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In His Strength

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway


  • January 1, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Heavenly Father we thank you that we can come before you this evening. We thank you for a new year that is before us. And Lord we thank you that we do not need to enter into this year on our own. We thank you that you are there that you hear us as we have heard in the song that you hear our prayers and that you know all that is before us and that you have promised to be with us even to the end of the world. Lord thank you for these promises and thank you that we can now spend a moment together in scripture and I pray that as we open your word together that you will speak in a very personal way to each person in this room and everyone that is watching the lifestyle T.V. or or later that is streaming this looking at this message. Lord may you speak to us all through your word and may we hear your voice. Personally if we pray this in Jesus' name amen. All right well let me give you a little bit of a layout where I want to be heading with you this evening and I hope you have your BY was with you I know it's a little but you know you'll be eating so perhaps some of you don't. If so just listen carefully to what I'll be reading. Basically we're going to spend our time together in three tax three passages of Scripture. And does anyone know the title of this message in his strength I heard it over there a little bit more enthusiasm is welcome in his strength and we're going to look at three passages that I believe kept to captivate this this idea that we are dependent on the God's strength the first text we're going to go to is Exodus Chapter three and we're going to look at the calling of Moses and there are incredible lessons in this passage for us today. And then we're going to fast forward and we're going to go to a text in the Book of Numbers Chapter thirteen as we look at the moment that the Hebrews are about to enter into the promised land of Canaan. And we're going to see where they failed to rely on the strength of God And then finally we're going to close off our message this evening with a passage in the book of Hebrews where the apostle Paul gives us an incredible this incredible appeal to the Christian church to rely upon the strength of Christ. So those are the three passages will be going to Exodus Chapter three The call of Moses number thirteen. The moment that the Hebrews are going to enter into the promised land and their failure to rely upon the strength of Christ and then finally this amazing appeal by the Apostle Paul in the book of Hebrews Chapter three How does that sound. You're ready for the journey. OK. To take your Bibles if you have it or your device or whatever you have or listen carefully as we move to Exodus Chapter three Exodus Chapter three and I love this passage. And as I was studying this in preparation for this message. I just felt so black I was just like I could not wait to share this message because the Lord laid it in my heart these beautiful truth and it's just like you know you just like waiting to share it with others. I was so excited about this that I couldn't even sleep last night and so I woke up this morning I was like oh man I have not slept. I drove today all the way from Norway here nine hours in the car with my little you know my little son that you know you need to stop a little bit more often when you have a baby very differently traveling with a baby and so I've had a long day and I said to Sylvia you know if tonight if this message is going to really enter into the hearts of the people the title is going to have to be a demonstration of what I have to experience in his strength. OK So Exodus Chapter three that's where we're going to start off tonight and turn to verse three and this is the calling of Moses. He is in the desert he is a shepherd. He's been a shepherd for forty years. If we go back a little bit prior to that he was a prince in Egypt. But you remember what happened. He believed that he was the Deliverer and in his own strength he slew this Egyptian taskmaster killed him. And then realize that his own life was in danger and so he fled from Egypt came into the wilderness is now it has been our shepherd for forty years and now God calls him. At the age of eighty it's never too late to work for the Lord. And so here he is at the age of eighty. And how does God appear to a burning bush. And this is where we pick up the story. Exodus Chapter Three beginning in verse three in the Bible reads. Then Moses said I will now turn aside and see this great sight why the Bush does not burn. So when the Lord saw that he turned aside to look God call to him from the midst of the bush and said Moses Moses and he said Here I am verse five. Then he said The Lord is not speaking to Moses do not drawn near this place take your sandals off your feet for the place where you stand is what you come a little bit more enthusiasm the place where you stand this holy ground that's better. You've got to encourage the speaker a man. So here he is and he's standing before this burning bush and he takes off his sandals because he realize he's in the presence of God. Now listen. A couple of significant things that are taking place here. God is about to give Moses but calling of his life to be the instrument to deliver the Hebrews out of oppression out of Egypt but is it of significance that it begins with a realisation of the presence and holiness of God Moses must realize who is there calling him the one in whose strength he is going to go forward. And so he takes off his sandals a little bit later in the story actually. He is asked to let go of his staff remember. So his sandals are front office feet and his staff is is on the ground. Now I started thinking about that isn't it interesting as a shepherd you know when you're out in the