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Christians, Beware of Secular Psychology, Part 3

Magna Parks


Magna Parks, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, and president of Be In Good Health, a health education organization. She conducts mental health seminars based on science and the Bible and inspired writings. She has authored books and articles on various mental health issues.



  • December 20, 2007
    2:30 PM
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him everyone made my Mike assignment again afternoon everyone had a nice comfy on policy bombings you know what happens after lunch time the brain goes into sleep mode when the starving of the analog to cover and maybe more will be coming again with the worker Shelley upon her neck again we thank you for this opportunity to come before you we thank you for the spirit physical food you blessed us with energy continue to work through the present is the greatest spiritual food maybe giving as well thank you so much for those who have turned out for this workshop and ask again that you make such my lips and give me the words to say that will enhance understanding in this area and maybe open up some avenues that we can look at this way we can turn back to your working week thank you again Lord for this opportunity in the name of Jesus your son we can pray how many of you all were not in any of the other two workshops okay we have to do a little recapping the country gets you up to snuff their individual real quick in my first session we talked about some specific psychological theories that has come in and affected us as Christians one was about the self-esteem and talk about how self-esteem is something established by psychologist ladies and contradictions in the Bible because the Bible tells us that we need to deny self and the esteem of others myself and also presented some research that were psychologists starting to realize that people have problems many of them have high self-esteem problems with hostility violence and emotional disorders most of them have had with finding out high self-esteem and hasn't reached down to the level of what I call pop psychology yet but if you looking at the research area based on visual effect self-esteem is not turning out what I was talking unconditional love and acceptance all my husband to both of you typing me is not good ghastly we can unconditional love and acceptance which went well from the very beginning I talked about how truth and air are linked together in psychology hard to distinguish that it's something we need to stay away from in the Bible tells of how Satan has used this in the beginning of time when you talk about unconditional love there is some truth to the fact that God loves us unconditionally an amazing woman I documented below four thousand in that while you were yet sinners Christ died for us is nothing we have to do to obtain God 's love so there is some unconventionality to it the problem that has come about in that we've taken their humanness definition of unconditional love which means don't say anything to me about anything you're supposed to love me unconditionally and guide us to and as a result that means not thinking about how I dress how I see how I worship because God loves me unconditionally and you should too so that's where the danger comes in the air and I talked about meeting felt needs and the whole seeker sensitive movement coming from people like Bill Hamilton Rick Warren where the ideas that I'm not going to get people to come into the church would never come the church unless I minister to their needs which has some truth to what the problem is administering to need and then forgetting about the real reason why people are in church and that comes from I believe psychology and when I believe if you look at some of these people look like Bill Appleton McMoran you'll see a lot of psychology meeting in a nightmare and so in meeting people 's felonies because sometimes forget that the real need of the spiritual needs insult that's a problem there in the second session I talk about emotions and how we as Christians should be placing emotion secondarily but that psychologists at the primary thing I was taught him analysis that I think focusing on people 's feelings when they come in how do you feel about that have been just spent sessions talking about feelings and that not according to the Bible the Bible does acknowledge emotions but psychology places it too much in the forefront can we have to be careful with that I found very many Christians now are seeking therapists and counselors and down I thought about how I sabotage myself as a Christian psychologist until I saw the Lord side to open up my eyes about this and I recognized I was using the same psychological theories and just throwing in some Scripture zero they are to condone that I was a Christian Christian therapy building where when people advertising on thousands Christian psychologist and Christian therapies you have to really matter them against the Bible to see how much they are really using the Bible as a recap of the building envelope and about my graph background repeat that as well I've been in the field of psychology for eighteen years I taught for seven years for those years in oak was twenty five years ago was meant to use of the University of Tennessee Chattanooga in private practice for the last twelve thirteen years I'm not in private practice right now because I'm trying to see whether Lewinsky to do given all these things that is revealed in the last couple of years I can't continue to do that work because I'm using these theories of man based on things that are not biblical so I'm in the process of asking a lot to show me what to do and how will you measure this afternoon and so many things he's brought to me but there's a long run ahead of me and maybe I'll have comes anything while I go on a psychology I don't have any advances for you while I wish I was you have to bring this before the Lord in Finland what do I do some of you are strong enough some of you really enough in the Bible and human health of these programs and come out a practice that way I would say that very few of you have to be honest I was able to get out on learning well I'm learning some of the mess that I learned in graduate school and outlining a guys way but sometimes we sing within internationally getting there we get caught not realize how you know we have to lift up our brothers and sisters who want to help people we need people to help both and I said in my previous sessions is not only about