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Improving Emotional Intelligence, Part 2

Allen Lloyd



  • December 21, 2007
    10:45 AM
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him I will begin the part two of improving emotional intelligence and I find why we ran out of low limits I'm how many exactly EQ tests that most of you I did on the grading of that if you want to know how integrated there I told you the answers to seventeen through twenty and what points you would give yourself for those grades in and questions one through fifteen if you bring those out on all of those if you answered EE for any one of those its four points if you answer D is three points you answered C it's two points if you have certain being at one point if you answered a zero so I'm one through fifteen a zero be again wanted that you course is four points question sixteen you do get one but only for the answer at get zero points for any of those other answers okay now if you want to tally your points if you have them up and you multiply them by two five that your EQ so mullah add all of your points out multiply by two five your EQ is one hundred year the average American eats you level if your EQ is ninety euros standard deviation below the mean if it's one tenure standard deviation above it that's one twenty on your the ninety five percentile if it's eighty euros five percentile and if you're significantly above one twenty obviously you'd be getting it towards the upper end of the queue as we mentioned Christ had a very high EQ he would've been he would've really had very close the two hundred mark their that statement the top score you can get its two hundred which is extremely high each him that you need is one yes the general questionnaire got seventeen through twentieth was G better for clients after user three points he is two points D is one eight three zero zero seventeen three twenty D got seventeen through twenty probably others that's right first fifteen as I said before our eyes so that's how you can find out your EQ not as a unlimited EQ taxes were not comprehensive EQ test it's only about a hundred and twenty questions so this'll give you a clue as to where your EQ is that but if you want comprehensive EQ tests you might want to take some of those on the web you'll have to pay money for him etc. to get that those he keeps us of the science of happiness which of course has a lot to do emotional intelligence if you remember well that I talk to live on IQ and EQ lets us go over some of you are in the last program five hundred fifty people were in Scotland nineteen twenty one his mental ability been tested eight eleven and again a eighties of this is a IQ were studied German intelligence over a lifetime was linked to happiness in older people there seems to be no relationship between how well they do on tests of their IQ and thinking memory skills and how satisfied they are with their life the researchers found no relationship between satisfaction scores in cognitive ability of that mean highly intelligent people can't be happy now just as there is no relationship their likelihood to be happy is just as good as someone who does not have been high IQ I him has intelligence does have an impact on how people function in old days in other words you will function better at a higher IQ level but as we mentioned EQ is very much related to not only success in life much more related success in IQ is but it's also very much related to your happiness in life happiness of Americans the last thirty years Americans are less happy today than they were thirty years ago there we are having more things to do than ever before in human history but we have less happiness and this is taking a look at people or not be pressed as taking a look at their happiness scale and guide this study title take a look at some of the reasons thanks the longer working hours and the deterioration in the quality of their relationships with friends and neighbors what is I have to do it has to do with emotional intelligence remember emotional intelligence is the ability to buy and develop and maintain relationships with others a person with no close friends or social relations with neighbors would have to earn three hundred and twenty thousand dollars more each year than someone who dared to enjoy the same level of happiness so you have the chance of taking a job in taking a three hundred twenty thousand dollar raise or maintaining close friends it actually oddities while the average American paycheck and risen over the past thirty years in other words is not as are making less money it's happiness boosting benefits were more than offset by a drop in the quality of relationships over that same period this was a letter that Ellen White wrote to her grandson nineteen -year-old grandson it was at school and was lonely she says your feelings of unrest and homesickness or loneliness may be for what you're good your heavenly father means to teach you to find in him the friendship and love and consolation that will satisfy your most earnest hope fire him so even though we may not have earthly friends that are of that intimate part we can have a spiritual and a real friend is where insulin is mentioned to you I see he is indeed a real person and we can develop that relationship that can satisfy this was an interesting setting twenty four University student performed to test of attention positive mood for induced by playing Bach's Brandenburg Concerto number three as we talked about yesterday I traditional classical music not all traditional classical music but much of traditional classical music can enhance mood and it can actually improve a number of things mentally other types of music is not shown to have that significant benefits affects on music actually suppresses the frontal lobe of the brain however in this instance negative moods were induced by playing a protocol for the LPs played at half speed to produce a neutral mood participants