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What Is True Power?

Chris Holland
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Chris Holland

Chris Holland is speaker/director of It Is Written Canada. 



  • March 28, 2015
    11:00 AM
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I'm all right. It has stood the test of time. God's Book the Bible is still relevant in today's complex world. It is written. Sharing messages of hope around the world. I'm I'm I'm the great philosophers of time have asked some of the best and most important questions one of them being what is the true meaning of life and some not so great philosophers have asked questions like if a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear it does it really make a sound. You know there are some questions that simply don't have answers and don't simply need answers. But the questions about life. God has answers to those great questions God has answers and over the past weeks we've been spending time answering those questions. I'm so thankful to have with me today John Bradshaw speaker director of it is written international Johns thank you so much for being here today. Chris thanks thanks biliary be here again it's wonderful. Good good to join you. You know we've been studying together for the past six weeks we now have a seventh show we're doing together where we've been probing to go be on the questions because if we just simply ask questions but never come up with an answer. Well we're going to walk away very dissatisfied. I remember living in London England one time and right next door to me was a philosopher his name was Michael we had a doctorate in philosophy he taught at one of the great. When he would be crucified and we see that the Bible is reliable. We asked that question and what does it mean to truly follow Jesus. And we we we read that very question asked by a group a group of people a crowd there in Acts chapter two where they said what what what must we do gentlemen what what what must we do to be saved. And the instructions were simple repent be baptized for the remission of sins and we spent the last few weeks talking about repentance and then remission or the forgiveness of sin and finding true freedom in Jesus. And so now we want to ask the question OK so we know who Jesus is. We know how to have a relationship with him how to how to how to have the past. He raced to start a new with Jesus. And so now we want to ask this question how do we have power in our life. And I'm not talking about power like like like a millionaire power. But how do we have true power in our life to live a life like Jesus. You know it's interesting that you talked about in the Unia power of talk before about a fellow who is worth a billion. Dollars euros he was a German man lost two billion when business went bad. He ended his life while he was with six billion I think heroes and he ended his life you know having money and a whole pile of positions while on what I'm not against it isn't the answer. Yes doesn't necessarily bring peace. As a matter of fact almost any very wealthy person will tell you that it adds a layer of complexity to your life which itself would just about consuming it. So even people with that kind of power that can. Kind of power. Still need to find God's kind of power you know. And I've used and I very intentionally use that phrase true power. Yeah because you know there is political power in their social power. There's money power and all of those power and we can see it over and over again. Kings and politicians and rulers they rise and they fall the stock market rises and falls. Social social well being social power comes and it goes. But God has True Power true power through a relationship with him and you know when Jesus came to this earth. The Bible says that he can sympathize with us because he became one of us. He sympathizes with our needs. He sympathizes with who we are because he is able to understand who we are because he became a man. Jesus became man. He's the only man that's ever existed one hundred percent man one hundred percent God This is why in in the book of John it it calls him The only be gotten the motto good ness as it is in the Greek. But Jesus in walking as a human being needed to find power because in becoming a man he had given up some of that divine power or given up rather probably the the the ability or his his ability to use that power he chose somehow to lay that divinity aside when he came to earth as a man. And so Jesus needed to find that power in a walk of dependence on his father and so I forced to go to Mark the book of Mark Mark chapter one and there in Mark chapter one I believe we find the key to living a powerful life for Jesus in Mark chapter one and in verse thirty five in amazing in amazing one verse there where. As now in the morning haven't risen a long while before daylight he went out and departed to a solitary place and there he prayed. Prayer is the secret to true progress to experience true power in life. Yet even Jesus needed that he needed prayer. So John let's talk about that. What is prayer. Simply put prayer is communication at all it is. It's talking to God and opening your heart to God as to a fraying some cynic might say well why pray God knows what you need God knows what you want Yeah but prayer is the expression to God that you know what you need and what you want at least you know that you have needs and wants. Yes prayer doesn't bring God down to it it brings us up to God somehow. It's not because God is playing hard to get or God is elusive will God has set up at arm's length. But prayer is that avenue down which we go in seeking communion with and oneness with God Prayer is us calling out to God and saying I believe I know you are there and I want you in my life. You see prayer is a dialogue. Yes most of us treat it as a monologue. OK God while you sit there I will I will I will talk to you and unload upon you and that's that. But pray it connects the mind and heart of the individual with the mind and heart of God That's what it does. And unless we are connected with God We're just going to flail around in this world. So prayer is that beautiful link that great bridge that brings the heart of man mankind humanity and the heart of God into the same place that is wonderful and you know you said something earlier that it's an amazing thing. God knows everything and so as you rightly said the cynic may say well if God already knows why you talk to