telling people go read the Bible and pray some people need a little more handholding than we have to you guys wait to do that I recognize we have found signatures on how many see no evil hear no evil hear no evil we have people dealing with eating disorders we have people who been molested that people who am I laughing people these are real in our church we have to use that way to deal with this and not the ways of the world okay so when we go on on our last session I had this line of their new warships coming in the new program in new ministries in the sermon my question is have they been successful these things that are based on secular psychology are they effective date all of my workshop on the okay so this is usually when you asked how successful the charges and programs this is what they tell you charges of growing when scientists access to them as friendly we have all these programs and ministries on our baptism we had a lot about them and we have young people who were there I didn't know they come to church every Saturday this is most of the debt indicated that are used to define the success of the charts the event acting now you are now busy say giving a method to identify a successor to check while the line and letting to this one about the spiritual power of the church members Army psychological people don't realize what they are but some of the things were bringing in based on secular psychology I may give me our church members more spiritual power this know also that in the last days perilous times shall come to get ahead in the first having a form of godliness but what denying the power thereof from such turn away second Timothy and sometimes refer to the advanced commentary to get more on some of these texts the commentators tell us a form of godliness the first of the external characteristics of religion the baptisms the number of young people the friendliness of the church but that how they arrived in that power of God which collaborates with the will of man for the eradication of all sinful tendencies these are not concerns for the mega churches to some of our administrators following this they don't care about whether or not the power of God cooperating with them will America help people get over some of the sinful tendencies and realize to sell the satellite felt that I was showing the churches in different states there is an alarming amount of indifference prize love of the world and coliform reality existing among them may make I claim the godliness and you are destitute of self-control itself is in a prominent psychology will know secular psychology is all about taking care of self esteem himself getting your needs met feeling loved unconditionally what I revealed to those who had a form of godliness she says while in their Christian lives and eighty nine Howland era and she also tells us the charge is very precious in God 's sight he values it not for external advantages of faith affect indicated that put up how many other people how many matches in Australia as a church architecture is not unbounded bluntness and senior high which distinguishes it from the world him they are pointing to the growing of the member in the knowledge of Christ appointed the very progress in spiritual experience we will first allot her rescue the last man on outward appearance of the Lord look upon the hot we usually use that to say I get it whenever I want God knows my heart back anything bad in terms and I know in my heart because I will what my knowledge of Christ is to progress and spiritual experience and capacity O news that the County estimates the church so the law we have to recognize Mary are what we've done in Jeremiah says it well when he says my people have committed two evils of all they forsaken me the fountain of living waters and healing analysis there is broken system that can hold no water and when I think about secular holiday I think of broken cisterns that can hold no water that's why people will go to therapy for months and years because they are failing since there is now broken and you can never fill it with secular psychology and they make you feel good affect how people but are you getting better some people may argue that yes I'm getting better but picture the proof is in the pudding so it does look at a biblical example for church growth and the reason I'm doing this is because I'm talking about human psychology not in terms of only how it helps us all how it affected that individual the house commit to the church the whole church growth movement those coming from higher holding more than all of them are not really based some of them are not based on the Bible for what can we learn from the beginning of the early church during Pentecost hi Simon Peter preached another memory that I just pulled off the parking of Nazareth a man about and out among you by miracles and wonders and signs and made a check delivered by the determinate counsel will I and I went to wake at half was a fiery flame guy has raised the miracle of the motherland got exalted Godhead made that same Jesus who he was a five both Lord and Christ Armin and religiously as I found it less than the people when they disagree themselves as they were sinful and colluded and cries as their friend and reading as you see me now their cell it wasn't concerned about making sure they felt they are present in that sermon in acts that brought down the Holy Spirit what I wanted to see what they've not been crucified with Christ him their response than anything is just too hard he's not making me feel that I myself enough fulfilling my needs he loved me unconditionally all secular psychologist say we should do to get people in the church and how when you are in love and now I have to subpoena and Cinemax linear momentum is how we know the Internet don't you think is that we lack the family and the Lane that they are gladly received his word were baptized in the same day there were added to them about three thousand souls I heard people saying well we have to make the relevant young man that were that were different than we are and how we can just tell people how sinfully gluten they are we can't tell people I encourage people to feel convicted on guilty I am in charge that because we lacked a out to greet repeating that and sometimes especially say that members and gain new members this meeting and asked who they continued steadfastly in the apostles got been in fellowship they continue to breaking of bread and in prayers all that believed were together and had all things common and all their possessions labor and part announced on