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11. The Prophecy Which Proves the Bible True

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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I'm going to have and we thank you for the wonderful day of spiritual blessings that we have received. We thank you because we are able to gather together once again to study this very important lesson. We ask Lord that your Holy Spirit will be present with us. We ask that you will open our minds and our hearts to receive the lessons that you have for us and above all Lord we ask that you will help us to catch a clearer glimpse of Jesus our wonderful Savior we thank you for the promise that when we come before your throne and thank you answer our prayers and so we come before you thrown some of the precious merits of our Lord and Savior Jesus in whose name we ask these things Amen. Right into our lesson this lesson is related to what we studied last time will be all right you know what the way we usually do it in this lesson we will study the prophecy of the seventy weeks of this remarkable prophecy Thrones beyond any doubt that the Bible is true because events are predicted with absolute precision. Hundreds of years before we are covered as the events of Daniel nine begin. This is very important. Jerusalem was in ruins. Israel had been in captivity for sixty eight years Babylon had just fallen to the Medes and Persians. Let's all put our Bibles and study the fascinating story of Daniel Chapter nine. Now the first thing that we want to do is connect the Daniel nine with Daniel eight and the first section of the lesson deals with this specific issue. Now you remember that when Chapter eight ended there's a very important word with which the chapter ends what is that word. I did not. I understand the Hebrew word for understand is the word mean. Now that's got a question of the one at the conclusion of chapter eight. We thought we found that Daniel got sick and did not understand the vision. Why is the word provision here at what point did he not understand the marring video understand most of the child zone. Yes the man already on the male god and the Little Horn had all been explained but the time element had remained unexplained Is that clear in your mind. We studied Daniel eight last time and we noticed that everything was explained except for the cleansing of the sanctuary and the time period because the angel told him that this was sealed it was for many days and not there at that. Now number two is very important at the beginning of Chapter ten we are told that Daniel understood the message and what understanding in the mission once a week once again the word understanding there is the word being and the word vision there is the word my way saw Dan Daniel understand the Moray in chapter ten verse one. Now let's do a little bit of logical thinking here. If the last word of Daniel eight is not I did not understand the moraine and the first verse of Daniel ten says that Daniel had understanding in them or a way or must he have gained that understanding. It doesn't take a King Solomon to figure out that he must of gained then understand. In the chapter in between. Are you following me now. No Ask question number three or number three in the last and it says in chapter nine the Angel Gabriel actually told then you'll consider the matter and I understand me my way. So what is the angel doing in Daniel Chapter nine. He explains them away so putting it all together at the end of chapter eight says I did not understand the moraine in Daniel nine. Gabriel comes and he says I have been sent to help you understand the moraine and in chapter ten of us one Daniel says I understood the Moray I saw in other words there is something which is explained in Daniel Chapter nine which explains or gives an amplification to the time period that we find in chapter eight. Is that clear in your mind. Now let's go to our second section. Daniel's prayer something very important for us there is no vision in Daniel nine. Daniel nine begins with a long prayer. There's no vision between the end of Daniel eight and when the angel comes back and says I have come to help you understand the moring no vision. So in other words if the angel is going to explain them away it can't be any Moree in Daniel nine because there is not so much my way does the angel come back to explain it has to be the memory of chapter eight where the last vision is are you have an interview with OK. It's been a long day hard to raise the arm. Now let's go to chapter nine. As then you are stuck. Second Section the preowned Daniel nine S. Daniel nine begins the poppet is studying Jeremiah's prophecy of a lot of the seventy years and when we were studying this purpose we discovered that a lot of promise that Israel was going to be captive and Babylon for oh many years for seventy years in other words. Listen to this the city the sanctuary and the people were going to be trampled upon and we're going to remain desolate seventy years right. I don't know whether you read the word desolate is used in Jeremiah twenty five many times. And it says because of your abominations your land is desolate. So in other words the word desolate and abomination is crucial in Jeremiah Chapter twenty five. And so Daniel knows that his city his sanctuary and his people have been trampled by them and he knows they've got a sense that this trampling is going to last seventy years and then God's people are going to go back to their land. But now Daniel starts thinking he says now wait a minute if I remember correctly about twelve years ago I received this vision because there's twelve years between you and your line he says I received this vision when God said that the sanctuary and the end are the people we're going to be trampled two thousand three hundred years. Can you understand it's confusing. Yes I know it's the Jeremiah said seventy years but in the previous chapter it says that the sanctuary and the people were going to be trying to travel for two thousand three hundred years and then the same Troy would be restored or the sanctuary would be claims and so Daniel says now. Wait a minute what's going on here. Is it seventy years ours are two thousand three hundred years and he's really dejected when he thinks that his city in this age where you're going to be desolate for two thousand three hundred years. Believe me he would have been worried at all if the twenty three hundred days were literal days because that would have only meant six and a half years. He could have handled that but he couldn't handle the idea of a city and it's a joy being trampled upon for two thousand three hundred years now known as number two. God had promised that Israel would be taken captive to where to Babylon and would remain there for seventy years. Number three Daniel poured out his heart in prayer to God One of the most fantastic players in all Bible is fond of being alone. He confessed his sins and the sins of his people and he pled. Then God would turn away his what his anger from his city Jerusalem. Now why do you suppose that you are studying the prophecy of the seventy years. Why is a study in that battle and has just fallen sixty eight years of her captivity are finished because Daniel went in the year six o five when the seventy years began down you were stuck in the battle and so you know it's at sixty eight years old but you know there's only two more years to go and so he said I want to study Jeremiah's prophecy to make sure that I understand what it says but in the back of his mind is what time period two thousand three hundred years. He can't reconcile