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6. The Serpent, the Woman and the Seed

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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I'm going to have and we thank you so much for the many blessings that we received from your hand during this day. We thank you for the privilege of being here tonight to study this lesson. We ask Lord for the guidance of the Holy Spirit teach us the things that will be useful and helpful to us in our personal walk with Jesus. We asked Lord that you will bless those who are on the way. Bring them safely here to the Ministry of your angels. Thank you Lord for hearing us and for answering our prayer because we ask it in Jesus' name amen. To begin our lesson study tonight I want to review our verse that we have previously studied which will set the stage for our discussion in the class tonight. I'm referring to Genesis Chapter three and verse fifteen. We're going to put the elements on the board so that we have it clear in our minds what this verse is dealing with. OK Genesis twenty verse fifteen says God speaking to us. Serpent I will put enmity. I saw the first element that you have is enmity between you there is between the serpent and the woman and between the serpent seed and the woman seed marginalist all the enmity runs the enmity runs horizontally between the serpent and the woman and between the serpent seed which means the powers of Satan and the seat of the woman but as we noticed in this verse the real enmity is not the enmity between the serpent and the woman and the respective seeds of both the serpent of the woman. No real enmity is between the serpent and the seed of the woman because the verse ends by saying he there is the seed of the woman who will crush your head but you will won't or you will strike. He says he saw the real enmity runs between the serpent and the seed of the woman and of course we've already identified the seed of the woman as Jesus Christ. So the real enmity is between Christ and Satan and of course we need to understand that there's also enmity between Satan and the woman and there's also enmity between the followers of Satan and the followers of Christ. But the primary and Nettie are the primary war is between satan who is represented by the serpent and Jesus Christ. Now with this in mind we would like to review certain stories in the Old Testament we don't have these in the lesson but I did give you a handout of a title that handout is Satan's war against the seed I gave it to you several sessions ago. And you'll notice that all throughout the Old Testament what satan is trying to do is mano reversal of the seed cannot come I don't know whether you read that handout it's front and back one page I gave several examples from the Old Testament about how Satan uses two methods to try and keep the seed from coming. One method is by trying to destroy the seed by persecution and the second method is by trying to corrupt the lineage or corrupt the holy line so that the holy line or the lineage will disappear and if there's no lineage obviously at the end there's not going to be any Messiah so what the devil does in several instances in the old. He tries to destroy Israel. He tries to obliterate Israel from existence. We remember for example once an accurate surrounded Jerusalem one hundred eighty five thousand soldiers intent totally destroying the city because the Assyrians did not take prisoners. They basically just obliterated everything that came in their path and his intent was to totally destroy Jerusalem and the inhabitants in there but the angel of the Lord came and destroyed his honor one hundred eighty five thousand troops in the days of Esther. You remember that guy who came and wanted to commit genocide he wanted to destroy every single one of the Jews and all the Old Testament we find Satan using the nations to try and destroy Israel and many people have misunderstood this to mean that Satan hated Israel. But this is a superficial interpretation of the reason why Satan persecute you see Satan try to destroy Israel because from Israel would come the Messiah from the many age of Israel. Ultimately the Messiah would come and if the devil could destroy the lineage from which the Messiah would come there would be no Messiah. In other words the Old Testament is Messiah centered in the center of the Old Testament is Jesus Christ it is not Israel that is a mistaken assessment that Israel is at the center of the Old Testament. Israel is only instrumental for bringing the Messiah into the world. Even Abraham is instrumental for bringing the Messiah into the world. The other method that the devil used was to try and corrupt the alien each soul that grew up in the lineage. It would disappear and of course there would be no one to introduce the Messiah to the world. There are several examples of this. I'll give you just one before the flood. How many people do you. We live in this world before the flood. Thousand. Well let me help you along a little bit before. Before the flood of one thousand six hundred fifty six years of history men lived to be almost a thousand years old. God told humanity to be fruitful and multiply. There was no sterility and there was no scarcity of natural resources of food. How many children do you suppose. Nine hundred and sixty nine year old men can have an awful lot of children and of course the children also had children so there's no doubt whatsoever that in one thousand six hundred fifty six years this world must have had millions of inhabitants and some had said probably even billions of inhabitants but let's stick at millions that'll serve our purposes how many people were still faithful to God when God sent the flood. Eight people out of the millions of people in the world there are only eight people faithful. What was the devil's agenda. You see what he did not do by persecution and by trying to destroy physically the sea like you did by the way with Abel. He didn't buy Maxine to see the sons of God and the daughters of men. The righteous and the righteous and by blending the two seeds the lineage of the Messiah became corrupted and if it had not been for the fact that God sent the flood the human race would have been totally degenerated and there would not have been any lineage through which to bring the messiah into the world. Let me give you just one other example. See the all the stories in the Old Testament you have to read from the perspective. The battle of Satan against the sleep let me ask you is the very existence of sight met stake in this thing. Yes God says I'm going to send your cities going to crush your head so same sex from that point on I can't let this scene come you know one or two other examples you know David he is playing the harp or working so it happens three times. Subtext is Spirit is spirit. And David to nail him to the low wind ups all though that well the Bible tells of that's all it was demon possessed by an evil spirit took over. Now why do you suppose that the evil spirit wanted to see David did because there were prophecies that said that the Messiah would be the seed of David. Let us help you look at it in a different perspective. Say the devil knows that Israel could not prevail over am I don't didn't prevail over him and his perfect nature in the Garden of Eden so that I don't know that he and again that I can tell by everyone because everyone sinned if anyone was going to beat him it would be one who would not see him. Let me give you one other example. Before we get into the lesson because you read the lesson you've studied the lesson we can go through it