenon known and who think young women are both within which all the researchers show that people are afraid to speak up and it will bring the whole things a certain way and I think you have to explain what you have any time some people will believe some of the things of the government turned a family get-together was a thoughtful clear on the panel along so well I guess someone will things in it my problem is when they start to talk about the nature of man and how we should change that the danger with psychology and that's what I'm going to be addressing I am addressing these works now I hear a motion and Christianity should Christians ignore emotions on this one out we will agree with emotions I will tell them I'm Mary Harding doing what I like him anything the Bible that Solomon is acknowledging that promotion helps us a sound heart in the life when you need it Watson Broncos felt that Mark does not ignore emotions when you get straight as we move on however the difference is a motion or thigh exist primarily and will appreciate efficiently what secondary I was taught in graduate school and I need to follow on people 's emotions how does that make note that the first one of the first questions I would ask people all you probably know what feelings did you see coming about the feelings that have brought out the weekend session upon session talking about the feelings and and and and I made a lot of money by doing this and we have to meet with their families feeling anger that acknowledges psychologists tell us that we should express anger and we should what will you apparently think is a dramatic pillow is not hitting it eleven at best that's a psychological belief that if you doubt it some of you may have heard of these two women they run a book called Christ to heal New Zealand uses a lot with my sexual abuse of my and and and St. Louis County secular music and viruses that were now and we are on crash duration referring to the perpetrators those Libyans you may flash about the fact that I saw seen in detail so you commit to your hearts content this is how God forgive me I used to actually tell people to read this and you'll feel anywhere towards the person who abused you when you left it whenever you want to think about what that person is you would like to be put on at present just enacting and injuring helping them to express that anger and anger he tells us but now he also will all be in rat now blasphemy filthy communication out of your mouth that all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor evil speaking they put away from you with all malice and the time went to another tenderhearted forgiving one another even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you know I meant to mention this in the last session I have a book that I written August recently where we have both here and if you are interested in getting this we have in here and also had a DVD of the first session at the charts of you interested we have met here on this session you can check us out her boobs not affect the evidence of telling a evidence indicates that it is on Intel is to encourage persons to be aggressive I found this on changing their tune not completely most research now says that our sense data him alive however this letting it all out is how cool and amazing what the person 's hostility to increase it so in expressing it can actually increase your anger inside making a banner 's musings so different than what the Bible says in Romans and he will bring and send itself to me it's okay to be angry as long as you don't see that not assignable down upon your wrath soon I was doing the psychologist would take my policy thinking and then you find Scripture to support what I thought as a psychologist and this is one of them would be one hundred and five accident it will be very taken with it and everything but it's a Bible commentary for this was a good explanation the anger him if he have like twenty eight twenty six spoken of his rights and indignation indignation has the most important function in stimulating men in the battle against evil he was not in guard eye and a personal affront behindhand hypocritical challenges and I and and justice is done to others justifiable anger is directed against the long act without animosity toward the wrongdoer to be able to separate the two is a supremely Christian achievement the idea here is an effort when I'm trying to get them on when he does not always angry at anything done for him personally only when the vessel were less fortunate while the advanced live in his word and that is what we need to be encouraging was about to say something like this going on it I remember working with a woman on when I started to change she came in very angry and her husband who had an affair on her and in my old days I would just they must talk about that a Norwegian wide I will live your dreams out there now is twelve inches of how anger filled in for the colors in the Army I was really into the elimination of Acrobat and I now wanted some information about fourteen from the Bible and criticism I think this is easy but I said I wanted to pray and ask the Lord is an immensely long as they can get at the present forgiveness and heart into action to help you to move on because I wanted to Latin America and to cynicism that I'm so glad this was the focus you gave me opposed to spending time about my anger that has helped commanders lately anyhow ourselves and we're trying to work toward getting our marriage together I think in all cases America's as a government even if they decide to go their separate ways because they had biblical jihad biblical grounds for divorce if she held in her it was not in so many different ways and I am living with you that situation and that amazing grace we hear from the sermon of the Lord it is not the khaki feelings and emotions that are to be examined closely the study are emotions and give way to walk dealing with is to entertain doubt and entangle ourselves in perplexity we aren't you look away from himself to Jesus so we haven't how we are to deal with emotions that are most in guilt is my psychologist Gail is the worst experience the humans that make you feel I rightly and miserable it is caused by thinking you have done something wrong you want to feel guilt when someone judges you are not anything I address how you think what you and she says this is often done in Doris Jeanette there is no right or wrong only experiences to learn from so got out there and enjoy learning and living and growing toss you out so many psychologists are pushing this idea that you should not feel