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10. The Ram, the Little Horn and the 2300 Days

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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Other never thank you once again for the privilege of being here tonight. Thank you for taking care of us today. Thank you for giving us your word which gives us a clear path as to where we need to walk and where things are leading to. We ask Lord that you will bless us in our study tonight. Very important study in Daniel eight. Send your spirit to be with us. We might be able to understand and we thank you Lord because we do have the opportunity of coming before your throne. Holy and we know that you hear us because we come to you in the precious name of Jesus our savior in our lesson tonight. We want to study. Daniel Chapter eight and I will just basically follow the lesson the way we've done on previous nights. So let's go right to our introduction and then I want to go back to Daniel seven just for a moment in our lesson today. We were studying the fascinating vision of Daniel eight. And I hope that you saw what's in parentheses. You will get a lot more out of this lesson if you review lesson seven particularly the last section of the lesson on Daniel seven which would be Lesson Number five in our series. We'll do a little bit of review tonight as we begin we noticed that all dog Daniel eight follows the same basic timeline as Daniel seven. There are normal differences. Number one Daniel eight begins with the kingdom of middle Persia rather then where the Kingdom of Babylon. You remember that in Daniel seven we have Babylon middle Persia Grace Rome Rome is divided into ten kingdoms that you have a little horn and something. I did not mention is that after the little horn carries on it's worked for time times in the dividing of time then you have a judgment scene that is taking place in heaven the Bible says that the father moves into the holy of holies Sixto then the Son of man is brought on the clouds to where the Ancient of Days had gone to where God the Father had gone and the Bible says that the books were opened and the Little Horn was judged for its behavior and this is taking place in heaven and then when the judgment and it says that the time came when the Saints were given the kingdom by Jesus and so you have this magnificent judgment scene in Daniel Chapter seven which is repeated in a different way in Daniel eight and we'll see tonight. But I just want you to know is that the first difference between Daniel seven Daniel eight is that Daniel eight begins with me or Persia does not begin with Babylon and a little in a little while you're going to lie number two while Daniel seven has your car never beasts you know what carnivorous means right. In Spanish the word kind of make those of you who speak Spanish immediately a smile came over on your things. Now no seven has four carnivorous beasts. Daniel eight has two domestic beasts and let me just interject here that they are not just any old domestic beasts they are the two principal beasts that were used in the sanctuary service in the daily sanctuary service and in the yearly sage words circles you know and we'll talk about this in a little bit a little while in the sanctuary service there was what was called The Daily or the continual basically random. Heard in the morning and Iran was offered in the evening and the ram was burning. Day and night on the altar in the court the altar of sacrifice that was known as the daily it's one aspect of the daily the daily sacrifice. But then there was a special animal that was used in the yearly service it was a male goat or a goat. Actually there were two eagles involved in the yearly search and and so Daniel Chapter eight uses the two principal beasts of the Hebrew sanctuary system one to represent the daily service and the other to represent the yearly service in other words what Daniel is trying to say is and of course Gabriel speaking today I know he's saying the central theme of this chapter is what is the sanctuary service and it has to do with the daily part of a sanctuary service and it has to do with the yearly part of the sanctuary so it's an impact we're going to notice that the little horn takes away the daily and is judged in the yearly service. So it's interesting that the two beats will be used the two principal beast in the Hebrew sanctuary service so that later I will talk more about the sanctuary service but you see this difference right between the carnivorous beasts of Daniel seven in only two domestic beasts of Daniel eight. Number three in Daniel seven. There are two separate symbols for pagan and Papal Rome you have a dragon based which represents the Roman Empire and then you have a little horn which represents papal roll right. But in Daniel Chapter eight you only have one symbol that is used to represent both Pagan and papal role and I believe that the reason for that is because. No I did not want to use any more than the two sanctuary beasts because he wanted to emphasize that Daniel eight is the old dealing with a daily service and it's dealing with the yearly service. The little line takes away the daily and God judges the little horn in the yearly service on Yom Kippur or on the great day we're told and saw God wanted to use only two beasts that's why there's only one symbol for both roles in Daniel Chapter eight and number four the vision of Daniel seven ends with the judgment and the everlasting kingdom. But the vision of Daniel eight ends with the judgment and leaves the everlasting kingdom unexplained. In other words the vision of Daniel eight is different than the vision of Daniel seven in its beginning and in its ending. It begins with me of Persia and it ends with the judgment. Whereas Daniel seven begins with Babylon and it ends with the everlasting kingdom. You have two parts missing the first part and the last part in the great and there's a very special reason for that they were going to study. I understand in the four points raise your hand if you understand the four points that we're underlining here. Very good and also didn't raise their hand do I need to repeat it in the clear. Anybody have any questions or reservations. Speak now or forever hold your peace right now. Allow me to mention something about the Hebrew sanctuary because that's the foundation for what we're going to study tonight and this will be reviewed probably for most of you but in the Old Testament God told Israel to build him a sanctuary that he might dwell in their midst. Now the sanctuary was composed of four basic. It's first of all you have this court and by the way the entrance to the court was pointing east and there was a very special purpose for that and that is that when the people came to worship before God their back was to the sun all of the ancient pagan nations worship with their face to the sun. You can read that in easy kill eight sixteen even God's people have fallen into the mistake of worshipping the sun in the days of easy kill God's own people but God in it's as though that they had their back to the temple of the Lord and they were looking towards the east and they were worshipping the sun. So God put the end it's at they so that when people came to worship they were facing west and the sun was at their backs. In other words they were giving their back to the sun and they were placed in the Lord. So you have the core and then you have three tribes of Israel camping. At each angle of the sanctuary saw the first place is the encampment the same joint capital of the twelve tribes of Israel resided in the second place is the court of the sanctuary. Now the main piece of furniture in the court was known as the altar of burnt offering on the altar of sacrifice. All of the animals that were sacrificed were offered on this altar and saw they were brought in basically that what the sinner did the sinner workplace is hand you can read this in Leviticus Chapter four would place his hand on the head of the animal and he would confess his sin on the head of the animal whether it be a lamb or goat or or any other kind of animal that was used in the sanctuary service. The Hebrew person would place his hand on the head of the animal and confess his sin and in that way the sin was transferred