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9. September 11 and the Future of America

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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I'm going to heaven thank you for this wonderful day you have given us thank you for the privilege of being here tonight once again we ask that your Holy Spirit will instruct us tonight. Help us to understand what time in history we're living as we look at what's happening in the world we can't help but think but that there are momentous events right around the corner and we want to know exactly what's going to take place so that we can be prepared. We ask that you will help us understand this lesson and to accept it and receive it in our hearts and we thank you for your promise that you have heard us the good will answer because we ask it in Jesus' name amen amen. OK let's go to the introduction of our lesson and then before we get into Number one there's a little comparison that I want to do on the board. September eleventh has been called the day which changed America forever. Just think of the aftermath of this watershed. They who are in Afghanistan followed by a devastating earthquake. United States troops in Yemen and the Philippines threats of war against the Axis of Evil lest you there's anybody here who doesn't know what that means. The threat of war of the United States against Iraq Iran and North Korea. Stock market new civil war in Colombia. Riots in Argentina. Social turmoil in Venezuela Venezuela is in the news today. Terrible riots on the streets. Corporate scandals and cracks. Parents killing their children. Al Qaeda attempted United States bombing embassy bombing in Peru. Suicide bombings in Israel in a Middle East crisis which threatens. To become global in scale. Sounds like a pretty depressing list doesn't it. And this is only the tip of it there's more I could have added But I didn't want any more any more pages to the material. What's in store for the land of the free and the home of the brave. And that's us and we want to study the prophecy in the Bible Prophecy has to say about the origin and destiny of the United States of America. And we're going to study as the introduction says Revelation thirteen versus eleven to eighteen but before we do I want to place a chart on the board so that we can realize where we are exactly in the flow of history this will be a review first of all I want us to take a look at Revelation Chapter twelve. You remember there that we have a woman. At the time that Johnson is the woman she has not had the male child yet has she saw this represents what period it represents the period of the Old Testament before Jesus was born of course the Jewish nation which is the bride of God is in travail they're in pain because they want the deliverer to come and then of course after that you have a Dragon Beast and what does the Dragon Beast represent. It represents Rome Satan working through Rome because Jesus was born during the period of the Roman Empire and then we discovered that this Dragon Beast has how many horns it has ten horns and then we discovered that after the male child ascended to God into a stone this Dragon Beast persecuted the woman for how long before one thousand two hundred and. Sixty years days of course in poverty a day is equal to a year. So in other words there came a period of persecution of twelve hundred sixty years and when the church was being persecuted when the woman was being persecuted she fled to the wilderness. The Bible tells us that the bride and spume water out of his mouth to try and drown the woman but there was a certain power that came to the rescue of the woman. There was something that came to help the woman in the midst of her persecution. What was that the Bible says that the earth helped the woman and it helped the woman by swallowing up the waters of persecution that the great in its beauty out of his mouth. So we haven't talked about the Earth much in Revelation Chapter twelve because we want to deal with that in our class tonight but I want you to get this picture that that one hundred sixty years of persecution when she was being persecuted helped the woman by swallowing up the word writers of persecution. But that's not the end of the story about Alicia twelve. Because it tells us there that when the earth helped the woman the dragon became what dragon became wrought with the woman. In other words that dragon became angry with the woman and went to make what went to make war with the remnant of her seat and what characteristics does that remnant have two characteristics one they keep the commandments of God And secondly they have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Those are the two things that the devil hates in this remnant of the woman. They keep the commandments of God They have the testimony of Jesus. It shouldn't surprise us that the devil was angry at the remnant because they keep it around. Because in heaven the devil hated blogger who wrote recently that the law was in the ark of the Covenant. The devil is a sinner from the beginning. He says he's the originator of lawlessness according to Scripture and so it's not surprising that he hates all people who people all at the end of time. Now we also noticed in our study that the Dragon Beast is going to have how many stages of existence stage number one was that one hundred sixty years stage number two is when the deadly wound is healed as it says in Revelation Chapter thirteen. Now let's go to Revelation thirteen and compare this chapter or chapter twelve. Where does Revelation Chapter thirteen begin that begins in the Old Testament. Because it speaks of a leopard a bear and a lion in that order because John is looking what I'm responding to us looking backwards and then he speaks about a what. He straight speaks about a dragon. Is that the same dragon of Revelation twelve. Yes it is because it says that the dragon gave the beast is power and his throne it is important so you have this Dragon Beast. Thus this Dragon Beast have ten large as adults you can read at their Revelation Chapter thirteen it has been a lot of each and then this Dragon Beast with the tenor Lawrence give up his seat and his authority and his power to the beast which is the same and with as much power in Daniel seven which is this. Same as the little horn in Daniel Chapter seven right. And it tells us there that the beast rules for how long. Forty two months by the way does the beast persecute the Saints. Yes. Does he speak blasphemies with his mouth. Is it the same as the Little Horn. Yes but Revelation thirteen is going to add something the Daniel seven doesn't have directly and that is that we are told that this beast receives a deadly will not let me ask you what do you suppose he received his deadly wound at the middle of a twelve hundred sixty years or twenty years before that one hundred sixty years and of course not. It must be that he received the deadly wound at the end of his period of dominion because if you receive that before that he would know that one hundred sixty years. Do you follow me. And so it tells us in Revelation thirteen that the baby Beast is going to be healed from its womb. And the whole world is going to what the whole world is going to Marvel after the beast. Question. If that stage still future in its fullness has the whole world Wonder will be just know it's in the process but we haven't arrived there where the whole world is wondering after the beast. Now let me ask you what would be the next thing that you would expect to find in the parallel between Revelation twelve revelation thirty you would expect to find the joke and certainly that's exactly what you find in Revelation Chapter thirteen because it says that John saw another beast. A second beast rise from way. Our second least roars from the earth. Now I want you to notice