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2. Earth's Invisible War

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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But I don't have and we thank you for bringing us together once again to study your holy word. We realize that without the help of your Holy Spirit we could never understand your word and we would reach wrong conclusions. Therefore we ask that you will come and be with us through the influence and power of your Holy Spirit help us to understand it's a very important lesson. Earth's Invisible War We thank you Lord for the privilege of prayer and thank you for hearing us because we have given the precious name of Jesus our Savior. Amen. OK Did you say your lesson for today. He asked how many of you raise your hand if you give the lesson for today. Why am I lucky. Excellent students and some knotty ones too. Let me underline that it's really important that you Lance a lesson before you come to class because it's impossible for us in class to read all of the verses in the lesson will never finish on time. We would be here two hours if we covered every little detail of the lesson. And so it's of critical importance that you study the lesson before you come. Now I realize that this is going to take a big investment of time. It's going to take probably an hour and a half two hours to do the lesson if you really study the notes and you really look at the context of the verses and you also make an investment of time coming here to the seven hour an hour and a half an hour forty five minutes each night by the time you come in by the time you return home and I want to tell you that I really appreciate you making that investment. And as we go along you're going to see more and more there. It's a blessing to make this investment in time and the more you study the lessons the more you're going to get out of it. Now one thing which I failed to mention last night which I want to mention now and that is that. First few lessons. You might not understand every little detail of what we're studying some things might kind of be a blur but I assure you that if you stick with it you continue studying the lessons you continue coming. Suddenly things are going to get clearer and clearer until finally by the time we get to the end of the seminar your knowledge of Bible prophecy will have increased drastically and so be patient. Just because you didn't understand a certain concept or series of concepts don't give up keep on coming keep on studying the lessons and at the lessons go along they will clarify the previous lessons that you've already starting Salt's all just hang in there. Study hard and you know it kind of like chemistry and physics. Those are difficult subjects I never like bulldogs bought in the first few classes were misery. But as I went along you know it became clearer and clearer and easier to understand. Now let me just review very briefly what we studied last night who was the very center of Bible prophecy. What other reasons for Bible prophecy. Somebody will raise their hand to give me one reason. Bible but yes money to give us eternal life. Yes what else. Yes to get closer let Jesus be a star rises in our heart. What else is going to do others. So when it comes to pass we might believe in what else there's one more I heard the word God so that we might have one whole. Now the man at the top of it was funny by mental methods. How many kinds of privacy do we have two one is called classical prophecy and the other is called What the whole apocalyptic Bob that's a big word. But basically it means the great prophecies of Daniel and Revelation and you remember what we studied about those two kinds of buckles to be right. One has already the classic Obama has always been popular in the future on a larger scale by collecting prophecy was not popular in the past and begins to put it all in the past and it continuously until it culminated at setting up a Christ kingdom that we talked about praying for understanding this is very important isn't it. Because not prophecy is off by any private interpretation. The Holy Spirit gave the Bible and therefore we must ask for the Holy Spirit's help in order to understand the Bible especially the part which means Then we notice that we should use the historical approach what is the historical approach when the prophecies the great apocalyptic prophecies begin to pop up in the days when the prophet was wrong and they continuously focal point after point step after step culminating in the second coming up I know what they are like a chain of links all together one right after another that culminate at the second time in a bag and went off a few that I did not mention last night is for example Matthew twenty four study Matthew twenty four you'll notice that it begins with the destruction of Jerusalem. Speaks about the destruction of Jerusalem. But when you get to the end of a copy of Matthew twenty four it speaks about Jesus coming in the clouds of heaven and so Matthew twenty four begins in the days when the disciples lived and it ends with the setting up a quite of a Latin Kingdom Now we also notice that you need to learn to decipher symbols what'll help us to decipher symbols you remember to think number one the marginal rapids as where do we find the marginal references in the center of the Bible don't pass close up that's not there yet in my journal. Well the word margin means the edges saw the mines and all that nonsense are the references that are at the end of the page where the center of the page and I know that's true and so just because a reference is in the margin of the Bible doesn't mean that it necessarily has a connection with the text that you're studying but they are being you know generally they are connected with your study. Once in a while they'll slip up but not very often one of the second method here is a bible what a bible concordance. Yes Now we know that the prophecy deals with symbols of light and you know what a symbol is collect I can you know some of you last night because I cross my heart and I have one with clenched and I have the other one open and I was told at the end of the class yesterday that love is when you have your lips quenched and rest is when you have your arms your hands extended quite a difference between the two. Incidentally but we're dealing with some symbolic language by the way when you come to a corner and there's a crying deal or sign what does that mean. It means