man and every man had need and that's really important a lot of times the movies like this are the same and I write everything in life is not been invited and as people had need they continue down with one accord in the temple and ingrained I had been with all the people I really bring that down I I you can go back and study acts and seeing what Peter said what have they responded in the church and to see how we can help our church growth is as follows I had a discussion with our district superintendent in two thousand and two about evangelism method is getting at here secular psychology has come in and really wanted now Iran's illicit methods we don't realize that I will and I was going to try a new method that was practically unheard of today in the judges in America I distinctly remember him pulling closer to hear this new and exciting method which by the way many are looking for I'll never forget the look on his face when I whispered I'm going to go into all the world and preach the gospel and teach people to obey everything I command that typing them in the name of the father and the son and Holy Spirit when I have a hit at the heart of this method before he just smiled he knew what I was getting back we need to get back to the Scripture and this is a garden that I have begun to learn more about how secular psychology has affected us we don't have enough faith in getting back to the script of this wildlife do I see because it pushes them surely vandalism as I think and know that it a lot on Saturday afternoon and knocking on doors and our church as well if we still do that math is not saying nothing is wrong with adding news they know we are not based somewhere in evangelism she says but in this but make sure those new methods that will be telling word at some of your heart is in the previous workshops Bill I will I now recognize we made a mistake I've asked this before how many awkward Willow Creek we can take what we should when people cross the line of faith and became Christian we should have started telling people and teaching people that they have to take responsibility to become South theaters instead of depending on the charts to feel the man you need we should have gotten people caught people how to read their Bible between services how to do the spiritual practices much more aggressively on their own soliloquy designed to realize they made a mistake and if you read some of the archival works you will see that a lot of the decisions they made a lot of the evangelism at a carrot on the Willow Creek model with psychology his wife was an antipsychotic messaging with years of therapy and came back to husband a hobbled something we need to put this therapy the thing about learning psychology in practice here will be something very steep and God will deal with them brothers and sisters I'm not saying anything about any of the following when they know my concern is when we at seven a.m. and just begin to bring the same things not understanding that we have a bigger better message I received a sorry the third time facility when I hear liberals ever-increasing segment is a secular psychology I had Thomas Nelson president of the Pacific Union conference my forward in the air and he was telling us audience niches in the book that he went to seminary and to truncate the story about the professor came in afterwards chairperson of the department is that all about my book I wish that will have a treasure house him paraphrasing I wish that we could use notebooks in the Bible recognize that we can deal with practically all emotional problem except for the seriously mental Baptist professor said that but we don't want to believe that fantasy is justified in believing in a all I pulled out this is our radio near you help emotional problems praises as a writer but as you know that I will not being blasphemous and I wanted to learn voice not to apply for methods Florida went to Howard there is I felt someone earlier I mentioned this I had a woman who was born illegitimately and she was going through the counselors for years and years and years because you wanted a family that was money legitimately and couldn't get resolution of this you know she was losing sleep in the pricing on this child also rejected the family doesn't love me and on and on and on and guys she came to me when the Lord revealed truth I have some information on desire phase in the next chapter where Christ is not talked about as being illegitimate in the rejection he experienced and came back to her she can act the next session and says how long so I know you went through this nasty little questions a little easier for me to do that is my family went through this one happening all about anymore and all I see counseling anymore on this issue is the only thing I could to you if I was doing my typical counseling out and make some serious money on this one and I would just talk to her about parts and how it must feel to be exact there is an all I can't imagine what you're going through in a lot of hazards while cancers and lifestyle means and read books but I would not resolve the issue because I wouldn't been no different than the all the other councils he has been seen for ten years so the most powerful when we can use them again talk a little bit more now I secular psychology focuses on his cell in dealing with problems this is on my own terms the analytical psychology much to psychology focuses on thy way in dealing with all of you some perspective that I came up with an with some help by reading as well as some other things that I have a problem we must ask God to help us look at our live our problems are situations from hand in my perspective and not from the perspective that are we have to ask and that we only learned by studying and applying his words why everyday lives some as some examples of the spelling things out for you to think about if you have any kind of abuse physical abuse sexual abuse is one way to use the Bible recognize that the psalmist tells us he got hit with a broken heart and I love you and remember what Paul says we are troubled on every side yet not distressed we are perplexed but not in despair persecuted but not forsaken cash down but not destroyed the woman I thought I should take but not destroyed when I thought I mentioned in my last workshop about two to three years it wasn't until I started doing these things with her that she's thinking she was coming all the time we just looked while out information about sexual abuse she was molested by many people this woman doctors molested her father molested her uncle molested