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He Ascended Into Heaven

H.M.S. Richards Sr.


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It is rated to the program of a boy crying in the wilderness. I'm going with all this cooperate and I'll invite review or other thing that report all might be. Oh it is a it is the I'm or I'm. Well hold our Nike dominion. The making them or the balance. Yeah you can scope and the nation that we have a lot of equipment in all the world according to the vine and the human word. We thank you that he and by God will manifest in the way reached under the gun files believed on in the world in lowering our minister our High Priest who is not on the right hand of the throne of the majesty in the heavens and minister of the thank you very and the true tabernacle which the Lord picked him up man or he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come under Levi here seeing that he ever liveth to make the intersection for us we do not come to be in our own power but through his mercy and through his intersection except there's an intersection in our behalf through the worthiness of the same our Lord Jesus Christ. Man it is. All the born in the reading friend who interesting letters and mail are really lessons in contrast. One is from a mother whose children like to hear the king's arrow thing. My little boy he says was four years old yesterday and I have a little girl not quite three years old. They really love to hear the king arrow thing the theme song and they can thing it themselves almost as heartily as the quartet in their own small way of course. How disappointed they are when we puny in a few minutes late in that the opening song I am sure your program is that I think many of the small hearts as well as the older ones. Yes we are happy to hear the voice of God that we broadcast is reaching the older one. Our second letter is from Kentucky and was written by an elderly man born in the year eight hundred sixty two. That'd make him eighty four years old would make this old gentleman is one of our listeners and one of our Biden student the fifth letter to the voice of obviously I have sixty five grandchildren and great grandchildren. I'm glad there is still someone who loves to read and study the Bible with you pray for me that I may be faithful till the end. We will and will you do that through radio friend remember the very youngest band of. Now that there is in Europe right now. He was no thing but all that is than for a long long haul in the Google call or wrong tool. Wrong. Oh oh oh or is it is do you do. Whole it is a home lawn. LOL LOL LOL LOL oh oh oh he isn't the voice of prophecy. Yes and the voice of prophecy and for the story of what we believe that the record that Matthew Mark Luke and John are cool about the events recorded in them and in the other books of the third as we believe it and the thems wired writing we have the Word of God and turning it down quite a lot of things but the Holy Ghost borne of the burden put on the twentieth who thought they had and then the third day he rolled again from the dead. He offended in the heaven and put it on the right hand of God the Father the Almighty the entrance of our Lord Jesus Christ into this world with America and in part through what life was miraculous in holes in the life of the marriage. If you try to tell you that this faith is based on supernatural it's little danger of overemphasizing the supernatural in it. Always we must look up to God in faith or without faith in Him we doing with all the evil eleven as he did. Again from heaven it was in the divine plan that he could go back through it. The Resurrection with only an order. Thank you and the film followed by all the standard in the head with a little group of disciples our Lord climbed the offender to a mob of Olive passed a little way over the other side and came near the little village Bethany where you've been and where he loved. We met and married and lived with them and them and bless them. And it came to pass for me but then he was part of them. And carried up in the head. They worked and returned with the glass of the rough stuff about the left hand out and there's not a high from it and that it and will come in as the in the light blue ribbon. I mean the right thing. They feel now and have the fullest to resurrect his body and over his continual interest at the right hand of God in the Gospel of Luke. The account of our Lord and the book will pull in yet it is beginning to get both accounts were written by the same on one regard and a lot of people on the other of the beginning of the head of the something else in the world have them and then in the word. One thing though. OK So we have to remember about my view. You're thinking with an end and the third we are thinking of the play right there. First we have to think of them and in the right word and that's part of the right and then I came for the father and I am from in the world who the thought on me with the word in place and why would we all. And yet by here we'll in the miracle of you confront him out alive and well. Your role ended up for the world for the right. Heaven where for God you know. And given him a name with a name the name of God when he did with part of some of them carried up in the head and examined it. Then do I think that the body of our birth the Lord for you nailed to the wall and buried in the road from the dead. And our government the thing with all the rhetoric and trying to get him so buried or glorified to the throne of God where God and a lot of money and labor. Longing for that and then when all the other the daughter and deliberately with the very little to lose. A crisis in many of the dead it will not understand with him is the first mighty whole who be raised from