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3-Demonstration: "Make Disciples"

Alistair Huong


A Bible study on Jesus' commission to go make disciples, and also a practical demonstration of some Bible study principles presented in the previous part in this series.


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • April 25, 2015
    11:15 AM
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Morning everyone. As you have already heard this is part three of our four part series on how to study the Bible and some of you may be thinking Oh no I have not heard the first two parts like two pieces of good news for you. The first as was mentioned earlier is that this is being recorded and will be posted on audio verse. So you can catch up later. The second piece of good news is that understanding the dynamics of our church in this particular session this hour can stand alone. You can hear the message. It's actually a Bible study not so much a sermon as a Bible study and you will still understand everything that is presented. However if you've been a part of our study for the past two sessions you will have to think with another half of your brain and that is hear the message as it's presented but also be thinking through the principles that we discussed particularly this morning and some school time and how it's being put into play practice so that makes sense. You're going to have to think. And some of you might have to think harder than others. I guess it's the end of the school year some might as well pack in all the thinking we can before the summer comes right well before we get any further. Before we get into the word I ask you to value has with me one more time as we pray for them have and we are thankful for your word and we are thankful for the Holy Spirit that you have promised to help us understand the sport and we also praise you for Jesus who is the Living Word who came to dwell. Among us today May we come to a better understanding of who he is and how we can respond to your commission to us and you guide us in the study of the Bible and help us through this exercise to be better equipped for your soon return. We thank you and we pray in Jesus' name amen. Let's begin in our Bibles and Matthew chapter twenty eight Matthew chapter twenty eight verses nineteen and twenty. Our scripture reading for today. Matthew the first book of the New Testament and we're looking at the last two verses of the last chapter of the first book of the New Testament and this will form the platform from where we are launching into our Bible study today. This is commonly known as The Great Commission that Jesus leaves with his disciples before he ascended back to heaven. He knew he said go easier for and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even unto the end of the world Amen. So to whom is Jesus speaking in this particular instance. Who is he talking to. We don't have to guess. Let's look up a few verses in verse sixteen it says. Then the eleven disciples Why were there only eleven by this point Judas had killed himself. Then the eleven disciples one away into Galilee unto a mountain where Jesus had appointed them. So who are the people Jesus spoke these words to the disciples. Very good and this is right before we send it to heaven. So sort of you can think of this as the last words they laughed with. Before he takes up the first one thousand began that says Go ye therefore So he says Go ye meaning the twelve or eleven disciples. Therefore verse eighteen actually tells us why the therefore in Therefore he says all power in verse eighteen is given to me in Heaven and Earth Go ye therefore So he said I have power to bestow upon you. Therefore go and go and do well in verse nineteen Go ye therefore and do it in the King James Version of the Bible said go and teach all nations how many of you have Bibles I say teach all nations. OK I realized in my research here that all modern translations including the New King James Version translate that differently in my Bible. My King James Bible it actually has a marginal reading for that phrase and teach all nations and it says or make disciples. How many of your bible say make dislikes most of us I think. So if I can say it another way Jesus says All power is given to me in heaven on earth. Therefore go and do what make disciples. You will notice that of the title of our message today and how do you make the site by baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all things whatsoever granted so what is Jesus saying he's saying this is his commission meaning this is what he's telling us to do or help telling his disciples to do when he departs he says go and make disciples and how do you make disciples two things. You baptized them and you teach them. Same cage of our. So if Jesus is telling this to his disciples you are my disciples go and make disciples. It tells me that in order for us to go and to make disciples were Jesus first of all we must become what ourselves. This site makes good sense right how can you call someone else to be a disciple when you yourself is not a disciple. So here's the question I want to ask you what is the word. What does the word that we use that means make the site if they want to mentoring. How do you make a disciple is there a word that means make a dislike. How many of you are thinking well the word disciple means to me that a site like have you heard the term despite knowing someone a pastor is to cycling his youth pastor or young people is very interesting. I did some research into this and I looked at the dictionary at the word the site and I said that this is the New Oxford American Dictionary. This happens to be the one I've built into your mac. By the way. A personal follower of Jesus during his life especially one of the twelve apostles disciples. It's a noun that means a personal fall of Jesus