from the sooner to the animal and then the Son himself. And sometimes the priest would slay the animal they would shed the blood of the animal representing the fact. A sin that had been transferred to the animal was now being punished in the animal instead of being punished in the sin bin that a beautiful symbol I mean it was grotesque having all of these animals killed in the Old Testament. But God was trying to teach his people in the Old Testament how he was going to be was sent and how terrible sin is the wages of sin is death but the Senate doesn't have to die. Our sacrifice was bound to die in place of the sinners even to be able to ask them and you have a clear revelation of Jesus Christ. Then inside the court you had the sanctuary building proper You have what is known Let's board here court so that you can by the way this is my version of Powerpoint you have the entrance into the holy place and the Holy Place has had three items of furniture it had the table of the showbread. I'm going north. Which hand. Twelve loaves of bread. In other words I was enough bread for all Israel is what is being illustrated here. And the Lords were into stacks on top of the table the children then in the South and by the way you would expect it to be in the south because the South is where there is no light. According to what we studied in previous lectures in the fount of the holy place you have the seven branched candlestick the number seven represents perfection. The oil in this seven branched candlestick represents the Holy Spirit and the light is this is a symbol of Jesus the Bible says that Jesus is the light of who are the oval symbols and by the way this is also a symbol the bread is a symbol of Christ. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds of the mouth of God and of course the Word of God is Jesus in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the word. So the brand represents Jesus the candlestick represents the light that Jesus gives and then right before the veil which divided the holy place from the most holy place there was what is known as the golden altar or the altar of incense only incense was placed on that altar and basically the incense would climb up a veil and I would go all over the veil into the presence of God that all of incense represented Christ's continual intercession before his father or so in other words Jesus is our light Jesus is our word Jesus is our only intercessor and the author indicated that Jesus is our only sacrifice in other words Jesus is our low according to lives and by the way in the sanctuary system you needed two symbols to represent growth you need in a priest and you need a sacrifice because if it breaks or if the priest sacrificed himself he was dead and so in the Old Testament you needed two symbols to represent one function of Christ so the priest would offer the sacrifice. But with Jesus the Bible says that he is the priest and he is the sacrifice because he offers himself. He's the officiating priest and he's also the sacrifice at the same time. He's the victim as well as the priest and so you have the holy place of the sanctuary which represents the intercession of Christ by the way this represents the sacrifice of Christ in the court in sacrifice of the holy place represents his intercession and then of course you have the last holy place behind the second curtain because the first curtain is the one that leads from the court into the holy place. You have the second which leads into the most holy place. What could you have in the most holy place you have the Ark of the covenant with the two covering cherubs on each side and it was manifested in the middle between the Caribbean remember we studied this Psalm eighty and Bush one. You moved well between that era we are between the two archangels and then of course inside the ark of the Covenant were the tables of stone the Ten Commandments and it's interesting that the presence of God would be manifested on what is known as the mercy seat the cover up of this ark of the Covenant and that's where the where the glory of God rested on the cover of the Ark of the Covenant and below that cover was the law of God which is the foundation of God's government see it the foundation of it so that's why the Bible says that the law of God is the foundation of God's love. And of course we're going to find that at the very center of the most holy place is also Jesus Christ because Jesus Christ is not only the sacrifice Jesus is not only the intercessor Jesus Christ is also the judge the most holy place represent a judgment that's where the Day of Atonement ceremony took place. That's where the cases of all the other lights was analyzed. Now I want you to catch a picture of what we have here. The animals were sacrificed in the court. The sin was placed on the head of the animal the animal died in place of the sinner. Let me ask you the sinner not the whole jumping for joy and say say I am forgiven. Could you say that. Yes we could. He no longer had the sand who had never had the sin and then the animal guide for the sin but was that all. No because the Bible says that the priest would then take the blood which had the sin in it. Because sin is transferred by the blood and the priest would take the blood into the holy place and he would sprinkle it where he would sprinkle it under a veil between the holy in the most holy place in this way. Sin was being transferred from the sinner through the victim to wear to the sanctuary. Now did the senator have to be worried that his sin was covered by the blood in the sanctuary. Top him saying Oh you mean to say the Sam the Record of sin was the veil in the sanctuary transferred there. How could that how could the Israelite then have security of salvation lessen his greatest assurance or her greatest assurance was to have the cinema sanctuary because if it wasn't in the sanctuary it was on them. You see once I was transferred to the victim and then to the sanctuary the Senate was free from the condemnation of the law from the condemnation of sin because the victim had taken it and the sin had been transferred where to the sanctuary but I want you to notice that throughout the course of the whole year when I was accumulating in the sanctuary in the record of all our sins that were confessed that work by the way that were confessed and forgiven. Because I wasn't a sign showing or forgiven sins and assumed that did not go into the sanctuary was not forgiven. I saw the greatest assurance of the yellow light was to have a sense of the sign showing regard man they were covered in blood. If they weren't there they were in his life but at the end of the year it became necessary to cleanse what to cleanse the sanctuary from all the sins that had gathered in there to see whether the Israelite had truly confessed out of a love relationship with the Lord whether they truly had a relationship with Jesus. The books were opened in other words the cases were examined. Great Day of Atonement. And then the sanctuary was cleansed of the record of the sea. I understand in the process now with this in mind it's going to be a lot easier for us to understand the lesson. Let's go to where it says the literary structure of the vision is of critical importance to realise that then your weight is divided into two parts the vision in verses one to fourteen and the explanation of the vision in verses fifteen or twenty six. Did you catch that in your study. A careful study indicates that each part of the vision is carefully explained in the last half of the chapter except by what except for the time reference to the twenty three hundred evenings and mornings it would be well to bear this in mind as we wade through the chapter. Also the totality of the vision of Daniel eight one fourteen is described by the Hebrew word chance all it would be well to keep this in mind for future reference as well. And what I want to do now is I want to show you that everything this is critical critical important to most I now I want to show you that every portion of the vision was explained in the second half of the chapter except for the sanctuary part. In other words the explanation reaches up to our talks about the little harm rising against the prince. But after that not the casting down of the sanctuary village spoken up