read a series of facts and figures about Canada sorry about for those of you are Canadian that's how they did the study releases and news related when they were in a positive mood participants scored higher on a remote Associates task a measure of what creative thinking and so creativity has a lot to do with mood when feeling happy Anderson explain your attentional window is actually bigger it's like looking through a big window versus a small window now the other interesting thing about this is far is going to fax in figures and being accurate facts and figures they were basket after reading it it is actually producing that neutral mood by reading about Canada and so it's okay have a neutral mood as well actually improve your accuracy but as far as creativity is concern better after you are happy and obsessive happiness that go beyond just mental effects in experiment that expose healthy volunteers a cold or flu virus you wonder how this path the ethics review board but this is what they did that healthy volunteers and actually expose them with a nasal notice of your surroundings there is actually putting it the cold and flu virus researchers found that happy people were less likely to fall ill his colleagues founded based on objective measures of nasal laws happy people were less likely to develop a coal what's more when happy posted about the colder self rated symptoms were less severe than would be expected based on objective measures when researchers wait other factors that could explain the relationship like Montero 's perception of their general health their self-esteem and tenants being optimistic happiness itself still seem to protect against colds and so wasn't just those other things but you happiness itself this is worth repeating this is study from Doctor Gilbert on Harvard psychologist in CNN reported on it the next time you're deciding between ice cream and cake buying a car or taking a trip to Europe accepting a new job or keeping your old one you should remember two things first your decision is rooted in the desire to become happy or at least happier than you are now second there is a good chance the decision you make will be wrong the reason Daniel Geller summed up this way people have an lot of bad theories about happiness and so people are making decisions moment by moment often day by day and what they think is to produce a happier life down the road but most often they are making the wrong decision our culture employs us to buy bigger newer better things the research shows stock does not buy happiness by and large money buys happiness only for those who lack the lack of basic needs in other words once you had to boot shelter clothing high you have your basic needs and more money doesn't buy more happiness in fact once you pass the income of fifty thousand dollars in society look at the colors in the planes it would be less than that more money doesn't buy more happiness with that in mind Siegel said we should pass on my lottery tickets and find small things we can do every day to bring us joy is going for a walk cooking a meal or reading a book the last session if you are here the last session you want to say hi we talked about how you can improve your emotional intelligence and what emotional intelligence is and how important it is to our success in life and also how important it is to the opening of the hearing regarding life and we went through the first five cognitive distortions are ten Commandments in the Bible and are ten ways of distorted thinking I'm going to go through the last five number six fortune teller error I know he won't do it because he will think it's too hard fortuneteller I will never be able to overcome this problem if you have those type of thoughts it's actually a fortune teller air people of panic disorder have fortune teller Arizona come into my office I sometimes after the panic attack sometimes during a panic attack and they will say I know I'm eager to pass out or go crazy when I have visited José how many attacks again I've had many panic attacks how many times he passed out on the repressed out on a guys crazy I've never gone crazy old man you have to rephrase that thought but because you said every time you feel these panic attack you know you're getting a pass out or go crazy how can we more accurately state that I Abraham had a fortune teller and often fortuneteller areas combined with mind reading mind reading is your remember was that cognitive distortion and he utilized mind reading combined with fortuneteller error and as a result the site that Sarah was only going to be called his even though she was also his wife and die as a result he got himself into the lot the problem emotionally and physically Judas committed the ultimate fortuneteller we betray Christ in the hands of the priestly rulers Judas Ms. read the character of Christ thinking that when placed in a certain possession rice would be forced into military action Jews did not comprehend the Christ kingdom was not of this world he thought he understood what Christ was thinking but tragically he did not and ended up resulting in the suicide oddly and facts suicide all thoughts are also fortune tellers people with suicidal thoughts think I know more about their future than anyone else that's and they actually do not we need to understand that there's only one who knows the future I sometimes we get into a place where please make it if I do this and this adverse thing is going to happen in reality the best way of being able to hold our future is to follow the Lord 's will and our life including the keeping of the ten Commandments and that's the best predictor actually of your not only in this world also like to come some time for this arson magnification or minimize Asian this is a very common cognitive distortion this is one of our cognitive resource number seven and number eight hundred and two most common are cognitive distortions and this is where we get things out of