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4. The Good News of Bible Prophecy

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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Now let's get right into our laps and study this evening. It's a very very important lesson it is actually foundational for many of the lessons that we're going to be studying in the future so it is of critical importance that we understand the lesson tonight and you'll see why it is so important for us to understand this lesson. Now let's just begin at the top and work through the lesson it's a little bit shorter at least for three pages tonight. That doesn't mean that the time we spent together is shorter but the lesson is short and let's just work through it. One year after Daniel arrived and babbling with his three friends can you know if you can ever had a dream. The story of this dream is found in Daniel Chapter two. Let's study this chapter together and incidentally something that's not in the lesson is the fact that the date for this chapter is six or four B.C.. In other words the events of this chapter are taking place in the year six hundred four before Christ that's an important date because we're going to find an amazing Outline of History that is provided in this prophecy. There's no doubt whatsoever that the Bible is inspired. As we look at this prophecy that was given over six hundred years before the birth of Jesus. Now let's go to section number one. What we're dealing with the play and counter play of history at the beginning of human history God gave Adam and Eve What you don't mean again over the years. What does this mean Dominion means rulership in other words Adam and Eve were were placed on this earth as rulers of this world. This was their kingdom. If we can use the word. If it were the kingdom that the long battle many Now question number two makes it very clear that when Adam and Eve thing and then the minion was taken over by who the Dominion was taken over by Satan it was stolen by thing we need to understand that it was not faith and rightful domain in other words it wasn't here. God gave it to Adam and Eve and Adam and Eve will last but the satan satan stole it in other words and we have several indications of the Bible that Satan took over the meaning of this world because we have a text that I'm a lesson where the devil on the mocked and patient shows Jesus all the kingdoms not of the expression the kingdoms of the world and he says to Jesus you see all of these kingdoms out there said I'll give you all these kingdoms. If you only bow down and worship me because these kingdoms have been delivered to me. That's a reason why in the Old Testament we have for example the story of Joel have you ever read the story of Job. There's a meeting that takes place in heaven and the sons of God come to this heavenly heavenly meeting and among all sons of God that come to this meeting or so they say now the question is what is Satan doing in that heavenly Maybe Well the fact is that who should have been at that meeting and should have been at that meeting represented planet earth but he had given up a rulership and so Satan went and that's the reason why Jesus called Satan the prince of this world the prince of this world. Number three Jesus came to earth to recover the domain in which Adam and Eve were lost when he died on the cross the prince of this world was what he was cast out. Now in our session on. Actually tomorrow night we're going to deal with the second part of Daniel Chapter two and then on Saturday night we're going to deal with Revelation twelve and we'll talk a little bit more about what happened at the cross of Calvary when Jesus died. The devil was cast out of heaven as the representative of this world when Jesus died on the cross. I'm not going to amplify that much more now but you need to remember you need to keep it in the corner of your mind. Now number four what was kinetic and I was thinking about when he went to bed one night. Somebody want to tell me what he was thinking about the way he was thinking about the future is what you know he was wondering what was going to happen in the future. Now he was thinking this right this is an important detail he was thinking this when he was in bed this thoughts came to your mind. I voted in honor of these thoughts. He just bought them. This is a very important detail. We're going to play. And then something really strange happens and I don't know whether you've stopped to ask yourself the question why something like this would happen now. OK now we can answer this dream. God you know I was in a dream in a dream that he had because he ate too much people the night before last was April. Very green given by God But then whenever he can never wakes up. Whenever he can remember the dream. Have you asked your question yourself the question why would God give the king a dream and then we're never going to walk up God hides a dream from his memory. Not never going to know we had had dream right. He knew that I have never had a dream where when you wake. You know that you dreamed about you can't remember when it wasn't just oh I wish I could remember. You know I know but what was I dreaming about. I've had that experience I know you had of that experience though and that's what happened with American ever only our dreams are not of any dreams the dream that you can ever had was a prophetic dream given by God But now when he wakes up. Basically God says but never going to forget your dream any height the dream might lie with God do everything that God does has a purpose and we're going to see you in a few moments what the purpose runs. Who wouldn't know if you can answer a call when he forgot his dream. Why would he call the astrologers who else the magicians say ours and I can only guess and they would call them the psychic that clairvoyance. An alert and the astrologers. Did God know that Medicare was going to call these individuals were never going to agree. Sure the real reason why God let you can forget the dream is because he wanted to unmask improper methods of discovering the future. You have me because these men came the Bible sales and they were not able to tell the king his dream. Now let me ask you can spray can read people's thoughts. How do we know that. These above the devil was dying to tell him his psychics and his astrologers. What the dream world. Because if we would have been able to tell them what it was now and people want to believe that they want to work that they were able to read the mind and decipher the character but the fact that they were not able to know the dream indicates that they could not read the mind the way that God Mind you know what the purpose was God was that God wanted to unmask he wanted to show the falsity of all of these methods for knowing what will take place in the future. Now not to question number six what