this is extremely important when I want to say no. That is different than the Beast from the earth. Death is the territory. The beast is the government that arises in that territory. Raise your hand if you understand why some of you don't raise your hands I want to repeat it or repeat it until it is necessary to not repeat it anymore. Go against what happens later in the year beast arises from the Earth must have been there before the beast arose from YES me is the territory and the Beast from the earth is the government or the country that rises in that territory. Now let me ask you what would the next stage be that you would expect to find. Well you might expect persecution to come against God's people. You might expect to find what dragon. Now it's interesting that it tells us that this beast arises from the earth. And it has two horns like a lamb. But look I'm going to hold. Later I look at what it reads like a dragon. Can you see the sequence is not parallel sequence between Revelation probably thirty. It's clear now we're going to study tonight about this second beast. This second beast has to authorize the actor which I think you know astral eyes after seventeen ninety eight. Is that clear in your mind because it arises after the first beast receives its what its will and it has to arise before the end time persecution. And where is it going to arise of this beast that's going to arise from the earth which we're going to find represents what the United States. I understand I mean I say this is a disciplined study of Bible prophecy. This isn't guesswork guesswork. This isn't prognosticating this isn't just our saying you know like I read in many books they say oh you have this terrible anti-Christ fellows going to sit in the Jerusalem temple and he's going to make this great and by the way he's going to have a crown on his head and the crown is going to have the number six six six and then he's going to raise up this great big image of himself and he's going to command everybody to come and bow down before that great big statue. The problem is you have not Biblical foundation or historical foundation for knowing when that's going to happen where that's going to happen and what it means. You see the beauty of the historical way of interpreting Bible prophecy is that you know exactly where you are at any given time in the Globe about us and you know exactly what's going to happen next where it's going to happen and what is going take place how it's going to take place. Is that clear in your mind. See God has made it this way so that we don't have to guess when this is going to happen. We know that it's happening even as we speak. Now let's go to our lesson and work through the first section which deals with identifying this power. We have already identified the first Beast of Revelation thirteen as the Roman Catholic papacy correct. So that's what we studied about the beast but it's because the images of the beast how can you know what the images if you don't know what the beast is. Now a second beast comes to view versus eleven eighteen. There are several things we want to underline about the origin of the second beast first of all beast and prophecy represents a what represents a kingdom or a nation. So this beast must represent a nation or a kingdom Is that clear your mind in the Bible. A beast represents a nation or a kingdom. So this is a beast. It must be a nation or a kingdom. Now that could refer to any nation or kingdom in the world but this is a foundational point for the building pattern that we're going to follow in the next characteristics. Now notice number two. This beast does not arise from wind from the sea like the previous ones but rather from where from the Earth this is the only beast in Revelation that rises from the earth. The end of beast rise from the sea and there are two at least one in Revelation eleven and the other in Revelation seventeen that arise from what is called the bottom less pit and you say well why does one lie to summarize from the sea some from the bottomless pit and some from the earth. Do you suppose that these variations and details must have some importance. Course they have to have importance or else John want to set all of them rules from the sea there must be some difference. Now let's read the note a very important note there is no mention of winds of strife collect this beast is not trembling and devouring other kingdoms is it there is no evidence that this beast had to fight any of them. Yes powers in order to gain dominion. Correct. The fact that this kingdom rose from the earth and not from the sea in that case indicates that it rises in a different place than the first four beasts. Would you agree with that right in the first or bass lines from from a lot of this one does not arise from the waters so must it rise in a different place. Of course. Now let's continue the note it is interesting to note that as proper sleep fails it moves from east to west. The first two beasts of Daniel seven rule in Asia. You look at a map you'll find that babble enemy of Persia Asian powers. Plant beast world in eastern or part Eastern Europe which is Greece. No fourth beast with the tenements and the little horn all rolled in Western Europe. Do you know why purposely moves from east to west because God's people move from east to west. And prophecy follows God's people. Carcassi has never fulfilled independently of God's people. That's why prophecy cannot be fulfilled with the Jews today because they have not accepted Christ like we studied last night. If they'd accepted Christ then we might say that prophecy were people killed over there. But you see prophecy is fulfilled with the people of God and as Christianity moved last property movements are you following. Now let's continue. We would expect this not to be used to rule even further west than where when you're not waters represent a multitude of nations tongues and peoples. What must they mean whether or not waters it must mean that there are no what multitudes Nations tongues and peoples and strangely enough as the fulfillment of prophecy moves away. Just the eyes of most Protestants are looking east. Tragic because they're looking for the prophecy in the wrong place. Number three as we previously studied the first beast romper twelve hundred and sixty years and at the end of its Domine and it was long gone with what with the sword and was taken into captivity. When did this happen to the Roman Catholic papacy in seventy to ninety eight but actually this happens during a flow of events between seventy ninety three culminating in seventy ninety eight and the Emirate of the guillotine the French Revolution literally priests were rounded up relics were rounded up and their heads were chopped off. They ruled with a sword so the speak and their leader was taken captive just like it says here. This was literally fulfilled. This babbling who was given by clients when Pope Pius the sixth by the way I've been in the monastery where he spent nine of those months in exile. Later he was transferred to the violence in France and died there in exile and the tour guide that took us to the monastery he took us to the chambers where pious and sick stayed a while he was in exile and he mentioned how he had been taken prisoner their prisoner there in seventy ninety eight so this is not an invention of mine. I read it in books and I've seen it with my own eyes the truth. Now this study was and was given by Prince one point five to six was taken prisoner by Napoleon's armies in seventy ninety eight the second beast came to power after the first beast was grounded because John said what. Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth. In other words the second base has to arise after which date it has to rise after seventy ninety eight now I find it very interesting that the great minister John Wesley in seventeen fifty four. Already suspected that the second beast was right around the corner I don't know whether you read this historical reference it's very interesting. He said this. Another beast is to arise. But he has not yet come. No he cannot be far off for he has to appear at the end of the forty two months of the first B. C. Wesley No the first piece that not all and yet he suspected that the first piece was going to fall soon and then the second beast will rise as soon as the first beast fail the important thing that I want you to see is the chronology here. The order first at least it's wanted and then you have the second beast which rises out of the earth's not number four in seventeen ninety eight the second beast had not reached the zenith of its power had it in fact at that time it was just coming into existence. It was seen by John what coming up out of the earth. Now it's interesting in the New Testament this Greek word an albino is used to describe a plant that is sprouting from the earth. In other words in seventeen ninety eight Miss Kingdom all this nation was just routing from the earth. It had not reached the apex of its power. It was just starting to appear at that time. Number five the beast from the Earth does not really succeed the first beast does it. Does the second biggest knock off the first base there's a fight with the first beast. Does it struggle to get power from the first beast. No this is the interesting thing is contemporaneous with the person and it actually helps and what it actually helps it regain its power have mostly the very place that provided a refuge for God's people. Now becomes a place where this empire this nation that arises. To curtail and to take away that freedom which it once again to God's people. Talk about schizophrenia this is a schizophrenia because in reality it's one way and then it turns out to be a different way. Now how do we know that this beast is contemporaneous with a verse please. Well because it says that it exercises all the what all the power of the first beast in his presence you know it was there. They're contemporaneous they exist at the same time in history but the second they stop the first base regain its power. Let's read the note. Each Kingdom in Daniel seven conquered had succeeded the previous kingdom but the second beast becomes an ally of the first beast and actually helps it regain its power. The beast with lamb like horns will actually enforce by Might the principles and practices of the first beast. Are we going to have the same thing happen in the United States as happened in Europe during the middle ages. Yes And you know what led to the terrible time in Europe in the Middle Ages the union of church and state. That's why upon the our founding fathers knew this. They said in these United States and I'm not talking about colonial America because colonial America to a great degree reflected the principles of you know do you not that you didn't pay your time in church you could be arrested and imprisoned in colonial America. Do you know that only Christians could vote in colonial America. Do you know that if you did not go to church on Sunday as they believe the day of worship to be you could be fined and if you continued being rebellious and didn't attend you could be executed in colonial America before our founding fathers drew up the articles of the Constitution and wrote the Bill of Rights. In these United States there was intolerance just like you know in the Founding Fathers know that and by the way we should not look at the founding fathers for the main principles of this country. We're supposed to look to an individual called Roger Williams the founder of Rhode Island the colony of Rhode Island. Do you know that they persecuted him in Massachusetts he had to flee for his life to rule and founded Rhode Island because he was not willing to blend church and state and he was not willing to curtail the liberties of people. He's a fascinating individual to study Roger Williams. In fact do you know that the metaphor of the wall of separation between church and state was not invented by Jefferson. It's already in the writings of Roger Williams. In fact Thomas Jefferson and our founding fathers plagiarized Mr Roger Williams. It can be seen in the Writings. Now colonial America is not the ideal you'll find religious leaders today that are saying we need to go back to the time of the colonies when everybody went to church when only Christians were in office. In political office when everybody went to church on Sunday that's what we need to do or go back to colonial America. That's not the ideal because in colonial America the union of church and state led to persecution of dissenters. Now let's notice our next section. When this power was sprouting up it had to what. Two horns like a lamb. Interesting then in Book of Revelation the word lamb is used twenty nine times. If you don't believe me look at it look it up in the gardens and Company. In every case except this one. It is a symbol of Christ. This must mean that this nation would have to Christ like principles when it rose to power. Are you following me. Number two the power. See Revelation thirteen eleven eighteen indicates the second beast after its humble beginnings would grow in power and worldwide influence. That is to say it will become a world champ or power play is about look for a nation that in seventy ninety eight was just spouting and today is a superpower. How many nations fit that description. There's only one pope there's not even two. There's one and that one is the United States of America. This is seen not how do we know that this is seen in the fact that it would use its influence to leave the hall I don't know what to wonder after the beast that is the first beast whose daily what was he the first beast what also becoming what a worldwide superpower after its deadly wound was healed. So you would have a hearing an upturn worldwide superpower one a religious superpower which is the beast and the little horn and the other a what is a nation or a kingdom which is a worldwide political power joined together to fulfill a common purpose. Number three in order to control who can buy and sell this beast must have great what economic. Then technological power must it have a way of controlling buying and selling. It has to have. Do you need. Develop technology to be able to control buying and selling. You most certainly do. In fact I believe and this is my speculation based on what I've read and what I've been able to observe. I believe that eventually we're going to reach a cashless society in this country and maybe even in the world everything will be done electronically through him I got my courtship on ID card through. I'm reading the contours of your face or your iris or whatever it is that's the way you're going to do your financial transactions and for this you have to have a worldwide economic power that has a technology to be able to control buying and selling. There's only one country in the world that fills that description and that's the United States of America. Yes. Gratefully. We were the last person has has the exposition that you can study lesson that you caught with the hand in the cookie jar. Just kidding just kidding this I'm pulling your leg. Boy you don't mind do you. OK last year. Now a bank that's true you can't rent a car without a credit card. There's many transactions you can do without a credit card but credit cards are going to be passe there's going to be you know this is a way they're going to be able to control the movements of money of terrorist organizations. This is going to be the way that they'll be able to control the money in drug related drug trafficking you know it's all an issue of control. After September eleventh it's all about control. Imagine I was a save some of these things till the end. And we probably won't be able