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3. The Prophecy of the Fallen Star

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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Father in heaven we thank you so much for the blessings that we received from you this day. We thank you for light or help. We thank you for the privilege of knowing you. We ask Lord that as we study your Holy Word tonight that you will send your Holy Spirit to be present in our midst. We ask that you will open our mind so that we might have understanding and you will open our hearts so that we might be willing to receive that which you have for us. We thank you Lord for answering our prayers because we come before you thrown in the press this precious name of Jesus our Lord and Savior Amen. OK lesson number three the prophecy of the fallen star. We're just going to basically go through the lesson I'll be making a few remarks as we go along. I'll be adding a few details which are not in the lesson in Lesson number two. We studied about how soon began on Earth. We saw that a mysterious serpent entice Eve to disobey God But the question is who. Is this serpent. Where did he come from and what is he up to in the lesson tonight. We're going to see how soon began in heaven and how it will come to an end on earth. Interesting it entered heaven but it will come to an end on earth. Now you'll notice that the next note is very important. The Bible makes it very clear that angels existed before God created this world. Did you read that text in Job thirty eight verses five to seven when God created this world what the stars do they sang for joy in the Bible to what the stars represent. Do you know if guys don't think stars represent angels and so when God created this world the angels say this means that the angels pre-existed the creation of planet Earth. Now as I left and say as the leader of these Angels was called Lucifer the son of the morning and tonight we're going to study about this magnificent angel. Let's talk first of all about the origin of this being Lucifer and by the way before we talk about his origin I need to tell you something about E G Q twenty eight where a lot of verses are taken from the lesson tonight. I don't know whether you noticed that tenses of the verb of the verbs of this chapter that tenses of the verbs are past. Did you notice that maybe maybe you weren't paying attention to that little detail. But it's very important even the destruction of the most of it. There is a girl twenty eight eighteen and nineteen is presented by the pop uneasy as path. Now what does this mean. It simply means that E.Z. kill is being carried forward to the very end of this world in actually actual fact. He's being carried all the way forward to the time after the thousand years of Revelation twenty and he said he is describing from that perspective the history of Lucifer. I know is that that's the reason why the verbs are in the past. Obviously some of the things that are mentioned in musical twenty eight are not passed by for example where it says that he will cease existing you know be reduced to ashes. That hasn't happened but it's presented as a past fact because. It was being transported and wait till the future probably invasion and he's transported to the time after the thousand years when the New Jerusalem descends from Heaven and this being this magnificent being is finally destroyed and is equal to a year is describing his history from that perspective. Now with that in mind let's notice the origin of this being a law also for it is what a created being Did you notice this twice in chapter twenty eight he is a created being which means that he had a beginning. Is Lucifer everlasting is loose of her eternal. Is Satan eternal. No we had a beginning must that mean that he also can have an end then. Yes because he's not eternal like he's created. Now question number two under the first section he was created by whom. If he was created by today's US I don't know whether you read notice that in the in this question it says for all things were created by Him That is my Jesus more claims that are in capital and things that are on earth whether they be principle and polished. All was created by him and for him. So the creator of Lucifer was interesting so we're going to buy into this story that it's a case of the creature rising against his creator. Is that significant. A creature rising against its creator. Yes Is that what Eve did you know she did. Now number three is very easy to answer. Here's a bald one. Where there is a boat was in heaven. He lived in heaven originally when he was cremated. Now let's talk a little bit about his identity who we what we know now that he had a beginning he lived in heaven he was created at some point in eternity past by Jesus but we need to know a little bit more about him who he was. First of all Lucifer was full of what full of wisdom do you have a brilliant intellect. Yes he had a brilliant intellect. According to scripture that not only did he have a brilliant intellect. Number two says that he was bright and what a bright and beautiful or perfect. That's all right. He was bright and beautiful. The devil is not some grotesque monster he's not as he is depicted in many characters you know of this being that has a tail tail and horns and a pitchfork in his hand roasting sinners and the fires of hell. That's not the picture that the Bible gives of this being the Bible says that he was bright and beautiful and full of wisdom. Number three he was covered with Precious what with precious stones. Now I don't know what you thought about this but if you look at the list of precious stones they're the same precious stones that form the foundations of the New Jerusalem and of course we've found in our lesson that he lived in the new age. So was he rich. Yes it was a beautiful yes. Was he intelligent yes but he was something else. Number four. So you are the reason why I make these a little bit difficult is because I want you to think actually Question number four if you read it just read the text you say well what words should I put in there. Let's see how you did. He had a very high position in God's government. We had great he asked your smites What can I say. He had great power and influence and then of course Number five says that he was morally perfect in all these ways. QUESTION Did God create the devil. Hey you're smart. I just can't slip you up and I know I did not create the devil. God created a morally perfect beautiful intelligent powerful being called Lucifer who chose to become the Devil. Did you notice how I worded that he chose to become what the devil if he chose to become the Devil is not responsible for his choice. No And of course one of the all of the pot questions at the end of the lesson group robot. I put those without any Bible verse so I want you to reflect and think about