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7. Christ and AntiChrist

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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I'm going to have and thank you once again for the wonderful day you've given us. Thank you for life. Thank you for your word. We ask that as we open that word and study it tonight that your Holy Spirit will come and be with us. Open our minds and our hearts to receive the message that you have for us tonight. You know the air and willing heart and mind we pray in Jesus name or the letters of the Apostle Paul to the Thessalonians and we have two of them were written to solve or explain certain historical situations or problems that existed in the churches in the area of their fellow Nika. Evidently the Apostle Paul had written I had been written to by those alone eons and they had asked him a very disturbing question to them. You see many people who had accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior were dying and evidently the Apostle Paul had not covered this teaching with the fans alone in churches about the resurrection through the power of Jesus Christ that those who died in Christ would resurrect when he came. And so on the Apostle Paul wrote back to the Thessalonians that alone Ica our churches and he told them that when Jesus comes. Those who are dead in Christ will resurrect from the grave and those who are alive will be caught up together with them to mean meet the Lord in the air and thus to ever be with the Lord. Well the Apostle Paul in this passage which we all know it in person alone in chapter four gave the impression evidently to the fence alone is that the Lord Jesus was going to come. And their merry way because the apostle Paul says they're in first as long as Chapter four verses fourteen to seventeen he says. Then we who are alive who remain. He includes himself among those who are alive and remain when Jesus comes shall be caught up together with them that is with those who died and resurrected to meet the Lord in the air and so does alone Ian's got the impression that the Apostle Paul was saying that Jesus was going to come in their day. What the Apostle Paul really meant is that if you were living in that day which he was when he was speaking he would be caught up to meet the Lord in the air. He wasn't predicting that he was going to realize he was simply saying then we who are alive then as if I'm still alive when Jesus comes will be caught up together with those who died and resurrected this alone eons mis understood what the Apostle Paul had said and so they thought that Jesus was going to come in their very name in other words that the coming of Jesus was imminent that the coming of Jesus could take place at any moment. And if you read chapter three of the second pass along and you'll find that many of the people stopped working now were they says what's the use of working if Jesus is going to come in our day and age and so they became idle and created all sorts of problems for the churches and their fellow like oh well the Apostle Paul felt impelled to write the second letter to the Thessalonians to correct this erroneous wrong idea that Jesus was going to come at any moment or that its coming was imminent in the days when Paul and the Thessalonians were living and this is where the passage that we are going to analyze tonight comes into view. I invite you to open your Bibles with me two second prayers alone Ian's Chapter two second Thessalonians chapter two and remember that the Apostle Paul is correcting the idea that Jesus the coming of Jesus is imminent that he's going to come and any moment in that very generation the Apostle Paul is going to. OK forget it it's not going to happen that way there are certain events that must transpire before Jesus can come in power and glory. Now we're going to study tonight about the anti-Christ who will stand in the temple of God showing himself to be God. Now technically speaking that anti-Christ is Satan because you remember that in heaven according to Isaiah fourteen and he's a good chapter twenty eight. Lucifer and his name was at that time so that I will ascend to the height of the Mount of the congregation on the sides of the north and I will step in the temple of God and I will be like the most high. In other words it has always been the devil's desire to sit in the temple of God. And so we find that in Isaiah Chapter fourteen and twenty eight we have the background for the anti-christ property. We're going to notice that the devil however has an instrument that he uses as well as his instrument or as he is a personification if we might say so in this world in order to accomplish His purposes in other words Satan and the Man of Sin who sits in the temple of God are very closely connected but they're not the same person. The devil is going to use a certain power to accomplish their purpose. Now let's go to second because a lot is chapter two and we'll just go through this chapter and analyze who this Anti-Christ in the temple of God is. I'm starting at verse one the apostle Paul says Now brethren concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and He is gathering together to you in your vials of like a bundle on it too. OK. All right. Trying to trick you or them or tries to do all the time and if we don't read the Bible and maybe see some not of events concerning the coming now that we're coming is very important if the word pyros the I don't like to quote a lot of Greek words but we're going to have to quote some tonight. The word power used to be the reason why that word is important because we're going to meet it later on in the chapter and it has a very special significance it is used to describe the second coming of Jesus and so he says not reverent concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and now notice what it says and I want are gathering together to him we ask you now when Jesus comes. According to this verse is he going to be gathered with us or are we going to be gathered with him we are going to be gathered with him you see many people believe that when Jesus comes the second time he is going to come to live on this earth with us for a period of a thousand years and later on in that seminar we're going to talk about the thousand years that he is going to come and he's going to set up His kingdom here on Earth making them for a thousand years. There are several passages in the New Testament that indicate that when Jesus comes in his policy and his coming in is not a case of you know him coming down to live with us it is a case of us being caught up to be with him. Let me just mention some of those verses go with me for example to Matthew chapter twenty four. Go with me to Matthew chapter twenty four in verse thirty one. Once again it's speaking about the second coming of Jesus Christ. Matthew Chapter twenty four verse thirty one the following begin about the second coming. Let's read verse thirty for the context then the find of the Son of Man will appear in heaven. Then all the tribes of the earth will mourn and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory and He will send him saying here's me he will what he will send his angels to do work with a great sound of a trumpet and they will they want gathered together as in you act from the four winds from one end of the heaven to the other. Does Jesus come all the way to the earth or does he send the angels to gather people to himself the way he does in fact in the passage that we referred to in first of the loneliest chapter for the apostle Paul says the dead in Christ will rise first and then we who are alive who remain shall be what. I'm together for milk in the clouds to me from Bombay or India or not so once again the idea of gathering and catching up to me with the Lord and that of course you have that famous verse actually passage in John fourteen one of three where Jesus says Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many mansions