particularly the twelve. It also has another definition of follower or student of a teacher leader or philosopher. OK we agree so far that the cycle is the noun that represents a person who is a follower of another teacher a leader lost her mother and I do you realize that in the dictionary. The word definable is not listed as a verb. There's disciple as a noun there's discipleship as of now there is this fine dealer as an adjective but this cycle is not a verb. I dug a little deeper and I went to the Miriam Webster's Dictionary web page and looked at the site and they have a little section at the bottom for people to comment you can actually. There are actually people out there who would go to a dictionary website to comment on words I always thought I was a nerd but that's going too far but I read the comment and there were people who actually said why is that not listed as a verb disciple don't we disciple people all the time and the fight bullying is not a verb and there was an argument you know how that goes on line right. Comment people going back and forth back and forth back and forth. Well this is the reason why that's a real word. Miriam Webster is wrong. Blah blah blah they went on in this debate I said disciple is the verb. No disciple is not a verb and guess what. After reading through it the only people in the world who use the word cycle as a verb are modern day Christians. In fact you can read the Bible from cover to cover. The word disciple is never used as a verb it is always used as a noun. You read early Christian Fathers you read the pioneer writings you read the writings of L. Why this light pole is a noun not a verb. So why am I making such a big deal out of this is that Jesus tells us to go make disciples and every modern day Christians Christians within the last century or less have concocted Creek eight. Are all are to mean what we think Jesus meant what if they make disciples we have a danger and the danger is simply that we in creating our own term now we can't even deal with that time with whatever we want it to mean. It's all in the name of the cycling. Young people sometimes perhaps we create activities amusement entertainment gimmicks games to quote unquote disciple that because we say but that's what Jesus told us to do. Do you see the danger of us creating words that the Bible never use in fact that the word of the most modern day people don't you know. Because here's the issue. The Bible actually tells us how to make the science we just read you back time and teach that in fact it's so clear that the King James the translators of the King James Bible. They just said go and teach all nations for them not to mess with making disciples. You teach someone and here is even more interesting something more interesting is that the term teaching is not materialists that word teaching is not near real we understand what teaching means when we say despite knowing it can mean whatever we want. Let's drill a little deeper here let's look at verse twenty of this chapter. Matt Matthew twenty eight verse twenty. It doesn't if they teach them anything. In fact other places in the Bible says preach. The Gospel to them. So we know that preaching and teaching can go together but specifically here Jesus says what are we to teach them. OK teaching them to do what to observe all means whatsoever I have commanded you. All right so what is another word for observing what Jesus had command. What's a word that means to that. What's another word obey Him So if I can use that word we are to go into the world to make disciples and we make disciples by baptizing and and then teaching them to obey Jesus here with me so far. How do we teach people to obey. Some of your aware that my wife and I are expecting our first child this summer. Yes that's usually the response I get. And it's a little girl on the way. That's what I expected to do. And so in the process of getting ready for parenthood we're reading books or reading blogs. We went to a parenting seminar. We talked to all the experienced parents just sit about in the past quarter of this church and inevitably in every discussion in every book on every blog in every seminar they talk about something and it is how to teach children to read and you know what there is a word for that. What that word I mean what discipline. Wait a minute. Are we talking about another word here. That sounds very close to discipline. Ladies and gentleman. When a soldier goes to boot camp to become a soldier what do they go to learn discipline. If a musician is training under the greatest mutant master of that class what must they learn in their craft in their art discipline. So to be a disciple of Jesus. Don't disciple them teach them discipline but before we go any further I want to read this from the book steps to Christ page sixty paragraph two it says obedience service and allegiance of love is the true sign of discipleship. And by the way this comes from a chapter in the book step to Christ called The Test of discipleship and she just comes out and said The true sign of discipleship is obedience. So Jesus telling us for you to be true disciples you must learn to obey and the process of learning to obey is called discipline. In this parenting seminar that my wife and I went to not long ago the speaker put it very simply that I thought was profound. He said the process of disciplining children is the process of doing cocaine in the values that we want them to have so that they'll become disciples of Jesus because when we think of discipline what we usually think of think of spanking. We think of lectures timeout we think of punishment right. But discipline is a broader term than punishment and teaching is a broader term than discipline so let me let me. Play this way. So Jesus had to go teach all nations teach that one of the ways to teach people to become a disciple is