we'll see a good deal but it's a symbol that gives you a message. Morse Code is that way there's a certain number of perhaps you know and and those are symbolic of what of words of a message and that we know has been a lesson that the beast represents what a king why don't represent people. A woman there saying we're not dealing with a literal woman but the trains represent God's people yes. What do weeks or days represent a purpose it may represent the years of the serpent represent Satan How about stars. Angels can represent Christ to represent faith and it can represent a kingdom. We notice that symbols are liquid In other words they not always mean the same thing. They might mean different things in different contexts and then we also spoke very briefly about studying the organizational pattern of a prophecy. And I'm only going to get into this very very briefly what I'm saying here is that a prophecy or a chapter or rather of a property many times repeats the same material more than once and so it would be a mistake say if you want to study Daniel seven you begin at verse one and then you read Daniel seven verse twenty eight and you think you have a clear sequence of events one right after another in Daniel seven. The fact is that if you study Daniel seven carefully and we're going to enlarge the number five of this series on Thursday night Lord willing if you look at Daniel seven carefully you'll find that the same material is repeated four times. You know it's gang of seven runs in cycles versus one point being I repeat it in verses fifteen to seventeen and some elements are repeated in verse eighteen and then there are some other elements that are repeated at the end of the chapter so be a mistake to think that as you read through the verses each person is giving you new material and by the way the Book of Revelation is patterned after this manner organizational pattern. The churches are repeated in the SEALs and the seals are repeated in the programs and the last half of Revelation as we are going to study. We're going to see that the last half of the Revelation repeat and repeat and repeat and repeats the same material over and over again and so we need to know how the Book of Daniel and how the book of. More organized or was structured by John inspired by the Holy Spirit originally Are you understanding what I'm saying. And so we have to understand the organizational structure. Now let's go to tonight's lesson. Some of you know that the arcanite were studying my favorite verse in the whole Bible. I've spoken many times on this verse. In fact the last twenty years approximately this has been the passion of my life other than my wife and I am studying Genesis three and verse fifteen it is a spectacular birds and we're going to study this verse tonight. Now let's go to Lesson number two and I say Oh we're not going to read all of the verses because we would never get out of here before ten o'clock tonight. We'll read some of the logs will read some of the verses that's why it's so important that we all study the lesson before we come. OK let's go to the beginning of the left and Genesis one describes how God created this world in six days at the conclusion of creation week. We are told that God saw everything that he had made and indeed it was what he was a very good question immediately suggests that if God made everything very good then why is the world filled with hatred violence sickness suffering and bombings in the Middle East when suicide bombings killing so many people I mean it God made this world so good why is there so much evil. Well in the parable of the solar Jesus told us the reason he said an enemy has done this and of course then Jesus identified the enemy as home of the devil. He says this lesson we want to study about this formidable enemy. Who introduced evil into the world. Now you need to come tomorrow night because tomorrow night of the complement of this lesson tomorrow night we're going to talk about where sin originated see ascended not start on planet Earth. Sin started in heaven. We're going to study can write about the earthly and could not you don't see him tomorrow. Lord willing we're going to study about how men began in heaven. Now let's go to section number one of my letter to the creator of Genesis one who was the creator in Genesis chapter one according to the section that you studied the letter the creator was Jesus. Now you say I was there. Doesn't the Bible say it was God. Yes but the Bible says that God is composed of the Father Son and Holy Spirit three persons one God now the bible explains that no one of the currently playing the active role in creation was none other than Jesus Christ. Let's read only one of the verses that we find in this section. John one one and I want to have somebody to read John one one and then I want somebody to read that very difficult verse of Genesis one verse one Genesis one one who wants to read Genesis one one by OK and then we'll have L. Read Genesis. Oh excuse me John one verses one to three. OK let's have Genesis one verse one right here. God created heaven and earth three key elements in the beginning God created Heaven or John why. I'm one of the very me and we're we're we're thinking oh all by you mean that we made the connection between Genesis one one and done one when they have the same element. Genesis one one says in the beginning God created have an inner John one hundred three says in the beginning was the word who was God and then it says All things were made by him. So who was the creator in Genesis. It was Jesus that is of critical importance for a lesson to night to realize that the Creator in Genesis one was Jesus and of course Jesus is God you know this question number two the parable of the SO are clearly Jesus says that the one who planted the good seed of whom. The Son of Man In Carson's one sixteen and seventeen says that all things were created by Jesus not only on Earth but also where you never saw the creator was Jesus. That's the first foundational thing that we want to know that you know that you cannot know it all up to the second section of our lesson the original condition of man you know the regional state of innocence and a mini war to make it and they were not what they were not ashamed now. Question immediately comes up and it's this The Bible says that they were naked and they were not ashamed when they sin may see that they are what make it and they are ashamed. So where was the change they were naked