Jeremiah the seventy years of Jeremiah with a two thousand three hundred years and saw what occurs to his mind he says all it must be that our sins are so terrible that God has decided to prolong the period of desolation and that is reflected in number four. In verse nineteen. Then you know prayed to God This is at the very climax of his prayer. Incidentally before the angel comes to explain them away he says do not what do you say this word is consummated in the in the Old Testament procrastinate do not hold back. It basically means don't delay in fulfilling what you have said that you would fulfill and so he says Do not delay for your own sake by God for your city and your people are called by your name. Now let's read the note to make sure you understand what's going on here. Daniel feared that because of Israel's sins the seventy year captivity was going to be extended to two thousand three hundred years. This is the reason why Daniel got sick at the end of chapter eight. And it is also the reason why Daniel begged God not to delay the fulfillment of his promise. Daniel could not reconcile the trampling of the sanctuary for two thousand three hundred years with a prophecy of Jeremiah that the sanctuary would be terrible for only seventy years. He did not realize that Jerusalem would be restarted at the end of the seventy years only to be destroyed once again. I really you know that's what he had seen was another trampling of Jerusalem. Now let's go to our next section which deals with the answer to Daniel's prayer after Daniel uttered his prayer. The same angel whom Daniel had seen in the vision at the beginning which vision at the beginning when measured at the beginning because our animation in chapter nine. Now that's just all. So it's the same angel of chapter eight that he had seen when aptly beginning in other words the vision in Daniel Chapter eight and it says that he came back to give him the ability to work out to understand the way the angel must have returned to explain further the vision of Daniel eight because in Daniel nine there is no further vision that clear your mind is there a link between Daniel eight and then a line very clear absolutely clear in the text no doubt whatsoever about. Now number two in Daniel eight the vision began with the kingdom of middle Persia and in Daniel nine the seventy weeks begin with the same kingdom. Now you have an extra page I believe that was given to you when you came tonight. Besides the page the pages of the lesson that we're answering tonight did you get that extra page. It's the title of it is remarks on the literary structure of Daniel nine twenty four twenty seven. It might be on the back of one of the shoots that one or not. No I'll keep on looking at the ending of the seventy weeks is a different one. Looks like this. If I don't believe in you don't have it. It's on the back of the next page. I've lived on the back of less than twelve. No mercy no wonder you couldn't find it. OK Anyway you found it now right. OK good. We're going to take a few moments to take a look at this literary structure at the top of the page because without this you will not be able to understand the seventy weeks. Because the seventy weeks are structured in a specific way in a particular way. Now let's just go through this. The prophecy of the seventy weeks appears to be in a literary sense disorganized mumbo jumbo. I felt that was good terminology good refined terminology that everybody can understand. Yet a careful study of the literary structure. Who reveals a beautiful symmetry. Notice in the following chart that the description alternates between the city and the people on one hand and the Messiah the Prince on the other. Now I want to to have this in your mind that's why I wrote it on this slip of paper here. What it says in Daniel nine twenty four and let's go there just for a minute. Daniel net Chapter nine actually let's go to Daniel nine verse twenty five. And I'll show you how it goes back and forth. Daniel Chapter nine and verse twenty five. It says here know they are poor and I understand this from the going forth of the command to restart and build Jerusalem. Now you know that's up about the page it is the introduction to the going forth of the word or of the command. That's why the seventy weeks begin and the command is to what to restart and build jewels of the city doesn't it. Now notice what I continue saying from the going forth of the command to restart and build Jerusalem. Until when you see that on the other end of a column until Messiah the Prince there shall be what seven weeks and sixty two weeks not I don't know whether you've ever wondered something how much is seven weeks and sixty two weeks and I'm thankful knowing why didn't Daniel simply say sixty nine. Why do you think seven and sixty two the reason why is because the seven weeks have to do with the rebuilding of the wall and the rebuilding of the city of Jerusalem. In other words during the first seven weeks which is forty nine years not the religion of Israel and the city of Israel and the joys we see the laws and the sign Troy would be reestablished during those seven years and then after sixty two years more Messiah the points would go. Are you with me. Let me repeat it from the going forth of the word to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince there shall be seven weeks the seven weeks have to do with the rebuilding of the city will notice that in a minute and three is going to weeks in other words from the time of the decree goalscorers there's going to be seven weeks that have to do with the rebuilding of the city and the religion of Jerusalem and then sixty two more leads you to the Messiah and then bonus once again. In the Temple it sense the street shall be built again and the wall even in troublous times the street and the wall of what. Jerusalem that's taking place during which time period during the seven weeks are you follow me and then it says after three score and two awaits show up shall Messiah be cut off. Are you with me. Yes or no. That's all we get. Raise your hand if you're with me on this. Oh OK praise the Lord. Say what would happen if you read this in linear fashion. Oh you would know where you are. He would be totally lost. Because it goes back and forth. See it says From the going forth of the word to restore and build your son until Messiah the Prince there shall be seven weeks that have to do with the rebuilding of Jerusalem and then sixty two weeks and then it says during those seven weeks the street shall be built again in the world even in troublous times. Then it says up to sixty two weeks what Messiah will be cut up and I want you to know that it comes back to talk about the city. It says the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy what the city and the sanctuary and the end the end there Rob shall be with the flood and then it goes to speak once again about who Messiah the Prince. It says He that is the prince shall confirm the covenant with many for one week which week with me to be the seventieth week is at the same moment that the previous phrase takes you three score into each. Does it go back to the place where the threescore and two weeks and does that begin to start. Yes it does and so on says he the potential confirm the covenant with many for one week and in the midst of that week he shall cause the sacrifice and the obligation to see and then the conclusion he talks once again about the destruction of what he talks about the destruction of the city. So notice he begins by saying from the command to restore and then I just saw him and he ends with the destruction of lot