proportion we magnify things people live the course idea when depression allots all see the magnification in the other sense but often hear everyday negative events described horrible terrible or awful those three words will be used to call me HTA 's watch out for those words if you're describing things as horrible terrible and awful chances are you're way off the scale now there may be a few things actually qualify hello I like when we utilize them were often significantly magnifying him him and we actually believe those words and out of course all leaves us and actually worse emotional intelligence magnification we talked about yesterday evening I in him and now session one of the greatest magnifications it leads to mental illness prime and we had that tests by William Bacchus to see whether you had on that ride there these new laws affecting my business are terrible in the business world I often hear about these types of things and hear these words portray my most important priority is to build up a nice nest egg so I can retire early most important priority talk about magnification everything as a reminder this is not this great Babylon which I have built magnification and producer problems that it required a seven year depression recovery program for him to overcome that plus some cognitive behavioral therapy I will exalt myself above the most time magnification is how it started this was the cognitive distortion of Lucifer and others minimize nation the five foolish virgins minimize the importance of having adequate oil in their lamps by the time they came to their senses and realize their need to look problem not seeing things accurately minimize Asian when we have magnification by the way we tend to lose our frustration tolerance that's when we have a problem with patients those who have a problem with patients actually have low frustration tolerance and there is a little song that I utilized I I don't know that any of my boys are here they were the last I don't see them here for this one but I want my name out I tell the story public about them I like that this was a couple years ago they enjoy playing baseball and that we were playing baseball out there in the field in the tempers started to flare and I tried to get the tempers back in line some things I wasn't getting them in line in the tempers were even getting worse and so as the adults on the field I brought the game to a sudden halt and about half of the boys were actually pleased that I done so in the other half were not pleased that I was that I done that but both groups actually were not allowed to leave that field even though the game was closed until they sang this song to me my heart and you know when your emotions are out of control your ability to learn is hampered and so they were out there for a while until they were able to sing this song to me by our and the song just went like this I don't like it I don't like it it's okay it's okay I can send it anyway I can stand it anyway on right I'm all right that it and she says that even though we don't like something and yes it's related like something we can actually stand when we tell ourselves we can't stand it that's when we lose frustration tolerance that's when we start getting to the point were even raged and start to occur as it starts to build up etc. and you know there's only one thing a human being cannot stand only one thing and that's that everything else a human being can stand and so when we tell ourselves we can't stand something watch out we are significantly magnified and you know people that start utilizing curse words my father taught me early in life those who use curse words have a limited vocabulary enough because they're way off the map they're not describing things accurately all the way off the map in their description of an eye and they really are magnified in one of the perplexing things about this document Doctor Alice one of the pioneers in cognitive behavioral therapy Doctor Ellis he is right some cognitive distortion his language even regards to the Sox and we need to be careful in regards to that Seroquel and wife says when trials arise this means what unexplainable we should not allow our what to be spoiled RP so these are unexplainable trials however unjustly we may be treated not what Hassan arrived by indulging a spirit of retaliation and we enter with a brain drain the other guy but we are injuring ourselves at least as much we destroy our own confidence in God she says in we read the Holy Spirit so watch out for help FT at the abbreviation for low frustration tolerance and this is an important principle to teach a couple of sessions ago and are ten-day depression recovery program we had an individual who had problems with rage she was a young mother in the problem why she wasn't least perceptive enough to recognize her emotional problem might actually even injure her own child and so she came with her husband also had some issues and I also came with their child to the program I and wins in our session we have a good cognitive behavioral therapist and you know we only have ten days with them and I George Washington out very aptly states truth will ultimately prevail where there are pains taken to bring it to life and often there are pains that are necessary to bring it to life in regards to people 's why am distorted thinking fortunately here gone through some of us are experienced when off-line with better the good food with you the hydrotherapy he was exercising etc. NNN Dave number four I went through these cognitive distortions weather and plot the whole group this song the I don't like it saw and forth I was just in time because afternoon she had a session with our clinical psychologist and became pretty upset at the clinical psychologist thinking that she was not reading things correctly and that she wasn't yelled seeing what was the root problem and in reality the clinical psychologist was seen very accurately insanely reground she just