before they were naked after Question number two has the answer. No I don't any more no artificial garments they were covered with what garments of light they had no artificial They had nothing nothing made of polyester. They had no artificial garments they were covered with light like the angels the angels of light we call them right. Revelation twelve the true church is represented by a woman who is close with what with the sun and the Mount of Transfiguration the Bible tells us in Matthew Chapter seventeen that the garments of Jesus were as the sun. So in other words Adam and Eve were naked with respect to human garments but they were covered with the glory of light of God and that's why they were not ashamed. Now last question number three adamantly or given what you do understand what the Armenian means rulership. In other words they were placed as king and queen of creation. According to Genesis one twenty eight that means that they were to exercise the rulership role over planet Earth. But Adam and he needed to chose to obey their career. Some people wonder why God placed the tree in the garden we woke up later to eat. Because it was necessary for adamantly to chose to serve God if there was no tree they would be chosen to serve God they would have any choice they would have to but God placed the key the tree in the garden because it was necessary for Adam and Eve to choose to continue serving God. Are you with me. I saw the tree really represents the freedom of choice that God gave to animal e. They have the tools to obey and if they chose to obey their garments of light would remain with them if they chose to dance all day. What would happen with a garment of light garments of light would disappear and want to buy them all of that exactly what happened. So number four in order to continue enjoying their blissful life. AMANY who needed to want to choose to obey God at people who needed to true to test their willingness to choose to obey God placed a what a tree in the midst of the garden from which they were not to it was a difficult thing to obey. When he made them the three do you think she was angry because she was I wish she could have eaten from any tree in the garden. The issue was not physical hunger or physical appetite because God told them they could be permitted to have a gun. There's a bigger issue here it has to do with choosing to obey God No first conflict in the Bible is whether we're going to obey God or not whether we're going to choose to exercise our freedom of choice to obey God or not. Now I know that's question number by if Adam and Eve chose to do this survey this one command they would really be violating every principle of God's Ten Commandments. Because James stated whoever shall keep the whole law and yet stumble in one point he is guilty of all. Now let's stop to reflect on this for a moment. When you've ate from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil did she actually break every one of the Ten Commandments. Let's report on that just for a few moments. Did even though some of them believe steel it belonged to Ron She stole the cheek of it. Yet you know the moment that I shall not come in you know she coveted it says that she desired the tree because it might make her wise. She commented that route which she kill How did she do that. Well the Bible tells us that because she said she brought into the world I went away then she shall have no other gods before me. Yes yes the devil dollar you shall be as God knowing but legal. I am all right and we can go through every single one of the commandments. When he had disobeyed this commandment she disobey them all yes. The fourth commandment. We're going to study that later on. It deals with God as creator respecting God as our creator in this respect her creator that she want to make that she want to take the place of the Creator. She most certainly did. She violated the principle of the port commandment which is the purpose of it is to make a distinction between the creator and the creature are you following me or not. OK so dead easy and also Adam after her violate every principle of the Ten Commandments. Yes they did. They will certainly do yes. Where Yes. OK how about adultery in the Bible speaks about the relationship between God and His people as marriage. Does he not. What happens when his people go after another lover. What is that called. I'm not talking literally. After another lover one of that called in Scripture. When Israel fell in love with others other than the Lord not only idolatry in the making of texting it's called I'm told to read in other words I don't read having any other husband than God spiritually speaking because the church is to be the bride of Christ where the church goes after other lovers What do you call that a dog. Did Eve choose a different lover than God. She will certainly be an she broke the principle of the commandment Thou shalt not commit adultery. OK let's go to question number six. Adam and Eve were told that if they sin they would what they would die. But their use of all those being spoken about here at the Bible speaks about this map of the Bible speaks about spiritual there in the Bible speaks about everlasting they're called second in which death is being spoken of here. Definitely go back. No God is saying you're going to say good bye to life forever. So you say and you choose to disobey my command in which I contain all the ten commandments you will surely die. You'll say good bye to life forever. Now we're in a bind that that's not going to happen but we need to continue studying the lesson in order to understand it. Let's go now to the next section the end will focus in so far so good. OK the entrance of sin is the central issue at stake in the temptation in the fall of Adam and Eve with the trustworthiness of what the Word of God God said Don't eat of the tree. Because if you need it we're going to work. You're going to die but at the start and say you're not going to die. In other words God of what you liar a liar you can't trust what God right given all the controversy in the Bible is very simple. From beginning to end from Genesis to Revelation the conflict is simply over whether you will cross the Word of God or not to agree that we should from the beginning until the end. That's why we're going to find the revelation that says that there's a group of people who keep the commandments of God There will be a group who keep the commandments of God. Now let's go to question