these things. OK any questions on such a number one. Oh yes oh yes. At the end of the lesson we have four questions Why do you want that. That's a good question. I'm glad that you're that the wheels of your mind are rolling. That's great. If God had for knowledge that he was going to choose to sin why did he create it. We'll deal with that question. OK Let's talk about his position as we have already seen Lucifer lived where he didn't have and by the way you found several references in the in the lesson that I wrong do you know why I put those wrong in there. You saw that you could look in the can cards and find the answers. No I wish I could say that the reason why I am not it should have led you to the concordance to find the real versus where these things are now what would happen should be here instead of my easy cue cards. Isaiah fourteen and verse twelve and how many of you found that in spite of the long reverence raise your hand I mean if you found them. Raise your hand. OK many of you did write a lot of her live according to eye exam porting verse twelve it says that how about fallen from. Almost a percent of the morning. So in other words he lived in heaven but now let's zero in a little bit more about where specifically in heaven because Heaven is a big place. When I want you to know it is not is we're going to streamline the general reference have been and we're going to get closer and closer to the exact spot in heaven where he was now known as Question number two. He lived on the heavenly mountain of God where is this mountain located in the sides of the north. Now I need to explain this to you. The points of the compass as they are looked upon in the Bible are different than the way we understand the points of the compass today and by the way their view is pretty well scientific. We look in that direction and we say that North straight ahead in back of us and south to the right hand is east and to the left hand is west. But in Biblical times North was up and south was down and east was to the right hand and West was to the left hand and there's a special reason why not in the Bible. The points of the compass that belong to God are North and East whereas the points of the compass that belong to Satan are west and south. It has to do with the position of the Sun God is a God of light is he not. Where does the light begin in the east. Right as the light reaches its highest intensity. When it's directly overhead in the not so God is God lives and then are in heaven up there where the sun set and darkness begin in the West and where does darkness reach its deepest intensity. Deep underneath and midnight in the south so to speak and so we would expect God's throne and God see to be right in the sides of the north because God is a God of War and God is a God of light by the way in man. This same principle comes through. Where are your positive quadrants. In math about and to the right. Where are your negative quadrants to the left and at the bottom. Solo stuff or lead them out of the heavenly mountain of God and this mountain is in the sights of the north. In other words Where's the sides of the North heaven because it says how are you cast up in heaven. Now the mountain which is in the sides of the North is called a lot Zion. OK Let me ask you this what other name is going to Zion in the Old Testament. Jerusalem. You get your picture first of all excess you live where you never becomes more specific. Where in heaven are on the mountain of God Are you follow me. What mountain of God Is that right. Zion and Zion is identified with what city Jerusalem saw you meant to land in the heavenly Jerusalem I have all I'm going to. Yes Bonnie. OK. Well because the New Jerusalem according to Revelation twenty one is going to come down from heaven and it's going to become the capital of the new world. So right now the New Jerusalem is where you have an obviously after the thousand years that can come down from heaven unless it's been hit so the New Jerusalem comes down from heaven after the thousand years it will be the capital of the north where God will live with us forever. What a privilege to have this be the capital of the universe and I want to be there I don't know about you. Yes Now the question who. OK I guess we don't know. Long time ago. Oh yes and the lesson that we're going to study lesson number six on the relation twelve. Are we talking about when Satan was cast out of heaven. There were three stages in the casting out of heaven one stage where he was when he was physically cast out and then at the cross of. Well when he was cast out in another sense and at the end of history he will be definitely cast out for ever but I don't want to get into that right now but he was his casting out is something that happens in stages. But we'll deal with that I promise you. OK So is this clear in your mind. You got it clear in your mind yes or no. Generally where do you live and where more specifically and I have an outline in the New Jerusalem. But now the question is where on Mount Zion. Well let's continue studying it. Before he send Lucifer limbed where being eaten what the gardener but now wait a minute this is interesting isn't it. Where. There was the Garden of Eden in Genesis three on earth where it was even before I was on earth in heaven. In other words the Garden of Eden was a little piece of heaven on earth and that's why Adam and Eve were cast out from the garden and they could only live on the earth with me. Now when did God take Eden to heaven it must have been before the flood because the flood destroyed the whole planet Earth. So where most of the Garden of Eden be now in heaven and in case anybody wonders about this Revelation twenty one and twenty two tells us that when the city comes down again. Eden will come down with it because there will be the River of light and there will be the Tree of Life. It's as a Revelation chapter twenty one and twenty two. The tree of life that was in the original garden to be sure. It's most of her lead in the garden of God before he sent. Did you catch that. Garden of Eden was in heaven before he said he lived in the Garden of Eden and that's not where I say Judy is confused. Let me rephrase what I was eating in Genesis three. Wanted Lucifer lived before he sent for me to live in the Garden of Eden the boys and yet you can read easy go twenty eight it says you work in the in the God you were perfect in other words he lived in the garden when he was perfect so it must of them that the Garden of Eden was transplanted from where. From heaven to earth. But it must have been taken back to heaven again because when the city descends than the Garden of Eden is going to be end according to Revelation twenty one twenty two. OK now let's notice a little bit more here by the way what was also created to be a great musician. Now in the lesson but I'll give you the reference. Easy