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8. The Arab-Israeli Conflict in Prophecy

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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Father in heaven thank you once again for the privilege of being here tonight. We thank you Lord for the wonderful day that you've given us for preserving our life and we thank you for your work. We ask that as we study about the controversy in the conflict that's going on in the Middle East and how it affects the interpretation of prophecy The year old the Spirit will guide us and teach us as we study together. We thank you Lord because you do send us your Holy Spirit that we might understand. We thank you because we ask in the precious name of Jesus. Amen. OK let's just go right through this lesson the way we've done in previous nights. In recent months Palestine has been in the headlines more often than not. As the conflict between the Jews and the Palestinians has intensified a plethora of Christian books have come off the press all purportedly with the definitive explanation of what is happening. And believe me there are a lot of books that have come out in the last year and several have come up with Quest just in the last few weeks each one claiming to have the key that explains how this is all going to unwind where and when did this conflict begin and what are the real issues behind it. Indonesians chapter four verses twenty one to thirty one the Apostle Paul provides answers to these questions by telling a fascinating story about two women and their respective sons. One woman was Hagar and her son was a smile and the other woman was Sarah and her son was Isaac. The Arab Israeli conflict begins with these two women and their sons as does our lesson. It will be well for you to study the original story in Genesis Chapter sixteen and twenty one which I hope that you did because. That is a very interesting story it's foundational for the first section of the lesson. Now let's study the story of the two sons. God promised Abraham a seed through whom we see would come into the world. Do you understand how I phrase that is really at the center of the seed promise is it Isaac or is it Christ it is Christ the Bible does not say if you are I succeed then you are Abraham's seat it says if you are Christ then you are Abraham's see now how to receive it. All nations of the earth were to be what. Yes and Abraham's seed would also inherit what the land of Canaan. Two things the sea neighbor ham. All nations will be blessed. And number two his seed would inherit the land the land of Canaan. We need to understand all that at the center here is the seed which is Christ. Now let's read the note. Abraham knew that the promised Seed was not merely Isaac that you know that during John eight thirty six Jesus says Abraham saw my day and rejoiced and knows a lot and was God thought a little did Abraham look for the pope or one of the brothers that promises Isaac or Christ or Christ according to John eight. He also knew that the promise of the land included what no world by the way the word that is used there is the word cosmos which basically means the whole planet. And then no one is I don't know if you read these verses from Hebrews eleven. Abraham did not look at Canaan as the promised land. He waited for the city which has foundations whose builder and maker is God What is the name of that city which Jerusalem the New Jerusalem is the city that was built by God. In other words Abraham did not see the fulfillment of the promise of the sea as being handed blessing all nations he did not see the promise of the land of Canaan as the fulfillment of the promise as he saw the promises centered in Jesus and he saw the promise of the land meaning the new heavens and the new are. If you read Hebrews eleven number two although God promised Abraham a countless seed because he said that his descendants would be like the stars of heaven. That's true. Yes proceed whom the promises would be fulfilled was what unseat Abraham and his seed where the promises made to him or the promises made to Abraham and to his seed and then I continue saying he does not say and to see as many but as I have one and two your seed who is Christ who is the central seed of Abraham Christ in whom will all of the promises of the blessing and the land be fulfilled in Christ they will never be fulfilled outside of Christ. That clear in your mind. Number three. Abraham doubted God's promise and made a son by his own works that way. Then I am not going to promise that that God was going to save humanity by being in the sea. Yes So what could a man do. He created his own seed. That salvation by what salvation by works and the Apostle Paul picks up on bits. Abraham tried to bring salvation by his own doing this son by the way of you when he was eleven seventeen. It called Isaac the only begotten son. Now those Hebrews refuses to recognize ish mile as a man sign because Isaac is the only begotten son. And so this son was born according to the light to the Polish. In other words I was born in a born according to the question why was he born according to the flesh because it was Abraham trying to work out salvation by his efforts. I understand me. And then it says that the other son was born according to what to the promise. And in other places it says according to the spirit because he was the miraculous child of the promise Ishmael was the product of Abraham's doing and Isaac was the product of God's doing. So you have a contrast between righteousness by works and righteousness by faith. You have a contest between trying to work out your own salvation and allowing God to work out salvation. Are you with me. Now let's go to Question number four or number for this smile. Thus one born after the flesh. What's a son of a what a fine woman. And therefore it was. A sleigh In contrast I see no one born of the Spirit was the offspring of a fairy woman and the abhorrent was what was sweet when you try to work out your own salvation. You are how you are a slave. You're in bondage because your nature which is born of the quest cannot do good. You can't save yourself when you depend on God for your salvation. When you're born according to The Spirit then you are what you operate your brilliant right. I understand it now number five because you smile was a slave he had no right to be in a lot here and there. Do slaves and had no sons and daughters inherit. And so because each mile was a slave you had no right to be unaware of what God had promised on the other hand Isaac had the right to inherit all the lot all the promises which belonged to his father Abraham and what was the central promise of all those promises that from him would come to see him and it through the seed of all humanity would be blessed and it was the seed they would inherit not only the land of Canaan but the heavenly city. No world as the Apostle Paul says in Romans chapter four and verse thirteen. Now notice number six the son was born according to the flesh was at enmity with the son who was born according to that spirit. They