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Counteracting the Counterfeit

Nyse Collins



  • December 20, 2007
    9:30 AM
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the following heaven what a privilege it is this comment this quantity that we can gather here as friendly as family and you I was afraid that you may continue to bless the sessions has become together using conferencing system albeit not in working for you then you ultimately present in our body is beautiful in our discussed one of life Kenneth Waterhouse physically spiritually mentally named by Jesus and while I definitely guarded individual hair and I is not generally it is generation of you for crime that now many people so while I'm not going to have to pay a fee to get it here while it says in the Bible I said that a lot of us are like children who possibly all of you and so I don't know what is considered old and we all say anyone is old he will almost shore more experience than I and some are still learning so so some of us are still learned I'm definitely glad to be here and Minnesota on Minneapolis I've tried a little hydrotherapy is morning this is not the place to try hot and cold shower that solid he also holds you or anybody screaming on the seventeenth floor it was me and I am in Texas where major equipment is suitable this is more but here I'll also try so be careful with the hot and cold shower birthday the gift will somebody may get on the jolting of the heart is not in good condition of the legal wrong but we have a special program on the I was a little bit about our company here I don't feel like I thought this is a small consulting group our goal is to enter into the workplace our foundation however is based on the literature work which we have been told over and over will be the last one amassed works in the medical missionary work what we have done is moderated and we went back to the basics I'm not always yesterday I had no idea of growing up on the Internet look at that instead of trying to hold somebody a ready order so I said that monetary hindering my role is why figure that if any they are among the something the user somebody else came up with it already she said by phone the only difference is the local law what they learn that the difference is there is nothing new under the sun but the only ones who are successful although want to apply what they learn a lot of know everything but how many of us are applying what we learn is always a way not to read the word the work is already been done the foundation of the church is based on a medical missionary literature evangelist so we decided to go back to basics and little in the way that it was thought that SMS is the what methods the health message so we decided to go ahead of course Sharon health information with people after your testimony atonement of our lives and out of the box musical opportunity and dollar that I met a lady and she's okay when handling us what we are invited to another where retiring Jesus on his young to be retired as a wire while anything that will usually have the width is sixty or sixty five sixty early retirement phenomenon will not retirement plan right now is learning the lesson what with his father we help people wherever we can she does with what I requested and what whatever it is we help them out we will be holding the health so he looked around she says I need you I will have a lady knows me from nowhere only one of these issues even the other so I don't amount to anything I can help you right now you will like what they are like an over racer I can help you black list a lot of time and a legal and visit with you will consult with you have a consult with her Susan Leslie she also she had a little bit of extra methods he does so that means we don't say no one is that no one is anything I want is that I'll come back in our second session with a powerful blast since my client of simple information of mission with her within a six-month time when she went back to the position she had a goal with me will save you the payroll even though six NSA six Q now thirty to twenty five people understand information will help out as easily as our pool I didn't even have to buy a special little Jesus tell me some more never tell with more like a consultant but none after medical missionary on the tremendous for more information this is ten percent of the Bulls we had the national army so she asked someone from agencies that I needed to help my family no problem the ceiling pulling my leg is are you ready for what he said while the lady who really said we are ready what is I don't trust any program because of expenses that will run in one of the tickets in a single move that was all around us and I will stick those in the family was a California salsa while I myself often these issues if you don't have I will why sentimental and eighty thousand dollars in the last point is not as far as how you found me in the facility online okay this is and that it will be eliminated I have to be ready and leave and that this is not nonexistent that will so we got on a plane and went off to the Philippines in another G1 how around probability ninety he's not responsible now a lot of other than his building in Pakistan on NEDs on told me one time when we finally got to meet my season I do not think so living here on my feet and toenails in the north side of life the love and are okay now we work with doctors I think you know what he's doing is one of the one person has diabetes like that a time what happened to the circulation in the lower extremities is what happened I was going on in a way that a gangrene and I will a loser that is no cut it off and you will like this when he is paring yesterday and he will move so I think that it will not make some changes now for the following attending were what we were headed over to the Philippines and the government in Lebanon and work with grandpa grandma her long-awaited humility more information is desired even without him the controversies of his son whom I should file out we have to be anxious to Sentinel all allowable as what she told is that you are very very strict Catholic family so when Jacob heard that we are lie to someone on the likelihood that we live in is altered in him they are this is why I said I know how the business were they comment on essays anything anyone have any multimodal submission of women were these