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1. How to Study the Bible

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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I'm going to have and we thank you so much for the privilege of being here tonight. We're about to open your Holy Word and we need the help of your Holy Spirit. We realize Lord that the Holy Spirit gave the Bible and only the Holy Spirit can come to explain it to us and give us open minds. Give us tender hearts and help us lord to hear your voice. We thank you for hearing our prayer. Because we ask it in Jesus' name amen. OK I'd like to invite you to turn to Lesson number one and we're going to go through the process of how we're going to study these lessons and I'm going to take this microphone out of here because I feel like a lion in a cage. I've got among those of you who know me know that I have to. OK lesson number one is titled How to study Bible prophecy and basically I'm going to go through the sections of the lesson some of the texts I'm going to ask you want to look up and help us read and some of the text I'm just going to tell you what you need to put in the blank of then I hope that tomorrow at your leisure or tonight when you get home you'll check it out to make sure that the answer I provided you with is the correct answer. One of the reasons why we're doing it this way and giving you the lessons is because I do not want you to believe what I say I want you to believe what you study for yourself. There's no hidden agenda in this seminar. We're not trying to convert you to anything. All we're interested in is studying these prophecies so that we can better prepare for the coming of our Lord Jesus and so you know we want you to take these lessons home and prepare them. Study them and that way when you come to class you'll have a clearer picture of why. You're going to be studying. OK The first section of our lesson deals with the person of prophecy that somebody want to turn to John Chapter five in verses forty five and forty six and read those verses for me and then somebody read Revelation chapter one and verse one. Please raise your hand if you're a good volunteer and you need to read with a strong voice like those three angels of Revelation fourteen. OK Bible prophecy is not about voracious beasts mysterious numbers and cryptic symbols. Prophecy is a revelation of Jesus Christ. Now it was only now would you put it please read John five verses forty five and forty six here Jesus is speaking these words to the Jewish leaders of his day. You know the odd one me. About whom did Moses write he wrote about Jesus. Now wait a minute more than one thousand five hundred years before Christ was born. So did most of them a lot of prophecies about Jesus. Yes he did attack Moser's everything he wrote was about Jesus all his prophecies have to do with Jesus. Now let me mention Luke Chapter twenty four just to give you a little bit of background. It's interesting tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday isn't it. And what I'm going to mention to you now is happening on Resurrection Sunday the day after Christ rested in the two there were two disciples that were walking to a little town near Jerusalem the name of that town was emails and they were all the jack. These were Jews they'd studied the scriptures they knew prophecy they thought they knew prophecy and they were all dejected because they said to one another you know we thought this man was going to be the one who would redeem Israel and now it's the third day since he was killed. And as they were walking along Jesus called up to them and he started walking and talking with them and as Jesus talked to them they discovered the reason why they had studied all of these prophecies and had not understood them. I want you to notice Luke Chapter twenty four and verses twenty five to twenty seven who would like to read Luke Chapter four twenty five to twenty seven and notice what Jesus says to these two disciples. By the way they were students of prophecy they were Jews they thought they know when if I was going to comment what he was going to look like and what he was going to do. But they were caught off guard who would like to read Luke. Yes please brother. Twenty five to twenty seven. All right all right Henri. Well and all of us all those learned OK now what they do is a sight to lease an image as he called them which because they did not believe what it says beginning at Moses and from some of the prophets. Thank you very much you'll find that I'll say things wrongly once in a while because I want you to correct me and found other puppets he corrected them in. Then all of the Scriptures the things concerning himself. Let me ask you who is at the center of the writings of Moses who is at the center of the writings of all the prophets Jesus who is at the center of the Book of Psalms Jesus not us verse forty four and forty five who would like to read verses forty four and forty five. Yes please. Real loud and he said he are you. I only mean that you can't say that all the things that were written in Morse's and in the parapets and where else in the Psalms concerning woe concerning me Jesus is. So who is at the center of the Book of Psalms. Jesus in fact we're going to find in this seminar that there is not one single story not one single page of the Old Testament that is not a prophecy about Jesus. Jesus is the center the center is not some battle