by Nicholas Gonzales Eunice Inc. announces voluntary public financing Dalton got word and pulling out tax and she started to memorize them and when she was not to think about and applying it she told me that when the healing began to offer anything that is eleven how cleaner is when ideals word on another thing with abuses that many people who are view carry a lot of resentment in the hearts the Bible tells that if you forgive men their trespasses your heavenly father will also forgive you and when this moment I can't or maybe people and recognize that you will not on your own it only got supernatural power that can happen to forget it impossible to forget someone I'm how little any of my own but was not how I can forgive them thought we talked about that and then I mention this I still harbor the Bible also tells us right and I was against not one against the other another brand magnesium behind them behold the just ended before the door we have to remember these things you know is interested I read that eating disorders has been around since the time of the Romans you know it started than I thought I wasn't disappointed because I think my husband to help me do with eating disorders out of the way the psychological the God people that I been around in the meantime and I actually admire so many say they were going the Temple of God County filing now and say that the present method eating disorder in a style that I think if I can bring them to the process of helping them recognize your body is owned by someone other than himself yourself yourself and this is again with Christians some of you may need all asking how we were not Christians I'm just learning that so you know I know there is awake at night says there is I just have not been that Jesus yet but right now anything am talking about is dealing with Christians however I had wanted to take this where the Holy Spirit I'm glad people to see who needs spirituality in your lives must work for that if you really want resolution and I happened to be open to Christianity to be all that God but our system was insisting that had been called told and that any competent difficulties at home and school homework is that we take for granted that all your care upon any of the character you I had a woman who was dealing with stress him I'm aware for the first he said this is the best thing that's ever happened to me and send it around me at night day so shall thy strength be patient and not the parts every day I wake up and when faced with difficulties I repeat that question myself at night and day so now by strength of the issues that help make it through this day and when I get to the next day healthy negative affect issues of vampires let a powerful thing for me as I started listening making unilateral extent of the timings of psychology at a lot of work but it's possible and some people in dealing with parents leaving them with the lifestyles as well my father and my mother forsaken even the law will take me up but working with a man who use the Bible to help people and that is so unique and final to helping deep problems I mean I just need him I said I think he's going to get a PhD in Bible to get out that's the law again had to open my and then when I started to apply it I thought I saw that there is power in the way God is sexual habits we know that people who have problems with pornography masturbation all of that it starts with the thoughts even psychologists recognize that it's raining when I used to work with sexual offenders believe it or not that's one thing we would work with the offenders about changing your thoughts if you see a little child and you start to feel sexy with one man work on changing your thoughts the problem with that method is that I was not able in that center to tell them he was this person help me replace those negative thoughts when they start in the mind what we have these problem with sexual habits and logically I just will I said no I think you have a problem of pornography do something with you and you and you won't be I will meet after watching what my countermeasures shows you watching being careful of what you said and I and you have had this problem I cannot tell that he is faithful and just of the Gamez the Guggenheim is some study on your part it does not happen overnight I want a nice uneasiness of young and fresh I think this is good at knitting and in operating that we need and let the thing and naturally there's nothing else to get from this is always a Lord I need to find another way in his field or if you know people who were in that field as well for example the people who have experienced difficulties and asked the Holy Spirit to help you green principles from these examples for your circumstance of difficulty when it looked as an example of abuse in the meanwhile he unveiled at the horrible experience yet I know suffering such appeals to the extreme when he wants him of his ability to have children by making in the Daniel 's captors down his body but he did not let them hurt his mind and spirit he became lighting in these areas where humans can someone experience and act as a man you can definitely relate to that be castrated taken away from your home and family at the age of seventeen or eighteen Caligula being castrated and everything is making it worse than that well maybe but that's about the worst they can get the gentleman will sit around talking about how he wasn't it wasn't taken advantage of no a big part in his heart is what the Bible tells us that he would not defile himself with the King 's table and that purpose in his heart this is one sick sense but we all love him I was afraid he is are you frustrating in biblical counsel counsel counseling Bill Guy S on the body and help with all I have to be careful in promoting this and I went to get turned around too much that he has some good information I don't know if anything I do know that you okay you know the main event but definitely there and then imagine the biblical example of rejection and loss Joseph having any worse than that people are being mistreated on Jesus Christ and dealing with your enemy saving in Arkansas in the political Candiotti Nick Green a spirit of prophecy in the Bible now I'm taking in the sale can use this to help this person backed out that person was reading about all and you know saw basically became mathematic manual know that right it starts in pockets she says that's all faults and character it started with him loving the approval of men and that she says it went down and he started to get jealous of David and started to have