him you know you and I have both been you know you. I'm married to your wife for nineteen years I've been married to my wife for eighteen years and you know what after that length of a time I know what my wife needs or my wife once she knows what I need she knows what I want but we still talk to one another we we talk to one another because we want to have a discussion because it helps us understand each other better and in the same way God knows what we want. God knows what we need but he invites us into conversation with him that we might experience real and true power in our life. Life too as as as you're talking I'm thinking about that. Life is a dynamic thing you know and to Mars needs might be different to today's needs Tamar's experiences will undoubtedly be in some way different in today's experiences. Prayer isn't just us going to God with a shopping list. Yes unfortunately we treat God like like parents teach their children to treat Santa Claus at the mall at Christmas time. Don't sit on his knee and tell him what you want and as long as you don't get too carried away that's what you're going to get. Yes Yeah you know we will talk about this. Yeah we go to God and say can you help me with this. I really need that that's not a wrong but if that's all God is of God's just the tooth fairy or all or a benefactor that that's not enough. You know God wants to be so much more than that I don't know if you went through this but but I sure did and. When you're a teenager you discover the telephone. Yeah you know and then if you if you discover girls around the same time as you discover the telephone then then you can be on the phone all night long. Yes appearances are what do you talk about it didn't really matter you know you're good friends you just want to talk and if it's good for and you're just it doesn't really matter what you talk about the whole idea is being in this in that person's presence. That's right you want to be with God and there is this element of I need to. I ask you for this. I'm having money meeting time and my car is broken down I need help. There's that and that's OK. But most importantly there is had just want to spend time with you because I really care about you God I love you and I just enjoy being in you in your presence there is fullness of joy and I don't want to just tell you what's going on in my life I want to hear from you. Prayer is is communication and we hear from God in prayer. We appeal to God in prayer we pray for others when it comes to the House of Prayer. We don't need to feel like prayer needs to be some sort of parliamentary parliamentary address right. If it really should not be that should it. Sure it's just opening up and talking to God and you know in that principle of just opening up your heart and talking to God There are a lot of things prayer the word prayer occurs hundreds of times in the Bible and we talk about a lot of things. Did Jesus ever teach us anything about how to pray or some principles and prayer that might help us understand what this communication is all about. Oh well yeah he did. In fact the disciples came to Jesus and they said Lord teach us to pray I think if you go back into the Sermon on the Mount you go to find where they did this Lord teach us to pray and so he did. And Matthew chapter six you know those that are for those that are those that are looking and he did this wonderful thing you see when when you pray pray like this. He taught them that there are some things prayer wasn't. That's right that's right that's right. The Pharisees He says they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets that they may be seen of men while they have their reward but when you pray enter into your closet when you shut the door pray to your Father which is in secret. And he will reward you openly and that's a very interesting thing there's this principle that Jesus starts off with right right away. Prayer is not. And now there is public prayer and we have many public prayers in the Bible but prayer is not a public display of me but rather prayer prayer is an activity where we come into communion with God and it's a very personal communication with God where he hears us where we listen to him where we don't need to bring some pomp and circumstance to make sure everybody know I'm a praying person I'm praying man. Prayer is a nuanced thing I'm going to be careful that we don't say Here are the three rules that you must follow in any place and any time one of the greatest praise in the Bible I think was just an anguished cry. Peter was walking on water. Yes in his eyes when with a vision of being his pride went where it should have gone his faith went where it should have gone and suddenly he's in danger of drowning and he cries out Lord save me. He was in that predicament of his own devising. He got himself and that's right that's right and he cries out Lord save me save me from myself ultimately. I've been a fool. Help me God saved him. It wasn't a long prayer there wasn't our Father which art in heaven. I'm surely not against it but he just crying out. Yes And Christ saved him. That was there was a prayer and it was a beautiful prayer. Now it's not like Jesus pre recorded in the book of John that was I mean that's it it's a Shakespearean I mean that in a positive way it's beautiful. Yes this was just a prayer so sometimes prayers just crying out to God Yes and that's why in a twenty twenty five minute show it's it's not going to be an all encompassing as we talk about prayer but we want to give a couple of key principles and we have here Jesus Jesus says so when you do pray he says these are the things that you don't want to do but when you do pray pray in this manner now it's important when he says pray in this manner. We'll I'm praying for my neighbor let us say that he might find faith in Christ. I greeted with George Mueller prayed for sixty three years for the salvation of a friend of his and the friend actually came to salvation after mula died but before me it was funeral. Amazing isn't it something. Sometimes you got to pray and pray and pray and pray and pray about something and even then you've got to know the difference between when to keep on praying and when to say OK I've got the answer but we pray according to God's Will you pray that someone's going to be healed from cancer. Well we know that it's not God's will that anybody should suffer now but God doesn't always heal everyone. That's right that's a mystery we can talk about another