holes among the relevant it was because you think about it certainly because it was when before you than even the practice is what it takes time so to have a memorial no standoff a situation but basically what he do that come in and help us to get at how will you just state in which a situation and I will have to think about that for a second this is okay that is what will I will lose enough when I felt insulted and gone and there was not working with this family cited the case would be okay if they were popping you know I like it was candy Abigail came on top because they had in the summer my following a single information that you are going though who has diabetes the article in the limits of lesser vestibular no level about that incident made between show you the reason why I want to show you you could easily tell you guys but if I tell you forget to become another he said she said but if I read it to you that the last little bit longer this is not review the principate normal number of blood and honor elevators immediately shut any hundred and the individual blessing of the Linux will need to fix the full seventy five she may have attended my second legal following information with even a little background on one thirty one you won't have her medication was not helping family but cooking where a plaintiff of the Sabbath came and went on our return keep me out if I buy a literature as with all our praise and something that God still not working with laptop tools that they seem to have managers on the amount of one vacation will is in and let you know when I'm going to charge the only one who would usually someone in ten people in that family what happens is you need to start implementing the Civil War federal guy Micronesian in this assignment became clear and they wanted to learn more secondly fifteen K twenty okay does not qualify for the Vietnam that are volatile of them are articulated about five something to be baptized and hit the good news while we were there this is a long time and a half brother who both like Google Google and are not officers they came by and this is a Catholic community not adore hey I is a way to play kit of information 's although not always nonexistent well why not well different people Brown is a you know those balloons in addition really on the move he's a lifetime of innate no problem so anybody well with the life now and obviously needs a simple diet as you guys need to know that anyone is going to turn with it like a windfall like that Hope you have a reasonable and was opening the door then we will not lead the way I have some friends in my life as well I got going on we may get a little what are you writing what they are one of the file data is correlated with a lot of people there were no three-month high blood pressure I don't like that within a week and we need to find one person with the looking glass in the little tingling mostly is burning they were able to take it and three days I wanted to leave and I cannot also is working there I would have to be led by the way I will know more how right now because we have become infected that our friends are in the middle east cannot attract enough that this is not the best lymphoma morning how we had an opportunity to work with a lady who had to over three hundred and more one hundred were given as affirmation installation work share the simple principles of how someone opens the door and many many of the day however would be discussing how to activate the counterfeit wide tools ported to when everybody else has their own accident because they are a little foundation of quickly of how we teach and where we get information from them with some effectiveness for what what you believe what it shows what everyone else has their own I regard as to what to do at the person who caused by an elected hassling the ideas of this is how it should work it is diet diet everybody has their own diet he thought Lisa would lady Maria made in the fable Iowa a however you are ready to URC has enough and I will let a man anyone has so many different ways to elicit little glitch is not our time there how to decide what is the way God will have the following three basic guidelines and policies that number one one of the blueprint for management follow what they got in the bottle the Bible right back where so that he will follow a diet where should the file in a violent event where okay what are the originals I think I gave my weight when we all know that fruits not us what else grades and levels veggies went back where so in a nutshell will anyone hear the following affidavit is not active I may go back and I know what you will about why won't want about limited by available out the membrane and also local roaster and entire people and ultimately because they also have costs now we know that this is not a good sign because the God-given glasses is grateful to the movies of the diet that was performed by creating the human strengths it says in the depository of their intellect but I have an argument of a letter Carl is new so once you pull that our to him but there are so wheezing that anything else is more complex and overstimulated so I have to be followed and I will want to learn more infinite number of the debt have to be found and if they had everything all we know spread across the current crop of the agreement one hundred percent have not found any situation where you have not agreed with the wind and I and we are ready to Holland I have the world was another guy that is writing what are you as an anonymous legal strains of the Indonesian local outlet starting with you when you mean the first page results one to instead this thought is an evolution of a revolution in England that will what is the radio because it is that he's not going to do this and think that working here working to you will be quite up and so like any coffee have to agree with the Bible and weather radar if you focus on God the design is not already just followed the music either because I was right away was the wrong way I will always do what the visual spread across the website always likely to buy following is a lot of I have been modified even some five hundred visitors this is him I also was able to give us in the spring of intellect that are not afforded to the north of our topic this always wanted to know what I wanted the final meeting when he is one of the environment and now is how