go twenty eight verse thirteen says that candles and pipes were prepared for him on the days of on the day of His creation. Candles and pipes means glued pipes are flutes and temples are kind of like little Cameron's drum. Reverence he was created to be a musician. Interesting so he must know a little bit about music. He must know how to use music in the modern world to lead people astray from God. Absolutely. Now question number four under this section. Lucifer lived in the heavenly Rudd sanctuary which he later want. They filed. How did Lucifer did file the heavenly sanctuary. Because he's seen and been a nanny did file also his physical sanctuary. Yes Our body is a temple of the word of the Holy Spirit. Is he going to be filed a sign showing up and the end of time. Is he going to sit in the temple of God showing himself to be God or we're going to study that property second Thessalonians chapter two and by the way I'll just put all this out. He also defiled the first sanctuary that existed on planet Earth. Do you know what that sanctuary was the Garden of Eden. Let me share this with you. What was placed at the entrance of the Garden of Eden after Adam needs and what kind of angels do cherubs to cherish so that man could not walk and enter and eat from the tree of life and live forever. Where did Adam and Eve and their descendants bring the sacrifices of the animals to up with the sacrifices to the gate of the garden. Where were the sacrifices brought in the sanctuary service in the Old Testament. They were about where we were to the outer court where you have made and in the most holy place what was there. Two chairs and I was the only one that could enter the most holy place the High Priest. Generally the Israelites could then Lucifer slander God and the heavenly sanctuary. Did he slander God Eve and the tree of the. Knowledge of Good and Evil. Yes And he defined the time by leading me to say so this is what is meant when he says you defiled your word you defile your sanctuaries. Now let's go to number five. He was placed as a what is a covering cherub where you then there will be Temple Yes I lean on her. OK Revelation chapter twenty one I'm not talking about Chapter twenty one verse twenty two I'm talking about chapters twenty one and twenty two. OK All right. Just really there you have the tree of life you have the river of life you have all of the basic elements that you had in the garden. OK good science to make myself clear. OK so it says that he was placed as a covering cherub. That's a strange name covering cherub that was his job his function. That's not a question of our sex to find out what a covering cherub once there were how many covering cherubs in the temple too right. Where were they located. Our region in much apartment of the sanctuary with me a little on the most holy place and where were they located the most open place where there was one on one and and the other on the other and a lot of the Ark of the Covenant is an ark of the Covenant haven't yet somebody want to read Revelation eleven one thousand write it in your lesson. I didn't put it. There it's hard for me to write out these lessons because there are so many things I want to put in I'd end up with ten pages. I never get through it so I have to streamline and only put in certain things but Revelation eleven in verse nineteen who would like to read that and you want to read that if you do it would be OK but it has been God's temple and what was seen in the heavenly temple on the ark of his obvious covenant So is there an ark of the Covenant in the heavenly temple. Yes it was a week yes yes revelation you have in one thousand sites says the temple is open in heaven and the arc of his covenant was seen so why was the position of Lucifer that he was one of the two What is one of the two covering cherubs next to God's throne. Yes balmy Florida I can work when it was done. Yes yes yes absolutely. If he was a covering cherub the question is What did he cover. By the way. Let's go I want to say if you follow the principle that we've outlined here of using the concordance or the marginal references here oh look at these Eagle twenty eight where it says you were a covering cherub and it will send you to Exodus twenty five. Correct. So you don't even have to guess it sends you already when it says if you want to know what a common chair was going to Exodus twenty five where the building of the sanctuary. I explained and it's explained that the Ark of the covenant had one covering cherub on one side another covering cherub on the other side and the presence of God was manifested between them. Now that's the reason why some eighty verse one says that who dwelt between the Cherubim who dwelt between the cherub by the way and Hebrew when the word ends in it's the plural we would say to chair arms they would say two can be in some eighty verse one says that God dwells between the chairman. What does what does between me you know to have a between how many do you have to because it was more than two that I would be among them. So there's two covering cherubs. How many were covering cherubs on the ark too. So originally were Lucifer sand was an ark of the Covenant and were there to cover in tears. Yes absolutely. Now an extremely important point that I don't want to miss is the fact that inside the ark of the Covenant was one of God's Holy Law the Ten Commandments the Ten Commandments begin at Mount Sinai. When God gave them to Moses and Moses gave them to the beat. No because Scripture makes it very clear that there was a heavenly they were covering cherubs and inside the ark of course of the Ten Commandments and by the way if you read Exodus Chapter twenty five. Carefully. You're going to discover that it says that the that the campaign actually was supposed to be looking down at the mercy seat the mercy seat is where seat is where somebody sits. That's where the glory of God rested upon the art of a kind of they were supposed to be looking down at the mercy seat and it was supposed to cover their bodies with their wings and reverence for God and His holy law is clear. Yes OK Let's go to section the next section Hispano learns the became part of these what is it wrong to be beautiful. Well I would never know because the Lord blessed me with that but it's not wrong to reveal what God created me. Then it says that he cannot that is what his wisdom. Why did he call up is wisdom how did he do it. He began to think that what really that his wisdom was his. He began thinking that his beauty was his right and his beauty come go write it he was there and then says that he selfishly I don't know what riches and he wanted a higher position of what power even to the point of being like the most high is anything wrong with beauty wisdom a position of power and riches. Now these assets become liabilities when we forget. Where they came from and why they were