to get to them so I'll say it now but you know imagine the lawyer going into jail to talk to a client and the government is wiretapping their conversation. There's no longer any attorney client privilege because because terrorism terrorism overrules everything I say we end by terrorist legislation the idea of military tribunals and the idea of having a national identification card all of these things are preparing the way. For what is this guy the Revelation Chapter thirteen pain. Oh yeah and they will because eventually they'll reach the point where they are controlled by and selling by some mechanism some control mechanism. Now last part of number three it must also have grade what military strength in order to want to enforce this law upon anyone who would want to dissent in other words you are with us or you are with what or you are with the terrorists. An expression that we've that we've all heard and if you don't and if you were the parish What are we going to do we're going to attack you with our military might. Number four this beast would ally itself with the first beast and make a what an image of it and two it was I mean an image of it. What is an image it's a likeness. So I know it wasn't going to build up a system similar to the system of the first beast and it's not only going to be the beast it's going to be what TO THE BEAST What does that mean it's going to be and I'm going to be used. It's going to be an image I'm a beast and to the beast means in honor of it. We know that the first beast blend the church and state don't we know that by our study. What could change what the times that means changing God's what God's prophetic calendar how prophetic events are going to develop. And when else the law and what is the Law the Ten Commandments and persecuted everyone who disagree with it. An image is a likeness. This must mean that the second beast will enforce the principles teachings. And methods of the first beast you say could never happen in these United States of America. Never say never. Because prophecy says that it is going to happen. Even though we can't see its full development yet. Number by you know when I think about this it almost makes me want to cry because I'm a red blooded America American I love this country the greatest country that has ever existed in the history of the world not because it's more beautiful than other countries not because it has more money than other countries. Not because it has more military might than other countries but because it is built on divine principles the principle that everyone is free to worship God according to the dictates of their conscience. The principle of civil and religious liberty. And for those Christians who are saying that the government of the United States because they don't say that you know they don't mandate prayer in public schools and B. because we don't put the Ten Commandments on public buildings and everything. Maybe they would feel more free in Afghanistan. The reason why the government does not mandate these things be is because it's not the business of the government to mandate anything that has to do with religion is to keep out of religion. Religion belongs in the church. Lesson is not government that has dropped the ball on the United States it's the church that has got to go because the church is supposed to be the lab and I'm the United States that makes to grow spiritually but the problem is ministers have told their church members you're not under law you're under grace you know that the way Jesus kept the law in your place you know you know years once you're saying you can never be lost you know God's grace covers a multitude of sins. Everything was taken care of when Jesus died on the cross and Christians have come to believe it. It's the church that is guilty for the situation. And just like it happened in the days of Constantine when the church lost its power in order to control people. It had to appeal to the arm of the state to do it. And because the church has not done its work today and it's losing control. Pornography is rampant abortion is rampant in all sorts of social animals are rampant. The church says to the state and the state is going to be brought in to correct what the church should have done not by legislation but by preaching. And by the way I meant just as discussed as any of you are with what Bill Clinton did. But I heard people say all the president should be the moral model the United States. Listen the day that a politician becomes the moral model of the United States will be the day that the world comes to an end. My role models are my parents my teachers and my preachers not the politicians because the politicians by by definition are there to govern. They're not there to be perfect models of perfection of moral perfection. Well you're quiet tonight. Number five the beast but the lamb like horns exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence. Does he want to impress the first beast. Oh yes and what then causes what does that word causes me. It makes it forces yes and causes the earth and those who are in it to do what we're to worship the first beast whose Deadly Wound was healed. The word causes here means the use of force. It would not persuade but not worse. Number six the second beast would even go so far as to force people to receive what the mark of the beast. Now in order to know what the mark of the beast is do you not need to know what the beast is. Sure and who is the beast by the beast was the beast the Roman Catholic papacy so must we look for a mark that the Roman Catholic papacy has which it says that it shows that this is the mark of its power of course number seven. This beast is also called the lacked the false profit now I want to dwell for a moment on this characteristic It's called the false prophet the false prophet of what is a prophet. Let me ask you first of all what does a prophet speak brought up wrap it speaks for someone else right. Speaks for God For whom does the false prophet speak in the light of what we've studied the relationship between the two beasts for whom does this second beast speak when he speaks. Like I do it again but he is actually speaking for the first beast. If they implement in the principles of the first page. The practice is of the first beast. The teachings of the first beast. Yes he's not a false prophet. Probably least now by the way do you know who this false prophet is not of the note. Well let's finish the question and says it will be saved those who live on the earth by making a lot of fire come down from heaven in the sight of men. This false prophet is. It's a false prophet Elijah. You're saying one hundred you know that it's very simple. Which prophet in the Old Testament made fire come down from heaven in the sight of men. Elijah. Correct. All agree so this false prophet. Which is the same as the image of the second Beast of Revelation Chapter thirteen. The moment we read that verse. It must mean then that if there's a false prophet or a revelation sixteen verse thirty makes fire come down from heaven in the sight of men to try and convince people that he's a true prophet. He must be a counterfeit prophet Elijah. How many of you understand what I'm saying because the prophet that brought by permit when the oldest was like So this is a company larger now. I'm going to give you a simple or simple formula of how you can know whether you're on the right side of the wrong side. When crunch time comes to easy ways if you are among the persecuted R.'s you're on the wrong side and if you are among the persecuted you're on the right side. Second if you are among those that preach the same message that the truly larger preached. You're on the right so if you are on the side of the message that the false Elijah preaches then you're on the wrong side. So we need to know what the true Elijah breaks and you know