by discipline which is a subset one form of teaching and within discipline one of the way that you discipline is punishment. It's a it's a funnel effect and so is it possible that while yes discipline means more than punishment it means more than corrective action can't and discipline really something that God does to help us become disciples. That's one question and then the second question is Is this a legitimate connection between discipline and discipleship. OK So we've got two questions on the plate right now that we need to answer number one is the question Does God really discipline his people is that a fact in the Bible and the second question is does discipline actually have a connection a relationship to discipleship or is this something that we are imagining. So to answer that question turn your Bibles with me to Hebrews Chapter twelve Hebrews Chapter twelve and we will begin reading in verse five. He was twelve and verse five and at this point I'm going to deviate slightly from my usual practice. I preach of the King James Version of the Bible but I'm going to read this passage in a heap. Yes the English standard version and you'll understand why the meanings are the same but some of the words are a little bit more modern. Hebrews Chapter twelve verses five to eleven this is what it says and have you forgotten the exportation that addresses you as sons. My son do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord nor be weary when reproved by him for the Lord. When the one he loves and chastises every son whom he receives. If you have the King James Version of the Bible it uses the word chasten where Chasen and the word discipline mean the same thing and Jesus or rather the writer of Hebrews here is actually quoting quoting from the Book of Proverbs. If you remember the song or song or with all that heart one of the verses that my son despise not the chastening of the LORD neither be weary of his correction. You remember that song. The writer of Hebrews is quoting that verse right here and he explains. Do not be weary when God disciplines you why because it is evidence that you are his son. But keep reading. It is for discipline that you have to endure. God is treating you as signs for what son is there whom his father does not discipline. If you were left without discipline in which all have participated then you are illegitimate children ad not sons. Besides this we have had earthly fathers who disciplined us and we respected them shall we not much more be subject to the Father of spirits and live for they disciplined us to our short time as a seem best to them. But he disciplines us for our good that we may share in his work in His holiness. For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. In the King James Version said the peaceable fruit of righteousness. So we had two questions on the table. As question does God actually discipline his children. The answer is clearly yes. And the writer of Hebrews explained to us why he does it on the contrary to sometimes how we think when we suffer pain when we suffer some discouragement when we suffer things that cut across the grain. It's easy for us to question the love of God. It's easy to question whether God truly loves us but when we read this in the Bible actually tell that it is a God loves us that we are disappointed because our parents want us to be good upright citizens and so they discipline us. Should we expect any less from them. And he continues and says that there is a goal or at the end of this discipline God doesn't deserve the light and just causing pain just children he's trying to accomplish and for our good that we may have His Holiness and more specifically that we might have the fruit of righteousness. Keep that thought in your mind because we're going to John Chapter fifty John Chapter fifteen and verse eight. The Gospel of John chapter fifteen and verse eight. So we've seen Matthew twenty eight. It says Go make disciples one of the key ways and make this title is to teach them to obey and we're saying that teaching people to obey we call that discipline and we see so far that God does truly discipline his children and God to bless his children so that they might bring forth the fruit of righteousness. John Chapter fifteen verse eight says Jesus himself ain't here when is my father glorified that you do what bear much fruit. If you're reading so shall you be my disciples. So Jesus said the evidence that you are my disciples is that you will be bearing much fruit. And in Hebrews were told God help us to bear more fruit through the process of discipline and discipline is teaching us how to obey which is what Jesus taught to do in Matthew chapter twenty eight. That's how we make disciples and so we see that connection so far but I need to pause here because it is easy for us to get a little beside ourselves because just like our parents disciplined us the goal is not a mere outward compliance in the goal of discipline is to inculcate the values internally so that there is a desire to obey to do what's right on their own volition so that the child will choose will love to do what's right. Is that not the goal of discipline. Yes or no. Yes. And so when we're talking about this concept of discipline we need to be realistic and that is that God is in the same manner not just merely looking for outward compliance or behavior modification. He's looking for genuine transformation of the heart so that the values are written upon the mind. So how do we do that. How does that work. How does God help us accomplish the true goal of discipline. Let's look at the first few verses of John chapter fifteen. Because this chapter actually tells us how to bear for how to become a true genuine disciple. John Chapter fifteen Let's begin let's begin in verse one it says I am the true vine and my father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away