in the Middle East the center is not the oil of the Middle East the center has nothing to do with any of these side issues. The center and core of Bible prophecy is Jesus. Now the third question in this section Revelation one verse one we find that the Book of Revelation is the revelation of whom Revelation of Jesus Christ through revelation isn't about seals and beasts and mysterious numbers and horns and pans and all of these things. The center of Revelation is home Jesus because it is a revelation of Jesus Christ. So in this seminar we must find Jesus in all. His Glory in the prophecies. And that's what we're going to do. Let's go to the second section of our lesson the reasons for prophecy and obviously we're not going to be able to read all of these verses but I'm going to basically tell you what the verses say and you can fill in the blanks. John fourteen verse twenty nine Jesus told the disciples that he would tell them beforehand what was going to happen so that when it happened they might what they might believe. So what is one of the purposes of prophecy. One of the purposes is that when the prophecy is fulfilled people will what people will believe that it was a prophecy from God That's one of the reasons we're going to study the prophecies here is because we want to see how prophecy has been fulfilled and you'll say wow look at it. God said these things to us prophets hundreds and thousands of years ago. And look it's happened exactly the way God said so the purpose of prophecy. One of the purposes is so that when things occur we might believe. Second Peter one nineteen the second verse in this section but she was given so that the Morning Star might arise in our hearts. Where is the morning star you want to write down this verse it's not in your letter and write it down. Revelation twenty two over sixty. Jesus says that he is the Bright and Morning Star. So I purposely has the purpose of the morning star are rising in our hearts. It must mean that the Bible as a prophecy is for Jesus to be where we are by Jesus to shine in our hearts. So that Jesus will shine in our hearts. ROMANS pectin verse four tells us that property was given so that we might have hope. In fact you know what the Second Coming is called in Titus chapter two and verse thirteen. It's called the blessed said oh and by the way biblical hope is not wishful thinking like same is days ago is not well I hope though that now that Mikel hope then legal hope means that it's firmly rooted in what God says yes I linked Romans fifteen and verse four. Revelation twenty two verse sixteen. Oh God Titus two verse thirteen do you have a look at your work. OK So when we study pompously what do we get up we get hope. Jesus shines where you know and when the prophecy is fulfilled we what we believe. See all the reasons for privacy but the primary purpose spokes for Bible prophecy is in John five thirty nine where Jesus says you search the Scriptures. He's telling the Jewish leaders you search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life and they are they which testify of me what is the main purpose for studying Bible prophecy for studying the scriptures. It's to receive what eternal life in other words the purpose of our study of Bible prophecy here tonight is not academic. It's not so that we could learn a lot about Bible prophecy. It's not to satisfy a futuristic curiosity. The purpose of studying Bible prophecy is so that Jesus can shine in our hearts. So that we can have hope so that we might believe and alternately so that we can receive everlasting life. So the study of Bible prophecy obviously is of critical importance. Now let's talk about the methods of prophecy the methods of prophecy. There are five points under this section that I want to deal with. Point number one when you're going to study prophecy you have to have certain methods that you use. You know even in science you have what is called the scientific method right there are certain rules that you have to follow when you do research there are certain scientific laws that you have to take into account well. Bible prophecy is the same one of the problems that we have in the Christian world today is that impeach or stand up and they say What do you think that the image to the beast means all I mean is that a big statue is going to be made over there in the Middle East and everybody's got a bow down and worship that great big statue. Well it sounds interesting but is that what the Bible is really saying. Another person will say you know there's this red beast discarded colored beast in Revelation Chapter seventeen. Well that must be communism because the color of communism is red. That's sounds plausible sounds interesting but don't you think I'm going to let the Bible tell you what Red means instead of letting the communist tell you something about say one of the big battle is going to be on the Middle East over oil and the question is is that what the Bible is really saying when we don't apply rules that the Bible itself provides for interpreting Bible prophecy. We might come to wrong conclusions in the study of prophecy and so we need to take into account these rules. Now let's go to rule number one determine the type of purpose. See in the Bible there are two basic kinds of prophecy. One kind is called classical prophecy and I'm just going to read the note and then I'm going to exemplify it. The first type is classical prophecy and it's like I see in