what the true Elijah great he preached to mainframes. If you and we're going to have a whole lesson on the light is not going to get real involved in this. He preached first of all against the false worship of the Sun God veil. He denounced sun worship. Worshipping the sun god. And secondly. He denounced Israel because they had broken the commandments of God. You can find that in First Kings Chapter eighteen. When they have company says Do you travel around Israel. Elijah says to him it is not I that have troubled Israel but it is you in your father's house because you have forsaken the commandments of God. And you are worshipping them you worshipping the sun god. In the end time. If you know what those who are preaching that we need to worship the true God. And then we're supposed to keep his commandments. You're on the right side. If you pray to the opposite you're on the wrong side. God makes a very simple. Now let's go to our next page and take a look at these characteristic and see how they have been fulfilled in the United States. Yes. OK The third part of number seven. Is this power is also referred to as the daughters of the pilot. Actually it's referred to in three different ways. OK It's called the MH least three different ways of saying the same thing it's called the daughters of the harlot and it is called the false prophet and all of these all of these names. Really to understand and you have to go back to the story of Elijah in the Old Testament that I was the New Testament of John the Baptist. You know have the ogress the many lives I have got her remain enemy good in our king we were the political ruler judge. Al Gore the leader of the religion of the sun dog. And all prophets of Bale who spoke about how you have it now in the new Guthrie also John the Baptist is he like them not in person but he came to do the same work that he like to do in yoga. John the Baptist is Elijah. Then you have three enemies might must show up with. Now we get to get ahead of myself just a little bit. You know I remember the story of the death of John the Baptist was never interesting story in March after six. John the Baptist denounce the fornication of Herod where payroll just like Elijah denounced the union they have visible. And of course her audience was very curious about this. She didn't like to be you know. And so I felt that she wanted to kill him because he could saw this piece together. But then the opportunity to play one day was celebrating his birthday. And the harlots daughter came and the interesting thing is after a few dance she doesn't go to the king and say hey I want to have to clean up what she does if she goes to a mother says Mom What can I ask for the dangerous figure in the story behind it mother and she says ask for the head of John the Baptist. Let me ask you was this done to the image of her mother. Yes doing the story. I mean hey if I went into my mom after such and such a person then I think now what are you talking about. But but when the mom says her the head of John the Baptist she said. Oh OK And so she calls it is just looking I want I want the head of John the Baptist right now on a planet and the King knew that he was wrong in what he was going to do but he was afraid of losing with political influence just like it's going to happen at the end of time. Politicians will know that it's you know wrong but because I have not been reelected unloading their political conviction. Now go along and the interesting thing is John the Baptist was decapitated in prison and then the Bible says that the person who executed John brought the head of John the Baptist on a platter and gave it to the girl and the girl gave it to her mother. There's a story going to be repeated in the end. Yes but it's not going to be repeated with one king the king represent all of the kings of planet or not hardly There's not one not all no man ever present a highly charged which is world wide and the age of the mother and a daughter of the mother on the spot market of the mother represents this country that will do what the mother church won and the result will be the attempt to sway God's untimely like you say there's an interesting story or what I say in Revelation seventeen we have a problem of the story and we're going to study it later. Yeah this harlot who sitting on many water just called the mother so she must have daughter she fornicated with the kings of the earth. There you have the people you are in again but this time it's not the literal individual that clean worldwide systems and it says at this time it is filled with the blood of the saints in the minds of Jesus you know that she's still a man. No it's just like your audience love of just like just about words. There's nothing new under the sun. But anyway we need to get back to the lesson. Let's see where are we here. Oh OK we're on page three. Oh man we got a really good on here. OK Number one the United States is a bonafide nation or kingdom a green. OK Number two the United States did not have to war against any of the previous kingdoms the property correct. It did not arise in the midst of strife and war are correct you know some of the folk life in the previous kingdoms west of Europe right now back to the second beast but not a rise from water's in the gates of the United States or all over the place where there were no multitude of nations and tongues that is to say a sparsely populated area. Is that true. You know how many you have in the United States had it when the Declaration of Independence was signed two hundred sixty two thousand. After maybe not counting everybody you know they are in the United States that it's now number three in the United States didn't arrive to power in the first beast received it's deadly wound it is well known that the United States began to grow as a nation seven hundred seventy six its constitutional assignment seventeen eighty seven in the Bill of Rights was an act that in seventy ninety one amazingly the first nation to recognize the United States diplomatically was bad and the date was seventy ninety eight other than a significant number bore in seventy ninety eight the United States was like a sprouting plants silently rising from the earth. Would you agree with that but the United States a superpower at that time. Absolutely not. Europe was far more powerful now not as the editor of the Irish nation wrote. The United States in one thousand nine hundred eighty the following and by the way this is a secular writers not a religious writer so he doesn't deny using the imagery of Revelation thirteen knowingly He says in the last an American empire is emerging. We islanders of course when he says I'm talking about Great Britain we Islanders have no conception of the extraordinary events which the silence of the earth are daily adding to the power and pride of this gigantic nation talking about the United States. Now that's his terminology. Amid the silence of the earth within three years territories more extensive than these three kingdoms in other words are Ireland Scotland and England should probably put that in brackets there but anyway you can add it then these three kingdoms plants and handily put together have been what I actually know or know when water's in turmoil have been quietly in an almost matter of course fashion are next to the union. They met your Jay Burton who for years was the Library of Congress pointed out in the one nine hundred seventy five reflectors in London that and I quote the vacancy of North America was to prove to be its peculiar promise to the world. Emptiness with America special opportunity. And once again he was not even thinking about Revelation Chapter thirteen but he's echoing what we find in Revelation thirteen and of course G. eight counts and in his book the new world compared with the old page which is quoted and not in the signs of The Times says