quickly wasn't it interesting to see the parallel between Moses and Christ. It's amazing there where there's the fantastic parallel between males and guys let me give you another example the story of Joseph. I understand that we need to read the news behind the news to see what's really going on behind us why the devil does this. Why do human beings do these things. It's because there's a power behind them now has an agenda which is Satan style jobs you know if you really want to really want to read a travesty in justice but the story of George I was a good kid. And here it is. Brothers hate him. They sell a not day job because I'm not bald appears. He ends up in part of his house. He's very faithful to bow out of her own faith and it all ends. Lands him in jail and you say I just got a raw deal but you see at the end of the story we find the reason why God allowed yourself to go into Egypt and to suffer all of these tribulations that he suffered at the end of the story sle one jot of his going through what he doesn't understand all of the reasons but at the end when he can look back he finally reveals himself to his brothers and he says I am Joseph and his brothers you know they hug him and they say oh I'm so sorry Joseph. Still you please forgive us. And Joseph says don't be too hard on yourselves for the Lord has sent me down to Egypt to preserve the seat that's what it says in Genesis forty five he has sent me down to Egypt to preserve the seed and how did you preserve the seed because there were seven years of what a famine. What would have happened if jobs that had not gone to Egypt and had not provided for the needs of its time. They would have all starved to death and of Jacob and his family starve to death. Where would the Messiah come from. No messiah so we are to look at the Old Testament from the perspective of the Messiah the Satan is against the Messiah and even after Genesis three thirteen we have the story of Cain and Abel. What a fantastic story I didn't want to belabor this point so much but it's important that you understand all these stories in the Old Testament because their story is not of the image you get of Satan against against mere people. It's he's trying to get at the seat keeping the secret coming. Yet the story of Cain and Abel. You know you have the same elements of Genesis three fifteen in the story of Cain and Abel is a woman. Yes it was the woman he is their enmity. Oh yes. Are there to see. Is there a serpent where you say not directly but when you got a verse John three twelve it says not as Cain who was of the wicked one and killed his brother. See the Bible says in the New Testament that Cain was the wicked one who is the wicked one. Satan why would Satan want Abel dead because at this point but they have all suspected that perhaps Abel was the promised Seed of Genesis to be fifty and so when you despise Abel he says my agenda has been fulfilled but then Genesis four twenty five says that God gave him another seed instead of Abel whom Pinku saw that the lineage of the Messiah could continue and so all of these interpretations of prophecy that make Israel the central prophecy are misguided. You see. The Old Testament Satan hates the sea which is Jesus. But now that Jesus has escaped from the hands of Satan Satan now hates the seeds. See the body of Christ are the real wars that Arabs vs Jew because both the Jews and the Arabs need Jesus no one is against those who have received Jesus and those who have not. That's the End Time War and the reason why the devil hates the followers of Jesus is because he hates Jesus he was not able to destroy Jesus so he's going to take second best. He's going to try and destroy the people obtain business help you no business broaden your. Understanding of Bible prophecy. I hope it does because this is the way Jesus is at the very center of the Bible in a prophecy. Jesus said these are they which testify of me. Point you believe nonsense you will believe me because he wrote about me is what Jesus said. And there's many people who don't believe that Christ is in the Old Testament have mercy we need to pray for them. Now let's go to our lesson. From the inception of sand for thousand years have gone by approximately the devil has done everything in his power to destroy the seed to corrupt the seed. But now the day has come for the seed to be born into the world the devil has not been able to prevent the seed to come now in order to understand the Pope they are going to Genesis three fifteen and The Story of Revelation Chapter twelve we need to understand the story of the Exodus in the Old Testament by the way have you noticed how important it is to have the Old Testament when we deal with Daniel when we deal with the Book of Revelation. It's of critical importance. So for those who say that when New Testament questions that we don't need the Old Testament. You are trying to walk with our legs. He said because the foundation of the Book of Revelation is the Old Testament. There are over a thousand references to the Old Testament in the Book of Revelation and so there's no way we can understand Revelation unless we understand the Old Testament the Old Testament is the foundation so let's take a look at this exodus story and you filled up the space how many of you by the way believe your lesson tonight. Raise your hand. Those would be your lesson. Well what about the rest of you coming in. Let's go to the first section of our lesson. In our study of this magnificent verse. Only for basic ideas and that the woman serpent and see these four ideas are fully developed in Revelation twelve one to five. But before we delve into the revelation passage we must study another Old Testament story the exodus of Israel from Egypt. Now let's go through this Old Testament story very quickly and see how it forms the backdrop for what happens in Revelation twelve. Number one God is spoken of as Israel's what it has been which means that Israel is this light. Good you caught that point that's great. So the woman represents whom which church which church in Jeremiah chapter thirty one which church in the Old Testament church. Are you with me. Does God call Israel in the Old Testament is white. There G.'s of call the New Testament church is like how many wives does Jesus have. Is the biggest lesson he has too much. Dangers of his wife but it's the same wife. It's hateful is well we're going to study this next time when we get together. So body is spoken of as Israel's husband. Israel is his wife. Number two Israel was in a cruel and bitter what bondage to the Egyptians and I hope that you read these verses they were in terrible bondage number three is well what Israel was crying out to God in travail because of what because of her body. What did Israel want more than anything else in the world. They want it to be delivered. They wanted to be free. Number four Israel's taskmaster was pharaoh who is called the great monster. Unfortunately this New King James Version slips up sometimes you know in the Old King James says Reagan that's a better translation and let me just say that the Greek translation of the Old Testament not the Old Testament was written in Hebrew but it was also translated into the Greek. In a version of this called the Septuagint or the L X X in the Greek Testament this word that is translated monster in the New King James is the Greek word that are gone. What word do we get in English from Vakil dragon travelers and Hebrews in Hebrew. You technically don't have a word for dragon you have a word for a gigantic beast and so you know it's interpreted as as a monster. In fact most scholars think that