these things captivate and fascinate his mind so much that he eventually became crazy I wonder how many people dealing with insanity started out with something small like that in a kind of room one I will let working with people that we can use the Bible to try to find out if the earlier about schizophrenia is still learning about that because I think with that individually schizophrenic you may have to use some of that practical honest traditional route of medicine in I I am still learning how to deal with that schizophrenia is a actual brain disorder that they may be some natural things to do to help with it I think you need medicine until that time so when I say insanity and I think his use of vitamin E could do with everything sometimes the schizophrenia needs I will send you another way at what are the lessons you would like me to learn about these cathode-ray situations if you're dealing with something possible less than it is usually humility it will give me more compassion for those experiencing problems it was easy how to be more content talking about people of all the difficulties it will increase my faith and trust in God and it will reveal the character traits that I must overcome not in but when you know something is only by the grace of God if you are able to send out available and what is vigilantly in this way driving up your Wii pocket packet with a hundred dollars and if the change in resolving our problems and we lost it and when it is an arsonist 's guide is a reason we lost them money I don't know what it is and allow myself to be stressed out over it there's a reason that we lost this morning you reveal it in your time just all things we can start applying that principle and it makes all the difference in the world I have thought about that house and so on just mentioning here right now and I'm kind of person you are writing easily stressed but emphasized the study this is helping me as well to recognize how God has another way now I'm again into another area there are truly men are charged in Dar es Salaam and basing embracing secular psychology on the real and so I message is that I can't do this when I was talking about what we understand and implement some embracing this message is sent testimonies in August twelve Seventh-day Adventists have been selling by God as a peculiar people separate from the world by the great claim of truth he has cut them out on the glory of the world and brought them into connection with himself he named them handsome representatives and has called them to be ambassadors for him in the last work of salvation some of you all last night heard on I know all around us his presentation of the identity do we remember we are the center they had a lot of these jewels of secular psychology would not embrace less automatic of the Bible tells you are chosen in relation while priesthood a holy nation people why they should show what the phrases of a very few of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light as I am a child they should make them children acquainted with the way the rock face the reason why we are Seventh-day Adventist why we are all athletic children of Israel to be a peculiar people the man should be explained to the children in simple language and they can be understood and bankrolling year the lessons imparted shanties so if it's a very increasing capacity until the foundations of children have been laid off and the non- bank that's how your children disseminate advocacy and management act is your medical method instrumented I'm talking about talking about teaching them what it means to be a Seventh-day Adventist and what I'm calling is and how many honest I didn't learn this until I was in my thirties seven a.m. until his death and cremation and office I recognize this is one incessant incrimination it's a moment like this Ms. me if it's a movement what are we supposed to do with it only says that he will be moving the moving ahead with the Bible not a secular psychology was visiting an advantage you know he's living out as people who will and so accept Mohammed and everything that comes our way we him a long way home and that which is good and as a people we may cite policy theories coming in and compare them to scratch her some of these things that were everything we might not embrace Satan 's deceptions will assume new form all hearings will be presented to guide people think they will find it is even possible the very allowed our watch for this to be the law and the testimony that they may not be according to this word it is because there is no life in them I think a lot of affairs we talked about self-esteem unconditional love felt a all of these are called theories that have come in and presented people that were not comparing them to the launch of the testimony in all sanctuary if you decided to learn how the St. George's hundred eighty on the hot problem is convinced even if and how is that people are not holding a secular psychology have seen someone get me some feedback I think we understand it is very nice it is can help guide us yes and then you and a man and men are revealed as the sages is knowing that we have a high reason have an application for us he sees everything that's going on incompetent rephrasing it all that we're going to get done against weekly visits on the takes the same as all you and you are you are you as you are a man is why is is is a man powerful powerful yet we have one in Reno Warren and I pray and do evangelism in the learning damage after the sanctuary message is all in all it's usually something on one time and that we made in the sanctuary message like only here not really relevant to our lives as he claiming that he just how much of the leaders but only if we can make this practical I think this when darkness against a lot of these things that were taking and I and my issue is to understand the practicality of the sensory message that you do so understandings then how about you helping him within the vindication of his character if we really find anything we went to have time to worry about raising our self-esteem will have time to be running away from pain things I willingly focusing so much on me Nina what meaning is that he will accept unconditionally as all I'm Grazer Ron and I can get into this in more detail I wish I could so to make more sense than installing things for you to think about right now okay and they revealed to go back and study this and am wondering understanding of it then all righteousness by faith message all we understand that message is starting to understand it is powerful