this the history of the United States was separated by a benevolent Providence from the wild and cool history of the rest of the continent. And like a silent seed we grew into an empire. Interesting terminology fit perfectly with what we find in Revelation. Number by the United States didn't have to come foundational quite like principles upon which she built the Republic even though all reconstructionists and revisionists of our early history want to want to say that no our pounding fathers were not for the separation of church and state they were just against establishing a national church and they'll say all kinds of things like this but the Founding Fathers were clear on this point. There were two principals these two principles are known as Protestantism. A church without an absolute as pope say in Europe the pope was the absolute religious monarch. What he said when you know when the government launched from up down there was a government of the pope by the pope and for the pope. Protestantism means a checkbook manage small religious liberty to worship according to the dictates of conscience and Republicanism where we get the word Republic from our state without an absolute asking because in Europe there were monarchies. It was from up down in civil marriage to the king and people did what the king said it was a government of the king by the king and father King. Republicanism means Spain without an absolute king in other words nobody to speak to assemble to vote rulers in and out of that the right to privacy etc In short a government of by and for the people of government from now on up not up down to principles and tell a separation of church and state. The Founding Fathers well knew what had happened in Europe when church and state will hold it together. Trouble is the writer today they have removed over two hundred years it will not happen in Europe they don't have a gift idea what it was like That's why they try to. I have history and tell us all the United States just you know the church has just been you know fake. Tomorrow I'm America two Parv did abortion and to curtail pornography and do all of these things I'm going to get back to its roots go back to its quote that if you want to get rid of abortion and you want to get rid of pornography. If you want to get rid of all the social evils you cannot do it by legislation. The heart has to be changed. So they're going about it the long way. George Bush was named the gunman. He wasn't named to be the preacher of America this is why the First Amendment to the Constitution says Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion and of course Chief Justice Rehnquist as we interpreted this to mean that what the founding fathers really believed was that the Constitution forbids the government establishing a church over and above. Richard you know it that this is prohibiting establishing a church as a payment church and national church as opposed to other churches but the Founding Fathers were careful in the way that they prayed to this First Amendment because they said Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion not any religion not even a church not religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof but two clauses have come to be known as the establishment clause and the reactor sites Clause two plazas or come out this is also the reason why Article six of the constitution says no religious pecial ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States. And of course you all know all that. Organizations like the Christian Coalition for a long time sent out report cards on the people who were going running for office so that you could know who to vote for and who not to vote for the people in colonial America particularly Roger Williams would have loved to have the protection of our ego fix. But before their time now after their time they were after Roger Williams This time next page. These two principles were actually taught by Jesus long before the founding fathers when he said went on to Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God Do you know where the power of the church comes in and one of the power of the state and its very simple use of the Ten Commandments have two tables. The first table has the first mark a moment of the second table six the government has a right to enforce the last six but have no right to do anything connected with verse four unless when you claim to be obeying the purpose for your encouraging one of the last weeks. For example the keris didn't they claim freedom of religion to crash those planes into the World Trade Center so they had to write a plan to fight right. No because they keep a passport will also people after a while I want to say so you know if I wanted to make miss this white board my object of worship the government didn't think anything about it you could say anything against it in fact if I wanted to open my mouth and let the worst most foul language. I wanted to blaspheme God which I would do if I could do it in the United States of America and the government could not say you can't do that. As a religion is the realm of the realm of God The problem comes when the government starts trying to legislate the first four commandments of the law of God that what happened to share back Michoacan Abednego. So McCain cried when Moore's worship he tried to tell Daniel this is in the Middle Persian Kingdom now you can pray to your God and of course Daniel and his friends practiced this will leave me because when it comes to obeying God it's necessary to obey God before you obey him and what's going to happen in this country this country is going to force religious observances it will impose the mark of a beast in a moment we'll get to the mark of the beast when say not for Jesus the kingdoms of this world he reveals them. He also told pilot My kingdom is not of this world. When Peter wanted to defend Jesus with a start he was severely review by Christ when the disciples wanted to call fire down from heaven upon the apostates. When you know them and that Jesus was here when the Jews join the romans be another Jew the price they said we can't execute the death penalty so we need you. That's exactly what they said we didn't John one thousand and so the only way they could get rid of Jesus was by joining their church with the Roman state and that's going to be repeated all over again with the people of God. Yes it was a church that alliance which killed Jesus story from the Old Testament illustrate the same point. When King never again ever took it upon himself to of course worship God had to intervene to deliver his people. The same could be said about the deliverance of Daniel from the Lion's Den measurement bank on one thing. When religion is bad. I can see that it will support itself and when it does not support itself and God of not they care to support it so that it wide to call for the help of the civil powers to find I apprehend of it being a bad one. Wise words engraved on the Jefferson Monument in Washington D.C. are these memorable words and once again we I took a trip to the left to visit certain sites in New England and we went to the Jefferson Memorial and I just stood there remembering these words that are written here he said this almighty God had created the mind. We all attempt to implement said by temporal punishment our burdens already parked up on the plan of the holy author of our religion. No man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship or ministry or shot other livestock on account of his religious opinions or beliefs. But all men shall be free to protest and by argument to maintain their opinions in matters of religion. I know but one code of mile before men whether acting singly or collectively and by the way you know what you know what force does not persecution does it creates hypocrites or martyrs. And what I mean by that