this monster is a crocodile. I don't buy that they think a little higher than is also a crocodile. That's why they translate monster but the best translation is Dragon so enormous that they that their taskmaster is pharaoh who is called the great dragon. Number five I believe I was born and his name was Moses. Yes. Number six. Pharaoh feared he might lose this one is power or his role. Yes His Kingdom and therefore he had all the glory mammals all the male children killed. But Moses was protected in Egypt. Now immediately when you read this you start thinking about another period in human history when another king also had all of the male children killed here and immediately comes to mind. Now let's finish here number seven. Got called noses and Israel out of nowhere out of Egypt. In other words Moses was protected in Egypt and then he was called out of Egypt to fulfill its mission of delivering Israel from bondage. Number eight the death of the Passover Lamb Markley the deliverance of Israel from bondage. Now that's the sign of their deliverance was the shedding of the blood of the Lamb and the placing of the blood of the Lamb on the doorposts after they were delivered we find that Israel was what was baptized in the sea but I did you notice that it says that they were baptized into Moses. Who are we baptized into today who are baptized into Christ. The reason why it says that they were baptized into Moses is because Moses is a type of Christ in the Old Testament. He symbolizes Christ. What Moses did on a small scale. Jesus does on a much larger scale now number ten. Moses after he was baptized with Israel in the sea he fasted how long forty days on Mt Sinai Can you think of another guy mission call of a guy to another person whom God called all of Egypt and then he was baptized and then he fasted for forty days. Christ of course. And so you have no business fasting forty days on Mount Sinai and then Moses gave Israel the what not a law which God has spoken to him from the mountain. A law is given from the mountain. In other words. Now we also find that the face of Moses' what is shown on the mountain. And I'm the mountain Moses interceded for his people by offering his own life in place of their own in other words Moses is the great intercessor for Israel when they sinned isn't he and he says if necessary made my life be blotted out as long as my people can be saved. He's the great intercessor between Israel and God Now notice also that Moses brought a lot from Iraq water from Iraq what else did he bring down bread from heaven. Are manna and raised a what and raise a serpent in the wilderness. Interesting rock serpent and bread from heaven. Number fifteen Moses organized the twelve tribes and established seventy men to carry on the work of Israel. Other explorers and on up to seventy to fulfil the work of Israel. The patience of Moses was severely tested by the constant opposition of the Jewish leaders and people would you agree with that. Oh just read the stories that you find in the Book of Exodus. I mean he has patients once tried to the utmost. He had the patience of a saint and imagine that he had to he had to be patient. Forty years with these people were always wanting to stone Him always wanting to destroy him always criticizing him always wanting a different leader. Number seventeen Moses died was what are you got that one good was buried by home. My God you know that Moses is the only person in the Bible where it is told that he was buried by God he will find no other person in the whole Bible that was buried by God except Moses. Then another thing. It is very interesting in that text in Deuteronomy thirty four is the fact that we are told that no one knew where the Tomb of Moses was. That's very unusual in Jewish circles because the Jews mark the tombs of their of their departed for example the tomb of David still exists in Jerusalem the cave of Mark Peeler were Abraham and his descendants were were buried or interred still exists today. Recently they discovered a tomb that says he realized a prophet although didn't find anybody but there's an inscription that says that Daniel was resting there. So in other words the Jews mark the graves of their of their departed but with Mars as you find first of all it's strange got very very slim. And secondly nobody knows where his two minutes. And then lo and behold in Matthew seventeen Here's Moses talking with Jesus on the Mount of judgement here I said because I know wait a minute. Then God there are others. Yes he did but what else did God do. He resurrected Moses and he went to Jude nine. I surmise in Jude verse nine there's only one chapter in this book it says that when Moses was buried who came down Michael. And he contended with whom he contended with Satan over what over the body of Moses. Do you think that they were fighting over a corpse that had Michael come to do. Michael had come to resurrect Moses you say well how do we know that well first of all he wrote he appears on the mountains figuration talking to Jesus so he must have resurrected by the way it doesn't say it was a spirit or a soul that came to the Mount of Transfiguration. It says There appeared to him Moses and Elijah. So be aware of putting the spirit of Moses or the spirit of Elijah in there because it said. It was Moses. For those of you who feel like saying that Michael the Archangel is Christ because he is called the Archangel there in Jude nine The fact is that there's a lot in Spork tells us that when Jesus Christ comes he will come with a shout. What else. Morris of the archangel and the trumpet of God So in other words Jesus comes to resurrect the dead and it comes with the voice of the archangel. In other words Moses was resurrected and then he ascended to where he is and that they have a because he comes down from heaven on the Mount of Transfiguration. In doing that I am a number eighteen into Deuteronomy eighteen fifteen eighteen God promised to send a prophet. What greater than Moses who is their prophet greater than Moses. None but Jesus. And let me tell you every one of the people in the Old Testament are those who are faithful to God in the Old Testament are types of price. They're symbols of Christ they represent Christ in some way in a small scale way their scale models that illustrate something are connected with Christ. Now let's go to page number two. Revelation twelve describes three stages in the great controversy between Christ and Satan. We're dealing now with a literary structure member we've said that this is one of their very important principles to knowledge chapters organized the first stage is the battle against the woman's seed is that the primary battle in Genesis three fifteen is a primary battle of the serpent against the sea. Yes And so first in Revelation twelve you have the battle against the woman's seek the second stage is the war against. Again still the woman very well against the woman and the third stage is the final war against the remnant of her seat. You see the three stages the seed of the woman and finally the remnant of the woman see and of course the seed of the woman as well. So when it says that he will fight against the remnant of her seed proceed as Jesus. So this must be the remnant of whom the remnant of Jesus that the devil is fighting against. Number two the literary structure of Revelation twelve is important. You have that chart that we added to this lesson. Take a look at it. OK More study of this chapter reveals that verses one through five are amplified in which verses verses seven to twelve. What we find in verse six is enlarged upon where in verses thirteen to