could not remain. Again in the same household one of them had to go right. Who had to go. Mile had to go. Did God tell Abraham cast out the bondwoman and her son. Oh yes you think I was hyper Abraham Oh that was hard I was so hard. How you see this was not the son of the miracle this was not the son that would bring salvation. This was not the son who would bring the seed into the well and as long as he remained in the same house with the son of the promise was born according to the spirit that was going to be a war between the flesh and the spirit and soul was necessary to cast the bondwoman and her son out. Jesus said that a. A slave does not abide in the house forever. Who does a bind in the house whenever a son abides in the house. Where and why does the Apostle Paul as well as what we find written by Moses and Genesis tell us this story. Well let's look at the meaning of Galatians four and I've already hinted at some of the meaning. The apostle Paul. Second page. The apostle Paul compares the Jerusalem a fierce day with what with Hagar who lived in Jerusalem in Paul's day and the Giants. Then this is before the destruction of Jerusalem Galatians written relations is written before Jerusalem was destroyed in the year seventy. But the apostle Paul is saying that the Jerusalem our focus on the board that the Jerusalem here is today who are descendants of whom him God. Now is that biologically true. It's not biologically true. In what sense is it true spiritually speaking they were in bondage. We're going to know all of that in a minute and then he says that the Jerusalem of his day more in bondage because they were descendants of Hagar and they came from Mount what from Mount Sinai. I want you to notice these three ideas are parallel the Jerusalem of this day the apostle Paul says is like Hagar in bondage and they're like what happened at Mount Sinai. Now what is the Apostle Paul trying to say here well let's go to number one again. The apostle Paul compares the Jerusalem of this day with Hagar in Mount Sinai in Arabia. He said that the Jews of his day were in bondage with their children. If you had told the Jews that they were in bondage back then what would they say. Us in bondage we are not in bondage to anyone. We're going to say that they said the same thing to Jesus. Now I notice like Abraham when he had a smile how did the Jews think that they could gain salvation. How did Abraham finally discover that that heat salvation will come. The promise by faith in the sea not by his works but by faith in the coming sea but the Jews of Christ's day like Abraham were trying to establish their own righteousness by their what by their works instead of by receiving Jesus by the way this is the same thing that happened at Mount Sinai where Israel stated all that the Lord. As spoken we will do how long they do not hurry along you know. Do you know why because they were trying to make their old nature obey the law but they saw the Law of God on tables of style and they tried to measure up the law of God does absolutely no good on tables looks tall you see God says and Jeremiah chapter thirty one that is going to make a new covenant with Israel with these people not about the covenant at Mount Sinai because they grow. It's coming. Even though God was a husband to them and then God says what I'm going to do. Under the new covenant is I'm going to take my law and I'm going to write it in their minds and where and in their hearts and then they're going to obey me nobody's going to need to do this or do that because all of them will do my will because a large Whitney died. Let me ask you what is the difference between the old and the new covenant. You have a law in the Old Covenant and the New Covenant has only grace that's the wrong breast. You see under the Old Covenant the jurors what that the law on tables of stone and with their own sinful nature their own fleshly nature. They wanted to measure up but the carnal mind is enmity against God It cannot measure up to God's law. Unless the heart is converted and then God takes is low and he writes the law in your heart and then out of your heart comes obedience not as that between the two covenants The difference is not that you have a law in the Old Covenant and grace in the New Covenant the issue is the same law is in both covenants The difference is. Where that law is written The contest is not between law and no law. The contest is between the law on tables of stone and the law written where on the tables of your heart you understand me now it's not just number two in Romans eight one the seventeen the Apostle Paul expands upon the theme of relations for twenty one to thirty one. When we are born from our mothers we are what are some ways you might not like that but it's true. What happens when you don't give a baby his bottle when he thinks you should give it to him. Because again what if you take a little bit longer or he screams and walk if you wait a little bit longer yet he kicks and against what and what he is saying is don't you know that all the universe revolves around me and I'm hungry. That's selfishness were born South Beach born slaves no matter how much we try we can all be gone. That's Abraham she tried to work it out on his own and polish comparing not to that is go by the Jews of his day to that they they didn't want Jesus they wanted to do it on their own and then the child grows up a little bit. He's two years old now. You take in the Wal-Mart good advertising for Wal-Mart. Now let's say K.-Mart because they need help now so you don't know you take a child a two year old child like a mark and out he let's say she now because we already picked on the HE'S But but she goes to the toy section and sees a beautiful little doll. And she hugged the doll and she comes to mom and says Mom I want this down. And mom says Not today not today dear. I want there's no not today dear. I wonder is no not today dear. What happens many times a child rolls on the floor and kicked and flows or temper tantrum that is the result of selfishness. Even before the child understands what selfishness is the child has not reached the age of reason and then that child grows up and gets married and the wife doesn't have the primary on time this is a traditional marriage so and so the husband when he comes home we've been working all day. He says he's not ready yet. Don't you know I worked all day I need you to treat me with some respect here. You're going home hoping all day. What do we call that I am. We call that selfishness. That's the word that I was looking for so I'm going to come. In other words we're all born slaves and popes no matter how hard you try you can't do it you can't get over it try to get over the sin of gossip. No only way would be cutting off the tongue or stitching your lips. Amazing so now it's number number two when we are born from our mothers we are slaves. There is something wrong with a person just like there was something wrong with the birth of that first son of Abraham. We are born into the family of the faith. Start who brings only slavery condemnation and