in the in the vision. There's no explanation because the Bible says that Daniel got sick and you think that there was something in the time period the twenty three hundred days that made him sick and made him faint and we're going to notice tonight what that is now but want me to. Daniel Chapter eight and I want you to notice how everything in the first step in the vision is explained in the second half of the chapter. What do you have first in Daniel Chapter eight you have a lot you have a name I am correct. How many arms there's a romance to the RAM has two horns one of arms is what higher than the other and the highest one came out left this is amazing how this will build in history. It's just mind boggling how something like this could be fulfilled to the very letter long before you would happen. Now let me ask you is that right I am explained in the second half of the chapter. Yes go with me to day eight and verse twenty. No RAM what you saw having the two horns they are the kings of what media and Persia say no reason to speculate. Media and Persia and then What animal do you have you have a male What do you have a male god is the male God explained. Yes not as verse twenty one and the mailboat is the kingdom of what is the kingdom of Greece. By the way that male dog had one notable what one notable horn is that not a bull horn explained. Yes the knot of a horn is its first what is its fast cane. Oh but then when that one was broken what happened was four came out. Is that explained in the last half of the chapter. Yes No that's what it says in verse twenty two. As for the broken horn and the four that stood up in its place. What kingdom shall rise out of that nation. Let me ask you does the male don't have the four horns when he first arrived. Our member of the Dragon Beast had a little on when I first wrote about. Now they can smash the Dragon Beast rules and spell out what can a Lawrence and then among the kid comes out the little one. There's a sequence the same with the kingdom of Greece you have this male god he has a note on the rules for a while with a notable horn the green one is broken and then four come out the four come out after this kingdom has room for a while that clear in your mind. Side says four kingdoms shall arise out of that nation but not with his power and so I love the Horan's explained. Yes or no. Yes the four lines are explained and then what do you have. After the ran the male goat that has one horn and the four horns that come from the head of the male goat. Well you have a little lap a little heart and I want you to notice what the little horn does it says that he grew exceedingly verse nine toward the south toward the eastern part of the glorious land and it grew up to the host of heaven on all of this and it cast down some of the host and some of the stars to the light to the ground not to some of the hottest and some of the loch and some of the stars. It cast them to the ground and what trampled on them so you have a little boy that tramples on the host and on the stars. Is that explained in the last half of the chapter. Absolutely go with me to verse twenty three and in the latter time of their kingdom when the transgressors have reached their fullness our king shall arise having finished features is this the same airline that's been explained now yes or no. OK so you have the Expo. A nation of the Little Horn continues saying there is a twenty four hour his power shall be mighty but not by his own power and your memory trampled the stars. Remember that temple the stars and the host. Now what does that mean. Well it says he shall destroy fearfully shall prosper and thrive he shall destroy the what the mighty and also the work the holy people. What is the host and the stars know what the mighty and holy people. Are you with me. It is the explanation following the vision. Yes it is but now I want you to notice that there is something which is not explained. The next thing that the little horn does is he travels he takes the place of the sanctuary and he what he takes the place of his sanctuary and he throws it down to the earth in place of Christ sanctuary taken and thrown down to the earth and then a question of course is asked until when is this going to take place that the sanctuary is going to be trampled and the answer comes back on to twenty three hundred days of evening and morning then shall the sanctuary B. What then shall the sanctuary be clients but I want you to notice that the the sanctuary the cleansing of the sanctuary itself is not explained neither is the time period. Does Daniel eight give us any reference as to where we're supposed to begin the twenty three hundred days. No it doesn't tell us where to begin the twenty three hundred days. Not not as verse twenty six it says and the vision of the evenings and mornings which was told is true. And then what does he say. Therefore seal up the what the vision for it refers to many days in the future is an explanation given about the sanctuary in the twenty two other days. Absolutely not in fact we're told in verse twenty seven and I Daniel fainted and was sick for days. This this vision made him sick and it wasn't because the little arm was so terrible because he'd seen the ravenous beast beast in Daniel seven and he did get sick there. There's something about this time period that may bear on your sick and we want to study that tonight and so he says. Afterward I rose and went about the king's business I was astonished by the vision but no one want to understand it. Now wait a minute I had a vision that explained. We had the vision then explain of course except for what except for the second flight and the twenty two hundred days. So what is the part that does not understand the sanctuary in the twenty three hundred days the time period and by the way this will become absolutely clear as we study the lesson I just want you to keep it in mind. Now let's go through the first two sections so we could do it quickly now that I've given this explanation number one by the section that says the Baron but I am in Daniel seven the bear was raised up on one side and had three what three ribs in its mouth did you see that the RAM of Daniel latest parallel. No RAM and Daniel eight has two arms and one was what you see the bear is higher on one side and there's a horn that's higher than the other and the tallest one came out a lot last if you look at the dynasty of the Medes and Persians the amazing thing is by the way I could give you a sheet if you're interested in having a sheet that has all of the dynasty. The Medes and Persians the whole history of New York Persia. You'll find that at first the Medes and the Persians ruled together but very quickly the meads disappeared and the Persians were the only ones who ruled and it's so much so that starting in Daniel Chapter ten no longer is made or Persia mentioned whenever that kingdom is mentioned. It's called Persia from Daniel pan out it's called Project not called me to purge anymore because Mido can be disappeared in history so this is precisely what happened in history. Now notice also that the RAM conquered in how many directions of the compass Westword which conquered conquered Babyland by thirty nine middle Persia did you can buy that and then you live in the north. It conquered Lydia in five forty six and southward it conquered Egypt in five twenty five. Sort conquered these three kingdoms to rise to power. This happened historically. So you see three rivers three directions of the come so let me ask you is The Bear and the ram. Do they represent the same power. Yes they do. Now let's go to number two. No RAM represents the kings of what media and Persia. No room for guesswork. Right right. Ok note it is obvious that the bear and the RAM represent the same historical power the three words are the three provinces of the Babylonian Empire which may or Persia had to overcome in order to rise to power battle in Libya in Egypt it is also historically true that the Kingdom of Persia was more powerful than media and came out last. Now let's go to the next section the left part of Daniel seven had what four wings and four heads by the way did the leopard have four heads when it first arose to power you know because the forms came out letters later so the four heads must have come