sixteen and verse seventeen is enlarged upon in chapters thirteen and fourteen. I saw tonight we're not going to study the final allied with the war against the seed seed because we're going to talk later on we're going to very very soon we're going to have a subject on September eleventh an American prophecy and there will be dealing with the second Beast of Revelation Chapter thirteen and in so we'll be discussing the last stage the war against the seed seed. But is this clear in your mind that you have these three stages in Revelation Chapter two. Well verses one to five are amplified and seventy two I refuse me one to five I amplified in seven to twelve. Verse six is enlarged upon and thirteen to sixteen and verse seventeen is a large upon in chapters thirteen and fourteen will come back to this in a little while. Now the woman of Revelation twelve a careful study of Acts three twenty two twenty six reveals that Jesus is the power the greater the noses. Did you notice that here in Acts Chapter three Deuteronomy eighteen is quoted. Remember Deuteronomy eighteen God says I'm going to send your prophet was greater than Moses. You need to listen to him and whatever doesn't listen to him will be cut off from among the congregation. Another prophecy in Deuteronomy eighteen that is quoted in Acts chapter three and in Acts Chapter three it says that that prophet greater than Moses was none other than whom was none other than Jesus Christ. So the prophet greater than Moses that God promised to send to Israel was Jesus Christ himself. Number two when Jesus was about to be born into this world the whole of humanity was in what was in bondage no longer literal bondage to literal past masters but was in bondage to what is in bondage to sin. The woman of Revelation twelve one two represents the church which church the Old Testament Church of the New Testament church. Well let's look at our next question and one of the answers. Well that's you know that's based number three first the woman of Revelation twelve went to represents the church. Jesus was the seed of Abraham and David was he not. Was Jesus born from the Old Testament church. He certainly was and by the way this is the reason why Jesus said salvation is our home because of the Jews also. So what we are. In other words the Jews say much but the Jesus mean when he said salvation is of the Jews that means that the Messiah came from the lineage of the Jew I remain you know the promises were made to Abraham the Abraham and his what. And you see those promises primarily for Abraham are they primarily for the seat. Every man is only instrumental in bringing the feed into the world so that those promises can be fulfilled. Ever and could never receive those promises unless the sea came so that the promises could be fulfilled. Because all of the promises according to second will be as one twenty. All of the promises of God are yes and amen. In Jesus which means that I am I am one and you know that none of the promises. If it had not been for the street who came to recover the lost dominion. Now number four all tell us what period of the church this is dealing with. You notice that the woman is clothed with what with the sun she standing on the moon and on our head she has a crown with what twelve stars. Now interestingly enough in Genesis thirty seven nine and ten. The sons of Jacob by the way how many sons of Jacob. Twelve in Genesis thirty seven it says eleven. But Joel said that eleven are bowing to Joseph was the twelve so you have twelve starts. And by the way the father the mother are illustrated by the sun and the moon see that the Cockney ideas that we have here and saw the sons of Jacob are compared to stars. The twelve stars the woman has on her crown represent the children of Israel that is to say the woman with the twelve stars represents what the Old Testament church by the way I can. Prove this also from the passage in Revelation Chapter twelve when John sees the woman has she had the child yet you know no one is pregnant. She's crying out in travail because she wants the dilemma to go so does the woman pre-exist the birth of a child. Yes so this must mean which church in the Old Testament church before Jesus Christ was born. I understand what I'm saying now not us Number five the woman of adolescent wild one and two was crying out in pain to be delivered. Israel longed for the coming of the Messiah to the lever them from bondage and if you read that story about Simeon when Jesus was brought to the temple you can catch this it says that he was that he was waiting the the word in Greek is stronger. He was he was desiring consolation I mean Israel. When a cry now in travail of the woman of Revelation twelve represents the fact that they are just Testament Church is crying out in agony because she wants a what she wants a do over. You remember the story of Moses. Very very similar only the deliverance now is not deliverance from the literal rejections. It's deliverance from what it's deliverance from Satan and its deliverance from sin. What took place in the Old Testament symbolizes a far greater deliverance in the future. Now let's go to our next section. Satan's warfare against the seed the male child or seed who was about to be born is who is Jesus Christ. Donations for verse four says that he was born of a woman collations three sixteen says to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. It does not say and to see these as of many. But do we see as of one and that see. It is whom Christ. Now words the seed that is born the male child that is born represents Jesus Christ so was a Deliverer born from the woman who was crying out in anguish to be delivered. Absolutely not a true Jesus was born to save his people from their sins. So what is the bondage a New Testament times the physical bondage back there represents the spiritual bondage to sin. Number three the great dragon who tried to kill Jesus when he was born is identified as that serpent of old. Why do you suppose I'd say a serpent of all what is Revelation twelve telling us serpent of all them and saying go back where you go back to Genesis three fifty the old King James says the ancient serpent. So here in Revelation twelve it's giving you a hint it's a hint hint the servant of all the ancient serpent if you want to understand this story go back to Genesis is what it's saying. Now notice that at this point but warfare is not directed against the woman but against the woman see. Is that true of Genesis three fifty. Where is the primary enmity in Genesis three fifteen is that the serpent against the woman on the serpent against the seat the seat. Afterwards he goes up to Logan will see the primary enmity is getting rid of whom is getting rid of the seat so he was unable to get rid of the seat coming so now as soon as the street is born he's going to nip this in the bud. This site know approximately when Jesus was going to be more you know I find it extremely ironic that the Jews the people of God didn't have the foggiest idea that he was going to be born but the devil did. It's doesn't John one he came to is on and is already saved or not. They were expecting it but the devil once you see the devil studies Bible prophecy then you know what he does when he studies Bible prophecy and understands that he tries to fog up people's minds so that they can understand it so that when prophecy is fulfilled people are not prepared to be faithful to God Is it just possible for all these out as a possibility is it just possible that much of the interpretation of prophecy that is going on out there is false even within the Christian church. We're going