nine pagan practices did God forbid Israel to participate in. Somebody want to mention some of the yids. Sure. Oh yes. I'm sure. Absolutely. Did you get it right. OK Well that's all right. That's why we have class to clarify some points. OK What were some of the methods that got your baby Israel to participate in. OK witchcraft what else was all burning their children on the fire what else. Oh wizardry sorcery. What else. Necromancy you know what necromancy means in Greek the word neck course means bed necromancy means the attempt to communicate with the dead. Today we would call this practice channeling. Now allow me to do well a little bit of time on this question which is of critical importance. Basically all of these are cultic practices because all of these practices the nine that I mentioned in Deuteronomy chapter eighteen. Our occult practices practices of the occult and every single one of them is based on a false concept which is known as the idea of the immortality of the soul the immortality of the soul. The Bible does not teach the immortality of the soul the Bible teaches that when a person dies the totality of the human being dies until the moment of the resurrection. In other words man talk of light is found in the resurrection by the power of God it's not found in man. Now let's go back to Genesis and I want to go through this a little bit so that you can understand what I'm saying. Let me ask you who is the only person in the universe who is omnipotent who can do all things. Who was the only being in the universe who knows all things and who are the only person in the universe who is everywhere simultaneously. God would be the only being in the world who is immortal and cannot die God. You say the question is why would you say that God can do law is the only one who can do all things. We only want to know all things. The only one who can be everywhere present in mortality that's not only good that everybody else is too. You see these are called noncommunicable attributes of God In other words they belong in our league to God They do not belong to man or to human beings. Now notice Genesis chapter two and verse seventeen and broken lives quickly because we need to understand what these magicians and astrologers and sorcerers are taught in Babylon. Genesis chapter two and we were there. Before Let's read it again. Verse seventeen not of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil You shall not eat for in the day that you eat all that you shall surely die you know. Literally it says and give you you will die there and live in the other way about but it just wants to underline the fact that our sins will what will die for sure without any doubt. Not when Adam and Eve sinned. Let's not is what God said in Genesis Chapter three and verse nineteen. Genesis Chapter three and verse nineteen. God said Adam in the thread of your faith usually bread. Tell you returned to the ground or out of it you were taken for dust you are and to dust you shall return sentence pronounced upon an opening yes. Now bear with me the Genesis chapter two and verse nine. Genesis chapter two and verse nine. There was another tree in the Garden of Eden according to Genesis. Not only the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. There was another tree not of verse nine says an out of the ground the Lord God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for who. The tree of what the Tree of Life was also in the midst of the garden and the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. What dream was in the midst of the garden beside the tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil that we have like what was a tree of light for what was the purpose of the tree of life and I am going to have to eat. Continue eating from that tree to continue living of course. A moment I want to prove it from scripture that they had to eat from the tree of life to let you know where I was their source of life. Was it against five or was and outside it was outside it within a tree wasn't in them it was outside of them and God said as long as you don't eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil you can eat of the tree of life. But if your critique of the not of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil you're going to what are you going to die. Why would man die if he from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil because he could no longer eat from one from the tree of life that you read in Genesis three. Verse twenty two. Genesis three and verse twenty two. Then the LORD God said Behold the man has become like one of us to know good and evil and now let me put out his hand and take also of the tree of life and eat and what they live for ever therefore the Lord God sent him out of the Garden of Eden to till the ground from which he was taken. So we drove out the man and he placed Carabine at the east of the Garden of Eden and acclaiming soy which turned every way to guard the way to the tree of life. Now let me ask you this if Adam and Eve were already immortal. What good would it have been to prevent them from eating from the tree. Oh I understand my question is yes. I don't many were already immortal. Noted that many of could not die. What good would it have been for God to say let's not have them eat from the Tree of Life so that they won't live forever if they already have immortal life in the world live forever anyway. I understand you want to say that I know more or less what I'm going to say. Furthermore if Adam and Eve were immortal then why did Jesus come. Come to give them immortality by dying on the cross I have Allam you're not saying that man by nature is immortal makes it unnecessary for Christ to come and give us immortality because why would he give us something that we already possess. Are you volunteer Not so in other words the only source of life for man was in the tree. He had to continue eating from what from the tree of life in order to live. In other words it wasn't only eating once and being immortal wherever he had to continue eating and you say well how do we know that. Well in a minute we're going to prove it from scripture. But let me ask you this How long did human beings live before the flood and we all this was nine hundred sixty nine years old. Why do you suppose they live longer back then. Well the creation wasn't as degenerated right and they had stronger body than pay because they were closer to creation and timing left pollution but they had also partaken of what by taking on the Tree of Life by the way are the other notes in Genesis Chapter five right after the creation story. Every single one of the individuals that is mentioned in the genealogy it says and he died with the exception of the NAACP and he died and he died and he died and he died because the wages of sin is what they're called of the one that tried to convince Adam and Eve that