number one. Under the entrance of Sam the scene and then he became the temperatures of Adam by the way we see here two ways in which the levelers the devil can work with you directly or you can you can recruit people to work with you see if he was tempted directly and was tempted to do any number of the devil doesn't always tempt us personally. He uses human agents to tempt us and to lead us into sin. That's why we need to be careful about the Company We Keep. Now what was the first result of their sin. Says that in the eyes of both of them or all of them and they know that they were made good what did they lose. They lost their glorious robes of light and now they were naked. Can you imagine what that must have been like. Now part of the Bible rolls represent what righteousness the Bible says that God covers this. People with a roll of righteousness remembers what had let them be at the light let them but what in the glorious light that covered them represent righteousness of God And now because they say and they had no right to have the apostle Paul says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. I like the way the Spanish version of it that you have done better between those beloved In other words they've lost the glory of God I like that all have soon and have lost the glory of God. Question number two to solve the problem of their nakedness. Adam and he did work together and maybe. When I was covering this who made the comment you made it and what where they made big news. Let me ask you this. Even after they covered themselves with the big leaves Do they still feel they can you know have been arrested after this. If you read Genesis three carefully you'll find that they covered themselves with the big names they still hide from God and we got down to the park with them. God says Why did you hide them says I was afraid because we were naked. But they already have a Bentley. Obviously believes did not come of their word. Their nakedness now like their nakedness was much more than nakedness of body and was nakedness of the right to them. I could cover it up. Now question number three. And they did Adam and Eve from God They what they hid themselves from the presence of the Lord. What that sin do separates us from God It breaks our relationship with God you know what this is what the Ten Commandments are all about books. Some people don't like to hear about the Ten Commandments but you know what the Ten Commandments are. They simply describe relationships happy relationships. Let me ask you Are other than in a life a lot happier if both of them give the commandment Thou shalt not commit adultery. I mean how does that commandment protect a relationship. It most certainly does have up at the moment that the honor your father and your mother in that particular relationship between parents and children. Sure. How about the command of the said Thou shalt not steal. Does that protect a relationship. It most certainly does. How about the commandment that says I shall have no other gods before me. See the reason my God save that is because he doesn't want to have rivals. That's when I suppose he doesn't want us to love others. He wanted only to have a global relationship with him like a husband and wife. I only want to love one another are you with me. So the ten commandments are not to be looked upon as restrictions the ten commandments are to be looked upon as guarantees of a proper relationship. If we look at the pantomime of that way then they're not so bad because they don't wish to operate on what they do is they guarantee happiness of society. Let me ask you what would the world be like if everybody kept the Pergamon going to jail. No detail. Would you need any lock on your door. No locks on you don't know lawyers have mercy. Thank you very much. They're way back where you go wrong. Oh OK. Yes or no I don't know you have to ask them you know probably they want to be equipped me. OK let's go to Question number four. Genesis three eight to twelve reveals that all psychological problems are due to what to see him do believe here this being a psychological phenomenon. Serious How about self-esteem. How about blaming others for our behavior passing the buck. You know that that's one of the results of this in about a minute you know when God came a doctor she said she says with a new me and I don't have the one you gave me and I'm sort of blame game is the fault of what I've said here is the last Self respect is the prediction is shamed. Yes all of these are the result of them which means that if you're going to solve these problems you have to solve the problem soon. And if you go to any psychologist that uses gimmicks and doesn't deal with the issue of then you're wasting your money. That like better to go to a Christian psychologist. And not even all Christian psychologists are worthy of our clubs you have to deal with the issue of sin. If you're going to really solve the psychological problems that people have in the world today it's amazing in spite of the tremendous number of psychologist and psychoanalyst and self-help courses and grief recovery programs and marriage counseling programs there's more divorce and there's more on happiness and there's more people who have mental problems than ever before in the history of the United States and you know what the reason is it's simply because people are not coming to terms with this and that's it. And in this seminar we're going to talk about how God deals with the issue of sin. OK All right. Oh yes yes yes that's right. I'm using that here in this way because that's the way most people use it. I'm using it as people understand it but that would be a more proper way of saying yes OK let's go to number by the negatives of anime was not primarily one of body but rather of what I'm SOL even after they have covered their physical bodies with garments of big leaves. They still felt but naked their soul was laid bare before God Did you really even support Robin thirty and got an interesting passage that says that the Word of God is quick. That means living and sharper than any two edged sword and it penetrates to the parting as funder of the body of the soul goes real deep you know and accept that everything is leak before the eyes of heat to whom we must render an account. That's what this is talking about. OK Number six we're on a roll here in the Bible. Garments represent represent what the white Rayment is the what is the righteousness of the Saints actually it's the