Jeremiah or knee or a back up or any of the minor prophets and the second type is apocalyptic prophecy such as Daniel and Revelation. Classical prophecy generally and exceptions functions on the basis of historical shadow which points forward to a greater fulfillment. Now let me give you one example it's not there will be talking in a moment about bail and you have a bell. Let me give you a biblical example bangle chapter three. If you're not really well versed in the stories of the Bible you need to write down Daniel Chapter three. Look it up and read it at your leisure. Chapter three The Bible tells us that never can as a rave the gigantic image made of gold. He gave a decree that everyone should worship the image and by the way and then we can have her for a while bunch and I have a beef with me. For those of you who know the Book of Daniel was he ate grass for seven years remember God said I'm going to give you a heart of a beast and you're going to live like a beast so I hear you have never you can answer the beast grazing an image commanding everyone to worship the image and whatever I did not worship the image would be what I would be killed. Can you think of any place in the Bible where that story is picked up in the future. Both of you work study Bible prophecy in Revelation thirteen it speaks about the beast and his image and it commands everyone to worship the image to the beast and whoever does not worship. These will be what killed. But it has that story. Only a small scale illustration of a future greater fulfillment. Yes So classical prophecy functions on the basis of a historical occurrence that took place in history and that it was picked up by later prophets Daniel revelation and those later prophets show that that prophecy is going to be fulfilled on a larger world wide scale. Indian time. I understand what we mean by classical problems. Now the second kind of prophecy is called apocalyptic prophecy. These properties nor never will build back in the days when they were given and they are strictly peer or prophecy. There's not a historical occurrence that takes place on a wider scale in the future. These apocalyptic prophecies are for example Daniel Chapter two. We're going to study that in Lesson Number four the great image of not you can is or had a head of gold. Dressed in arms not silver belly of bronze legs of iron feet of iron and clay that prophecy was not fulfilled in the days of never began to be fulfilled back then but really is a prophecy that there is a P.R. prophecy that deals with events which will eat up even to the end time the second coming of Jesus Christ. I understand what I'm saying. So in other words we need to determine what kind of prophecy we're dealing with here. And Daniel three is only one example of this. Now let's go to Point number two point number one clear. Yes raise your hand and point number one is clear in your mind the difference between classical prophecy and apocalyptic Bodley let me ask you is it important then to study. History let me give you one other example just to make sure you have this point down clear and to that you have to give me an extra five minutes because we started late. Now the story of Elijah in the Old Testament. Let that story take place. Historically did it happen. Back then in the Old Testament there was a real woman woman called Jazz of the world are real prophets of bail was a real king I have. Yes but you know that Malakai chapter four and by the way this is happening three hundred years after jazz a bell and you have and the prophets of Bill had died. God says I'm going to send you Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord and long behold in the New Testament before Jesus comes who prepares the way for the coming of Jesus. A man called John the Baptist. Do you know what Jesus called John the Baptist and Elijah thought that was the historic Alija have a future problem. Yes but you notice that John the Baptist is not the fault of the moment of Elijah because the prophecy in the Old Testament says that he will send Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord. Now just before the Second Coming of Christ what we're expecting Lige again but the endtime Elijah is not going to be one person it is going to be a worldwide movement that proclaims the same message that Elijah preached. Because what took place in a small scale in the Old Testament is going to take place on a larger scale in the future. That's classical prophecy. Now let's go to Point number two. Pray for understanding come to the study a proper scene with an open mind and a sincere heart tried. Just set aside preconceived notions and that's so hard isn't it. Authentic an aside our preconceived notions that we receive maybe through years and years of teaching and training. Try to set aside your preconceived notions and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart. Be willing to exercise childlike faith not of that childish childlike faith. As you study the prophecies you know childlike faith is beautiful you know when you when you tell for example children the story of the story of Noah and the flood. No child isn't going to say now do you really believe in a fire biblically possible it would rain when it never rains. Everyone who wants to say that I haven't looked at young men were cast into the fiery furnace. Have you ever heard children say now how they survived that fire when scientifically you know it's absurd. If you're thrown