to find as we keep continue studying in the seminar that this tremendous number of erroneous ideas and you know the whole question world today says oh no our focus our Bible prophecy is absolutely correct. But you know it's interesting the whole Jewish nation with just a few people that were the exception were totally deceived about how the Messiah was going to come and when he came they didn't recognize him. Is it just possible that God's end time church or in time people will misunderstand prophecy in the same way so that when Jesus comes they will not be expecting him because they are expecting him to come in a different way. This is serious business we're talking about your boss this is not merely academic. This is an issue of knowing what really is going on what is really going to happen so that we can fit in with God's way. This is interesting. Intellectually challenging. I find it exciting but it has it has to speak to our hearts into our minds so that we are ready for the tremendous things are going to take place if you don't know who the enemy is going to be or are we going to manifest himself at the mercy of the enemy we need to know where the beast is we need to know who the image to the beast is we need to know what the mark of the beast is because I believe that. These things are coming in this generation I'm not trying to set dates but by what I see happening in the world. We're going to talk more about this in future lectures. We're going to find it we are living at the very end of time. Now number four. Well actually let's finish number three the Jews didn't know the Messiah had been born but Satan did say it must have licked his chops when he saw what appeared to be a defenseless baby born on his part. Do you think the devil at this point knew that it was Jesus who was being born into play either. All those many prophecies of the Old Testament in were very well and what he was saying is in heaven he threw at me out of heaven that that was his turf. But now he's born being born on my turf and he's a baby and if I was able to conquer I don't this is how I was going to be easy to conquer. But the more Jesus lived the more frustrated the enemy became known number more of born again Herod had all the male children two years and younger. Now I'm not clear that the deliver the cake is wrong but really it was fate and would be a good one is going to be written for the devil with the ear of hair we read behind the lines. He's a parent. Hell I'd want to have been born who is going to claim to be the Messiah and if you allow him to live he's going to take it on but the devil really thinking that if I have been born and if I allow him to live he's going to take Michael. But he human lives when he uses this hallowed hands for meant just as well in the Old Testament. How to get rid of the liver by explaining all of the mail. Why. Jesus was protected from Fables right where they jumped and I did not like a reference so you want to write it in Matthew Chapter two and respect Dean quotes Hosea eleven and verse one and that there are supplies which I originally applied to Israel mentally as well. It's real fulfillment is with Jesus not of Matthew two and birth fifteen. Let's read fourteen for the context. Who wants to read that somebody had but Matthew Chapter two verses fourteen and fifteen. Who by the way are eleven verse one. Originally it applied the home to literally Israel when it's real popular element is in Jesus was Jesus shield that in Egypt. Yes what he called out of Egypt to to perform his work of deliverance. Just like most of those words not going through. Not an accident. Number six. Satan tried to kill Jesus on other occasions during his ministry. So we have to just think of when he was born you know the devil who have tried to destroy Christ nip this in the bud. But there were other occasions there in the ministry of years where Same tried to kill him but it doesn't say so directly on the surface but in the light of Genesis regarding We know that that's what's happening. For example you know that you looked up these weapons as he tried to do what he tried to kill them in a store go in and we know that because you see in Israel when it storms the notes don't go out onto the way but you read the story there. All of the boats were on the lake. This was a storm out to sea. As an addict. Unexpected in the Bible says of the devil of the prince of the power of the air. The devil causes storms doesn't beat hurricanes in whites and evaporate the Bible says that when you read the story of Job And so that they will know Jesus was sleeping and about and I was in his invented the girl me and on another occasion. I'm not trying to push Jesus on a lot of work to get these above that only the people were involved in this or were there powers behind the people no doubt powers behind the people on several occasions. What are they trying to do with Jesus that tried to stone him to the Bible says that he would disappear because the time had not come. And sometimes the demons if you read that fascinating story in Mark chapter one. Sometimes the demons would come running to our Jesus was like that too demon possessed man will go there and when they thought it would be that they would stop and they all think they have in my most twenty part the demon thing we know you are here not only want to know what the Devils know but that they do this. And then they have the big question. They said Have you come to destroy or wanted Arkansas or that these that have come to what he has come to destroy them and you know all that he has come to destroy them. Jesus came to destroy the works of the work of the devil and the devil knew it. Now let's go to page three. Other events in the streets like Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River and then passed them for a lot more party days in the world of what is Jesus repeating. Here again the boy above it only look at the story of Noah there is only a little model in miniature illustration Gail model so that we can understand the issues in the Lanch fulfilment in Jesus and others who are dealing with what is called in the Bible type ology type and I type little picture that shows the greater picture of the broader picture and the Old Testament is all of these stories that point to the future to the large the large picture in Christ. Let me give just give you want to two other examples from the Old Testament. You have the story of the sacrifice of Isaac on the O'Moore back up like the one who we should say it that way you read Genesis twenty two it says that Isaac God God tells Abraham and Isaac. Your only son whom you love and sacrifice him on Mount Moriah. Interesting not Mariah was the very place where Solomon's Temple was built whether sacrifices were offered the place what we are exactly where the fact of life is which party board gave were awkward and the interesting thing is that the father in law about this time and in the sun as young as ever have the Ancient of Days and his son. And for three days and three nights the agony of the father knowing that he has to give up his own son and they get to the top of Mt Mariah enable him by the way who carry the world I think will carry the instruments of Punishment tonight and higher and perhaps interesting that the word is carried by Isaac. Who in the future carried the would write Jesus' body pillow under the punishment of home. If that's all and I actually gets up there and his father says I think you know the sacrifice and Isaac says No way. They run the place themselves in the hands of a father yet he voluntarily is willing to live and by the way he was eleven