they that they would be immortal if they ate from the tree. So the idea that man by nature is a model. It was doctrine. It Layton's doctrine because Satan said to levy you know what you know surely die for the tree. So God says you will die the serpent says you will not surely die now go and make two I.V. A sixty six. How about when we get to heaven. But we live on the new earth that God has promised. Then we're going to have a mortal life that will be ours and nobody can take it away from us right it will be in make our own. Nice try we're going to have to do with Adam and Eve had to do that in the garden in a perfect knowledge I may have sixty six. Welcome back to this a little bit later on the seminar it says in verse twenty two why is the new heavens and the new earth which I will make shall remain before me says the Lord Saul shall your descendants and your seed remain name remain and it will come to pass that from one new moon to another in the Old Testament the expression new moon it really would be better translated because at the beginning of the month of the new normal at least in biblical times and version and Spanish says their mess and mess instead of them one no longer another test from month to month. And towards us from month to month and from one Sabbath to another all flesh will come to worship before me sets a lot and the question is why are we going to go to worship before the Lord from month to month. Oh well let's go to Revelation twenty two. You gave the right answer but let them. I will corroborate the answer that was given Revelation twenty two and verses one and two and by the way let's read Chapter twenty one so that you can see that this is speaking about the same thing as in Isaiah Chapter twenty one and verse one now I saw a new heaven and all nor is that what we saw in Isaiah sixty six yes and now chapter twenty two in verse one and he shot me up your river of water of life clear as crystal proceeding for the plan of God and of the Lamb and the middle image and on either side of the river was the tree of light. That tree of life in the Garden of Eden. Yes and now knowledge which border twelve fruits. Each tree yielding through every man. Why do you suppose it yields its fruit every month. Because I think I think this says that when God makes a new heaven and a new work we will go for a month to month to worship before the Lord to equal the tree so when they have to even in the north where will our source of life come from there will not be can not inherently belonging to one odds that nobody can take that from us our life will still be contingent upon the life that God imparts. So where did this idea come from but you can channel the dead. You know there's a lot of Hollywood movies that come out these days Harry Potter How many of you didn't know. I better not ask. No Lord Of The Rings to be an angel highway to heaven etc etc The idea is that the basic idea is the. People die then when they die and they went to heaven and then they came back to earth as angels to communicate with a living that is exactly what God forbids and every word he says to Israel you shall be all right I am holy. You shall not practice any of the abominations of these nations that you are going to possess their land. Because I am here only you shall be holy. The fact is that when people try to communicate with the dead they're not communicating with the dead who are they communicating with. They're communicating with Satan and his angels. I want people to think that the dead are not dead and so all of these things were practiced by those individuals. In Babylon we know that they believed in the immortality of the soul and we know that they tried to read the future in the stars so they believe that the pilot spirit of the band would go and have a response and then by consulting the stars one of these spirits drew out they could be able to tell human beings what was going to happen in the future. And believe me there are a lot of people in the world that believe the same thing. Questions. You know I know questions that you know who are Hispanics that would never meant the prognostications of some of you snicker because you know who I'm talking about all the time you see people that are on television supposedly channeling the dead. You say well they say they say certain things that have happened to other people they know things that nobody else know how will they know what because of that the Lord and the devil can reveal it to their mind candy. The devil knows everything that happened to everybody through his angels. So can he whisper in the channelers here of course he can't so the question is When are we supposed to get our information. Where do we go if you want to know what's going to happen in the future where do you find out. Oh dear gods word this is trustworthy you can trust this you can't trust feelings and impressions and emotions and voices and in things like that. Now let's go to number seven. What been taking command should be done to the wise men when they were unable to tell the Marine killed them and who was among the wise men and women who do you suppose a whispered and nobody can answer as they are here. Kill them. Member will remain behind the scenes of history so I have a double So as you are not my guy. OK I'll be a prophet killed while I'm in the devil know that Daniel was among the wise men so he says the American have to get rid of these charlatans. You know and he really wants to get rid of Daniel. Now number eight Why couldn't the wise men tell the king is green. Why because God gave the dream because God knew when I began as I was thinking. And Satan cannot read aloud. Satan could not read the mind now do you see what's going on here and God knows what the king is thinking so he says OK King here's a dream. Then we're never going to wakes up God says forget the dream it's never going to the dream but I know he's going to call these individuals to tell him what the dream was in the not going to be able to that way people are going to know that these methods don't work. So when that happens the devil says OK I have all of the wildmen kill the guy. As you know the Daniels going to be a problem later on because he's seen with his faithfulness in chapter one says I gotta get rid of this guy. So if that's all i've been killed but you know the interesting thing is that by rounding up all of the wisemen that at the very act that leads Danielle to prominence in the kingdom. I see what's happening. Have kind of a tug of war here don't you know that there's a lot to moderates and then the devil asks and let me just give you an illustration so that you can understand what I'm saying. History is like a play in a kind of way history is like a game of chess. How many of you have ever played chess when I use my people I know I know I only know how to play games where you go forward one space at a time. I admire