and every branch that bear fruit keep emerge of it that it may bring forth more fruit pause right there. Jesus here is using figurative language is metaphorically speaking. He's saying you must abide it as a branch of art a friend of mine. He says I am the wind I am the trunk of this tree with a great mind whatever and you are the branches grafted in. And he says here that every branch in me that does not bear fruit what happens to it. Snip snip it gets cut off and every branch that does bear fruit what happens to it. The King James uses the word purge the word is true. So there are two types of branches the branch that bears fruit and the branch that does not bear fruit. Does the Bible say does Jesus say that the ones that do not bear fruit goes under the knife and the one that does bear fruit escapes the nine thirty three that is it not true that this verse tell that all classes of branches get cut one get cut clean off the other the other one gets from both get cut. But the difference is one cut off and the other stimulates further growth. My wife and I are aspiring gardeners. We actually have an orchard. We put in I say orchard just impress you. We actually have six trees. Not much of an orchard but nevertheless I've been reading up on Rooney how to prune trees and pruning a tree it is a strong branch particularly early on. If this branch is strong it's got a good angle to the trunk and it's growing strong you know way supposedly with it cut it back to an outward facing bud. What cut the strong branch back something cut it half something cut it back to one third to let you know why because when you cut it back it stimulates lateral growth from the tree. So what is Jesus saying Here Jesus is saying if you are not being fruit I'm going to cut you off but if you are going through it you're still going to get cut. But the cutting process and many I use the word piss the Pullen will cause you to grow more fruit. But we continue reading. That's not in the end of the story. The secret is still coming. Now you are clean through the Word which I have spoken to you first for abide in me and I and you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself except it abide in the vine no more can he except you abide in me I am the vine you are the branches. He that abides in me and I in him the same brings forth much fruit for without me you can do nothing. So the secret here is not just the discipline not just the cutting the secret here is that in living connection with the true vine. Because imagine with if the vine has a strong connection and you cut it it's prune but in that connection to the line of Dan It's been more art. It's been her through disease or injury. The cut will kill the brain so the secret to bearing fruit the secret to discipleship. Yes discipline will be involved but that's not the ultimate goal. The way that the discipline will accomplish its work is that right now the connection the junction between the graph the branch and the true line must remain strong. Jesus continues verse six. If a man abide not in me he is cast forth as a branch and is withered and then gathered them and kept them into the fire and they are burnt. And verse seven. How do we abide in G.'s he sets. If you abide in me and my words abide in you you shall ask what you will and it shall be done to you. So how to state the Bible has everything to do with abiding and how does that word abide in US army of simulating it into our thinking into our minds. Because now we get to verse eight where it says here in this my Father glorify that you bear much fruit so shall you be my disciples. So we're building this picture of what it means to be a design. There is discipline involved. Yes but that's not where we start where we start is making sure that we are rapid into the true vine that we are abiding in Him and He is abiding in us and one of the things that we see here that abiding takes place when the Word of God abides in us. So how do we get the word of God in us. It's not a trick question. If we have these words here how does it get from here on the printed page into here into our hearts or here into our hearts. What are the avenues. They're going to come through our eyes or ears. I mean we can't we can eat it too but that's not really what we're talking about. And so let me put it simply we talked about this last night in our in our study the fundamental most important thing we must do to study the Bible is to just read it and it's going to take time it's going to take deliberate effort. But if this these words are not going through our eyes or through our ears through the neural pathways into our brain the word is not in us. Simple as that. But let's make this a little bit more practical. So we're talking about a biding now making this connection sure with the true line. I want to share this passage with you from step to Christ again page seventy paragraph one this is what I will why is that she said this is something very practical that we all ought to do to maintain the daily abiding relationship with Jesus. What did she say. She says consecrate yourself to God in the morning. Make this your very first work. Let your prayer be take me O. Lord as holy line. I lay all my plans at my feet. Use me today and I serve it all by with me and let all my work be wrought in the this is a daily matter. Each morning consecrate yourself to God for that day. Surrender all your plans to him to be carried out or given up as his problem shall indicate the day by day you may be giving your life into the hands of God and thus your life will be molded war anymore after the life of Christ so making this only practical How do we abide in Jesus. We spend time with consecrating ourselves every morning. These here are a few key words consecrate yourself in the morning make this your first work this is a daily. Work and