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What Is So Important About the Past?

Chris Holland
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Chris Holland

Chris Holland is speaker/director of It Is Written Canada. 



  • March 7, 2015
    11:00 AM
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I'm it has stood the test of time. God's Book the Bible is still relevant in today's complex world when it is written. Surely messages of hope around the world. I'm I'm you know friends questions can come in the form of a test. Questions can come in the form of inquiry or email. But they keep peace with any question is a question deserves an answer. Over the centuries over the millennia really people have asked questions questions about the existence of God but there comes a point where we have to go beyond the questions and find answers and we have been on a journey together a journey where we have gone beyond the questions and looked for answers and found those answers. And I'm so glad to have joining me again John Bradshaw speaker director of it is written international headquartered just outside of Chattanooga Tennessee down in the United States. John thank you for coming and being a part of this study. Well Chris thank you thanks for having me this is fun it's always it's always good being here. Well we've been on this journey beyond questions and and we began this journey by saying what's the what's the real meaning of life. And we saw through your own personal journey that the real meaning of life is finding God's purpose for each of us and we find that in the Bible we've spent several studies now looking. Can we really trust the Bible is the Bible worth being trusted. You know I'd like to say this. Imagine that the Bible wasn't trustworthy. What I mean. You see a lot of people we know that the majority of people don't bother with religion or at least active religion and the majority don't bother. They're busy doing other things. Well when is that going to get you you know if the Bible can be trusted it offers us some wonderful things. It's not for the weak. You could argue it's for the week but it's not it it's not recognition or an admission that I'm weak. It's not admission that I just don't get a life and so I'm with these crazy people. If the Bible cannot be trusted. Then your trusting in you in your beer and hockey and your trust in your job and your friends in the end you and your own ability to navigate your way through life. Well is it really going to get you. Yes see if there is a God who spoke the universe into existence. That's right and who knows you and sees the future and raised up kingdoms and tore down kingdoms has a special role for you in this will you know that's just a bit of the wandering aimlessly along along life's pathway. Now if the Bible cannot be trusted. I'll be the first to walk away from it because I don't want to but let's try. Absolutely absolutely but if you are not including the Bible in your life what are you replacing it with. That's right. What's your North Star. What's the guide for your life. Yes What is that compass and and you know that is the real question as we explore this. Where else can we really place our trust. Where else and and what I believe we would find is and I know on my own personal journey I sought all over looking for that North Star and there was only one place that I found dependability and that was in God's word. Now one of the greatest boldest claims is the claim that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world. That is bold isn't it and and and it almost it's it's almost so bored that some people are offended by such a claim and you know there are some people who will who will reduce Jesus to just simply a good teacher of the past and you know I once heard a great apologetic Josh McDowell He says we really only have two options with Jesus. Either Jesus was who he said he was or Jesus was a lunatic and a liar. No question about it. And so today we want to explore. We want to explore the past and so on and the question we deal with is why is the past even important. We want to go to the past we want to go to a prophesy again a prophecy that is so accurate in the prediction of the Savior of the world coming to this earth. That if we don't believe it it is because we are conscientiously making a choice not to believe something with such precision and so John we're going to go back to the Book of Daniel and we've been in the Book of Daniel with a look at Daniel to Daniel seven and and we've we've really just scratched the surface of those two chapters. And now we're going to go to Daniel Chapter nine. I just exciting she is a very exciting chapter. It's it's really when I was making my journey to finding truth that chapter was a key chapter in me accepting the reality that Jesus is who he said he was. And so in Daniel Chapter nine we find Daniel Daniel. He's been through a time where his people have been captive with Babylon and now captive with the Mido Persians. One of his. Contemporary prophets of Jeremiah had said that their people would be captive for about seventy years and Daniel's looking at his watch and he say hey that seventy years is almost up and he prays a prayer or the first part of Daniel. And if we had time we'd go through that prayer because that's quite an amazing prayer where he actually prays a prayer of confession on behalf of the people seeking the answer of when the people of Israel would be delivered from this this conquering empire. And then something amazing happens in Daniel Chapter nine as Daniel is Cru concluding that prayer he receives a visit. Not just any old visit a visit from Gabriel. Now this ought to be a clue about what's coming next when Gabriel appeared in The New Testament. He came to Elizabeth in Zacharias and said you're going to have a baby boy he will be the forerunner of the Messiah is Peter Mary and Joseph and said Your son will be the Messiah Gabriel brings messages about the Messiah and so here in Daniel Chapter nine I see Gabriel appear and I'm saying somehow this is leading us