the dead and second time we were going to be a mother to them. So when the believer like the world all over again. Personally and for that we need only to climb all of those eleven rifles and defend the viable then by faith in the things we love but now it will be but we know that only the life out of me. Well all right. Whole wall to wall going through it is all you at all. Roll it. It is a whole load of the we're all hearing and now we've come to the same in Luke's gospel it's the end that well the fourth theme climax of Christ three and a half years of Earth a minute of it in the book of Acts. It's the same facts same glorious event but in a different setting. Here's an old old lesson you know by Christ's ascension to begin his heavenly intersection. As the writer said in Act One the former crew did have are made of all that. Jesus began both to do and that was the Gospel of Luke. If you thought so now he could have said of the book of that I'm going to tell you of the Ascension and of all of these and continue to do and it keeps the book of Acts is the history of the work of Christ who was able to do it just because he had it centered on her and his words still echoed in the hearts of this type it is expedient for you that I go away dead or if I go not away the Comforter will not come on you if I replied I will send them on to the next thing. So when the company is come to the state. Tomorrow I will send them to you from the father. Even the Spirit of Truth which proceeded from the father he choked me and framed how gloriously would restore the old From the day of Pentecost on the eve of this question down to the apostle Peter caught the thought you said you didn't act to thirty three therefore being by the Right Hand of God exalted and having received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost he had shed for this which we now see and hear the Holy Spirit In The Day of Pentecost poured out in front of you to follow the evidence and witness the exhortation of Christ at the throne of God. It is the ascended Christ to send his spirit upon opened their hearts to send forth his Match Of The Nation and fulfill his promise to be with us even to the end of the world and ascended up on Homeland and at one fifty five of began the worldwide life they went forth with renewed and everywhere the large working with it and confirming the word with sign. That's the reading of March sixteenth two thousand. Mark tells us that our Lord love received up into here and sat down on the right hand of God for nine sitting with the right hand of God mean what does it mean new to me it means that Christ. We'll have the power of the bomb. It means that all power in heaven and earth is here and that while we are at the time of the cross and finished on countless That work will be a standard Jesus will never be thin until the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his quiet Revelation eleven twenty five. More level fifteen weed on the planet by our friend. Where Christ we may be where we are by faith in him and I know you're not worrying about that hasn't seen you not to be disturbed about threats to the world and civilization itself but said you were that you know on things above where Christ did it on the right hand of God It was the words of the great apostle and the last and very important book Christ is presented as the Christians High Priest seated at the throne of God through him we are admitted by faith into the holy of holies of God right. Our High Priest is not an angel however exalted but he is the man Christ Jesus. He was taken from among many and you do find one he wears a place he lived among men and he knows our problems feelings out on the page in the heart. Only I'm not and I cannot agree with the feeling that on from our point. Camp would like this we are yet without sin. He grew cold having such an initiative such as representative of such a thing but it was there for me on the phone with their pain mercy and find grace to help in fun to be there and I think will follow that line. First of all instances of what I have read in Acts one through on the other side of the hell of your number two angels stood by them and said Why are you looking up to heaven this same Jesus which is taken up from you in the head and killed so come in like manner if you can go and notice it's the same this is a human male emphasizing the ascending and descending humanity. Protect your humanity. Turning the man it sounded like the same yesterday today and whenever a radio friend the world has not seen the last of you describe such an ascension after such a life stuff that there have been such a resurrection I cannot really and that is do you think your return will follow His atoning work to take account of his servants and perfect their possession of a salvation which via his incarnation his patron his resurrection and ascension the wrath of the world and so was Alexander Maclaren the preacher said one sweet things while I'm grateful that the face of the place. The fact of the call could fill a pool. One sweet thing one grape that the face of the crisis the fact of His presence with us all of it. Philip it ran really good faith one great hit could kill the future in the face of the king on the throne. I hope that he will come again and so we shall ever be with the lol lol lol lol. All its low low low low wall on the on hold and roll all. No to do. Oh it is all wrong wrong. It isn't all. Whole or whole. Do you use to have faith in God on land. We have faith in God whatever you may be right in that he cares and mean as they do in God. All can be wrong to use to the oh oh oh yeah all. I'm on the way. I'm I'm I'm I'm an. Can we keep the heat. I'm I don't I don't I am I don't I don't I am.


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