of Jerusalem and in between he goes back and forth between the fate of the city and the people and the fate of the Messiah. I understand it now with this in mind we'll be able to go through this next part of the lesson very easily. Let's go to our next section of the beginning of the seventy weeks at this point. We studied the chart the literary structure of the seventy weeks by the idea remember that on opening night we said that one of the key principles to understanding prophecy is to understand the literary structure. Heidi I don't know if you noticed a number of times that we've that we've dealt with that issue of the literary structure like Daniel seven is divided into four parts. Remember we study that Daniel and we notice that Daniel has the vision and the interpretation of it. Here we're dealing with a literary structure see the reason why people get all goofed up is because they try to read these prophecies in linear fashion. And you can read them in the new fashion because the Hebrew way of thinking goes in cycles in repetitive cycles. Daniel two is repeated in Daniel seven is repeated in Daniel eight and nine is repeated in Daniel eleven and twelve. The churches are repeated in the SEALs and the seals are repeated in the tropics. But if you think that you're going to start reading in Revelation one one and you're going to read straight through to Revelation twenty two and you think you're going to get a chronological sequence are you and how you are going to be totally messed up. I don't know why you're up and that's a reason why so many people are messed up. Even great scholars and great pastors and great the lodges I totally messed up because they have not taken seriously the literary structure of the passages that their study. It's of critical importance. Now let's go quickly here. The seventy weeks were what were determined normal for Daniel's people and for his holy city. How much of the twenty three other days was allotted for Daniel's people in the inner city. Cora Daniels people the Jews and well as Daniel said in Jerusalem where the seventy weeks were the literal Jews and literal Jerusalem yes. NABA knowledge is very important the Hebrew word determined which is the Hebrew word Chalk Talk means cut off means to cut off in other words the seventy weeks were to be cut off for the longer period of the twenty three hundred days in fact the seventy weeks give you the beginning date for the twenty three hundred days. It's the first portion that is cut off from the twenty three hundred days are you with me. Now North Number two the beginning point of the seventy weeks is the what is the decree. That's a good translation the decree to what. To restart in Jerusalem this decree was given in the what in the seventh year of King. I deserved these now lest your wondering whether this is a decree that would be well to God a liberal who has run up is wrought Chapter seven and even though the references in the lesson I want to read this verse and chapter seven. And verse thirteen by the way the word decree here in Daniel is the Hebrew word Darbar. Where it says From the going forth of the command that's the Hebrew word of honor and to say we're going to we're going to read in Israel Chapter seven. Interesting that the very same words and this decree is given by our desserts is not as verse thirty. Let's read verse twelve for the context. Our desert games to Wales where the priest ascribable law of the God of heaven. Perfect beast and so forth. I is sure a egged on by a decree and of course this decree is honored in his seventh year the seventh year of my research least according to verse seven. Well let me tell you that the seventh Nirvana Xerxes is one of the most settled dates of ancient history. It's been studied and it's been determined without any shadow of doubt that the first year of our searches was for sixty four B.C. which means that the the seventh year of our dessert cheese would be in the fall of the year for fifty seven. That's important that it was in the fall of the year for fifty seven. So when do the seventy rates begin. It's from the going forth of the word to restore and build Jerusalem who gave that decree. I don't actually see what they did to get that degree. Four fifty seven and the seventy weeks on the first portion of the twenty three hundred days. Wow you quotes I just shot even though it's been a long day. Now why do you suppose that Daniel began Chapter eight with Persia with me or Persians that it was babbling now will know the reason why the real reason you say traditionally people have said well you know Babylon was about to fall when Daniel was given chapter eight. Because Babylon was about to fall. Babbling isn't mentioned the fact is that there were still twelve years before Babylon would fall so that's not a satisfactory argument. Do you know the real reason why the seventy week prophecy begins in the period of Persia and why Daniel eight begins with Persia is precisely because the seventy weeks are to begin in the time of Persia. Now let me put this so that you can understand. National song begins with whom I am right. It continues and I have a goat. It continues with little or it continues into the sanctuary is what glanced you remember all of this all of this is the. Charles on the vision and this vision covers how long of a period two thousand three hundred days or years. Now here's my question what would have happened if Daniel had begun with Babylon in Daniel Chapter eight he would have been given the impression that such as our own or the twenty three hundred days would begin with which Kingdom during the period of Babylon allow a moment to soak in the understanding of what if we had placed. Let me let me ask you do the twenty three hundred days go up on the ramp to the cleansing of the sanctuary. Yes Well one of the Arpanet Daniel includes babbling without outside the twenty two hundred days. Yes so because that one in three hundred days begin with Mido Persia. Daniel begins the vision with me. Holland that's the real reason why Babel does not appear now let's go to our next section B. and nineteen of the Messiah. We already talked about that. And don't respond Roger was always I clear your mind like a man to Istanbul Jerusalem. That's really what they are. Father does have a name of a king. Are these and this begins with the seventy weeks and the twenty three hundred days. Very good. Now that's about one exception. It says from the groin part of the word to restore and build Jerusalem until when. Intill Messiah the Prince. Now what is this Messiah the Prince What does that mean. Well let's go clue number one to number six. Messiah not Prince was to come seven weeks and sixty two weeks after the giving of a decree by the way let me ask you do the seventy weeks prove that year day principle. Well you know I really find it funny that some Christians say you sail to Autobahn and sixty days are not days but years. But then I'll turn right around and they say the seventy weeks are weeks their years. Now you have to be consistent if you apply that principle to the seventy weeks. You also have to apply it to the twenty three hundred days because the seventy weeks of question over twenty three hundred days I follow it but you do you can't just pick and choose I like this letter and I like that symbolic now. The Messiah the Prince was to come seven weeks and sixty two weeks after the giving of a decree. This means that the Messiah would come sixty nine weeks after the giving of the decree is this clear in your mind. This would place us at the year what twenty seven. Now you say God doesn't place a place as a twenty seven it places