says that Abraham received Isaac of the bit in bigger type because he thought he was as good as dead. But on the current day and then of course Isaac could not of the not be a perfect type of Christ because if I would have sacrificed him so what happened is right I am which is a male sheep found cricket and the Bible says that the ram was offered in place Jesus was offered in place of Earth. What a fantastic messianic prophecy in the Old Testament historical Pope something that happened in real life back then but had a much larger dimension. Jacob's Ladder is another illustration. And by the way John one fifty one realize how many key part of the letter I know most people say to me but it's true that up in the bottom because you have the top in the bottom of the middle to see the top of the ladder to the highest heaven and the bottom of the ladder is planned and I was one of them. We have illustrated here the fact that Jesus is God with the highest God in heaven but he's also a man with knots and because he is man and God He is able to connect up what God and God with us he is the great choir and we can go to heaven. This was in the Old Testament and I could give you a story after story after story. I'm still studying the Old Testament and stories that I never thought what type of Christ and the beautiful symbols historical on a small scale greater future events that are built into the whole Bible is the story of Jesus. Even the Old Testament and people say that we don't make a point that just as man of the Jews for they will have a veil over their private lives because they can't buy right in the all that many of them and I know they all of the right and the final five that when they are converted to the larger the veil will be taken away when they are no longer an email when you buy and gave them the Old Testament the Baileys will let anybody tell you I'm a New Testament Christian you correct them and you say you are only you know that's my question. I'm a Bible Christian not continue here. After Jesus was baptized forty days. He explained the law obvious Kingdom from where are the mountains and by the way you actually quote to a look at him and he said Don't you think that I've come to destroy the law on the part I have not come to destroy but to fulfill. And then he quote the commandment Thou shall not commit adultery. Some people today say we don't need to abide by the letter we only need to abide by the spirit of the law not the letter. Well the fact is you know what the Lord Jesus instead of doing away with the law. Intensified it and it made it more demanding. Because for example he said you have heard in ancient times the commandment you shall not commit adultery. But then you either but I can't give you whatever looks upon a woman to cover her has already committed adultery in part. Not only they have it wrong to commit their evil lab it's wrong to have the will but you are an Angel di not shall not kill. Given the law do you think the law come about. You know I'm an agent I shall not kill. Chief Justice but whoever takes his brother he has a martyr in his heart and it doesn't hurt John and so Jesus instead of getting rid of the law if he makes it not only in terms of my beloved and I they are he was going to magnify the law and make it honorable. It doesn't help the door with a lock on the box. Though if you like to get up get rid of a lot you kick save everybody was in jail. Say no more logs all have Merkley I'd set myself up at home again and then we wouldn't even be thinking if they are problem and not the law probably because we are sinners the law condemned and the solution is not to get rid of the law which condemned us. The solution is to get great Christ accept Christ who took our condemnation of the law upon himself. Are you with me in all the Bible because a lot of the mirror. What do you see when you look at a mirror in the morning. I feel a major disaster. Well I think I make it is after every time I look in a man no matter what time of the day. But that's all right my wife love me I think you know I don't know if you got my looks. She loved me at one of the problems of marriage of the day people get Nikon looks. When there's no warlocks there's no more Mary. So you get you have to get married for the for the everlasting values don't look only at the locals. Then when a person gets a pot belly and winkles no more not no more manage that married have to be built on something more solid than just the external feelings or emotions the problem you today. They get so involved with their feelings their feelings are in for a beer before they put their brain in first do what your heart but let love go through your mind before your heart a lot of you want to know how did we get out of marriage here. Well when you look in a mirror about how we got our marriage when you look in the mirror of America all you have to do you like it. There's the mirror doing you a favor and then of course what is that tell you the time you saw the solution to what the mayor tells you is to break the mirror. That's when a question say and they say look if you get rid of a lot of shows me Mike then come on folks that make no sense. No law of God is everlasting. It points out and we can come to be. You see it the log and point out your spin you would be on you need to come to Jesus. No law shows you need to do and when you do a dual way of Apollo you don't feel a need of Jesus that the way one are so many questions. Who who look like the devil. If Christianity is only getting off the hook. Somebody else paint Christianity in the bang bang. You think God doesn't want only to happen given that they have a change in our lines so that were nicer to people which we know were kinder We smile we're happy we went definitely got not only against the path to transform and change the light completely different not Christianity means nothing. OK now let's go back to lunch and here we have a lot of covering it that way you know a lot of genes are shown at the phenomenon of configuration. The pace of the gene know what it is the rock not that long ago a lot of out of Iraq but use of the Wii rock one L O G That is really in my head that was illustrated by the read of the Old Testament and he is what he is the serpent who was raised in the world or he is a little tiny story go. Illustration in the Old Testament. Number five Jesus called twelve and wished us all of this is a coincidence. They thought it can't be a coincidence that too many parallels here family seventy men to carry on his work number think Jesus was constantly criticized by the people he came to say wasn't he. They constantly wanted to work to kill him just like they did with modems. Gene died resurrected and was what and was caught up to God and His throne. That the same thing that happened with motives. Yes the sacrifice of Jesus the Lamb of God Mark the deliverance of God's people from their work from their bondage. I'm there soon bondage Number nine I think I'm constantly trying to keep him from going to the costs because he knew that the death of Jesus would quote his work with that. You remember Jennifer street that scene after it seven Jellicoe sleeping there was going to be on the P. and the seed of the woman was going to crush the serpent's head. That in verse twenty one you have God taking garments of skin and covering the naked naked with a vitamin E. in order to get skins what needed to happen here. Animals had to die in other words God was saying so I don't I'm going to cut your hair and you know I don't want to do it I'm going to do it by giving my life in play for the life of man in that way shame only