that somehow we have to be born into the second Adam don't we know who are in the what in the flesh like Ishmael was born of the flesh cannot please God like Abraham we can do nothing to save ourselves. Number three. John tells us that as many as receive Jesus now I want you to notice this as many as received Jesus to them he gave the right to become want children of God to those who believe what in his name who were born not of the what of the flesh nor of the will of. What what is the first word there. Clash OK One of the next word not of blood not of what law of the will of man. Kalash blood will of man three ways of saying the same thing in other words is there something wrong with our first birth. Yes if we want to overcome. Who do we have to accept we have to accept Jesus we have to be born into Jesus's family we have to be like Isaac a second birth the new birth. Number four when we are born again God sends forth this spirit the spirit of his son into our hearts and we become what sons or children of God by adoption and we are no longer what slaves. What is the only way that we can cease being slaves by receiving Jesus and being born into his family. There's no other way or do you suppose that we can that we can not be free just because we have the blood of Abraham running through our veins. I don't think so. Now I'm not a number five. If we are sons and not slaves then we also become what their heirs of God nonetheless this heirs of God how through Christ see everything for us is to price it doesn't matter whether it's jewels or whether it's Arabs or whether it's Armenians or whether it's Venezuelans or whether it's Argentinians or whether it's green goes the only way that you can be say it is receiving Jesus and being born into his family that's the only way you can inherit. That's what Jesus meant when he said I am the Way the Truth and the life no man comes on to the Father but by me there's no other way we can try to work it out of the home. But it's roots like Abraham did not notice number five all the promises which the Father gave to Jesus belong to us because we are his brothers and sisters were born again into his family. So Paul says and second quintiles one twenty four all the promises of God are yes and in him amen to the glory of God who are now going to all of the promise our promises are fulfilled in all fail and through Jesus lesson but you cannot receive a single promise of God a lesser included a Jesus because all of those promises were made to Jesus and we join him. The promises are ours to rather be the promise of the blessing the promise of the land the promise of victory over the enemy doesn't make any difference any of the promises that God made to Abraham are only through Christ. If you're only a biopsy and you didn't receive Christ none of those promises are yours because they were made to Jesus and they are ours through him. Raise your hand if you understand what I'm saying. All right. Praise the Lord is this a Christ centered interpretation. Yes it is and Christ has to be the center of Bible prophecy. Abraham isn't the center of prophecy. Israel is not the center of prophecy. Christ is not known as number six like you smile and I seek your identity with one another know what the spirit and flesh and we are with each other in our hearts I think. And like Abraham was to exile or smile those who are Christ's have what we have crucified the flesh with its passions and lusts. So do we have to exile the flesh. Yes we have the exile of us no matter how painful it might be now do you understand this story. Do you understand the reason why the Apostle Paul compared the Jerusalem of its day to Hagar and bondage. They accept Christ they they have the right to inherit any of the promises. No because their promises are inherited through Jesus. Do you understand why he said that Hagar was like Mt Sinai all that the Lord has said you will do but without a new heart. They couldn't live up to it. So the point is you have to be born again. You have to receive Jesus and when you receive Jesus you become a son or daughter of Jesus then you become an heir of the promises that belong to Jesus. Outside of Jesus not promises. Might this mean then that this stablish ment of the Jewish state in one thousand forty eight has no prophetic significance or do you know that in the Bible never do you find God gathering Israel in unbelief. Because the condition for regathering them was that they turn in their hearts to the Lord and then God will fulfill its promise of regathering them to the land and we gaveling them to himself. Now let's go to our next section where the apostle Paul becomes even clearer in what he's saying when I read number one I say Have Mercy inhalations four twenty one to thirty one Paul gives the story a surprising twist. He states that the Jerusalem ahead of his day was in what in bondage Now listen to this. In other words the jurors were the seed of Hagar and not of Sarah. Paul is saying that the Jews of his day with the seed of a smile. In other words he is calling the Jews and Arabs. Now if any of you are Arabs here don't feel bad. The Apostle Paul is not demeaning Arabs. What the Apostle Paul is saying is that being a physical Jew is worthless unless you have Jesus and being a physical hell is useless unless you have Jesus in our lives. Your ethnic background and your last name and your geographical location have nothing of importance. What is important is that you receive enjoying Jesus as your Savior and Lord that you become messianic. Well you're a Messianic Jew or Messianic or Max The only question. Now let's know this. Number two is this clear in your mind. Number two. Paul is not demeaning the Arabs or the Jews. He is simply saying that in Christ. It makes no difference what difference what ethnic background you have in fact if anything the Apostle Paul. Being critical of the Jews here isn't a literal Jews not as what Paul sense for you or I What signs of God How true faith in Christ Jesus. How do we become children of God through faith in Christ Jesus. Why as many of you as we were all listen up folks. How do we become children of Christ's family by baptism. That's the incorporation ceremony that's the initiation someone. Let me ask you Can you just go outside on the street and you see a parade on a pretty child you want to say Come I'll adopt you. Now there has to be a legal ceremony right. An official ceremony. Is it OK to just you know meet somebody you like and decide where you're going to live together without having a public marriage ceremony. No the marriage ceremony is a not a public announcement. But now you are going to be the rest of your lives. One for the other. A public announcement. And so we're officially incorporated into Christ's family when we're baptized by immersion the way the Bible says submerged under the water. So the apostle Paul says for as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ and then notice when you put on Christ. What difference does your national national background. He says there is neither Jew in or green Now we know that there are Jews