us at what. Now let's figure out why fifty seven. Do they use a lot. Plus twenty seven gives us how long for eight four hundred eighty four in a way to wait a minute how many weeks a sixty nine weeks how many weeks is sixty nine weeks. Well let's do the arithmetic sixty nine times seven equals what seven times nine is sex they say seven times six forty two and sex. OK good. Four hundred and eighty three forty eight that got about right. Yeah everybody agreed on a male dog and now here's the problem you say now wait a minute you said four hundred fifty seven years to the year zero plus twenty seven years after is when Messiah comes that gives you four hundred ninety four doesn't do forty three. Well the problem is very simple. You say there is no year zero. So you don't count one before Christ and one after Christ because between one before Christ and one after Christ there is only what one year but because there are two other ones it gives the impression that it's what two years. So you have to delete one of the years from forty four. I have always served on a complex got to do math to be honest with you I never learned I never learned real well my six was my servants my forte of theology do not match my understanding my point is if there's no such thing as one before Christ and one after Christ you know that's not two years. It's one year from one before Christ the one after Christ. But however here you're counting twenties. Years no one after Christ and you're counting here no one before Christ and there's actually only one year and so you have to remove one of the years from forty four and you end up with what four hundred and eighty three years. So in other words from the going forth of the word to Istanbul Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince there would be sixty nine weeks now sixty nine weeks time seven days each week gives us four hundred and eighty three years. Now let's go let's go to number two. Shortly after the baptism of Jesus and go met his brother Simon and said to him we have found the Messiah do you know what that word Meshuggah means it means unknowing pit Do you know what the equivalent great word is you have a reference here in John one forty one K. stars. Christ by the way that's where we get the word Christian from what happens when somebody is Christian. What does christening me when's baptized or not take right. Rather be with oil or with water. That word Crescent comes from Christiane's Christ So in other words there would be four hundred and three years between the giving of the decree and the coming of the anointed one. But Christ the Messiah. Interesting write up of the baptism of Jesus. We find Andrew saying we have found me annoyed at what we have found the Messiah we have found the Christ. Now let's go to number three. When Jesus began his ministry shortly after his baptism he said I know what time it is fulfilled what time. There's only one time obviously in the Old Testament that says exactly when Christ was going to be baptized and it's this one when he was going to be annoyed. So when Jesus says The time is fulfilled he had to be referring to the seventy weeks and so he says The time is fulfilled and the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Jesus was making reference to the time in the prophecy of the seventy weeks that Jesus and all of the seventy weeks were were about to be fulfilled or had begun to be fulfilled the last week. He most certainly did not before the holy what the Holy Spirit fell upon Jesus when he was baptized. Don't forget that shortly after his baptism Jesus began his public ministry with the words the spirit of the Lord is upon me when the Spirit of God come upon him and his baptism in the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he was anointed me. When was Jesus anointed when he was baptized very clearly it says here. So what does the year twenty seven indicate it's the day of Jesus as what baptism. Now my question is what time of the year do you suppose Jesus was baptized. It had to be in the fall. Now now I want you to notice how precise this chronology is it's amazing. Jayson. Yes Must have been baptized in the fall because the decree was given in the fall fall of four fifty seven to the fall of twenty seven it would have to be four hundred eighty three complete years are you follow me now you say how do you know that he was baptized in the fall. Well that's a very very simple to explain. Let me ask you when did the Messiah die according to the prophecy he would become when. In the middle of the week which week in the middle of the seventieth week what time of the year was Jesus was Jesus crucified great Passover time and what time of the year battle right. How many years have passed by that time the ministry of Jesus saw all you have to do is go from the spring of the year thirty one to the spring of the year thirty to the spring of the year twenty eight to the spring of the year twenty seven to the fall of the year twenty seven and you have what three and a half years. I went away or not. Amazing if Jesus died in the spring at Passover we know that for a fact the Bible says that he died of cancer and Passover is in the spring that must mean that three and a half years earlier would take us to the what to the flow of the year twenty seven. Look at the fall of the year twenty seven to the fall of the year twenty eight how much how many years to the fall twenty nine to twenty one. Breena which means that the starting up steamer must have taken place at what season of the year. They must have taken place in the fall. Raise your hand if you are with me. OK good. Outstanding. Number five in Acts ten thirty seven thirty eight. We are explicitly told that Jesus was what was anointed with the Holy Spirit in other words he was annoyed that the moment of his baptism because that's when he received the Holy Spirit saw him a year twenty seven Jesus was baptized. Now number six the baptism of Jesus took place. If we what we in the fifteenth year up to Iberia Caesar. Now we know for a fact the Tybee area Caesar began to roll in the year twelve A.D. but Jesus was baptized in what you eat what you're up to various Caesars right. He was baptized in the fifteenth here. So you add the year twelve. Fifty years later. Leads you to what big bad leads you to the year. Twenty seven. Eddie. In other words long first one even gives us the specific day in harmony with the prophecy of the night. Amazing isn't it. How did they not know this. Lucky guess. So how do you know when exactly after four hundred eighty three years after thirty three was given to Istanbul Jerusalem Jesus would come to the river Jordan to be baptized by John the Baptist. Unless God knows the end from the beginning. Unless the Bible is absolutely true. Let's go to our next section. Don't forget to take out all this chart next to you. We're going to talk now about what well we didn't talk about the seven weeks and the Straight to be able to get on the wall you know that deals with the seven weeks when Jerusalem was being rebuilt but now we want to go to the Messiah being cut off. Notice the next section. Isaiah fifty three Verse eight speaking of the Messiah States for he was what kind. Now did you notice that and Daniel nine it says that he would be cut off. But not for himself. Bijou already but then he would be cut off but not for himself. What does that indicate that he would be cut off. The verb is passive. Somebody else is doing the cutting off. Yes he would be cut off somebody else is cutting him off and he's being cut off. Not for himself not for somebody else. No not this this amazing a messianic prophecy