given the riches are given so that we can bless others. Beauty is given and I'm not only talking about physical beauty I'm talking about beauty of character is given to attract people's attentions to the God who gave you a position of authority and power is given so that we can serve the higher our position that greater should be our service not when we make these things an end in themselves. And we think that they belong to us assets become what become liabilities lose the first great sin was that he had spiritual myopia in other words he was near-sighted he could always see himself I mean to Isaiah fourteen comes through so clearly here. I like to say that he had a very serious eye disease you see and I guess this yes he had a real serious eye disease. Yes Larry. Why would you. Only when nobody gave him Press T V because he was covered with all these precious stones. There's no indication that the other angels were covered with those precious starts in fact the precious stones are also the very stones that were on the best place that rest breastplate of the high priest that was here occupied a high position. Any a Q He looked upon these ranchers and these things that he had as an indication of his prestige. Do we have the same problem today you know that we have the same problem in the world today. Yes There we go. Then in a few moments. Good Quest question number five. He chose to commit right since he chose to commit sin. Question did lose the first sin in heaven. Now go with me the first John Chapter three. Well I said Isaiah fourteen at night OK. Read Isaiah fourteen first I want you to see what his problem is you know once in his innocence. Selfishness. Do you know why there's a there are so many problems in marriage because each one of the sponsors worked their own way. She doesn't please me she looked my goals in my shirt. She's always asking first. She was always knocking me do you know how a marriage would be perfect if the husband says the only thing I want to do in my marriage I'm going to do everything that pleases my wife nothing that pleases me and if the wife says I'm going to do everything that pleases my husband I'm not going to do anything that pleases me. In that case both would be pleased. Are you with me. Selfishness is the core and of course the essence of selfishness is breaking God's holy law because the law of God is a lot of love love God love your neighbor example by the Ten Commandments if you love your neighbor you're not going to kill him if you love your neighbor you're not going to steal his wife. If you love your neighbor you're not going to steal that belongs to Him If you love your neighbor you're not going to cut it what belongs to your neighbor if you love your neighbor you're not going to gossip about your neighbor. That's what the apostle Paul says that love is the fulfilling of the Law The problem is the Christian world today has a has a twisted view of what love is they think love is just some say. In the mental gushy mushy feeling that love is is the whole feeling of God's law because the law is written in our hearts not as Isaiah fourteen in verse twelve. Who would like to read verses twelve to fourteen. Jane put his hand up and I'm going to get to certain key words I'm going to repeat the word with you. Our all warning me and my heart. I i i i i i i didn't all I say Oh I say believe me don't you see how beautiful I am how intelligent I am. My position of power how rich I am. He wanted to use these things for himself and when you use these things for yourself you bless nobody has a problem with the world today. Now go to first John three four. First John chapter three and verse four wheelers a person in heaven. Yes Well in a place where I mean they are in a rut or soon or as the old King James Version sense and is what transgression of the law. Transgress the law. Why was the law. So a lot I mean we've already started that the law was way out in the sun did not break up and demand he did because he sent because Satan is what transgression of the law. Now a lot of those eight he who sins is of the devil for the devil has sinned for Mount Sinai from when I was a devil sin from the beginning so if say this transgression of the law and the devil is in from the beginning that the law existed in the beginning it most certainly did. Now some people have wanted to redefine sin they say Nelson is a transgression of a loss in a separation from God. So because the idea is that you know if you have a relationship with someone you might commit certain things that are not correct without necessarily definitely breaking the relationship and so it's a kind of a way of getting off the hook that sin is breaking God's holy law. Now let me ask you when Jesus hung on the cross of Calvary he said My God my God That is for me I am who I have forsaken me. When Jesus was on the cross was the relationship between him and his father broken. Was the broken relationship the season or was that the result of sin why did Jesus say My God my God why has not forsake me did Jesus ever say I don't know what was Jesus doing on the crotch. He was carrying your sins and mine. In other words the sense that he carry brought about separation but the separation was not the same in his bearing the sin led to want to separation and if you want to write down the verse Isaiah fifty nine and verse two God says your iniquities he says to Israel have caused a separation between me and you. Right done spur separation or iniquity iniquity in what is anybody are sent breaking God's word God's holy law. Now let's go to Number Six are you getting the picture here. What's going on. Doesn't this have a lot to tell us about what's wrong with the world today. You know when those fellows. I'm not September eleventh crash those airplanes into the World Trade Center and they were doing it in the name of God That's exactly what the devil wants because that's what what the devil wants to look like he wants not to look like him. Imus may come to that in a few moments. Number six is they just want to fix things but it's about the amount of job loss of our training and I think we can refer to the obvious trading or traffic or merchandise all of that all in the feldman to traffic going on to traffic the margin by now the question is why did they quit. We're in heaven. Well let's not it by the way that was one of the wrong weapons was not the one and I think that the letter the very fame or a bit of plant way to traffic or merchandise here in illegal twenty eight is the identical word in these other two verses that are put here in the note we're going to be willing to wrap it in if they don't. Oh excuse me Leviticus nineteen verse sixteen says Thou shalt not go up and down as a telegram or that the identical he were going to translate a traffic of merchandise an illegal one and you would never know it by the translation. You would have to go