didn't want with it to that problem being the underlying surface for her low frustration tolerance and so she announced her husband that she was leaving she is getting I hear she's not going to tolerate stress and then she remember that song and she went down to the exercise room and started exercising as fast as she could in singing that song I don't like it I don't like that it's okay it's okay I can send it anyway and at the end of the ten day she told her testimony on how glad she was she sang that song and how right that was in the house she is now on the back complete path of recovery rate is no longer taken hold of her she now was able to tolerate frustrations number eight very common in most civil reasoning emotional reasoning goes like that I feel like a God therefore I am a done I feel overwhelmed and helpless bust my problems are impossible the song is that sure because I feel overwhelmed and helpless my problems are impossible to install note but that's emotional reasoning procrastinators have this I don't feel like doing anything right now and so I won't surely emotional race and this is where we get into the hands of the many hindrances in regards to well-designed studies showing objective things on music for instance we have by it and we have the University of Florida controlled prospective randomized trials showing evidence of truth in regards to music we have inspiration in regards to music and people will look at back through and they will say why I yelled for me I just can't because I just like my music 's that I don't want to change what's that is purely emotional reason that I have no objective evidence to actually pursue that course any further but they utilize that the emotional reasoning and whether it's due to music or food or whatever types of things that are getting in the way of enhancing our south it is emotional reasoning it does happen a and rate our ability for us to not achieve our goals as a result this is another one I don't feel spiritual dust I'm not spiritual as you know that everyone who has a frontal lobe and spiritual in a worship questions who are they worshiping what are they worshiping I don't feel like changing anything right now so I won't joke what is a victim of emotional reasoning all of the bad things that happened to her and by the way this is the one the devil refuse to take away Joe he had the ability to do that but he kept her there because he knew about her emotional intelligence and knew what was going to happen when this hit and so she gets very upset at him and says Joe you just need to what curse God and die Joe refused to succumb to that and maintain his high emotional intelligence James wan says no one should say contents because God the is anyone each one is tempted when he is dragged away and enticed by his online evil feelings the problem has feelings feelings are often quite inaccurate now sometimes feelings are based on things that are truthful and it's not that we want to do away with the what we wanted there was when we have feelings we need to elevate them to the level of our consciousness analyze them and see if they are based on things that we are assuming RNA definitely accurate and if they are things that are definitely accurate they can actually motivate us to do the right thing and to do things that will ultimately succeed that's what that's why we call emote in your part of the word emotion is most and it's actually move us into action when those feelings are appropriate and based on true and you know what you think about it what is more important goal in their life and to meet our maker and to be in heaven for eternity I mean what a tremendous goal and this is a true and accurate goal and why are we letting things that are of much lesser importance get in the way of that when we do it it's emotional reasoning based on feelings are actually lying to us but in reality we should have that high motivation in regards to the true and accurate things in life one of the greatest tendencies for emotional reasoning Ellen White tells us tends to come in and in regards to what subject marriage marriage is something that will influences affect your life both in this world and the world become a sincere Christian will not advance his plans in this direction without the knowledge that God approves I would not be understood to mean that anyone is to marry one whom he does not while this would be sent but fancy and emotional nature must not be allowed to lead on to ruin God requires the wholehearted supreme of I should have a whole heart and supreme affections gone and then we can have that appropriate emotional reasoning that can help us even in regard for marriage relationship another aspect of emotional reason we need to look into we are not to look into our hearts for a joyful emotion is an evidence for acceptance with heaven but we are to take God 's promises and say what they are mine sometimes people get on this wave where that because their emotions are not in a certain way they conclude that those promises are not for them Jonathan Martinson says that his feelings are much like way we can stop them from coming but we can choose which ones Council on education if you would know the mystery of godliness you must follow the plane word of truth feeling or no feeling emotion or no emotion obedience must be rendered from a sense of principle and the right must be pursued under all circumstances this is that of those that are not reasoning purely on the basis of the most another aspect I sing this on my many Christians to get an emotional reasoning even regards to religious things to give or to labor when our sympathies are moving to withhold our guests or service when emotions are not third is unwise and dangerous course if we are controlled by impulsive or mere human sympathy than a few instances where efforts were others are repaid with ingratitude or where gifts are user squandered will be sufficient to freeze up the springs of benefits