of Isaiah fifty three. It says for he was cut off from the land of the living. Why for the transgressions of my people he was stricken was he cut off not by himself. Yes he was wounded according to Isaiah pretty easily. He was wounded for our transgressions. In other words what Daniel nine is saying is that the Messiah was going to be cut off by someone else and it's coming up would not be for his benefit but it would be for others. And Isaiah fifty three Verse eight uses the very expression and it says that it wasn't for him because he was wounded for our transgressions. Isn't this an amazing prophecy. Amazing number two. Isaiah fifty three five states he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and by His stripes we are the reason why they're wrong. It doesn't mean they are bad. It simply means that they're wrong because they don't study the literary structure and if they're wrong of the seventy weeks you're going to be wrong a lot of other things too. So we've got to have the seventy weeks straight now not of Daniel nine and let you read Marsh twenty six the first part says and after the sixty two weeks metafile shall be cut off but not for himself. Now scholars they say up till this point Daniel are speaking of the Messiah. But then they say that starting with the next phrase mess is speaking about her prince. Who is going to be the anti-Christ and he is going to arise and sit in the Jerusalem temple for the last seven years of the history of the world. They never do what they do and they didn't connect the first sixty nine weeks from week number seventy. And they stay that way. Number seventy was never built. And sequence with the purse that night may say that there's a great punk band or a great gap between week sixty nine and the beginning of a pop element of week number seventy. Not that the case. You never can know where this week number seventy is going to begin. Yes no rationale because there's not biblical example of a time property ever having been interrupted. Well the reason they give is because the Jerusalem temple is going to be rebuilt and the church is going to be raptured. But there's no reason within the pact. We need to understand that there is no reason to begin with. Now I want to show you that really messed up point that has been mentioned here in verse twenty six the last part of verse twenty six is none other that the same then the famous by a prince of the first part of verse twenty six now I want a bunch of the see the symmetry here. Once again we have to deal with at least literary structure. No not at that point. More of the word to restore and build Jerusalem until there's agreement among scholars that Nephi and points refer to the same person. There's no disagreement there. Myth and print are the same person. I don't know of any scholar that says that if I and points are different individuals in that please tell me why the prince. But I want you to notice that in the following verses there is a balance beam to Messiah the Prince. In verse twenty five go at me to verse twenty six and after the sixty two weeks what misfire I shall be cut off. Doesn't come back to the word messiah which Messiah the same one that was not going to win the plaintiffs agree but now that there's an on balance in the literary structure than what is missing in the literary stalking only part of the balance you would have to have something about not only Messiah but what my parents and so noticed and continue saying in verse twenty six and happen at least sixty two weeks. Matthias shall be cut off but not by himself and the pit and the people are we going to see who is to come. Or is this balance now. Say it until my final comment and then it speaks about me but I am and it speaks about one things extraordinarily balance in other words. Now where present mind. Let's answer the questions. Under this section and it'll become clear that this point is the same points. Verse twenty five number one necessary and I think so because some people say that about who would destroy the city the people of the prince. Now at this point is the same of them if I abhor the point the French would be just like most of the people at that point would destroy the city. Who are the people of the prince saw that the Jews destroy the city. But take a look at it if I don't know if they did. They pronounce the sentence of the city by their choice. Non-owners Don't miss this. The city and thanks Joy were destroyed by the people of the Prince who was to come. The key question is who is the prince and who are the people of the prince. Perhaps the best answer is found in what happened at the first destruction of Jerusalem. One where we can enter the jury reverses the disaster of the destruction of Jerusalem was brought about by whom. Got into the mind for motive. Mohler. Second chronicled go to fix seventeen to twenty stay at home. OK Now if you can answer destroy just now we got a problem with a God or with American or. Now the problem becomes more complicated. No baggage Oh my. Stated meant to Israel what Israel would cause this city to be burned with fire. What destroyed Jerusalem the first time I wasn't caught was it never you can never all was that the Jews. Yeah. OK worldly and all not what fabricated God. Using that you can it. But choice of the people that's why I was there thirteen verse nine in the Old King James translation says is well now half destroyed knife fell. Now who are going to know it a few more very interesting things here. Now let's got my next page. The prophet Jeremiah stated that Israel would want. What caused this city to be burned with by now not it's become Israel. Since one employee his nephew can answer to destroy Jerusalem. The all out we are involved there. If it had not been for the sins of Israel the Senate would not have been destroyed. One thing is absolutely clear and then align the cutting up of the Messiah leads to the destruction of Jerusalem. Do you agree with that. Let's read it again. Twenty six and after the sixty two weeks Messiah shall be cut up but not for himself and the people of a parent's wish to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary that the destruction of the state and the thank you I have anything to do with the cutting up of the listener. Yes obviously because the cutting up moments I am not going to stop is mentioned and it says that the city and the sanctuary would be work destroyed. Now number two. Right. Parable of the New York and you read that parable. Do you read it. Fascinating parable. Jesus says that God planned on having your cake and eat and he gave it to the camels by aggressors and he built a tower overpowered the temple and put a wall around it. The wall of the longer. And he gave it to the mind that they cannot produce a recent group. When God sent messengers to get the regular. So what does God what did God do. OK not OK but I'll still be patient and what did he do he sent my messengers. Now the way here you have an illustration of Mt Sinai to the Babylonian captivity got them to the front of the messengers. They went capital Babylon and after they came back to my captivity got them more messengers and then what did they do it the second group of messengers they killed them to what the owner of the menu say often of my son with G.E. that respect my son. They said this is the air mass killer. So I took him outside the vineyard. Jesus died out of the gate of Jerusalem. And what did they do. They killed him. And then we have the bar stage no lag and minimal countless fun with a lot of what he meant is that when did that happen. Ronnie meant Martin that night I stuck in a lot of them have anything