back to the original language and you can do that with strong Concord and the second word but it should be. If we kill twenty two nine. OK I will probably not do anything. All right so the word that you need to place there is what slander slander to shed blood. Let me ask you in the demo blander and if you have the intention of shedding blood you have because the Bible says that there was a light in heaven we are in heaven and last I know when those want to bludgeon. Yet should be only one slander. So what am I going to have again. What Betty what Merchant Ivory Coast Well here's a landmark and what and carrying on details about who noticed the next question what little support the where and the merchandise he tried to play our world is about. So what he did was he tried to sell the heavenly angels his work his lies you know what he said about God God is a tyrant God takes away people's freedom. The lies respective if you accepted me the plight of everybody would in Peru you know we have a story in the Bible that illustrate this I'll just mention a very briefly the story of Absalom. Second Samuel fourteen and fifteen read it at your leisure when you go home. Absalom was the son of David and you know what Absolom would do he wanted to take his father's law but he didn't do it by fighting what he would do if he would stand at the gate of Jerusalem and anybody that came to the king for judgment Absalom would say whatever you want from such and such a tribe. All wonderful and what is it what case do you bring. Well I want to bring this case to judgment before the king because somebody is trying to rip me off. And Absalom would say oh come on now don't go before the king. It isn't going to do you justice doesn't carry him doesn't care about his creatures. Now he said Now if you decided to put me on the full situation everyone would in Peru is that what let's look at one of the new lesson if you want to take somebodies position what you have to do you have to discredit them first right. Yes you build yourself up and to build yourself up others about you have to tell God in the eyes of his angels. Let's read the note as we continue to study pompously. We will find that Satan is always trying to give God a black eye for example after September eleventh some people ask where was God. I don't ask where was God. I'd say Satan was present when a natural disaster takes place people call it an act of God If you take away all the build the Kmart they say well we guarantee to give it back in twenty four hours sort of an act of God knows if there was an earthquake we might be and not be able to. We turn it in twenty four hours. If we call it an act of God It is an act of God the God of this world say the story of Job shows us this doesn't the Democrats' natural disasters he called Job caused job to lose as hell to lose all of his possessions to lose his friends to lose the support of his wife. It wasn't God I was doing it it was Satan but Satan wanted jump to think that I was wrong there was gone. So don't just lose hold would let go of God But the wonderful thing about this story is that job said no he's so maybe you will like us to do. Are you willing to trust God even in bad times no matter how how bad the bad times get don't say Oh God is giving me a raw deal. Oh if God allowed something it's for our good. Isn't it. Someday we'll understand why God allowed certain things that we can't understand and you know Jesus came to show what God is really like he said he was seen Me has seen the Father. Did you just cast out but there will need to heal the sick really resurrect but there may be plenty of camp. No I don't have a way to help Jesus was showing what God is really the reason why Satan hated Jesus by the way that the reason why Satan is going to hate God and time people is because they reveal the character of God So even the Jews God's people in Christ's day they blame God for their you know for example when a man this man who was born blind because the site will say now who said was it this man or his parents that he was born blind leprosy was called the finger of God not of God put his finger on the sinners and gives them leprosy even God's own people. I don't wrong image of God created in their mind by faith in number seven. Lucifer tried to sell his lines to all the angels but weren't successful in enticing only how many one third. Praise the Lord for every evil angel we have two good ones. Let me ask you Do you think we'll suppose arguments must have been quite persuasive against God never thought of the angels chose to leave their allegiance with God His arguments must have been very powerful to be able to deceive a third of the angels not right with God in heaven. This is the real Star Wars and it's not course again that made all those of you who are into Star Wars. I never watched it but I know the names who doesn't know the names of the heroes of Star Wars but this is a real deal. This is not some Hollywood production. So war broke out in heaven and saved and his angels were cast out and came to where we are now questions nine ten eleven are critical importance. The question is Who was that other being that was on the other side of the Ark our sister asked the question well let's not of the next questions. Dear Reginald battle was between two stars. Lucifer the son of the morning and Christ the Bright and Morning Star In other words the original battle was between two morning. Did you catch her interest now the way that this language and Isaiah fourteen reflects a concept of the ancient Babylonians Hansie. Venus is that star that is in the sky that just about refuses to go down you know what I'm talking about. And that Babylonian concept was that that that star Venus who is in the sky even when the sun is starting to come out the star there in the sky they had the concept that this star was a usurper. This time I wanted to rule in place of the sun but then they believe that when the sun came up the sun would grab this star and all the stars into the underworld and then the sun shine bright. That's a beautiful figure of what we're talking about here. Of course this battle was not between two literal stars not between two stars in a symbolic sense. The original controversy then as between Christ at home and Satan that their battle continue on are. Remember Genesis predicting more caution your head and you will want to heal the battle that started in heaven between Christ and saving continued honor when Christ came to her. And then oh that's question number ten all of the titles on this lesson are solely my responsibility. I should have given them to my wife and she will call the state. They're sort of in a space between nine and ten. Now again in Revelation twelve or seven we are told that the battle was between Michael and his angels and then the dragon and it was Angel. Now somebody saying you're saying that Michael is