time. Yes but we pray Lord I'm bringing him OK My neighbor again and I'm praying for my neighbor praying earnestly My neighbor would be healed but. If somehow you see in the big picture that now is her time to go. OK I'll accept it. Shut up that's not what I want and I'm praying and praying and pray we pray according to the will of God yes God knows what we need better than we did. That's right that's right. And sometimes what we what we think is God saying no is God simply saying that's not the right thing to be praying. That's right that's right. And I've once heard it said you know that God answers all prayers. He either answers Yes sometimes he answers No Or sometimes he answers. Wait wait. And so God is answering prayer and so when we pray for His will to be done it's really this idea of surrendering we're saying OK I know what I want but Lord give me what's best. That's right. Help me with what's best. So then Jesus goes on to say give us this day our daily bread and so there's this prayer where you know when we were talking earlier there's this prayer where we are asking God for our daily sustenance our daily provisions help us in our daily living. Yes sometimes you know we pray for our daily wants. Sometimes we don't get them. What I'd like a brand new shiny red sports car and instead he gives me is you know secondhand Buick but that's OK. Yes You know I didn't I didn't the I wanted that my need was transportation. Yes my one it's OK if you want isn't it. That's right. Just OK That's right. But sometimes Priya helps us to see God's perspective. Some people confuse pray and I think it's a stick that if they'd been God with it long enough he'll find you sit back and say OK you can have what you want yes or no. If you continue in prayer with God God will often change your perspective so that you can see I've been praying for but what I really want to be in praying for was be yes prayer often changes us and helps us to see God's will more clearly so we can pray more intelligently. And then Jesus goes on further principles. Forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors and we've talked about this issue of forgiveness we forgive and we are forgiven. And so this issue of forgiveness is so vital and so prayer brings us to a place where we can ask for forgiveness but it also brings us to a place where we can give forgiveness because forgiveness often forgiveness cannot be given unless by God's power. Yeah and you know in the same chapter Jesus said If you're not willing to forgive others for the things they've done to you God won't forgive you what you've done to him. Yes That's sobering very sobering. And so prayer actually prepares us because you know sometimes people do very hurtful things sure but God gives us the power through prayer to be able to give that forgiveness so that we too in turn can be forgiven. And then Jesus kind of wraps this prayer up this model prayer and says and do not. Guide us to be people of Preah we we communicate with you know your mind and you too you will let your will be done in our lives I pray with things in Jesus name Amen amen. Hi everyone. Let me tell you about a friend of mine. Real Time with an artist and really enjoyed his where he was a little heavier than he wanted to be but he didn't have any real health issues until now. Look at things that were left him with a severely injured shoulder. His doctors advised him that his shoulder would never heal properly and would need to be fused into place. He refused. Instead he changed his diet consuming only raw living plants food and freshly made vegetable juices for quite some time. Can you guess what happened with all the life giving properties when the vegetable juices and fresh raw plants foods the bones that doctors had warned would never heal properly knitted themselves together beautifully. His body had healed itself give him the right care as it was created to do at fifty one now. My friend has never been healthier. In fact at this point in his life he says that he loves his life and his body more than he ever has. And he credits the raw foods and vegetable juices for his vitality. Not only has his body healed wonderfully but he has also lost the weight he needed to leave. He's become a raw food chef and he teaches students to have myself included from around the world. He is a walking testimony of the revived. Life and power of food. Friends I like the way one doctor quite fits your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe. I remember my friend you throw a living food and fresh vegetable juices. So here's an easy but very effective juice recipe. We like to make it my home I can start you on the road to better health. If that's the Chinese organic ingredients but if you're not able to. Don't even sweat it. First of all five pounds of carrots one head of celery a large piece half a line and an inch of ginger. These ingredients in your tooth there and enjoy the life enhancing goodness deals with that recipe for about two liters. So this is great to share with your family and finish it all up in a day or two but you really do want to finish it as quickly as possible. Cheers to your good health the next time I'm. This series beyond questions will provide you answers. I'd like to offer you today the D.V.D. set of beyond questions. Here's the information you need to request today's offer. Just log on to W W W dot it is written canada dot ca for Canadian viewers. The offer will be sent free and postage paid for viewers outside of Canada shipping charges will apply. If you prefer you may call toll free at one eight eight eight call I.W. or if you wish you may write to us it is written. Box twenty ten. Ottawa Ontario L one eight seventy four. John what an op listing study going beyond the question and answering what is true power. You know God has all the power in the. It is Jesus said all power in heaven and earth is given to me when we connect with him. It's not that we have the power but he works his power in and through our lives and that is powerful the most powerful thing is that he's able to change us from who we are and to what he desires for us. That's right John I'm so glad you were able to join me today. Thank you so much. Thanks Chris thanks for having me. I want to thank you for joining us today I hope you were encouraged by the teaching. Please join us again next week. Until then remember. It is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. He.


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