those who are able to play chess where they move in different directions in a little pond. I like you to imagine that history is like a chess board. God is sitting on one side of the table and the devil sitting on the other side. And the board is history and the little pawns are the events of history. So God God says to Satan so Satan causes an event in history God says OK might or not and so then God place the devil says Wow I wish I knew he was going to play that way. See there's only one one problem in the game of history and that is that even before the game started god already knew all the plague was going to make it. How much of a possibility would there be that you could lose a game of chance if you already knew all of them all the other player wouldn't make. You could always count how do you say God knows how the devil is going to work but the devil has to guess how God of the new and when you get your problem. So history of the plane counterplay Josh. Yes who. Oh OK I guess not. Raise your hand eye and wave it like an idiot. OK you understand why this whole historical section is given a bang up job or two before we get to the image now not of the dream the dream is revealed. The wisemen complained that only the gods could show the king his what his dream because there growling was not with what I want you to know one of the elements that we have in this verse the Gaunts I could not tell the dream because their dwelling is not where I wish. Can you think of another verse of the Bible that uses those three same concepts do well. Flesh. And what else. John one forty and God of course. No word was God was what was made and dwelt among us the gods of the pagans were gods that concealed the God of the Bible is the God who revealed his secrets to his servants the prophets and so what a contrast you know if you look at the pagan gods in antiquity. They were they were adulterers and they were murderers and they were hate Paul you know they just enjoyed seeing a human being suffer you look at the pagan gods that the way they were and they loved you can see what they were doing from human beings just a lot. Stop or the God of the Bible is different. The God of the Bible is a God who makes himself flesh through Jesus and dwells among us so that he can communicate exactly what's going to happen as it says and they must reverse that and God will do nothing if he does not reveal his secrets to his servants the prophets. Number five this is page two Well the bottom of page one you know his secrets the servants of the prophet Daniel did not employ forbidden methods methods to discover the future. MILLER Did he ask for money or reward. That's quite different from many so-called prophets today. They're in it for profit or piano or IP He did not consult the signs of the zodiac even though you know the astrology began in ancient Babylon. This idea of twelve signs seven signs you know and twelve signs and the idea of three hundred sixty degrees will talk about this when we deal with Daniel Chapter three three hundred sixty degrees of space three hundred sixty days of time all of that comes what is called affects the jessamine system it's comes from ancient Babylon yet sixty Minutes make an hour sixty seconds make a minute. The second decimal system comes from ancient Babylon and it stayed in astrology and in the occult. We're not going to get into that a lot right now but I want you to remember that when we study Daniel three will come back to it he did not consult signs of the zodiac a crystal ball or a spirit guide. Instead he what he prayed to the God of heaven if you want to know what the future of the world is and what the future of your life is what do you do. Will you read the book and you discover what God says will take place in the future. Number six I want to do a little bit of this one. According to Daniel the true God changes a lot of the times and the seasons right after they do here in mobile homes and what they do and raises up change. Why do we have all that problem with the hanging chads in the last election. Well they're just bad machines right now. When there is a ruling at the moment is because God in His infinite plan allows that person to be there for some reason. Then what does the dog do he gives a lot to the lions. Now I need to put something on the board. Three things that we just noticed in Daniel to risk when he won. Number one God changes what he changes the times. Oh by the way can you think of another power in the Book of Daniel who thinks we can change the times of Daniel seven. Our next lesson deals with a little alarm. Does God change the Times got a little horn think you can change the time. Things change as the Times one of the second thing that he does not just put here he places kings and he removes kings and number three what does he do. He gives wisdom. Now this is Daniel to verse twenty one. Do you know that these three ideas are developed in reverse order in the rest of Daniel two and then bang overeat. Let me show you how. What did God give Daniel saw that he could interpret the dream wisdom you can read into Daniel to in verse thirty. Also the last verses of chapter one in Daniel two thirty seven thirty eight. Notice Daniel what does Daniel say to know if you can answer somebody want to re bang up to thirty seven or thirty eight. This isn't Daniel to verse thirty the wisdom part in Daniel two verses thirty seven and thirty eight we have a second element why was never taken as a king and better armies more powerful weapons. He was smarter. Who wants to read that versus thirty seven or thirty eight. Jean please. Oh oh or word whether. Well you know I mean you know maybe we all know or place American as God so that the second element God placed maybe you can answer on the panel. Now what about the change of the times aspect. Well let's take a look at that whenever you can as are heard in the dream and what it meant was he happy. We're going to study the dream in a mall in the dream describes human history doesn't win the day even though we can hazard to the very end. The setting up of Christ Kingdom in other words God says after they have a goal there's going to be another kingdom and after that there's going to be another kingdom after that another kingdom then that one's will be divided and then there's going to be an everlasting kingdom which God will set up and will never be destroyed. Activists never can answer did not like God's prophetic scenario because now they can as a thought that his kingdom was going to work was going to last forever. How dare this plot of Daniel say that after Babylon there will be another kingdom. And so one doesn't have it in as I do in Daniel Chapter three. To build a statue like the one that he saw in his dream but instead of making the head of gold he makes that gold from head to foot but that was never going to or saying earlier he was saying the Golden Kingdom