out later to see how important it is to compare. The two outlines I remember is a swept animal but Wings make an even softer not male goat of Daniel eight was flying saucer. Only that it didn't even touch the ground you see the connection between the leopard with wings and that he got that flying through the air is not even touching the ground and the hands of the leopard are equivalent to what do the four horns that come out on the head of the legal or the male go it's all simple. OK Number two the male god represents the kingdom of what Greece and a large horn represents its first king and Alexander the Great was the first king of a dynasty of Greece he conquered the world from Athens to the endless Valley in only three years. Interesting that American as are nine years just to conquer Tyre and Alexander you know he died when he was an early thirty's because he didn't have anything more to conquer. So I killed him. He made himself drunk and he just intoxicated himself so much that he killed himself. When Alexander died the kingdom was eventually divided into four kingdoms the antagonists who govern in Macedonia and Greece in the West the Ptolemies will rule Egypt in the south the solicits ruled Syria and Mesopotamia in the east and the adults who ruled the kingdom Pergamum in the north and I debated whether to put a quotation from a historian I didn't because I don't want to run too many pages on this but let me just read you a statement by a historian whose name is W W Tarn. His book is Hellenistic civilization the pages page six he says he that is Alexander let not air and had made no arrangements for carrying on the government. Interesting that. That Daniel eight says that forward arrived but not in his power. He left no successors. They continue saying once the uprisings of Greece in the Lamie and war and of the Greeks in the Far East were defeated a struggle for power started among his generals that is among Alexander's generals in the shape of war between satraps that's territorial dynasties and whatever central power aimed at general control the battle of abscess in Korea one definitely decided that the Greco Macedonian world could not be held together and that and that world presently returned very much to the political shape it had before Alexander though under different rulers and a different civilization. Now listen to this. By two seventy five three DYNASTY is descended from three of his generals. They were well established the Salusa ruled much of what had been the Persian Empire in Asia the Ptolemies ruled Egypt and the UN take the meds. Macedonia are part of European dynasty not connected with Alexander the Apple it's a part of them subsequently grew up in Asia Minor at the absolute expense and became great by the favour of Rome. So there you have four kingdoms the Salusa it's the end to go heads the Ptolemies and the kingdom of Pergamon and historians will bear this out. Now let's go to the next page. No work of the Little Horn. Yes You know he had three and they divided the territory they fought among themselves they formed their own kingdom and then there was a fourth kingdom that was not related to any of the generals of Alexander as many get up or generals but only three of them actually established lasting kingdoms and then of course you have the king of the program. OK. Yes. When he was a real young guy. OK to work a little more. There can be no doubt that the little one of then your seven and eight represent the same historical power do you understand that. Let's look at the parallels. More are called a what a little whore. If Daniel had wanted to say that this is a different power why would he say a little more and by the way you know what. What's extremely interesting Daniel seven was written in Aramaic and Daniel eight was written in Hebrew and I don't know whether you know that or not but you know what's interesting there's a different word for porn in Aramaic than there is and Hebrew but the word little or little horn involved Daniel seven and eight are the same Hebrew word in other words what Daniel wants to emphasize is that this is the same little horn in both chapters. Now noticed after small beginnings vault later became what became great in fact let me just mention this quickly we don't have time to read the verses but if you read Daniel eight verse four it says that the that the RAM became great. If you're a guy you know and in verse eight about Melbourne IT says he became very great and when you read about the little horn in Daniel eight in verse nine it says he became extremely great you know that some scholars believe that this little Arne was a was a puny little ruler called Antiochus and it can't be because the kingdom of Persia and the Kingdom of Grace are more powerful than this puny little ruler who became subservient to rule you have a progression of power don't you hear the lamb was great the male no. It was very great but the little horn was exceeding great. Now also going back to this list the little island of Daniel seven made what or who are against the Saints and the little one of Daniel and destroyed the what the holy people by the way. Lest you don't know the word Saints the word Saints and the word holy meaning the same thing. How do we say wholly in Spanish. Chantel in Spanish Holly of sample. So in other words in Daniel seven he says he persecutes the signs but in that Ulaby says he persecutes the what the holy people which are the same thing as the saints they're God's people. So both horns persecute God's people. Both are described as boss. Boastful and arrogant right. Nominal or not Daniel seven is what I like the eyes of a lot of a man. What do eyes represent in prophesy eyes represent wisdom sagacity cunningness. Let me just you know we still have remnants of that idea today that graduation time. What animal represents is used very frequently a graduation card or a lot O. Y. O. has because the graduate and very wise. Three and Sammy I know has a lot of big highs. I was about we said where is the men coming after this Saturday. Is that exactly the same thing that we have about the little horn in daylight. Yes. In fact the little horn in Daniel eight it says through his what her clue is cutting he causes a lot to spare. She's smart lives wise as a what as a serpent. Now both constitute the what the last kingdom on Earth before Jesus comes again. They are the climax of the vision. Now you can only have one last power. OK you have two left bars when you say the last power it must be the last power and sort of in Daniel seven and eight the Little Horn is the last power they must represent the same power. Are you with me. The activities of both extended until the time of the light at the time of the end and both come to their end. When when Jesus destroys them. In other words they come to their end and they have no one to work to help them. So are the dorms the same power. Yes they are and what did the little horn of Daniel seven represent. What historical system. The Papacy the Roman Catholic system and saw the little horn in Daniel eight must represent what must represent the same power but from a different angle. See Daniel seven emphasizes one thing the emphasis in Daniel eight is what Roman Catholicism does to the sanctuary service in a minute we'll get to that number to the right and then the male dog start on a horizontal level against each other you know what I mean by horizontal level it's very evident that the RAM started fighting against the bot of every now and fights against all against the bow or the rather the goat bites again forever right. In other words you're dealing with a fine on a historical level. There's not no fight between. I haven't it says that the Little Horn also grew horizontally first didn't it. Because it says it grew towards the south which is Egypt toward the east. Greece Syria and Asia Minor and toward the glorious land which is what Israel is number three. But then down the line grew a lot magically different that the previous powers thing. Now that's not only fighting the previous power horizontally now its fight is going to be with you know with about Heaven is that the same thing with little or no. Absolutely and not as what it says. He grew brightly up to that what the host of heaven and it cast down some of the what. Some