into the fire you're going to get burned up. Never had a child asked that question. No when you tell the children these stories they simply say wow what a wonderful God but as we get older and sophisticated we think we're smarter than God. You'll find one thing in this seminar I believe that the Bible is literally true and I believe the stories actually took place all of the Jonah in the whale. Although the Bible says it was a big fish fire that came down from heaven in the days of Elijah the flood creation. I believe all of these are literal stories. Now let's continue here when we come with childlike faith to the prophecies that all the Spirit who inspired the prophecies in the first place will explain them to us. Always be willing to obey that which the Holy Spirit reveals. Do you know the Bible says that if you're not willing to obey God will not show you the truth because what use is it for God to show you the truth and you say Thank You know that beautiful part and not do anything about it. So the purpose of the Bible is to transform and change our light. It's to lead us to obedience to God's will. Now let's answer these questions very quickly here. Under this point number two no prophecy of scripture is of any what private interpretation and by the way in the Greek language it says no prophecy is of any personnel solving or loosing. See in order to talk about privacy it's kind of like it's it's bound and by your study you have to right you have to loosen it. So what does that mean that no prophecy if there is of any personal or private interpretation it means that somebody can't simply say who is the beast. Oh Saddam Hussein. There's a lot of that going around these days. They say you know what is the number six hundred sixty six. Oh that's a number that Nero had you have to allow the Bible to explain itself private interpretations of those interpretations that people give they say this means this and they're not able to give you any biblical rationale where the Bible explains that that the Bible has to tell us why these things mean sole insole. Now second Timothy three sixteen and seventy tell us tells us that all Scripture was given by what by inspiration of God So in other words who gave scripture God and so on is the only one. That can come and explain it to us God And that's the reason why we do what when we start the class we pray do you realize that when we pray we are confessing to God that we're ignorant and we need his wisdom. If we thought we knew it all we would need to pray at the fact that we pray means that we need God's wisdom we need God's understanding and then Jesus as in John seven seventeen if we are willing to do his will we will know whether the doctrine is of God or not. So if you want to know if something is true you have to be willing to do his work. You have to be willing to do His will. Point number three. Use the historical approach. Now what do we mean by this. Let's read the note. The fulfillment of apocalyptic prophecies begins in the days when the prophet wrote and concludes when Christ finally sets up his everlasting kingdom. In other words we're talking about apocalyptic prophecy apocalyptic prophecies are like a chain with links. The fulfillment of those promises begin when they begin fulfilling fulfilling in the days when the prophet wrote and then from that point on the prophecy continuously fulfills fulfills vocals in a straight line and it ultimately culminates with the setting up of Christ everlasting kingdom. Now let me give you an example in the Bible of this type of prophecy you have the image of Daniel Chapter two we're going to study this in more detail. You have the hand of God What was the head of gold represent BABYLON What Kingdom did Daniel live in balance so where does Daniel to begin to fulfill. Where does it start in the days of Daniel Pearl. And then you have a breath in arms over what Kingdom is that middle closure which came after about one immediately after that you have a leopard without a leopard but you have the bronze. What does that represent. Rates and then after that you have the legs a wire and what does that represent a row and then in the feed room is what divided and then a big stone hits the image in the feet and established as God's everlasting kingdom. When did the prophecy began when the fulfillment of this problem began in the days of Daniel. When did it and were setting up a Christ kingdom you know what the beauty of this type of interpretation is you know exactly where you are at each moment in the flow of history you know where we're at now we're at the very close of the image because Babylon Mido Persia Greece the Roman Empire and the ten divisions of Rome. Have taken place we are now in the tolls of the and want to study this in Lesson Number four. But what I want you to see now is that in order to understand these great prophecies a very new revelation we have to realize that they begin fulfilling when when the puppet writes and then they continuously pople in sequence culminating with the establishing of Christ everlasting kingdom. Are you clear on that point let me give you one other example it's here in the last one. Where does the Book of Revelation begin in Daniel and Revelation Chapter one. Where is John on the isle Patmos So where does the Book of Revelation start that starts in John's day. Well the seven churches really seven churches of the days of John. Yes yes they were. Little historical churches. Yes