none of this business about a better than Angela silver belly a bronze a legal Byron and feet of iron and clay come on my kingdom is going to last forever. And why don't we say that it's not. I saw what was not taken as a going to do he was trying to change what we're going to find in our study of the next lesson that the expression The Times refers to God's prophetic calendar prophetic times. That's why the little horn governs time times and the dividing of time. Whenever in prophecy five the word times and refers to the DOT's calendar of prophetic events the order in which prophetic eventual Krell. That's why in Acts Chapter One for example when the when the disciples asked Jesus will you restore the kingdom to Israel at this time. Jesus says listen it is not for you to know the Times which the father. That's in his own authority. Now with the times under God's control when he will fulfill this prophetic event that public event that's under his control. So one of your one of the worst times in a prophetic context it means God's prophetic calendar of events. Now who can change the times if we want God but never you can never tried to change the time sitting Was he successful. He was not successful. Must that mean then that the Little Horn of Daniel seven which we're going to study a little bit later on actually in our next lesson is it just possible the Little Horn of Daniel seven the anti-Christ has attempted to change God's prophetic calendar. How how prophecy will be fulfilled in history. We're going to find the best crew that the Little Horn has tried to change God's calendar prophetic events he says. Just the fulfillment of prophecy from one place to another so that people can't see papa's equal billing. Now let's go to the next section the dream and its meaning in his dream kinetic and I just saw an image composed of several different metals. Then as he watched a storm struck the image on its feet and the stone then grew and became a mountain which filled the whole earth. Rock is really represented by each part of the image now you see here if you can as there's image there you have the fullness of the image. What was they had made out then was made out of gold. The breath and arms were made of Salinger the belly of brawn the legs were wire the feet were composed of iron and clay. Now this is really really a strange dream isn't it. What does it all mean. Well Daniel to itself explains it to us. So it's not really that complicated. No as number one. Daniel told the king that they had a ball represented his kingdom. Actually it says you are what the hand of God but we know that the king and kingdom I want interchangeable because Daniel then says after you shall arise another kingdom are you with me you know the head of gold and after you will arise another kingdom. Obviously a king without a kingdom thing and now number two the breath and I'm sobs of silver represent another kingdom which arose after Babylon. Let me ask you did it arise immediately after about an hour. Sure it did. Daniel five itself tells us oh you remember the story about when he was celebrating this banquet. You can read the story and I know by by the way what kingdom where the king of the game. Oh you know pressure what part of the images mean or Persia. The breast and arms of silver foil tells us about the next king of it because then you'll buy. You find those words many many pickle bar scene which means your kingdom is divided or split and it's given to the maids in the Persian say the second kingdom or the other kingdom that comes after Babel as Mina Persia the book itself tells us that not us. Persia immediately sexy battle or is there a long gap in between. It's not yeah. It's hoping all in sequence without gaps without interruption known as number three in the belly of brown. It's representing what paper going to be I think that their kingdom arrives as soon as the second kingdom falls. Sure and then the legs a lion representing what they thought Kingdom does that again on the rise as soon as the current king of balls. Yes In other words I want you to notice here that there's no evidence in the Bible that there are any gaps between the kingdoms because each kingdom conquers the previous kingdom by the way where is Daniel to begin with which kingdom babbler who lived in the days of Babylon. DANIEL So when does Daniel to start filling in the bay of the prophet. When does Daniel to reach its conclusion. At Christ everlasting kingdom can we talk about this method when we deal with principles the historical method. Prophecy begins the apocalyptic prophecies begin to focus on the day of the poverty and then you have you have Babylon and then after you have meal Persia then afterward you have Greece. Then afterwards you have room. Let me ask you when you interpret prophecy from this perspective do you know any age moment where you are in the flow of history or medals of the image represent four successive world empires. By the way this is not my invention. You can go to any world history book and it will tell you what I have here on this sheet. There were four world empires Babylon which covered from six o five to five thirty nine B.C. remember that report quite numbers go down till you reach the Year Zero which there is really no you are zero good until you reach the time when supposedly Christ was born and then the numbers go up and then me or Persia governs from five thirty nine to three thirty one B.C. Greece from three thirty one to one sixty eight B.C.. He rolled from one sixty eight B.C. to four seventy six eighty will be on more work this stage in our class tomorrow night. But for now I just want you to have clear in mind the sequence of the nations as a clear in your mind. So how did Daniel know that there were going to be four world empires and he's saying this seventy years before babbling fell lucky gets or why did you have in history. BABYLON Mido Persia Greece Rome How did Daniel know hundreds of years before these kingdoms arose that they were going to rise in that order. Unless God knows the end from the beginning and unless we can trust the Bible. Now by the way I do notice here that the medals decrease in value as you move down the image. You know people who believe in biological evolution usually also believe in social evolution. Let me explain what I mean. So here dialogical evolution is true and everything is evolving to better and better. That must mean that the nations which are formed by those people who are evolving to better and better those nations must also become what better and better. But you look at the world today. There is no such thing as evolution you have devolution and that's what is indicated by the decreasing value of the metals of the image. The morality of the nations gets worse and worse as you know. Or the end of time. That's why the apostle Paul says that in the latter days he gives a long list in Timothy