desert with sheep What are the things that protect you. From the sharp stones the snakes the Scorpions. What is it that you actually need as a protection while you need sandals on your feet and you need a staff in your hand. Isn't it interesting that God asks Moses to let go of the very things that are to protect him. And yet at the same time he is in the most safest place that he could ever be in the presence of God could be in life that sometimes we must let go of the things that we think we need in order to sustain ourselves in order to be self sufficient in order to promote ourselves in order to build our reputation could it be that sometimes the Lord asks us to let go of those things in order for our calling to be realized. Could it be that sometimes you know it's almost like the there's a desert that is called life and we go through this desert and when we start this journey you know we have our staff and we have our sandals and we you know we get this degree and we and we rub shoulders with these people and we go there and we do that and we get this interview and we get this job and we get and we make our way through life and it's all about building ourselves up and it's all in our own strength. We've got our sandals on our feet and we've got the staff in our hands and we are making our way through the desert of life and then the Lord suddenly calls us. And what does he do if that let go of that staff take off those sandals you know when you start working from go for the Lord you will find out one thing and this is a lesson that you know I'm still a young person on thirty four but ten years ago I decided to give my life to the Lord. Over the last ten years I've been travelling and preaching and teaching and doing public and Personal Evangelism. And if there's one word that could sum up the decade and that when I say that I sound very old but the ten years of ministry if it was one word that I could just sum up the experience it would be dependence dependence upon God something that I cannot do. My own strength you know. You know we like to boast about the staff we like to boast about the sandals on and the abilities that we have in the titles we have an achievement we have. But in the work of the Lord you're going to find out very quickly that it is not the qualified that are called but God is calling those that are humbly willing to be qualified in a very different kind of way a way in which they depend not upon human strength but upon a strength that comes from above. Can you say amen. So that's the first lesson I want us to grasp here in this passage Now that doesn't mean that we shouldn't qualify ourselves don't get me wrong here. We should qualify qualify ourselves for the ministry. But when we are called by the Lord we cannot rely upon our own strength. We must rely upon a strength that comes outside of us and this is illustrated so beautifully in the story. Now take notice what happens next verse six. Verse six Moreover he said the Lord speaking here to Moses I am the God of your Father the God of Abraham the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob and Moses hid his face for he was afraid to look upon God. It's almost like God is saying I've been around for a while the in the interesting thing is the word for God here the name for God in this passage is L. O. him and eval him denotes the timeless God the God that is not bound to time like you and I are you know we live in this we live in Time moves forward and moves forward very fast and we were already now entering into two thousand and fifteen. Who could ever believe that and where in time. But God is not in time as we are in time you know he can be and he can be in the future. He is in the future even the present he is not bound to time like we are and what God does here to Moses is he shows Moses who he is he is limit less. He's limitless I mean he was around when Abraham was around he was around when Isaac was. Around he was around when Jacob was around. This is the God that that has called Abraham and has a plan for the people of Israel for the Hebrews and this idea of God the greatness of God the presence of God the omniscience of God is very important for you and I when we receive our calling because it is interesting when we receive our calling It's not about us but it's about him as a man and so it's not about the greatness that we have but it's the greatness that he is. So he he shows himself as the limitless dot. Now let me ask you a question is a good news that God is almighty and Limitless is a good news yes or no. Who says yes. Who says no. Who says it depends. You've got the right answer because listen to this. We all think that you know if I say is it's a good news that there's an Almighty God Oh yes but what if that Almighty God was a dictator would that be good news. So it depends what does it depend on. It depends on the character of that god. Are you with me now the very next verse in Exodus Chapter three reveals the character of God So first he says First God comes and says OK you got to go forward in my strength take off your sandals lay down your staff. OK I'm the limitless God But let me show you my character verse seven. Look at this this is the character of God. Verse seven and the Lord said I have surely seen the oppression of my people who are in Egypt and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters for I know their sorrows. My friends here a god is on display that has empathy towards his people. Here there is a god on display that is not his not indifferent to the pain that the Hebrews are going through. Sometimes we get this picture of God that he is kind of like a a cheerleader on the side. Game and he's somewhere in the corner of the universe looking on and we are you know in this game right here. And he's kind of cheering us on come on you can do it you can do it you can do it. Bad mistake there. I hope it goes better next