and they found him not having my own righteousness because of the long inactive the base price the righteousness which is a job when they learn they cannot learn rises they are all marital works contain the entire reliance upon Jesus Christ as their only hope in the I found my self as so little is I think I might point out that we truly understand what it would mean to obtain crisis righteousness we were not being at home on South and we may focus more on and it seems happy I can do with justice and I'm not as a specialist in this area but again the only thing that what you think I think the right to marry on the cell like tempting us to indulge in sin we must I remain they retain our connection and have confidence and his strength and analyzed only and read the sentence and we can break this out with people that would help them in so many ways the middle and had hot works is dead being alone you have everything on this issue is nothing we can do that are in our salvation whether to make a donation online the life we live amen you cannot even knows my psychological techniques what is going on Halloween will love to see exactly that all the bells cannot not think that psychology can do to help us because the fruit of the spirit it is only quite working within the henhouse with our character weaknesses on marital problems on family problems arthritis problems etc. now again that my previous session I'm not saying the league Council brother this is the dentistry not saying don't ever seek counsel my my ammunition labeled new example and music counseling from that handmade in the word of God saying that sometimes when things are going on I mean you talk to somebody else sometimes the time I got it on as I may have to be careful is that the person is using the bus pointing us to Christ and the van as the only source now what do you think we can retire my new vendor charts if we were taught these things I taught I know people look to Christ you think they practically nothing on reaching a dry disarmament and not explaining the details of this book practically documented and recently unable to defend my family and marital issues and interests and we can keep new members to link many more services and the reason that whole movement has been I think taken any money more so when we sing a lot in when let's identify how I think that and then we go to the extreme nylon as well what happiness is by faith if so I would obtain our final energy went into the church and where the message is accepted their home and courage and a theme is a long logo open their eyes to see their understanding to proceed and their hearts to receive the great treasure of June she said charges are dieting because we're not reaching his righteousness by faith message checked in at a minimal level and I wish I had time to do justice by today to really make it real people we just don't have the time now some excellent analysis of facets all of the documents is awarding its Oscar-winning encouragement in his pockets today manifested in the life provides an always wife and prophecy does not equal and white I wanted to hear that I'm not being last in the spirit of prophecy started when Wednesday is mostly a memo format is not in a prediction and its auditing years old and I'm blanking on what it was but he didn't make the revisions to the second coming of Christ think it has to come from inside the beginning of time to see that spirit of prophecy is manifested in the life I see what you will always hear he has a wonderful series on spirit of prophecy weight is likely why the Bible and I would advise you to look into getting that if you have some questions about who she is and what what she can do now is to give back and help church is not turned to the concept of principle the secular psychology just wanted to share something that even if it wasn't she's as when your dog when you doing evangelistic crusade financial addition the house not having to educate and entertain them but that may become harder as we exercise faith in God we shall be unable to land the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world you have a lot of counsel for someone telling me that a non- Adventist person was was actually come to analysis and manufacturing principal mantra throughout these and then he said I'm not sure why he will have me here and he held up the book evangelism is that you have everything right here this is even invited me up with him I have we just don't believe what you have to do is avoid vandalism I have one and I'm not only those who believe the practice helped reform but they shall teach them diligently to four Amalie and agencies in which the truth can be presented to the attention of unbelievers that will reinvent that if we access in regard to health intemperance there must be something in our religious beliefs and his wife investigation I remember working with a gentleman who had problems we have twenty five which circles the city in Atlanta and he and his wife had to drive in the charts I'm used to working with actually is only enough in the military and we went to find some principles of how it all got an odd things about getting precise time in the diet etc. talking about how the Indians on opening is provided to you here please let me when you learn all these things while fishing I actually my church endorses entry him alive and not all of the following that we can live with his modification of the Catholic position within some things to and somehow we got to Daniel I don't know how you have any studies on yes I do is study the book of Daniel based on what you telling me and I in him now I'm a happy ending story I guess what our world is just a fantasy but because of that said that I was with him he was open to learning other things called upon all connected in a sanitary of policy houses and schools these videos into evangelistic work with me know here the automation is Jonathan of any labor in the city they may not react to present the truth on the desk when they can go from home to home and point people to the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world is going out things that the servant of the Lord has for us is that the numbers he needs all the time of this is the new will meet in the instructions I think all teachers of that word that they may increase in the knowledge and love of the truth patient answer heartily into the war is seeing and holding Bible reading when those newly comes in the family again all of this is my balls are newly confident and sitting patiently independently dealt with in the vicinity of the all