and Greeks nationally speak but he's speaking spiritually. He says there is neither Jew not agree there is neither slave nor three. There is neither male nor female We know that physic. But in terms of salvation and receiving the promise us men and women receive them equally. Where you are what one in Christ Jesus. Do you notice the emphasis on Jesus here and if you are what. If you are Christ's then you are Abraham's see and enters according to the promise. What does it mean to be the seed of Abraham. Well you have to have a last name like Colin I don't think so all you have to be a red blooded Jew. No you have to live in the Holy Land. Now do you know that anybody on planet Earth. No matter what their race no matter what their color no matter what their background no matter what their education no matter what their gender. Can be the seed of Abraham the secret to be this being the seed of Abraham is not whether you are ethnically a liberal Jew but whether you have joined Christ because when you join Jesus you why Abraham seat. So in other words the key is not Israel and the key is not the Holy Land that he is home. Christ is the key element of the prophecies and the promises. If you're outside Christ no promises can be fulfilled in you. Now the Apostle Paul amplifies this point number three also something that's really strange he says for not all Jews are really want what not all Jews are Jews. What of this. In this text he says for he is not a Jew who is one outwardly. Noya circumcision that whizzes out when we're in the bush. But he is a Jew who is one then worldly In other words spiritually and then he says and circumcision is that of the what the heart when God takes away the old heart and gives you a new one. Oh praise the Lord takes away your sinful heart and it gives you no one. Then he can write his law on your heart and you do what God what pleases God not because you have to but because you want. Oh the world needs more persons that have that perspective and that view. He says then in the spirit not in the what the letter what he means in the spirit is mean that means that your heart has been changed and the Spirit is within the law in your heart not in the letter you know it doesn't do any good to have the Ten Commandments on tables of stone and you know this brings up something that we're going to discuss in our Wednesday session. You know there's this big discussion that we need to put the Ten Commandments in front of our courthouses because we don't have the ten commandments in front of our court how does the United States is going down the drain. Lesson folks. It does no good to put the Ten Commandments on a monument in front of a courthouse. What America needs is a Ten Commandments in the hearts of Americans and it will make a difference. Didn't help Israel to have the Ten Commandments on tables of God is not the same the latter doesn't do anything it's the spirit who writes the law in your heart and then a number for the Apostle Paul even goes further he says that not all is well. Only Israel how many Israel this poll say there are there's too many rules and one of them isn't even Israel you follow me if I was not in Israel I want to live as well. Nor are they all what children children of whom children of Abraham. Because it says not all children because they are the seed of whom I am so in other words you can be a Jew The seed of Abraham and not be the seed of Abraham. According to Paul did you get a point but in Isaac your seed shall be called not a smile not your own way but God's way in other words. Christ came from you know from Isaac and so you have to be the C.D.C. In other words the seed of Christ if you want the promises fulfilled in you and if you really want to be Israel. And then the apostle Paul says that that is the old Who are the children of the what of the question of those little jewels. These are not the children of God but the children of the watch the children of the promise are counted as the seed of which promise the promise of the coming up. Saul who is the center of Bible prophecy Israel or Messiah Messiah and when you accept Messiah then you are Israel if you don't accept this I am you are not Israel according to the Apostle Paul. Now let's go to page two page three. Jesus made the same point in John eight thirty two and thirty six. He said You shall know the what. The truth Who is the true Jesus says I am the Way the Truth and the life you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you what shall make you free. So if you want to be free and not in bondage like ish mile you have to accept Christ and then Jesus says Therefore if the Son makes you free you shall be free indeed. Jesus is saying that being a literal Jew or Arab is irrelevant. What counts is accepting Him as Savior and you know what Jews and Palestinians accepted Jesus as Savior. They would truly be the seed of Abraham and they would then realize that they are members of the same family and the war would be over. So what is the solution to the Arab Israeli conflict. Christ because one day I will say OK we can only you know the promises in Christ and the Palestinians and the Jews say hey Christ is the center of the promises they all receive Christ. They're all members of the same family so one of the got a point about. I see the world I mean loving my Bible tells me that the final war is between those who have received Jesus and those who have not but I'm going to believe that there's good Jews and bad Jews. How many of you believe that there's good Arabs and bad Arabs. So if you say that the that the battle is Jews against Arabs you're saying it's a good bad against the good bad. My Bible tells me minutes provides us against prion righteous and you can be of any ethnic background and still be among the righteous and you can be of any ethnic background and still be among the weak that's what Revelation talks about as being the final battle. Good enable righteous and I'm right and over there that's a smoke screen to make you look in the wrong place. So you don't see that in Rome the anti-Christ grows you don't see the fulfillment of prophecy of the United States like we're going to study our session on Wednesday night because instead of looking you know you're looking over there see the devil he want to look at the wrong place. He wanted to look at the wrong Israel he wants to look at our own controversy wants you to think that the issues are oil and your ethnic background instead of understanding that the issues are deeply spiritual. The issue is who is your say Number six at one time Paul was extremely arrogant about his lineage was me. Did you read that passage. So no. Circumcised D.H. do all the tribal law Catholic and then what does he say. It's all a bunch of rubbish to gain Christ. So what does he say he say nothing of what I had it as a literal Jew is worth anything without Jesus are you following. But now we need to look at how Jesus looked at this because not only while there is one who spoke about these issues before Paul DID AND ITS JESUS. That's notice when Jesus meant nothing early in his ministry