where the father's house. When we pray how do we pray. How did you teach us to pray Our Father who art in heaven so where is the father's house in heaven for Jesus is our Father who art in heaven. So he says In my Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you going where where do you go. They haven't I'm going to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come. Again at the porosity of a second coming I will come down and live with you forever. No I won't come again and I had and we used to my sorrow that well I am not you maybe i'm so so in other words Jesus and his policy and does not come to this earth to set up His kingdom yet he will eventually but not yet in a second coming he will come and he will catch his people up the meeting where I meet him in the air according to Scripture. In fact we're going to find in Matthew twenty four Jesus warns the disciples that if anybody tells you he's in the desert don't even think about going out. If anybody in our own homes understood when I was let go. He says because as the bank I'm lengthening lashes from the east and to the west. Well also he'll be the coming of the word piracy or the coming of the Son of man. Well let's go back to second because along with Chapter two I wanted you to notice these very important items because they're going to come into view a little bit later on. Life doesn't mesh one now brethren concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to him we asked you not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled in the my spirit when the Apostle Paul is speaking about spirit here people claiming to have the Spirit. You read in first John chapter four verses one to three. If there's the prophets of the spirit in other words he said if a prophet arises among you and claims to have the Spirit and is trying to trouble your mind or shake you don't pay any attention. So he says. Either by spirit or by word that is rumors of what the Apostle Paul is saying which he really didn't say. Or by letter of the word epistle in the Greek. Now as even if you have any pencil upon will be written by the Apostle Paul from anybody whether it's a person who claims to have the Spirit of Prophecy. Well as an individual it says all I heard Paul say that's an individual it's actually your pencil line by Paul where you are coming in got to be at any moment right now it's imminent it says don't let old people problem you don't even pay any attention to them. Notice once again verse two not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled either by spirit or by word or by letter as if from us as well the day of Christ. Rod had come in other words the Apostle Paul is saying if anybody tells you in any manner that Jesus has come you can totally tell us what that individual said aside and then I burst through the Apostle Paul is going to explain that before Jesus can come. Certain key events happen to take place. Now the question is what events need to take place. Well let's go to verse three Let no one the Seaview by any means. Who is the Apostle Paul's thing that might be D.C.. Well we're writing to you writing questions in Matthew twenty four when Jesus says that the devil try to deceive if possible even the very elect. Thinking about the possibility of these thieving Christians I have been a possibility that even Christians might be deceived if they don't understand these things. Absolutely there they are the target of the devil. Christian for the simple reason that we already have the world B.C. you don't have to worry about the world you have to worry about Christians not once again verse three Let no one deceive you by. Any means for that day which day that day on this piracy on the day of His coming. Well not come unless I am going away. Mom's rock falling away comes first. So let me ask you before Jesus comes. What must take place the falling away. Now let me explain to you what that expression falling away. Me The Greek word there is very interesting it is the work the word up or the what word do we get in the English language from up north that's the those who speak Spanish not because I'm going to go in and F. the word what plasticity. Just as Jesus cannot come unless the apostasy comes first. I want you to notice that this is not on the street because in the Greek it has the definite article room the apostasy. In other words this is a specific well known apostasy that was going to come in and say you know there's going to be an apostasy before Jesus comes he says apostasy is going to take place before Jesus can I let me ask you this what is on a par with what is on a path of you know what Oprah. When an individual once belonged to a church and he decides to give it up they give up Christianity to give up the Lord. He goes out the door of the church. We say that that individual a part of the time is that right. In other words he directed away he fell away from the faith. In fact this very word apostasy is used in the Greek classical world to refer to Russia. There was that part but it was anger is not heavy enough to hold a ship in port and the ship started drifting away from the port. That's why I translated the falling away. Now let me ask you something if the ship is being if it is actually drifting away because its anchor is not well founded. Must that boat have been at the port at some point. Yes it must have been half a point and it what it drifts away in other words the boat apart but if we can use the expression let me ask you then if this is speaking about being a part of you that is going to take place before Jesus comes and it is the third week apostasy must this refer to individuals who are originally walking with the Lord. Must have referred to the fact that the Christian church the Christian world originally was fine with going on but at some point there was a tremendous apostasy in the Christian church. Obviously yes and we're going to as we go along we're going to see more and more evidence of this in other words what the Apostle Paul is saying is that before Jesus comes there is going to be a match the overwhelming part the city from the from the Apple store like faith in fact any patients who are courting the Apostle Paul warned that we should not be blown to hell and well I am really when I'm back here and in other words what if that many times that brings about doctrine is compared to when you know there are some people in the church they're very unstable they don't have any anchor because they don't study the word they don't research the word they don't learn the word and so any person that comes in and starts teaching something a new doctrine or new material or a new concept that I was I don't know that's great you know that and I can be my last concept imaginable. But if you're not well founded in scripture it's to be expected that you will be blown to and fro by every wind of doctrine. Well the Apostle Paul here is speaking about a specific apostasy. In other words it's going to be a drifting away from the way the pure faith of the gospel of the Apostles. Now let's go back once again to verse three. Let no one deceive you by any me or that they will not come unless the falling away all of the upper class the sea comes first the word propose the word proposed in Greek in other words the apostasy have to take place first and then notice what it says and the man of sin is revealed. Let me ask you who is the one who is going to lead in this apart. It is the man of what the man of sin. Now let me explain something to you. In many ancient manuscripts of the New Testament of second prevalence it is translated not the man of sin but the man lawlessness. Now it can be translated man of sin or it can be translated man of lawlessness that doesn't make that much difference in a minute. However I believe that probably the best translation here is the man of lawlessness for two reasons. Notice what it says in verse seven that thrives on the mystery of what is already at work and then notice also what it