hungry I need a writer is that why you develop the habit of some of us that we get the right fit for me he's all about like that solid molecular means that if they won I learned it because they obviously hadn't know whether or you cannot tell what wouldn't I know where please rightly went back and I wanted your deal is watched this with the help sometimes science could mess up these items will only look at files one who followed the diet I got a few graceful not entities bioavailability using methanol was that okay to you all want also as a whole later Rosie will available in the program is this is where my fifth focus on where the highest of the voted on by Ashley Hobgood sizable doesn't be truth okay means the high off I thought right as well what kind of rice whole-grain brown rice is the one outside of the highest source of protein and on the higher is any guess on it if anybody looking to open all day I went of the scope will come from the soybean I is for Allah Allah know you have ingested this is Allah manual that we use in our train and that this property for health and happiness on ministry of healing and when I'm initiative that has one book on my card anyone the reasons they want to continue and learn how to become a lifestyle consulting is of the highest source of protein items here in paintball animal products items namely our plant products you see how some of the product outweigh the animal products in a matter of fact we don't want too much protein in Hyundai will dig it was another problem is a way no new start right and if so who is Jesse at this IW at key of the lack that was the thing that ability to be moderate with a nomadic cut them out so we have to be moderate soybeans lentils whole grain bread and whole grain rice one of these downloaded the protein so when someone tells you following the way that God will want to the nebula methanol vitamins and minerals you know I automatically think of having unwanted coming up about the appropriate for God the vegan vitamin B12 program on good science okay that's a lot of underneath welcome from per day and you said okay he said they are clearly on the other watch this you start writing on any green items on their green represents what that property and Allah I'll come back the way you guys I didn't build no B12 found in plant products so what him and one on my fan hate is not a outline the method on vitamin B12 now onto over the phone than independent only found in one product coupons and even if not with category doing before you were counteracting account of recommended show you how to come the day in a closet we got we would begin a study how can you ever find a distorted the guy in charge of the treasury of the United States they happened there is so much straight money amount hardware and amenities they would want to make millions of dollars in fake money we ran sideways and software spending millions of dollars freight money when you look at it as being a soul where if you have news in New Haven if someone please that they consult with another poster that you have the money all the traffic light I have that now you go and check out our site our old my goodness and was one hundred percent safe but it looks one hundred percent what real they asked him how did you know what qualities notice of the DJ didn't pay but you can take the Carlotta would tell me how how does the person who identified the money how they know it do they keep up with all of the difficult of the dynamic then although what they know the real how do we know which way to live my life we have not studied the way it really is always a vessel of other dire need on how to define feminine when you have an change I say over the Valley of the business I think that they so look for that item vitamin B12 is only found him upon reason why no one is saying that there is a white vitamin B12 is that those my tiny microorganisms without vitamin B12 you need a day and agreed on how deductive it even and it does not agree with them nobody has any idea how much autonomy from these of fifty fifty one okay in myself hundred update micrograms of milligrams micrograms once since negative counteracting the top of it and went on showing what happens when you don't follow a simple diamond that what it says fortunately we do not need very much of vitamin B12 and that means no problem what do we believe she will sit on eighty four Michael Douglas is up to my program and they business us all on my own that is one person took that she will be well thank you I will teaspoon cheese mold of B12 will be enough to meet the needs of one hundred people for the entire lives when you get a to MS Outlook it can just as easily it will get nothing we need to need to double the amount of people that are in here today not only from the data how long this highlight I is always telling I go home and not thinking mammography they saw let me know how it felt to go my mom and my girlfriend go home and will bring up breakfast in bed at night data one one Atlanta remembrances and that will open the door and as he jumped out of bed as little as what is not seen as little bottle in the way suspension of my life needs love is when you know you squeeze the leave they were to Bengal handling of all adults say Jesus I immediately gave me the okay five did you know when you take two months now it will stimulate following are plenty I think because of animal torment with a single medical moment to locate any file and is now planned to write it I will also put the day you will know what little I think of one thousand and May is over those boxes will go on the Internet know what we did in the grandmother that will buy anything more will be and overstimulated while will die that means that the identity will carbohydrate is okay everything is what I believe a nice little town they didn't know what they can enjoy all the multiline license when you are consistently below what when I do the needful regional economies while products went fishing on the map the all plan on the diagram to me that I really want wherein the home kingdom in the last appraisal on the kingdom of heaven a man well before that will did you know vitamin B12 is only the new will don't produce it that doesn't than those it plans to produce it vitamin B12 is only produced by microorganisms okay these microorganisms are found in the oral cavity to break that down in your way in your mouth off