rights of those of Christ and percent and what does make what would make an X. ray could misrepresent them that would represent the opposite meaning be void of righteousness living in sin in other words. Number seven by their sin Adam and Eve lost what Domine and what was taken over by whom by Satan. It was Satan the rightful ruler of this world without uneaten was either right or ruler. No he was a usurper. He stole the rulers of pungent from Adam and he could have a mini recover the dominion over the world today. Now because when they send their sinful nature became weak and they were at enmity with God working. So unless somebody came to get the dominant back they were do it kind of makes me think of the Gulf War in one thousand nine hundred one good example. You can understand we're talking about. Did Saddam Hussein really have a right to handle minion a rulership over Kuwait. No But did he take it over and buy these for a short period of time take dominion over Kuwait was he the rightful ruler. No he was a usurper wasn't necessary for a stronger power to come in to take them. I don't mean it in a way from him to give it back to the original owners. Yes I am so adamant he was all right. Our rulers Satan came in he took over the ruler start bunch and it was necessary for Jesus to come and take the ruler ship from Satan so they could get it back to us. So in other words they lost dominion and there's no reason why if you read what we find in Luke chapter poor vs five to seven on the mark and patient work of the devil say he showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and he says hey all of these I will give you because they have been what they've been doing to me I would deliver them to me and I mean he says oh yeah you don't have to go to the coffee really saying to Jesus you don't have the value at the supper you know what coming I mean you need your way just for the second you know you Neil and you back out and then it all your without going without a clock it's all you know that the real didn't wish. OK not of the not under seven when a many of the future looked gloomy. They had lost their might just miss and domain over the earth. Could they recover their righteousness they recover their dominion. No they were at enmity with God one day they were friends of God people and other enemies of God they were experiencing the psychological phenomena shame fear and strike and they knew that God's justice require of their death and God said that if they ate of the tree they would die. Let me ask you did God have to keep this promise in order to be true. What if God said I will forgive this time the level of say a liar three God then they would die. Not now you changed his mind. Get that this time God would be proven a liar. Didn't God have to actually. At the death penalty against enemy in order to be true to his word. Absolutely. Now we get come to my favorite verse of all the Bible Genesis three. Now that we've set the stage we're ready to deal with this verse after We're going to ask Adam and Eve to render him an account for their actions we can count on the serpent with appalling words by the way this is not talking to a snake he's not talking to an animal. The serpent is a symbol I mean if the devil serpent with a devil of seven had a dragon you know tomorrow we're going to study that the bear was one of the most beautiful creature in the whole universe other than genes of course and God He was the most beautiful creature of God Indian you know monster he's not seven had a dragon but the Bible uses the serpent to symbolize Satan because the serpent is what deviants luminary remembering. Well I think that's why Jesus said we're supposed to be wise as a servant. Yes when you least expect it what happens. Strike back there. Urban or suburban or urban human or animal you know. Yet though and I've heard her right. BROWN Right. Oh yeah you blew you yet. There were no animal don't have freedom of going but it's not going to take a dog and Guy government providing you with and I'm not being petitioned the point is that animals have nothing to look like they're not more likely to hold them accountable for their actions for the air. But but when you've got a revelation for me the key is you don't thing again the principle is that when you when you have a thimble when you go to understand them you go to other passages that you think symbol and ventilation twelve or nine that the ancient serpent is the bevel and Satan who deceive the whole world for thier god of not speaking to the serpent here thinking to Satan. Although he does say that the serpent who allowed himself to be used by satan would like a couple longer and deeper but I can explain the ins and outs of why the serpent. You know why the serpent was good maybe if you can remind us of the reality of thin air. If you have a question but I don't think and the answer will not them. Then one point is that Adam and Eve were pre-mortal quakery and God held them accountable and God help them they can accountable as well. All did not become a servant he ate the serpent ever medium I understand I'm saying you know if he use the serpent as an intermediary to speak either. Now you know all of these questions are academic questions because the. He issue is that God is not going to speak to say they have a lot of these questions that will have to happen more in the kingdom for an answer. Yes health care bill. Yes yes yes. Are higher end of the hour. I'm sure that power and for human beings if you allow it in the backyard dogs Genesis I believe than Genesis reporting God is speaking literally to the circuit to the animal in Genesis three fifteen it becomes obvious that he's not talking to the animal he's talking to slate. And and that is the key point that I want to take a look at because it's very very clear being that God is not talking about the serpent as an animal by the way the serpent could lie before the UN and the reason we know all of this is because when the serpent allow itself to be used by and I said that once again when the serpent was used by satan. Go October third but from now on you're going to drag yourself on the ground and you're going to eat that well that would have been any punishment who was already dragging himself on the ground the media and by the way that would explain the reason why an Asian cultures like like in Egypt in the pyramid you find in the pyramids illustrations I mean again serpents with wings you know even cultures you find