he said Behold a white man is a light like. I suppose that there is a light and Eve There must be Israelites not indeed and by the way do you know what the Greek word there is a translation indeed is not the best translation The Greek word it is a let me know which is translated most of the time in the new ten. I'm a true truth is truth in the Greek. So what Jesus is saying that Nathaniel is what not only a Jew in be an Israelite indeed he said what he is a true Israel. What made the panel a true Israelite. Well you read a little bit further down what that Nathaniel say Rabbi you are what you are the Son of God You are the king of Israel. What did the panel realize recognize he recognized Jesus as the Son of God He recognized Jesus as the king of Israel and that's why he was an Israelite indeed a true Israelite. Jesus had a conversation with a woman of some area the Samaritan woman and he said to her Woman We live maybe hour is coming when you will neither on this mountain. She was on Mount Berezin nor in Jerusalem or supply of it. Because she thought that the mountain where she was was holy and Jesus says you know what the time is coming where worship is not going to be on this mountain and it's not going to be a lot more right and you will need no more holy what no more only mountains but the hour is coming in now is when we when they are let me not the true worshipers will worship the Father. How in spirit and in truth for the Father is seeking such to worship him. What is Jesus saying The time is coming when there is not going to be any more holy work no more holy mountains. What will make a difference is if you worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. Let me ask you Do you have to go to a certain location to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. No because we're going to find a Jesus says where two or three are gathered in my name there I am in the midst of them. Listen to what I want to say the Holy Land is where Jesus is because what made the land holy in the Old Testament was the presence of God things are not holy in themselves nor holy because of the relationship with God The relationship with Jesus. I fear I don't think I could call to mind all the land right now what's going on is going on only you see the key what makes the whole thing is the presence of God there. I know it's so interesting that many of these fellows who write on Bible prophecy in modern times they're right and they'll say when when privacy speaks about Babel and that's talking about a worldwide religious system. State religious system worldwide. But when they come to Jerusalem in the prophecies they say that's a literal Jerusalem in the Middle East. Now what gives you all right in terms of being consistent in your interpretation of Bible Bob in saying that Babylon which was a literal city in Iraq if spiritual but Jerusalem which was a little city in the Middle East is literal and the great pyramid of Jerusalem in the Old Testament was Madeline. So at Babylon is world wide. Jerusalem must also be a world why we call him by the way we noticed last night that the temple is also what the Temple is worldwide. So as the anti christ going to set in the world why church and why are the Israelites that worship in the temple all over the world and when will the enemies be they will come against those true worshippers of not they'll be and all the while we got Israel today as those who have accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord. I understand in the words of that critical principle but we're going to study in the rest of the seminar. Number three make it the most was a member of the Jewish then he went to him Jesus said Most assuredly I say to you by the way he was a teacher of Israel was a member of the Jewish Council the seventy the seventy most higher up of the Jewish nation and Jesus says to him and last one is what mourn again. Is there something wrong with your purse but can you get they have an old man and then one from your mother. No but what if you're a Jew doesn't that guarantee a special spot. No. So he says Most assuredly I say to you unless one is born again he cannot see what you see that means that you cannot understand what the Kingdom of God has cosmically most couldn't understand it because he was a Jew He says I got salvation guaranteed. I'm a member of the child arrives and then Jesus goes even further he says Most assuredly I say to you unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot do what you know not only not see it but not enter the Kingdom of God That which is born of the flesh is flesh that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not my will but I said to you you must be born again because you know a person Jesus says unless a person is born again. Now he. Says don't marvel at so if I say that you must be born again. You know Goody was the do you want to go to the muzzle belong to the kingdom of God in your own mind you are circumcised B A According to the law. It left you alone again. You cannot enter the Kingdom of God that was a shock. Shaking things up. Knows what Jesus is saying as you have to be born you have to reach me and praise the Lord that the Bible tells us that nicotine was later did receive Jesus you became a champion of the pain and because he was very well to do he contributed his financial resources to the growth of the Christian church. He became a true Jew. And someday will see him and we can do the most in the kitty. You know can you think of all the people you like to see up there. Gee that was number one. And imagine talking to Moses and Noah to Elijah. All right let's let's not talk more about that because they're so exciting. Number four. Now notice Jesus have a say in the US Paul in John eight we find the story of an encounter of Jesus with the Jewish people and they claim that Abraham was their what their father has recognized that they were bad children. Yesterday he said I know you're a grand children. Well as you said speaking of when he said I know you're a bound children in what sense do you believe they were his children physically but then notice this he goes on to say you are of your father the devil. Now wait a minute where they do that Jesus reckon I've ever seen of a man in the world right now is Jesus talking on both sides of his mouth. He says you know what you're not the apostle Paul say that there are Jews but they're not. Yes I know Jesus and Paul are great. Yes they do. Jesus recognized that they were Abraham's children but then he went on to say you are of your father the devil and the desires of your father you want to do. And then he says Abraham what I rejoiced to see my day and he saw it and he was what. Now I want to not have been consistently here that you say we are children of Abraham and we're going to kill you. Abraham says Oh Jesus I love you so much. When I Children of Abraham that was spirit was different than the spirit of a man they had the spirit of same Abraham Jesus they hated Jesus so how could they say spiritually that they were really the children of Abraham. Yes ethnically and