is if you're afraid of dying you might say I'll go alone. You know you don't believe it but in order to save your life your people or murders if your bank where you get to college or never changes the heart not the words of George Washington to the Baptist delegation on August eighth seventeen eighty nine he said if I could ever entertain the slightest apprehension that the Constitution framed by the convention where I have the honor to provide might possibly endanger the religious rights of any society certainly I would never place my signature to it and if I could not conceive. That the General Government might ever be so I administered as to render the liberty of conscience and click here. I beg you will be persuaded. I beg you will be persuaded that no one would be more valid than myself to establish factual barriers against the horrors of spiritual tyranny in every species of religious persecution. For YOU dollars Remember I have often expressed my sentiment that any man conducting himself as a good citizen and being accountable to God alone for his religious opinions ought to be protected and worshipping the deity according to the dictates of his own kind. So there you have words by Benjamin Franklin Thomas Jefferson and George Washington obviously great authorities in the pound nation of our country. Number six the United States is a contemporaneous powerful Roman Catholic Church right now and as we shall see it is helping the papacy recover its power left I don't have time to mention this. I'll just maybe tell you about one episode here. Time magazine for covering twenty point one thousand nine hundred two a picture of you know the title says Holy Alliance how Reagan and the pope conspired to assist Poland's Solidarity movement and hasten to the mind of communism. The article is fascinating on how the politicians of the United States joined the Holy See in Rome and that union led to the demise of communism and what's even more amazing is that an author by the name of Molokai Martin Jesuit priest who died under mysterious circumstances recently wrote a book the name of a book is The keys of this blog it's a large book written in one thousand nine hundred published in one thousand nine hundred eighty. Well basically the gist of the book is that there are many powers today in the world in his in the day when he was writing that are competing for World them and he says one of them. Yes communism the second is western capitalism reflected primarily in the United States and the third is Roman Catholicism and this whole book which I've read the whole book it's a fascinating book not easy reading but it's worthwhile reading. He says that there's only one of these powers who is going to have a world wide domain and that the Roman Catholic Church and he says the reason why is because Jesus gave Peters the keys to the kingdom and he told him that the gates of hell would not prevail against God and because Christ gave Peter Peter the keys which are we would have to study the whole passage to see what it really means. It's guaranteed that the papacy will be the power that will govern the whole world. And interestingly enough since he wrote this The Soviet communism has fallen and western capitalism is there not on a quick road to the Cape. So what's next. He's right and by the way he says in this book there are over two hundred years the civil powers of the world have imposed in activity upon the Roman Catholic Church two hundred years takes you about back to seventy ninety eight is that the civil power of the world have imposed a period of inactivity of over two hundred years upon the Roman Catholic papacy. But he says that that inactivity is going to come to an end when the Roman Catholic Church a sense of the power to the power to the crown of the world. Interestingly enough there's another book here called His Holiness written by Carl Bernstein and Michael polity where they describe this whole cooperation between the United States and the Vatican in trying to overthrow Soviet communism and you know if you want to get an interesting look at this one it's fascinating to see what happened behind the scenes. I could tell you about what's happening in the United States Congress. Maisie after September eleventh the House of Representatives voted four hundred forty pork and nothing to schools to put in a visible place in god we trust the school that would have never happened before September eleventh. Since when does the government mandate putting in public schools. In God We Trust. Now you're saying well unitless Bascom are not an idiot. They highly recommended. Yes they highly recommended it began before September eleventh that would have meant they would not even highly recommended if you would have half of the Congress that would have said no this can't happen. But without a voice of protest they voted unanimously that this is what they were going to do in this book called you crazy ethical megalomania written by a Presbyterian. On page one hundred ninety five he says this is very interesting these very interesting words. And they're more prophetic than he realizes. He says the Roman church faith in the twentieth century however is an institution recovering from a mortal wound. Who does he say of recovering from the model will the Roman church faith and then he says this. If and when it regains its full power and authority it will impose a regime more sinister than any the planet has yet seen or read by a Presbyterian and there's much more that I wanted to share with you but we don't have time we have to be going through this. But it's OK now let's go through this quickly. Number seven the United States has become a worldwide superpower agreed politically economically techno. Logically then militarily in seventeen or one with seventy no one but the United States has they've had two hundred sixty two thousand nine hundred seventeen seventy six they have grown to two million eight hundred thousand. At present it is populated by over two hundred fifty million and covers an area of over eight million square miles in every sense of the word the United States has grown from small beginnings into a mighty empire. Number eight it seems unbelievable but the power which I have two horns like a lamb will end up speaking like the dragon the United States will help the papacy get its power back and it's happening right now. It will blend of church and state and impose the mark of the beast on pain of there we have seen with the sea beast represent the papacy the land beast represent the United States but what is the mark of the beast. Well let's allow the papacy itself to tell us what the mark of the Spears family reading to a statement by the way the material in Daniel seven is here a lot of that you'll be able to pick it up. There is close to twenty pages and there are additional statements besides the two that I have here so this is only two representative statements. I distance past great reverence for the Bible and yet my best followed by their solemn act of keeping Sunday they acknowledge the power of the Catholic Church the Bible says Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. The Catholic Church says No keep the first day of the week and lo the entire civilized world bowed down in reverent obedience to the command of the Holy Catholic Church. What do I do. Dial down what in Rome and obedience. Let me ask you if the Bible says that the Sabbath is that they were supposed to keep the seventh heaven. And we keep instead Sunday which was that they established by the Roman Catholic Church in the four centuries primarily and then it grew out of that whose authority are you accepting when you keep Sunday. Are you accepting God's authority. No you're accepting the authority of the power of the claim to change the law and by the way if you can change God's law you would have to be what you would have to be