punished in me but men can be saved if you receive me and the devil of course a new soon discovered that plane constantly tried to keep us from going to the court because he knew that Jesus died in the coffee would bear the sins of all humanity and those who accept Jesus would eventually be saved. They had an awkward amount of temptation to those what the kingdoms of the world what what the devil really killing Jesus. Yeah I would think the Bow down and worship of the devil is really saying you don't have to go where you can have all these kingdoms either judge just nod and worse to be proportionate to the now do you think you think what I don't want to die and Peter what does Peter say. Hard Don't be a pastor and I know filenames are not known in Jerusalem. What do you think now behind me think I'm not a flame trying to do can't judge us by what I'm going to look up and then just a few days later. Not of about the you mentioned that we have of the titles including Peter and got caught by their time Peter know that Jesus said that I'm going to Jerusalem and I'm going to be sacrificed in Jerusalem. And Peter says Mark it is good for us to be here. Let's build them. They hear some Greeks come to Jesus and they say we want you to go and preach the Gospel in our nation. One of temptation. Angie though says no the time has come for the son of man to be loved by the Right now at the time for me to die and if I die like a suitably dies and goes into the ground then there will be much fruit then there will be many among the greats will be say the Greeks coming to Jesus and trying to get him to go to Greece to preach his message was really a temptation for him to be there. And then of course you know when Jesus will say you know because there were people of a point of view of the front of God come down from there. What do you suppose was behind those people. Site of five hundred one time about. Because by going on the cross Jesus would take the kingdom away from him and then of course the reason why the devil had Jesus reviled so much spit upon keep his beard torn up out of his face because the devil wanted Jesus to retaliate if Jesus had gotten angry had we call united the whole plan of salvation would have been ruined. So we need to see behind the scenes a great controversy going on in the invisible world. Now it is clear that the story of Moses is fulfilled on a larger scale in home in Jesus but now not of the principle we're going to come back to the things of very important principle that we haven't dealt with directly before most of the living room. Little Israel somewhat literal bondage in liberal Egypt and took them up a little desert to the liberal land of Canaan. A Little Lamb was slain. We were led to a lot of came from a Little Rock and literal bread came from heaven a literal in the desert to prevent literal there but all the thing in the future I will be on how it's very much Wally and no longer locally in the Middle East but how in a world wide scale to all of God's people. That's a very important principle. Literal and normal in the Old Testament is to be understood in the spiritual sense. Jesus obviously is not a step and he is not bread and he's not a rock. No things have a spiritual meaning they have a meaning beyond the literal objects they try to teach a special effort and those weapons are no longer for literal Israel that little nation who was in the world many of these things now become a message to all of the world to spiritual Israel so to speak. Now let's go to the bottom of page right. Victory by the Revelation twelve ten to twelve now we are told that the heavenly hold saying what now. Well nation and going and what and the kingdom of our God and our power obvious Christ have come for what for the accuser of the brethren. What kills them before our God day and night have been what have been carried out there are cast down you don't know where. If they're talking about the original Kathleen Donald say that we've studied about it I already know and let me tell you why. It says here that he has cast doubt on Latino brethren day and night when he was originally cast out there were no brethren to accuse you of me and I'm the one who accused of murder and then they have been cast out. He was accusing the brethren before he would have thought that at the beginning when he with capital Originally there were no brethren to accuse and solve it much quicker to have different casting up now let me explain what that means. Satan was originally but weakly cast out of heaven. But when he overcame and only need in the Garden of Eden whenever there was a meeting in heaven such as we read in Job Chapter one and chapter two who went representing this world state and went to the heavenly councils representing this world you could read a job Chuck a word of God came to a meeting with God and God says the same where do you come from. He says well I come from patrolling my kingdom Dunder only because the devil had many an I won't matter I am sure of them in that meeting. The left in focus when Jesus died on the cross. They can no longer represent this world because Jesus regained the kingdom the devil the one of the things oh and by the way what's happening in the world to find out my best but all I say all of God is in control why are going so bad. Well because I've never gotten a blow on his head and he knows his time is short like Saddam Hussein you know when when he saw that his cause was lost. He said well I'm going to go but not without a bow. Again these were literally lit all those oil wells and while the oil into the ball you know he said I'm going to go with a bang. Well that's the thing with that they have a you know the law. So what he's doing in the world now you've got I know you've said but I'm going to go with a bang. Obviously in the world it was line of a desperate soul knows that he's been defeated. You see now the devil wants us to think that he can go on accusers before God he can't do that anymore because the representative of the human race is the one who has the meaning and knowledge Jesus Christ. Number two even though Same with Catherine of heaven when he rebelled against God He still represented this world and they have only come for but when Christ died on the cross the prince of this world was what according to John twelve what path out meant when he said I thought Satan Paul like a light means somewhere like lightning from heaven. He can't go he can't pass that I have a living anymore. Now back to the heavens are happy about that in fact we're going to read it in a moment. We got a little bit there. You're not it. Number three in the light of Christ make great heavens and all it will do well and then are invited to walk to enjoy knowing of the past. But the case of planet Earth is different but you know if the Congress says we need to I call happened and you will dwell in them but then if that Wolter you bring your life. Whoa whoa whoa Julian habits of the earth and the seat for the devil has come down to you having great rack because we know that he has a short time two thousand years are gone by in the con. The act of eternity that is a short time. OK let's go quickly to the other two factions Well late you want to go cover this quickly. OK Number one when fable of the if you know the karate director move on flat against against the woman who had to flee where in the wilderness where she had a place a parent by God that they should work where how long one thousand two hundred and sixty they have evolved. If I'm going to be a part I may have to make a charge here real quick. The Revelation Chapter thirteen you have lied and you