genetically Yes but not in the real sense of the word. They would argue because they rejected Christ or the Jews a blood relationship with Abraham was more important in a spiritual relationship with Jesus and by the way Jesus because they they were always talking about every other and finally Jesus as if they were your father you would love me. Well we want one upon occasion see their kind of the famous character we don't know who your daddy is the same thing but when when arguments fail the thing and then of course Jesus said it's not Abraham that comes before Abraham was I am a man. At the center here tells me if I am I am what I am. All when Jesus said that the Bible says that they picked up stones to stone him because they believed he was speaking blasphemy and he disappeared and what all of them it they could see him they could find. In fact Jesus was there saying that he was the one who delivered Israel from bondage he was the one who in the burning bush said I am where I am. HUSSEIN I am the I am of the Old Testament not of the people I am I am what I was. That's good grammar if you wrote on a term paper before Badani was I am your teacher would say no no no that's not the way you say it is say before she was I was there you see Jesus is making a point he same people I am I am was not only that I was I am I have always been just a thought like the covenant named Winslow transporting Abraham accept he who was before Abraham with the seed of Abraham whom only you can be saved. Now let's go to the gathering and scattering bumpers is very interesting. Whenever I was this obedient to God in the Old Testament he promised a lot to scatter them among all peoples. But when Israel repent and return to the Lord he promised to work together then listen folks no word gather and scatter our covenant words in the Old Testament when Israel is in a proper relationship with the Lord. There gathered to hear when their name got in an improper relationship with the Lord. There are scant scattering is the curse and gathering is the blessing. Now the important thing in the gathering and scaring was not bowling and God had chosen to make his dwelling in the land of Israel when Israel was scattered from the land they were scattered from the Lord and when Israel was gathered to the land they were gathered to the Lord. Now this is important because Jesus said something that appeared to be very strange a statement which when you read it you say what are you talking about the next question number two. Jesus gave a profound interpretation of the gathering it's gathering purposes. He said he who is not with me is against me and he who does not what do you not get when me gathers can you be gathered in Jerusalem and be scattered. Let me ask you the journalist and I live in the Holy Land. The ones I have not received Jesus are they scatter. Yes because Jesus said He who does not gather with me what scamps. The curse of the company. Now number three K. i percent that it was expedient that one man should die for the people and not that the nation perish. What this means is explained by John. He prophesied that Jesus would die for the nation and not for that nation only but also that he would want to gather in one of the children of God who work was scared. How are those people who are gathered gathered there together over in Israel you have to take an El Al flight. As well and then you had gathered to the larger gathered to the land. No all you see when you're gathered to James has gathered and when you're not gathered to Jesus your scattered souls will live in the holy land right now that are fighting the Palestinians are scattered and the Palestinians are scattered because they have not received Jesus and by the way you know what Jesus said in John twelve thirty to thirty three if you want to write that in next to number three John twelve thirty or thirty three Jesus says and if I be lifted up I will draw all men to the Holy Land. You know I will draw all men don't know who might know the king is not the lion but he is wrong and if you don't have it is as bad or even if you live in the land. Number four when Jesus was about to leave the Jewish temple for the last time. He said all Jerusalem Jerusalem the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her. How often I wanted to see that the technical work now you know it and I wish we had time and you know we need to take four sessions just to talk about the gathering in the scattering part of this we have to go because there's a lot in the Old Testament and the New Testament besides what I put in the lesson on the gathering and the scattering. You know the prophecies of the Old Testament say that the shepherds of Israel scatter the sheep. But there's a Bob See that says that when the Messiah comes he's going to gather and she turns out so here we are the shepherds of Israel in Israel and on the land but the people that they minister to are scattered but Jesus is going to come and he's going to gather them too and stop will be truly gallant. Now not us. Number four when Jesus was about to leave the Jewish temple the last time he said all Jerusalem Jerusalem the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her. How often I want to gather you as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings but you would not we would NOT what you were not willing. You were not willing. You didn't want to in other words and then what as you say see your house is left on to you what a desolate. What did Jesus call the Temple or your house and then if you read the text at variance that when Jesus said Your house is left out you desolate he was walking out of the temple. What happens when Jesus is not in the temple you are desolate and then he spoke of the destruction of Jerusalem because where Jesus is not you are scattered. Number six of them applied to his disciples Jesus and work or the weather two or three gathered together in my name I am there in the midst of them. The Holy Land is where two or three are gathered in Christ's name. In other words what makes a place holy is quite number six. This gathering to Christ was a popular movie at Pentecost when the believers in Christ were all gathered together with what we do on a card. What makes you a true Israelite is not that you are gathered to the Holy Land but rather to the Holy Lord. If you are in the Holy Land but have rejected the Holy Lord when you are scattered. Is that clear in your mind and if you're scattered You have no right to inherit the promises. Now let's talk about Christ's final visit to the temple when Jesus triumphantly enter Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. He went into the temple of God then he cast out the money changers and called the Temple all my house so when he goes then if the temple of God and He calls it what my house but now not us. When Jesus left the Jerusalem temple for the last time he said to the Jews your house is left onto your desolate that house was no longer the house of Jesus and by the way in order to understand why Jesus said that when he left the temple after he came in several