to Jesus. Yes this Gabriel specializes in bringing messages about the Messiah and he came he was and it was interesting he was told by God to come to Daniel. That's just an interesting thought to God is telling angels you go. Yes things are just happening. Yes a god is behind the play and the count at play if I can put it that yes in fact in verse twenty and we'll just read that verse and then we'll get right into the prophecy it's Daniel speaking he says now while I was speaking praying and confessing my sin and the sin of my people Israel and presenting my supplication before the Lord my God for the holy mountain of my God yes while I was speaking in prayer the man. Gabriel whom I had seen in vision at the beginning being caused to fly swiftly reached me about the time of the evening offering and so it goes to this and we're going to have a we'll have a whole time when we discuss the issue of prayer but it is an amazing demonstration that when we pray God is listening and in fact before we even pray Gabriel's on his way to answer the prayer of Daniel Isn't that something sometimes we feel that the answer to prayer isn't coming and God's got it worked out and the answers being worked out. That's right. So this prayer was prayed and it was answered and he said something interesting here. He referred to Gabriel whom he had seen in the vision at the beginning. Yes. So he harkens back to an early a vision. Yes. Which we go to find a significant as we work through an explanation of Daniel Chapter nine. Yes Yes And in fact and we are going to offer the focus on prophecy lessons that vision that it harkens back to is actually the vision of Daniel Chapter eight specifically verse fourteen. We don't have time to explore that. But then and here's the amazing thing Daniel is praying about the deliverance of his people from the conquering empire of Babylon. What God provides and this is the amazing thing about God He provides us with a ball more than we could ask or think. He provides an answer not just of deliverance from the conquering Babylon and made of Persia he provides a deliverance and an answer to deliverance of God's people for Africa. So we get to this this and this vision found in Daniel Chapter nine verse twenty four. John why don't we read the first part of that vision. Verse twenty four says seventy weeks are determined upon your people and upon your holy city to finish the transgression and to make an end of sins and to make reconciliation. For iniquity and to bring in everlasting righteousness and to seal up the vision and prophesy and to anoint the most holy and so again we don't have a lot of time to go through this in accurate detail and so if somebody is watching feeling like this is flying real fast by them they can go back and watch this program on our archives. It is written canada dot ca and click there on our youtube channel and they can get the focus on prophecy last lessons seventy weeks are determined that we're determined in the English we wouldn't we would normally think of the word determined in its actual original meaning what's that actual original meaning of the word determined it's fascinating isn't it the word means cut off seventy weeks are cut off. So what would they cut off. What would Daniel is already pointed backwards. Gabriel came and talked to me that man who was in the vision of the beginning. So they were cut off from something he's already talked about the vision of beginning that vision at the beginning as when he talked about two thousand three hundred days. That's right. Now let's think about some of these times. Twenty three hundred days that's about six and a half years maybe closer to seven years. Seventy weeks that's a year and four months that's right. Obviously we're not dealing with a literal time all of that wasn't going to happen in seven years or in a year and a half. That's right and in fact so Daniel is actually utilizing a principle one of the oldest principles in the Bible into extremely Bible prophecy interpretation and that is in prophecy because you're right there's no way that we're dealing in because Daniel still alive in writing when these things are fulfilled and we and he has there's no evidence of him talking about these things being fulfilled. Daniel's actually seeing distant into the future because we find a number fourteen thirty four an easy kill for six I'm sorry numbers four six and easy kill fourteen thirty four No I don't. I've got it right the first time you write a verse there and we find there in numbers fourteen thirty four an easy Q four six we find that in Bible prophecy one literal day acts are one prophetic day rather equals a literal year. And so what you don't have seventy weeks of just a year in a couple of days but we actually in a couple months we actually have seventy weeks which is four hundred ninety prophetic days or how many literal years that's four hundred ninety years now I'll tell you a short cut way that I can demonstrate and many people believe this principle. Now this isn't a study about the seven years of tribulation but but many many Christians talk about this tribulation time being seven years whether it is or not is a discussion for another day but they get that from a period of one week. That's right seven days seven years so this is commonly used throughout Christianity I'm not saying it was commonly used. Right but that principle a day for a year is solid. There's no question about it. OK And so. Four hundred ninety years are determined to bring an end to finish the transfer ash and make an end of sins make reconciliation this is all wonderful but if we have no starting point for her ninety years doesn't help us. Does the Bible give us a starting point that can give us a clue in on what this prophecy is talking about. Absolutely accurately. You can't you can't you can't miss this. Notice what he says in those twenty five know therefore and understand and here it is that from from is a starting point OK from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem. There's your starting point there will be a commandment