to do with the rejecting of the Messiah in this parable in Daniel Chapter nine. They have the destruction of Jerusalem have anything to do with the cutting up of the Messiah. I propose that the better than no nine is Jesus limit now knowledge and then we have of that stage. My kingdom is what take it away from the original line dancers and given to a nation producing what well let's read the note they have to have as you will have these five stages after their election on Mount Sinai Israel was sent many messages about their math and messengers were rejected God allowed Israel to go captive to Babylon and if you read second Chronicle twenty five fifteen and sixteen that says that God sent the messengers and they stone them so God sent them kept in the very language of Jesus uses in the parable after the Babylonian captivity God sent the law messengers and they've done the thing with them. Finally God sent His own Son Jesus and they cut him up as a result Jerusalem was destroyed in the year seventy eight and the kingdom was removed from literal Israel and given to the Gentiles. Can we find that in the parable is that what we find in value line. No doubt whatsoever about it not continue here because it gets even more interesting. Number three immediately after being rejected by the Jewish leaders. James after that the temple and say your house is left onto you know don't worry about work my work you're out of desolate thought about the abomination of desolation anywhere interesting. Welcome back to this. And when Jesus spoke about the destruction of what brought about the destruction of Jerusalem. So my question is does the rejection of Christ and His living the Jerusalem temple have anything to do with the destruction of Jerusalem. Yes And listen folks those who want to say that God still has a plan for the Jewish nation even though they are still rejecting the Messiah. Reinstating what God had cut off and they're making Israel the center of a property whose center is Jesus they think that this is the anti-Christ this point that's the case then the center of this prophecy is not Christ but anti-Christ serious business now but I want to do is call the Temple when he went into it. My father told me this is he went into the temple of God when he leaves he says your house is let on to you. Yes And then he talked about these reviews will be destroyed. It gets even more interesting now with more in look nineteen forty one to forty four. Do you think spring. To the Jews that their city would be destroyed because they did not know the hour of their. I was a visitor. James. In other words they rejected the Messiah and this will lead to the destruction of their nation is that the exact picture we find and then align according to Jesus will destroy the city of Jerusalem. By rejecting him. They bought this brought destruction upon themselves. Now. None of them are by. In the parable of the wedding feast in Matthew twenty two. When the juice light of the sun. And the messengers that were sent to them. But what came home rather bother scientists. I mean what are those armies the Romans to describe all those murderers and one of those murderers. The Jewish nation and I don't know whether you know it. Yes Jane you know for sure you know we have really heard all that. Oh maybe because of the light. At the ministry in the paintings of Jesus. Because of the light and the ministry the teachings of Jesus was baptized that the Holy Spirit was seen descending upon him like a pearl. James of cast out demons. He writes that people I know that he had been baptized they knew that he had been anointed and yet they rejected this whole ministry indicated that he was the Messiah. Or because they know when the command to restore and build but they know that I have given that degree yes that's true but none of the other degrees fit the characteristics of restoring and building Jerusalem what I recommend I was going to put the poor are different possibilities in the lesson. But unfortunately if I had done that I would have taken a whole nother left that out for dates that have been suggested as possible being that it brought up I'll just mention them one year by thirty six when I was gave a degree for the Jews to go back but if you read that decrease he only gave permission to rebuild the temple. He did not get permission to do anything else. That decree was renewed by Darius the first in the year by twenty because the Jews have gone back they laid the foundations of the temple they had oppositions of the Samaritans and so they just basically gave up the building and in the year by twenty to life the first gate renewed the decree that Silas had given program to get the bit down to business and build the temple. Then there's the third degree which is the one by our desire and then finally there's a quietly creepy which isn't really at the Creative Coalition that was given to Nehemiah to go back and rebuild the wall that was given in the year for forty four. You see not the one in five thirty six and five when he only gave permission to build a temple. The decrease has to restore and build Jerusalem and unfortunately I don't have time to talk to you about restoring what we store and build me a image of God's word is powerful in that material and I don't mind if you want to get a copy of at least forty pages. Ideal extensively what we store and build mean. If not talking about building walls and buildings streets it's talking about restoring the Hebrew theocracy so that they could govern themselves. So they could set up magistrates and judges and their civil order. And only let me create a virus actually that the specifications to begin the seventy weeks there was no other. And if you really are interested in this you can get the material. Some of you have come to prayer meeting and we dealt extensively with this. I understand my frustration in the last three years we've been studying the book of Daniel here. I have seventy three tapes that I knew and were trying to just cover everything as quickly as we can but I would recommend that you get that material if you are really interested in the different degrees but the jurors want to know which degree was the one that authorized them to reestablish the theocracy in other words their civil and religious order in its totality. That answer the question. Without having to go in and prove everything because if I do we'll be here till night. Oh yeah but the problem is the translation wall is an improper translation. But say you should come to the prayer meeting. So this is an indictment against you but I am just kidding Jane. OK I love Jeanne you know we get along fine. Just tease each other. OK where were people I was so rudely interrupted. OK that's a good question because some people might bring that up and by the way most Protestant scholars today take the commission that was given the Nehemiah to rebuild the wall at the beginning date. But when they do that when they do that it's impossible to put it with Christ because Christ was not crucified. Beyond the year thirty one and if you begin to see just the basic Imperial empirical mathematics show that you cannot begin at four point four because if you begin to work forty four that's going to take you Beyond the year already. And no scholar in the wild will ever say that Jesus was baptized and crucified beyond. You're born in the question. Impossible it just doesn't. That the chronology and by thirty six last night thirty six of you begin there. You're still in the Old Testament period. Well the only one. OK let me go to the point that shock and awe will really behind you want to finish the point. What is this