time. That is sometimes the picture that we maybe not even you know maybe even subconsciously we get this kind of picture that that God is far away in the corner of the universe and he's just kind of cheering us on. But the Scriptures reveal my friend that God is intimately involved in every single aspect of life. What do you say. And here in verse seven God is displaying himself as one that cares as one that is acquainted with the pain and sorrow that the Hebrews are going through and some of you tonight just need to hear this because maybe two thousand and fourteen has been a difficult year maybe two thousand and fourteen has been a year that you have had obstacles in your life and experiences in your life that you just wondered if you would make it through this year at all and you need to know tonight that God is acquainted with your grief. The Book of Psalms said it says you know David he writes and he says you have counted mighty years and they are in a bottle God knows you know when when when you cry at night and no one else sees your tears God sees them. God knows your pain. He is intimately acquainted with all of your sorrows and he is not indifferent to you but he seeks to bring restoration and healing in your life. And this is so beautifully manifested and seen in this story here in Exodus Chapter three. So let's go to verse eight then. So here God is putting his character on the splay and he wants to set the Hebrews free and listen to what he says in verse eight. Exodus chapter three verse eight. So I have come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up from the land to a good and large land to a land flowing with milk and honey to the place of the Canaanites and the head. Cites in the Amorites in the presence of pesticides and the havoc he fights and the judge decides now Therefore behold the cry of the children of Israel has come to me and I have also seen the oppression with which the Egyptians oppressed them. Now look at her stand. Come now therefore and I will send you to Pharaoh and you that you may bring my people the children of Israel out of Egypt. I just love this part because what God is doing here is that he's not asking Moses if he thinks that this is a good idea. Moses do you think that I should release the people of Israel. Now he's not asking Moses he's not even suggesting to Moses a solution what God is doing here is he's telling Moses what is going to happen before it happened. Remember he is the L. O. Him God the timeless God God here is saying to Moses This is going to happen they will come out of slavery they will possess the land of Canaan the prophetic utterance it stands against all odds remember they are a minority group that is enslaved by a mighty mighty people. This is against all odds and yet God says this. It's going to happen if we need to we need to rely more upon God's sovereignty and his prophetic utterances. If the Word of God tells us that in the last days the gospel will go into all the world. Let me tell you something my friend. It's going to happen and God is not waiting for you or for me to get our act together it's not like God is waiting all that young man if you could just just if you could just witness because I don't know how I'm going to solve the revelation. I know God is not dependent upon us. We are dependent upon him a man so we need to go forward in his strength and if we do not do the work God will raise up another generation you know the Scripture is very clear you can cause donkeys to speak crowns the stones can. Try out. God is not dependent upon us but God says to Moses and this is going to happen it's not a suggestion it's not a good advice it is a prophetic utterance by a God who never fails and he says it's going to happen and then it comes to the point I can just imagine. Sometimes you know you need to put yourself in the shoes of the person or the sandals of the person. Here Moses is hearing this message right. And you can imagine what is going through the mind of Moses all this is great God is going to do this because God so far is speaking in the first pronoun. I will I saw I know I'm going to this sounds really really good up to first hand look at verse ten because here Moses is invited into the story. Come now therefore and I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring my people the children of Israel out of Egypt. So here Moses is getting invited into the story of God I like to think of history as God's story actually in the English language it works very well. Think of it this way. History is his story and history is his story and what happens here in Exodus Chapter three is that God Almighty the writer the author of history is inviting Moses to kind of step into the story to be part of what God is doing. God is going to do it. It's in his strength. But Moses gets to play a part. He gets to enter into the story just like you and I are invited into the story when it comes to the final the final work of bringing the gospel to this world in this generation before he comes again. And so Moses invited into this story is weak and frail and stuttering and he has he just does not feel that he's ready for this great task and that's exactly what he needs to feel. Because forty years before he felt that he was ready and he wasn't. Now he feels. Those weak and frail. He he realizes his inabilities and this is exactly what is needed because now he needs to start depending upon an ability outside of himself a strength outside of himself and this is the point that God wants to bring each of us to it is very important when you look at when God calls us into something extraordinary We need to be aware of two things. Number one who is doing the inviting. Number two who is being invited. Right. Whenever something says something extraordinary is about to happen in Scripture. Remember those two things who is inviting and who is being invited. And in this story clearly God is