guilty because his what emotion and feeling the eye and down some true some hair the more I personally feel the less chance there is Hillary a happy healthy all law-abiding citizen he will be a compulsive wrongdoer is an output a famous psychologist we just talking about how this has come in unless the attack on Christianity the homeless services if we're not supposed to be feel guilty at all I have pictures and hear a minister point in something because you see is coming in the last necessity intellectual and community outreach music give me move away from pointing out sand and calling people to confession and repentance and is led by psychiatrist is not even a Christian mean when he says when he is in no what became of it the very word and seems to have disappeared it was once a strong word and home address and serious word AC SF is going in every civilized human beings life there in lifestyle but the word went away it has almost disappeared the word along with the notion that when you look at this place time we should feel guilty thinking about it and anymore definitely need to feel guilty and he is acting when a network and I went in the concept of attention is on soon and come short of the glory of God and I just came up with it myself no analogous saline synovial feel guilty no deal leads to life no confession and repentance no confession and repentance leads to you know I know I remember is that all salvation endometriosis and if possible but we won't talk about that today no victory over sin and lease over eternal death and no eternal life so it starts with that and have nothing all always will they can end up here as you tell them that we do not experience that repentance which is not to be repented and have not confess our sin which is humiliation of soul and broken the spirit and Warren are iniquity we actually for the forgiveness of sin and never thought we'd never found a piece of us up there were all these meals are concerns in the is because athletes had any psychological concepts were moving farther and farther and farther away from the Bible and is coming into wildlife and coming into our church and here she mentioned that it was nice and that repentance we never find he forgot to say the only way you'll feel please visit you don't feel guilt is just the opposite and we can get the latest research and database administration she was mean is that when you notice are the wisdom of man on the wisdom of God they are very many of the charges were deceiving there also elitist standard of their own creating thinking that religion consists of going to church to hear sermons and have a happy feeling they cannot comprehend that if they ever reach having and must be by daily self-denial and conflict if Christianity were not doing the times when which we are rushing on Amazon under the sun sporting trial all such will be found what wizard away and was still talking about you talking about how ignoring the concept is at I you have an interesting you have I got out of the Midwest and have the most will one in the living room the story earlier in the site again and here the fourth of the book that I have available here and he was attempting to get a graduate degree in psychology at the seminary a something in this class is the chairperson of the department when the Baptist minister came to him at all like the eighties and I is you is actually blessed if you want to put together a more impulsive homeland with the Bible I believe would be able to deal with most of the mental emotional problems in the world a Baptist minister said this happened most is that in the program after they realized I was in a legal real-life Howard County had an Seventh-day Adventist and what is in the church 's sensitive skin no as it is in the light and yet is clear that he is in danger and genuine spiritual situation the Braves center of is not like it all the prey earlier in my last session Eric wrong and I will coin the phrase unconditional love that the idea that with their and had nothing good and I felt a mold self-hatred and would like to thought that he is in our eternal fire because even as the holy and happy successful you can achieve the same level of access and cancer patients received treatment from a group of children playing Doctor a friend whom I understand my mail appeals the imminent danger he is an effort to look to the thing are you are going to repeat the idea that we should not fail to amplify secular psychology in our experience as Christians we have to be careful the Bible tells us and we hope that our sins he is faithful and just to hand us our sins and cleanse us I'm on to say that all brothers is you may only need to recognize that our background that he and he and I haven't it right now the only place in the way of life in the backfield he will be in again now the question I have for you in any trouble when I was sitting in a few it is on deal spiritually helpful they like to comment on that were briefly all healed it is all spiritually helpful to you it depends on what you are responsible to eliminate anybody have any thoughts on a name repeated yet when you conveniently doesn't do you any good can you think about it a man marrying and on top of it as PMS is that they now feel guilt Peter fountain guilt when he betrayed the Lord to the still get what he needs right now as well but what happened to the two of them the Bible tells us for godly sorrow work in repentance to salvation not to be repented of what the style of the world market what we see that with you this and future Peter feels left for him to ask for forgiveness and turned him to die to obtain forgiveness chewing is the self-condemnation and lead to suicide so the claimant is when I'm saying there and unhealthy guilt that will not lead us across activity of and in that way psychologists are correct but they're not around when they tell us to avoid completely because we can miss out on salvation is a Mac at all I will be there that's why I think whom an era when you now live in psychoanalytical theory came for my friend right now here's a picture of Sigmund Freud and in the first session I talk about voice and we have to understand and act on childhood to resolve the problems even if you don't understand how would you will not be able to resolve your problem I spent a lot of time in the a lot of money doing I is what I will year is talking about their childhood and your pictures I is I him anyway and will I go back to visualize the first time they land and how it felt and who was standing on the wall in it was amazing the things I did with people learning on it so let's