says in verse nine the coming of the what the last one because according to the working of Satan and once again verse eight cents and then by lawless one will be revealed. Now even if you say that this is. I just called the man of sin. Let me ask you this what is the end. Let's go to first John Chapter three go with me to first John Chapter three a text that we've read before but we want to read it again. First John Chapter three. And let's read verse for the following. Whoever commits sin I hope commenced what lawlessness and sin is law listeners. Let me just explain something here. In the Greek language when you have a noun for example law and you want to say that some person is opposed to the law all you have to do is add an A as the initial letter to that noun and I mean someone who is against the law not the word law. Here is normal but if you want to say that it's an individual who was against the law. All you do is add an A and if a Mormon In other words this man is the man they know most In other words he's opposed to what he's opposed to the law of God. Now let me ask you Do you remember another picture in scripture that speaks of a power in Bible prophecy that opposes God's holy law. Do you remember. Go with me to Daniel Chapter seven. Go back to Daniel Chapter seven. Let's notice what it says in verse twenty five. Daniel Chapter seven verse twenty five speaking about the little horn you remember the little horn it says there he shall speak pompously words against the Most High shall persecute the saints of the most high and shall intend to. Change lead to a change. Times and bad times and let me ask you does the man I'm along with the fame thing is a little horn and incidentally historically does the man of lawlessness come after Paul and does the little horn also come after Paul in the Roman Empire. Absolutely. So in other words that is the frame power that opposes God's holy law the man of sin and sin is that I don't even want to believe you are here with us. The mystery of why this is at work what if pick them up a lawless one is the identical word in first John three four words does that sin is lovelessness is at home in the US So you want to translate the man of sin is not a problem because. We're just really funny at times but it manifests in our men and men of lawlessness. It makes absolutely no difference. This power in other words takes issue with what we have God's Holy Law or as a little horn parallel to the man of sin to this point. Absolutely. Now I want you to notice something else go back to second Thessalonians chapter two with me like a person alone in chapter two and verse three if they have let no one be Seaview by any means or that they will not come unless the apostasy comes first in other words the falling away comes first and the man of sin and or the man of lawlessness the one who was against the law and the one who takes issue with God's law is what it is revealed. Now you know what some people say they say you know Pastor It says the man of sin. It's clear as the day that this must be a certain individual this cannot be a system that governs for. A long period of time because he's called The Man of sin. Masculine singular thought must be a particular man but there are clear indications both in second person Loney and two and in the parallel prophecies of Daniel seven and Revelation thirteen that indicate that this is not referring to a single person. And let me share with you the reason. Reason number one this man of sin is parallel to the Beast of Revelation thirty which you've already studied and younger vibe a beast always represents a kingdom not a person a beast is not a person a beast is a king. Well it must not be only one king or one rogue or it must be a kingdom succession of groups. Secondly Interestingly enough this passages that appears alone in Chapter two tells us that this man of sin was already wanting to manifest himself in the days of Paul because of the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. But have you noticed that in chapter two and verse nine if this rule all this one will be destroyed when Jesus comes. So how can this be a person if he was already working in the days of Paul and it's going to be dismantled before him counting. Well that's a pretty long. I've spent more than your seven and Revelation thirteen explains very clearly that this power would rule one thousand two hundred and sixty years and to tell you the truth I don't know anyone yet that has lived that long problem or the fact that it says the man of sin does not necessarily mean that speaking I'm an individual person. OK Let me explain why and I'll just refer to the verses I told you it was good to read about in Hebrews nine and verse seven the Apostle Paul speaks. The priest the high priest but is not referring to a specific high priest you speaking about. Anybody who serves in the office of high priest but he says the high priest takes in the blood. Now talking about once a week I preach he's talking about a succession of priests in the Old Testament system not only that but we find in First Samuel eight verse eleven in fact that would be a good idea for us to go back there first Samuel eight in verse eleven we find something very interesting. First Samuel Chapter eight in verse eleven speaking about the kings of Israel there is the following and he said this will be the behavior of the king who will reign over you. You want to thank your sons and appoint them for long chariots and to be as horsemen and some will run before his chariots. Let me ask you if you're talking about only one King who's going to do that. Oh yes I am the king. Session of kings. That's at that particular time in other words the no word on expression back in singular masculine singular can refer not only to a single king up to a succession of kings. Now notice what it says also in the book of second Timothy Chapter three and verse seventeen. Notice how the word man is used second Timothy Chapter three and verse seventeen where the apostle Paul says and let's read verse sixteen for the context of all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof or correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be complete thoroughly equipped for and we go to work what does that mean that a man of God might be complete thoroughly equipped for every good work. Because as are referring to a specific man no one upsets them. I am referring to what every person who has the Scriptures and studies the scripture in honor of the fact that this system is called The Man of Sin does not necessarily indicate that talking about a particular special individual person that arises say at the end during the tribulation. It could refer to a system even using this expression. Now I want you to notice also that this system going back to second Thessalonians chapter two like of Laureus chapter two and verse three it says Let no one deceive you by any means that they will not come unless the falling away comes first. The man of sin is what is revealed. Now let me ask you what is the antonym of revealed. It's the word can you. In fact the Greek word that is used here is the word apocalypse these where we get our word what apocalypse and what does the word apocalypse me the revelation of Jesus Christ. That's the way it's translated in Revelation one verse one. The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Now let me ask you if this power is going to be revealed it must mean that in the days of Paul this power is what is concealed. And there's a certain moment that is going to come when this power will reveal himself for what it is. In other words in the days of Paul he was undercover. He knows him the power is mailed but at a certain moment in human history this power is going to be revealed and that it is it is going to be unveiled in other words no I want you to know that's the next characteristic here in a second because a lot is chapter two very important. Once again verse four Let no one do you see