of the holes and some of the time to grow. Now the angels are God's heavenly hosts. But this power is governing is this power governing in heaven or on earth. I know this is a grabbing the heavenly stars the angels and throwing them down to the earth. No he can't be doing that. So what do we have here let's go to our next question brought also cause his people in Exodus seven for my what my armies. Unfortunately many times translators of Bible versions will translate a word differently in two pictures. It's interesting the word that is used here in Exodus seven four where Israel is called God's armies is the identical word for hosts in Bengal chapter eight. But you would never know it by the translation. If you want to check up on me and see what I'm telling you the truth was TRANSCOM gardens like we talked about and look in the back of straw. Look up the word host. Then look at the number in the back of the concordance and then. Look up the word armies and look up the number in the back of a good cards and you'll see that the number is the same it's the same Hebrew word in other words. Yes Well I mean I mean according to exit a seven verse four and there are other references as well. Now not that I know a twenty four. Talbot but dogs post is wrong we know what mighty and also the holy want only people who have read that the little horn is casting down he's persecuting home. Yes thank God and you say now wait a minute doesn't say that he took the stars of heaven and cast them down. Yes it does say that but when you fight against God's people he's fighting against God You say all of that. Well you remember when fall apart this was on the road to Damascus. Jade's apparent to him and Jesus that. So why do you persecute my church. Oh thank you very much. Glad you're right on the ball. Oh why persecuted not me. God's holy people and by doing that he's fighting against rude he's fighting against God In other words it's talking about the same persecution the took place there in the time time and dividing of time. Oh that's what it means and trampling on them and even plants. Now I want to know is this the last part of number four. Oh you have to know before zero you know it's all right that's a good number in the New Testament the Apostle Paul used US military terminology to describe the people of God Some people might say well why does God call Israel his armies simply. Because God uses military terminology to describe this people because his people are not me and you have a very inefficient six where the apostle Paul says that we're supposed to we're supposed to guard ourselves with the whole Arab or of God and then he speaks about this war and he speaks about the shield and he speaks about the helmet and he speaks about the Blacks play. So you've got people are spoken of as an I mean who's the general but that almost also talked about as an army and who's the general site the general say. So there's two army but it's not talking about a physical battle on earth is talking about a spiritual battle over spiritual issues over truth and right and wrong good and evil. That's the issue in this war. It's not oil in the Middle East. That's a distraction it's not Arabs versus doing so because that's a distraction to Arabs versus Jews and what does that have to do with those who keep the commandments of the weather that happened over the devil aiding those who have the testimony of weapons that are going on with those who are the patients of the thanks I think. But the devil wants people to look aged when times are taking place in the West because when you're looking over there you can see the problem of prophecy here. Serious business that we're talking about here. That's why this seminar is so important and I hope it's been an eye opener for many of you because we're dealing with life and death wish you support. We're not dealing with academically Well you know I want to know more about Bob abruptly. We're talking about salvation a provision in the study of these purposes now that the Apostle Paul blog called God's people saints in the New Testament although we are so god damn these are composed of straight just like you have in the Old Testament in this prophecy. Now let's go to the second number for an investor who haven't the lid on a pax what the prince of the host. Now who is the parents of the homes if the hostess is spiritual I mean then the Prince of the host must be what must be the general and who is this gentleman here is we here we have another case of where something is translated differently in two verses by the King James by the New King James and you would never know that it's the same identical expression unless you went to that in court and it's tragic and they're not always trying to win this thing and you don't have to take my word for it. I challenge you to check me out of these things. Go to open gardens. Yes Strong's Concordance dogged by the strong you know and look up in the back. Joshua five The key words and just walked by in the key words in Daniel and you'll find that the parents of the Holocaust is the identical expression that we find in Joshua chapter five and basically what we find there in Joshua is that Josh was on the road to Jericho and he and he meets this tremendous military commander and he says are you with us or are you with our enemies and honest not this individual answers. He identified himself as the what. As the commander that same word went to the commander in Staunton guards initially the command is the same one as points by the way the word son that's where we get the word star room on the part of the Czar in Russia. Scar Well that's going to say more. Now let's continue here and what did Josh what do when he was confronted by this individual who identified himself as the guy. Man of the Army of the Lord. He bowed down in what I will not do this prince receive is a sometime an ordinary angel. No because I'm not much of one thousand and ten. We enjoy Gabriel told John get up. I'm up also when you don't worship me worship God but here the commander of a large post receives what first and then let you have any doubt still exists that this being commanded him to remove his what was because he was standing on what on holy ground and you think of one other episode in the Bible where somebody was told to remove his shoes because he was standing on holy ground mounted and appeared to be one who identified himself as the I AM THAT I AM Who is this prince of the whole point of the hold is none other than Jesus Christ. Are is against the little harm and Jesus serious business. Now we go to the real number. No Little Horn is also said to take away the life they now list when in the King James version you read a word that's in italics. It means that the translators thought it belonged there but it's not part of the original text. If you look in your Bibles in this text you're going to find a word sacrifices if the NY calyx. Which means that it is not in the original language. The translators put it there because they're interpreted what they think the daily means. Daily it's much more ample much wider than just the daily sacrifice. Now let's notice note very important no more daily. It's an adjective. And it appears more about any quote by now. Immediately you ask the question. Go anywhere for example get off if they are they head and say OK well now I know what the Daily Mail here is that the balloon takes away what he takes away the do you say the daily what and by the way the word day we have the definite article this is not any old daily and if me daily it is going by the way it's also translated in the Old Testament continues. That's not us our second point here the Hebrew word Tommy which is very simple I mean something which goes on continuously without interruption. MARCO WERMAN something that goes continuously grows and grows and grows without interruption. Now the word is used to describe the continual ministration of the priest in B. happens people in the court and in the holy place of the sanctuary. And you'll know it here in the know when it is used to describe the daily sacrifice. In other words sacrifice what was offered in the morning and in the evening. The sacrifice of the sacrifice of Jesus and was done continually. Tommy. Over and over and over again it was the continual