not get childhood more and more Christians now I'm trying to gain insight about the good I'm not many I shall certainly this is if we don't deal with the little boy of a lifetime we cannot know the God of the Bible we understand that little girl little boy inside which is a child inside there in the workshops all around now and am have to be careful with that workshop that will entitle them to talking about I need to understand the wounds of childhood in all that and being a very popular in many churches nowadays but that shall is focusing on how to live in the past we never move past the past that will help in getting the majority and reasonable and will be before I crash for the mark when it is a high calling of God in Christ Jesus when you mind if you are passing my family and not saying it is his will for you to understand I have a problem with anger and anger I is also known as and I can be helpful for talking about Wise continuing to talk about it gets us nowhere to keep that in mind this to our past and I will and I thought that their war and being crazy and I know for sure all things are passed away the hall all things are and will yes you have a question you will have family and can you write it down remember okay I definitely will adjust the database and some secular perspectives on the thing about focusing on solid memory can be off there is no Elizabeth Loftus is that a lot of research on eyewitness testimony and she found that sometimes people say that something you get five o'clock four people they also knew that they saw something different to exercise a study memory of my mouth some things we say and then not really happen and she sat with the passage of time and Mary Tyson seems to change and transform these distortion on the memories of an event never happened I is that where people can want it and they said my mother father the metadata in our family members in the area saying we don't remember this happening the way our system of brothers made what their situations with her family 's needs where colluding against one another so nothing that can happen when memory is change and and and problematic as we actually know ourselves as we understand the Ptolemy of the Bible tells us on the same will and desperately wicked who cannot so say you know yourself better if you understand how the Bible tells us everything we campaigning ourselves in Congress from time and meal onto my problem which is a three letter word often with IM and e-mail sometimes this focus on childhood the real client and I think some of our problems because I don't want to get the impression I'm saying that every time a person had an emotional problem is because of something they committed that is not to let their thing in the world in general and psychologists are not wearing this because now instead of standing disease alcohol in the disease now you know that right if that offended addiction people don't love you anymore give themselves over the last thing I think Ephesians one nineteen and we using these words in Christian if that is what this function I come from a dysfunctional family dynamics can you tell me so someone can come from a dysfunctional family and because it is limited to think everyone for when you have a habit what he had a Christian psychology while not already got my MacBook it would be powerful with you to read and it's another one this is a secular psychologists are likely to the physical got it on manufacturing victims with a unlimited something she says are later all psychological problems caused by individual thin no we have to be careful that we see someone struggling with depression or anxiety we have to be careful not to see what I read on and on and on some grains of truth whenever we have to be so careful with people and really dealing with them they think sometimes we have to recognize having anyhow what the therapy or counseling focus much on childhood is a lot of time focusing on top of a letter listing in their to help people change and so the question is all they don't focus on women we can not reflect how the problem can be helpful but they can lead to heart change so if you have certain destructive behavior is a technique that really can help you stop certain destructive behaviors I feel them I found it very helpful but this is the person can go back into mapping of the ethnic psychology does not address our change enough the only thing that will give lasting changes in our behavior I worked adding an agency that specializes in treating sexual offenders and windows all I behavioral techniques to help the sexual offenders say were all adults in his life imagine this one Windows I do this I stop working because my supervisor at the agencies that is that I can do this we have to teach them informed of using self abuse unable to use themselves as an amusing other children behavioral and in the other children I decided other problems as well so they can behave someone you will not be as have to say it is masturbation okay and that the behavioral change but in psychology worker world the idea and so offenders can't need to just control and a psychologist don't look at the hard change that can cure them without changing our the problem with the pending on therapist in the Bible tells that person even him him and maketh flesh his arm I had a woman I worked with one that's like three years and I would like her appeal he was a sexual abuse survivor she coming to me every week and is you we can we just go crazy and I found out as I thought is a learn more about the two I went this woman was who depended on me and that's what happened a lot we don't any therapists become dependent on man in the finals that Carlson be the president has certain man and maketh flesh his arm yes as all of every Christian is to learn completely dependent on price and upon man that's the essential role in okay little longer and the thing about going to see if there is no denying that suffering is a life for a reason now don't you think the processing of any arenas nevertheless afterward it yields a feasible foot of righteousness other than when you exercise them by some of us like the therapist because we try to avoid something they can avoid paying and humanity reestablished the lesson now losing a child what wonderful things in our lives and we were as a therapist away at witnessing out on a lot and I first Peter two thousand eleven a nice arrangement earnings assignment trial is to try with Don some strange thing happened unto you will enjoy it as much as you partake of Christ's suffering and when his glory shall be revealed in a glad also with