Christians should act from what fixed principal following the Savior 's example of self-denial and self sacrifice cognitive distortion number nine by the way this is where people before we get into that another example of emotional reasoning I am angry at you and that proves that human cruel and insensitive to me for him that because I'm angry at you when I doesn't prove that all we need to elevate those feelings to our level of consciousness and really analyze us and look at there there's other ways that could be equally explain cognitive resources number nine labeling and mislabeling that guy does not believe in the ordination of women is thus a conservative male chauvinist what can I possibly learn from labeling and mislabeling often these are statements that are actually stated to friends and others I'm just a secular humanist it happens to go to church with my family once labeling yourself can be a problem and we've had that there was in the workplace an engineer and a secretary there were working with the engineering had a new secretary assigned to his group of engineers and she had made a significant mistake in and had an emotional outburst over that mistake in the engineer saw that occur solely on their other engineering friends about what happened and then labeled her we have a irritable idiot is our new secretary person gave the label then he tried to give the explanation etc. Y that libel got back to her and she told the other secretaries that we have a male chauvinist as an engineer here and everything he did she tried to prove her label and everything she did he tried to prove his label and around around that one for their labels in this label and then there can be a problem even labeling yourself we need to be careful in regards to those things we had someone who is going through our weight loss program when a ten week program is highly successful and we run at the office occasionally called best way WEEI GH and part of best way is recognizing food addictions and by the way this is something that's not widely known a lot of people say well if you're obese and you your problem with also it's not like alcohol no alcohol you can just stop abruptly or tobacco you can stop abruptly and you gain the victory but with food if you're addicted to food you can't just stop eating you'll hear this a lot and so because you can't stop eating you're always going to have this tendency in us you're going to always have a tendency for obesity and overweight and really never be able to succeed and I have to remind people there is no limits addicted all foods for instance I have yet to find a person 's addicted broccoli they may be addicted to what they put on the broccoli but they're not addicted to broccoli and you know God 's choices are that way God Lott wants us to have freedom of choice in your my my wife likes mangoes but with my Nazi analogy to mangoes and I had to tell her the sad news that I thought she ought to quit eating mangoes is much as you love mango season breakout window she didn't say Neil home I ever going to be able to help me I know she'd prefer to be able to eat them but they even God 's choices that why they all have that all that addiction that is there but when you talk about ice cream to some people it can have an issue in this individual was addicted the ice cream she recognize that addiction she was going while she was losing weight by the way each week there's usually no verdict newsletters about ten food groups for those that are significantly obese are or not the group that particular foods that they have this addictive relationship to and saw several weeks in the program coarser family wasn't attending the program is several weeks in the program she felt tied down in the evening hello but loudly opened up the refrigerator and there was a new hybrid bus set in their entries as well once convinced that hurt me so she takes one to sorry feeling a man to start thinking about what she did and then she says that proves it I'm nothing but a pain notice the label after he libeled herself that she went back into the refrigerator and a whole half-gallon and so this is what can happen when the mislabeling of cell I'm just a hypocrite and will always be one I know I said that pastor is lazy and now I'm going to prove it must be careful in regards to these labels to me I knew that David and blessed God an anointed as king of Israel he knew as a fact yet endeavors our humility and needs semi- holidays safe distance filling him with labels and by the way David was tempted to succumb to emotional reasoning there he did not jimmy I'm gazing this dangerous practice of labeling while David Sams Jimmy I set himself up as they judged by labeling David with an error other examples of those who wouldn't label personalized patient this is when we confuse influence with control the sixth grader comes home from with these NSN report card the mother breaks down in tears and says I'm a failure as a parent 's accuracy is your failure because her sixth-graders failing no it's not that that's a traitor has some responsibility and self in that classroom etc. now she might be able to learn how to be a better mother she has influence over six freighters she doesn't have control Samuel also personalize your member when the Israelites ejected the profit and decided to set up a king and Samuel started to take that personally enjoy the Lord told him this is against you it's against me when Jesus sent out the disciples to buy two people rejected their masses and disciples personalized the rejection wanted to call fire down from heaven the people or not we are disciples there are rejecting Christ the disciples had fallen in the trap of personalization payments of the refusal of Mauna Kea I saw personally that he was willing to wipe out the entire Jewish nation to get revenge on one man talk about personalized Asian that was personalized Asian of the facts Ellen White says even the thoughts must be brought under