verse three excuse me let no one deceive you by any means for that day that is the coming of Jesus will not come unless the falling away or the apostasy comes first and the man of sin is revealed in other words an individual who takes issue with the law of God or a system that takes issue with the law of God and it says that this man of sin where we were revealed and now I want you to notice what this system is called the Son of Perdition. Let me ask you where is the only other place in scripture that that name Son of Perdition is you the only other time in scripture that this identical name is used to describe Judas Iscariot because of all that might be a good idea to take a look at it. If you think the character of this Anti-Christ is going to be similar to that of Judith that they have the same name not of John chapter seventeen in verse twelve John Chapter seventeen in verse twelve. Here's where you have the reference to Judas Iscariot as the son of perdition. There it says in John seventeen verse twelve keys of the speaking while I was with them in the world I kept them in your name those whom you gave me I have kept and none of them is lost except my own. Thus So I'm no protection that the Scripture might be for sale in other words this system is going to be very similar to dude. Well it take a little look at you. What type of individuals do it it was an atheist. Who are openly defied Jesus and one against Jesus from outside not was you as one of the insiders. Was he one of the Twelve Apostles did he carry on his enmity and that the undercover until the last moment when he was revealed for what he was in fact let me ask you when you have this carried a great leader. According to the New Testament Yes he was he was head and shoulders above the Apostles in his administrative ability if you notice the text that scripture mentions what was the problem with you of this period. He wanted position he wanted power and he wanted money and he wanted a man I can dump it and I want to Christ's spiritual kingdom he wanted to use the power cord. To establish Christ's kingdom on Earth. And when Jesus did NOT be done with that idea of the kingdom he said this is not the pail that I want to hang around with. You remember when this Mary Magdalene anointed the feet of Jesus and dried the feet of Jesus with her hair. What a Jew to say you find us in John twelve forty six. He says My this money could have been say and it could have been spent to help through your own island. We find Jonathan Turley of Maine I don't know if I have a plan for that at the same time being greedy and wanting power and money rank and wanting a priority and wanting money. Let me ask you to join us Iscariot have the disciples these thieves until the very end. Have you noticed that even the insiders were deceived by this individual. Can you imagine how hypocritical you must have been when they're sitting at the Last Supper and Jesus as one of you are is going to betray me. Let me ask you what is betrayal. What is a betrayal. What is it to be a traitor and means that somebody shoots at you from outside. No sorry to betray or to be a traitor means that you are an insider and you are right. Let me tell you and demands that I am guy inside of you am I correct or not. Now notice that you noticed when all the disciples say hard. Is that possible if it I you would have hypocritical even though he knew that Jesus could read human heart he says he has it right in fact he had the disciples only see to the very end that when Jesus said to him one you're going to do do it quickly but if I was actually thought that Jesus was sending him on an errand. You can read up there in John Chapter thirteen and twenty six to twenty nine. They didn't even touch Amen. But once we've soon revealed for what he was. Well let me ask you Did you just carry on his work undercover. Was this enmity from the inside. Was he one of the chosen circle if he was in fact do you know that the Bible says that he knew exactly the place where Jesus hung out with the disciples in John chapter eighteen of verses to apply when the multitude comes to arrest Jesus. It states clearly there in verse two. That just brought them to the place where Jesus was because he knew that he was not only that in Luke Chapter twenty two in verses forty seven and forty eight. You find the Bible saying that Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus with walk with the kids. Incidentally do you know that the Bible says that Judas was a devil. For me John chapter six and verse a seventy and seventy one John chapter six vs seventy and seventy one. Let me ask you Did you know from very early on of ministry that there was a traitor in the in his myth. Yes we did. Notice what it says in verse seventy Jesus answered them. Did I not choose you. The twelve and one of you is a demo. Let's do it out of the devil. What you would have literally personally the devil. Why does it say that one of them is the devil because Judas was just like the anti-Christ is going to be the battle and then there's then there's the anti-Christ was the instrument of the devil just like you have a demo who wants Jesus to be trained but he uses Judas career as an expression of the little memo to betray Jesus not first seventy one he spoke of Judas Iscariot the son of Simon. Why it was he who would betray him. Being one of the twelve. Also I would like you to turn with me to John Chapter thirteen. John Chapter thirteen in verse twenty seven where he's also described as being demon possessed. John Chapter thirteen and verse twenty seven this is all important. We're going to study a little bit later on in this passage where it speaks about the Anti-Christ being energized by. Say he comes by the operation of Saipan just like Judas did it says in verse twenty seven. Now after the piece of bread after Jesus gave Judas a piece of bread because he said to whoever I give this piece of bread that is the person who's going to betray me. He did it in front of the disciples and then it's Bible still didn't get amazing and so Jesus gives him the bread just received a notice about it saying now after the piece of bread Satan entered him or was Judas energized by he was energized by stated he was a traitor from inside he was not an atheist to define God already dismissed against God He was an individual who were already and from then on I mean from within. Let me ask you we have final anti-Christ then he's got to be some atheist who's going to sit in the Jerusalem temple and curse the God of heaven. Or might it just be that he's going to arrive within the very Christian Church the circle of the chosen by Jesus and he's going to betray other believers is that the picture that we're getting from Judas. That's the reason why he's called the Son of Perdition. Now let's go back once again to second because alone in chapter two and we're unraveling this obvious passage here where we're explaining it point by point not as what it says once again in a second puzzle only in chapter two and verse three Let no one deceive you by any means for that day that is the day of the coming of Jesus the piracy it will not come unless the apostasy the falling away takes place first and the man of sin that is the individual who opposes the law the man of lawlessness the one who doesn't like God's law comes first the Son of Perdition is revealed excuse me the son of perdition. In other words he's got to be a want. It Judas and now notice verse four classes and exalt himself above all that is called God or one that is washed out. What is he going to do. Who is he going to oppose is going to oppose God. Let me ask you to join us or post Christ would you ever have admitted that he was opposing Christ. No what it says that this individual is going to oppose God is that saying that this has got to be some atheist was going to openly against the God of heaven. No let me ask you how is it that he is going to oppose God The Bible says in the next few verses that he is going to oppose