sacrifice because it was done continuously evening and morning. I understand what I'm saying now what is that that group might represent and represented the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I'd not want to ask you this. God the sacrifice gave us. That's repeated over and over and over again. Or does here's why would sacrifice have value wherever one side has now you've already been sacrificed the continual sacrifice represented the sacrifice of Jesus once well Rick have a repercussion in favor with people. In fact the book of Hebrews that then does not need to sacrifice himself over and over again because he did this once for all by offering himself. I have attacks in the US and if you look them up in the book of Hebrews. Let me ask you what does the Roman Catholic Church teach you about the maths. In Roman Catholicism the idea is that genes are when people go to the mass First of all they worship the whole. We also believe that the host you know what I mean by the host you run away for they also believe that each labor on planet Earth. Jesus is probably contained in each labor that's not part of Jesus when we take the way for your partaking of the whole complete. If the label is not awake or if the real body and leaves. And each time the fact of the matter mass is offered genius of sacrifice over and over again. And people aren't going to look into heaven to the once for all thank Jesus. They look to what the priest is doing and they look to that little hole that is placed on their car their religion is misguided from heaven to where what happens on Earth. In other words a little horn could go away right. From. After the only sacrifice. But there's more. It says here and only both of us are enjoying there was a table with no luck with the show grin or continual Greg. The word continual there is the word Tommy the identical word that you find in Daniel Chapter eight. Why was it called Camping continual Greg because it works supposed to be on the table continually without interruption. Now what does that grade represent. The bread represents Christ that not only Christ in person but Christ asked us from where then is why don't you remember Jesus fair amount of temptation to the devil. No man shall not live by bread alone but by every word they post these out of the mouth of God What does the brand represent according to Jesus. It represents the Word of God and by the way in John chapter six and verse sixty verse three we find that the business is having a conversation with the Jews and Jesus never left my question drink my blood you have no likened you and of course the Jews were listening they were alarmed they said why not. Business men pitching up to be counted. That was about the rush and blood of Jesus I saw little bit later on in John's They expect the great Jews that there's less involved let me explain myself in my flesh and drink and drink my blood nothing. Now you know he said it is the same way that gives lie and there is the answer in my Word which what would give you a line to the work of Ali and I don't like how do we park paper how do we. We have not only him through the study of what little but it was like when I saw Mr di road Have I hit it in my heart that I might not sin again. What is it that made this ball become Spain. Needing a little right now leads us to gain the victory over spent to be cleansed from sin in John Picton verse three Jesus said that were cleansed by the way. Let me ask you what the Roman Catholic Church substitute in place of the Word of God I'm going to mention several practices that don't have one little iota of presence in God's word. Purgatory. Limbo. Well the Catholic Church would be having all the problems they have now if they followed the example of course they think the principle of the Bible says that Peter was right you know that all of the lists of the bishops and the elders and the deep end and leaders of the church the Bible said that they were supposed to be have someone white. And yet the Roman Catholic Church has no marriage for the priests the priests need to be married. That's what the Bible is all regular confession but it's going to the confessional confession years incorporate the Bible so that's what we're supposed to confess our priest all sins only lent processions the mass relics canonisation of saints Why do you find the panel later the plane with the rosary mowing before image image and the idea that Mary was was immaculately the Assumption of Mary there is no mention in the Bible of in front of America. Baptism of infants might. We're including the Bible sets a baptism should always be of adults and it should be by immersion. Sunday marked out of there so I could go on and on and on and mention teaching the Roman Catholic Church has which are not in harmony with God's Word. So the conflict between the Word of God and the traditions of men. So what the little horn bit who took away the Word of God and placed this tradition. He took away the ones back a point to Christ and placed back up my ass. But there's more not at the bottom of page two in the holy place. I don't stick the light on this candlestick with the burnt people are going on how Tommy continuously. The number seventy not perfection and the like represent Jesus who is the right of the world. What if the period of Roman Roman Catholic Dominion call it is called the Dark Ages. Why do you suppose that's called the Dark Ages. Because instead of Jesus being the light by the way I'm not saying this I don't want to be offensive to anyone who grew up or Catholic or or you know I'm not this is not a reflection on individual Catholics there are many individual packed with them not the Lord. They don't know any better. They're doing the best they can with the light that they receive. God love them and they love the Lord but they didn't come out and thing because because of their. Business placed their hope is looking in a place where God cannot save the person. Systems will never save you. But Michael says you shall know the truth. Emma to make him three you know might not be able to work out like this because because they love the Lord they not know any better and by the way if you don't love the Lord God call with a lot of babble and to join. So this is the dark ages because everybody look to the bishop of Rome. It's vicarious reliving it provided of the Son of God by Grimm and stuff. I have statements you have in the material but most of them probably brought the knock on Daniel seven. Where where poor black or corpses we occupy the place of God on Earth. Amazing. You know and and in fact there are statements there where where the Roman Catholic priest that says you know when we change the way put into the body of Jesus. Really come to create a big black them is against the law. Oh that's a question the creature over the Creator. That's exactly the picture that we find in second person only in chapter two. Now let's go to our next page while all we have are behind on this one. But anyway you'll be patient with me want to. Well good. Oh yeah. Our management of minds they have to learn on the next page page three in the holy place. Incense was placed upon the Golden altar and the smoke of sounded continually before the Lord the Ensigns represented the precious minutes of Jesus presented before the father when his people pray. In other words you pray to Jesus and Jesus what plans. Anyway you're saying these people are the bother. There's a Roman Catholic Church so I can forgive you and praise good when the plates that's not which means that you or I could give you the person can go home with Mr and support goodness my Bible tells me that God is the one who will become in other words what the Little Horn did was steal all the functions that we want. And can't find anything in an op where he said Have you thought of a rhino Franks like with Iraq and so we are all Corporal the political form of cash not me. The light I hear the play Come on full plate of appointment but I'm going now my question is when trying to write is being referred to here. Well if I can look up the records happening when I'm going to Lauren doing this work. We're going to go in the middle ages right. Why does the Jerusalem temple in existence at that time. Well it was going to go on in the year seventy. So was there