subjection to the will of God and the feelings under the control of what reason and religion our imagination was not given us to be allowed to run riot have its own way without any effort strengthen discipline if the thoughts are on wealth of Iran the feelings will be run in the thoughts and feelings combined make up the moral character Paul says whatsoever things are what true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things are just the kind of interesting those are the first three things are mentioned true honest just if there be any virtue of there be any praise do what you think on these things as health is cognitive behavioral therapy is not new the ability to improve emotional intelligence is not new it's been talked about is all Scripture Christ said to this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world that I should bear witness of the truth everyone that is in the earth my voice truth is the ultimate foundational principle in God 's government combined with agape self-sacrificing love another foundational principle many people with depression have feelings of worthlessness one individual attend our program had this feeling and I started asking her about it and I said you know so your worthless if to say very similar to saying your painless how much money do you have with your zero she said and I said so how much work you have if you say you're worthless and she before answering the question she says Doctor Natalie you all of the people and I know I'm not come for treatment I think you understand really how worthless I actually I said no matter where I'm getting at here is CI I should jump to conclusions by the way on another cognitive distortion migrating and fortuneteller airball fall under the category of jumping the most common form of exercise that Americans get enough physical exercise but that mental exercise of jumping to conclusions and dies I know thanks back up and explain to her a little bit more and finally she got the point in what we do when we when people recognize their distorted thought we don't just have them recognize which distortion that is Y what the source of his worthlessness feelings of worthlessness and actually several of them that would qualify you the all enough in thinking is on-air you're certainly minimizing significantly to the max I really your also utilizing emotional reasoning etc. in so she not only recognize the distorted thoughts but then began to replace them with true thoughts we had a right writer down here's what she wrote as long as I have something to contribute to the well-being of myself and others as long as what I do can have a possible fact I'm not work as long as my meal I makes a difference to even one person I'm not worthless if I can get while understanding companionship encouragement sociability Counselor Solis I'm not worthless if I can respect my opinions I'm not worthless if others also respect me that's about it she said that my presence even just occasionally makes a difference to others I'm not worthless I am not worthless I'm eminently worth SEK from a secular perspective but there's even a greater evidence is more powerful for a Christian all asked them who is Jesus Christ and often answer the so how much is he worth will be your answer that yet limitless priceless infinite value video did he not give his life for you and if he did so then how much are you worth infinity is not greater than infinity this is evidence not mere claims he was not simply proclaim how much you're worth he gave evidence he gained his life in fact price object lessons as the value of a small who can estimate when you know it's worth noting Yosemite in their life with Christ through those hours in language twenty sweat as it were great drops of blood look upon the Savior left upon the cross here that despairing cry my God my God whilst thou forsaken me look upon the wounded had been here aside the Mari feat remember that Christ did what with all and by the way this is another port aspect of truth biblical aspect of what happens when you die if you believe that you just enter into another phase of existence good Christ risk all he did and actually minimizes the work of every human being when you don't believe the biblical view of what happens when you die she goes on the sci-fi redemption heaven itself was in peril at the foot of the cross remembering that for one Sarah Christ will lay down his life you may estimate the value of the soul he goes on to say if you are in communion with Christ he will place him estimate upon everyone human being you will feel for others the same people of the crisis felt for you in my life infinities not greater than infinity that means you're not greater than anyone else in this room or the one that sitting next to you self-worth is very important we do have an infinite self-worth but when we have self-esteem that's one more start thinking that were better than others hi now also that sets us up for magnification in fact online gives examples did you know you can measure your love for Christ and seize evidence in direct proportion to you can measure and yes we need to grow our love for Christ we need to have that intimate close association with them here's how you can measure those who have the love of God in their hearts will an exact proportion to their love feel at a solicitude for souls if you are feeling the love of souls around you that is evidence you have the love of God in your heart and if you have a deep feeling and have a feeling it's based on true emotions and feelings are based on truth truth in other words it's not getting into emotional reasoning but actual real reasoning then you can have that love this is a case of someone is considering suicide or came to us she was a executive secretary she had married someone higher up in the construction business they had had they pulled their money together bought a nice upper-middle-class home I then had a child and everything seemed to be going