So the message is already and we went to seven literal churches. So the Book of Revelation begins in the times of John. Word of The Book of Revelation and it ends in heaven after the thousand years of the New Jerusalem comes down and Jesus sets up is what his everlasting kingdom. So in other words what I'm saying is that these great prophecies of Daniel revelation need to be studied from the perspective of the fact that they began to fulfill in the days when the puppet is writing and they finally failed after a long sequence of events with the setting up of Christ's everlasting kingdom. This is called the historical approach to Bible prophecy. And then of course you'll notice that the second question in this section at what point in history do the seven churches begin. Well you already know that they began with the time of John but if you look at the last verse of the seven churches. Revelation three twenty one when the church has come to an end. Jesus says that He who overcomes I will grant to sit on my throne even as I overcame and sat on my father's throne. So how do the seven churches and they end by God's people sitting where I'm God's little. Where did they begin. In the times of John and the beauty of it is that we can know exactly where we are in the course of history as we see how things flow how things move from the time of the Prophet till the very end of time. Now let's go to point number four that clear number three is that clear. Raise your hand if you understand that point the historical approach to Bible prophecy. Come on don't be lazy right. Good you're writing. OK point number four. Learn to decipher symbols. Learn to decipher symbols. What do you mean by symbols. One of the problems that we have in the study of Bible prophecy is that Bible prophecy uses what I call dead symbols and you probably don't like that name dead simple so let me explain what it means. Most of the symbols are revelation. We no longer understand because we don't use them anymore. Do you have for example if you told if you spoke to someone in biblical times and you mentioned in purposely least what would they think immediately. We're going to be just like a lion beast of Daniel seven no bear Beast Why would they think that the beast represented me you know they would know that the beast wasn't a literal animal they would immediately think whenever I find based it means what kingdom do you follow me. Now a lot of our own poverty says woman to it you already know this. Has the church a woman. Yes but church literally a woman I know but but the church is finalized by a woman. Are you following me. Now what about a P.R. woman what would that represent up your church what if it's a harlot woman. It would represent an apostate church. You have me take another example Revelation seventeen speaks about this harlot which would represent what an apostate church. And it says that the heart of this city is seated on many waters. Well I guess you have to look geographically to find somewhere or some place where they have this woman sitting on it now what do the waters represent symbolically they represent a multitude of nations tongues and peoples Revelation seventeen says that So whenever in prophecy you find wires immediately the Hebrew mind. Back then they wouldn't even have to look in the Bible in other verses to know what it means because they immediately know someone's word alive because they were still used at that time. Are you with me. They're dead symbols today because we don't use them anymore and so we have to go to the Bible and we have to rescue their meaning for example if one prophecy speaks about a star. Immediately what would the people back then think. Stars are angels. Stars represent angels. What will they think of if you talk talk for example about weeks seventy weeks. Well it doesn't take much intelligence to figure out that seventy weeks is the period of time that what transpired between not giving the decree to rebuild Jerusalem which happened in four fifty seven B.C. by the way and the coming or the anointing of the Messiah the baptism of the Messiah. It says that there would be actually sixty nine weeks from the time of the giving of the decree until the coming of the Messiah. Now it says seventy weeks will be determined sixty nine of which will need from the time that the decree was given to rebuild Jerusalem and when the Messiah would come when Jesus actually was baptized you would have four hundred eighty three days or sixty nine weeks. Now let me ask you I was literal weeks. Can they be literal weeks. No how many how many years are four hundred an hour actually sixty nine weeks. How many literal years are sixty nine weeks. Well yeah how many weeks. Fifty two and we're talking about sixty nine so it would be what year a year and change. Thank you. Idea and change is that taking the seventy weeks literally is that longer not to take us one for fifty seven before the birth of Christ to the baptism of Christ. No so the weeks the days of the week must represent what we must represent years. And in Biblical times whenever I'm talking to you said today immediately the minds of people would say what yours because you're dealing with symbols. By the way do we use symbols today. We say for example dead as a doornail. People aren't born else we say easy as pie. That's symbolic language. I've never found out what it is as easy as pie and Either way I don't know what's easy about pie. Never been able to