point that shall come expression that shall calm the prince that shall come. Well we noticed that the cutting up not points out it's given in a messianic probably right. We noticed that his annoying teen is given in a messianic opposite saw Is it possible that there's a messianic bomber in this week's bless it if he will come through. Not it's. No messianic biography of Psalm one hundred eighteen twenty six states comes in the name of the Lord. And by the way this person there's no doubt of Jesus because this person is identified as the stone that the builders rejected. In the same cell who is the stone that the builders we get to leave so be it is an authentic. So who is the one who let you go do you not the Messiah not some anti-Christ. Not how amazingly this was built this property was built in Jesus when he cry I am probably going to end triumphantly into Jerusalem. The multitude saying Blessed is the king what comes in the name of the Lord that you have it. It is significant that in the nineteen thirty nine the boardwalk follows the same basic order as dying on nine twenty six. There is a pencil comes in the name of the Lord. Jeev then speaks obvious rejection by the Jewish nation and then by me Jesus speaks of the destruction of Jerusalem is that the very sequence with by and then the line. Absolutely. What must we be expecting some future end bike right Prince to pop will this property. No there's no reason to disconnect the last week of the previous sixty nine weeks. Now let's go to the next section confirming the covenant. It says in verse twenty seven Then he shall confirm the covenant who is there is he there. Visit the fine print. It's got to be there's no other he in the previous marriage. So I have to be the prince was to come right. Fuck that then he is the prince. Shock and crime. Actually it says in the movie covenant. He shall confirm the God you know this is interpreted by most protestant commentators today they say that this covenant is a covenant that the anti-Christ is going to make not you know what. Every single time that the word covenant is used in the Book of Daniel it refers to God's cup. Every single time. And I can give you no references. Daniel Daniel cries that we mark and you're covered. Daniel eleven twenty two speaks of the presence of the company. Who is the prince of the Covenant. Jesus you can also write burst twenty eight and we're standing there covered in Daniel is always God's covenant is never second a covenant between two countries. George. All within the context of the you know to say that this is all of a sudden the point is a different point. The Messiah the Prince and he who comes is not the same he comes from Psalm one hundred eighty. And that this comment is a second a covenant between the anti-Christ in Israel that injecting something that is totally alien. You'll die. Now notice the points confirm but what the covenant with with what what the word there. Don't forget that we're live many to one week which week. Number seventeen and the parents not to and then what a sacrifice and the offering. Number two. Every time the word covenant is used in the Book of Daniel it refers to God's covenant with its people. It is never used to refer to a secular government. When Jesus was about to die he said this is my blood of the lot of the new covenant which is shed for you network you have come on out and many just like in Daniel which is shed for many for me what for the remission of sins not of the two key words we are common to many it was the death of Jesus which made strong the covenant for men. Number three fifty three and verse eleven tells us the following by his knowledge this is the messianic pompously by his knowledge my my just servant shall just apply what many and he shall stay there and it will be no that he does that for many. Just like the common it is confirmed what many in Daniel nine. Also Mark ten twenty five Jesus stated that he came to give us like a ransom for many. Hebrews nine twenty eight think that Christ was offered once to the sins of many we don't think that my many reports of the death of Christ. You've got problems because I just read several texts where what Jesus did he did for many. And because many is simply a way of speaking about a lot of people you know it doesn't say many but not for the rest. Many in the way of speaking in Greek and Hebrew means for a lot of people who look at not excluding anybody. Yes money. No as in carrying. No like burying a burden the E.A. are. Yes not be a R E NOT BE A R. Is it clear yet. Are we letting the Bible explain itself. Now let's got to causing the sacrifice and I'm going to seize the plants would cause by the way is that the main point that does it. That's not of again March twenty seventh part of verse twenty seven. Then he shuck and bam a government who's the either the prince of the previous verse confirms the covenant with many for one week but in the middle of the week he shall bring who will be there in the plant doing all this if he can't I mean the covenant with many. Is he bringing the sacrifice in operation to an end. Yes he is. And what does this mean bringing the sacrifice and oblation are operating to an end. The cessation of the sacrifice and oblation came at the light at the middle of the last week. Let me ask you what happened three years after Jesus was baptized he died he was cut off he was crucified. Negative the chronology that he would make the OP going to say is do you know how I am not part of them theologians interpret this the way they say that when this Anti-Christ this Anti-Christ person who is the prince according to them is going to sign this treaty with Israel and in the middle of the last and that sacrifices are going to be reestablished in the Jerusalem temple and in the middle of the week this person who helped the Jews and made a covenant with the Jews reveals himself as the anti-Christ and he's going to make the sacrifices in the Jerusalem temple to seize. Now that's a box that is a denial of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because the one who made the offerings to cease is not the anti-Christ but who Jesus Christ when He died on the cross. Number three when Jesus died on the cross he cried out it perished at that very moment the veil of the sanctuary was ripped from top to bottom. Correct but that that indicate the veil being rent from talk about the sanctuary system had work come to an end. The sacrificial system from this point on would have no meaning. No real man had died in fulfillment of Old Testament symbols. Number four though it is true that the Jews resumed their sacrifice and shortly thereafter they were devoid of meaning because Hebrews ten verse eighteen tells us that where there is any remission of this that is sons in law. It's there is no longer a what I'm offering for sin Jesus brought the sacrificial system to an end at least what it meant. Jesus brought to an end. No longer did I need to sacrifice lambs because Jesus the Lamb of God had taken away the sin of the world and by the way when the Jews continued sacrificing lambs they were denying Christ for same but I'm purposely The Jews are going to start sacrificing animals again and this is an army with God's plan is a denial of Christ. Now let's go to our last section. I'm sure glad that I gave you the material on the closing of the seventy weeks so that you could read it how many of you read that extra Those extra pages on the ending date of the seventy weeks. Right you had let me see Auntie. Oh man oh what happened to the rest of you. Say now you're going to either go home and read it or not you're going to accept that by faith