days before you need to look at the chapters in between Matthew twenty one and Matthew twenty three thirty eight. And that's what I have now in the questions that come next is what happened in the temple say when Jesus came into the temple What did he want. He wanted this was the last call to work to Jewish leaders to accept it. You'll notice that in those chapters chapter twenty two and twenty three Jesus is making calls to all of the sects of the Jewish nation. He's making a call to the Iranians he talked to the Sadducees he talks of the parity as he talks to the scribes. He talked to the zealots he's talking to all the different groups in the temple. He's come into the temple he says this is my house that's a temple of God says I've come to make a last call please accept it. But what they do is they totally reject him and so he leaves the temple and says your house was left on your desk and then he speaks about the destruction of Jerusalem. Why was Jerusalem destroyed because they rejected Him Why were the Israelites scattered in the year seventy because they rejected Jesus. Then they were when they were gathered in Jerusalem in one thousand forty eight while they were still rejecting Jesus and my Bible says that to be gathered is to be gathered to who came to Christ. So what happened in one thousand forty eight was not gathering because they still reject Messiah. Raise your hand if you're following one thing. OK Let's continue here. Number three in Scripture the fig tree and the vine represent the nation of Israel and the reason I put I want to because when I talk about three to three episodes that you find in the gospels the first episode is under number four. John the Baptist six months before Jesus began his public ministry warned the scribes and Pharisees not to boast that they were a band what children Jesus said that he could raise children even Abraham for work from the start. He wasn't pointing at stones he was pointing at the Gentiles if you compare the Gospel of Luke. Because the Jews the Jews that the Gentiles they have hearts of stone. We have heart of flesh. So John the Baptist do you think in yourself to say that you were children and they were God can raise children about the Gentiles. You read the parallel passage in look and for example the Roman soldiers came to America. He also told them that every What three which did not bear fruit would be what cut down and cast into the fire and this tree that he's talking about is primarily the nation of Israel and when I explain why I would buy Jesus told the parable of the big three up up the tree I am so if you can see this dollar bill. I'm a big tree and then this parable of victory with the Lord Jesus if the vine dresser and the owner of the majority is God the Father you back did you read Carol and it says that the father came for how long three years looking for fruit on that victory but there was not. Not by the way the three years are the six months that John the Baptist preached and at this point Jesus had been on Earth for his ministry for two and a half years six months John the Baptist to have years quite a few years. And some of my dresser Jesus says says to the father to to to the owner of the vineyard because we're dealing with symbols here. He says no power. Hold on just one more year and even this year it bares truth finally that if not look I don't have the words you know what the parable ends and you don't know what happened you don't log book Rooter not until a year later. Jesus and this both of these a fig tree now interest from the very beginning God through John the Baptist said you better be careful because if you don't you going to get cut down. Years after that the father saying this truly no good doesn't bear fruit. That's kind of dumb. G.'s up a binder says like one more year. OK there's one more year of his ministry so after that year sees a fig tree so let's go find some problems when he gets there only to leave you need to understand that in Israel the victory cursed about the fruit comes out and then the leaves come out announcing that it has fruit so if the tree had leaves that means that Jesus expected it to happen but it had a bunch of folly to look real pretty but it had no prob. And you know what happened the Bible says that Jesus what he cursed victory modest number six here. He cursed them. What does the big three represent literal national Israel the nation of Israel. Rather we're not saying that literal as alike don't have the possibility of salvation. Course they do but God is finished with the nation of Israel was literally as well as his chosen people to fulfill the promises that are found in the prophecies. Number six at the end of his ministry Jesus saw in the distance a victory which had no crew he cursed it saying Let no one eat what I want from you ever again. Was this career ever going to fulfill a purpose again. No And when Jesus passed by the big tree the next day it had dried up from the roots. What happens when a tree dries up from its roots and that is it. This is what Jesus is talking of the temple. Number seven another parable that he gave in the parable of the Brutus Vineyard Jesus told the Jewish leaders after saying that God sent messengers were thrown. They killed him so he sent more messengers they killed them to sell then last of all it's the last of all. Last of all he says about his son. They said they'll respect my father. But what did they say this is the year let's kill him and take his inheritance and they threw him out of the vineyard and the slew him. Who was that son Jesus. And what did Jesus say the kingdom of God will be what will be taken from you and given to a nation bearing what the fruits of it and of course he's speaking about whom here the Gentiles true Israel. Who will accept the Messiah. Not doing it was fruitless because it was not linked with with Jesus divine you know as the connection with John fifteen he that is connected to the buying bears bears much what. Why didn't the Jewish Vineyard give a hoot. Because it was not connected to the vine it is those who are connected with Jesus who bear much fruit that is to say the fruit of the Spirit. Number eight Jesus told the little Jewish nation that the Kingdom of God will be taken from them and given to a nation which produce the fruits of it. He then warns whoever falls on this rock that's means conversion by the way that's what it means to be broken. We will be what broken but I am who I am or whomever it falls it will what it will grind him to powder. Does that make you think of Daniel Chapter two. So the issue in Daniel Chapter two has to do with accepting or rejecting Christ. Number nine in his woes upon the scribes and Pharisees Jesus said that they had filled up to what the measure what was I mean they filled up the measure. The cup was what does that mean that the cup was full solver. At the same expression that you use in Genesis fifteen where God says to the pit to Abraham you know not to go into the land of the Amorites because the cup of their iniquity was not cool. So in other words the cup of the iniquity of Israel