God by claiming to be God. Let me ask you does this fit with the passage that we studied about the little horn. Remember we spoke in the passage about the little horn. What does it say that he shall speak what blasphemy against the Most High. Let me ask you what is blasphemy. We are a study of this blasphemy is when a mere human being claims to be God and when a human being clenched on the pontiff again then. And it's I as an individual who allows people to call him father. While no man on earth your father that's an individual who allows people to bow down before him and kiss its feet or rain or whatever it is doesn't make any Never at an individual whose name vicarious feeling May which means substitute or one who occupies the place. I'm Jesus Christ. In other words when it says that he opposes God It's not speaking about some atheist who openly defied God and speaking about a power who insists God by occupying that place I'm Doc incidentally let me just read you a very interesting statement from Dave Hunt any of you ever read anything by Dave Hunt is written a lot of books I don't agree with everything that he says but he said some things that I definitely can agree with this is in his book Global Peace page of six but wait. Notice what he got he got the right picture. It's an out of Seventh Day Adventists writing I believe he's a Baptist. The sense while the Greek prefix anti generally means against God and then notice what with all that he said dog in the pen of God knowing him so that he is God where does this Anti-Christ sit in the temple of God will somebody if they have bathroom there it is clear clear as the day where I'm at. As the defendant is going to spent all men the Jerusalem temple. I didn't find the word Jerusalem in here but someone says Well Pastor that is that the employers that let me ask you something is this making about the heavenly temple and they have me speaking about the heavenly temple where God dwells. No because they have felt the anti-Christ canted up there you agree with me that Mr in front of the Jewish temple. It can't let me explain why. First of all when Jesus left the temple for the last time he said Your house is left up to you definitely. And then he spoke about the destruction of them because they rejected Jesus the temple. Your father more in Matthew twenty three March thirty eight Jesus said The kingdom will be taken from you and you have been to a nation that produces the plants that grow in the parable. Three The Lord Jesus using the fig tree as an illustration of Israel is that because it did not bear fruit he cursed the country and it dried up from where they threw it back when Jesus on the cross according to John Donne one thousand births thirty said it is finished. If you compare Matthew twenty seven versus fifty and fifty one it tells us that when Jesus said it is finished the veil of the temple was ripped from bottom to top. Go out OK. From top to bottom what was about indicating he was indicating that the slab assists in the Jewish temple not finished that's why the minute he says it was then I am a tempo Rams lamp and I gotta say this is no longer the temple. I've got. Besides there is no Jewish temple today. Or if this is not the heavenly temple where this Anti-Christ. If this is not the Jewish temple owner in the Middle East the question is what is this temple where is it. Well let me ask you Do you suppose that it might be a good idea to let the Apostle Paul explain the Apostle Paul. You think it might be good to go to other Mercers where the apostle Paul refers to the temple of God to know what this temple of God is they most Christians they write you go to a bookstore and you find all sorts of books that describe you this coming war over in the Middle East you know with Arabic nations then with the Russians coming against Israel and the temple will have been rebuilt and they're going to try and destroy the temple and in fact professional system. Going to be a famished all over again but the fact is they used this verse in second place alone in Chapter two worth everything from the temple of God But the fact is Jesus no longer we part of the Jewish temple is the temple of God when he went into the temple for the last time in Matthew twenty one he did say this is my father's house and it says he went into the temple of God But when he went out in Matthew chapter twenty three it says your house is left up to you death in other words while he is present there. So when he left it's no longer his. Well the question is what is this temple of God. Well let's let the Apostle Paul himself tell me to the Book of these Asians chapter to chapter two and let's read verse twenty to twenty two. Evasion chapter two and verses twenty to twenty two you know the Apostle Paul actually let three thirty in verse nineteen so we can get the context that they have now therefore you are no longer strangers and foreigners but all citizens with the Saints and members of the household of God having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone. Let me ask you the temple put it look at them both and I am a chief cornerstone of the chip does the temple also have our nation. Yes And of course foundations are great big dong over there in the Middle East. No they pass a process lessen the charges brought upon the Chief Cornerstone Jesus and the apostles and prophets that means the writings of the old and the New Testament and then verse twenty one says in whom the harm done doing speaking about the temple. Yes yeah man that isn't Jesus the handloading being drawn. Then to grow into a holy temple in Mullard What is the Holy Temple in the Lord according to this verse it is the church the E.P. Asian jerk and then notice that there is a strike I know that and have it in the tub. But then when the Old Testament the glory of God came down upon the mercy seat in the temple. Now what is that. What is that glory that is a kind of glory now not of verse twenty one. Once again in whom the homebuilding being joined together grows into a holy temple in the Lord in whom you also are being built together. Well I have a pension and in the spirit let me ask you what is going to Laurie of God that inhabit the temple today it is the Holy Spirit. Let me ask you where does the holy spirit inhabiting and inhabit in the hearts of them are you or are we dealing with a literal Campbell are we dealing with a spiritual camp. Notice we're dealing with a temple that has a chief cornerstone which is a person the other foundations are the writings of the Apostles in the right. I'm back the relievers and the glory in the temple is the hold their phone numbers or the Apostle Paul what is the temple. It is that you're not notice what it says in First Corinthians one or two other passages referred to the temple where the apostle Paul himself refers to the temple. First Corinthians chapter three. First Corinthians chapter three in verses sixteen and seventeen. And incidentally I want you to know that the word temple in all of these passages is the same Greek word now. Well you're not dealing with different words for example. They weren't inside and that's a long answer to for the anti-christ sitting in the temple of God is the one that is used in all of the other passages that Paul wrote a lot of what it says in First Corinthians chapter three verse sixteen he speaking to the Corinthian church and he says you know you would not know that you know who I am call on God. Is that the identical expression is that. Then he sits in the watch in the temple of God identical expression but what was the temple of God according to this the current view. He says Do you not know all that you are the temple of God and God knows when you do it. If anyone defines the temple of God God will destroy him or the temple I'm gonna use highly Which temple you are. Well according to Paul was the temple. A church not a second Corinthians Chapter six and I could read many passages. Second Corinthians Chapter six and that's not a threat