about men will be lovers of themselves toasters that spin and he says in the latter days this is going to happen. There's no respect for God anymore there's no respect for sacred holy things anymore. And all of this is predicted that history was going to decay in tell folks the only hope of this world is going to be Christ coming to set up his everlasting kingdom. That's the only hope because there's no hope in Human Being simple human beings if God left this earth to itself. Eventually it would extinguish itself. Now let's talk about the feet of iron and clay this is a particularly exciting portion of this dream. Ten tolls represent the fact that the plant kingdom would be divided into two kingdoms. How many toes do to normal feet or because you know I've asked before I said how many times do we have. Well apparently something in an accident last winter some Somebody always comes up with that and so and so from from a while back on I decided I would say HOW THEY TOLD YOU TO NORMAL be happy they have spent hours in other words not part of the kingdom was going to be what divided What is the fourth kingdom. Rome represent the Roman Empire that want to be asking if there are still iron and the feet must roll continue in the feet not in a divided state in other words we're going to continue to exist but it would be divided into ten kingdoms. A rule on political rumor continue that it will be divided into ten kingdoms and this is exactly what happened. The barbarians and anybody ever heard of the barbarians. What kingdoms of the barbarians invade they made it wrong for the northern most northern sector of the empire they came down in hordes of different tribes and they started carving out what had previously been the Roman Empire and you can see here these kingdoms ten of them that were established ultimately you have the Anglo Saxons what country in the world today comes from the Anglo Saxons in England or Great Britain about this rabbi every point you go about the business. It's Spain about the point France. How about the only money for those who are Spanish French right doing and so basically what happened is what had been a United Empire with one culture and one language and one political system. Now was carved up into different kingdoms different cultures different languages. And Europe today is the root of that division. You see in Europe in Roman times Latin was broken all over the Empire but now you have changed and you have German and you have Spanish and you have Portuguese and you have all different types of languages in Europe and all over. It's come directly from the division of the Roman Empire in other words the empire was divided into thinking of how did they no longer. That's eight hundred years before nine hundred years before it happened. Amazing I mean you can't get something like this then you must have had supernatural information imparted by God about what was going to happen and so the kingdom was divided but now I want you to notice something. Let's go to question number eight but are we dealing with symbols here or are these nations an image literally. No this mammal who literally had a vote of course not. Are these ten kingdoms literally ten horns or ten toes. Now we're dealing with a lot of symbols that represent something now and of great there is an iron which means that we're all not continuous and upbeat of the image in a divided state and that's where we have Iraq divisions of Europe today but I want you to know this and this will become clearer in our lesson tomorrow night that too the iron of the feet and the ten divisions is added another strange element added to the iron and clay now known as Number eight. We are in the fleet was mingled with her. Don't miss that. That's important. That's a reason why I put the blank blank there because I wanted you to put. Potter's potter's clay. Let me ask you what does a potter new warning a potter makes pots. Good grief are you a potter forms wait a minute. Then a sharp wit is hands he forms it with his aims and now let me ask you something. It is iron good because it isn't important is it useful. Short It is potter's clay. Very useful a nice sort of that purpose. Sure. Where is the problem not the problem is when you take two things which are good in themselves separate and you mix them. It's like mixing oil and water they don't blend they don't mix they don't work together. They're buying separate there to remain separate but they're not to be joined together. Now the question is What does the clay represented represent which was added to the ten divisions of Rome. See these ten divisions were not only a political power they were also what they were meant or believed in religious power. Let's take a look at this. Go with me to Jeremiah Jeremiah Chapter eighteen I don't want you to miss this point remember we're dealing with symbols. When we have a symbol what do we do to understand what the symbol means you remember Prince. Well but then we when we find the meaning of a symbol we allow the Bible in other passages to Expo. When the symbol now noticed Jeremiah eighteen verses one to six. It says here the word which came to Jeremiah the Lord saying Arise and go down to the Potter's House and there I will cause you to hear my words then I went down to the Potter's House and there he was making something at the wheel and the vessel that he made a lot of clay is as potter's clay obviously because a potter is using clay this is potter's clay and so the vessel that he made of clay what you learned in the hand of the potter. By the way the monitoring of the we're going to find in a minute that this vessel that the Potter made represents what Israel is Israel God's Old Testament Church is the God of the people of Israel. Yes Now the shattering of the vessel here represents the Babylonian captivity. You remember that Israel was taken captive to Babylon. That's why Daniel and Shadrach Meshach and Abednego were there. Things are starting about that right when Daniel arrived one year afterwards the king has this dream that was the captivity. Israel was taken captive a battle numbered as God's chosen people. The vessel was shattered. But what did God do after the seventy years of captivity. Can restart it Israel too that I am not as I want to continue saying verse four and the vessel that he made of clay it was mild in the hand of the potter so he made it again into another vessel as it seemed good to the potter to make and now comes the explanation. Then the word of the Lord came to me saying all house of Israel says the Lord Mark as the clay is in the Potter's hand so are you in my hand. Israel right is represented by the Potters Clay as well as God's Old Testament church. Are you with me now along with me to Genesis two in verse seven Genesis chapter two and verse seven. How about the New Testament church. Could you say in the New Testament Church was formed by