to restore the Jewish society and rebuild the city of Jerusalem. OK so if we can figure out when the decree when this command to go forth re storm. All Jerusalem is then we have the starting point of this prophecy and we can find it it's in the book of Israel now is raise a lot like or is a lot like Iowa. Most people just fly over it. Yes Yes And it's a it's a bit like that book in the Bible I don't want to point to a Canadian area because someone would say you can't say that we're more important in that but if you don't mind me saying that about Iowa that's fly right over. Many people fly right over Israel but if you can that is receiving you say oh that's why God put this book in the Bible that the decree is written recorded and we know when it was issued four hundred fifty seven B.C. The Persians were meticulous record keepers so that decree in the book of Ezra Chapter seven is anchored in history in full fifty seven B.C. that's our starting point there you go. Now you start to add your four hundred ninety years and you've got an ending point for those seventy weeks which are part of a bigger prophecy itself so if you start in four hundred fifty seven B.C. from that decree to Messiah the Prince. OK Now let's pause there for a minute. The Messiah is the savior of God's people the savior of mankind and we're about to get an exact date for the arrival of the Messiah. If you're not careful we're not predicting the second coming. That's right the first time the first coming. Right right. So let's get into this John go ahead and finish that until Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks and threescore and sixty nine weeks sixty nine weeks or so for those that don't like math sixty two and seventy it's sixty nine weeks sixty nine times seven is four hundred eighty three four hundred eighty three years from four fifty seven for sixty seven B.C. will give us the time that the messiah arrives on the earth for the first time to save his people right. And so we do a little math and we have to understand four fifty seven B.C. is like a negative number. We take four hundred eighty three and we add a positive number to that. A negative number and that takes us now if we just did raw math it would take us to actually twenty six but we have to understand when it was one B.C. it did not go to zero B.C. it went from one B.C. to one A.D. there's no zero in the calendar No zero date and so actually that takes us to twenty seven A.D. you know that wasn't when Jesus was born. That's when Jesus was the Messiah when he was anointed as the Messiah. It says in Luke chapter three that Jesus was baptized in the fifteenth year of the reign of tabular E.C.S. That's right that was twenty seven A.D. that's twenty seven A.D. and we read elsewhere where it tells us that at the baptism of Jesus he was annoying to add to his messiahship but something else that was a profound point I should have I should have paused and said Let that sink in because that's magnificent. Right after Jesus was baptized this is a Mark Chapter one. Yes he went forth and he said that time is fulfilled. What time. Jesus couldn't say ladies and gentlemen I am the Messiah it had been stunned. That's right. Instead he said The time is fulfilled. Those Jewish scholars who were staring around looking at this sundials ATS are saying. It's eighty twenty. You know that it's the year that we're looking for the Messiah. That's right he should be here where is he and the time is fulfilled he was saying I know him without saying I love him. That's right so when he said the time was fulfilled he was referring to this time prophecy of Daniel Chapter nine. That's right. Magnificent and the end in Galatians four four we have Paul who is fair or see a fairer season which means he had studied God's word. He was a scholar in modern day he would be the equivalent of a Ph D. at the top University Paul in Galatians four four tells us that when Jesus was baptized the time was fulfilled. This is truly amazing. Daniel Chapter nine identifies the exact timing for the arrival of the Messiah. Now there's an additional seven years or seven you know seven days or seven years. And and we're not going to take a lot of time to talk about the end of that. But let's talk about this word messiah. Why is that important John it says in verse twenty six after the threescore and two weeks. Seven plus sixty two out of the sixty nine weeks. Messiah will be cut off. Isn't that interesting. So after that time I want to drop to the twenty seventh he will confirm the covenant with many for a week in the middle of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the obligation to cease or you cause the SEC official system to come to an end. Eighty twenty seven. You've got one more week of years. That's right that's seven years. The middle of that is three and a half. That's right. You add that to eighty twenty seven you get to thirty one ID early for a little late in twenty seven early thirty one. That's right. Messiah would be cut off and he would cause the second Fishel system to come to an end. Now did that happen I wonder. And the amazing thing is with absolute precision. Jesus is as and I like your word Jesus. Most Higher Ed he's a know we did for ministry in twenty seven and in thirty one A.D. he is betrayed by Judas. He is arrested by the Romans and he is killed by actually his own people who demand his crucifixion. And while Jesus hangs on the cross the curtain in the temple itself is torn from top to bottom. This is not a human doing top to bottom. And at that moment the sacrificial sin the sacrificial system ends. And Jesus has paid the full price for all our sins. Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. He died he was baptized right on time he died right on time in harmony with these prophecies the secretaryship system and we no longer need to bring lambs and goats and whatnot to the temple for forgiveness because Jesus is the true Lamb has died as the Messiah. No one else fulfills this no one else comes close. No one else can be hinted at as possibly being the Messiah Jesus fulfilled in every specification which says to me I've got to run up to Jesus and grab hold of him with everything I can. And here we are and we would love to spend more time on this prophecy but we're we're we're out of time. We talk about this in a previous show. Prophecy demonstrates to us that God is who he says he is. We Can Believe In God We have an anchor prophecy predicts what's going to happen so we can be prepared and so we so. And we need to understand this now this is Daniel this is six hundred years before Jesus arrives he gives people plenty of time to know so much time as a matter of fact that the magic that word marriage I undoubtedly. These are people who actually were the astrologers back in Babylon they were the descendants of those astrologers. They follow looking for the Messiah Jesus and then the last piece that the day Star would rise that Jesus would rise in our heart. And so John the Messiah comes in just in just a quick summary. What does it mean that Jesus came and was the Messiah and died for me one day. A life is going to a game if time goes along. When our lives will in what again. Through faith in Jesus our sins can be forgiven and we can receive everlasting life not just self-centered but God is on it and God gets us and he wants us more than we want him. Jesus as the Messiah came into the world so we can live for ever meaningfully in the presence of God and there's nothing better than that. We began asking this question What is the real meaning of life and the real meaning of life is finding joy and purpose in Jesus because He died for us and he wants to take us all the way home to a place of perfect harmony. John this is a wonderful study. It's an encouraging step and I'd invite you to pray for us together and all of our viewers that we would find that same joy Geez let's pray now father. The Bible is clear Jesus is the Messiah. Let him be now on the side we choose Him by faith we believe in him and we look forward to his return in Jesus' name we pray a name. Hi everyone. We've been focusing on the new acronym that and E W F P A R T. And today we're looking at teeth for trust in divine power. Changing their lifestyle is the hardest thing many of us will ever try to do. It's difficult to change habits that we've acquired practiced and polished for years that way if imperative that we trust. In divine power because God is strong where we are weak. Let's just recap the New START principle an is for nutrition. We've learned about carbohydrates fats and proteins we learned that our bodies absolutely require carbohydrate. We learned to stay away from too much fat and how to incorporate more plant based proteins in our daily eating in use for exercise. If there's any financial parts of a healthy lifestyle and were never too old to start being inspired by hold the crooks who started mountain climbing at age sixty six. What a gal. W. is for water. Are you getting you know six to ten cups per day is ideal depending on your size and activity level. After it's been shot in the case of the phone for vitamin D. and for keeping our mood light and bright tears for temperance and old fashioned word for a new fangled notion called balance it's important to have balance in all aspects of our lives. Eat exercise and sleep just enough to enhance your health and keep your body strong. Eighty is for a year your body requires oxygen in order to function. Be sure that you are living healthfully for that your trillions of wealth can get all the oxygen they need are if harassed are you getting seven to eight hours each night. Most of us. Parents and we suffer because of it. T. is where trust in divine power. The looking for thirteen tells us that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. But we know we can have a brand new start to cry. Routines diet for us to have good health above all things I love that. I hope you do too if you want additional information on how to experience a new start. If it it is a good website at it written can and done singing Go to the live healthy page and you'll find links to great read. Right I think I'm my dear friends. We asked the question what's so important about the past. The reality is in the ancient past we find the key and the secret to our future. Today as John and I studied we really just scratched the surface of Daniel Chapter nine. There is no doubt that you're going to want to dig deeper in God's Word to understand more. So today I'd like to offer to you for free. The focus on prophecy lessons focus on prophecy will lead you on a journey to finding Jesus seeing Jesus as your friend in Messiah. Here's the information you need for today's are. Two requests today's offer. Just log on to W W W dot it is written canada dot ca That's W W W dot it is written canada dot ca and selected T.V. Program tab for Canadian viewers. The offer will be sent free and postage paid for viewers outside of Canada shipping charges will apply if you prefer you may call toll free at one eight hundred eight call I.W. That's one eight eight eight call I.W. call any time. Lines are open twenty four hours daily. That's one eight eight eight call I.W. or if you wish you may write to us it is written. Box twenty ten. Ottawa Ontario L one eight seventy four. John what a powerful study that we were able to have in God's word today on the messiah. What I love as we go beyond the questions there are in the book and today we discover that the answer is Jesus and we found in asking that question why is the past important because the past holds the key to our future payment. John thank you so much for joining. We today thank you and I want to thank you for joining us today. You know Jesus wants you to be his friend. Jesus has done everything possible to make available to you the provisions to be his friend. Why don't you accept that. I mean why don't you accept the one who filled the prophecies of the Bible in absolute precision. I hope you'll join us again next week. Until then remember. It is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.


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