Jesus. Yes but let me qualify that and make it very clear there's a church in the world that believes that Michael is Christ and that Michael was the first angel created by God In other words Christ was the first creature of God The Bible does not teach that the Bible teaches that Christ is Michael but that Michael is also eternal God The word angel in the Bible means messenger. By the way if God's throne is the Ark of the covenant where is jesus seated according to The Book of Revelation right at the right hand of God so much the better collect and Lucifer the battle was between two stars. In some people's not like the idea that Jesus was Michael the Archangel you know lowering him to an angel. But you don't have any problem with the fact that Jesus lowered himself to become a man and still was God so why couldn't you be Michael and still be God if he became man and was still gone are you with me tonight then we'll talk more about this later on. Now a lot of number eleven is related to this. When Jesus comes again he will come with you in the past few days. And Wells as angels and famous you say angels will be cast into the fire. The cry of angels and fight things just like in heaven. My God and His angels and the dragon had his angels. So the controversy folks the real controversy is between Christ and Satan. But when you join Christ the battle against you two are you with me and when you join seitan your battle against God too. In other words let's listen to what I want to say this is such an important principle. The events that happen on planet Earth. Every single one of them is to be read in the light of what happens in the world that you cannot see. In other words what happens if the sun is shining behind me and I raise my right arm the shadow does what it raises the right eye. What happens if the sun is shining behind me and I went my head from one side to another in the shadow so legs its head from one side to another mans are shadows of the invisible movements that we cannot see. And that's the reason why I say we need to read all the historical occurrences of the Bible with enlightened eyes from the perspective of a great controversy between good and evil. I have made what happened on September eleventh going to talk about the United States and poverty I believe that what happened September eleventh has tremendous repercussions when it comes to Bible prophecy the role of the United States and Bible prophecy. We won't get into that right now but see whenever you read things and you know people read things in the newspapers or by the world shows good and bad isn't it. If you don't see that there's that there's a hidden agenda every time that the babble introduces in your home in your marriage thrive and fighting that's not a husband and wife merely struggling and fighting and as angels trying to create discord in the home and the reason why is because he knows that again even if you can possibly have between husband and wife doc probably lose their hold on God to them I'm making myself clear. Number two out late and then introduce and misery suffering and death into Planet Earth he didn't like that and he infected the human race with a deadly virus. Work out patients who came to resolve the situation. Jesus when I have a lot more to say about Jesus resolving the situation. But now let's talk about the methods used in our study of prophecy we will see that Satan employs two main methods to ensnare people deceived and pours. When he can't deceive you he will attempt to destroy you. I'm going to tell him not us the following text on Satan's deceptive power will go through these quickly from the very beginning beginning saying is used the state sleight of hand. Chocolate covered poison and I want to put in could he sleep after you had sinned. Not ask her to render him an account of what she had done she said The serpent beguiled me and I did eat. But you need to know to do to be a theme someone but you have to do to be seen some lie. OK thank you very much. Everybody look up here. If you're going to participate in this experiment you have to be looking at me. OK Right now I'm going to save every single one of you. OK You see this coat that I have on this coat. It's red with all of the D.C. ones please raise their hand. There might be someone who's colorblind here. You give yourself away. Why didn't I deceive you. I lied. Lesson No lies which do you see are the lives that are closest to the truth. Are you with me. And we're going to find that everything that God has true faith and have accounted for and many almost topic convicts the devil has. And so our only protection we're going to find is on strictly following what God says in His Word. That's your only protection because if you go to the temptation to believe that the devil used for things the sacred trust in God's word the whole issue is God what will evil doing what God said. It's the first thing that happens is the devil performs a miracle because it gives the snake the capacity to think that's a miracle. He uses a false miracle so that we're going to use miracles at the end of time and then he twists God's word so God has said you can't eat of every tree of the garden and he says well you got it almost right. He twisted God's Word is the devil God twist God's word at the end of time. Many use this logic to be logical if God said you should need because you're going to die but you're not going to die. And so each as well. If I'm not going to die then why did God say that I am going to die and then the devil has him where he wants or he says the reason why God told you you're going to die from the tree is not because you're really going to die but because God knows that if you eat of the tree you're going to be like him and then he's going to have rivals are you with me and so he says sounds just like you know I know I have an explanation why we're not supporting. It's not because we're going to die but because God is selfish. He doesn't want any rivals around. I can and then of course the devil uses Eve's census so she looked at the food it looked OK She touched the fruit and what the heck. What do you should have done. She should've said I don't know snakes could talk that's a miracle. I see that you heard what God says even though you twisted it a little bit and what you say and just some logical and approved drugs God and it looks like it would be good to taste and it would get me where I was wrong. There's only one problem God said Don't eat and I live by every word that comes out of the mouth of God Those are her only protection. God's word followed to the letter. Number two according to Paul Satan can transform himself into what an angel of light. You know I believe that God warned Adam and Eve that the devil had fallen from heaven and that he was going to come and try and tempt them you know how I believe the reason why because the devil did not tempt