the one that is inviting omniscient omnipresent almighty powerful limitless God is doing the inviting who is being invited. Moses frail weak stuttering. You know incapable. And yet this weak human being unites himself with the strength and almightiness of God and in that union there is something amazing that happens and that we read about in the story of Exodus this weak human vessel is used to the glory of God I love this scripture in the in the book of second Corinthians. Chapter twelve in verse nine it says this and this is God speaking to the Apostle Paul and he said to me My grace is sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in what in weakness. Isn't that amazing the strength of God is made perfect not in our strength not and our ability is not in our degrees not in our sufficiency the power of God the strength of God is made perfect where in our weakness. That's amazing that is an amazing passage and so we must have a realisation a deeper realization of our need for a strength that comes outside of ourselves. And then as it continues here in Exodus Chapter three The next thing that God does is he reveals to Moses his name and I want you to take notice of this because I think this name is something that maybe sometimes it has for many it has confused them what does it mean that God is the I am. Let's have a look at this passage. Exodus Chapter three and looking at verse thirteen verse twelve first twelve. So he said I will certainly be with you and this should be a sign that I have sent you that you should when you have brought the people out of Egypt you shall serve God in this mountain. Then Moses said to God Indeed when I come to the children of Israel and say to them the God of your fathers has sent me to you and they say to me what is his name what shall I say to them. Verse fourteen and God said to Moses I am who I am. And he said thus you shall say to the children of Israel I AM has sent me to you. So this is the name that Moses was to use. I know that God has revealed himself as I am and then just in case we think that this is something that belongs to the ancient history and that this name has no more significance for us today reversed fifteen the next verse says. Moreover God said to Moses thus you shall say to the children of Israel the Lord God of your fathers the God of Abraham the God of Isaac the God of Jacob has sent me to you. This is my name how much how long forever. This is my name forever and this is my memorial to how many generations does that include us today. So there is something significant about the name of God that is also not just significant for Moses and his calling but is also significant for our calling today in our generation. Are you with me now. Now what is the significance of the name of God The I am. Well the I Am The name comes from the Hebrew word Hajar which means to be. It denotes that there is no changing God. No variation he's the same yesterday today and forever. And it's interesting that trust is developed through consistency isn't it. I mean that the closest friendships that you have as people that are consistent. Right. God is the most consistent being in the universe. He's the I am to be very consistent. Never fails his promises always come to pass. And God reveals to his name. I am that he is on our side now. I started thinking about the significance of the name I am and I started thinking like how does that how does that relate to me today here in two thousand and fourteen. What is the name. I am say to me and then you know really I really started to see that you know what isn't even that the answer that God gives to us when we question how we're going to make it through this life. And I scribble down a couple of questions and I want to share these with you. Questions that we asked that I believe that each of us many of us have asked and how God answers those questions by revealing himself as the I am. Listen listen to this. Have you ever had the question who was on my side and then I wonder that you know in in life I feel kind of alone who is on my side and God answers. I am. Who can possibly figure out the mess of my life and got answers. I am who can forgive me of all the sins that haunt my life. I am who commend the brokenness of my life. I am who can give me hope for the future. I am who will never leave me nor forsake me. I am I'm not capable. And God answers I am. Maybe we ask the question you know what. I just need a bigger story and God says I am. Do you see how this works. God's name is the answer to our insufficiencies and our doubts and our and our struggles and our challenges and and all the the unresolved issues that we carry in our life if we bring them before God. His name is the answer and it reveals that he's on our side a man the I am and he wants to empower you and give you strength so that you can make your calling. Sure. Just as as Moses made his calling sure the whole story of the Hebrews is like this picture of a father that is guiding his children. It's an amazing picture. God is asking the Hebrews to trust him just as a child trusts a father you know as Klaus announced already this year was very special for me because this is the year that that I became a father for the first time my wife is right there in the back there's my little boy is an acute a man. And alias was born on the seventeenth of August and you know my wife and I we started ministry together already as I said about ten years ago. So we waited with kids it was a decision we made we thought you know we're we're a ministry and we traveled the world for ten years literally traveled the world. It would've been possible one telling you with a little baby but the time comes and you think you know yeah we need this experience I remember during these ten years I would travel to different places and people would tell me people would say to me you know Daniel if it ever happens in your life that you get