up in the digestive tract this only for those strange to me how much she weighs amounts of vitamin B12 whitefish not already took care of us the only been used just enough how much we need we only need a trace of Jason holidays with my program and if I question the oversight is even on the role and many other recent researches have shown that we can get to watch this first thing in a new because of the all I identify with one amount berthing within the one wake up and wanted me to hallelujah praise the Lord when we confront them on the new when they come nice warm water hormones after one week thank you for my natural supplement and nine when the hardware with yet far as I is interactive that you have any questions feel free to wait for Hannah and I thought that afflicted him I will and and how this will have had a knife this is our surgery items like that and they have a problem now what I'm slaughtered and facilitation of these items the question now okay that the question was asked is it is a thing as item may see vitamin B twelve the infant I did the same as vitamin B twelve knowledge not K all Outlook it helps with the blood as well I like that and so that is not the same as the vitamin B12 yes question okay on anything else that can hinder absorption I don't know what the as a hallway or that it is this afternoon on the account once anything all that they are present with following this lifestyle total Medicare life so we don't say that you don't anything be in Ohio it is usually a lot of traveling they are not one of my and I will one individual and we would love to work for a pharmaceutical company and was involved in it I like that he does not sound like a total vegetarian is using analog archive video VJ is that okay is being in Vietnam and what if the world understand that this was we were little to do in Bangkok is not like that Asian when the intermediary they make that you are probably heading to your new danger or something like that where you believe that God is an animal you don't want me because many of all your friends and their job was reincarnated as I okay we understand as a group what is our vegan we just don't eat it but when you tell some people in the world that they are the advantages of the something holding me than for okay and so does why would I do think they would ultimately there is no need to me that José some people obviously in interpreting you the exact type of verses of the individual resentment of them you can write me at voting aware that the shoulder malpractice five it will come in handy right about nonautomated so they know they don't do I saw you come back to I can outwit warmaking the absorption if you a high follow that even many times gone and they are while a lot of you I don't believe I have well when you will need a person knitted with him it is a elite at night I like that so what we will need on the foundation of the simple life and God help you by yet so that anybody ever heard of the other thing I may have found it very efficient animal all my recovery Glavine I wanted anybody have been hurt the fish take more yes no okay I want to show you little picture here the defendant assistant were general up to thirty thirty foo three long holidays in digestive authority they can be my fifth in the theater since they were okay as a guest cynicism and afterthought undigested or an old one of the favorite folder of the fish they were favorite old mica and the dismounting bimanual vitamin B12 source of federal digestive tract and vitamin E Jonathan will get it before United Margaret continued liberal entity compete with the holding companies with your body but if I had it even if unity that many people have the overextended finding about what amounted beats well the fantasy anemia very nice regardless share this with so what I write about whom they slowly start some of these products when I felt a management high enough in the Army as a phenomenon in this unit information to climb if he does when I try and this is maybe what working but if it can be also a course of that problem is not yet okay then I'm probably how related now is on Monday follow to the buyer okay what's it will loosely defined out quickly what were those of the microorganism I have found where the novel and also digested right and how much I live on locally produced an accountability amendment so we all follow and we haven't had that the surgery is ironic that was fine on the following simple guidelines that we have been given and we can avoid some of the situation like we haven't you started I allow this to work the computer system would enable instead of that old people won't have to go ahead and have some role in the world of its evil dynasties on the government to the property are alive how do you go I have an high-fiber diet Connecticut and that lack of air in the face of the microgram is okay while we will lead articles of the bill as you can go ahead and get a hold him this way and homework consultation we sit down with individuals one-on-one because of it when I had to say you have the following on the sitdown number one on the we look at the whole picture okay it is likely that all I like that song is so up each of these individual non- on accessibility halfheartedly to find out how we assess this usually to sign up for the media more information is on fire and get it has been here while this is not alone with you we will look at the role of the is and I have masses on how you want to follow the accessible for all will our father so I come by and say hey and anybody is silent when I had thought about you and I say hey you'll need a special type of water and the only way you can get what is it in by me anonymously from me now does this machine I will help you sell well then liable reversed and the fiberglass and I need to think before is what you have somebody with a somewhat blunted the world that misunderstanding inhaled in a world that uses a database not stopped immediately and the only thing that kills everything the world is what is the Lord Jesus the old me and once I thought Sandman have to go to get all of you here you are Islamic you will automatically update no way we would talk about is different reasons why people deal with it within the eye because I was taken on one deck that is developing about what we are becoming with methadone I want to our situation monogamy 's all talk and another is the hardest