God And we've seen that this power claims to have the power of God then the second statement it was the Catholic Church which by the authority of Jesus Christ I'd like to see where that authority is in the New Testament has transferred this West to Sunday in remembrance of a resurrection of our Lord loves the observance of Sunday by the Protestants. Here's an homage they pay in spite of themselves to the authority of the Catholic Church. And one final statement in one thousand nine hundred by a man called J.F. Schneider wrote a Cardinal James givens that asked him the following question Does the Roman Catholic Church claim the act of changing the observance of the Sabbath from the seventh to the first family as a mark of her power. Chancellor except Thomas who was the secretary for Cardinal Givens responded in the following words quote The Catholic Church claims that the change was her act it could not have been otherwise as none in those days would have dreamed of doing anything in matters spiritual and ecclesiastical and religious without her and react is a mark of her equally easy task equal power and authority in religious matters in a way what a mark not of the word that is you know I've mentioned a few things here about what's going on. I could with you statement after statement after statement by. They're just leaders in Protestantism today where they're saying that we need to join church and state I could do it your statements by the chief justice of the United States. Also Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia who are justices on the Supreme Court. I could review statements by Senator Torricelli from New Jersey where he's proposing that nobody can speak badly about any other religion and that it be implemented as law in the United States. It's one thing right after another that's happening in these United States right now particularly after September eleventh. That's why I believe that what happened September eleventh is of critical importance. It's a lot actually there in the book of the Bible Prophecy. Not yet one. Yes there will only Abraham Lincoln did during the Civil War But you know technically it's unconstitutional but there's so many things you know that that we could talk about that we don't have time to talk about what's happening in the United States right now allow me to finish just by mentioning a little bit more about the mark of the beast. The Book of Revelation presents the seal of God in the Mark of the beast in Congress. It's like the revelation that God's people have won the seal of God Where been there Koreans and and those who follow the beast have the mark of the beast where in their right hand or in their forehead so you have to march and to mark the Mark of God is in the pool at the mouth of a beast as in the Korean or in the right hand. Now if I had time I would show you Biblically that what God places on the forehead is a holy law. Example of Hebrews Chapter ten. So as I will I will write my laws in their life in their names and in their heart and Jesus told Israel in these words of the law you should bind it between your eyes and you should put them on your hands. In other words they should guide your thinking and they should guide your like they should guide your doing I could also mention Isaiah eight sixteen where God says See all my law among my disciples. The very word seal is used. In fact I could quote Revelation fourteen versus nine hundred eleven which makes them out not but nobody should receive the mark of the beast and then immediately after that it's theirs. But here are they who keep the commandments of God Now go to those who keep the commandments of God are in contrast to those who receive the mark of the beast and by the way the first kind of message we're going to have a whole lesson on the greens of messages the person angel message which God gives to this world is that we're supposed to worship the One who created the heavens the earth the sea and the pardons of waters that is the creator and the Sign of The Creator is His Holiness I have poked you can look of Genesis to Revelation in your Bible and you will never find any verse where it says that God ever changes they have learned. You look in vain. It's not there now you can look it up the whole Bible and you find that God from the very beginning before Sam came into this world. Establish a day of worship it was a seventy five and he gave a command of the sign that he the creator come pick up my well you know that the Sabbath that was for the Jews and their point that the problem with any of the Persepolis created before there was even sin or any need of across the fabric was. We're in the Garden of Eden. It's part of God's original plan and I find it ironic that many spiritual leaders in the world today. They'll say you know for example I'll ask one of them I say you believe it's OK for a man to marry a man. Oh no when you get up and I say well OK I know and I say why not. Well because in Genesis says that God made a melancholy about and God created man each of you know what else God created in Genesis seven so why do you say that marriage still applies but the Sabbath doesn't say the Bible says that if you keep the whole law but you opened in one point you're guilty of the whole law the devil of the only trample on one of them. Because it serves a purpose. You say that the papacy changed the law of God in this one particular command not this one commandment is at the center of the Ten Commandments because it identifies got of the Creator. And so by removing this one from the law and placing the first they have weakened the law they have removed the seal from the law so you know we have to decide whether we're going to serve God I was going to say oh right rather we're going to follow the Word of God or whether we're going to power follow tradition haven't been followed in the church and sadly the United States is going to adopt this very day and it's going to enforce it by decree that whoever does not keep it does not receive the mark of the beach at certain levels and thirteen that they will ever even be sentenced to death. So how is that possible. Well men can be very cruel when he is destitute of the Spirit of God and the Spirit of God has been slowly removed from one another and with the Holy Spirit is totally removed. Only the protection of God we're going to is going to keep these people alive but we must make a commitment to the Lord today we will make that commitment to the Lord and I say I will obey God the man you want to raise your hand to say that little I've got my original prayer. But haven't we thank you for making prophecy so simple and so clear. Our hearts are saddened as we see what's going to happen to this great country of ours that you raised up as a place of refuge for your persecuted people in Europe a place that has been a wonderful place for people to come from many countries in the world to find freedom and peace. The Lord we're sad when we see the prophet tells us that this nation is going to change that have these two Christ like principles that's going to end up speaking like the dragon. Large we know that without your protection in the event that are coming there would be no hope but we thank you that you saw enough in your word that you will be with your people. I have thought that you will help everyone here to make a decision tonight to be faithful to you in receiving your seal and in rejecting the beast and his image and his mark. Help everyone to make the right choice. We thank you Lord for having been with us tonight and I think you will help. These words remain in our minds and in our hearts. We thank you for hearing our prayers because we ask it in Jesus' name. Just media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know if you would like to visit W W W auditor's dot org.


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