have a bear you have a leper you have a Dragon Beast the Dragon Beast of lot ten horns and then the Dragon Beast with the pan horns gives up on You Tube. And how many pages on the beach going to have two hundred sixty years and then the moon is going to be what if there is going to be healed and then you're going to have final persecution. Right you know what. Once again the dragon is going to persecute God's people not notice the parallel in Revelation Chapter twelve you don't have a lion of bear in Aleppo but these are all in the Old Testament aren't they the lie and then the leopard are all old testament kingdoms. Do you have a dragon of Revelation Chapter twelve yet. The dragon want to kill all the male child. What Empire are we talking about here. The park Empire colony. Why does Revelation twelve start with the Roman Empire. Let apply up and supply the products we began but what about their lives. I thought on the principle of a start is NOT say Jon Hamm from a time when when a child is going to make it out. So that's what a properly we can now that's not going to be ten times that you can read in Revelation twelve and verse three. And then after the dragon to kill the male child but it can't kill the male child. One of the next stage. No woman please where the internal world and its raw Law one thousand two hundred sixty days following the same sequence as Revelation Bertie Yes it is. Only about thirty minutes. Persecutor the woman in Revelation twelve the dragon persecuted the woman who runs the world and if so in other words who is behind the beast. But right now we have two perspectives right and think thing about the business to persecute God's people but revelation plots of the real power behind the beast is the dragon. Later I want to go quickly through this number to the one thousand two hundred sixty days of the same period of the Point two months and the time times them by dividing up times if can be seen by comparing Revelation twelve or thirteen with Chapter twelve or thirteen depicting Revelation thirteen and birth by number three the wings on the Eagle represent God providential care of course people in the world and of the jury they had an accident but an interesting reference. We interrupt our laws by going to places where that same symbol is you know why don't you stop and spirit out of his mouth represent what people as mother to the nation and times to which the devil wants to drown God's people during that one hundred sixty years the dark ages. The period of the Roman Catholic Dominion during the middle ages. Number by when the woman was being persecuted by the serpent what helped a woman by swallowing up a lot of what the serpent spewed out of its mouth. Let me ask you. That's persecution come to an end for a while yet. Of course because I'm going to talk about this later on the swallows up a lot of persecution and persecution my thesis. Let me ask you. That's persecution after that one hundred sixty years for a liar. Yes but then what's going to happen with the beast if everyone is going to be what healed and persecution will arise again in Revelation twelve after the earth helped the woman and persecution stops. Later on is the persecution going to start again. Not of the last section of the letter after a temporary And by the way you want to continue coming because the talking about what the earth everywhere. And what the beast from the earth represents the all these briefs and come out of me. Revelation thirteen as a fact at least that comes out of here. So you need to keep on coming if you want the complete picture. After a temporary suspension of persecution of the Dragon would be what rock with the woman persecution alive again yet and would go out to make are with the remnant over three miles around. One last piece of the world this is the last in time church the remnant of Jews. Number two this remnant will have two identifying characteristics they will keep what the commandments of God How can the command of their god be now to look at these people are keeping the commandments of God may keep the commandments of God Nobody can keep a command of them right. Well I have no way I can keep a command of the government line and the first one is going to have the red never see then time ran that will keep the nine commandments of God. Thank you very much. Yep that's right and you all know that verse and Philippians chapter one of chapter four verse thirteen. It's if I can do nothing to the crisis thank God that not well it's either that or I can do nothing except overconfident through Christ is great. I can do all things through Christ was great and all means all. OK So they were keeping America God and they will have what their family has got to go I don't know what the end time remnant is you have to find a remnant that claims that we need to get all of God's Commandments and that have the testimony of Jesus made wrong we'll talk a little bit more about the testimony of Jesus. Fact number three the commandments of God are reference to what the Ten Commandments. Did you notice them Revelation twenty two forty and that being that those who are inside the city but for those who keep its command and in verse fifteen it reeks about it thinks about idolaters and liars and adulterers and murderers. Not a violation of the gun come home but people were outside. But they not only keep the commandments of God but they have the testimony of Jesus which is what the Spirit of Prophecy. Now that they have a gift of property in their midst the brethren of John who have the testimony of Jesus identified as what has puppets of the past and wanted to have a proper and timely number for if we are quiet. Then we are also Abraham. And according to the promise of I mean to me the seed of Abraham. What does that mean I mean if you have ever heard your last name have to be Ginsburg you know you have to live in the Middle East you know you know if you are Christ you I am I am sweet and you know what that means. That means that many of the Arabs we have of the Palestinians not the Jews in the Middle East right now are the seed of Abraham who wrote about it. Why are not the Palestinians and the Jews in the Middle East why are they not the why are they not the seed of Abraham. Because they don't have quite a lot that conflict in the Middle East of disappear in an instant if they accepted Christ. Because if they vote but at that price they would both suddenly really be a banshee and owners of all the problem. So what they need most. OK let's. But they aren't a prayer. How about Haven't we thank you for the good time with Brad Pitt's evening study in your word we can't help but admire the way in which you have revealed your will and your Holy Word how you've given us these pictures of the Old Testament which are sold specifically and so exactly in the New Testament and Jesus I have learned that what we study tonight might not be merely academic but that it will lead us to make a commitment to Jesus fully completely without reservation. If there is anybody here tonight that is miserable. Because here he have not given their life to Jesus I ask that they will do it tonight for their might experience the happiness in the joy and the peace that comes from knowing we ask that as we return to our home. Your angels will protect us from harm and danger levels and keep us in your care until we gather again from our We've created this media was brought to you by audio groups a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe. If you would like to listen to your sermon LEAVE IT IS A W W W R U. verse dot org.


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