it's like the infant waiting for the apostle Paul says Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers or what fellowship has right just left with with what with the lawlessness and what communion has light with darkness and what to call it half price deal or what part has a believe eleven unbeliever and what agreement has the power of God with idols and then he says to the Corinthians are you who are that Pampanga Imam looting God or the Temple of the Living God according to Paul and the Corinthians. As goddess and I will dwell in them and walk among them I will be their God and they shall be my people. But once again when the Apostle Paul spoke. It's about the temple of God What is he referring to is referring to the work of the church. Where are we to expect this Anti-Christ to arise or if he's going to arise over there in the Middle East somewhere. Would you agree with or have you noticed all of the characteristics which very well does it point to the Middle East or does it point to an inside job. We're dealing with an inside job here. Let me just share this with you or those of you who know about football. Any of you ever watch football and all of that didn't raise their hand you don't want people to know that they work with. But anyway in football there is a play about karma counterplay. Ever read about the counter play and that's when the often Three Blind there's the runner behind the offensive line defensive line on pulls in one direction and the runner goes in the opposite direction the work then worry if lockers are going. Now what happens when all of his blockers moment one direction what happens with the Big Bang. When I was coming this way and this way trying to catch my mother along the old when the OP empty wine and the difference I am moving in my direction than the field is wide open on the other end and the runner goes around the end and many times will score you seem like seconds us alone and with talking about it that the counterplay. Because what the battle has convinced Christians is that when you're supposed to look at the movements in the Middle East. Look here because that's where the battle moves the events and stirs. Well I've been in the middle now it's well everybody what that's all about when a plane is going to be and then what they will do. He runs around the opposite in it's also called a mis direction plays where everybody thinks you're going right and you're going left there was an expert at that and that's what's being described in the second puzzle audience who is describing the fact that most people will be looking in the wrong place most Christians will be looking in the wrong place and then I cry. Then I'd be looking at the Middle East in the future. Then the tribulation when the anti-Christ already arose in the path in Rome. I understand one thing. Now let's go back to second because a lot is chapter two. Let me ask you who were the worshipers in the temple in the Old Testament. Who are the people that came to the temple to worship the Jews right. Israel. Well let me ask you did the Jews in Israel if there is a spiritual temple today must there be worshipers that come to worship at the temple in the church. Yes and all of course have to be people whose last names are Goldberg and Goldstein and Sarah they have to be literal Jews that's what it's talking about worshipping in the temple of God right. No You see well in the Old Testament there was a literal temple where the little Jews came to worship. Today we have a spiritual temple which is the church where spiritual Jews come to worship those who have received Jesus Christ into their life. That's why the Apostle Paul Stafford reimbursed twenty nine he says there is no longer any of you are going there is no longer male or female both no longer blame are free you are one in Christ Jesus you know. If you aren't why then you are Abraham's see just like in the Old Testament you have the literal Jewish temple over there in the Middle East and a little Jewish nation came to worship at the temple. So would that be fulfilling the function the gone and for it now but as a spiritual principle which is the church where he will get into our lives. Them are aware of the anti-christ going to Orlando is going to arrive within the very worth the ritual will be worth a lot. Now you remember that in a previous life there we talked about the little horn. And we thought of the Little Horn not only thought he could think the law but he also thought that he could change what time. Now let me explain that then we may import Not only that he thought he could change the law because the ban on Lawless low polls with the law this is an individual power that claimed to have the power of God on Earth. If that inspired her like you live in fear or rise of with member to that according to what we've read among us we were told it will light but we find also all of this power according to the twenty five range but you can change the time. Now what does that mean they in the car. There are two very important biblical reference that report to the crime that help other then what is the talking about one of them of Daniel two twenty one words that that God saying give the time to go out with a little horn claim to think the time between me claiming to be what I need to be done and so we find that then you accept the two hundred twenty one says that God changes the times in the theater but then Chapter seven. Look a little horn thing you can think of the time what time. Well if you go to one other pack which is act after a while and Bertha's way but if I post something to Eve and they think more of the kingdom for a relative time before the day of Pentecost and what does these of answer to them if it is not for you know the times and you know it and if not for you to know means profiling even the prophet extensional one reckoning coming here is going to be a problem for you when you know you know of the expression times Incidentally the Bible even says that the little morning real time kinds and dividing up time would give a prophetic You know you know if it says that this little one you're going to think the prime it must mean that it's going to mean the interpretation of what a properly. Either you follow me and I'm going to change the prop anytime and let me share something that is the founding with you you know that everything or one of the products that we form are relieved that a paper of the predicted anti-Christ. A lot of movement. Great great individual in the history of the cricketer. Clearly believe that the map of the paper. John Calvin Albert Presbyterian is one I am proud of what they can work out but I know what I'm out in the in the camp with the paper in the crystal clear there was no like when Brenda Martin Luther the say all right wing we would probably kill me. Form your John Wesley the offer remains a phone or a number I also haven't been a Revelation thirteen and the man who represented our passports through the pain you know so much are you nuts or the people. But the Roman Catholic Church of Cork would not like that. Luther and Calvin Hugh some of the argument that I do you hear I mean how can you argue with a lion there. Leopard dragon and horns a little I mean that doesn't give you much of the core gold silver bronze iron pen cold clay or a revelation for pain same thing. Lyin there. Leopard dragon with pen won't lose. And of course it's like a puzzle and you have a restrainer that restrains the manifestation of His power and then you have the same anti-Christ informing you of these powerful Biblical argument all of the profit reformers and of course many people believe what they were teaching in the church the Roman Catholic Church was losing scores of peoples for they said we have to do something about this or they planned one of North Dakota Reformation which was a method to try to know what the Protestant Reformation and to Roman Catholic priests one by the name of Lewis they'll come after the family the moment