exceeding joy I know we're going through things but I forget that this admonition one of the theories in their therapies become so popular in the church why Christians automatically turn to the psychological wisdom of men when they are experiencing problems of living in emotional turmoil perhaps one reason is that we do not comprehend the wisdom of God the process of suffering when anyone what are the psychological theories and therapies they not only little down on the possibility is there as well when they will all realize how that thy whole promises and provides that the danger of depending on their nanosecond and this is one of the world the book manufacturing victims after they had seen she was a clinical psychologist exercise authority fatalities you recognize I don't need to do this anymore because he sent clinical psychology seeks to categorize people in debilitating ways and turn them into the patient's failure is not translate all of life incendiary abuse their addiction and trauma patient all the talk about how to make a sum of money by turning everything into abuse addiction and that is happening is Christian he said that what I was driving over listening to allow no present psychology program on the radio program a lady called and how Avalon was using her however he was also a little historical precedent I have much Christian support I was thinking to myself shouting with a little encouragement from the war they could help her and at how and after I heard to present houses were done with her however they had convinced scientists you belong in a clinic the LRC had online difficulties that require professional counseling I couldn't believe what I heard what also struck me was that the men who were stranded counselors were not instructing people from the Scripture instead they primarily were using theories of psychology to advertise myself as a Christian psychologist to know the insurance company would refer people to meet you wanted a Christian counselor and when I was telling how you think why I was using either I was losing my slope descriptor that seemed to fit what all the things that are you an example in fact because the question they will not mean a person is truly think that way for healing this is a prison psychologist a group with prompting as we are on our Christian psychologist and find it difficult to answer is we don't know what the question implies we Christians who are psychologists but at the present time is there is no susceptible Christian psychology that is markedly different than non-Christian psychology the Christmas iPod thing yes there is no acceptable theory mode of treatment that is distinctly Christian scary isn't it in the because many of us say we need to look for a prison psychiatrist and counselor and I'm not saying then I think they are mostly of the Bible above theories of psychology you have to look for them like the weather they say a needle in haystack they are not very common that you know and if you really looking for that you can find it I know it's not very common if counseling wrong if any in the Bible and effect on my life is not so made by Warren and the Muslims also never say behind my ear and eleven advanced counseling but I'm here to help you understand anything on the type of counseling and going into the Atlantic the series following elements that you account your account with the Christian should include this a person who relies on biblical principles I will do that you have to come in for a large number session if you are attending counseling and going if a large number session something is wrong with that something is wrong because it does not read and I've had arguments with nonstop what the library and not only is better life I was raining or say they do not begin counseling fungi on the way in person from focusing too much on the invoice of people where seeing to us and not the counselor as a source of help is limited it's like three years out pointing to myself as a source of help to my fellow instructors at her here and there is also help XYZ was so dependent on an actual biblical counseling so these are some things that you need to look at if you're looking for true biblical counseling is that all these singles against what most of us have been a false tool we have to take this information and bring into the lungs help me with this because I think everything and learn where we go from here I don't know any of the little bit of this and it will stop because linen finish this we must turn back at work in the only way this sounds simplistic but that's the only way we will get help and I know that without faith it is impossible to please him for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is or what amendment diligently seek him in the last session when I talked about the mega churches and all of this if we tell my faith believe in God 's message to charge twelve will mark when I get into it because America Texas chainsaw successful and well so now but we must believe by faith we can do the work this out the ministries newsletter and have they been successful I am utterly good here and continue that in the next day because we have ten minutes on one of his questions and answers with you while and this young man has a question the reason I will you is no I was not implying that he had a impossible to do you can't ignore what has happened I was saying that we shouldn't spend a lot of time trying to understand it all focus on big difference we can't ignore a child that I am alive but if we identify causes I was trained and I suspend a lifetime helping you to understand and gain insight from them and that doesn't help in any way yes it does but it's already happened what can you do about that how does that help you at the question note that not it is not the thing that the desolate psychology has ingrained into what is that a lot of time focusing on it it does not help because it's already happening and we have to deal with the future right now and see what we can do about becoming the people who we are to be enough focusing on understanding a lot yes a man we are new creatures that will be outlined appointment through a lot of things about changing my thoughts in the word of God because the depression has a lot to do with how we think and we have to learn how to replace the thinking that brings us down with the word of God number one but a lot of people watching for rest as I learned from working with Documentum affiliate as you earlier in the first inning on writing and we need to help them understand there's some things in your lifestyle need to change to help your