illustrations in caves in archaeological discovery where the serpents have wings and I believe the reason why is because they're going back to the memory of. Now the serpent was originally the oral tradition was passed on from generation to generation and the new servant had wings. OK now let's go to question number one God speaks to the enemy that got up out of me to render him an account by their actions he can rant the following words I will put an MATY between you and the woman. Then between your feet and street and then it says he shall grow out of your head and you shall Berlioz hears he'll know I put this on the board so that you can visualize it. There's going to be enmity and there's going to be in between the serpent and I'll just put as the air between the surface and home and the woman. What of the serpent represent Sanka what of the woman representing the church. And there's going to be also enmity between the sea of Satan and the sea and the sting of the woman. You understand him and I want to make peace between you and the serpent animal and alone and between us. See that is the serpents lead and Hartley dormancy you know what I mean and that he runs horizontally between C.N.C. and between that and moment. But that's not the real America. Millions and knuckle realignment between will not happen and the seed of a lover. Because the last Parliament said he that it was the seed of the moment and he will. Better translation would be he will wash your hair. And you will try his luck we'll. Now none of the imagery this is not the sort of it is he's not talking to the literal animal right now is talking to the devil. He's comparing the devil who said now what would happen if you see a servant and you raise your right to stomp on the head of a serpent what might happen. The serpent might bite your what your ideal but then you know what comes down and what a question. Now let me ask a dumb question. What happened. Where does the same. Crush the head of the serpent or does the serpent strike the keel of the sleeper pull out the gun question because you have to see crashes than of the serpent. First how could the serpent spike it's heal what this writer St Paul's no one is saying to do Satan and by the way of Revelation. Wow says that the ancient serpent is the devil in sight. We need to allow the Bible to explain itself is not talking to the animals he's talking to say he's saying if I'm going to send the feed to the world and that the seed is going to do battle with you end up after some a battle you're going to strike you as he'll. You're going to be a C.E.O. but it's going to be expensive because you can crush your head how do you suppose the devil felt when he heard those words. He must the primal was God telling him that his existence that he was going to be blotted out from existence. Yet if you want to kill a serpent How do you kill if you got up and fail. The only way that you can really kill us to open is to rush it then God of saying that the seed of the woman is going to crush the head of this or that of the thing. Who is the servant question over to the entrance open Who the devil and Satan thought of telling Satan you turn to human rights against me and have made them my enemies. But I'm going to send the feed to the world who will do battle with you in the path of a battle you will be successful in striking his heel but he is going to crush your head. These words if you look at the context were heard by Adam and Eve They must have brought great company a whole lot of money because they were hearing God say that there was going to be one who won't come to a lot to do battle with the serpent and we're going to overcome the so we're going to overcome that temper. Who is represented by the woman. Well in Jeremiah six verse two it says I have likened the daughter of my aunt to a lovely and delicate woman I am is God all that the majority of the people in Jeremiah failed that God compares Zion Church to a moment and some a woman here would represent whom the church in a moment we'll come back to that when. Need to qualify that. But for now just recognize that we're dealing here with the church now correct me if I go into the thinking of this woman who is the seed of the woman not to ever human and he didn't see one of the promises made. He does not say and to see needs as many but as a woman and to yours. See who is right who is the seed of the woman but I don't know about you but don't you think it's amazing that about six thousand years ago God already predicted how Satan was going to be repeated. Because the words are being spoken about six thousand years ago they have been written by Moses about fifteen hundred years because we had approximately three thousand five hundred years ago when they were read but they were spoken about six thousand years ago and God is all I think the hope of the human eye is found in Jesus watching the head of the serpent. By the way did you notice in Genesis three fifteen it's that I will put enmity between you the serpent on the woman and between your seed in her sleep and then observes he shall crush your head. Normally if that were thinking about that about just a common ordinary feed that we plant in the garden it would say what it did not Genesis was telling us that there really is a he not bans women now like the number fix them where and when did this come. Now when the time had come. Godsent point is son born of a woman you think he's afraid of a woman because he was born a woman and by the way when we play with one of the women we know that he would want to marry a literal woman but we also know that Jesus was born from the Old Testament church because he is the lineage of Abraham with the power of the Jewish nation and also the lineage of David. Are you calling me a not so the woman is more than man or woman represents in most body there in lesser number six when we deal with Revelation twelve the woman actually represents the whole Old Testament church the children of Israel from whom Jesus is more although he was born from a literal woman of course in the second half of point number six. And speaking of the birth of Jesus we are told in Revelation to walk by and she that is the woman was a male child you know that's not the best translation Do you know what it says in the Greek the New Testament was written in Greek. It says she bore a male son. Does anybody know if one was not male. What is God trying to say here when he says a male son is trying to say that there is