Eve he did not come from heaven as an angel say got to set me as an angel from heaven to tell you that he has changed his mind and you can eat from this tree too. What would have happened if the devil had appeared to Eve as a as a glorious angel of light and then it said eat from the tree gods as you have permission it would have been too obvious he had to hide into behind serpent by the way can the devil also transform his ministers into ministers of righteousness and use preachers. Gary I have to have a reality check every day. Same as a master carpenter or imitator. The closer a counterfeit can imitate the genuine the more it is deceptive power and I want you to notice that the counterfeit always comes later in time than the genuine. You would never have a counterfeit one hundred dollar bill unless the person you had a true genuine one hundred dollar bill. Keep that in mind. Revelation twelve seven tells us that Satan what he sees the whole world. Number four Satan will attempt to do what. To mimic the second coming of Jesus. If you think it's important that we know how Jesus is this just suppose that maybe the devil has convinced the Christian world the Jews is going to come one way and he's going to come a different way. Just put all that out now because the Bible says that he's going to mimic the second coming to least even possible the very that second Thessalonians to eighty nine explain the Apostle Paul explains by the way we're going to be studying this in a couple of lectures. How saying Oh come with great power signs and one in line wants to receive those who perished because they did not choose to love one or two how important is it to love the truth in order to not be the seed at the end of time. It's a matter of life and death. Did you read the story in Second Chronicles a story I'm not going to I'm not going to tell you the whole story right now. Take you to learn that a spirit appears before the Lord you know God says they have has abandoned me and he is going to be destroyed. Now how is this going to take place in the spirit comes before the Lord and says oh here's that I'll do what God says and how will you do it all be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets and above it all tell him to go to Raymond really had to battle and you'll get killed there. What do you suppose that that evil that that that spirit was who offered to be a lying spirit in the mouths of the prophets. Does God does God utilize to accomplish this purpose. No because God is the God of absolute truth not us. Number seven in the latter times many shall be part of the faith giving heed to what he said to seducing spirits and doctrines. It is the devil that I use. False theology to deceive people at the end of time. False doctrinal concept small teachings yet so now we can't deceive you what is going to use force is going to try to coerce you let's go to the next section quickly. Same as compared to a what a roaring lion. No faculty there. The serpent gives you the idea of what crap they slice livery but the lion there's nothing's nothing quiet there's nothing sly about a roaring lion. Satan is also compared to a what a ravenous dragon one night when I mention a dragon does that the idea of being sly and crafty coming not really in Revelation twelve three same try to destroy it. The male child. How did he try to destroy him by deceiving him or by trying to kill him by trying to kill him. See in my lifetime property depicting Satan persecuted what no one in the church you know it is not using only deception. He's trying to want to destroy it by force. In Revelation twelve seventeen we find that Satan's final war will be against Rome against the remnant of the woman's see who is the woman seat so this must be the remnant the remnant of G.. Now let's talk about AIDS and quickly. According to his Eagle twenty eight eighteen or nineteen Satan will be reduced a lot to ashes and never shall be any more. Praise the lord amen and God has prepared a fire. The Bible speaks of everlasting fire will be all about a little bit later. Goddess prepare an everlasting fire for the devil and his angels. You know all that hell was never prepared for any human being. Yes Larry. Really really. Oh yes. Revelation probably got to be trumped by right you know number one number two that's well Number two is to operate at or talk about a dragon doesn't it. Yeah seven headed dragon does cooperate speak about the gray. Yes OK good. I was at least going on that one. OK Now let's. Yes All right guys. It's going in Revelation twelve precess dragon doesn't it. If I'm not mistaken. Yes or number six. Or well let's go through that Satan will even lead the land beast we're going to talk about the United States and prophecy and this beast deals with that issue. He will even try to what kill anyone who does not receive the mark of the beast so is it important to know what the mark of the beast is absolutely. Now let's talk about upward and downward mobility. The blood talk these days about upward mobility low so I wanted to ascend and he shall be way down on the other hand Jesus humbled himself and therefore he was what I did. They just see the principle of Jesus taught in Matthew twenty three verse twelve Jesus said that whoever exalts himself will be what will be humbled or abased and he who humbles himself will be a big drop and you know this is the central principle of the Bible. The central principle of the teachings of Jesus if you exult yourself God will humble you if you humble yourself God will exalt you. We have a perfect example of this not only in Jesus and Percy Lucifer said I will ascend. Jesus said I will what he said. So one of those are present I will ascend and God says I will what I'll call you down but when it is us who do you sense God said I will bring you up. So he who humbles himself will be gone. And vice versa. OK let's go to our important questions all American as a perfect example of this principle of upward and downward mobility of our American as a balcony of this palace this is a chapter for Bangladesh. Here isn't this great Babylon that I created with my power and for my glory and God simply says is that it's on a beginner's or you will become a vegetarian for seven years and it does the Bible teach vegetarianism is a perfect example of taking a text out of context. But America never got really good. The power of reason which was his gift to new beginners or am I going to remove that. How great will know you can measure nothing. And then after seven years after he ate grass and he grew his hair long like the feathers of an eagle and his claws like the claws of a bird. Never you can as a God gave him back the pearl of reason and if you can as your nonsense now I exalt and glorify God of Heaven he who exalted himself was what was humble and when he humbled himself. God restore him to his girl. Now let's go to our important