I don't want you to accept anything by faith. That's why I give you the weapons before because I want you to study it and know it for yourself. What I say doesn't make any difference if it's not an army What about I want you to study it and not for yourselves but anyway. Number one why is there the Messiah God the sacrifice and oblation to what to see. But as we have seen here is that also led to the destruction of what how do you know that twice and then your mind if emphasized that what happens to the Messiah determines whether any of that in verse twenty six says Messiah will be cut up and then it be some other misfortune to work just like that in verse twenty seven at that he caught the faggot by integration a series and then to talk again about what about the destruction of Jerusalem. So let me ask you does the fate of the Messiah and determine the fate of the city here. Yes twice. This is emphasized in chapter nine. Now let's go number two when James of leopards. Muslim temple he said Your house is left desolate. He then spoke of the destruction of Jerusalem. In Daniel nine twenty six and twenty seven both missed the prince is cut off. Because of the fact of life and offering to cease and as a result what desolate what what what what desolations what now I am and what it is that you're out of luck don't you what not going to pop into your mind say one of the time I will make it. And then of course that sense and judgment would be poured out upon the world upon the bachelor. Why was Jerusalem that's one of the why was your Islam destroyed because Jesus H. How many times I wanted to gather you under my wing he would not. You didn't want me there for your health is like what desolate and let me just mention two nurses. In closing that are not in the letter. Matthew twenty four hrs fifteen in case you're wondering whether Daniel Chapter nine verses twenty six and twenty seven is talking about the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus because the Jews rejected the Messiah of the Jewish nation rejecting the Messiah in Matthew twenty four Jesus says when you see the abomination of desolation which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet then you who are in Jerusalem or in Judea. But you know what the parallel passage in looks as it says when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies know all that her destruction is near that event. Daniel nine twenty six and twenty seven. Future attack against you also have all the desolations determine when Jesus said Your house is not going to do it and Jesus spoke about the abomination of desolation which look into look into pits at Jerusalem being destroyed. Given a serious thing to reject the Messiah. Listen folks if God destroyed Jerusalem because they reject the Messiah What makes you think that God We started in the land of Israel in one thousand forty they're still rejecting the Messiah God does not fulfill his promises and disobedience God Popeil such promises he gathers as people are not being used not in this obedience. Now I saw somebody say and then I want to just make a couple of remarks about the ending date yes. Look twenty one verse twenty the parallel passage. Now let me ask you this. Everything everyone clears up are everybody who understand that that's a blight and not just get where you're going to be understood what we talked about tonight. The clear so make sense in a biblical though we allow the Bible to explain itself. Nettie Moore obviously you know say you don't count you know you would go up to one before Christ zero one after Christ. But there is no year zero. A jump from one before Christ the one after that. So there's only one year even though you have one before quite a while after that there is that point. Now let me imagine just something in closing about the closing of the prophecy of the seventy weeks. What. Day seventy weeks come to an end. Well they must come to an end in the year thirty four. Now yes I know what I mean after between twenty seven and thirty one bar years and between thirty one and only bothered all the way. Well at that a look at twenty seven to the bottom twenty eight one to about twenty nine to thirty three to the spring of thirty one. Congress made up only one to the spring. Ability of thirty two to the spring of thirty three bring up any thought to the ball pretty well now. Well you've got the additional pages because we want to work on Saved By The Bell method called I'm serious you need to read those five additional pages that we put up of the material because it would take me at least fifteen or twenty minutes to go through the reasons why the stoning of Steven Marks the ending of the seventy weeks. There are abundant legal reasons for that in other words when Stephen was stoned by the jury side he'd win that marked the end of the seventy weeks and the Gospel when to go to the center. Now one final closing remarks. Seven weeks on the first part of the twenty three hundred days or twenty three hundred years that must mean that we have to know how many years but I had to come to the ending of the twenty three hundred years one thousand eight hundred ten plus was what last thirty four would lead us. So what date. Eighteen forty four forty eight hundred forty four that that's when the sanctuary is going to be clips have to be. That's an episode of the week's beginning part of the seven which they do and they're kind of up on that one in three hundred days. That must mean that you have to go two thousand three hundred years come forth at least seven forward. And if you know that you reach the pole of eighteen point four that's when the cleansing of the sanctuary began and I have it and I wish I had time to tell you about what happened when that was taking place in heaven there was the great Reminyl in the United States and in many places of the world it's known as the Miller Lite revival. Where they preach the Olelbis judgment has come. Just amazing story. You know we have it all on tape. Want to get a tape on that afternoon. No we don't have time tonight I just wanted you to do that yet is that what we study tonight. Got a complex about that I'll be understood. Now don't miss tomorrow night tomorrow night we're talking about the Prop eight law into will. Elijah return before Jesus returns. Don't miss the next exciting episode. I am let's pray Father in heaven we thank you for the time with an able to spend together this evening. We thank you because you have left in your Word such a clear revelation of how you know the end of the beginning. How you choreographed every single event of the life of Christ. So that as we look upon these events we can be absolutely certain that Jesus was Messiah. Well we realize Laura that just knowing all. These date and time periods is not enough. We must receive Jesus as our Savior. And not only as our Savior but also the Lord of our life. Laura and I we know that because of the Jewish nation rejected you they were rejected as your chosen people not of individuals but as a nation. The same thing that happened to them as a nation can happen to us individually. If we should reject Jesus. I asked Lord that if there's anyone here tonight who has not made a commitment to Jesus that at this very moment you will come into their hearts that they might make a full and complete surrender to this wonderful Savior. We thank you Lord for having been with us. Thank you for hearing in answering our prayer because we ask that in the precious and wonderful name of a man. God bless you have a midnight God's word to free and much more to do you would like to see.


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