good first her husband took off from her didn't even know where he was at Van Nuys she goes in for a well baby check and find out the six month check up their babies going line in less very sophisticated surgery is done on the losing side site and then the net very next day she comes in the office center while says I'm moving the business out of state community without a job in two-week she already lost her husband 's income she is losing her she is a loser house her baby was in jeopardy was going to be no insurance therefore any sophisticated surgery and here's what she stated I would be better off dead my baby would be better off without me my parents don't want me would be happy I want around do you want me so nobody probably never well I'll never be able to manage my life will we matter analyze those statements turns out this one here was purely emotional reasoning she checked with her father her father so you can move in with us as long as you need to fill you get your she began analyzed to keep it on from one person to another in quick succession before you ended up with her she began to find out you assume those type of things that she found out there was a surge in Oklahoma City who could buy the surgery for the Medicaid rates and would be willing to do so and so after further investigation and recognizing distortions or thought she wrote the truth things I refuse to believe I would be better off dead my life is in God 's hand killing myself as I know more about my baby 's future that God should recognize the fortune teller error there my baby would be better off without me I'm her mother and she is entitled to the best of me we can rebuild our lives he never knew what he wanted a relationship and never want anybody for very long I deserve better I can manage my life and so you can see a significant difference it takes place with cognitive behavioral therapy same activating events but now the beliefs are true and accurate and emotional consequences are dramatically changing be transformed says Romans by the way renewing of your mind that getting those thoughts into what is accurate and true Ellen White says that self-discipline must be what practice an ordinary mind well disciplined I talked about an average IQ there but well disciplined so that feeds you will accomplish more in higher work than will the most highly educated mind in the greatest talents without George Washington statement truth Walt ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to life so you think it in his heart so is he again ancient evidence of the power of thought and unload the best biography on the life of Christ this is what the Library of Congress states is the best biography in the life of Christ desire basis as this when he is very true that Jesus is come he will guide you into what all truths the comforter notice is called the Spirit of truth his work is defined and maintained through the first dwells in the heart as the spirit of truth and nasi becomes a comfort and you know there are number of people going to religious services that often go there just to try to change their feeling their feelings are not good and so they get hyped up in the some of you know rock syncopated rock 'n roll rhythm experience on the dancing and the aisles etc. to try to be able to obtain but how we really obtain comfort is to let the spirit of truth come in she says there is comfort and peace in the truth but no real user comfort to be found back to study at Duke University show the charismatic churches have significantly higher rates of the than the non- charismatic churches again the false way of altering the way you feel the true way of altering the way you feel is to change your thoughts and what's true and accurate that the club goes on desire of ages it is through false theories and traditions that same gains its power over the mine how do St. James power of the mind false theories and traditions by directing them to all standards he initiates the character through the Scriptures the Holy Spirit speaks to the mind impresses truth upon the heart bus he exposes air is expelled it is by the spirit of truth working through the word of God and Christ subdues his chosen people to himself and this is why we utilize the word of God we talk about the nonsectarian book of Daniel Roberts at center of the people can breathe as they read the word of God try to analyze and apply the spirit of truth work upon their heart you can actually change their thoughts the psalmist in one verse of chapter one thirty nine one thirty nine starts out saying that the Lord knows us better than we know ourselves before we are born there in the loan knows us understands us understand our thoughts even before we think that it says this is someone who understands us very closely better than anyone at the end of that song David says search me O God and know my heart try me and know my wife thoughts in other words he sang I don't see that there's any distortions there but I want you to analyze me I want you to search for you know my thoughts CD if there be any wicked way in me in other words any distortions that are their thoughts and lead me in the way everlasting and David Psalm of repentance Psalm fifty one this is a adverse it's not quoted very often in a solid repentance he says thou desires truth in the inward parts he recognized that the reason why he had his moral failure is because he thought distorted thoughts there was an activating event in his life by the way any moral failing any breaking of God 's ten Commandments first starts with a distorted thought and he had an activating event in his life and as a result of that activating event he began to think this organ and instead of refusing to use a mental filter use a mental filter the over generalize I also use emotional reasoning strong emotional reasoning there instead of reminding himself of what was true and what was rightfully has and how he didn't even know this individual and intimacy