lesson juicers want to second save your life even how you'll deal with your kids about I may need thinking miracles I am the letter that you have to be careful about what you think a witness to the people that he only went as the resident only immediately work with what we only middle-class with existing with misleading with my talk at the top of one of his pharmacy is something that only accessible to one that will are you whether you need the old rule of law with a couple of God however is his life saw a guy that waiver not only is that a hot message saying no not all always just like this now we know this is a great controversy going on in our society and our world today between the evil now Sony know that God 's people are past the days of small Dan on very good were passable of the phone I've never had those days praise the Lord will pass that so will he come to try to attend God 's people with a drink in the world in the job do not accept no but he will come so close to the children they without us along the help wanted if I get a little badly wrong when the time it will come so close to eventual winners in an era that it says if it were possible will be busy but why will the barrier that not be the theme because they know they notice you and they studied the clear quest is my God will only be born in Minneapolis he had just know the eyesore one not only people many of lithium because of what the Bible says that every are willing was the end what is the spiritual aspect of it to help with just the thing when we look at NMFS cinematographic vision of God gave people a specific plan for follow-up aquatica and I know my children as well and they will that was so taken with the practices in our life level the exemption is the logical naked way ready for fun and the ability right now so and all our friends and guide them at the speaker and clearly whether the law have to do what he changed cars and I elicit something that has been all caucuses which each simple and less of these in order that the mind may be clear that or had spiritual things all clots on the main supply brain how can we hear God 's voice when we a fairly well he has utterly hot that we had gotten twice what we've been overstimulated on maybe with a committee of the supplement you know how the soonest what would you when I say feminization of back but can I bolted a poor neighborhood hand Minnesota and seldom pointed out a bottle of pills look at how our society move we are moving now from job medication member on the light was that they juggle more than that in its latest report may not hit the psychomotor vigilance it is like the automatic a just they are estimated to let the law here you can than be a witness to your physician recommending to my number one individual this is all I trust the Lord on the way that I don't have that elemental thickness when she was diagnosed with the sickness he has been high cholesterol and already had an initial season unacquainted with you how I is him along the patient on the job you claiming Jesus name I don't have a problem one was related in a major heart attack nor everybody wanted on surviving the disease this is not the way one Google and identify with what you want to work intelligently removing the office I see high school away from the joint medication what are we going medication out herbal medication is that you have to take three thousand milligrams garlic to keep your blood pressure low and even healed over the ball and when the Lord having that he will you have not been healed if you haven't taken item and access however he is helpless when sickness and disease yes but if we have to continue to take it over extended period of time however we eliminated the problem so you see you have one person out of even Tuesday night even if she says now you know what is the social season in the last beta won't be a little while to selling out in a shallow and wireless out for the one I got my medication as a result identify the woman Asian mysticism of the way she is not a cabinet and showed me the amount of violence and minerals us up if you think she's been over three to four hundred dollars on my one desire is for myself so I guess that medication immune combines all by these verbal medications so believe in God I don't want to follow this this we should show a little of the divine element in the will will will will the fools we cannot be guide for thinking the guy is out of office I had everyone the environment is not aware using is yes anything I R doing great in those ninety cells vitamin is why the artifacts are all using about five times that is not good science as we does look than in the highest levels of voting is what is likely to get him I don't like the only people that are opting to be sure and is only what visual the Bible want to know that I will look at that I is on balance in the one of the world the company will usually either days I live on six millimeters the world that when the executive that at least five or six hours of anything to know that most people give the simpleminded wanted to know they are better okay is the opposite is voted by the Mojave said Laura thought of working with the gypsies while one of her thinking that because I'm the one having the manna from heaven I'm a time when he found to get in okay because I only thought once a day on exotic holiday and wanted and aware and one hundred ninety this little coffee does the language of this is five how I will know that in the labor that I don't like that is not as if it is something that you can do if you do William eleven thousand and then it will be married life I think this will looking at live Islam is even on related goods I was stalled at a Miami native war possible by our legal olive and identical who is allowed by what time the rest of the evening we work with flowers in the regular wrestlers are new this is why we say that e-mail is not a healthy balance five this is easy how the methods is follow one of the Bible and the muscles will include a mutual number three the sign falling back on any classes on okay Shanghai film was followed not share this with you all as well yes I some law or it does not list not even one item that many people are concerned about it it is a vital calcium of different they like that without one of the highest of the copyright on the hyperlink craziness will be ready for this sometimes with immediately a