they're putting Bible prophecy known as predators and it's the idea that all of the Bible Prophecy of our most of the Bible prophecies of Daniel revelation were fulfilled in the distant past with an individual called anti-Catholic with a name and with the Roman emperor you know what you said this can't. Why can the Roman Catholic Church with little horns with the you know the beast that's below I know that I'm trying to make money would sacrifice a pig on an altar welcoming no one takes me by but there was another one with Vera who are also flat out tell you what I'll do I'll develop a system of interpreting prophecy where I will think that everything that the Bible teaches about any time event particularly revelation for the end of the world refers to things that are going to take place in the distant past they haven't happened yet in fact the church is going to be gone from planet Earth when it happened. Related You don't have to worry about that. Incidentally if Christians are going to go to heaven before the tribulation Why would God leave in the Book of Revelation what the privilege is going to be like. How would that benefit or only the Book of Revelation if they were prepared to have a plan. It's convincing Christians that they're not going to be in the world during the tribulation so that when the tribulation comes they're not ready. But I mean when you know the Mormon property Bible prophecy Rivera here could have called me I mean of all of all the prophecies of Daniel Revelation have not been fulfilled yet. They will be fulfilled at the Mallee Last Ramadan on time during the tribulation and so what these two Roman Catholic they'd worked for the past or relegated to the remote and in that way the finger that pointed to the paper that was willing both very happy and you know what the sad thing is you got a Christian book store today of individuals that belong to the character that were founded by the thought of that reform. And you can't. At twenty three of the biblical interpretative five o'clock AM I will probably what you mean in the moment in time I hope they will in the future or it would be and I cried all right but things are really on the Russians and the Kingdom of God And meanwhile the anti-Christ girls in Rome and nobody can for you because I think you have been directed to the wrong place you think it is important you think that we're being too hard of the Roman Catholic that I don't think I can ever be too hard on Roman Catholic the thumb I love I love I love the theory I love people from all the nominated gone if all of that we're supposed to love everyone but that does not mean that we love a part of the prophecy clearly identified in other words we love the sinner but we do not love the sin we love the individual but we cannot love the fit because the Bible describes them as you know possibly are you with me. The little horn I mean the kind of god. Yeah if they told me I record of interpret the Bible knowledge go back with a comparable on your record. Who are you getting the picture here. They were analyzing the pappi with me and when I look it over. Let's see what's happening in the Middle East or where is that in the Bible. Off place you don't go up there and look and then try to find foundation the my local are you know you go to the Bible you understand the sequence of flowers one of them home on pain you know many of things and then you're saying now let's look out there if we can find and if we can find that power. Now wait scripture of improving if we're not here which can be very dangerous. You know in a previous elector I talked a little bit about in groceries last spring about the story of Cinderella you know what it was like when the well you know it's the law for school when she was coming out of the palace and then you have Prince we get the suits of I got to find the woman who looked at the five looked at all the characteristics and we've gotten five to find the fourth a few fifth Well that's what we did when we started the anti-Christ. We look at all the characteristics of the you know and then we want to if you cook I find that the proper way of doing it. I think that the only proper way of doing that. The only proper way of study as well that once again one of us here in verse. Why do you not remember that when I was there with you I told you these things you already know all the possible thing and then when the birth time and the fact is we find a mysterious grain and now you want to know what the average training. Now if something was holding the power back to manifesting itself it does not even know what is restraining that he may be revealed in his own time. A little more ungoverned what time of dividing up I am a time a lot of the law and a rule rule that the Anti-Christ will be revealed in his own time and then verse seven for them if we have a lot less this is already at work only he who now read grain will build for Intel. He has taken out of the way there is something that is restraining this power manifested. It's up in the veil of power and they worry about that what with bringing that power. All of the early to bother with all of that and they were living in that time and the powerful balls that you know greenery anybody every single one of them the grainy power was the Roman Empire and you think how could the Roman Empire restrain this man of a man. Let me ask you with the Roman power of the Roman Empire have to give up its power that this power in order to have the power to lure rule and govern yet not to speak with once again Daniel Capra to you have legs of iron pencils clay in Daniel seven you have the right to maintain the Panama I was a little horn a band of the dragon and a Revelation thirteen you have the dragon and Horn who came to see you stoned. And we're going to have a lawyer who you have the restrainer with taken out of the way and then the mannequin manager in all cases what is the power that comes immediately before the little horn before the B. and B. for the mouth in a manner it is the Roman Empire you'd see of one of the Roman Empire remain separate from the third the third could not use it for the purpose of unmanifested power it could not be an entrepreneur one of the things that could dictate what happened in the Empire as long as the parents were persecuted by the Roman Empire there was nothing that the Roman Empire. There was nothing that could allow this power to throw but when the Emperor said who. The bishop of Rome. Now I'm going to use that on the thought I'm going to let you rule the roost grain for why it was removed and now the paper you wrote the power and it ruled according to Daniel seven or time time and the dividing of time reading of one thousand two hundred and the year that the point of time you know happy to parallel the Daniel seven Revelation thirteen do you think that I'm going to see them that we have some real parallel between the two. Now let's go to the last park not of what's left once again if I can because lonely and after KU and eight By the way this is referring to the future now and then the longest one will be what reveal whom the Lord welcomed home with a breath of mouth and destroy with the brightness obvious posting a letter that word in other words this might be an anti-Christ is going to be missed. No I did find a lot by not coming on the palm tree on T.V. but no reference for this. A crucial crucial point with that you know that the anti-Christ also have his tongue. They're going to be longing to speak about who you can come out. Well if you really want to give birth and then Milan and one will be revealed whom the Lord will consume with the breath of his mouth and destroy with the brightness of your coming and not worth worrying about coming up next one you know what that word is the coming of a lot of one year. Probably formal all or one of the great if you're going to have if I will feel if we're going to have these coming. Yeah I'm becoming I'm a lot of one of according to the working on home