kids you're going to understand the love of God in a whole new way. And though I somewhat believe that I also thought to myself OK how do you understand the love of God. Changing diapers you know staying awake at night because of a crying baby. You know like what how do you learn the love of God in that and I always thought it's kind of amusing you know to see. The way that parents would would speak to their little babies to their children. They speak in a very different way have even noticed that and I thought to myself you know what it would have been apparent that talk normal to my kid like you talk to no one like that when you talk to your child like that. OK confession time I do the most weird stuff. OK What do you think you know once what you have that child abuse in your arms it's just it changes everything and I can say now that yes you do feel the love of God in a way that that I didn't before and suddenly you start doing the most weird things you do actually you know watch him when he's sleeping and and you do speak in a strange way to him all because it's the something inside of you. It's just there's this love that is overflowing and this is only a shadow of the love of God towards us. Can you imagine what a beautiful beautiful trees we have in Scripture that God the I Am is our heavenly Father Amen. And so we have the story here of of Moses and he and he goes forth and he goes we know the story he goes into Egypt and the Lord works miracles through Moses and the people are led out and they pass through the Red Sea and they come to the Mount Sinai they receive the law of God manifolds from heaven. Miracles are wrought. And now that we are fast forwarding the story here and now they have come to the borders of Canaan. They come to the borders of Canaan and before the entrance you came and what happens they send twelve spies into the land remember. So the twelve spies going to the land are going to check out the land to make sure that you know they are ready to enter into this land and the twelve spies come back and ten of the spies have a report that you know what this is not a good scene. We're not going to be able to conquer this land there are giants in this land. And then there are two. Do Joshua and Caleb that have a very different testimony a very different report. I want to take you through this passage because this is so powerful. We have seen an Exodus Chapter three. What it means to trust in the strength of God Moses did that and therefore Moses was the vessel that God used to bring them out of Egypt. Now we fast forward the story now we're on the borders of the promised land and we're going to look at an example of what happens when we do not trust in the strength of God but rather trust in our own strength to turn to the Book of Numbers here in the Book of Exodus turned to the Book of Numbers Chapter thirteen Numbers Chapter thirteen. And I want you to take notice here Numbers Chapter thirteen and verse thirty. And here Caleb is speaking to the people. Listen to what he says I love this. This is the enthusiasm that we need today. Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses and said Let us go up at once and take possession for we are well able to overcome it. And he says like let's not wait we can do it and we can do it right now. But then verse thirty one but the man who had gone up with him those of the other ten spies said we are not able to go up against the people for they are what stronger than we are and they gave the children of Israel a bad report of the land which they had spied out saying the land through which we have gone as spies is a land that devours its inhabitants and all the people whom we saw in it are men of great statue. Therefore we saw the Giants the descendants of Anak come from the Giants and we were like grasshoppers in our own site and so we were in their sight. Two reports twelve spies two spies Caleb and Joshua give a good report and say you know what we can go into this land God is on our side. The strength of God is with us let's go. Let's not wait till tomorrow let's go now. Their hair done. We can do it we can do it in the strength of God and then you have ten spies that say you know what this is impossible. There are giants in that land. We're like grasshoppers. We're just going to get eaten up. It's impossible. We cannot do this. Let me tell you something within our church today you will always hear these two voices. I've been to many different churches and I've done a lot of different evangelistic efforts and and I've always heard these two voices there will always be people that will say hey let's do it let's do it now. And there will always be people that say it can't be done we've tried it. People are not interested in the Bible anymore. People are going to come to a public evangelistic meeting people are not going to they don't want to hear about religion they don't want to hear about the Bible they don't want to hear about Jesus people are too secular. The world is too materialistic. There is so much humanism. It's just not possible you will always hear these two voices now I am encouraged to see that within my beloved Church there's a growing amount of people that understand that at the core of being a disciple of Jesus it means to share him. A man and that's a good thing to see. And yet we hear these two voices not always all a bull by the way. Sometimes we hear these two voices only by action but they are there and we must make a decision for ourselves which report do we believe. And you know what I find very interesting take notice of this. What we see here happening is that the ten spies they are exaggerating the picture now get this they are exaggerating the picture. Do you really think that in the land of Canaan the people were four times the size of the Hebrews do you really think that like like come on. Who's the tallest guy in the room here. You know maybe who. OK We