during the consecration time you ought to pray and there are several things to pray for pray that he will abide with us pray that he will take our plans. Surrender our will to him. Let him make our choices for us. And of course study his work and I know you're thinking yeah I've heard that before haven't we. I mean we been told this ever since we were little kids. Now you need to spend time in prayer in the morning. You can study your Bible you know pray for Jesus pray to Jesus have you ever heard of the term doing devotions. Yes or no this is what is describing is the not the process of doing our devotions. And that's just the problem. I'm here to tell you today stop doing the motions. If you want to abide in Jesus stop doing devotion. Let me explain. If you have a dog who is a very loyal dog will you ever say boy that dog just look at the way he does his diversions. Would you ever say such a thing. That servant does his devotion to his masters so wonderfully. Would we ever use the word in that way. Would it not be more appropriate to say that dog is devoted to his master. That servant is devoted to his master. When we use the term to mean devotions it communicated all wrong perspective on what we are actually. Accomplishing because all of the thought of devotion is an activity that we've checked and we've checked out though it's something that we wake up with I have to do it. All right God I did my devotions. What are you going to do for me now. Do you see the problem with this kind of thinking when we read John Chapter fifteen. We're not talking about OK Make sure you've done your abiding with Jesus. You don't do your a Blighty you either abide or you don't abide and still don't believe the devotion just be devoted and when you have the mindset I am devoted to Jesus all day long. When you wake up in the morning the first thing on your mind if to say Lord I renew my consecration to you today. And it's not OK I did it. I renew it so that I remain devoted the rest of the day no matter what happens. Does that make sense yes or no. So at the final of Jesus is someone who has a living connection to the mind and just think about the illustration. You don't say OK I'm going to graft this fine I'm going to make sure it's connected for five minutes every morning and will come back and we'll make sure that touching for another five minutes tomorrow. It does not work that way. So please just like a loyal dog is simply devoted to his master. Let us simply be devoted to Jesus. Stop doing devotions and just be devoted and why is this important because a disciple must be devoted to his master and that devotion. Come through the binding. It doesn't start and stop on the clock. It happens all day long and as long as that connection that abiding takes place when the pruners night when the disciplinary in God our heavenly father shows up the result will be pain. Yes will be discomfort but the result will be simulated route bearing which happens to be evidence of a true disciple. So turn your Bibles now to Luke Chapter fourteen Luke Chapter fourteen. So Jesus told us to go make disciples and we see now what that involves. Yes there's going to be discipline involved. Yes we have to be abiding in Jesus we have to have a living connection. It requires devotion that's all good and fine because we ourselves desire to be disciples of Jesus but now he says Go ye therefore and make disciples. That's where we started. So he's telling us how as a quote unquote salesman to represent Jesus Christ our employer our master. We're saying go out there and like other people to be a disciple. So here's my question what kind of a sales pitch can we make. How much does it cost to be a disciple of Jesus. Live chapter fourteen verse twenty five Luke Chapter fourteen verse twenty five because if you're going out there you're saying OK Jesus is offering you one chance in a lifetime to be able to cite here the benefits you're going to be whole in your lives. A life of obedience to the law. Jesus will abide with you if you'll spend time with you. He will train you into a likeness. All of the benefits all of these things yes. If you're trying to sell something. The final question is always going to be how much does it cost. Jesus explains. Luke fifteen verse twenty four and there went multitudes with him and he turned and said unto them If any man come to me and hate not his father and mother and wife and children and brethren and sisters and his old life also he cannot be my dislike and whosoever does not bear his cross and come after me cannot be My disciple for which of you intending to build a tower sit down first and count of the coffee whether he has sufficient to finish it lest haply after he had laid the foundation and is not able to finish it that all be hold and begin to mock him. Saying this man began to build and was not able to finish or what King going to make war against another king Philip not down first and consulted whether he be able with ten thousand to meet Him that cometh against him with twenty thousand or else while the other is yet a great way off the Senate and ambassage and desired conditions of peace. So like why whosoever he be of you that forsake it not all that he hands he cannot be my just walk. This puts us in somewhat of a predicament because we are told to make disciples for Jesus and we are telling people you really want to be a disciple of Jesus but is going to cut off everything in fact. You have to be disciplined. You have to learn to be disciplined. You have to be connected with Jesus and that means spending time with it you have to be committed so that Jesus is the calm before your father your mother your wife your children your brothers even your life itself you are going to have to carry a cross you have to forsake all that you have. Don't you want to be a disciple of Jesus. Do you realize do you understand