figure it out but it's a simple sign language is a symbol for example. Many times you did like this is best here earlier. Remember the times if you did this what would they get all of it. In biblical times there was this guy I do not know what he was the symbol today what does it mean you know what that means in sign language. See now this is not love it symbolizes love are you with me and that's the way bible symbols are you have to decode them you have to decide for them. Now let me mention to you how you can decipher symbols you'll find in your material. Are sheep the looks different than the rest. On one side. You'll find some strange Hebrew words then on the other side you will find Revelation Chapter fifteen. Yeah they're there. What I'm going to share with you now is an incredible key for you to be able understand Bible symbols if you can understand the symbols you can understand part of the book. If you can decode the symbols and decipher the symbols you've got the key that opens the boxes if you don't know a lot of the cyber symbols your site because you can take things literally. Obviously the woman who's standing on the mourners clothed with the sun has a crown of twelve stars and the dragon they want to gobble up a child you can't take that literally because there's no such thing in real life. Aha It was stated on many waters and she has this great big couple wine that is given to all of the nations of the world you can't take that literally you're dealing with symbols and so you have to know how what the what the harlot means not the law. How does mean what the wind means what the Cup means you have to decipher the symbols and then put them all together and suddenly things will make a lot of sense. Now what you need to have in let's go to the slide works as well as in chapter fifteen. Some Bibles and you need to get yourself a Bible Belt seminar Bible does not have this have what you call marginal references you see the middle of the page a column in the middle as you read. Let's take an example revelation fifteen and verse three. You'll find next to where it says the song a little letter it's a letter any letter A tell you. It says go to the middle column. And where does that tell you to read Exodus Chapter fifteen and one hundred twenty one because it says. Here they sing the song of Moses the servant of God and the song of the Lamb. So if it says the son of laws or do you suppose it might be a good idea to go to the Old Testament and read the saga Moses must have some relationship here of course so that my original back and says he will tell you where to find that symbol in its original context. Now you follow me now there's a second method there that can help you determine the meanings of symbols and that is you have a Bible concordance with a concordance you know what a concordance is I personally prefer Strong's Concordance. You know there's three main ones crudeness is for the crude and Young is for the young and strong despite the strong and so I like Swanson cards because I. Like no way that you did it gives you to find words and the definition is that it gives you the back. But anyway you find on the other page the word song and all go up and says in the Bible where the word song is used. Do you think it might help you to understand the song if you looked up all of the references in the Bible. Oh commanders and then you'll notice that next to this is Strong's Concordance. When you look at the word song Exodus Chapter fifteen in verse one you'll notice that I have the number seventy eight ninety two on the right hand side you see that. What does that what does that tell you. See you'll find that when you're looking at the word song it will give you that number and that number is telling you that you're supposed to go to the back of the concordance and you're supposed to look up that number and that number will give you the definition of the word in Hebrew. I'm going to stand it. And when you look up the number seventy eight ninety two you find that the word song is she there. Which basically means singing musical. It gives you several different definitions depending on the word that you're looking up and by the way you can look up all of the references in the Old Testament that use this specific word song because there are different words in the Old Testament that are translated song but you want to look up especially the words that where the word song is used that you're referring to at the moment but your study I follow me. So what you want to do is you want to get yourself a good concordance a good Bible with marginal references and mark up those marginal references because they're going to help you a lot to be able to understand symbols. Now we don't. Don't have any time left so let me just go through one or two things. In closing you understand this issue about symbols. I'm going to be applying these principles time and again in this seminar. We need to know how to apply these principles. You'll notice on page three we dealt with several of these. I hope you look at Bob and we in privacy when you have the word B.S. That means a kingdom. When you have waters and needs multitudes of people when you have a woman it means the church trees represent God's people are like trees planted next to flowing waters coordinates our one week days represent what years the served. And this ain't really a serpent snake. No he's represented by a snake because the snake is similar to Satan