than of national Israel was what was called that was it and then Jesus called them what. Oh talk about being politically incorrect. Serpents laugh I know serpents breed so but remember that the serpent has a sleep. Yeah and he uses the sea to be at enmity with the sea and he called them what wipers. So if you don't accept Jesus and you are descendants of who says you are of your children up to the devil and then you pronounce a sentence then all the bloodshed from the time of Abel on would be demanded from that generation. Finally Jesus left the temple and pronounced the chilling words your house is left to you desolate. You know saying this is it. And immediately afterwards he speaks about what the destruction of the temple and under number ten which we will read the whole thing in look one thousand four hundred forty four Jesus speaks of the horrible judgment that's going to fall upon the Jewish nation because they have rejected the reason for their election. They have been chosen to prepare the world for the coming of a Messiah. They neither prepare the world nor accepted him themselves. Said. God loves the Jews. He wants us to reach out to the Jews. Don't you think it is not tragic that they were the ones who got the promises of Jesus is their Messiah and they have hardness of heart. Don't we have a message for them. Oh we have a tremendous message for the world but especially when we see that they don't even understand their own problems as tragic. Number eleven it is not worth even a Genesis five we have a genealogy of the righteous for. Man I'm too home to Noah in Genesis eleven twenty six we have the genealogy of the righteous from Shem to Abraham and to Matthew one two to sixteen we have a genealogy from Abraham to Christ. But after the coming of Christ there are no more genealogies why. Because the purpose of the genealogies was to show the line that was preserved that would bring the science of the world. Once Messiah comes there is no need for genealogies because now if you accept Jesus you are a member of his genealogy and of course the Bible one of the genealogy of us all because you would have enough book to write it in. Finally. The oneness of the Israel God because today prophecy teachers are telling you that God has two peoples he has a church which is going to be raptured and when any of the liberal Jews that are going to stay behind now is what has to people's mutually separable and on as different plans for both of those. The fact is that the Bible says that God has one called Jesus says I will have one fold and one shepherd when he calls those who are not old God has one Israel those who have accepted Christ are Abraham seed but has only one body according to officials to be composed of Jews and Gentiles but only has one Jerusalem and that's the reason why the dogs are the names of the tribes of the foundations of the names of the about Old and New Testament. God is only one ride that's why in Revelation twelve the church age is represented by only one woman. God is only one two three. Yes branches are cut off and branches are grafted in but it's still only one tree. Gone is only one temple composed of apostles and prophets all the new testament god reading will sing only one song the song of Moses and the Lamb. Still a unity of all the New Testament and all the reading will have only one father. Those who have been born again and have received the Holy Spirit can say I have read the last paragraph. If God's true Israel today is not the literal Jewish nation and if Israel is to be understood as spiritual and worldwide then those who are looking to the Middle East for the whole film in a prophecy are barking up the wrong tree. The final war will not be fought between Arabs and Jews but rather between those who have truly accepted Jesus and those who have not. This must mean that all the Jewish language of the Book of Revelation must be interpreted as applying to to the church apply in a war against the remnant of the woman seed will be a worldwide war against Jesus. Are you willing to receive Jesus into your heart so that you can inherit all his promises. I would hope so and I'll conclude with this just to show you the inconsistency of many interpreters of Bible prophecy. Well say the seven churches. That's talking about the church age. You know there are seven stages of the church from the times of Christ till the second coming first church is the Apostolic Church then you have after that the persecuted church then after that you have the compromising church and after that you have the Church of the Middle Ages. Now it's interesting the Church of the Middle Ages the Bible speaks about just about being in that church. The only problem is just about by that time I've been there about twelve hundred years so what they say is they say well when it says a jazz about was going to be in the Middle Ages church that's not talking literally about years ago that that spiritual Joseph grew but then when they get the Revelation eleven work talks about the two witnesses. One turns the waters into blood and the other shuts up heaven so it doesn't rain in the days of his prophecy. Obviously talking about Moses and Elijah. They say that during the tribulation God is going to send little Moses and Elijah to play and you say now wait a minute how do you know it's literal Moses and Elijah. Well when the Bible speaks about Moses and Elijah it means Moses and Elijah. Then why doesn't just mean just a bill. If you're going to interpret poverty you have to be consistent you can't say I like it this way I like it that way. Now back to sports. That all of the Jewish language of the Book of Revelation needs to be understood in symbolic terms as applying to the Church of Jesus Christ. We're dealing not with the literal we're dealing with symbols. How many of you understood what was going tonight. Important critical principle that will color everything that we study the rest of our time together let's pray Father in heaven. We thank you all because you've made things so clear in your holy word. But thank God that no one needs to be deceived in these last days about how prophecy will be fulfilled. Because you've made everything so clear in your word Lord our hearts ache. For those people that you chose to bring the messiah into the world. The literal Israelites. Oh Lord it's so sad that they have not even discerned their own misfire. We asked not that view through your Holy Spirit will remove the veil from their hearts and remove the veil Larkham the hearts of those Christians who are looking to literal Israel for the fulfillment of prophecy. Because all of these people whether it be Christians were looking to Israel or Israel who is looking to Israel they need to understand that we must look to Jesus and only to Jesus be with us now Lord as we return to our homes. Protect us from harm and danger and bring us together once again on Wednesday. I continue studying your word. Thank you for being with us and thank you for answering our prayers. Yes we ask it in Jesus' name amen. 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