is not at all and therefore individuals and even when asked who she was related to her where she came from etc. by the landlord is providing all sorts of ways of escape for him in that process but he continued to dwell on the distorted thoughts and nasis validates all of repentance he reveals the heart of the matter the reason why is because he didn't have truth in the inward parts and thus he also writes is Psalm one thirty nine see if there be any disorder way in me and lead me in the way of everlasting this is spiritual health screen is mental health screening where we have the Spirit of God on their analyzing our thoughts Ellen White says the power of right thought is more precious than the golden wedge of over by the way Bill Gates is not on the golden wins over in fact someone analyze that I am in double check this but he was a mathematician so I trusted him he said that Bill Gates put all of his assets into birdseed he would not be able to feed the birds on this planet for more than twenty four by the way how do they get that now Bill Gates but what this tells us is Bill Gates assets are limited in their something much more important than the rate as well in all the world and that is the power of what the power right if you have the opportunity for riches possessions or well where the opportunity for Reich thought which one should you choose right by heavenly place one sixty four the good news about emotional intelligence item ask you your score but for those of you who scored less than a hundred and twenty years I would like to see those who know that rose biblical aspect of truth in her here as you I see really should have each use of it but the good news is no matter what your EQ is emotional intelligence can be what it can be improved upon and so let's systematically analyze our thoughts let's try to recognize distortions in those thoughts let's replace those thoughts which grew and accurate thoughts by renewing our minds and then step four is to practice practice practice anything that we become good at requires activists and including emotional intelligence and I will end with the words of Christ hear ye shall know the truth and by the way the Bible says knows the truth lifetime knowledge of it says Adam knew Eve and they should chance that was us Adam knew even what happened even conceived it was an intimate knowledge and intimate association and this is the same where the crisis using here ye shall know the true it's part of our every day for moment by moment thinking accurate thought you shall know the truth and will be the result of this the truth shall take you free and this is what happens to those who go through this process they thought their problems were due to others how others were treating them how they want good-looking enough or successful enough or rich enough to be successful or happy and now they recognize that their problems were actually due to their emotional problems and as a result of correcting those emotional problems as though they have been set free I will talk about that I have been set free in this process as a result of knowing the truth and apply the truth to their life I die we do have the three minutes left and I would like to enclosing saying a song together it was actually written by the way there is an herbicide in going to the one for emotional reasoning I wake up hours ago to that one I learned in juniors feelings and feelings go and feelings RDC name trust alone on the word of God is something worth belated name has feelings common feelings go in feelings of trust the loan and the word of God it's something where the ladies name so let's I keep that song in mind as well so we don't do the emotional reasoning but I wanted to the sun was rewritten onto different words onward Christian soldiers by the way through trying to reach Muslims in your community this is going up to him to send them because it really excellent look like it's a very physical warfare but the warfare that we fight is more against two it's actually more against ourselves and so the writer of this understood this and so let's say and probably nesting can you see best when you're sitting down it might be best when you are down between people than standing so I even know this is one that we normally stand up for normally have a nice rousing PML we can do this a cappella on word creation saw how Sarah 's part seeing as to the Lord by being long as time immediately by all cries ICANN panel tools we can't say through her blog and sand bath all use of whales due to word is a small marching as to all and I see go all the way you will or let's raise it up a little when land spare room is on to all through the God I may have and are seeing is in their hands not in all I buy an sign saying again on is where not in the spirit is you men and read as a soldier is I seeing as to all men are seeing all renamed the Lord minds are mine so I go again sees through the Sands run we had all the way we so that are being as the same time we are all grand is being there lies the oh oh oh word creation soul into man man man man you have free will being on the to severe power and father in heaven we thank you for that spirit of true that you abundantly made available to may we open our hearts and minds to that spirit and truth may we pray that prayer David the search our hearts and minds see if there be any distorted into your word in your spirit may we correct those thoughts line them up your truth so that we may become truly emotionally intelligent and successful for you we thank you for your promise that those who think truthful box will be saved in the kingdom Jesus this media was produced by audio burgers and hope media ministry review mice generation we would like to listen to more this presentation or if you would like to learn more about you see the government to NYC where God or also find great with you on your verse board and had videos .com


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