certain amount ha ha I this is what the weather client they were taken a special pill supplement that provided us my calcium this one pill contains no caffeine that they needed for the day that website and how many times are you taken this bill he was taken to a number one and two and after no to an evening argument are unimpressed at the thought of doing this he had kidney stones before they were added in the late evening will begin the assault weapon during a six month he went back to the position the position is to visit almost cars but according to the professor was Saul 's job that he had been bound up in the salt and lots kidney stones the visitors ahead when handling as we sat down we get to consult with them we find him of taking these pills for what I'm not sure somebody somebody came I thought they this is necessary this is good for you not a data desire taken that as a result I've taken those items have developed kidney stones will happen when the five hundredth of the Bible to mutual what we do with these Anglicized southwest of calcium is the field the lessons go ahead and hold if I want to the highest of the calculated by okay anyone else been a scale college means the highest edible sort of calcium is destined in the annals of music the little white babies went along with I feel one way or the other one of the highest sources I watched this the reason why we don't let people I think the bottom of that letter is each vitamin or mineral through the number one now that is not taken out then you need to thought they do what I thought I facilitate out one vitamin C on vitamin D ending up with a good vitamin in the vitamin in the vitamin watch for the Lord the fossil record your sesame phosphorus work together technologies allow okay so that is not taken a high amount of calcium one gigabyte and have to do it on a dog compensate for a happy thought below what the author the deeply in the body of phosphorus these updates wants boss was either the web like that with the calcium we do a lot of productivity more experienced home in Army personal and they might want to know why can I know the calcium and they got a calcium supplement one nine and a soda can in the next it was no more ingredient in the photo phosphoric acid while they drink enough soda this is anybody here what are they going to the mall it is reaching Poland the calcium out of the bones now because it's housing the drop is on vote down what a calcium supplement as it is loaded with the body eliminate an abiding of a handgun but this is the one you all the battle to watch for the Lord that sexily one of the highest source of it all on the item that you guys mention of a high calcium as well Ms. without the flaming almond might be the only thing but look at what phosphorus has I thought this blog on amount NYC fascinating newsletter the login of the patent down executives at big gamble for your situation I won't have definitely got the same time hold tahini my people have been laughing and following God 's given us what about dividing that many if this gets rid of it watch this physical as we this item has a little tip for you guys and always is the far-off America normalcy got been standing on a good substance out of the things that we usually work with when you take a supplement that wasn't listed what happens to you your lookout as it some people live maybe that will guide some of us if we don't not will vary on right the fund that ended up in the aeronautic theophany like this happen the knowledge of my value shall be no more like Cisco even with vitamin C you think the much United is not that the body can please no more I'm done I'll might not have changed from absorption and facilitation and now by the funny thing is that they get out get out get out the Westin with the month is not as though quick visit here and here in North America have more vitamins and minerals than what most people in the world in everyday experts in the area now I like this but in a disclaimer we are not saying that the inherent ability to help him him job they did on thereof and I forgot what is going on in life is worth here I buy a father like that in the morning they tell you to drink one team cable spool on your first morning urine Dilantin and lack of raising public divisiveness and level one about populist over Chicago Ray drink there for one of your and you can move weight by fact that even want them to continue in effect if that's it but this here in the plan and what the data that work but also what the number on the things you wanted in the fact that deals will be just following the easiest way to follow the rule of thumb account counterfeit a study what we have to when you know what you have good when you see these holidays are coming up it is a fake this is not the right way no f-number and significant heart all and not accessible to all people of that velvet this one out Evan Roosevelt Noveck when you start disagreeing on that one section of the day not know that you discontinued forward to doing you sit back and watch the anonymous amend the question of his boy wonder was not called workfare and when it cards and access the impending ballots in the methods we haven't been redesigned by the scarf for you we with him about the methods and how easy lipid in a nice little plan but upon the schedule daily scheduled to follow him on the card him what you would like to learn how to become a lifestyle how do I stop without the need to fill this out here Yahoo managed to turn it into our theaters today and will will get the information to you how we can bring your community your home to school or even your church this thing that if the law has a super lowdown on what time we thank you again for the simple truth that you're given us how you have a fair counsel act account but what we don't have to spend time studying these on the teachings we just have to study what you given us and what we had that their father is we will not leave the scene so I thank you for the civil truth and may you bless me your answer and leaving feeling physically spiritually and mentally in an integrated and this media was used by audio birds and hope your ministry see generation and would like to listen more is present or if you would like to learn more about UNC 's WW UIC web or also find great seeing you on your verse board and hair videos .com


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