brain to function better and back pulled them out of a depression as well so no Christians become depressed that their father lifestyle eating live and I have five a.m. and I'm getting enough sleep real and we can't ignore that film very good question yes it oh boy younger person I believe that a man to someone else has on their legitimate in terms of distinguishing different personality characteristics but my problem is somewhat okay fine on that on occasion there okay I find out that high on problems with disciplining or procrastination that a single accident we have to turn to God for help in these areas but not legitimate but you know kind was a spiritual list as you began to accumulate that he was eating into the occult and I'm afraid of people with their current and prospective you know using them as to how people especially when it comes to the mind I think we can give people will believe in God awakens in dealing with the mind that people not believing that we need to be careful you do that if I know I know each of his temperament and we can conditionally accept one another using facetious is a test overhearing the twenty okay but you are in and in I think what you mean honestly I see I was if I become more knowledgeable in the way you can present the Bible and is in the Bible you can pull principles of the Bible like for example in the young women are working with a young person in the changes on English self-esteem this person is that about himself humans often a young person about what are some actions that you are engaging in the health you have is yourself you know you can talk about adhering to what their parents have told the next two things like that so it is logical often the Bible is not slept the Bible on top of it think of it and a lot of studying growing apart but it can be done again immediately that is what psychologists only legal in some of the stuff I'm doing is let's see I healing on all okay I innovate pleased when I understand really will will and I know you are not bad habit of dynamic employees and I just think it is an island you be able to pull principle about helping a religion that will go against someone it GG but if they follow the guilty difference is more than the typical IP I believe by faith that can be done yet in the back yet all I am so sorry all you I will have him on the fast and there is an idea and I is a and he is yeah yeah yeah that's it yeah I know no one and I know has addressed that but you know this is a finding of May the Lord but the problem is able to convey I have repented the Lord and medium times of the things that I taught students how often went in my bloodletting run across in fact I think of them for a long house in on the pickup where they had to be on the sound pessimistic the system is interchange I think we as individuals as God gives us insight we will change this is so ingrained in the system I can't need changing to be honestly yes there is evidence when they hear about their that they were happening morning at Saint in life is being received well this is not in a Museum allowed by many because of this message will take a lot of money out of people 's pockets and we have to pray for our brothers and sisters because I believe the majority of having accounts of the psychologists were doing this really believe that helping people and leaving the what are you trying to save people think they are the same so we need to pray that God will unlock in our process and the understanding when living in online classes but each monthly sales where I build coming from and how he feels as if anyone could share myself with any marketer but I just know this is not that way I'm convinced of this and I have to follow his way whenever that mean I have another hand and I think now I guess outside ahead to using the word guilt versus conviction very good for your same way that the same line that yes you're very right on it right right right amen there's nothing more images they said that well and you and I'm glad you brought that out killed when I was awarded a psychiatric hospital in the six months and no alarms number of the people there when dealing with guilt from from religion I hate to say it big and unveiled a non- religion and different versus Christianity is spirituality from the do 's and don't 's of religion and they can measure up enough for him Billy Donovan Bernie all misconceptions to be very damaging they have to be very careful with that the banking system for bringing that up yet anybody else okay last question we okay on the and my eye and my will on you I had an a in the dead of them not dealing with the Bible I is the question he said he wasn't a lot of at risk you wouldn't business schools is basically the phone away for lack of a better word but the only hear anything about the Bible because they had negative experiences in the past about the how do you deal with that the first thing you think you need to be a living Bible yourself I mean when they see how you respond to them and I think that happen time and time again when you let down those principles and some way down the line he mentioned Church of Christianity is something that I can remember I saw this person he represented this I went and moved what that is the first thing I can say on and after that if you have the right to have accepted the young lady here if you really study them I will allow principals to use for them where is if your enemy he homework beginning the thing about heaping coals of fire on them Samantha SF fighting these people back you are training them and treat them nicely and see what this bully will continue Frank Raven pulled principles of the Bible in a syrup of them and never mention the Bible but again nothing exciting on your part it can be just done you have to study a single installment of principal that you and you know what it is with Angus Houston in education at home I talked about how labor education is revealing how label is good I know that I wish it is difficult to trust you you can be innovative and inspiring something when he was into something to build things autism and while Barnes is something that's now been found to be very effective with accuracy you can be an American area they had at work you never know I thank you so much and may God bless you some are both environmentally and I see this media was on birds and humans he once reached would like to listen to more words you would like to learn more about you and see the the the the lacy web Lord emulsifying treatment you are you reverse board and have video .com


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