members of the church to devise ways and means to provide health and fitness feet and instruction that will conscientiously withdrawn from other churches for the truth 's sake it's also so much less he has to happen a little health issues that undermine its allies agree dependent upon the health of the body and the health of the body is dependent upon the way diminishing the intriguing story upon story is I think the perspective working without every really briefly about the malevolent has allowed me to help with depression anxiety just using a mother help simple now when they really really severe some of them is that they can start out with medicine because I didn't have an inpatient setting but as they learn a lot of help the medicine decreased decreased decreased a candy she is having her own sake and for the sake of humanity to inform himself in regard to the laws of life I seriously thought made them they are less exciting life of the mind body and the body upon the mind and the long standoff is from the spirit of prophecy if I'm right where we may know that we have been transgressing some of the pages on when my brain area means me that with me I know that I had been making some mistakes in my diet she said when my brain is concealed out and making some mistake in my diet and exercise are it will start with people with whom I worked west side of the help them change their diet and their brain and mind became much clearer anything that hinders the active active motion of living machinery affects the brain very directly upon the light given the sugar when lively youth is more injurious than the acetate a lot of stories about how sugar has an impact on people 's most emotional functioning background is given the assumption that some spare prophecy the greater the sudden elephant being wrong physical habits affect the brain unless they use all parts in the science of how the camp of the body as well as the mind they will not be successful students study is not a principal cause of the breakdown of the mental powers the main clause is improper diet a regular meals a lack of physical exercise and careless inattention and other respect of a lot of help from a psychologist college campuses to the committees trying to him and I think that's ultimately barefoot in the psychiatric hospital and most of the time will be focused on what all this adding to my final time in the book deciding to my if I only know and then what I know now I would thought assessing Bush and I like how regularly on eating meals in meals when an automatic work exercise they had an careless inattention all of me are important concepts that can help many people no longer than the mining is driven by the five of them I will acquire strength analysis of the action of these organs to again and is applaud the thoughts must be trained on in the life of the mind that it shall work in the right direction everything is going to be training camp to the point at the Congress of the bullion I'm doing something now I'm going to spirit are you thinking about all the case as I work through things in writing that I feel might have helped me with so many station wagons secular psychology is a tedious process but I come up with some wonderful things it is all a announced some exciting and I'm gathering this something okay will you open the door as to when and where I can cite using this immunizing seminars of economy with people individually and all that am I dreaming always have a sense when people come confinement knowing that they can be helped in another way and not the typical secular psychology way the minor males everywhere focus is powerful some of you might've noticed nine ten of the disease from which men suffer have that foundation where ninety percent of the native people suffer from the religion of Christ so far from being the cause of insanity is one of the most effectual remedies for it is a potent silver of the nurse and she says this our layer and another workshop when you go to the mental institution I worked in one of six months the majority and they are learning how misunderstanding of religion that has gone crazy and what will I believe the controversy she said the idea that Yahoo you will be tormented in the flames of how am I never have shown that in many able to sanity and some of the people that also they had a medicinal enemy will not religion but he's far from being the cause of insanity the relation of Christ not as I had is one of the most effectual remedies and so we need to teach these individuals we get a chance like this on the personal difficulties and problems overcoming worry the only way to avoid wary of the taken account of Christ let us cultivate cheerfulness of spirit in menu for this one I have a lot has a thousand ways to provide for us and which we know nothing also examined the principle of making the service of God supreme will find perplexities vanished and a clear path before anything can example in which they are all in a sense of God 's presence the fear that would make life a burden that have taken in during the promising as it will only run about them that fear him and delivering them a minimum on here what does the soul touching when I read this you know this one when was Gloucester and call her blessed shot right now on this is a call is selfish world your relatives as you have loved and befriending to forget everything is not going to shut themselves up in their selfishness and had no special interest for you and I will be near and dear to you than any other earthly relatives can be he will be a friend and will never leave you in a fatherless friendship will mostly case you ever help you to vary a great loss with fortitude to make either father and you will never want a friend you won't be expose the child yes be steadfast this is one of the sun we had just about everything in this letter she wrote to the and however I think I should call in at that time I'm not sure that it is their intimate harmony with down to pick it up and read it and our Communists have had that you want me to understand the true voice of the wheel and governing power in the nation nature of man how a decision of choice many well-known announcer win the whole thing and desiring to overcome their evil propensities they do not feel the wheels of God they do not feel us to serve him as he says he wanted somehow until you understand what the will you leave and I thought things like your promises on your face are no value until you put your will on the side faith and action if you find it I think with all your power you will conquer I mean