have some tall person you know maybe the tallest person here. Maybe they were like that OK. Maybe they were like they were like this but you know the picture that they are giving they are saying like they are giants and we're like grasshoppers is an exaggeration. In order to push the agenda of no evangelism let me tell you something that is the same thing that is happening today. I believe that that the voices that are heard that the world cannot be reached because it's too secular too materialistic too much humanism too much science that denies the Bible. I believe that these are made out to be giants of great statue when in reality they are not are you with me now. Now I'm not saying that the obstacles are easy I'm not saying that we are facing a world today that is that is easily conquered with the Gospel that's not what I'm saying but what I do believe is that the same tactic that was being used for thousands of years ago is the same voice that we're hearing many times with in churches today. And exaggeration that it's not possible to share Christ in this post modern world and exaggeration that that it's just that people just don't want to hear it. But let me tell you something the Bible tells me in Ecclesiastes chapter three in verse eleven that God has placed eternity within the heart of every man a man. In the heart of every man there is a longing that only God can fill. And God has placed that longing there and he can only fill it and he's asking you and I to go forth by faith to share the gospel so that people can find their savior so that they can realize what they were actually created to be. So let's not make the Giants bigger than they are. As a matter fact go to go to numbers up to fourteen. I love this part this passage. Listen to what Caleb and Joshua tell the people where in Numbers Chapter fourteen. And look at verse seven. And they spoke to all the congregation of the children of Israel saying the land we passed through to spy out is in. Exceedingly what good land. If the Lord delights in us then he will bring us into this land and give it to us a land which flows with milk and honey. Now look at her snide this is so powerful only do not rebel against the Lord nor fear the people of the land for they are our bread. Why do different report write the one report just like we are grasshoppers they are giants and the other reporters you know what they are our bread and look at what he says here in verse in the next and the next part of the verse. They are our bread their protection has departed from them. My friends. What if we started to believe that the Holy Spirit is so powerful that he can actually remove the protections of humanism and secularism and materialism and science so-called science. What if God can remove those those protections through the Holy Spirit so that when we witness the Holy Spirit has already been at work and these people are bread a man we got to believe that that's the good report. Or are you going to are you going to go out and we're going to have outreach right I'm going to have wonderful outreach here I hope everyone's going to join. Are you going to go out when you go into the streets of Malmo. Are you are you going out as a grasshopper amongst the Giants or are you going out like these guys are bred. They come on let's go out let's let's just conquer Let's come to because we must start believing that Jesus Christ is more contagious than this world. You know I love this passage in the book of Matthew chapter eight And Jesus comes down from the from the Sermon on the Mount and as he comes down to the base of the mountain there is a person that is that has leprosy. Now when you read the Old Testament about leprosy there are a lot of a lot of rules regarding regulations and rituals regarding people that have leprosy. They are declared to be unclean there's a lot of scriptures in the Bible about you know how they were to deal with the unclean because the unclean what it touches. Something that is clean what happens to that which is touched that is clean it becomes unclean. You know my wife and I we have a garden at home in Norway. We live in the countryside we have a garden. We harvest our potatoes. I can tell you that it has never happened that a rotten potato becomes a good potato because it is together in a bag with good potatoes. If I have a good apple and a bad apple and I put them in the same bag the same bag. The good Apple is going to become bad in other words it is it is a law of nature and it is also outlined within the Old Testament that always the unclean always makes the clean unclean. Are you with me. So here this is powerful. Jesus comes along and he breaks the cycle can you say man here is a leper and he is unclean and what does Jesus do he could have spoken and healed him because on many occasions that's exactly what he did but he chooses to touch the person with leprosy and the clean heals the unclean. Jesus is more contagious than this world what do you say. And what if we start believing that as we go into the dark contaminated places of this Arthur. What if we start believing that Jesus is more contagious. What if we start believing that the Giants are no giants they are bred. What if we start believing the good report that there was a land that is waiting for us and we can go not tomorrow but today. Because God is waiting for a generation that will rise up. My friends we are on the borders of the heavenly Canaan and let me tell you something you can already learn what that heavenly land is like. Read the last two chapters in the Bible and you will find out it's a good land. It's a very good land and it is waiting for us. And yes there are giants Yes there are obstacles. No one's going to deny that. But my friends in the power of God with the strength of Christ there is a healing power in Jesus Christ what do you say. And when Jesus Christ touches a life that is unclean it becomes clean. And