Christ. Was it formed out of Barclay Jew or that's let's not us Genesis Dover seven and the Lord God That's the next word or formed the same Hebrew word that you find for the vessels work in Jeremiah eighteen. The Hebrew word Yup are no Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground. How many of you have ever tried to form something from dust. Hold your finger there or go with me to go to our idea sixty four verse eight. We're going to find that God used wet dust. What do we call what does. I'm looking for a different word that won't go away. Thank you thank you. Has got formed in other words God is the what. He formed a man known as the Potter not as Isaiah sixty four and verse eight but now all Lord you are our Father we are clay and you are her and all we are the work of your scene. So how. God or man. He didn't like life like he did the work like a father. He formed the body of man as a planet out of Potter's wild claim and then what did he do according to Genesis tubers over into that body that he formed as a potter of clay. He what he breathed into his nostrils the spirit of life and that body became what we are living by our living person living soul as the Bible says and I say what does this have to do with the with Potter's play well you see what one applies to your physical body physically applies to the church spiritually form the church who formed the church Jesus says upon this rock I will build My Church who form the church Jesus did and what of the Apostle Paul called the church. Thank you very much. The church is called the Body of Christ. Formed by Christ and it has many what many members. But let me ask you what was needed in that body of Christ so that it could go on and conquer the world and function. What happened on the day of Pentecost led by the Holy Spirit was poured out and it came into the body and then the church went out conquering and to conquer the Living Church. Are you with me. So what does the Potters clay represent in the Old Testament it represents the work of God. In forming his Old Testament church Israel in the New Testament represents the work of Jesus forming his body which is the church in other words that Conway in the feet represents what church I understand he will say Are you following me. Raise your hand if you understand what I'm saying. So in other words what this is saying is that in the feet of the image a wrong way to continue the political power to Rome or continue the nation the kingdom would be divided into ten political kingdoms but blended with these political systems would be a what a religion if you are a union of church and state. It is that true of Europe during the middle ages. You tell me in my rewriting history here I'm not. Have any of you have a heard of the Inquisition. What was the word for word the Inquisition you know they would have priests they would examine an individual that was accused of heresy and it was found that their individual believed differently than what the church believed that person was handed over to home to the secular power to be exterminated. Was that a union of church and state. Yes absolutely and in the last I'm going to find no less than the market lasted for over a thousand years. I'm not rewriting history this is the truth. You can read it. History book that you have an amalgamation of church and state and by the way this is going to happen in the future again because Revelation seventeen a prophecy that we're going to study speaks about a harlot. It doesn't represent a woman and purposely represents a church but if this is a harlot church a harlot woman it must represent a fall in church are you following me. And it says an abomination seventeen that one of the great citizens of this hard woman is that she has committed porny cation with the kings of the earth. You see the church is to be married only to Jesus. The church is to get. She is asked to do the work of persuading human beings to receive Jesus not by force but by the preaching of the word. And always that you have a union of church and state. The end result is persecution. And if you wonder about that I invite you to travel to Afghanistan before the United States went to war there. That was a church state. But how did the people live they were miserable because when they didn't measure up to the religious views of the timeline they were what did you see that their presentation behind the veil of this woman went and had a camera under her veil coveted women who just barely you know uncovered their faces. Maybe even by accident which is against their extreme view of religion and the result was the death penalty. They were sucked. Missed as always what happens when you join church and state. That's why Jesus said. My kingdom is not of this world. Let me ask you are the civil powers of the world good. Are you happy that we have the governments of the world. Yes. Is that such good you know. Yes Well you have a problem and the problem is when you blend the church and the state and terrible problems it always ends up in persecution. Now let's go quickly to the last kingdom. See this one and I were talking about the good knowns of Bible thumpers. We save the best to laugh because all of these kingdoms ultimately failed on thing you know as I travel I travel a lot all across the United States and overseas but particularly when I travel in the United States I find that people are very uneasy about what's happening in the United States. I hear a lot of people comparing what is happening in this country with what happened to the Roman Empire the Roman Empire corroded and became corrupted from it in a ditch. More and that led to the United States has also become corrupted and corroded print within two and probably has a lot to say about what's going to happen as a result I will say that when we talk about those things now though asking a stone or a rock is a symbol of Christ the mountain from which the stone was cut is what the heavenly Zion So what I want to picture I want you to see here is that you have the heavenly Mt Zion by the way you have a heavenly Mt Zion and there is a rock there is the chief cornerstone of Mount Zion did you know it and first Peter John was their chief cornerstone of Mount line dealing with symbols. As a person does not a literal style a person the rockets Christ the Apostle Paul said. So they're coming out of the storm from Mount Zion that comes from heaven to earth represents one event coming of Christ from land from the heavenly mounds rather new Jerusalem is now their expression come out without hindrance. You look up those verses means that the Kingdom which God will set up is not of this world this world of this creation. Human beings have shown that they can govern this world this is going to be a kingdom from the other world it's going to be otherworldly it's going to be supernatural so they come from heaven it will be established