in many ways and vice versa. Stars would represent what angels know letter B. symbols don't always have the same meaning in other words they're liquid. Sometimes a star can represent Christ sometime it can represent Satan and sometimes they can represent angels you need to know that symbols are flexible and you have to analyze them within their context. Now let's go to page for what you have decoded the meaning of each symbol in the passage then put them all together. Remember each symbol is merely one piece in a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. The purpose of study is not merely to decipher individual symbols but to see how they all fit together in a harmonious whole. Once you have put all the pieces together you will be able to understand God's message as he wants to teach through that passage. The final point that I want to cover is point number five study the organizational organizational pattern of the passage of book this is where many people fail in their study of prophecy they don't see how. Now the blow up or how the passage is structured in what I want to do is I want to give you homework for tomorrow. Read this section go through it research it and we'll come back to this tomorrow night that will be the first thing that will deal with them our night how to study the organizational pattern of prophecy and I think you'll be able to understand this that prophecy moves in cycles. You know you can't say I want to I'm wondering what's going to happen in the end time so I'm going to start a Revelation chapter one verse one and I'm just going to read everything and it's going to show me the whole sequence of end time events from beginning to end. It doesn't work that way because the Book of Revelation functions in cycles the churches are repeated in the SEALs the seals are repeated in the trumpets the last half of the book runs in cycles. It repeats the same material over and over again just like Daniel Daniel two is repeated in Daniel seven Daniel seven is repeated in Daniel eight and nine. Daniel eight and nine is repeated in Daniel eleven. In other words you can't read the prophecies in linear fashion you have to realize that they run in cycles. So I give you this as homework. Now let's go to our quiz. Very quickly. I'll make the first one easy. True or False and you have to detect a shock. Question number one Don't forget to put your name on the envelope please put your name on the envelope first thing. Draw or false the primary purpose of prophecy is to let us know what is coming in the future. Two roles the primary purpose of privacy is to let us know what is coming in the future. Don't answer audibly. Number two true or false. Star in the Bible. Always. This is a symbol of Christ a star in the Bible is always a symbol of Christ. Number three in the blank. What does a beast represent in prophecy. When you find beast rather be a lion a bear a leopard a parable nondescript beast a beast that comes from the air. When you find the word beast immediately what does that mean what does that mean. Number four. Mention one way in which we can discover the source of a symbol or a symbol comes from. Like when reading Revelation we find the song of Moses and the lambs who have given it to you right now. How do we discover where that symbol song of Moses and the lamb comes from. We mentioned to you two ways you can determine are you with me. Ten point number five. Well in the blank. Apocalyptic purposes generally began in the days when the blank wrote apocalyptic chamber opposition usually begin to be fulfilled in the days when who wrote When the blank wrote. Got it. OK let's just want to answer the questions. Note I want to impose on you shirts balls What is the primary purpose of prophecy yet not to not let us know what's coming in the future to reveal who Jesus so it's Walt's question number two. I started the Bible is always a symbol of Christ like a star also represent represent angels I can represent Satan and they can represent even King that he could answer. Point number three what does a beast represented purposely came down. So whenever you find a beast you know it's going to be what kingdom number four. One way which we can discover the source of a symbol with a marginal reference and what else I can pour it into the Bible concordance and point out my five apocalyptic properties generally begin in the days when we wrote very good why you're all shy. I almost feel I almost feel threatened by by your wisdom. Well prepare your lessons we hope to see you tomorrow at seven o'clock let's buy our heads and have a concluding word of prayer. But I don't have and we thank you for the privilege of being here tonight. We realize that the study of prophecy is so important at this stage in history because you've shown us exactly what's happening in what is going to happen and you want us to understand this by studying prophecy so that when things occur we might believe and so that Jesus can shine in our hearts. I have learned that you will bring us all back tomorrow to continue studying your word and you will bless us as we return to our homes tonight thank you for having been with us and thank you for answering our prayer because we ask it in Jesus' name amen. Just media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about it or do you perhaps if you would like to listen to more servant lead to visit W W W R U. verse dot org.


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