questions very quickly when we have a couple of minutes. How could a perfect being send if there was no one to tempt him the only thing that I can tell you here is that God gave Lucifer freedom of choice and for some strange reason which we cannot understand by the way if there was a reason why then God would ultimately. I mean ultimately be responsible for its there because there will be an explanation. Lucifer and because of this if you sin because of this it's because there's a reason and the reason would ultimately lead to home to God is a mysterious intruder say most of us perfectly righteous he wasn't tempted by the flesh inside and there was no one outside to tempt him. But for some strange mysterious reason he simply chose to misuse his freedom of choice. He was filled with selfishness. God did not create a slant towards evil he chose to become evil for a reason we can never explain what we can know that was because he chose to exercise his freedom of choice in the wrong direction. If God knew that Lucifer was going to say and why did he create him. Because if God had said well you know I know that if I create Lucifer the lizard was going to choose to go against me so I guess I won't create him. What kind of being Would God be creating that robots didn't have to have the capacity to choose evil in order to have a choice. Yes. Listen the fact that God allowed Lucifer. So send it along God know everything that was going to happen. Shows how much God respects our freedom of choice. And somebody says Well nobody would have ever known that God said I'm only going to create creatures that will say yes to me I'm not going to create creatures would say No God would've been able to live with him so because God is a God who gives freedom of choice. I understand what I'm saying. Now the flip side of this I'm going to recognize in a minute Josh I see you back there. The flip side of this is. Because God decided to create Lucifer did this cause intense and terrible suffering to God So why didn't God spare rooms of all the pain and the agony by not making in this NG We always say what did you see all the news you know about us. Well the fact is I've not only brought us misery. God could have spared himself by stopping and the misery that sin has brought but he did he create Also from what we know of choice even though he knew that I was going to send and I was going to cost him his precious son. Are you with me. OK Josh. Now that would be another question that would be good to add here Wilson ever come in again the Bible says no sin will not arise a second time. Let me ask you this and you will excuse my way of saying what idiot would ever want to experiment with again after seeing what it's cost that's And what has happened in the world will be the greatest vaccination against him because whenever I want to live in a world again with sickness and sorrow and death and suffering no way. Let's go to number three. Why didn't God just tell us a person if he sent. Let me ask you left here I'm a baby and I said to you and this is just an illustration I think you ought to kill that baby because he's going to become a juvenile delinquent. What would you think of me you would say what. How do you know he's going to be a juvenile delinquent I really want to get out of this. Decided to destroy Lucifer before Sam had a chance to mature and we had a chance to really see the agenda that Satan have and really what sin is when it fully mature and produces what it has produced in the world. What would have happened. The heavenly beings would have said what Lucifer says that God is harsh. That is law can be kept that he's a tyrant and lo and behold he blotted him out. Who's next. We better keep in mind they wouldn't serve God out of what kind of fear God cannot accept a service appear and it would have all and always been the possibility of another we are going to give this tyrant after what their banks. So God decided to allow Satan to develop of agenda to show the fruit of what sin would be like he decided let the train go through the mountain so that everybody can see what the universe would have been like if God allowed those that are to sit on the throne of the universe I wouldn't And finally what is the only way in which we can protect ourselves from Satan's power. It is written. We must study God's word and we must obey God's Word. That's our only protection. We can accept reasonings we can accept miracles we can accept the testimony of our senses. All we can do is accept what God says in His Word and because we love God obey what he said that if you love me keep my coming. Yes he wanted me to have a choice. Afterward Satan does not have the chance to repent. You know God we have an indication of this in the Garden of Eden already that God asked Adam and Eve what they had done. There was an investigation with a search. There was no investigation God said this is what's going to happen to you your head is going to be crushed. So anyway I guess it's too late to have a quiz tonight too. There's just so much material to cover that it's mind boggling how much there is in these lessons. But what I have will have a quiz now and then still keep yourselves ready you know. Teacher sometimes they say there's going to be a quiz and you just don't know when it's going to be. Nobody knows that they know they are yes then OK the question that they haven't asked these She asked me this question yesterday privately is if you're twenty eight the first ten verses are speaking primarily of the prince up higher and that found in verse one is you can point to a verse one says Son of the Son of man say to the what to the Prince of Tyre and then the first ten verses deal with the prince of Tyre that's the earthly ruler. But then starting with verse eleven the scene changes. Moreover the word of the Lord came to me saying Son of Man take up a limitation. When I clean up tire you know what the prince of Tyre. I'm sorry. The King of Tyre did where in heaven saw the first ten verses below with the earthly shadow wells versus eleven following deal with the cosmic invisible conflict in the heavenly sphere. I follow me. OK let's have a lot of prayer. Father haven't we thank you for the privilege of studying this class tonight. We thank you because you revealed in your holy word how soon started and how we can protect ourselves from Satan's awesome power. We know that there is. Our in Jesus there is power in your word. Help us to claim your promise as Lord and thus gain the victory over this powerful or he with us now as we return to our home send your angels to watch over us and care for us and we thank you for hearing this because we ask it in Jesus' name amen. This media was brought to you by audio groups a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more of certain legalism. W W W R U. verse dot org.


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