by God not by human beings because human beings always method up. You know as the Jesus said Destroy this temple in three days I will raise it up later on he was accused of saying this in his trial and they said this man said Destroy this temple it was made with hands and I will raise it up without hands. That means that he would be given a body by the power of his father not of a human creation but right in his body. Now on Bible prophecy mountains represent what kings or kingdoms. So when this storm becomes a mountain that fills the whole world. What is God trying to tell us he's trying to tell us that the that a star on the Rock Jesus is going to become the ruler What other planet earth is going to establish his everlasting to know and this kingdom will sweep away all other kingdoms and will last how long. Or whatever you know when I see how people are suffering filled with pain. Guying finding I just can only wait for the Lord to come to establish that kingdom because that's where our joy in our happiness is going to start our real eternal joy and happiness is going to start. Well we live in this world we're going to have all kinds of trials and tribulations and headaches but we have this hope burns within our hearts. I hope in the coming of the Lord now left out of that I want us to remember Daniel too. God is able to declare what we end from the beginning. That's great because God knows history before it unfolds. He is able to guide it to the end he desires and that God can guide something as complex as history he certainly can guide my life. If I placed it under his control. Yeah I think it's a lot more complicated for God to guide history than it is to guide my life in history. The trouble is we always want more control freak. We want to do it. We want to have control. But you know who leave God to control and direct our lives. Everything will be will function much better. Number two all the events of Daniel to have been marvelously fulfilled as predicted right. This must mean that the last great event for setting a pop up by several I thinking that will also occur as announced. What makes you think that that got predicted and Babylon came you know Persia Greece Rome Rome was invited in preventing them everything perfectly but the last event to take place. What makes you think that everything was still exactly the way God said and the boys played it. Hundreds and even thousands of years before it happened just like you said is the last event about to happen also. Right it's just a culmination of everything else. And finally the next great event of human history will be the setting up of thinking I'm reliving in the toenails hoax and by the way we're going to find out in our next study that heat of the image has two stages. Now listen to what I want to say I hear you closing your shoulders because you all I just have a quiz not but listen to what I'm going to say because this is of critical importance. We're going to find that the feet of the MH at two stages one stage of the feat was the middle ages the period of over a thousand years when there was this mixture of church and state. But the Bible says that at a certain point this union of church and state was separated. We're going to talk about that Lord willing tomorrow night and church and state from that point on for over two hundred years now in the Christian world have been separated by the democratic governments of the world. But prophecy says that once again church and state will blend together and you will have a second stage of dominion of the same power that dominated during the middle ages because this deadly wound is going to be healed. So where are we living now we're living. After the first stage of the fleet and we're about to enter the last stage in other words we're at the very end of human history. I hope that we're all preparing to be there. Are you preparing to be there. Probably I don't want to raise your hand if you aren't going to make a reservation for you. Hey Lord. OK let's do our quiz. I promised. Number one fill in the blank. Use your quiz them below. Blelvis are two purposes a quiz and then offered in that order. Number one that claim represents blank don't see it although I know you know it. The clay of a faith represents what. Number two the iron Kingdom was blank into ten kingdoms the iron Kingdom was blanked into ten thousand of you don't get that one. There's little hope for you. Number three drawer balls I got a fifty fifty on this one. Two more balls never going to ever try to change God's prophetic calendar of events. I'm before you can have and we want to have balls in heaven we won't need to eat of the Tree of Life because we will be inherently immortal means immortal in ourselves so we won't have to eat of the tree of life to oppose and number five when all fails. Check your sign of the zodiac. True or false. Not if you missed that one. I read a special prayer for you. OK Are they number three to about never again ever tried to change God's prophetic calendar of events. OK let's let's go through these quickly I want to hear the answers in unison that claim represents Wow awesome. Yes thank you in Europe. The iron Kingdom was divided into thinking that's very good to begin to try to change God's property counterarguments. Yes he said not oh that scenario that God gives my scenario my kingdom will last forever. Number four in heaven we won't need to eat of the Tree of Life because we will be inherently in Marble Falls. What we still need to know that we have life in heaven. Yes that means our source of life is never in us it is always in him. And number five when our tales check your sign of the zodiac. But did anybody point to that one. You're kidding. Back to Amanda. Let's buy our heads were bothered haven't we thank you for the good time we've had tonight studying your word. We thank you because you've given us the wonderful knows that this world is not I'm not going to last forever the way it's going. Thankful that you have given us the glorious hope of the coming of Jesus to set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed a kingdom where there will only be life and happiness and joy for evermore. I asked Lord that you will bless each person here tonight. There's anybody who has not committed their lives to you I ask that you will come and speak to their hearts and that they might make this commitment. Let us as we return to our home send your angels to protect us from harm and danger and all we ask that you will bring us back together tomorrow to continue studying these marvelous thing. Your homework. Thank you for having them with us. Thank you for answering my prayer because I ask it in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio through a website dedicated to spreading God's word through every sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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