any temple any person called Temple on where the little aren't could be carrying on their work. Not directly no you know we were talking employ here members of one interpreter the anti-Christ. Where in the temple of God showing himself to be God now would he be able to stand in the heavenly temple you know so he would take his place where in the spiritual temple which is the church as we study now this means that he cannot be said in a literal temple because there was no literal temple Jerusalem had been destroyed. Now the question is what functions of the sanctuary or the temple does this little horn pickle. Well we need to find out one of the prince's think of the third that he trampled on the prince following the prince. Sop we know why do we know who we're going against and why do you want to get now my question is where is jesus today. I thank you. Which one is going to have a listen to or not is this note that we have always been the little one represent the Roman Catholic system. This being the case I could not believe the literal Jewish temple was destroyed in the year seventy. HE WAS RIGHT ONE IN TWO identical identifies the thanks I with the little orange after we have such a high priest who is seated at the right hand of the crown of the majesty in the heavens when the where in the heavens a ministry of the word sanctuary and of the truth tabernacle with Mularkey record and not man. Where that French are you going to scramble down by the little harm it is in heaven and where is the prince by the way the word the Hebrew word place like home. Eight eleven of you. Seventeen times in the Old Testament and in every case it refers to God while in place in heaven for when he felt that he kept on the plane if I didn't write you can know the heavenly Thanks Joy We got this seventeen used as of this one I refer to God growing place in heaven. The question is if the thank you when the host in the points were all in heaven how could they be cast down by the Roman Catholics of them when that system was on her. The fact is that the system that took over the Temple where. I know and what is the pimple on a church by the way is there a very close connection between the spiritual temple on earth and the heaven we thank you for your help of course. Now let's not at number seven know the literal temple is in heaven the shadow of that temple is where Christ is in the heavenly temple serves the needs of his people on earth does he not. So there's a very close connection. The foundations of the temple are of the Apostles. It's that what the cheap cornerstone in the presence of God have manifested in the temple with the Holy Spirit and God people either moving stones built up on the plantation stones Jesus ministers in heaven for his people where various people on or something governmental are paid over quite a place in heaven. What would you do it what would you do. He took over his place where I now am I taking over the time when I'm in the church and other people look instead of looking to heaven by the law. They look like they're not bring salvation not only can we enter heaven we think you are good at it. Then winter Manley thank you and you know that and you will Chapter four plans that we can come to the point of great help in front of me now I am not Karabakh of you'd like to get up there and say you don't I don't really see clearly you're a member of the church you know and you know this your brain is wired in every system did what they're doing in heaven and poker where starvation cannot go. I understanding one thing here now that we've been over here in day two princes who are struggling for the fall of human beings one of them performs a continual ministry of salvation a manly sanctuary by pointing the blood of his one and only sacrifice before the father represented by the architect provides. He reads this people who run the Shelbourne he keeps the mind of the church burning by the power of the Holy Spirit that the panels and forgive those who come to him in pain. It's impair represented by the arc of insolence. Really I don't think I am able to use such a heavenly ministry of the print established as a counter to the mass of the words of men the confessional etc in the church that is in the temple. By getting people to focus on this kind of ministry the little horn cast down the place of the heavenly sanctuary and keeps a human being to them concerning the saving work of crime without being able to discern the saving work of quite in heaven souls perish incident. If what we're talking about tonight was a matter of life and death that we're not we're not playing games here. You know I could I could come and I could I could tell you a beautiful story because you know the end. But I'm not into that but both of you who know me know that I'm not going to get too late in the world to be playing games. Time that people know who because of truth not of no break when they were praying to God in heaven I want you to see the connection between the two same choice when they were praying to God in heaven he said he had the play of your servant and of your people in Israel. When we played this what we're talking about the Jerusalem temple. That's all here where and when you don't have it. So when they pray God. What would happen if I would actually go where you know we're going to have it. So there's a connection between the spiritual people I know and the little temple in heaven where G.'s with ministers number nine in order to carry on his nefarious work. A little on was given a lot and I mean what does that indicate that he was given an army. Give a little more and I know seven join with a spate of accomplices purposes. Indeed. Chapter two The graffiti according to her. In my donation cap of hurricane relief appeal to the power of the day. Yeah well you know Bank of America yeah. You know what the Bible calls that fornication because that church shit on me and I'm James Earl the mission of the church. The population of the church because you know you're asking the help of another husband so terrible in the flight of God. Is because when you're charged people who puts white people to buy quickly. That's why the Bible called fornication. Now with no science This clearly shows that the Little Horn would receive the military aid of the solar power to carry out a war against the baby like a little on of Daniel seven it was possible to do none of the Little Well Point kept so he muttered then I'm the most powerful the most people and so he got people by the way that's why judgement is going broke and have the purpose of a judgement is the judge a little more. And he's OK now. You do these things under it and I judge you and have you know why RAM If you have not the understand a little better weather and if you don't want to go to God going to do to this hour the picks away today he's going to judge him. I would say I don't know you have the male goat. Now let's go quickly go black. Back to the left or the court. Thanks wary after seeing the work of the ram in the mail go and the Little Horn The video goes blank. And one heavenly messenger asked another question. How long they took place in it until when. Navigon process is not a link and I put it away and I will know what religion be concerning the what thing really the word sacrifice of the veil is much more than the sacrifice and a transgression of desolation that giving a bulk of what. Yes Thank you Andy to be trampled upon and you know it and no one is going to try to do that not God taking measures to correct it. I have on my way now very important to know very important. No word here is charcoal. I think of bringing all these Hebrew words that I have and have to be because if I didn't you would never guess the importance the things were there and they're going to say that it's gone. Or younger or crude for whatever you want to look at the bottom where the word chart on is the word that is used to describe a coke out the of the vision which includes the ran the mail go the little horn. October Quentin of us thankfully. Because of the work in Daniel Chapter eight because one to where Daniel says that he saw the vision he fathered a child. I agree on this point. In other words this word the notes the top probably of the version of the argument from the RAM all the way to the