the problem here this is not an easy thing don't pitch to make but that's exactly what Jesus told us to do. So how does this work. How can we convince others to be disliked. Maybe some of us were wondering do I really want to be a disciple who I mean this is going to cost a lot whom Let me try to illustrate it to you with this story or this illustration how many of you are familiar with the person named Ron blitzed the musician composer pianist. If you play piano you probably play something like he was a renowned composer and pianist of the nineteenth century and many have called him the greatest pianist of all time. I don't know if that label is still true but at least during his time he was the greatest pianist and he was the pioneer of what's called a master class. The format of education where he would have a small group of students and he would teach them at the keyboard they would play he would critique he might play a few things and it would become this method now that many people use apparently to teach music at a high level. Do you suppose that many students wanted to study under that. Yes he was only the greatest pianist of his time maybe of all time. And so there were students flocking to him from all over and they would come highly recommended they would bring letters of recommendation trying to get into his classes but Liszt was very particular he was very selective. He would pick students on his own terms and in order for you to be his student you must audition in front of him. That's not so bad until you realize that he is known to be very blunt in his criticism. Here's a direct quote from an individual who observed an audition. Another student who played this is what he said he's quoting Franz Liszt. So listen as that was definitely not played but skewered you know what skewered means you slaughtered. Basically he continued He said if you have no ears to hear why do you play the piano. With whom did you study that you must go to some conservatory but don't come to me. Harsh words and apparently this was written in public or spoken in public because someone else recorded what he said. How would you like to be publicly humiliated in front of the greatest by the greatest pianist of your era. Do you suppose that this reputation affected the level of interest in becoming a disciple of this do you think people stop wanting to be his student speaking when he found out how strict he was. They were beating a path down to the store. Do you think that the students who got admitted under the tutelage of blitzed ever complained about spending time with their master. Do you think they ever complained when list corrected their plane when he disciplined them for their technique when he as long as them in their dynamics in the emotions that they plea. Do you think they complain that they have a teacher expected them to practice. Why I think those are all rhetorical questions we all know there is no price too hot when you get to be admitted to be a disciple of the greatest pianist holder. And just imagine just imagine if we had the opportunity to be at the site of the King of Kings and Lord of the hour. Imagine if the greatest man who ever lived opened the door and said you can come here and study at my feet. What would you say then what would be our reaction when he threw me in the morning I'm giving you my bad hour every morning. Are we going to complain. Are we going to Iran. We've been sorry when the King of Kings and Lord Lord you are well known to lure them on the Bible when he correct us. When he took the planes up when he got in the way that we should go how do we respond how to respond. So let me ask you again is it worth it to be the disciple of Jesus Christ. Isn't moral worth it to be his disciple than to be the disciple of the greatest pianist of all time. Ladies and gentlemen the students of prong that they would be down the door to become his disciples because of who he was and what he can make them to become. We need to see through the I have faith in who Jesus is and come to understand that by His grace what we can become. Jesus says Go ye therefore and make disciples before we can make disciples we need to be disciples. Yes being a disciple requires learning. It might require some disciplinary action. It will require obedience but obedience not out of coersion but an obedience out of genuine love and this love is only developed through an abiding relationship with Jesus and this abiding relationship with Jesus requires time requires effort requires an intentional and intentionality in how we arrange our lives. And yes there is a cost. Two being the disciple of Jesus. But boy is it worth it because of who he is and who we might become. Through him. So the appeal today is very simple. How many of us today want to be disciples of Jesus mysterious in them and how many of us today want to help make others disciples of Jesus name. Let's pray Father in heaven we thank you for your word and we thank you for the promise in your word that if your words abide in us we can ask what we will and shall be done to us. Lord you have given us the commission to make disciples. The Lord today we ourselves we knew that commitment that we can be disciples of yours as well as teach us lord how to live this life of constant abiding. May our consecration be new every morning. May our devotion be constant and steadfast May our ability to see through that I have faith in your work. Rooney when we are going through the difficulties in life because we are in May we count the cost and realize that it is worth all that we have to truly be the disciples of Jesus and so our prejudice but we know it is and we ask and pray no emptiness. This media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through for. He sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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