this thing with me I'm going to be this is the man who would be born of all of the woman to crush the head of the head or plane. Now let me ask you who created every single human being that eleven. Don't plan ever. We already started this now you honestly why I put that birth the militant created every single person in the world. Geez now you might be saying you didn't create me I came from my mother and I would ask you who created your mother while keeping her mother. OK And going to her mother come from welcome a mother if you go back by not when you end up with Adam and Eve Now listen when Jesus created Adam and Eve in them he created the whole human race and let some one with a critical importance. There was no creature in the world that could have died for the whole human race except he who created the whole human race. Only the one who made all could give his life for all. I went maybe that's why an angel could not give his like an angel probably could give his life to another angel. On one human Point other human alive or alive but only who made everyone up or gives life for everyone. And so the thing that the woman was going to come to his life his life and the very next Thank you. We reached the climax now in Genesis two seven big outcome of that I mean that if they sin they would what they would die. They've got have to fulfill his word idiotic in this promise that they would die if they did and now God would be between a rock and a hard place. The problem that we all know. Listen to what the devil said you know I don't you know Bob. I'm going to rise and hopefully you can understand point BECK You said that if Adam and Eve ate of the theory they would die if you don't execute the sentence. You're not true and you're not just because justice demands that they be punished with them but then the devil said but if you punish them with that how can the God of love do that that will place of an apparent between the love of the man you know love him but if you don't punish him you're not just how could god small problem I noticed. Question number two. I don't even make it at this point still what are they covered with at this point they believe they've donated to make up your leg and then got the right direction. Why do you think they are both legally by not having any pain. Fact it's interesting you know that for many dimensions that we could study about their god actually does an investigation of the case very interesting. You know God comes out of the set the man Where are you. God didn't know where they were given the light of the earth. Many of us believe one of your gun or body is not what they like it if you look at Jennifer find that there are steps they got banks number one he does an investigation of the case at hand. Point number two he pronounces the sentence And point number three. Executed sentence. You've got the same kind of group that we used today in a court of law. Now let's go to question number two words before I read this. Let me ask you when did God say that Adam and he would die if they from the tree in the day you eat up the tree you will die every day with a guy that very day. There are I know that the art of the lawyer who is part of dying not going to play the day that you leave there are you going to start to die. Got there the day that you will let me you will certainly die. The question is why didn't they die that day. Here comes the answer. Jennifer three twenty one describes how a man's spiritual naked left would be covered and what and I don't whether that indicate poor Adam or somebody else is doing it and so on and on and it's like no no I'm God made what tune it was you know what. Damn I want a polyester so you know he made comments on what I've gained and told them what needed to happen in order to get in the not in order to get the skins of animals that were necessary for them to be suckered by not only their framework and they've used over fifty times in the book. Very good to speak about the scams of the animals that the priest sacrifice in the temple so this is talking about animal skins. The Hebrew word deals with animals in the sacrifice of animals in the Old Testament represented the death of Jesus was there that very day was their sentence executed that day. Yes it was executed that who died to learn you can get a perfectly of not only saying that the crime is going to crush the head of state but it's telling us how he's going to crush you said he's going to crush his hand by dying. Yes. He's going to cover their nakedness the negative of so no I don't I just this is going to be covered by here like this now and how do we get that righteousness to cover our nakedness. Who isn't this wonderful news and by the way this is the reason why Peter chapter one verses eighteen to twenty says that Jesus was for ordained could die of the foundation of the world in Jesus. Actually in Revelation thirteen birthday if she's not once why do you come up our nation of the world. Now you say not how do you feel slain from the foundation of the world who were slain of the foundation of the world in promise if that's a word picture that God is giving about something that's going to happen in the future. The fact of life of the animal. Yes God is saying listen the way I'm going to crush the head of the serpent and I'm going to go out of you once again with my righteousness is by the death of the Lamb. Oh God who takes away the sin of the world that Mathabane good new thread and he now noticed by his vamp to Jesus Christ the head of the serpent. He reconciled us to God then and he has not been filed at that where the Romans by verse ten. Many may cover the lot of many and if Jill said Now I'm going to cast the prince of this world out and then it says and if by the law I will go home and to my own he recovers the dominion of the world. Does Jesus pay our death penalty. Yes Do you have any reason to fear. No we have no reason to fear we have no reason to have all these psychological phenomenon taking place in our lives if we had to leave. And by the way Jesus also answered the apparent dilemma that God put that thing but God you remember saying that if you punish man you don't love him but if you don't punish him you know. Jesus pay for every sin that has ever that committed is being committed or will be committed by human beings on planet or what the justice of God totally and completely satisfied because Jesus paid it all. But good God So he is loved by himself painted so that we don't have to