when Jesus touches a soul that is broken. So it becomes healed and when Jesus speaks into the life of someone that is in distress and sorrowful there is joy and healing and restoration that takes place and God is waiting for a generation that will believe the good report. My friends you know what happened to the people of Israel. They believe the report of the ten spies and what happened is they had to go back into the wilderness for forty years. Do you want another E.S.I. convention forty years ago. Do you want do you want my son to be the preacher here in twenty years. I mean I would love him to grow up and be a preacher but I would rather that we go to heaven before that time and then I mean what are we waiting for. Let's go into the land in closing. Hebrews Chapter three this is our closing passage as we wrap up our time together. Go to he was Chapter three The great call of the Apostle Paul to us and I believe this is an appropriate passage for us to close with Hebrews chapter three and what Paul is doing here the Apostle Paul as he's referring back to the experience in the wilderness and he's now appealing to the Christian church this is the first century. But this appeal is just as much for us in two thousand and fourteen or two thousand and fifteen as I speak Hebrew Chapter Three beginning in verse twelve. Look at what it says. B. where brother and lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God but exhort one another daily while this call today lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin for we have become partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence past till the end which it is said while it is said verse fifteen today if you will hear his voice do not harden. Your heart as in the rebellion and look at the last verse verse nineteen. So we see that they could not enter because of what unbelief. It's pretty clear friends what prohibited the Hebrews from entering into Canaan was unbelief and I believe that as we look at our lives today I believe that your problems that you're facing and the problems I'm facing and and the struggles that I'm facing the struggles you are facing the sins that we that we are struggling with. I think if we could all sum them up in one word it would be and believe this is what we are dealing with today we are on the borders of the heavenly kingdom and we are struggling with belief. It's the problem of this generation. We don't believe in the promises of God and sometimes we say we do but but in reality my friends we need to be born again born again so that we take the word of God as it is and we say I believe that I want to live by it. I want to step in. I didn't say I want to share Christ because I believe that there is a good land that is waiting. I believe that there's a world waiting that with it will be no sorrow no pain struggle no sin but in order for that world to come. The world must first hear the Gospel and we each have a part to play in this story. And so tonight my friends my appeal is very simple as we enter into two thousand and fifteen. Which voice do you want to listen to. Which report are you going to believe I'm going to leave the record that it can't be done. Do you want to be another forty years in this world or are you going to believe the report that we can enter in and it can be done right. Yes there are giants Yes there are obstacles. Yes there are difficulties no one denies that. But what might that my friends in the power of Christ. All things are possible and in the power of Christ that which he possesses more contagious than the things of this world. So my appeal is very simple tonight how many of you tonight want to say you know Count me and I believe the good report in that if you believe a good report just raise your hand right now. I believe the good report. Praise the Lord this is wonderful to see all these and it's my prayer my friends that it will not just be a theory that we believe but the rule by which we live our lives as we wake up in the morning we say I believe the good reform and I believe that God has a call upon my life and I believe that I can accomplish that call in his strength cannot do it by ourselves my friend let go of that staff put off those sandals and rely upon the power of God What do you say and do the work that God has placed before you. Let us pray in closing that the Lord will give us that strength that we so desperately need. Oh gracious Heavenly Father I thank you so much for your word. I thank you so much Lord for the call of Moses that is speaking to us even today in two thousand and fourteen. And I thank you Lord for the admonition of Paul not to wait not to put things off but to believe and to press on in faith and Lord tonight we want to say to you that we believe the good report we see what happened to ancient Israel. But what we do not want to repeat that mistake. What we want to see you come very soon as we enter into two thousand and fifteen Lord we say we want to say together here we are send us here am I Send me Lord please work in our lives infuse us with your power and with your spirit. We cannot live without you Lord and we cannot share Christ without the end when the power of the Holy Spirit and so I pray that we may make room for your spirit to work and we thank you Lord that you've brought us to this place and that together we can unite at least say we believe the good report and I pray that you will work in the lives of every single person that is in this room and that listens to this message. May you be very present and may your spirit abundantly work and that at the end of this year and we may look back in that we can say our history is indeed his story. We asked Jesus in this media was brought to you by Adil perhaps a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about all of us if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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