cleansing of the thank you Larry. That's the vision. OK now let's continue reading this clearly indicates that the twenty three hundred days could not be what level. Look at Greece and Rome land lasted much longer than twenty two hundred literal days you are going to vary my point or not. No more just on religion. Daniel saw covered the rail the male goat the little one and we took up with the time of the pointing of the sanctuary. Let me ask you want to be around and they've been literal days. OK So in other words the twenty three hundred they have to be what they have to be years in order to cover made up their own grief. Rural people you know all the way up to the judgment they would have to be years two thousand three hundred days. Literally speaking it was only six and a half years. Are you wearing. Number Grant. Re answer to the question was provided by the other angelic messenger. For two thousand three hundred days remembering me thank you very Selby Cohen writes Thank you Ari. Good thinking about them rebuilt Jerusalem Temple No. By the way I want to reveal now you never get these new ones and they're extremely important. Most would know the word Much thanks to our investors who haven't quite worked out the way for the thank you or with them. Is there he would meet them. Back now in a parting the world is suddenly changed to cold. Let the worker sanctuary vs eleven and probably past the point of assigned to it to the ground that MacNutt and then suddenly then you're a courtliness that we call it something where one of the twin engine words I believe the wings and ears that Angel wanted to link granulate with Leviticus sixteen now we don't have time to talk about the very very tepid sixteen but that that's about all the great job that they have as well and it represented the judgment which is taking place now in heaven. The word course thank you we're in a very good sixteen or not make it up. It's called which means that there's a connection between then your eight or sixteen Leviticus sixteen if the explanation of the angle of what happening in there knowing what the command bring other things to worry him. If you put one of the talking about a very graphic screen described the car ending up and he was saying to him but they have it on once again by preachment of the most of the things were because of the sins of Israel. The word by sanctuary in the Vatican sixteen is not me but that's there is a direct link between gangly Courtney Leviticus sixteen and in our next work will be a little bit over this. Connection between Leviticus sixteen and Daniel chapter and now about what's happening in Daniel and the cleansing of the sanctuary and develop and explain in that they have a common theme. I understand one thing all the things that have been placed. In the sanctuary. But what happened on the Day of Atonement while those fans that were given that were covered by the blood they were clones of the spanker in the Bay of atonement and God had a cool thing to him and he had a queen. Let's go to number eleven. And Daniel desired an explanation to want to get soon he heard a voice commanding gave your to make the what vision to make known the vision today. Now here you find another one of those brain changes and then you went to the left point the word formation and then the words as well. Not suddenly. When Gabriel is told to explain the region today I know I've heard or read interviews which really mean appearance. Explain then you know we mongrel. I got you know what i'm are a reproach to every person to the appearance of the coup have a movie that are discussing until winter. You know the Little Horn do its work without it being judged and the other one says. Under twenty two hundred days and it's that which will be clear that the moderate the conversation regarding the two thousand three hundred day are you following me or a number that the parson told me may be of the conversation between these two meetings that have to do with the twenty grand event with the time element of grabbing a chapter and in a moment I'm going to show you how important this would not quicken up to this point the word there have been but he will just won't hear the words changed to moderate as we have previous posts in the word telephone covers the totality of the vision of the cleansing of the sanctuary that the Right now rain winds appearance and repairs primarily to the time period which was discussed by the two angelic beings who. Then by the word mommy have to do primarily with the time element of this is made clear in Berkeley physics where Daniel is told that the vision for them are way out of the evenings and mornings. Moderate be aware with what that morning. Twenty three hundred you know what with the prime element. Now number twelve Daniel seven Start me up of a little horn carry on it's in the work of judgments that and the book know what that's going to drive the value of seven. The Lord by the way when he pronounced a little on the opposite of the grave of his people. See the judgment against a little more to live on. Go away I don't hear everybody thought that it was God go I read the PI thing. We showed up a little more on what's wrong and various things were right in the judgement and we were never. I have Allah so in Daniel seven the Son of Man comes he judges the little more and the Bible says there are going to seven that he damaged. Thanks a lot. Now that the same thing that the cleansing of a thinker and going away. That's of the three more it was the incident in Daniel's family after going to launch another team. Then do you just come up with the NG today in Daniel a Appleman or not that's what twenty two hundred and if I enjoy going to work. Coined the cleansing of a Thank You were driving up a little more and by the way we're going to see that this is. Brodeur they have not only include the judgment of the horn include with judgment of every single person that have ever lived on the planet are going to have been emphasis in Daniel seven and the little one because that's the subject that's being discussed. Yes very well or for sure and it claimed to be a color that follow God. Now let me go there go to list very quickly let's go to the last section. Two minute Scirocco long tonight I have to go slow because I have to make sure you understand it. The Congregation of the lesson on Saturday night and you all understood pretty well what we discussed and I feel your hand if you will or won't be able I don't know how but you are OK. Last picture and then your preoccupation with that one candidate a closer examination of daylight reveals that Gabriel explain the meaning of a poll they're going to dangle except for the vision of me evenings and mornings because it was for many months how many they have in fact they don't bang on this is not steel. You can't be understood at that moment. Number two immediately after being told that the vision of the evenings and morning many of age Daniel playing. What about the time period. You'll discover that it is not if you go there was something about that time period which deeply disturbed Daniel Chapter eight and work the work now not this chapter is it ends with the words I was astonished at the more rain but no one understood it not and everything I was astonished at the chants on the television. He said I was worried about the moderate the part that had to do with luck. Twenty three hundred eight he said I went up to my right but no one understood that and then you will not understand. Let me go quickly to the chapter ten verse one chapter eight. After your job right no one understood the word yet. No one understood the Moray gang of twelve and verse nonsense. I had understanding in the lobby. Rather like a rocket scientist to figure out that at the end of chapter I didn't understand and the beginning of chapter two I understood then something must happen attempted my help him understand I do with me and I don't know. It was my only important to realize that then you went and fence. Guy you were full of the matter of seal and everything male. Who would expect God at some point worked when one of them left on explain the crime element. The explanation as we shall see it's given in chapter nine and that will be our next episode.


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