we can go on and on the same apathy a math professor sets out the Thomas Milstein is mainly just outlining many of the problems when dealing with living out with everything about the administrators understand the message then we need to understand is right between my sensation that will accept the controversy occurs mostly where in the world so we see that even a happening and if you are not a lot easily you to help my we had a Yahoo because women in prison and women might make some choices and on the five is anything else I said that when my anti-Communist deal with the mind secular psychology marketing saying that I wish I is an alien with a mildly surprising and well what's I will ignore all this out to me how they want to hear with a psychology degree and some gray areas and how you can go with my knife as a friend he's a forensic psychologist and a new ally in helping identify is witnesses are giving the right testimonies and all of that is also well in the brain and areas as iPod you can always violate biblical principles every night with the Council people but we need some antigenic areas to address something to think about as well if you're thinking about going a psychology we may call on the moralizing angel executioners find a great controversy people are looking on the universe is looking on at this we are able to the world angels men .com universe is looking with inexpressible interests a scenic quality work of the great controversy between Christ and Satan is what can be antiwar to listen how self-esteem needs unconditional love is to be found loyal and Sharon to the Godhead Chris Santos may controversy maintain our market away from some of these things and then she found another pages we think about that controversy not very an act of God as they reproduce and humanity the crime five and five and the perfection of the character of his people when getting deviated away from this brother is with the secular psychology of women anywhere Mister and add them in the tank 's annual environmental film that we need to start in NYC one is possible that this will occur in an enormous and make that life is and how man I is the following and now with all the blame them from psychology who is in time when will the government of the law and the automatically switch over now is not following God 's dangerous and immediately about this now I think that having married psychologists problem well I is you who I is set in operation again is that place where my problem is whether it's a financial problem health problems and emotional problem I have been a problem a religious problem with handling is that this man on combination of nation that has some more secular psychology something to think that in that my problem but should biblical psychology one hundred that an election is all it will take some questions the five minutes literally five minutes but I have to get ready to list my brethren be strong in the line in the power is divided by the sisters went on the whole I think you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God aging in humans with the evil done in general understand and therefore having a lawyer going about with truth and having wanted breastplate of righteousness and of being shot with the preparation of the gospel of peace above all taking the shield of faith wherewith ye shall be able to resolve the paradox of the wicked NKF animation and this one is a theory which is the word of God praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all things masculine wiles of the enemy is illegal and unethical armor is just like they came to my mind and just present a problem how secular psychology has come in and give you something to look and say there is some hope for me I can't just say things away and I needed something right at the counter a hopeless link and given a prospective estimate we can go right ahead and questions yes secular psychology is anything that based on not other than the Bible for life for home right as possible all are you have five yes they are questions that I be without really adding them concerning the Lord I hope you will you view life in Green Bay rushing in question I called yesterday I don't know how nothing can be done at the bottom line conclusion is reached asking to mean no offense but that kind of acting very midst next comment Byron think I together I don't see how we can be blended people are doing it but I have a question about that I really do yet I know I don't know any busy while they may seize all of them were you in my last workshop okay in there I talked about how people who call themselves Christian psychologist typically what they do is take psychology 's eyes and then examine the Scripture to fit what with psychologies and I see that all the time and I am beside myself as a Christian psychologist they are big problems with him I'm not saying you can get anything from them but after reading them you have to recognize they are not biblically based they use the scratchers but they are not the database this is not the Bible and it is a psychology and then they sprinkle some Bible in their but I think it'll pull from that button down to where we can be assured that the word got a really sharp ill-gotten single ever remember that ministry don't remember anymore because I was at a different place but if you are it was a strong filter yet all very good business and then put my character and personality very good filter for this area very good I definitely have to set up a liable cleanup Sunday meetings in book fifty one being that Houston we can share them with you and God bless each of you will be English shall be in good health all on yet understand thank you business and proudly over the something presented some heavy information bring relief on a guy thank you so much for this information Lord I don't have all the answers you know and I don't not something that have caused some to disagree and others to now be questioning I just pray that you may help us to look to myself or other men and women to answer the questions that the value to open the books and to learn what principles they can pull out of for those in the field I defected you may leave him and I recommend to the way that you have in the Gulf thank you again for this privilege of prayer and he is this media was on you birds will review ministry keywords recent hearings would like to listen to more present working would like to learn more about you see the him a NYC web board also if I agree with you on your verse board and head videos .com


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