I think with all the power of find and lying wonders. Well I mean you feel that they're all going to counterfeit the second coming of the. You're going to have his bio before you deployed in Christ. In fact we don't have time to read it now but if you know that the Matthew twenty four. It speaks about a counterfeit cry for someone that he is in the van to go up. If someone touched me in the fleet wouldn't go go. Because the Bible is not going to cut your we will be gathered up who you will live. Anti-Christ in here go up and down on the playfield here. Yes And incidentally if you have it he's going to work with power lines and line wondered in fact what if they appear the anti-Christ is according to the working of writing the word working their way of the great lord and again it can be translated that he is energized by thinking well who has energized by thinking. Absolutely he was. And what will be performed power signs and lying wonder now an act. Hoover twenty two the same identical words are you going to cry but he's a good while he was on the other you're going to give them our time and wonder. Identical three words in Greek are used to describe what these have been while he will let me ask you the Billard leave her for many powerful work. Now in many miracle. Well as the anti-Christ going to die. Your well I mean really we ask the question if the anti-Christ is going to do the very work the Christ that when Christ came to the birth of birth I find wonder miracle. How can we be a thing which whether they find one of the miracles are of God All are not of God How do we know what know what the path to continue thing there. Verse nine the coming. Apparently I'm a lawless one according to the working a plane with all power finds enlightening wonders. And we're all on a lighter one borehole pairing. Why do they perish because they did not need the love of the blue that they might be needed. Why are they law they did not receive the love of one of the two or one of the pet revealed the rank and file them in by crew I learned it is true than seventeen birth seventeen How important is it then to know who love to follow to the matter of life and death according to the. Well it's going to be to rule the groups that follow our signs and mine wondered and the people who are white who are all involved in Unfortunately today what most people want you find when one or the miracle breaks and there is nothing new in the time of the same way in regard to the birth go with at the mouth of the apology that we got that with time. People on the lot of them think we were following along to get a free meal you know we're going to have started printing when we didn't like it at the end of the horn of America only when we were in fact you know what really amazing you're going to map the fabric of the Lord of our individual who will play for him and that may lower your net pack out demons in your name. Did we not proper fight in your name then we not perform miracles in your name or leave. Well call I'm going to name names and what do you got to say I now do the part for me you know who work Lawler. The identical word on Elm and then he went wild. I mean are they going to be many people will perform miracles at the end of time but there is a thing that I mean if you are all miracle of God In that case the devil would you have gone. Because he was the one to the first one who did a miracle after three remember he gave the third the capacity to speak. Apparently out of the marital and he led the way God where he followed the miracle of the word. When the miracle conflict with the word you use the word over the mere number to about everything. I'm not claiming God does not perform miracles through miracles today when I'm playing and that we must have the miracle worker. What a miracle worker. If you hadn't been harmony with God but we were clear as we conclude very then and with all I like the fact that among those who perished because they did not reach the love of the through that they might be thing. And for this reason God will send them. Oh you know you're not really God who interact with God that is OK You know when you want to follow the law. Finden wondered you know that's up to you I give you freedom of choice. God God with God Himself and as a result people would be fifty four seven for this reason God loves them the wrong that they could be removed by and according to the context in Greek if you are what you are according to the contract we live counterfeit comes. I'm with you not because you're not one of them and once again in first night coming up a lot of one of the According to the working of faith with all power Florida mind wonders and what all I'm trying to be threatening among those who perished because they did not receive the level of care that they might be saying to reason. The Lord our God given that they could believe the lie the lie that if in the previous the line wonder why Michael coming at the birth well that they all they be condemned who did not want who did not really need the crew but have one but have pleasure in not like you let me tell you full of crucial importance that we come in we go through our Bibles with us. Your heart prayer and cover a lot of people are. Well I will I will believe what you think that too many people who go through the Bible could be it written in the law allowing the Bible could be them. Why have you kind of picked up a little and I think it is that Middle Eastern and I K Or is it a western anti-Christ the weapon power all of the characteristics though it very clearly have long gone. Like you will be on the cover. Then we'll be coming in by the Roman Empire. You're waiting on the Roman Empire and remove forty man power all conquering God while claiming to further. A packing God law thinking I could change about having a point in time just like the Little Horn. There's no doubt whatsoever what we call a record I'm going to conclude with the why of the full import that we don't follow with power let me tell you why. The Bible speaks the put me through the mystery of gardening and then fairly quickly you know the difference between these two men the very the myth that the great god humbled himself and became a servant right God will benefit that in the play for me. What is the mystery of iniquity. Yeah. If when a mere man a man and one who have the authority to limit him calling everyone the great god humbled himself to become one of them is going to make winning ticket when mere a mere man wanted like the plague. Not. But now I want you to notice them. Into being. That he that's who humble himself wildly gulp it. You read Philip in Africa with that that he humbled himself. He became a servant not for the death of the cross and therefore God had highly involved with him who had said I want to turn to my height. I will take a poll I will take a friend I will be like God Now you will you know that you will be humbled and he who will be God First tell me a laugh and a laugh. Birth right well known that anyone who might want to say that they all mean the thing. What I'm saying is that we predict that those individuals who are proud of their own accomplish. Who are proud of their own with them. Well follow that math and where are those individuals who have the humility of me to love the crew to look through and to live the truth will be like a humbled me and I think with an open heart and an open mind to learn what new and along with it at the foot of the. Again more humble. We will become probably in the world today that people say oh you've got a very growth already in your power your right right right. People come for God want to have the people come. That's the reason why the anti-Christ is painted in horrible way in is because he opposes God and on God proud everyone who had pride in the heart of man if we were led to the break maybe we fall upon the rock and I know you look at that rock will not name we have mine.


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