think this is the beautiful when cross reconciled with justice and and alone in the mercy of God because sin is punished the justice of God is actually up on Jesus but we don't have to suffer so gone kill his justice and now go quickly to the last second and by the way I knew I wasn't going to have a penny because there's so much material here and I've only given you about ten percent. What we really have you know tremendous power. When you read carefully what we find. If Apollo and Biden made reporters looked at her but that the reason why I gave you the extra She can I please for a while the only answer left the number only but read go to pages. It's actually one once the site. Let me just give you an inkling of what's happening let's not say even patent war player the story of Cain and Abel reveals that early on they can affect that that able might be the promise three years above them a lot of that for you to come. Why would we want to become the focus of their existence. Well they're playing the same problem that that one hundred days once he said I can not allow that to come. And so the devil is trying to destroy the seeds which will lead to the seed because in the Old Testament God had a whole the loonies understand the one thing that developed the holy line from which the Messiah will eventually come and some of what the Bible says is if I can get rid of the holy line then there will be no suit that we can with time and the devil try to destroy the lineage or the genealogy of Christ in two ways. Who tries to kill it. Sometimes like in the days of Esther who try to annihilate the Jewish nation and sober or we have beheaded the Jews left involves the story of the Old Testament of not to help one of the nations again for the good of the nations and say against them. I am you see we need to understand that the Old Testament is not Israel said that the Messiah in the Old Testament and the reason why the devil tried to destroy him as well because if I want company. Well I don't see enough not in Israel. Perhaps true that most Christians are looking in the wrong place and they're presenting that Christ left perspective Bible prophecy I only go around and talk about this issue so it can't be good be impossible because you know it's amazing. When Jesus came to this world almost every single person who claimed to be to be expected when the fire was not expecting him because they probably twist in the properties that point of view that could never happen before the second coming of Jesus with all who came to serve Jesus could it. Could it just be possible that the majority of the Christian world is looking in the wrong place but I thought if I were going to spend these things and as we go a lot their lives and their manners. So what of the devil do the users can kill Abel he says no more think the love of God do. He gives Eve Another see if you read the verse. Another thing that available who go back in time I am in pain. Now you can read the rest of all let's just go through the question very quickly here. Number three when do you want to the world. The dragon guide to what could devour to kill him as soon as he left work or bark. So you can keep them from coming but when he was born into the world he says I don't nip it in the but the point they were going to go up in some. At a penalty. Oh man I'm going to nobody's going to die when he's not on. And by the way. Well let me finish and then I'll come back this. Let's go overboard quickly pointing had an all male children tell us that under slaughtered. What is the problem behind this why would they be behind it. Bigamy no bad thing they could have between the controversies between X. and thinking and then of course anybody who joined by anybody who joins fighting their enemy because they have the spirit of the leader when they have up. Number five when the male child ascended to God it was wrong that the serpent persecute the woman that got away from on what I believe and the last question will he go against at the end of time the remnant of the woman's And may I not a segment of the woman is going to go after him because he was not able to get rid of Jesus not the Bible says an extended with great why am I to destroy as many as we can because he knows that his time is short and it just makes him different Goldring if you just read Matthew to verse sixteen which is in our lives and it says their weapon when the live landed not we continue Islam Capello here. Jesus was a little bit weary that he had all the children two years and under kill if you had only the story of Matthew who won the match the figure being a parent. But when you go to Revelation twelve the curtain. It open and you got the hundreds to the one who you had to try and destroy in jeans I conclude with this horse we have to read the events in this world with enlightened eyes because what's happening in this world. The principal event in this world are only shadows of moments behind the screen and we have to know why he is visible event taking place. The real reason is in the invisible world that we can't see. That's why we need to study poverty because poverty cast the mail off site and helps us to see behind us. Who is behind all of these but we have a really exciting thing. Did you enjoy the study tonight. Mileage was not a man I liked willing we're going to study the arguments in heaven right now I have a plan I was going to end up with but we want to have a quick comment on my work with because come out less than is not along us tonight Levon are you at all answering your lesson. Yes OK Very good. We'll bring it answer you'll get so much more out of it if you do remember when you go out you can pick up a bit in the back if you're incorrect about a lot we may have not time to tell opening night and I mean the second night how many people are going to want me. Let's play a father in heaven we thank you because you've given us this marvelous verse in your holy word. We thank you that in spite of the fact that out of a need sand and after them every single human being and you have not left us without hope we thank you because. You're going to pay our penalty to reveal the love of God I love anybody who has not given his or her life to learn. We thank you for having better bring our prayer because we are putting this media was brought to you by audio groups a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon LEAVE IT IS A W W W audio tours dot org.


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